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Andre found that with General de Gaulle dead nothing could be done to take back from the CRIMINALLY INSANE their booty After the boys death 23rd Mai 1961 Andre met nothing but SCORN FROM ALL OF THEM (1961 Andre Malraux came to represent General de Gaulle at a SOMETHING of evil in Gross Britain & he was not shaken hands with by `a bloody frozen muddy puddle of Noroway`gone mad by having Mengele & JIM & LINDSAYbuggarhs about him

Arise RANSOM line from 92 AD & AXE them-I will put them on chains to build our Universities -IF IT WAS A WORLD OF HUMANISTS

G. R. is reading in 1957 November at the age of 24 years Tolkien`s LORD OF THE RING -1st EDITION 1937 & I likened ANDRE MALRAUX to ARAGORN KING OF KINGS & told him so…HERO-MAN-HUMANIST…& I found the evil about me as being hoards of O R C s…JIM big ORC in WHITES a vice tavern of Scarlet Town…Icy winter mornings going to my studies in the great CLASSIFYING HOUSES of South Kensington I would think upon these things in my grief or my little happiness’s Andre & I might have gained…BEFORE Mengele paedophile Gollum Harrington began with his Dames to wipe out my MEMORY VERY BADLY of even 5 minutes before ! HE SAW ANDRE & GREETAH were happy & someone would tell them of the ESTATE…GUARDIAN & HEIR…& he Mr Mengele Gollum Harrington like the ORCS about us got big moneys from Banks worldwide in our names…. In 1957 it was 20 years of DECEIT ! Of fingering & stealing with the POWER of the British Government & Crown all POST/mail …& keeping people apart ! THEY ALL KNEW THEY


1972 - Andre said ` Peter, he felt, had a screw loose suddenly `!

It was MENGELE (Harrington) with his mixtures of rare dopes- pity nobody told Andre that was Doc Harrington`s name from 1952 ! He was heard boasting of ACID BATHS for the BRAINTO REMOVE MEMORY

1960s - He ANDRE had learned late 1960s . how they were washing peoples heads out with acidscomplete memory loss was being ordered up so they could go on clawing big incomes from the Estate & so many other persons not guarded sufficient…`

A GAME EVIL NOBLE BRITAIN HAD ALL LEARNED after the Great War (W.W.I.) when they came to visit the victims of the WAR WHO SUFFERED SHELL SHOCK etc - the new Medical method was to sometimes WASH OUT THE MEMORY WITH ACIDSthen get the Men back into action or jobs they were expected to now be able to enter normal life again…if the MEMORY OF THE WAR WAS NOT ALLOWED TO SURFACE…SEDATION was now advised the patient to be watched for anything that caused their MEMORY TO RETURN …`

He ANDRE felt it had been done to him when Mengele Harrington ordered him into a Clinic having administered dopes to make him unwell beforehand ! …” Records Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square 1950s/

(Clara Malraux learned it Out EASTref. Diplomatic Force & Vatican Corp - ref. H.W. Poulter Hollytrees Mansion Museum December 1953 ...REX Hull & RIX Wheeler ` hot foot from PARIS`)

1947 - 1976 THE SURGE & THUNDER OF THE ODYSSEY hath BECOME IMPRISONED IN CAVERNS DEEPBlathering obscene EVIL RULES the Seven SEASGreetha Frobisher Weddell M. Cae. Ransom sends a message to Georges-Andre Malraux 2008 AD upon all this 2nd awakening again 1968/1976...& record of 1986/1988 in China (BMNH tours ichthyology) when some very caring & honest people of SCIENCE & connections did again try to help…& I walked down the stairs in your name ANDRE MALRAUX at the Art Nouveau Summer home of the German Governor QUINGDAO -

1986 November - QUINGDAO - China - « He is 10 years dead the hero who wrote us in 1933 `STORM IN SHANGHAI/La Condition Humaine` you are the closest we/they/ have ever come to him MALRAUX… will you walk down the great staircase & then lead us into the BANQUET … Mrs Doctor Greetah Whitehead…»

`So I did - Georgie-ANDRE MALRAUX

Doctor Peter J. P. Whitehead of British Museum (Natural History) BMNH - said

No I cannot do this with you - go on - do it well - YOU WILL ONLY EVER GET ONE GO AT IT I fancy … before ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE… I told you before … I walked into this … & they have all GONE MAD UP THERE…for dough…” Quingdao CHINA November 1986

1986 December - after we had gone round the globe on this FISHES Institutes & Universities Tour for BMNH 2 months - Dr Peter J.P. Palmer was threatened with a phone message to BM Natural History/Fishes/ that he would have a bomb under the car’ … Happy New Year…Records Jan. 1987/ PJPW is dying of brain tumour/cancer/etc…smoking etc…1930-1992 -


HERE a retreat into happiness for ANDRE MALRAUX & he headed for SPAINHE LOVED TO TALK UPON THE LIFE THAT HAD BEEN He began to say when we were all in SPAIN

`how his Mother had crucified him for marrying a Jewessbecause she had lost her English piece of land & the family moneys because of a Jew ! ( SAXMUNDHAM ? - Kings Lynn ? The THORPES ? Some 17th/18th cent. Somerset)

“ He Andre would now tell of that SUMMER 1937...ANY EXCUSE TO SPEAK UPON THAT HAPPINESSHow with Josette & Greetha they had travelled to LINCOLN & re-traced from old photographs & letters his mothers linesfound the monument complete & other landmarksbut he had not been able to trace her little piece of land & a home built upon it long ago - part of a big Estate he would have tried buy it backvisit with Josette later he thought of finding it for the boys That was when he RETURNED A WIDOWER OF JOSETTE …”

1945 - “ It was in MAI that he went with a new friend a Geographer…they found it ! Berthe`s land - his mother`s Seafarers line - reaching back to Histon 9th century AD -”

(Armstrong of Cambridge University taught in East Anglia schools all the wartime rushing about in his carhe combined for us 1943/1944 GEOGRAPHY & HISTORY& knowing FJR Gretas father before the War began to put back her MEMORY realising that Teresa Gordon Ransom was INSANE & with her NOBLE CHUMS, WASHED OUT GRETA & little COLIN`s BRAINS. )

1945 spring - ANDRE & his friend ARMSTRONG geographer… who had petrol for his car they found it… !!!

He Andre could recall HIS MOTHERS LAND WAS BY A SCHOOL in a certain area They found itthe building little left but a home could be madeit had been part of a bigger Estate when they had risen up in wealth awhile « She would have brought him here if it had survived a Jew - who took the property & the land from her family !

Nota bene : it was probably her DowryAndre speaking of her says `he felt she fell in love with his father for his looks - then found he had not the same dimension of her soul…`

` ? … perhaps, Andre went on, if shed had this English land & theyd visited even stayed awhile the marriage would not have faltered…? Berthe she was given to books as his Grandmother Adriannathey had given him his early learning` - AMx

LIR Diaries/et al - speaking after MALRAUX`s death 1976/

ANDRE - he was not RACIST at all - it was understood

“ - but HE ANDRE MALRAUX IN HIS GRIEF 1968 onwards…he took any opportunity to speak upon that SUMMER 1937-

WHEN HE ARRIVED WITH JOSETTE & Greetha taught him how to behave & what to look for in life & SHE WOULD BE A BRIDESMAID or a PAGE AT THE WEDDING if her hair was cropped short again by Sheshe & Aunt Margarethe could pay for itin LINCOLN CATHEDRAL IF THEY WISHED…”

Records/ 3 people talking of Andre Malraux & in grief too of FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM…& now his brother USA citizen Dr JOHN RAY Ransom has gone missing on a courtesy visit MONTROSE Farmhouse that we RANSOM family /Widower RANSOM/ purchased 1500 for the Marriage to the Lady of Japan 1504 Bruges Cathedral…

I Greta Ransom journeying again with Georges-Andre

1945 to tremulous in the presence of his SOUL/

he the Colossus of GAUL come striding to me from our LOST TIME…He known to the globe as ANDRE MALRAUX & come from Gaul & East Anglia Acts the Gospels Out … He & General de Gaulle have had to DISCOURSE with EVIL sub-sub-MEN1940s - 1970s…

Lied to by EVIL sub-sub men …` TWISTERS ` as the Chinese Legation 1950s called them `Malraux & de Gaulle two good men are surrounded by TWISTERS in the British Government & down WHITEHALL…& some Twisters in the French Government too…`

1961 - Georges-ANDRE is rudely ORDERED OUT of 50 Lancaster Gate Square late Nov 1961 by dirty JIM CUR/WHITES Club Saint James` dope & prostitution purveyor & some LINDSAY filth rubbing its syphilis haunches …He, Andre 1957/1959 had put back some of my memory he is part of from 1924 to 1954 ...BACK IN FINE DETAIL went our Wedding of Grace & I telling him things we knew & some things he did not know … He had me Greta Maureen Caecelia Ransom walk again with himself … Georges-Andre Colonel MalrauxWe set out November 1957 to roam East Anglia coasts & villages as before - & with SUMMER 1937 IN OUR HEARTS…HIS RETURN as the WIDOWER OF JOSETTE 1945... IN the FRAGMENTS OF TIME we managed 1957-1959 I tell`th HIM OF ALL THERE IS from my soulGeorges-ANDRE MALRAUX is raised a Roman Catholic boy & a HUMANIST - by 3 GRACES…Adrianna/Berthe/Marie/

During 39 years ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM were walking TALL & STRONG - HUMANISTS TOGETHER - savage greed clawing at us all that time - for dough …It continues after his death -