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Greta Ransom notes- several persons speaking out up to her first 27 years of life / - `All my-our post/mail from Xmas 1933 on & on being opened at the back of Buckingham Palace- by Earls Crawford Lindsay/scum & members of families of Angela (reports by persons who objected to this wild behaviour with post/parcels of other families)

Greta Ransom 21st birthday 11th March 1954 :

All overseas & outside Clacton area post/mail went to Noble scum at back of Buckingham Palace (as always) where they rip it open on trestle tablesI G. R. received 9 cards & 7 modest presents from Clacton & areanothing else - Later it is heard Teresa Gordon Ransom was given some few things to dispose of but not the valuable things -

1954 March - 21st Birthday Presents for Greta RANSOM -

From Canada from Aunt Veronica Frobisher came `The Frobisher Pearls` , & the OBrien tiara from Granny Mary Helena Gordon` s cousins was displayed on the heads of three Nobles - all taking turns at a Mayfair nightclub as the drinking & doping reached to HELL - 2 Newspaper photographers caught them - one was published next day showing the O`Brien tiara on a daughter of Angela … whose two girls would have benefited greatly from a GROTE HOMES curriculum which stresses humanism/& Gospels Acted Out/ & NO THEFT or calling human beings Apes & Eskimos -

Sir John Edmond OBrien came over from Southern Ireland to take his family Tiara of 1859 off them - a small crown like Tiara it sits on top of the head & is probably diamonds - a gift like this is to a family member & then passed on to a younger member later in life - Uncle Sir John O`Brien has it from his grandmother who wore it first 1859 at something important Dublin Town- perhaps they had just got the Baronetcy for being good citizens of the globe /

another report : Theyd all been photographed that night & got published in Daily newspaper with 3 well known heads wearing it misbehaving in Mayfair as usual …”

The Frobisher Pearls : (belonged to the wife of Sir Martin Frobisher ARCTIC Mariner & Explorer - she one of the 10 daughters of Lord Wentworth) were seen to be torn to pieces outside the Restaurant & flung in the guttertaxi drivers picked a few upfound them realFROBISHER had been a telephone exchange London but was now not used & the taxi drivers felt the hilarity at first was to do with this

Reports got about the Scarlet Townfor this mob had too much money after that War just past & were soaked in dope LSD had come alongLINDSAY mob/ JIM/ Doc Mengele are about the Noble Britain now-&-then…seen in public places …

1954 March - Sir Edmond John Uncle OBrien

LONDON : CUR (of 2 months) JAMES saw a Flat he`d like : So Sir Edmond JOHN O`Brien had his 3 old respectable Roman Catholic aunts attacked & savaged in their nice flat at Queens Gate/ ? Terrace/ - it was put in a newspaper 3 old Southern Irish women …caught taking & hiding heroin when CUR James dirty JIM Mr Pong & his noble thugs walked in … for the British Government & Crown

Sir John O` Brien GOT THE TIARA BACK demanding it from THEM - & he had to take his old Aunts home to S. Ireland…PONG was threatening to put the old ladies in an ASYLUM & take their INCOMES for ( yes - you got it !!! ) The British Government & Crown !

1970s Mr Jimmie Jong Cur James your Mr Pong dirty Jim - fancied the flat Queens Terrace fashionable London - JIM vowed to `get the Paddy` - they did 1960s - made him penniless-

1970s - `… The death of O` Brien`s son … & a Murphy son inheriting these Southern Irish 19th century baronetcies … may be part of a Genocide required to lay hands on GROTE HOMES RANSOM LANDS in Southern IRELAND the biggest & most successful philanthropy Estate the globe can ever have … families of many Races & Nations made it- (RANSOM 20th century main line 14 races-27 nations in 1,500 years-SEA TRADERS the globe)

Diaries/notes/records/ Andre Malraux Detectives/friends/

Colleagues 1960 onwards…

MEMO : 1919 JIM always ON THE PIN/ half Chinese …speaking first French & Chinese before the English tongue He comes to torment the GORDON FAMILY bringing one Angela in her late teens- JIM has an IDEA to get horses from Mary Gordon`s SOUTHERN IRISH COUSINS … By mocking to the point of slander … hinting at their TREASON towards the British Government & Crown… Mr JIM JONG hopes to be GIVEN FOR FREE a race horse or two or three - RECALL HE IS FOUND 1920s BY THE RESPECTABLE ELDERS OF BRITISH SOCIETY TO BE ALWAYS ON THE PIN…& found to be the same in the 1930s … In OXFORD 1970s…`JIM is ON THE PIN-

Nota bene : ` In N. Africa 2nd World War 1944 JIM shoots in the back 4 Italians of good family/an Officer & his 3 men Prisoners of WAR…for a WATCH WITH A COMPASS… Court Martial 1949 had JIM dismissed Uniform - the Doctor whose evidence was to be accepted SUDDENLY DIED - `Cocaine was everywhere more than SAND `

1962 March - Frederick John RANSOM ~ “They & JIM - have spent 16 years REMOVING ALL EVIDENCE in Italy that those 4 men & their families ever lived…that is the KUDOS up there…that is what I have been faced with … ”

(Removal of Records/ for G.B. Government/Teams called `The National Industry` extra pay/run by LINDSAY mob - JIM - Scandinavia-Mengele Harrington/ & the Chinese Legation discover TWISTERS down WHITEHALL…some TWISTERS in British Government & a few in the French Government… (extract) GENERAL de GAULLE & Andre MALRAUX are good men…they are surrounded by TWISTERS…”

1919 onwards - SOUTHERN IRELAND - 3 baronetcies -

Families : 2 families Murphy/ O`Brien / Carroll/ cousins to the children of Teresa Murphy Carroll married John O`Brien Williams

These very respectable Roman Catholic Southern Irish families cousins of Mary Gordon can be found in various reference books/histories - Mary Gordon`s grandchild 1933 G.R. from March is the GROTE HEIR of Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE… Lennie Immanual RANSOM co-heir sub-heir…


It is earlier written in this Document BOOK OF SUMMER 1937 for ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE -

1972 March 19th - Dr Len Ransom LIR speaks on

to ANDRE MALRAUX & Beryl older than Andre… a long time friend “… LINDSAY BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN……THEY HAD ALL THE DOCUMENTS & the correspondence from New York Argentineso much from around the globe since Christmas 1933 - & ANDRE`s POST stolen by them … & about Estate matters too … from the winter of his Guardianship 1937/1938 - They were also learning of Andre`s life from reading all his post…! » …

LIR poor brother FJR not knowing of this theft could rely on our fathers postal arrangements for information as he had always done - as all of us had - or when we were abroad it was in the offices of our Brokers & Solicitors around the globe.The custom was all our overseas mail for many years had been sent to the Argentine Embassy/or USA London the Jerusalem household Deptford by the little park might be Overseas awhile…»

“ We received information autumn 1938 on the theft that had gone on since Christmas 1933

` Upon the arrival of our correspondence packages parcels from abroad it was received at the back of the Palace & opened on a trestle table by family of Earl Lindsay - Mr Jimmie Jong & some others all correspondence was carefully laid aside & taken away to Whitehall

the most cruel behaviour had gone on & clearly this was how our kith & kin abroad were subjected to robberies of their households & many persons - children too now go missing property taken - all identities disappear - often properties burned & we discovered 1948 onwards bodies burned tooThe violence was coming from this nation Andre now knows…he has no boys …

A description of Christmas 1936 - when we all had to return Summer 1936 as the heir was kidnapped back & passport removed without the LAW being involved

The tearing open in indecent haste of packages addressed to a child of our family & to others all written enclosures carefully laid aside by some men in grey suits come from WHITEHALL the trampling under foot of little gifts made by little hands, simple things, caused consternation to some who were employed in the Palace or called in to assist

Reported to us & an official place ;- «these two girls should not be taking part in this - Mr Jong was often raucous.. That year two bins went down the Thames to the incinerator2 trestle tables had been needed…”

“… & it had been going on since the child was born 1933 the Christmas & birthday presents were torn open by the family who claimed my grandmother MILLIE - their friends helped them ”

Millicent Frobisher direct line Sir Martin Frobisher Tudor Mariner a skater & with a little Academy of Ancient Arts from 1878...she 14 years oldIn 1883 she becomes Mrs JOHN RANSOM & is grandmother of LIR - the mother of his father Frederick Charles m JEAN Weddell ballerina 1909 widow Smith Argentine & Spain / 4 children grow to adulthood/ IVY Jean, FREDERICK John, JOHN Ray, & LENNIE LIR/ 2 die in infancy THOMAS at birth & BETTINA lived 2 months/…

1937/1938 ... Clacton-on-Sea - Phone calls with threats to Miss Win Gordon her brother Harry & their mother Mary Gordon phone calls from Angela saying NO WILL NEEDED & that all belonged to her from an Old Eskimo Mary Gordon says I can always tell Harryshe has had 2 or 3 cocktails before she phones me - she`s baiting me about the child & the inheritance she & JIM& shes using those powders & him JIMthe chemists should not sell them to the youngshes turning into a fat hard woman I tell her to look after her husbands health …”

LIR DIARIES NOTHING COULD BE OBTAINED IN WRITING OF THIS LINDSAY CLAIM TO AN ESTATE WITH LEGAL WILL administration already begun overseas June 1938 COPY THE WILL DEPOSITED IN London town & Scotland & the Government & Crown advised where it might be seenAS THE LAW OF GREAT BRITAIN REQUIRED