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1960 end of January I am the man in the moonI have made my way from Norwich(he has landed by USA plane at an airfield Norwich) Dr John RAY/Ransom -

He takes a NIGHT WATCH the tiny meadow Gallow`s Corner at Colne Engaine where there is a tiny VICTORIA POSTBOX painted scarlet in the hedge… I pauper G.R. have fled from ANDRE MALRAUX`s house because of FILTHY CROOKS of NOBLE BRITAIN/WHITES Club of dirty JIM & Mengele Harrington a paedophile getting in THE DOOR of Saint Edmund`s House, 50 Lancaster Gate Square supposed to be ANDRE MALRAUX` s holy house - THE MONSTERS OF THE DEEP CAME FROM UNHOLY HOUSES

As he JRR read his notebooks that wintertime January 1960 I thought for 10 days it was ANDRE MALRAUX the new appointed Burgermeister of PARIS - & I read poems to this man with GUNS & soft voice outside…I am now addressed as legal HEIR BORN ON A HEARSE & I 26 years old - We are to await news from FRANCE & I AM THE BAIT - THEY the grown-ups WISH TO SEE WHO COMES at night to attack us all at Colne Engaine - & catch the villains that have so harmed ANDRE MALRAUX - CIA give information records/diaries speak -

JRR comes to help ANDRE MALRAUX & his own 2 brothers JFR & LIR & sister IVY Jean Ransomhe is a USA citizen working for the American State department & at NASA sometime3 degrees Astra-physics - Animal Management, & LAW…: Ref. LETTERS FROM JEAN to her middle son who was attacked by LINDSAY women at 1 month old born c to a special school USA Kentucky 2 years old - name changed to JOHN RAY/rae/ his mother JEAN was allowed write him from when he was 7 years of ageshe wrote in SPANISH & English

1960 January - He has with him massive RESEARCH from the LETTERS FROM JEANSHE BEGAN TO TELL HIM THE FAMILY HISTORIES HIS GENEALOGY as if another familyit is seen to SHAPE HIS FURTHER EDUCATIONat 21 years of age his mother & father murdered by LINDSAY Earls & JIM to make them Noble Britain & others rich…They do everything in secret silence under the KUDOS of The British Government & Crown - as plotted 1930s

1939 THEY KNEW - ALL OF THEM - THEY « COULD NOT BROKER A PENNY« «THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HAD EMBARKED UPON FRAUD« … The Grote Homes children terrible FUN killings are recorded by many persons…including USA Army persons as the 2nd World War progressed & ended… THEY ARE SCARED at the POWER OF EVIL …1960 January - This is the POSITION understood by the good people come to help ANDRE MALRAUX - & all of us victims of Imperial ignorance & greed run by LINDSAY Crawford mob since 1884 attracting MONSTERS OF THE DEEP all the way -

MARTYR - Dr JOHN RAY Ransom had in 1941 humanists tell him WHAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT - A GREAT PIECE OF PHILANTHROPY was being attacked with `IMPERIUM ` ! 1941 he begins to investigate with professional people & scholars THE JOYOUS VENTURE & GROTE HOMES… 1939 WAR CAMEhe meets his brothers sister 1945 onwards THEIR PARENTS MURDERED 1938 & 1939 in name of British Nobles & Government & Crown by penniless dope fiendsWHO ABUSED from 1904 & murdered May 1938 a GODDESS from the SNOWS… for personal DOUGH

1960 January winter nightDr JOHN RAY (Ransom) takes NIGHT WATCH Gallows Corner Colne EngaineArrived from USAcalled by his brothers FJR LIR & sister IJto help ANDRE MALRAUX, Greetha & they THE PARENTS OF THE RANSOM brothers & sister have been murdered 1938 & 1939 TO GET BRITISH NOBLES LINDSAY claiming a BLOOD LINE of 1830 - others of massive ignorance & GREED & NO BREEDINGpots of DOUGH All the GROTE CHILDREN were slain at night 2nd World War in their HOMES A-Z the worldThe RANSOM lands in many nations about the globe have been logged-MINED-abused-pits of the dead or nets at sea are documented- arial photos

BANKS WORLDWIDE HAVE HAD CAPITAL REMOVED 19 Acres under New York stolen using their childhood chum Angela who says An Old Eskimo gave it to her yet it is the LINDSAY 40 who are sharing it out 31st December 1953 at a NOSH-UP Nethrington Hall outside London …/Records 2 detectives-others-& MALRAUX & G.R.

LINDSAY Earl No 14 read out the amounts for each of 40 of them at that Nethrington Hall NOSH-UP New Year`s EVE1953...ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom & Lieutenant-Commander D. S. Brown rnvr were present…Malraux & Greta not knowing why they are there other than an evening we had to pay for - Brown in charge & driving the car - Brown was secretly working for LINDSAY No 15 & British Naval Intelligence & dirty JIM at WHITES/Mr Pong/ was hoping for a handout - although he has been given as his share the Island of ARRAN 1939 Finlay Currie was present too with his daughterBritish film actorhe & ANDRE are comrades…It was Finlay who ALERTED Andre to the peculiar happenings -

1953 New Year`s Eve 31st December - Nethrington Hall outside London - MALRAUX was at midnight taken off by Mengele Harrington who will have no MONEY COMING IN if this MOB kill MALRAUX Guardian to this ESTATE… or if ANDRE should suddenly ask questions in Clacton-on-Sea where Mengele has learned he is visiting again & to Colchester Museums where Greta Ransom is employed…


1953 31st December - The old cousin shared with Frederick Charles FROBISHER Ransom was poisoned at 9.20 pm by female cousin & no 15 putting it in her glass (Detectives) - for she was going to telephone the POLICE & say Greta Ransom HAD NO MEMORY of her grandparents Ransom or of she…& WHAT ROLE WAS ANDRE MALRAUX playing in this ? THE LINDSAY WERE NOT ALLOWED TO DEMOLISH THIS ESTATE as Greta was to inherit in 2 months at 21 years of age !


the fingering of it - & employing G.B. Teams to REMOVE RECORDS…

1960 January - Dr John Ray is speaking from his NOTEBOOKS :

By 1933 the murders had begun - our Gronlander kith & kin to be wiped off the face of the earth - as if they had never existed- then the Island could be claimed by Earls of Lindsay in conjunction with G. B. & Crown - & Denmark were out to get hold of our Island too- not concerned with education but with profit- Anybody up there in Greenland who knew too much & had education Mr JIM Jong was instructed to investigate & cripple them & families - see they were lost - dumped at sea -

1935 OctoberA brother & sister you met ...she murdered in 6 weeks - she spoke 3 languages & could have represented her Nation in the Danish Parliament - He & she had been driven out of their home on the Island - they had their possessions on a sledge - they had been told they had no money in the banks - & could NOT leave for America- He was killed at Gotharb a year a little more later - 1936- They were kin from the Gronlander - My mother wrote it to me - LETTERS FROM JEAN…» -Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux 1960/1961-Ransom histories -Books 2 & 3/

2 cousins Gronlander - Oct-Nov 1935 - 2 MARTYRS -

I Greta Ransom remember them, both of them October/November 1935 at XRISTENSHARB - She a big girl about 35 years old dark hair very white skin wearing heavy European clothes not fursbroke a tooth looking & laughing at my golden hair & blue eyes- She may be called Margaret after her grandmother Great POULs wife of Carlisle I am 2 years & 8 months & have been told I may not hug & stroke the lovely sledge dogs for I do not have the right smell even if I am part a little Greenlander - Lennie has flown the seaplane 5 hours `to come up for a Beer`& they are very pleased with him even though he has fair hair & green grey eyes - LEN Immanuel RANSOM a FLYER - ( PORTRAITS LOST IN TIME - Ransom histories) G.R…..

This gentle kindly educated brother & sister could not defend themselves - they were faced with the most evil ILL BRED Noble Britain GREED - who want them killed for they are in the way of their IMPERIAL GREED…

“ 1938 (LIR to ANDRE MALRAUX 1972 ) DEVESTATING SCENE PRESENTED TO MY FATHER - autumn & Jean dead - my niece his grand-daughter unveiling serious violence entering her family homes at the Seaside …she informed us they the Monsters of the Deep in

their Grand some days had come charging at the families saying they had decided to RIP OFF an OLD ESKIMO …they threw it in her face & Mr JIM Pong was in the house after her father had left in the mornings & she was kept from school - he would not let her dress & played a game of LUDO where he could CHEAT & she could not…then he said I HAVE WON ALL YOUR MONEY…her mother & he were drinking all the time & he could not keep his trousers clean & the TAXI MAN had yelled at him for leaving a smelly mess in his Taxi…& that he had done it last week to another Taxi man…THEY WERE USING A SYRINGE to pick out horses with & you know what then !!!

(FJR the heirs father is the eldest son of his parents F.C. & Jean she attempting to shield us had these awful things throwing bottles & firing catapults at us for years - 1938 then JEAN she dead - still dancing ! )

( I Greta Ransom coming 6 years remember the mounting horror because G. B. & some Scandinavians-penniless nobles of NO BREEDING & many quite criminally insane- were showing their fangs at me & declaring they were above the law-& some claiming to be divine - )

1972 LIR `renaissance party 19 March with ANDRE MALRAUX -

LIR dressed as a Scholar of POLITAN-Lorenzo da Medici Household- … is obviously speaking about his brothers FJR & JR® & both have been murdered - the first in 1969/the last is listed as ` 1970 missing on duties for USA Dept. of State` It may be known to Malraux & Lennie at this date that he has been horribly murdered Montrose Scotland/records 2 persons who got offshore /

Jean my mother (Gretas grandmother) dead at the end of summer 1938 - poisoned by them the Uncles Lindsay & Mr JIM Jong & another you know used to offer the poisoned tea - but they were on the train from the seaside it was confirmed- to see Jeans handbag was not with her dying body - 4 days later my father found her- a key ring from the Argentine in her widow`s name identified her his wife mother of we four children

( Harold W. Poulter Colchester Museums 1950s would say Gather it in Childwe need to know what they thoughtfeltnot just inscriptions on stoneI have been telling the YOUNG EMPEROR ANDREwe have a bit `O work in progressthat Quaker painting of the church…”…Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis` )

Nota bene : Len speaks of his father Frederick Charles Ransom only surviving child who had the body of his young mother dead put into his arms at the door - he age 14 yearsby Earl LINDSAY mob two evil 2nd cousins who had now taken all her Florida lands & money & stabbed her in one eye with a steel pen to make her sign

L E N … has sometimes lived at the little home by the sloping Park Deptford but had to be sent abroad to study & to assist with Transport management from 12 years with other RANSOM family…Here to `Jerusalem` where Greta Ransom comes for peace 1933-1939...the home of Millie Grandpas mother…1938 JEAN ballerina poisoned by the three of them ! The records were at Deptford Hospital until Doctor Mengele Harrington (defrocked 1982) in 1953 found them & DOCTORED THEM UP to suit his MASTERS !

Grandpa Ransom`s mother MILLIE FROBISHER Mrs JOHN RANSOM is left a young widow her husband JOHN RANSOM found dead by the schoolboys 8 am as they came to school in the school playground of Hithergreen Church School 1890-

His liver cut out & laid beside him - he had his passport removed by evil Earl LINDSAY who sailed in 3 big RN ships to Jacopsholmen Island West Greenland (photos & a newspaper printed one ) to STOP he & Millie & friends living there1884 claiming it was LINDSAY Crawford EARLS property now…

JOHN RANSOM he a Canadian-British-West Greenland citizen- Earl Lindsay using British Navy TO STOP HE & HIS FAMILY & friends - all educated young people in education & social welfare the - arts especially literature & music - STOP THEM from opening up his Gronlander-Ransom family home on Jacopsholmen Island where he & Tiggy Grote his brother-in-law, his sister Margarethe & brother POUL had been raised in happiness : the school having the reputation of one of the most intelligent in the worldref. Captain Alan Villiers one SAIL Margarethe gave us the key.. )