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1960 January - Soon CHURCHILL was sedated for his health & SENT PAINTINGde Gaulles Courier was robbed & Philip Silverlees daughter age 28 years was murdered in Argentine May 1960 … for lawfully getting all the documents & copies correspondence in late February 1960 that was sent October 1937/1940... to GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX & to summer 1944 TO FRANCE/

…. & until 1948/1949 … Grote & all Administrators then appointed FJR/Dr John RR/LIR & others as Guardians/

1972 19 March - The Pillar House Harwell - RENAISSANCE PARTY - 6.30pm/children to view / 9pm-4 am adults

LIR - Readings from DIARY Summer 1938/ photo-copies were handed to Malraux et al - Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM- is speaking at the renaissance party 19 March 1972 to ANDRE MALRAUX arrived with Beryl an old 1930s friend- reading some extracts from his DIARIES

1972 - renaissance party/ ANDRE Malraux upon arrival is told by Beryl to Hold on to her Andreshe is dashing about at her partytell me Greta how you began to plan this renaissance party ? ”… MALRAUX delicately holds me Greetah called GRETA now by the elbowhe steadies himself with one arm on the frame of the classical doorwayRecords/photos/design of party/guests/music/

MALRAUX retired Minister of FRANCE has now been told in fine detail about the ACID HEAD-WASHING OUT…OF THE MEMORY… done by Mengele Harrington paedophile & his kindthey learned of it from The Great War Nut Housesthe hospitals dealing with shell-shocked fighting men unable to return to The Front because of frightening scenes of gory bloody War passing in front of their eyes

Nota bene : Mengele Harrington is using ACIDS that remove ALL MEMORY IMMEDIATELY from 1940s/he updates his evil dopes 1950s onwards : …It is not the long term sedation these old penniless British NOBLES used from 1920s to get hold of MONEYS in the families the GLOBE& which they learned visiting invalid soldiers airmen sailors in the British psychiatric hospitals…called Nut houses or Cranky houses from 1st W. War-

1972 - Renaissance Party - LIR … She my niece (Greetha) came to Liverpool street Station with a surprisingly dismal piece of information that showed the situation at the seasideI met her from the train taking her from the family whod brought her up in their care We arrived at Jerusalem & she insisted upon going for sweets. A bag of cheap sweets selectedsoft thingsFrederick Charles my Dad puzzled as she stuffed them in her mouth his grand-daughter saying she had eaten no food for a month.When her father arrived she overheard him saying she imagined it a bit ’…

LIR - She my niece spoke outthe situation with SHEshe& the Uncles LINDSAY at their GRAND on the seafronthow their fiends of Hell in ( Clacton ) the town & London townthey had said she my niece was to die - & the money was being shared by all of them.. /diaries & records/tapes/books in Spanish/

1938 - late autumn IT WAS NOW THE ATTACKS ON ALL OF US INCREASEDJean Weddell dead was enough for us...She my niece insisted going to keep watch on Jeans London grave & set off with her bags of sweets but I followed…

1938 (probably late October) LIR - The grave had been attacked again. She my niece, said her father was taken in again by SHE-SHE & she was so cruel & hissing that soon very soon when she my niece was dead SHE-SHE would have her share.

The baby Colin (born October 1938) was given to people round the town to take care of SHE-SHE had tried drop him in the fire the two little Jack-in-the boxes were often now in the back garden - Mr Pong & HIM wears wigs- Lindsay-to-be 14... `

1938 late summer - ( Another MARTYR) - “ The Mercer on horseback had gone missing on the North coast - Mr Pong JIM had said he knew too much - & there were other matters to tell.told us by my niece … white pinched faced …

Diary 1938 LIR/& other extracts…/Paper GR/tapes/

(See `MERCER ON HORSEBACK` other BOOKS/ ex Army man/his murder1938 he hears THEM come in boozing with Teresa in the Parlourhe puts a tent up in our back gardenhe is welcomed into the Clacton town familieswhen he calls with his WARESHe is of a good Northern family & an old respectable firm … HE A HUMANIST …

` 1938 -late summer - THE MERCER ON HORSEBACK - A medium tall light haired man of kindly grave face advancing to 40 years of age perhaps … who speaks HIGH INTELLIGENCE to my young father … b Nov 1911 - FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM - I see it all happening…an end of summer evening JEAN dead …our home in the ancient part of the little Old Road - our heimat 1938 where she stayed to guard her eldest son & his daughter HEIR all that summer …WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGERS… they have killed Aunt Mag the SNOWS & now JEAN FIREBIRD I GR can only write upon the MARTYRS that NOBLE BRITAIN HAS MADE…to get itself dough/smart togs/& HOLD BACK NATIONS A-Z…in the name of GODS GR/LIR/FJR -

1969 “ They have been killing people Peter- for this money- We knew about it when I was in the City …”

1972 - LIR is speaking to Andre Malraux & friends `renaissance evening` The Pillar House Harwell -

Greta Ransom spoke out at `Jerusalem` October 1938 because JEAN just murdered by the gang of 3 had told me age 5 half years, that summer, why we left Gross Britain October 1935/1936...& Nord-Sud GROTE HOMES tour for Margarethe girl of the SNOWS..~ WE ARE ALL IN TERRIBLE DANGER FROM NOBLES OF SCANDINAVIA & Gross Britain …

1938 summer - JEAN Weddell R. The INCA Firebird still dancing at her best :

Jean was saying in her Spanish accents summer evenings 1938 as we composed Letters from JEAN to JOHNNIE her middle son educating in USA full brother to FJR & LIR…he was attacked at 1 month old c 1917 by Lindsay women…with purple dope up their snouts…

I could tell - my eldest your Dad could not go on any longerhe was only 24 years oldso I phoned Aunt Margarethea & said what I wanted to doI would pay from my own Weddell moneys Argentine as I knew she was always anxious about the HOMES having enough moneysBut she said we should have had lots of letters telling us thingsthey wanted us to callnow she could not travel so much they wanted us all the FAMILY calling all the timeas we used to before this last Great War & when Tiggy was aliveAfter that summer 1935 I saw from Freds face that he was not going to be able to go on… here…at the seaside-or at `Jerusalem` with me & his Dad Frederick Charles»

Nota bene : JEAN has this year won back in the Courts of SPAIN the Estate of Aunt & Uncle Murgatroyd Missionaries - where last summer 1937 LINDSAYs BOILED TO DEATH IN MARMALADE the 22 years old son, the only child of the dear Muragtroyd Missionary cousins…LINDSAY Earls & their Noble scum said `Angela had given it to them in MAY ` …

RECALL : 1945 July novelist Hemingway said to MALRAUX who was just looking in on his entourage“ I have got you a

JAM FACTORY North America… MALRAUX ! ~ the owner does not use it - he says you can do what you like with it…its out in the countryside…”

ANDRE MALRAUX whose POST/mail-documents of his Guardianship to GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE are STOLEN for GROSS BRITAIN GOVERNMENT & Crown & LEWD LINDSAYbuggarhs … left in a huff - he felt he was being insulted as a fallen novelist - Hemingway has a FILM about BELLS of bloody SPAIN ! & many books selling -

1938 Summer - JEAN Weddell/widow Smith Spain/ Mrs F.C. RANSOM speaks to GR her grand-daughter :

“ 1935 October - WE HAD TO LEAVE they were threatening all our lives& they were getting at the money in the Banks - using the Diplomats…! The LINDSAY, they had gone mad again as they had when they killed your Grand-dads parents Millie & JOHN RANSOMGREEDI cannot understand why folk who have so much need to kill & rob others BUT THEY HAD YOU KIDNAPPED BACK …»

« … & I did not expect them that morning in our nice hotel - the Manager came up with them for he was worried for us - he knew they were not allowed to do this…but it was early morning & we were alone - LEN had gone off to School - The Earl Lindsay had sent them - they had no authority to do thisyou are NOT a Ward of Court if you & Lennie were WARDS OF THE COURT then the ESTATE would go abroad to all the other Ransom family or the branchesHollywood could manage it with the relatives

It is not at all a British Estate it is a JOYOUS VENTURE & all overseas…all round the globe

LEN RANSOM/ LIR 1938 Diary/ My Dad Frederick Charles had just learned the Lindsay … his mothers cousins … & their gang…using a woman on high recently… had been cashing cheques emptying banks around the world My DAD was able to tell the Brokers New York & with full co-operation they put a stop to it … round the globe

That left the British properties vulnerable & some Continental ones & some in Ireland The Will was accepted & all the properties administered abroad British solicitors under the umbrella New York & Argentine - it was a piece of philanthropy watched by educationalists & kept low key - there was to have been no THEFT of POST - its not LAW allowed by British Law

“ From 1933 - This was what had happened - a set of documents sent yearly from 1933 Christmas to my elder brother had been stolen by the Earl for The Crown …”

(the heir G.R born 1933 her father FJR & Len`s elder brother-Len sub-& co-heir to GR - MALRAUX Guardian to us until we are 25 years of age - )

« .…& Transport documents sent for me LIR - they had been nosing into everything - sending it down to The WHITEHALL the Government departments … receiving back information & making plans to mock tiny nations … Bolivia-Uruguay-Ecuador-PERU of course where we had a lot of infra-structure philanthropy going in The Silver Mine was a model what could be done for safety- Welfare housing medicine…She my Aunt always did this first so the people & the lands were cared for … Brazil had put a half Regiment out on the seashores & they were wary of that … ”

(LIR in training-it was known hed a flare for Transport by age 9 years)

“ 1937 October ANDRE in charge of it all as our GUARDIAN…” (LIR speaking from his diaries with ANDRE & Beryl 1972 March The Pillar House renaissance party)

Dr Len Immanuel Ransom speaking with a man he observed close-too autumn-winter 1957/1958 & 1960s was ready to help him escape by air or road his persecutors - ANDRE MALRAUX -

They speak 19/3/1972 - renaissance evening The Pillar House :

“ 1939 summer - It was now my poor brother Frederick John learned that a quarterly set of documents & every bit of overseas Post year in year out- EVERY YEAR… had been hijacked from CHRISTMAS 1933 in the name of us the heirs under 21 years of age to the possession of the (LINDSAY) Earl & they in secret-silence saying it was FOR THE REALM for AngelaThey are all breaking the lawthe relationship to them (Lindsay) is one woman in 1830...nothing more

…. THEY WERE KEEPING THEIR THEFT SECRET IN THE NAME OF THE CROWN using AngelaMy mother was poisoned 1938 & my father in 1939...they had chased him in the little streets beating his back one time when I was not therethe Police could not catch thembecause they are family of an EarlTHEY ARE ALL ON THE PINdrugs - & one they grow in Scotland which puts a wild animal in the brain in seconds…as you Andre found out… ` ( Malraux got with a gun 4 become wild animals on Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their snout - A man came to help him with the last two/ December 1957- they were threatening savage murder to several persons & could not be caught because of their noble blood…Notes ANDRE MALRAUX/others/ Christmas Tide 1957- A NOBLE SURPRISE )