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Summer 1939 it was denied by WHITEHALL that any Papers had been received& deaths had begun horribly…my mother after Aunt Mag…then my aunt & uncle Ransom Montrose in September FATHER October 1939 … The 2nd World War DECLARED 3 September 1939 was to allow the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES all over the world A - Z- death pits & nets offshores - `

1938 - Robberies beginJIM & LINDSAYbuggarhs HATE HATE HATE my great-great Grandmother the beautiful AYLOVEDMAH Maria Miss San Julian … BECAUSE SHE HAS A TITLE FROM THE INCA as the elder daughter of her Father last of the line of Mathematicians/Astronomers/Priest Rulers … SHE IS `THE AYLOVEDMAH` …has care of the family & women & children…care of the hearth/heimat/ & well-being of the peoples & fruitful lands of her peoples- She can speak for them-Greta Ransom/HON. Ayllovedmah 1936/

LINDSAYBUGGARHS & JIM & Noble scum ON THE PIN also mock this pretty girl`s lawful Quaker husband JAMES WEDDELL/his mother of the London Quaker family PIECE/ whom The Weddell SEA sub-arctic is named for 1840s by pressure of QUAKER ENGLAND ! They are the grandparents of Jean Weddell ballerina her father their eldest son JAMES BORN 1825 - JEAN The Firebird ballerina a pride to her

I N C A kin of PERU - / Records/diaries/1935/1936 /“Will she dance ? …The FIREBIRD of the INCA ” - The RANSOM INCA- AZTEC kin & kith- Nord-Sud Poles Tour GROTE HOMES 1935/1936 -

1937/1938 - JEAN WEDDELL RANSOM, Len`s mother Greetah`s grand-mother, is subjected to vile rudeness by a teenage RANTER called Milford Haven ON THE PIN UP THE SNOUT - who took money investments & properties as his share in the violent theft & fraud of the GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE - God may have called it for Hell early ?

JACOPSHOLMEN Island West Greenland Christmastide 1933 `the Christmas THAT WAS NOT` March 1933 Aunt Mag who is Margarethe Ransom b 1841 girl of the SNOWS Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE (TIG) USA citizen had a baby again the christening would be in our church where she had sat a VIGIL the week before her Wedding to Tiggy…she would wear the Scarlet Wedding gown encrusted with jewels made in Spain commissioned by her father Fred Ransom `who wanted to see a Bride in one of these famous Spanish scarlet gowns AGAINST THE SNOWS ` the great taller than she BELL her father with cousins had CAST on the Island would ring wedding chimes - (… ` that FIRST BELL CAST IN GREENLAND A MIRACLE Peter was destroyed by RN sailing in-cutting it up- the time I took the Mayflower across to New York SHAME SHAME ! ` Captain Alan Villiers 1967 December - Oxford )

….The WEDDING of Miss M.R. & Master T.I.G. in Jacop`s Church ( Jacop & the Angel ) JACOPSHOLMEN 1863 - & GREENLAND had been REFUSED its Independence AGAIN since 1799 …

An IMPERIAL World of an uneducated & greedy top CLASS could earn pin-moneys from Greenland very much more - eventually they got OIL fever … Danmark had to pay for its WAR 1860s …

1860s - Her watercolours were on display in New Yorkshed copied the Delacroix/other painters of 1830s who came to decorate her grandfather JACOP POULSEN`s Church on this Island given him 1770 A.D. for the death of his genius father great POUL GRONLANDER (6`5” tall) & his gold haired mother Margaret Yates of Carlisle - “ to make a UNIVERSITY to POUL when you can & keep as a holy place…” ( 1770 - “ … a mad King & Court of Danmark…` you read nowadays )

Grandfather Jacop`s church - completed by her father FRED RANSOM main family home 1500 A.D. Montrose near the Basin The French painter Delacroix painted her young highly educated exotic looking mother several times - whose agreed Dowry by the family is her grandfather POUL`s Island where the University will go when sufficient civilized protection is gathered for GREENLAND peoples & the Imperial SCAVENGERS unarmed of their almighty TRADE KUDOS -

Gertrud Poulsen Mrs Frederick RANSOM can be seen in a big painting SARDANAPULUS/Louvre-Paris France /Gertrud recently married is seen in an indigo veil … A painting destroyed 1969 in purple narcotic madness is of `Gertrude in her Savage Necklace beside the beach by Delacroix/records by sad Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux/

Delacroix the old friend of the early 19th century European & Americas young polymaths had come sailing in with her father - FRED RANSOM had a modest house with Museum of the Sea PARIS & properties France including a chateau Perigord towards Bordeaux from the 17th century Fred RANSOM that time ( PEN Fred/writes in Dutch/ Summatra & Rome ? ) Her father & his brother John RANSOM with young friends (& on one occasion old Delacroix ) they raced up from Bordeaux in tall ships-sometimes in 9 days …

1830 the decoration of old Jacop Poulsen`s church had begun !


- a favourite with the GREENLANDERS/Eskimo …

theyd all praised young Gericault died so young…he`d listened to the recent ship wreck of Frederick Ransom age 19 years old (Margarethe`s father ) … & used him for a sketched for THE RAFT of the MEDUSA … he has had his head eaten off ?

1863 JACOPSHOLMEN WEST GREENLAND … ` The Wedding with a bride in a scarlet gown of SPAIN great grand-daughter of genius POUL GRONLANDER … Margarethe & Thomas had a gathering from all Nations sail in… PERFORMANCE OF PLAYS in her family Theatre …her brothers JOHN RANSOM & POUL RANSOM acted again `Coriolanus` with TIGGY…& the Greenlander cousins … & Midsummer Night`s Dream was the delight of everyone The Grote Brokers New York were building Tig`s bride a Bridal House on Long Island…it would be all white inside…destroyed after Kennedy`s death … by IMPERIAL KUDOS…

1972 March 19/20th - LIR diaries/ with ANDRE MALRAUX explains to Beryl an old friend at The Pillar House Harwell `renaissance evening` & afterwards at Beryls home nearby … )

1933 a great month of festivities planned for XMAS 1933/1934 ships were coming in to the Island services in our Church & my niece (Greetha Frobisher Weddell Ransom) to be christened again with kin from the 18th century our line from POUL GRONLANDER & his wife Margaret Yates of Carlisle as Godparents

It would have had some observers for the Press in America & other nations reporting that the island to blossom as before in the 19th century. theatre school workshops research fishing ship-repairs & fishing ship building A UNIVERSITY TO GO UP - the money all ready University POUL GRONLANDER - Jacopsholmen - West Greenland

“ To put it plainly2 violent murders occur OCTOBER 1933 to stop the opening of our Island & of course West Greenlandthe XMAS 1933 on our Island was paramount to again a push -INDEPENDENCE !”

(JACOPSHOLMEN the TOMB of M. de SALLE of PARIS & his wife & children 1939 onwards.THE MONEY IS READY to build the University of Great POUL Gronlander 6` 5 inches tall ( Eskimo & Northern Chinese a little French ancestry/his wife of a British Sea family of Carlisle )

the money safe in USA & South Americaround the globefrom the philanthropy Grote Ransom EstateDenmark & Gross Britain saw there was PROFIT up there… `GOD had not given a sign Eskimo to have educationYah know ! ` went round the GENTS CLUBS of Scarlet Town/London.use of DIVINITY could in secret silence have disappear GROTE Homes-RANSOM Estate - FIGURES FROM A MORGUE could win using the 2nd WORLD WAR -

Slay the GROTE HOMES children “ they do not know who their fathers are ”… “ By 1960 a crime so foul it would have had them HUNTED AS `BIG GAME`if The Courier NEW YORK to PARIS late February 1960 had not been robbed of the most important documents/papers in his package for Andre MALRAUX & General Charles de GAULLE...»

To be even more plain this gang of penniless British Scandinavian Nobles were bred on this dangerous narcotic often their hooters stuffed with it purple plum/snow/pickle/Divinorum Salvia Scotland It hit their brain in 2 seconds & had them, the penniless, `HUNT BIG GAME`.Oh WOEenter a powerful little BAR rat the half Chinese British RACIST Mr Pong Jimmie Jong he had been at tea tables with LINDSAY Earls since he was 11 years “a child who made you uneasy - hed whisper behind his hand - hed then make off with one or two of the others & mischief was planned-I felt sorry for his poor mother a Chinese heiress Violet Lindsay Rutland September 1937/

VIOLET ARTIST cousin to Millie Frobisherboth have name LINDSAY attached to themsee work of VLR… She d come down to Clacton-on-Sea 1870s onwardsstay at The Royal Hotel winter dayshave peacesketch.

1937 Autumn -GR. remembers Violet Artist - ANDRE MALRAUX & Josette have just left from our SUMMER

VIOLET ARTIST & my grandmother Mary Gordon were getting JIM Jong Mr Pong locked up with a Magistrate Document awaited

His mother had agreedTHEN VIOLET WAS DEAD given an overdose of heroin etc December 1937... Granny & others prayed for her soul in Church …She came to Ransom families via THE SOULS a movement of young people aesthetes she is cousin to Millie & learned a lot about the globe she later realised from knowing JOHN & POUL RANSOM late 19th century-she encountered the girl-of-the-snows ”

1937 October VIOLET ARTIST of shadow clothestakes me down to `Stella Maris` to Bessie very holy & ANNIE ARTISTthen they take me on to the Catholic Convent SchoolSAINT CLARES`.Her last exhibition Novemberthen they killed her VIOLET ARTISTLindsay-JIM Jong-

1935 October - 2 MARTYRS ... West Greenland -

who could represent their Nation - POUL GRONLANDER & Margaret his lawful wife their respectable descendants -

“ Your visit for your National DAY - You met two cousins 4 generations back… She 36 years old educated, broke a tooth looking & laughing at her new cousin with gold hair & blue eyes…he about 43 so tall but with nut brown hair saved you in the snow when he was sure the Post Sledge man had been paid by Norway to lose you in the snow…They were both dead up there in 6 months…she in 6 weeks…she could represent her people in the Danish Parliament… He poor thing was chased up to Gotharb by Lindsay & JIM…he dies. They had all their possessions on a sledge…they had been ORDERED off your Island & out of their small comfortable home …Orders : Scandinavia & Great Britain… We are to learn more…” Arthur Malone Politan Colne Engaine ghost house/

1960 February - Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX - help from descendants of POUL & Margaret Gronlander 18th century/

`the notebooks of Dr JOHN RAY/Ransom -

MARTYR with his son (murdered 1969/70 & 1975 POUL age 17 years - nephew to Lennie-1st cousin Greta Ransom W. )