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1937 Summer - St George ANDRE has very beautiful eyes sometimes brown hazel emerald silver green with a dark brown flash…! Jo`s eyes are blue-green a steady heavenly shade … My eyes are silver blue turquoise & not THAMES MUD as SHEshe says they are … But sometimes I see he is a little shy perhaps- not quite sure of being a grown-up ? No, perhaps it is modesty… I think it is because he is so kind - so nicely brought up by the 3 GRACES -

Berthe & Marie & their mother Adriannae-half Italianwhom he says made him clever by reading him lots of things & talking about the lots of books she had read …

1952 Graham Greene -who wrote book of The Third Man/film - will tell me Colchester Castle winter 1952 when I am 19 years.

“ MINERVA-YOUR GREAT-GRANDMOTHER-she wrote music, ballads-my father had her book EVENSONGS on the top of the piano as we were growing up.She wrote the first A-train-its a ballad-this is how it goes`take the A-train for a spot of Heavens blue-it will do the world of good for you- something like that He writes in a notebook in the great KEEPor in Hollytrees Mansion Museum…he is getting ideas or writing Articles or Reviews he says…

1953 November-enter A YOUNG EMPEROR OF GAUL-

ANDRE MALRAUX at Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis

1937 SUMMER - G.R. warned by our Hostess not to talk too much as ANDRE & JO are in a weary statehaving been in the Wars of Spain. Granny Gordon has prayed that Harry her youngest son & his friends will not go - she prefers talking round a round table - as our dear Thomas Tiggy Grote who travelled the globe with LUCRETIUS on one shoulder & JESUS on the other not very long ago -

`LIR diary October 1937/the events of SUMMER 1937 related to the Ransom family `Jerusalem` Deptford -

Thomas I. Grote husband of Margarethe Ransom murdered 1904 Arran to isolate she & try take Estate from her...Earls of LINDSAY & other noble SCUM behaved so badly over the funeral & his grave & would not let him be returned to USA for burial with his father`s family that it drew attention & she got HELP- Aunt Mag & her father FR owning 98 acres Arran Hebrides STOPPING THE GROWING of the dangerous narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland- which Noble Britain used in some slave labour factories overseas …quick money -

1953/1955 - Jim CUR JAMES with Brown rnvr trashed the Island - killed people-both of them trying to GET THE WHOLE - JIM 1954 brought Doc Mengele in to harm others - & sold it AS HIS PAYE for helping with the FALL of the Grote Homes - & running the underworld New York cunning investigation of the RANSOM 19 acres JIM cunningly GIVING OUT IT WAS THE PROPERTY OF ANGELA ARRAN he took by threats of murder to Ransom & branchessold it to Angelas 2nd cousin-1956/1957 getting it IN THE RED first - removing Capital & people - Accounts/diaries/letters/forged cheques by Scots nobles-

TIGGY- THOMAS Immanuel GROTE circumnavigating his 2 thousand five hundred (2,500/big Homes & more small Homes where needed) GROTE HOMES for orphans A to Z the globe 1864 ONWARDS - HUMANIST education with 3 or 4 languages learned/music/arts/sciences & athletics- Greta expected to begin school at 5 years of age in Montevideo GROTE HOME where the children took my hands & showed me all over their happy HOME/Weddell family are visitors/

1920s/1940s : Edgar Varese composer goes down with his wife to sling a hammock in the South American homes & teach music & study ethnic music sometimes/ This Montevideo Home has the biggest stained glass window we have ever commissioned- it shows the countryside to the children passing up and down by the double staircase for this HOME is unusual in the middle of the City- THESE CHILDREN WERE SLAIN c 1941- 2 big British Ships offshore & thugs in launches came ashorethe children were said to be diseased/& the thugs organised by LINDSAY Earls et al The Uruguay GROTE RANSOM Estate came to Harold MacMillan - he lived here after retirement with 2 young women ethnic & they had produced 2 children- A family are said to have tried sell the Estate but it was called Crown Property in tiny letters/ Reports Argentine & Uruguay/ Mr Mengele Doctor Harrington & JIM heard saying “ EXTERMINATION of all bastards…» They are ON THE PIN & LSD etc always -

Records Detectives Colleagues friends of ANDRE MALRAUX 1960/1979/comments to 1992... LIR & GR. 1936 January/records /LETTERS FROM JEAN to her middle son Dr John RAY ®

1970 winter - an exasperated ANDRE MALRAUX is trying to explain to PJPW scientist BMNH-Dept of FISHES- as he visits evenings The Pillar House Harwell

We had a summer holiday 1937 - we became a unit - a familyWE HAD COME FROM SPAIN, PeterI felt I was very ill

& had not long to live

Greetha told me she was to die in September & be buried in her grandmothers mothers grave Teresa Carroll who was a girl Platonist-harmonist but the family could not find a photograph of her & she Greetah was NOT going in a grave with somebody she did not know what they looked like -

WE GOT BETTER TO-GETHER ! - I have read my notes of this summer to Greetah several times - it seemed to vanish from her memory! ~ …” say`th ANDRE MALRAUX

( I G.R. may have told George-ANDRE SUMMER 1937 `the murderers are hanging about me - with their OLD POSSUMS… I mean their old cats ! BUT HE IS A Catholic boy & I will not wish to elaborate upon the Noble failures of Gross Britain -)

Andre Malraux reads his notes to GR-1953-5/ 1957-1961 `/ Peter has been told some ugly things by Mr Mengele HARRINGTON who has got them from Teresa Gordon R & LINDSAYbuggarhs & JIM Jong WHO WERE PENNILESS UNTIL THEY GOT HOLD OF PARTS OF THE ESTATE GROTE HOMES RANSOM in 3 Parts seashores etc the globe - by violent theft FRAUD & with killings …CALLING IT CROWN PROPERTY … in secret silences ….

(Mr Mengele Royal Satrap Gollum -sentenced paedophile Doctor Harrington gives all who know of GROTE HOMES & Ransom Estate `ACID HEAD WASH -to remove memory & save the Crown` learned from treatment of The Great War shell shock soldiers of the trenches France etc & to this they add FRAUD JUNK mutterings…I refer to Dr S. Freud & Yung a colleague …OLD VIENNA & all of that … )

Greta Ransom/diary LIR-letters the family to others & LETTERS FROM JEAN TO Dr John RAY/rae® her middle son attacked by LINDSAY EARLS women c 1917 age 1 month/they also sent a poisoned basket of fruitthe EARLS of Crawford & LINDSAY have given Noble ORDERS-DECREE that Frederick Charles RANSOM only surviving child they have allowed of Millie Frobisher (line of Clouts Lindsay 1830) IS NOT TO HAVE MARRIAGE OR ISSUE ALL GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE BELONG TO THEMEarls EARLS EARLS Premier Earlsof Scotland & GROSS Britain THEY ARE ALL ON THE PIN & up their snouts a pellet of DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND- “their main crop…”

1883 - SAINT MAGNUS THE MARTYR & churchyard - The Earl of Lindsay Crawford allowed the marriage Plans Millicent Frobisher & Widower JOHN RANSOM to proceed & his Solicitors now tried LAY HANDS ON ALL FROBISHER & RANSOM moneys - REFUSED…At the Reading of the LAST BANN he rose & shouted his objections…` High Poop` was known to be dangerous & mad … It was a PLOY…now he could OBJECT as soon as the marriage was made & try that way GRAB the moneys properties of the couple…their relatives too. HE WAS AFTER GROTE HOMES which he saw 1879 were set ABOUT THE ENTIRE GLOBE on the RANSOM ancient seashores & lands& investment was heavy into TRANSPORT ! He expected with his Noble Title Premier Earl of Gross Britain TO TAKE THE WHOLE LOT ! CLEAN UP - as he usually did upon marriages no matter how distant was the blood line to his criminally insane Lindsay Gang…

Saint Magnus Martyr with its steps to the THAMES was an imposing piece of Ancient Rome on the riverside & WITHIN THE ROMAN WALLS OF LONDINIUM . It was regarded as a Mariners church - the Carew mob at sometime in 16th-17th centuries had a punch-up & littered it with dead said somebody… 1883 The EARL Crawford LINDSAY saw it had a Churchyard…in no time as Premier EARL of Scotland & Gross Britain he brought a silent DECREE that the land was not OWNED by the Church…it could be built upon as OFFICE SPACE…

The sad fate of this church is a little related by a daring newspaper 1950s & unhappiness about Londinium/Scarlet Town …`a Priest had spotted somebody had been up damaging the roof so it would fall in…the Priest may have got blamed… ALL SCARLET TOWN KNEW … if you wanted roofs to fall & joists cut then you got the LINDSAY gang & JIM JONG to arrange it… Why they`d even cut the joists of F. C. Ransom`s tiny place of MILLIE FROBISHER RANSOM his mother `Jerusalem` by Deptford park…when the boys & IVY had gone off to WAR 1939...came back to find a heap of rubble Yah know !

LINDSAYbuggarhs & Noble dope-fiend chums from 1890s-1950s were responsible for some miserable development Clacton-on-Sea & its historic demesne…(historic lands)

1937/38 - Miss Winifred Gordon, Greetah 5 years in March & her father FJR , Lennie Ransom & others , attend a Candlelight Vigil…I believe it was Saint Magnus Martyr with its great spaces inside … not Westminster Cathedral designed by Cardinal Vaughn which has galleries & JOAN d`Arc in bronze … (portrait of Cardinal done by John H. F. Bacon of The Pillar House Harwell )…`Young Paccelli` is made POPE Pius XII March 1939 so this Service perhaps was for the death of the old Pope…

“ 1883 - Millie Frobisher & JOHN RANSOM had a Tree Planting Ceremony in the churchyard - all the Frobisher clan were there…& Ransom families…a young RN James Gunn read from a book of Quotations & Proverbs to the young couple `…

A description of the Family RANSOM with photos … `JOHN Ransom bridegroom wore his white suit they were very popular then…he has quite cruel looking eyes from the NORTH but as soon as he turns to you & speaks you encounter such a kindly man…the eyes elongated show he is Gertrude`s son & the Chinese from POUL Gronlander is there too…he is a man in Education who advises the globe…his intelligence far above they LINDSAY who come at you at night with a HAMBONE in one hand an axe in the other. .. Millie to be his wife has her father`s friends English Society & City FROBISHER… there is still PROTECTION from those circles… All the RANSOM children of FRED RANSOM of `the Mary Rose` are short, sturdy…they have lost the height of PEN FRED Ransom Sumatra 6`3”… & genius Great POUL the Gronlander their great-grandfather… MARGARETHE Mrs Grote…Ah the eyes are elongated but she has not the exotic looks of her mother GERTRUDE whom Delacroix paints…but she is all a soft glow in the eyes & kindliness & she & her brothers John & POUL have 12 good languages each…IN SHE YOU MEET SUCH HIGH INTELLIGENCE in TRADE & HUMANISM…learned from her father & he from his linethey see PROFIT is not at all necessary all the time…their ESTATE is geometric shapes all connecting by ovals circles going round & round the globe… Young POUL Ransom …he wishes to see the globe…he is a figure you might think could go wild but NO he knows how the world in all dimensions works…he has not found a girl yet & when his parents were both dead he was at a loss but felt he must travel…

ALL THREE HOPED FOR THE ISLAND that UTOPIA to be FREE…& for they to open THEATRE school arts crafts as before…when they were all young growing up with TIGGY thereTHE ISLAND IN THE SNOWSDENIED INDEPENDENCE by greedy IMPERIUM…fights-gambles-vendettas-too high & living on dope…& dough…uneducated for any role … ”

( ? Possibly the book of Proverbs read in the Churchyard is that by Fred Ransom after death of his Gertrud with her `eyes like diamonds in the Northern Skies` (Jacop`s Ladder - his autobiography)…AN ACCOUNT OF THIS WEDDING, ceremonies, celebrations WAS IN NEWSPAPERS British & USA & Germany…& a sepia magazine…we had it all until robbed for the British Government & Crown…robberies 1890s onwards - with murder & violence beginning to the new generation 1937 & entering into our homes kin & kith …& everywhere we have Records -

1883 - The great Cathedral WESTMINSTER is not opened before 1902 …Saint Magnus Martyr therefore may be the church of the Wedding for Millie & John ?…(Her Wedding gown was delicate white stuffs but her going-away was SCARLET…she knew his father had dressed Margarethe a bride in a Scarlet Wedding gown of Spain TO SEE A SCARLET BRIDE AGAINST THE SNOWS…Therefore when they arrived at JACOPSHOLMEN she would be so …) Therefore this Tree planting Ceremony is very likely in the Churchyard of Saint MAGNUS MARTYR the church that seaman had affection for… & possibly Frobisher/Ransom lines had some kin/kith buried there…? Now Churchyard being EYED for development by Earl Lindsay who is already criminally insane from `Insurance Fraud sinking of hulks/Black Hole ships/Jarvis Straights …lots of histories of this which begins 1820s/30s- until FLIGHT -then they had loop-the-loop/

1938 - A distraught young LINDSAY with changed name raised abroad by a divorced mother is telling FJR a horrific tale in the Old Road Clacton - /how EARLS Lindsay DID HIS DAD IN…looped him out…My father said `Oh that`s three then - for Trust Funds I suppose ` … I am 5 years now ! I felt ILL & went to church & said some prayers…WHY DOES GOD NOT DROP THEM IN HELL ? !!!

1937 Summer - come OUT of blood soaked SPAIN - ANDRE MALRAUX … & Josette to be his chosen Catholic wife - `We are staying at Unitys grandfathers house but her mother whom I sometimes call Stella-the-stars thinks the young couple should have a place of their own perhaps…?

SUMMER OF HAPPINESS - Told to `Jerusalem` household Deptford by G. R. grand-daughter of Frederick Charles Frobisher R & Jean Weddell ballerina October 1937 - Diary LIR Lennie & LETTERS FROM JEAN to Dr JOHN RAY Ransom her middle son - USA -

Week 1 : “ We did in 4 days put them in a rented room near Freddie- the-Theatre & they stayed not a week & then hurried back to us-for home comforts. ” This is the house on the corner across from the church on the right hand as you walk from Marine Parade into the town & Pier Avenue- & a few steps away is an olden hamlet 17th/18th centuryjust 3 little places &an Inn by a corner, an old lamp to be lit by the lamplighter… This house we stay in has a vegetable garden, a rectangle of good size going down to a garage- a small road goes by & a bigger one- In March I planted the radishes spring onions & lettuces for this visit which may take place… `friends from Paris who are dear to her heart , Unity`s mother, & in need of a quiet time. We have pictures-paintings in old houses to see & we shall take picnics

~“ as I have not a lot of money says Unitys mother- She is a Catholic Convert who wears a real Spanish black lace head-dress in church on certain Feast days- Converts are more serious than us the born Catholics- ` G . R. happy& LIR writing his diary as usual

1937 July - THE FIRST AFTERNOON we are on the Beach at Holland-on-sea by 4oopm JO is beautiful & sad- Andrew-George-ANDRE is nervous- JO takes off her high very high heels & silk stockings & walks along the edge of the ripples of the sea & Stella-stars sends him to walk with her“… be kind Andreshe is a very young girl … Freddie Theatre is with us & so we have two cars- JO wears lots of brown, a touch of light orange & fawn-black & brick red- little hats-

I BEGIN TO MAKE A BANQUET IN THE SAND - it will perhaps cheer them to see itthen we can go & have real things to eat- I think we are getting a supper in the kitchen of the house-on-the-corner & it is all very cosy & practical & they seem agreeable- Perhaps he fears Clara will come waving a gun- hhhmmmn …? The do not want to go anywhere he says - until they know the town they both say- I can see us in my head on the walk to the beach to be known hence as `JO`s own beach` - there is a café place in the cliff with the curved imitation glass windows & years later Aunt Win said it was portable -they put it up for the summer… I can see the people in front of us that first walk we all make together… & people coming towards us - the older woman in a white coat with a pearlish shade knitted hat on her grey hair… but I cannot draw it all -

A Cine film is in my head of so much of this holiday- What a pity we cannot project the past from our memories & capture it as a film in the cinemaI will tell him this & that - snips of things- That the frozen mammoths may one day be made alive- & there is the lecture I attended & did not fall asleep like all the grown-ups- but they had had a good supper- It was in the March just past & still winterie- held in a little school at Colchester with an old gas lamp outside & the evening like a painting by moonlight & lamplight & Teilhard de Chardin spoke & turned about this way & that …made dance steps this way then that & using his arms spoke with a little toss of his dark hair- on a little school stage spake he thus - I am sure he is an Indian from India- I do not mean a Red Indian like some of our relatives in Americabut Saint George ANDRE disagrees!

This is ANDRE MALRAUX a young man 35 years of age looking 25 years - he & JoJOH&Jo- come from the Spanish Troubles 1936... arrive`ae`th … SUMMER 1937

1957 autumn - MALRAUX soon to be Burgemiester of PARIS `The Menagier de PARIS` he remind`th me Greta Ransom of Summer 1937 twenty hears on 1957-1959 at St Edmunds House 50 Lancaster Gate Square his London home-stolen by cheap cunning of JIM Cur James/NOBLE scum

1961 - the LEASE documents falsified by TRICKSTERS Lindsay-Jim-Whitehall 1953 - General de Gaulle put Andre Malraux 1950s in to work half the month as overseer this gigantic Roman Catholic Charity left by WILL an old Anglo-Frenchman 1938 - this his home until his deathDe Gaulle intends another Mission continue 1961 :

In this lovely house we are being overheard by EQUIPMENT FROM BRITISH NAVAL INTELLIGENCE- orders from bilge rats).

In charge of destroying us is Gollum The Royal Satrap the paedophile Mr Mengele spoof Dr Harrington - he takes commissions to run down health of important men- enjoys bestial fun & deaths” say a group who are Brain Drain to OVERSEAS-

-Preaches with JIM toughen up young men - knew JIM pre-war & comes to know November 1953 that JIM with LINDSAY EARLS are the architects of the slaying of the GROTE children A to Z the globe 2nd World War-

1953 - killing is just like sticking a pig preaches Jimmie Jong Mr Pong- Steward of WHITES Club up the steps- a nasty vice bar where the drinks have 3 kinds of dopes-& young NOBLE curb crawlers are taught to have no concern for apes & Eskimos -profit matters « cut all ancient trees - the Sovereign Elizabethshe needs all timber rudely spouts `dirtyJIM` Whites VICE BAR xmas 1953...(IS SHE BUILDING A WOOD NAVY or short of matchsticks?)

JIM ON THE PIN - His arrogant little fat barrel form reaches to the knees of Andre & Gretahis ON THE PIN EYEShes learned a few tricks lower Shanghaiwhen he in his teens before 1920 robbed his Grandfather a Chinese well-to-doo Trader Broker JIMs dad RN & then some small post Fort Arthur has NO DOUGHhis Chinese mother is an heiress & educated with her sister in Europeexpensive apartment 1920s/30s PARIS…

1953 CHRISTMAS - Above the understanding of a 20 years old G. R. who has found again `man in the Glenn Miller USA Army raincoatdreamboat Malraux-brought up by 3 Graces ` HOW can he possibly, coming from a Catholic background, Andre Malraux HUMANIST, understand this bestial criminally insane often penniless NOBLE BRITISH SCUM & their WHITEHALL TRICKSTERSall of them on the P I N

& now they have got themselves LSD !

1937 SUMMER - ANDRE MALRAUX 1957 You said to me when we were talking about the leave-taking end of August early September that had to come our leave taking… as I spoke to you upon with Josette - you Greetha Ransom said to me Andre Malraux -`YOU HATH BECOME AS MY OWN DEAR SOUL` We were to return the next year 1938 perhaps to the house offered at Orford Castle/ - we would be returning to all of you - our friends at the seaside -

You sent me a card at Christmas & I have a note of it here`

`For foul winter doth come ` I Greta Ransom can just recall that quivering sad knowledge as September 1937 cometh- that there must there MUST be THE LEAVE TAKING- But some warm raindrops fell in my heart gladdened by this unexpected holiday with MONSTERS OF THE DEEP away- We shall be exchanging Christmas greetings & a meeting there is already spoke of- next year 1938 `

1937 October - I who am told to stop grunting like ANDRE that writer-fellah go shopping for the Christmas card very early with Auntie Winnie Gordon& we discuss a small suitable present that might be sent to them both or to each of them` In winter the town calls me Little Miss North Pole - `For foul winter doth come` a phrase that JOSETTE writes in her notebook & uses in solemnity about this or that as the days of the Summer holiday came advancing then began to slip away into `THE LEAVE TAKING that must come` The card arrived to him before his Post/mail was stolen by G.B. Government & Crown…in the name of Crawford LINDSAYbuggarhs Earls -

All our Records - show good people protecting Grote Homes Ransom Estate - & evil GREED to rise evermore in a terrible RING - Perhaps only the Tolkien Saga can show you truly the terror & deaths to be inflicted upon us & the Grote Homes children- by NOBLE BRITAIN penniless ON THE PIN with its FIGURES FROM A MORGUE - foul creatures like the O R C S & with so many Gollums as well as several TOWERS of Evil Power- Lord of the Ring was published 1937 - a slim black cover book- I read it November 1957 at 50 Lancaster Gate Square/Paddington Library got it out of the basement when I ordered it …


`like to my own soul which I attend to keep it pure-give it courtesy- Its a brotherly compliment to ANDRE MALRAUX September 1937 & speaks the happiness with them

I grant the phrase to my fathers young brother b 1921 Lennie our young Apostle - Lennie FLYER age 15 yearsin the heavens

LEN LIR- goes about the globe finding good people & helps JEAN his mother with her holy work Deptford - she finds she has spare time from the tiny household- Frederick Charles will only let the ballerina flick a duster of grey blue on his mother Mills black glass fronted elaborate what-not- a sideboard design very popular in the 1870s -I bought some for The Pillar House 1968 -3 for under 10 English pounds-black-but sprayed them gold for the fairy dining room

as it became by candlelight-

RANSOM histories/ True Tales-the Grote Brokers Sailed in-

RANSOM from 92 AD Dunwich- good people, success stories of folk overcoming evil-humanists- & all round the globe- no RACISM as in Gross Britain Noble circles !

A RANSOM MAN OF LETTERS RANSOM of Heligoland buried in the boat he was born in- “ he could not stop spelling it out-grabbing a pen-our wave length back to them-you could not shut him up-Early English-latin-Norwegian French & was into Arabicadvice to kin, grandchildren-and all of us to come-he barks away and had copy all he wrote wrapped round him in his grave-& writes how he has left a copy of all this with his daughterwe should read it and learn…»

His descendant Frederick Charles RANSOM MAN OF LETTERS had been taught early English at school and could lecture on Boewulf so he set about Grandpa Ransom 2nd son of Helgoland & East coast England & a place on Scots coast too-8 /9th centuries - Describes wife, himself, children, 3 grandchildren he dies about age 44-48 years- “ we had his body examined “ says FJR my father …

Doctor Mengele GOLLUM HARRINGTON frothing at the mouth with envy wanted to find where he was & BURN his DNA 1954...For the Crown of course says Mengele with his cold fish eyes- “wetting himself in his hate of you all” said a witness-February 1954...

1972 - Len Immanuel Ransom - The Pillar House Harwell renaissance evening 19 Marchspeaking with ANDRE MALRAUX & friends Len dressed as Scribe to Arthur Malone/Politan (tutor to the children of Lorenzo d` Medici) has a tale true Gross Britain NOBLES FRAUD & violence-