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Greta Ransom/memories & LIR diary October 1937 - I recall the music of pre-war & that summer 1937- soon with threats of WAR with Germany my father Len & I, friends of the town cannot go in single file along the Holland cliffs singing Eisler- they in German- by 1938... Kristalnacht happened in November- anyone speaking German would be shot by LINDSAYBUGGARHS so they could rob their pockets-

Roman Catholic church has music of Monteverdi/VICTORIA Spanish composer for the Church Calendar yea/Palestrina/ & I am familiar with this dramatic music& Daddy sings all the Nonconformist hymns as we pass by the 7 Churches to the SEA on Sundays opening a door & going in for a verse or more - Claude Debussy is known to all who live by the sea-its the new music of the 1930s - Jimmie YANCY is well known for piano blues played as if sea music… it seemed to represent the lapping of the water about the shores the Pier columns- the rather sinister groynes covered in dark murky green seaweeds

1944 - `PETER GRIMES` the new Opera of Ben Britten dominated our class at school & Mr Salt played the sea music on the piano after he had taken the music students over to Aldborough… & everyone likes Vaughn Williams - Major Glenn Miller & all the big band swing of the war years & pre-war played on BBC or records are a great help getting up winter mornings in unheated houses - & 1944 our Music Teacher Raymond Salt Pacifist- Royal college of Music took the class up to JOB a Masque for Dancing in London -

1944 - Mad Mother Kali Old Mother Ransom Riley would NOT let me go & called me Pauper & said `I I I come from that sort of life -NOT YOU … YOU PAUPER ! …I am told by my my MY friends to keep you down- down- down...I had to marry your bloody father because of you…”

“ Your bloody father a waster drinks beermy SORT my sort MY SORT only DRINK BRANDY …I I I MARRIED TO GET MONEY ! WE ALL MARRY TO GET MONEY ! PAH ! Pah! PAH ! …. He…him…FRED RANSOM… will NOT NOT NOT RETURN… so you YOU YOU need not think YOU Ape Eskimo are getting away from US US US … ! ”

(When I am in my teens an automatic reply to this eruption is “… who who who would want to get away from you & your posh lot…” I mean to stop her Volcanic eruption but she laughs & laughs…it stops her picking up a pan of boiling water or a kettle full & throwing it at me… Miss Winnie Aunt still says go & pray for her…but I do not ! They destroyed Andre- …who are “ George & Greetah summer 1947” … & now I am told he has NO MEMORY of me - & yet he is often over in East Anglia …I have no father & his parents are not in my memory or LEN…my best friend until he went away to WAR 1939...HE IS NOT IN MY MEMORY…

therefore the ACID WASHING OF MY HEAD IS VERY EFFECTIVE- THE NOBLE IMPERIAL BRITAIN MOBS & Scandinavia… have learned it visiting Great War (1st W. War) damaged soldiers in the NUT HOUSES… They REMOVE THEIR MEMORIES…& this LOT THEN TAKE THEIR MONEYS HOMES POSSESSIONS… ! DEUS VULT … ?

In 1960s we hear from Lord this & that how “ THAT PACK would go for the old relatives in the families - it was how they got money for the SEASON or the Races… They were all HIGH on dope & booze…” !

& THIS IS HOW SHE IS WHEN SHE HAS BEEN UP IN LONDON THE NIGHT BEFORE at parties Admiralty & down WHITEHALL where they ALL have parties with strong DRINK after the working desks are closed…They also have “Angela`s place now… where they have been running riot at the back since kids”… says Uncle Harry Gordon

& many people grown-up he knows… They all know dope-fiends of the RACES…1920s & after I am born 1930s…

Miss Aunt Winnie ATS only tells me G.R. to go into church & pray for her SHEshe Clytemnestra Old Mother R …Angela has sent me a message 1942 & 1943... I am not to use the name Ransom but call myself `Pearl Barley` The Nation is ruled by a falling British Empire who drink & take cocaine & things…” …say the intellectuals at school…A SONG BY HOAGY CARMICHAEL is sometimes sung in the Playground of the Town Schools… `kicking the gong` & another about a woman `counting a million dollars in nickels & dimes from the King of Sweden`…The teachers on duty Playground stop them singing it loudly with dancing…but are not so strict on very cold winter days…WE ARE CHILDREN IN WARTIME & they make allowances…

1937 Summer - JO liking Jack Teagarden & wanted to get back to PARIS to hear him- if Clara did not shoot them first/this worried me-Clara with a gun chasing them about Paris … where I had been December 1935 with Daddy, JEAN & Grandpa & LENNIE had me on my REINS… & had a lovely time in the Salpetrie Hospital having my heart checked-and they are all coming up to help us open JACOPSHOLMENAND COMING ROUND THE GROTE HOMES- OH HEART EXCELLENT-VERY STRONG - but we missed Margarethe girl of the SNOWS…however I did a drawing for Mr Bulgarin RUSSIA of his mother in the photograph with Tiggy & Margarethe…he was pleased…

Mr Teagarden is the only black jazz musician Granny Gordon will let Harry play on the gramophone after Grandpa George has died- the year of mourning- 1937

I think it was his name- Mr Tea Garden- dear Mr Tea Gardenperhaps she did not hear `Mr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde and the bottle of gin` song

Pre-war I know Villa Lobos, old Varese-well really young still- & Muddy Waters or some one like that at Memphis who let me play spoons as Aunt Mag girl of the snows has them all UNDER AN UMBRELLA-

… If MEMPHIS has a river then the Mary Rose used to sail in with Fred Gertrud & childrenAunt Mag their daughter who begins her first Mission for widows and orphans at Dussledorf age 15 years old- with help from her father my grandpa Fred RANSOM twice-back - they say when I was wandering round the Island October 1935 for we went for our National DayI met his ghost & said my name & HE JUMPED IN ... that is the only explanation for my strength & energyI will carry cousin Clarke`s oilcans to his car…he is finishing SAN FRANCISCO a film he likes making…& the Weddell cousins will all have a special showing…

1937 SUMMER - Andre did not believe the ISLAND IN THE SNOW- our heart & souls home 19th- 20th centuries was not at all real to him-

until Aunt Terry Butler told him December 1959- The Noble bilge rats bombed it in secrecy 1960 spring-Junepretending it was all decayed- & belonged to them & Denmark- but Norway were calling them names-wanting to grab for themselves- NOBLES TELL SUCH LIES !

How differently ANDRE MALRAUX regards my Granny Gordon- she is to him MARY GORDON still a girl- & she can tell him many things he needs to know about the world he lives in-I did not know for years she had warned him of JIM-not properly that is…

1957 November -THE Roman Catholic WIDOWER of Josette George-ANDRE MALRAUX November 1957 is giving me my memory back at St. Edmunds House 50 Lancaster Gate Square-annex French Legation & Roman Catholic hostel Charity Mission & workshop- Andre Malrauxs LONDON HOME-

Here he speaks upon that 20 years ago SUMMER 1937 at Clacton-on-Sea -reminding me of myself & he & Nausicaea-Cassiopeia our Queen of the Dancing our JO-

It is but 20 years ago & to grown-ups still close…Georges or Andre… he has notebooks & memoriesI have none & the child who was me G.R. “ KEPT RINGED ABOUT BY BEASTS OF PREY…” as LENNIE recorded in his Diaries 1930s-

1957 November - Here comes the house-keeper `Auntie` French/Rumanian of No 50… or a spooky servant -with 2 cups of warming beverage - hot chocolate or coffee for Greetah & always tea for Mr Malraux

… it is laced with `NO MEMORY` for G.R. & for Andre Malraux Writer a mixture to make him “a nervous cat on a sinking ship ringed by hungry sharks .” These are the acids mixtures of MENGELE paedophile who wishes the GUARDIAN & HEIR to know nothing of the ESTATE… & he rages with jealousy that Greetah & ANDRE can sit an evening together at their books before taking 9 hours sleep for they walk miles & Mr Mengele Doc Harrington Gollum Royal Satrap in his 6 inch boots cannot keep up with us…(he is an awful little RUNT au naturel & I did not recognise HARRINGTON out of the disguise which resembles MALRAUX from the back or the side…he has fooled the STAFF in the house …I only knew him as Mengele or Dr H. = HELL… )

Mr Mengele spoof Doc Harrington will be made a Peer if he sees Andre & Greta do not stay together…. they will inevitably learn of the ESTATE-THE GROTE HOMES-THE LEGAL WILL& THE GREATEST CRIME ON EARTH COMMITTED BY NOBLE BRITAIN for dough/noble Britain a coarse gang of creatures that are pre-Lucy LeakeyAll of them are getting moneys from Prostitution houses somewhere in G.B. or overseasthey use THESE DOPES on girls and young menchildren GOOD PEOPLE WANTED THEM ANCHORED TO THEIR CRIME OF SLAYING THE GROTE CHILDREN…

MEMORY REMOVE acids/ were developed the Great War in hospitals for shell-shock soldiers & othersthey remove the memory very wellBUT THE PATIENT IS NOT TO SEE ANYTHINGphotos-persons-places- & TO HAVE NO LETTERS etc` Words spoken disappear to another part of the brain- illness is good at reeling some memory back or an anaesthetic from the dentist - but the dope us very strong & is to produce a zombie who cannot follow 3 words at a time

When I have escaped these cups then Mr Mengele will be at the top of No 50 where my room is… haunting the passage by my top room-with a needle ready`I will not have you Ape remembering my patient Andre Malraux`

1944 onwards … Mr Mengele Harrington is paid for his crimes against good citizens of Gross Britain & THE WORLD… from blood & gore moneys & it is authorised from the top… THUS CITY LONDON ELDERS 1960s “ wanted the lot of them ANCHORED TO THEIR CRIME of killing for money…these children are in pits & offshore in nets…


Mr Mengele (whose 40 Saville Row suits stink of dung) is living on the moneys of blood & gore GROTE HOMES SLAIN CHILDREN - & when he Doc H. goes abroad & drives smart cars in England he is told by Angela to dip in - to the FORTUNE

Nota bene : Just how much she is in control can be questioned for Mr Mengele`s C A T (his moggie) WEARS Angela`s DIAMOND EARRINGS…he LIFTED them he says to CHECK how compos mentis she is ! Mengele taps his head & yawns as he explains PUSSUMS sparklers being THE REAL THING …~ (that is his witty dinner party penthouse latest ) …

(Angela whom her son-in-law (known to them at penthouse RAVES as `the Grocer`s errand boy`) called on Harrington to calm down his new MUM 1951/1952 when the modern medical world said SHE HAD GOT MAG-O-MANIA& dope addictionHer son-in-law called on Mengele with a dead mother AT COURT …

For `once upon a Time` it was dangerous to have her state known to the regular old physicians some of whom would certainly NOT WISH TO KNOW … but OTHERS might say RETIRE HER TO A MONASTERY…Athos ? 20th century Protocol of Vikings & Huns implied `matter to be dealt with privately or could upset the money-market ... This was a gathering modern CODE 20th century with the British Empire fallen in long decline…

WHAT WAS THE real MATTER ? ` Oh- NOT ENOUGH DOUGH ! …simply that Angela friend of LINDSAYS Clacton GRAND & Scotland, Mr JIM Jong trained 2 years PEKIN Opera… & crowd of dope-fiends from 1920s …& still dragging Tree Gordon in for VENEER & to stop any scatty Newspaper questioning… had to be put on even keel somewhat : 1947 onwards she was shouting about GROTE HOMES brats & RANSOM APES & an old ESKIMO WHO HAD GIVEN HER … SHE SHE SHE ALL in a million nickels & dimes

By 1947 LINDSAY Earls & so many NOBLE BRITISH had climbed on the CHARNAL CARTS filling saddle bags full

As Augusta Frobisher writes 1953`ANGELA A PACK HORSE FOR THE CRIMES OF HER MEN.`

Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON either went or sent his DAME a blonde nurse, to collect once a month his household expenses from a Midlands firm-bank accounts in name of Greta Ransom & Len I. Ransomlegal heirs- to what these HIGH PIN NOBLES call `the fortune of an old Eskimo` This criminal behaviour in name of The Crown allowed to Mr Mengele paedophile Harrington … MAKES HIM EVEN MORE A SADISTIC CRIMINAL …the DECEIT to ANDRE MALRAUX has him enjoy himself very much so…It is typical of the DOPE FIENDS of the Roaring 20s British NOBLE top-dogssome rabid…

Andre Malraux Guardian the Estate has no idea until 17 December 1959 … he is often under threats of death if he finds out his Guardianship - Attacks continue 1950s on Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM- to whom Angela (of `Ange & Tree` 1920s/40s) … has sent message October 1957 via Whitehall “ Yes she knows she is there with Malraux & she does not have to straighten her hair any longer. ” /Have another drink- Cats of Kilkenny -Xmas is coming/

1937 Summer Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX autumn 1957... thee did hold back winter for mee- Where did I put my porridge bowl ? Ahon my shelf on the moon ! And a crown of stars I made thee- from the evening tide- 1937- Cassiopeia our Queen did sleep until The Dancing time..

~ Evenings of George-Andre & Greta late autumn into winter 1957 St Edmund`s House - before the re-vowing upon the Feast of St Cede Bishop of Londinium & OTHONA-great fort of Rome-along the Saxon shores~

1937 SUMMER An afternoon shopping Andre Saint George & Greetah he & mee`eh in Clacton-on-sea town, a ride on a tram/trolley to a ride on two donkeys at Holland-on-Seaa visit to the Gift Shop Pier Avenue full of everything interesting & from Japan too … & he selects a hat which I insist upon paying forGranny Gordon Mary Helena ( as her youngest son Harry sometimes calls her when they speak upon Irish Parliament Doyl matters & the world of Southern Ireland…matters outside Essex reaching into horrible West side Scotland where bloody liars live who kill for BRASS…)…

This SUMMER 1937 … Mary Helena has told me to help buy some things for the young people from SPAIN & pay for it all sometimes for things they`d not need every day… I should remember I am their guest this lengthened time their STAY… My white bag on a strap across my chest is kept full of notes by Uncle Harry & she & Daddy This is the purse Len & I had filled with too much DOUGH from the Bank that afternoon in RIO…- but we were safe 1935 December in RIO High Street … Granny Mary Helena she reminds me that Len & I hath income enough for the provision of our Apprentices Hostel for orphans at Holland-on-sea & our little engineering concern& this young man has a good heart & risked his life in Spain & the young lady with him .

I say outside the Clacton Pier Way Gift Shop to Andre-George he should have a hat like Grandpa would wear before he went to Heaven my last birthday timeGrandpa was tall too, & the Edwardian straw with his old school ribbon band of Dr Bells Academy Greenwich had him always make me feel happyit was a comforting sight to see… he Grandpa would have a sketch book…for a painting to begin…or we `d go to see a little garden & talk… have TEA with his sister-in-laws The Misses Bessie Martha so holy…& Annie Agnes artistwho reads The Ingoldsby Legends so well….my great aunts ….

… I hear that the woman of NO BREEDING Angela has called him The Law Enforcement MAN & the Lindsaybuggarhs pulled him off his bike to make her laugh & scattered his painting materials all over the Seafront Road outside the GRAND…That was 1934 when I just new to the globe ... Miss Win is bitter over this & thinks it was because RANSOM came to live at the seaside having married her sister Teresa 1932 But Uncle Harry says «Oh they are all DOPE FIENDS…their first 2 hours are the worst…tear the shirt off your back if they think you have a QUID hidden at the GEE GEES…»

That he might like to look like Grandpa Gordon…I try convey this to Andre-George-Andrew- But he said he did not want to draw attention to himself & wanted something to hide underso chose a slinky tobacco coloured fine straw trilby as I had seen men wear in JEANs country-South America-last year … & it only cost two shillings - He went around the hat stand outside the Gift Shop his extra inches leaning this way and that like a sea serpent or a delicate bull-rush on the marshestrying the hats on before choosing - I was a little disappointed it was so cheap a hat … & a bit slinky like gangsters of the black & white Hollywood films up to something If I spoke to the romantic looking young man … my VERY own for that afternoon… when I am dressed in girls clothes as on Sundays… IF I spoke about these hats I had seen in South America … then he did not believe it was true - but perhaps I say`th it to myself for I am told to not worry him with my life when he must think … & write again perhaps another book - he hath a new book published & hath called it … Mans Hope - having explored `Man`s Condition` in Shanghai… the year I Greta RANSOM was born 1933-

We arrived back rather LATE … at the house on the corner from this afternoon- I in a white frock & green coat-black patent shoes white socks-straw hat Granny Mary Helena has made me with some little daisies on it

white bag on strap across my chest & full of money from Granny - Harry… & Augusta - that-sweet-grey-girl a Frobisher who gives me a monthly little account for school things & such matters as this for her adopted daughter age 15 coming home with her CELLO killed ROME 1934...

( JIM & Lindsay 14 … killed horribly her 15 years old adopted daughter in ROME - she was returning with her Cello - THEY WANT ALL OF AUGUSTAs MONEYSAUGUSTA Frobisher is Napier & Ettrick lines to Millie Frobisher my grandpa Ransoms mother … )

Stella stars/our hostess & Freddie-the-Clacton Theatre… by the kitchen tables of the generous sized kitchen-living room were to call out `You monkeys-we thought you must be still sleeping- & it was only when JO got up we found you gone- we were thinking of sending out the search party, you monkeys-` (Andre & Greetha are the monkeys now)

JO did not mind- she was able to rest- write for she earns her living- & think what she will wear for The Dancing... She says ` Greetah has made him so good … I do not recognise him - IN THE DAYLIGHT … !

1937 late 1930s - Theres a lot of boogie-woogie blues played at this time- very cheerful Mead Lux Lewis- or Albert Ammons & son -& the Master Jimmie YANCY- Wirelesses are on all day- seldom off- but turned low if theres conversation - I am born in the age of BBC- 1931- I have the Radio Times of 1933 & onwards - our lives are all there too ...

1937 A TRIAL - thus the Widower ANDRE MALRAUX is to make THE WEDDING OF GRACE 1947 -

We had come in after 6.30 pm for he ANDRE did not want simple tea in the tiny Geisha Tea Shop turn off by The Towers… with pink & white coconut pyramid cakes so specialwhere Aunt Winnie & I take lady friends - but a big place he say`th- causing some anguish to my code of Grote-Ransom-Weddell care of moneys for personal use! But he explained he wished for a big place where he might sit & study people.thus we had a High Tea (a place called Cordys when he cometh the Widower summer 1945) -

The food will be described later- it is a very pleasant menu for late afternoon in summer- & he liked me curtseying- as I always do when in a frock- but never in my usual weekday boys garb when out of school uniform- I do not curtsy in the shorts made for me in Scotland in our Pirn Mill on Arran- they are tough -but I bow sometimes with hands neatly folded behind my back

… I am taught this in my role as HEIR to

MARGARETHE GIRL OF THE SNOWS For this afternoon OUT with ANDRE MALRAUX I had changed at Granny Gordon`s house into my Sunday or duties & invitations clothes- & was a girl & I like frocks … but not when Lennie & I are FLYING UP TO GREENLAND FOR A BEERor to JEAN`S GRANDPA`S WEDDELL SEA FOR A COFFEE ICE CREAM !

1938- 1980s - CHARNAL HOUSE/ Hearses … & Martyrs.Lennie & I sold this Pirn Mill to Uncle Grandison in 1938 as he has the skills- but everybody agreed we retain the ground as Grote-Ransom Estate- a Dr Miss Bunty Grandison-Reptiles-British Museum Natural History in the 1960s talks of him as `Uncle Frank`- she another who died too early - after they JIM Lindsaybuggarhs Earls & Mengele Harrington learned of her knowledge .

Reports/1960s/ 1970s-Lists 1976 & 1988 onwards of the VICTIMS

… ` the HEARSE to the CHARNAL HOUSEso the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & older students/orphans some with great grandchildren…could go on - FOR DOUGH …& IMPERIUM Gross Britain & Scandinavia would not be ANCHORED TO THIS THEIR CRIME… in their lifetime …

1957 November -St Edmunds House- ANDRE-George he is reading his notebooks one evening to GREETAH Ransom- & re-tells this afternoon 1937- “… acting as my wife - Oh yes you were - you were - all that afternoon…I knew it ! … ”

( He say`eth to me age 24 years of age & young enough to tremble badly at my childish manners & had I done wrong ? … )

“… I have it here in my notebooks ! & there is more to tell…” says the Emperor of Gaul, Aragorn King of Kings to a very in love with him 24 years old G.R. to whom he knows he is Guardian from a letter October 1937-

but so delicately balanced am I because of the evil about me since THE RANSOMS & ALL GOOD PEOPLE WE TRUST WENT OFF TO WAR 1939 - …

It is 20 years on from SUMMER 1937-1957 …

this October/November- Mengele & Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon R are boozing mornings round dirty Jim Cur James private office- WHITES CLUB St James` - a Vice Club - they are plotting for `the Crown Crown Crown-Government & House of Lords Lords Lords Government Government British Trade- BRITISH TRADE -they have all known one another since kids in the stables of big Noble Places…where this DOPE Div. Salvia Scotland in pretty pellets was in bowls…powders…potions… ` THEY ARE ALL HOOTING EVIL … & JIM JONG has taught them some play-acting from his course PEKIN OPERA … time of 1st World War ...Beware their EVIL STARE…they learned it in MOVIES silent…soaked in dope & liquor -