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All of these Noble Noble dope-fiends of the upper-crust ARE WORKING THE SAME GAME AS 1920s-1930s-1940s - dope put in every cuppa-every tumbler of even Robinsons Lemon barley squash - TO REMOVE THE MEMORY- THERE MUST BE NO YESTERDAY-or 2 minutes ago for their VICTIMS- They take supper in a private suite the old haunts- Savoy etc- the marble halls of their youth-enter by back doors- leave arrogantly by the front- KUDOS- Payment Crown Office or some Rooms Whitehall- tills ring open as they pass by & in they put a PAW

Its a raw-RAW-raw world London Town-Scarlet Town of the 1950s- You would not think there had been a War- No lessons learned only GREED magnified- the determination to cover up this GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND- & wallow in dough- sneer about the slain GROTE HOMES children ` These Noble tricksters all need putting on chains to work in the snow I would have them physically building our Universities in the SNOWPOUL GRONLANDER & JAMES WEDDELL & Y. Josef San Julian F. San Miguelhis father-in-law NOBLE INCA

1756-1840s - West GREENLAND - GOOD PEOPLE- Jacop eldest son of POUL Gronlander & his Carlisle shipping family wife Margaret Yates : their son age 15 years has his letter `on father`s death` reproduced in 4 Vols. History of Greenland- Finn Gad 1968-1970s-

Jacop eldest child is 15 when his father dies in the accidental shooting - POUL was teaching a Company employee to fire the new gun - Jacops brave little mother Margaret of the gold curls the blue eyes had taken a rowing boat to rescue some children- but they all drowned- POUL was away at the timeTheir 5 children were orphans & soon POUL dead -

Records : Mill & John/ FCR/ FJR/ Dr John RAY Ransom & LIR “ JACOP Poulsen… after his parents death 1763 & 1765 , with help from the Elders of his father` s COMMUNITY & Church West Greenland took charge - saw to education continuing for the younger four…a good education in which he believed fiercely - His father had left him very well off but the bulk of the money was in Norway - Jacop was not tall like father, he was always dark haired & never with his mother`s golden curlsa boy raised in a rarefied Gotharb West Greenland household with literature in several languages - at the forefront of medicine so far as the 18th century could be- his parents believing in the botanical- not the animal cures- he an 18th century enlightened youth

It looks as if POUL did intend going to Europe in the next two years … but died in the accident 1765…he always had an open invitation from the Pope to come & discuss THE WORLD & its wonders & the stars … those other worlds Poul`s mother had told him God intended MANKIND to go to when the ships of the AIR were invented …POUL wrote the Pope in 4 languages `for which one your Honour prefers… ”

“ He Jacop had a certain amount of CARE WORK for his fathers Religious community - eventually he went to Noroway to train for the Priesthood himself 1779 - he was 29 years old when he felt he could think about his own career & that the education of the young family was assured…they were well adjusted & learned easily all there was to know perhaps more modern ways than he mean`t them to but then he had been left TOO YOUNG to develop the GENIUS of his father POUL… (…JACOP DID WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONEGreta R. his great-great-great grand-daughter )

« Older brother JACOP may have seemed old fashioned to them… but by the time he felt he could do something for himself hed a much broader mind although he can never reach the great INTELLECT of his father P O U L & his mother`s expanded mind with her husband … he had a belief in hypnotic markers for the brain - a form of SELF DISCIPLINE …”

“…but hed been left too young & with so much care to have the brilliance of POUL & the culture of Margaret - nevertheless it was all there in his early learning - & it is to Gertrud his daughter he will in abundance hand it onShe is the figure in several Delacroix paintingsnoticeably in Sardanapulus (Louvre)where she is the exotic figure with indigo veilshe is also painted as Saintly figures& by other painters Francepossibly Russia in her 40s & 50s…»


Read by him on NIGHT WATCH JANUARY 1960...& some additions at Colne Engaine/Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/1961

“ JACOP - He married Monica… Norwegian father French mother ` her mother French was `a bit of a maniac- but disciplined & of good stock- she brings the dark hair into the family again- `he was a bit old & restrained perhaps but they found him a good father…Monica had lots of energy & they saw the children had the best education in Norway…this is where Gertrud our great-grandmother learned to sing Grand Opera…they would be over at the Island every year … granted for Poul`s death & to keep Holy & build when they could a College … a University is specified… Jacop had BEGUN THE CHURCH…but it is FRED & Gertrud who will finish it & make the Island a rare Utopia…a mixture of great learning… CRAFTS … & establish the PLAY SEASON … The interference from DENMARK was to become horrible & that is why they had to leave…Scandinavia feared Independence up there & the loss of moneys to them…`

the black hairthe Poulsens` have it 20th century- but we go fair because of F.R. who marries Gertrud & then blonde Millie marrying John their son - Ransom family boys FJR JRR LIR now go fair except for IVY Jean who has the black eyes the black hair & a tiny frame her mother JEAN ballerina is taller than one realised & has fair nut brown hair from San Julian`s mother when young - Ivy is said `to have the black eyes of the POULSEN family of North Pole but POUL had dark blue eyes & Margaret pale blue eyes…’ Eye colours & hair shades mattered a lot to families in the 19th century & early part of the 20th…matching the family up was a pleasant occupation teatimes Sundays…

`Jacop has his children well educated - a humanist broad education they acquire, holy, but a certain input of the Arts-music-theatre-ideas - which he may not have intended…but they are young people of their time… They did not get just the Classicism-science-nature and holy work of his parents household … Yet Poul & Margaret with the wax dolls her father brought from the Continent gave performances of many Shakespeare plays- & POUL WROTE HIS OWN HAMLETthe Greenlanders/Eskimo… liked to stop the PLAY & ask questions & have it repeated so that the full performance might take 2 weeks … but the Greenlanders always came to the same conclusions as Shakespeare…he was right !

` But the devotion to nature - the commonsense understanding of a world shared with other forms of life- the dependency- was born in them- it had been passed on from father Jacop from his parents both dead so tragically by the time he was 15 years old...Jacop`s children could read them Papers/Plays/letters copied…music/ -

& read POUL writing on his mother- a girl an Eskimo a little bit of French blood -who read Lucretius - & spoke on science of the STARS and upon MATTER to her small son POUL before she died when he was 8 years of age - her parents have travelled to Europe with her when she a young child- as though a VISIT - 18th century Venice we hear aboutGreenland could sing as Saint Marks 17th century -

It is this independence of thought that will have his daughter Gertrud ELOPE with the young `Millionaire` FRED RANSOM ”

He & his brother JOHN own 19 acres under New York- that `parcil of land` their father bought when Antigua was becoming lawless & he felt the happy domestic homestead of CAIN their second son could no longer be the main home- (his 4 children are Fred-CAIN-John- & a sister-who married & went to live in California- )

JACOP in 1770 age 20 years old is given the Island `for father`s death` Jacop was determined to have church-College- holy work begun- His children were all fiercely Greenlanders- hoping for Independence- they dressed in Eskimo garb or Western clothes- in Great Britain only Western clothes~ JACOP is half British his mother Margaret YATES a family of Carlisle-good stock- “ a Frenchwoman married in way back” - but otherwise all British stock-sea people- Nota bene: All these people joining their lives are very well educated-tolerance is a feature-HUMANISM ! They are all bred of SEAS people ancestry- & ACT THE GOSPELS OUT…meeting them to-day you would think `what a nice bunch..`

1820s - there sailed into Jacopsholmen Island the RANSOM brothers of Montrose Farm with many Estates the globe Fred & John RANSOM, they had lost their parents recently & their brother CAIN & never got over that…Cain the crocodile who never knew he was… They had distant kin Greenland - back to Icelandic Saga centuries & nearer in 1160 AD when they were still able to go trading across to VINLAND/CANADA…beaver skins & other furs…a marriage was made with an Indian girl by Fred or John Ransom ? She will have some standing from her father as she gives them her DOWRY at Winnipeg of lands & water‘WE, the RANSOM main line at this time SAIL UNDER THE FLAG OF DANMARK … QUEEN MARGARETHE WHO HAS THE MONOPOLY ON GREENLAND TRADE & she lives to be 92 YEARS OLD…` When we go OUT EAST 1400 AD we sail Courtesy ZHENG HE` Admiral of the China Seas because we can speak 5 hours at a time with him on PHILOSOPHY…& our wives too…We marry 3 Chinese brides to FRED…& the JOHN has some too… Fred marries 2ndly the Lady of JAPAN…(We had rather slanting eyes at that time…)

19th century : The two Ransom brothers 1820s Fred & John could count their ancestors & the Ransom Brides on their fingers …. as they counted their crew…” They were educated Continent & privately Antigua & N. America earlier…they were whole enlightened 18th century MEN & into every 19th century advance science-technology- They were also musical & able to play the music of other nations where they held lands & had a female line going back through the centuries …They were TRADERS… & could build a ship…& soon a railway train…

Old Jacop now beyond 70 years of age - was inclined to the aesthetic & holy & much humanist learning - he was only anxious to get his CHURCH finished & a College up perhaps for training young Priests & Missionaries

JACOP & his wife MONICA had less money now they had raised the children so well & set them up… Jacop was not good at TRADE as his father POUL…which was how Poul Catechist polymath had made them a small fortune & banked in Norway…Poul made his first investment with a Norwegian Merchant when he was 15 years of age…& he seems not to have been let down But Poul GRONLANDER was protected by the famous Norwegian family EGEDE who worked in Greenland & were good people…Pastor Hans & wife Gertrud & 3 sons two of them were Witnesses at the Wedding of POUL & Margaret at Frederickstown when it was feared the British might OBJECT…Poul & the Egede boys remained his friends…they had learned Ancient & modern Greek together…

JACOP He did not at first approve the Plans the RANSOM boys put forward for workshops on his Island - but he had NOT his father POULs skill with moneys & trading - Young FRED RANSOM said he would finish the CHURCH for him…but they had to have some INCOME coming in…although he & his brother were millionaires it would not do to keep on pulling out CAPITAL that their father had made…a lot out of ORANGES then some minerals & skins…& there was the 19 ACRES NEW YORK…bringing in a bitAll these ancestors 18th-19th century of Lennie & Greetah are fiercely educated & have many languages they can use fully …Arabic, Chinese etc Fred has Coptic…

FRED RANSOM keen to marry Gertrud suggested a furniture shop begin- the oak ballast lay about the shores from previous centuries- CHRIST WAS A CARPENTER said Fred Ransom - JACOP had not thought of simple things where the island was concerned…Yes, he Jacop had to agree…`CHRIST grew up in the family Carpenters shop `

An enamel works got going too - but after a short time F.R. discontinued it- technology not good- he returned to metal pans & utensils - Began from his scrap metal heap to think about a GIGANTIC BELL for the Church& time keeping on the island JACOP had his great bell made ! Twice as tall as himself …

1967 - Captain Alan Villiers saw it late 1920s… “ … & the greatest house ever put up in Greenland for Gertrud the Gronlander`s grand-daughter…built like a great ship it would be standing in 400 years Peter ! SHAME ! SHAME ! they bombed the Island 1960 got a jump ahead of de Gaulle & MALRAUX… SHAME ! Great Britain & Danmark did it…!… Oh…we are going back home `down under` as soon as the children have finished here what they want to do…” OXFORD December 1967 …Captain Alan Villiers great SEAMAN describes the Island & its cultural life …before the British Imperial scum & Danmark set about having the first bell cast in GREENLAND CUT UP…

& the horror they subjected the family to … (Ransom Gronlander lines) M. DE SALLE OF PARIS with 4 children under 12... kicking them out of the warm RANSOM house Christmas 1939...keeping them prisoners…only the 2 daughters surviving into the late 1950s…

ONE SAIL , Peter , MARGARETHE GAVE US THE KEY…great house all modern cons…he Old Fred Ransom had built it on the American 19th century OPEN PLAN downstairs…staircase rising…built it for that MIGHTY INTELLECT…THE GRONLANDER…for his grand-daughter…you can see her if you are over in PARIS…the big Delacroix painting…SARDANAPULUS …They were all young people to-gether about the world, Europe…in those days…SAIL ANYWHERE…” ….ALAN VILLIERS MARINER…1967/1972...

1820s/30s - GREENLAND Jacopsholmen Island :

… FRED RANSOM explained to JACOP that they had to have a community & educated support coming from other nations or the Danes would walk in & take it alleven Norway was becoming unpleasant over JACOP owning the Island & they had neglected shamefully the Pastor EGEDE`s humanist family when they returned to Norway- neglected such kindly heroesThe age wanted profit & had lost the Enlightenment of the 18th centuryMUCK & MONEY was the rule

I Greta Ransom- F.R & Gertrud`s gt-gt grand-daughter saw the early photographs of F.R. beside the BELL- It is much higher than him - & the dear OX is there - they used him in the Xmas Plays- …. a second theatre was by the shores - a natural theatre using the landscape - this was for winter lights performances-here F.R. heated the open air seats- I think it must have been with pipes & hot waterelectricity was used from very early & the first electric shovel to put in pylons for an experimental building for the first College

Delacroix sailed up from Bordeaux & painted in the church-& inside the door ! The Angel ! Jacop ! That was stolen, door ripped off - & chewed over in a magazine mid-20th century Europe ! THIEVES ! Is it in the Louvre ?

Thus Gross Britain & Denmark Imperial brutes robbed Greenland of a great parts of its `18th-`19th century histories- because they did not want THE UNIVERSITY GOING UP- & not on JACOPSHOLMEN … it would mean recognition of RANSOM-GRONLANDER & also interfere with PROFIT & FRAUD as the great ESTATE & the GROTE HOMES stayed in the world`s memory - The murders the cruelty would be investigated…

THIS HIDEOUS CRIME OF SLAYING THE CHILDREN so they could ROB the ESTATE overseas HAD TO BE ANCHORED TO ALL OF THEMit could have been by 1946...again by 1960...but they use the STATE to cover up & threaten…destroy & murder… Mr Mengele Harrington & earlier JIM fulltime… were leading monsters helping LINDSAYbuggarhs Earls … & they could have large trained TEAMS to help- IN THIS IMPERIAL CRIME -

WITH THE HISTORY of the Island AGAIN KNOWN abroadthese obscene dope-fiends could not grasp at the greatest piece of philanthropy GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 PARTS- Reserves- Sea shores of the world A to Z- education for children A-Z agreed by these independent small nationswho had such violent arrogance from Gross Britain at the top of its CLASS PYRAMID 1930s demanding their Bank moneys in name of Grote- Ransom- WeddellIN SECRET SILENCE as it all belonged to Angela as a child from an old Eskimo

Gertruid/Gertrud eloped to PARIS with FRED RANSOM- she so dark haired he so fair- `her eyes were as diamonds in the Northern skies` married blue-turquoise eyes - `Jacops Ladder` a long autobiography by F.R. after Gertruids death-


1970s - MARTYRS of Imperial big DIRTY boots - ANDRE MALRAUX - FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM - LENNIE IMMANUEL RANSOM & a girl OF THE SNOWS & the unknown Dr JOHN RAY Ransom & son USA citizens The LISTS are PRINTED & destined for libraries upon MARS…of a GENOCIDE run by IMPERIUM Scandinavia & Gross Britain…Netherlands…& others HUMAN BEINGS WILL NOT WISH TO LIVE THUS… Deus Vult… !

… Try to learn how to be human beings ACTING THE GOSPELS OUTfrom this Document SUMMER we assemble it from the writings-speech-lives of those become our tragic HUMANIST MARTYRS…& reading this BOOK OF SUMMER you have been travelling with them… Anchor those fashioned by EVIL to their crimes then get them BUILDING in the snows


FIRST HOLDER POUL GRONLANDER (whom Greetha RANSOM compares ANDRE MALRAUX to SUMMER 1937 ... & finds him AS PURE as POUL 200 years before us ..)

POUL had a little mother an Eskimo/some French blood… who taught him her only child of MATTER from LUCRETIUS…& singing from her visit as a child to SAINT MARKS VENICE…&… that “ WE WILL GO TO THE STARS for God intends this…when we have invented THE SHIPS THAT SAIL TO THESE OTHER WORLDS…put there for us to go to live upon …” She “ little soft white snow fox paws-Maria” & his father die beyond GOTHARB of a European epidemic when POUL is 7-8 years… (1730s) At 10 years of age orphan POUL speaking GREENLANDIC NORWEGIAN & CHINESE from his father`s line comes into the Norwegian Settlement with an Uncle…he begins to train as CATECHIST at GotharbPastor Hans EGEDE & his wife Gertrud have THE MISSION… They are saintly HUMANISTS… people neglected quickly in old age by a greedy NORWAY…

MARTYR - Tiggy Grote who at 19 years of age 1862 ... had THE IDEA FOR HIS GROTE HOMES using the lands & moneys of his Guardians RANSOM… Tiggy took difficult persons not sure about his HOMES off to BALTIMORE…where charming MANNERS & mod cons had a change of mentality… RANSOM True Histories The Roaring Arab Clerics 1880s - who stayed 2 years…returned & let girls have education & no longer believed in chopping off hands…19th century… (TIG is the drawing by Edward Lear … `Old man of Corfu`…he has also irreverently made Gertrud favourite when young of painters…`The old woman of Greenland`…)

1969 - “You are being made fun of here Greta…” said an old couple whom ANDRE MALRAUX stayed with without his FOLLOWERS PAID BY EVIL finding out… They were kindly watchful into the late 1970s … There is a modern BAND composition I associate with them at the ending of their lives… `I can feel it …in the air…the night…Oh Lord…` & another ` I have seen your face before my friend…` that is with other music become another REQUIM for ANDRE MALRAUX (is it GENESIS ?) …I knew at this time 1968 into 1970s I was being fooled…but the children had to be reared…the BMNH (British Museum Natural History) helped very much - BUT EVIL STALKED ABOUT US ALL… The above compositions raised a certain memory of a piece of music rarely played after 1930s-1940s Days… `FOR A CHILD DIED ON THE TITANIC` by Frank Bridge…writers on F.B. will find the connexions here…

1960 SUMMER - I Greta Ransom Colne Engaine that horrible Summer 1960 had jeering Noble monsters outside `…they said all documents of family histories were burned` & we did not exist…but Dr John RAY had read some things aloud to me from his LETTERS FROM JEAN his ballerina mother…poisoned for Noble Britain & Scandinavia 1938 end of summer I have manage to recover some fragments…Luckily the British Territorials passed by that summer & asked POLITAN what it was about… & got two of the DIVILSI did not get invitations to the funerals ? )

20th century - ORGANISED DESTRUCTION by the STATE of EVIDENCE OF EXISTANCE of property moneys peoples :

Documents of the lives of Lennie-my father-John & Ivy-their parents & THE HOME `JERUSALEM` BY Deptford sloping little park… All evidence of the life of their great grandparents was searched for & destroyed 1890s-1970s included a bizarre EXCAVATION run by CUR JAMES friend of IMPERIAL FIGURES the globe to remove bodies from the big SEPULCHURE where is buried Millie Frobisher & JOHN RANSOM & destroy all DNA… (probably Highgate ?) Gross Britain Nobles & Imperial Clowns had to have destroyed or hoarded for future sales & devilry all objects valuable or that could booster their FRAUD & CASE Documents set aside for later years IF REQUIRED…DESTRUCTION OF THE CHARACTERS OF FAMILIES WAS GIVEN PRIORITY Sub-sub apes were calling good people Apes & Eskimos- so they could STEAL off them !

2,000 years of RANSOM Seas people histories/ we have restored much - but they the good & pure-humanists- have lost their lives - so corruption can call itself divine- & ITS VULGAR GREED reignThey have been killing people & children with sadistic hate envy & racism for moneyfor DOUGH

“ USING THE STATE … the Top Dogs of glitz they remove gravestones- documents- homes- photos- but hide a collection designed to GET THEM CLEARED OF THIS GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND They can still hoot & jeer again about `an old Eskimo`in the red& her ape offspring & families The utopia-democracy JACOPSHOLMEN Island … where we gave even seven ROMNEY lads education 1850 onwards … permission given by Gross Britain to FREDERICK RANSOM of Montrose & Jacopsholmen to take to education in `The Mary Rose` his family ship…see what you can achieve… (EDUCATIONALISTS…JAPAn got going in 12 years ! ) ( Nota bene: a tradition is to call your first WINDS SHIP after your mother ) …/1850/report Captain Alan Villiers too 1967 - 1970s ……