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1972 LIR (Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM with Andre Malraux & friends March 19th/20th ) - 1938 My mother found after 4 days - they were about to bury her in a paupers grave - It had been carefully co-ordinated - JEAN 53 years-still dancinga ballerina perhaps still at her best now the violence picked up- denying her ancestry- although they had begun this- some of the Earls Uncle` Lindsay soon after the marriage of 1909 when they could not get hold of ALL her family SAN JULIAN & WEDDELL Trusts - properties -moneys& MINERVA Olivea her Song Books especially the very popular /5 or 7 printings…`EVEN SONGS` that Graham Greene`s Father had on the top of the piano `while we were growing up «

…All this property/investments/annotated libraries/letter collections which would delight any historian…/so much INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is to be destroyed by EARLS Crawford LINDSAYbuggarhs claiming IN secret silence this ESTATE FOR THEMSELVES…in the name of the British Government & Crown…

Of interest to SCIENTISTS are especially the drawing books/notes done in the SUB-ARCTIC SEAS by SAN JULIAN a young married man … & a little later with his friend JAMES WEDDELL … a CATHOLIC

& QUAKER OFF SHORE …both sail with a flag HUMANITAS

GROSS BRITAIN NOBLE penniless… They refused to acknowledge the Weddell marriage of 1824 -mouthing the SEA could have a more noble name- & were demanding ALL RECORDS GROTE HOMES- property of the British Crown & Lindsaybuggarhs - & the Government had some acknowledgement now & then - for this Noble crime - NOTHING COULD BE GOT IN WRITING - OF THE NOBLE CLAIM- The Earls Lindsay ever forceful in secret silence that we were kin & UNFIT to have this Estate - & they in charge for G. B. Government & Crown - WAR CAMEwe all joined inthe heir got left & violence reignedeven though careful arrangements were made for her safetythey began to enjoy destroying her education her health & their tongues grew so long & black attributing their crimes to her not yet reached 2 figures of age & to RANSOM & all kin -

1972 LENNIE` 1938 we found this madness had lead to the destruction of graves everywhere - so many bodies missing - so many kin missing overseas who should have been alive with families & well -& the HOMES entered into as we had reported to us 1936- many valuable items art works-furniture-claimed as property of THE BRITISH CROWN - Aunt Mag is still alive !

This was what the small GROTE Homes were subjected to & sometimes the Diplomatic branches slithered in - The HOMES educating children in humanism & The Gospels Acted Out to 18 years are outside the Imperial British Empire & had always been kept low key - an agreement with the nations they were in - especially after Tigs murder on Arran - 1904 - But they were welcomed by all nations except Great Britain ! The nonsense you hear from behind a hand raised to a mouth in Whitehall- magnificent marble halls - gatherings of Nobility … that the children were killed by the nations they were in is a wicked trick - gross distortion has been spread about the quality of the HOMES as you know now- as we discovered - as we have hissed at us… these last years-

1972 `renaissance evening ` The Pillar House Harwell - LIR is at pains to have Beryl follow for she has intelligent friends

ANDRE MALRAUX with dead boys Mai 1961 cannot always make the matter clear AS HE ATTEMPTS TO EXPLAIN ALL THIS PAST - THIS TIME WE HAVE ALL TRAVELLED THROUGH - he is crushed - finds himself at fault for not being more alert - & they hasten to tell him it is not so - They all know it is the GREATEST CRIME ON EARTH by monstrous greed-ignorance & heavy use of dope-booze-

a DECLINE & FALL embellished with such ignorance & on going VIOLENCEby the ILL BRED …

1937 - THE MENAGIER DE PARIS - The Goodman of Paris/

Ref. Eileen Powell PENQUIN paperback/


Clacton-on-Sea, of unexpected happiness…” for Andre-Saint George, Greetah Ransom age 4 & 6 months & a young lady he calls in an excited absent minded way - `JOJoh&Johhhh

-& Johhhh-Jo! `

& HE WILL SETTLE THEIR LIVES - they will be a married couple -in other ages - We had no ill-bred coarse minded monsters of the deep & figures from a morgue about us…5 weeks & then to LINCOLN…with his parents SEA ancestry to trace …

`A holiday of thoughtfulness - lengthened thrice times - we saw paintings-made visits-took picnics-sat evenings on Jos beach Holland-on-seatalking with locals sometimes … went to the theatres-swam-collected limpets-walked miles with our days needs- swim things-umbrellas-water bottles-woollie jumpers-sandwiches-all piled on the old push-chair that my great-grandma Millie Frobisher Ransom pushed my Grandpa FCR out in Hithergreen & Deptford ( 1885-1892 were grandpa`s push-chair days until he was 7 years ! He was safe from horses, carriages & early cars & Mill could hang a bag with simple shopping & folded rug, bat & ball, for the Parks, a glass bottle of lemonade 2 folding cups from Japan…) We 1937 visited daily the convalescing father of our hostess in the big white glass veranda Home on the seafront near the Holland beaches…Unitys mother`s father - Unitys Grandpa`- & we did even more “never was so much done on a holiday.”

All of us, human beings, have helped reconstruct SUMMER 1937 - ANDRE MALRAUX carrying it in his heart his soul for the rest of his life to 1976 his death in November…for JO is to die 1944 November because of this happiness - SUMMER 1937 - SHIPS MEETING IN THE DARK - we three monsters of the deep gone to SPAIN - Andre & Jo becoming rested & settling into the town life & the countryside - JO GOING ROUND THE TOWN WITH A SHOPPING BASKET ON HER ARM- & Clacton people she has met saying Hello Jo- we will see you at the Dancing later-

ANDRE MALRAUX at 50 Lancaster Gate Square

speaking to Greta Ransom winter 1957-58-1959 ... he… THE MENAGIER DE PARIS…the Goodman of PARIS…

…“ We wore ourselves out with STAR WATCHING yet we rose to see the DAWN on the seafront - To get my newspapers hot from the train - can you remember how happy we all became - that summer 1937- by the sea - we had come from Spain - the young woman with us is now dead …” (because of what we learn XMAS 1959 )

SHIPS THAT MIGHT HAVE PASSED IN THE NIGHT- from a chance meeting with Ransom & Gordon families came a lifetime of persecution for them both & their sons - a young couple come for a break away from the bewildering world of violence in Spain - to where they were able to gather peace of mind that SUMMER 1937...

( com`th all their lives the HELL of H. Bosch- a painting we owned at Montrose farm - RANSOM families- I G.R. saw it with LEN 1936 when we all buzzed up for the American branch is over- sailing in The Basin- )

1970 - winter ANDRE MALRAUX is reading from his notebooks the years December 1924 to 1960s - `We had a holiday - became a unit-

a family - we kept Greetah with us & we were happy - IN EAST ANGLIA - where I found the Gospels Acted Out - & where my mother has an ancestral line to the 9th century along the coasts - they were fishing trading-I used to know it all when I was a child 7-8 years of age-

In the dining room The Pillar House Harwell, Malraux respected retired Minister of Culture France has finally to raise his voice & ignore PJPW reading carefully from his prepared notes … MALRAUX has discovered & is horrified `Greta is not to know…about the Estate …or her ancestry A-Z the globe !

` EVIL HAS FOLLOWED again into the BMNH from 1966 October … when GR returned from Greece with her cousins & again (as in 1962) took up employment in the department of FISHES …

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX NOW 68 years old is aware that memory remove dopes have been used on Greta Ransom heir to remove her memory since 1939 when the family went away to WAR

… he wishes to warn young scientist BMNH Peter J. P. Whitehead that the company slithering about him from his Noble titled world is after dough … little sharks in the City also multiply … they all have a little line ready as from 1937 « Oh Crown lands « … `

« THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING PEOPLE, Peter, for this money - we knew about it when I was in The City - you are too young to be in charge « a woman retired will say to him at this time…

1937 Summer - ANDRE MALRAUX & a young lady called JOSETTE - Johhh&Joh- come for a rest from the world & its troubles especially Spain - come to Clacton-on-sea- the Little Doomsday Book CLACHINTUNA with Manor - Church - sweeping down to the QUAKER enclave 16/17th centuries- they who com`th out of the Lowlands over the channel - & earlier fleeing madness -The Huguenots 1572 slaughter had escapees leave France for other nations & many arriving to East Anglia - bringing Gospels Acted Out -

THIS COUNTRYSIDE IS KNOWN VERY WELL TO ANDRE MALRAUX from 1937 ... he visits every year or more to walk again with JOSETTE in former footsteps& gather strength from the memory of that happiness & a stout heart for he tried to give Guardianship to G.R. after bewildering troubles - caused by the NOBLE criminally insane of massive greed …

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - he comes in good faith to ask he be accepted into the family as an elder relativefor EVIL IS AT THE DOOR& Greta is having it behind her back againhe ANDRE to his face … every third page he Andre Malraux writes is ordered taken from him by MR MENGELE HARRINGTON friend of Noble Britain & Scandinavia…who receives dripping blood & gore big moneys from the stolen GROTE RANSOM Estate - ` ….

`Peter 39 YEARS old… should understand they THE OLD CRIMINALS OF the Noble CLASS of he & his TWIN brother… have all gone insane back in the 1920s on the Noble DOPE up their snouts…& they are all ON THE PIN…& God Help the Globe trying out LSD & mixtures…that Mr Mengele Gollum Harrington MIXES…he`s also a BIG Travelling Salesman for DENMARK sex bits & pieces when his Noble friends have done themselves in with DOPES…Everything UNNATURAL is A FLAG that Mr Mengele padeophile Gollum Royal Satrap Harrington of THAT LITTLE BOY BAIT BLUE CAR cheekily displays

1950s-1960s … At Clacton-on-Sea the Police can only threaten to run him Doc Mengele Harrington & that blue car OFF Clacton Pier - unless he keeps out of the Town & surrounding countryside eyeing very small boys !



Mengele HARRINGTON spoof Doctor … He sees to REMOVAL OF RECORDS about & HUMAN BEINGS who know about GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE…WEDDELL GRONLANDER FAMILIES….He is RICH from his murder lists !

Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON in the name of The British Government & the Crown has been threatening several former Essex Hospital nursing staff … persecuting Fiona Fionnula MacDonald because she could appreciate the purity of ANDRE MALRAUX 1945 to 1950s !!! He has sniffed out everyone who knew ANDRE MALRAUX 1937-1950s … They are regarded by his Masters as `Cases for treatment` …