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… ref. for MALRAUX 1948-1960s is to … “ Tante Yvonne (who is Mrs Charles de Gaulle) having booked a seat IN HELL for herself by allowing the marriage REGISTRY OFFICE FRANCE to No 2/ No 18 The Prayer Book BANNED/ “ the wife of March 1948 who had her own life… some biographies get date correct ”

Nota bene : Colonel Georges A. Malraux & Greta Ransom make a Roman Catholic Wedding of Grace 1947 April - permission Paccelli Pope Pius 12/never dissolved ….

MALRAUX the WIDOWER…” granted by VATICAN 1947 … clearly had an understanding of his marriage to the mother of the boys Josette as HOLY & of the FAITH he had been raised in … in FRANCE…” RECORDS : Detectives Colleagues Friends Andre Malraux 1960/1961 onwards…

1967 - records November Paris : a puzzled even shocked Peter J. P. Whitehead coming back from secret meetings PARIS/SCIENTIFIC communities…upon the life in The Jan Steen TAVERN North Paris 1946-1961 when Malraux MOVED OUT after death of his sons age 18 & 21…

“….& MALRAUX treated as a BUFFOON … 2 boys on a platform neglected & not allowed to go to AMPLEFORTH SCHOOL…WITH THE SONS OF TOLKIEN… author of THE LORD OF THE RING…” What can young people do faced with such FILTHY BLOODY CORRUPTION AT THE TOP OF A PYRAMID OF ON THE PIN …” …young persons in Science & Arts 1968 onwards…

1962 March - MALRAUX - his Fathers line sailed with us from Bordeaux 1600-1633 - I was able to check when the records were still in place - they did not sail with us after 1633 - ` Frederick John RANSOM - b November 1911 killed by Mengele Doctor Harrington paedophile Royal Satrap March 1969...

1937 OCTOBER - It was certainly ANDRE MALRAUXs SEA lines his ancestors… as well as his writings… that had him being made GUARDIAN - Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts - by October/November accepted the globe -

& not the spiteful reasons given by the paedophile Mengele Doc Harrington in those notorious notebooks he keeps full of disgusting lies his Masters are to make him a Peer if he gets them off the Greatest Crime of Mankind

1937 September - IF THIS MALRAUX/MALRJOU MONUMENT IS NOT in LINCOLN the Cathedral or elsewhere in the town anymore THEN THE EVIL HAVE IT or destroyed it in their violent spite & fear

This could be any date from summer 1938 -

1938 - Mr JIM JONG saw Andre`s name on the Will 15 Mai 1938 - picking up Margarethes own un-signed copy of her Will - after he slit a vein behind her ear -/Records then & days ahead/ then 2 days on JIM Jong THE PIN of PEKIN (who finds things wrong WITH HEIRS ) tried tell FCR that Greta his grand-daughter had done it with a hair ornament - Why HE JIM & her unholy Angela & LORDS LINDSAYbuggarhs & EARLS … found the HEIR with much wrong & it was bred of APES & ESKIMO …”

1936/1941 - I G.R. recall Mr PONG…& records 1960/1961 confirm all sufferings & BILGE SPEECH of these criminally insane 1930s… They have got a LEG UP on a fallen declining Empire …

1938/1939 - MR PONG JIM Jong : (the rubric) `… & further Teresa Gordon (ex Holloway Prison- 1926-1931 so they could all RIP OFF the 60,000 pounds with Jack Gordon age 3 years) had refused to listen to them The Crown & sign her husband FJ RANSOM his brother LEN, Greetah…& he F. C. Frobisher RANSOM & his Ape wife Jean Weddell…INTO A NUT HOUSE… for life…~ He JIM … (to be confirmed most probably as REGENT OF ENGLAND he JIM…because of the delicate health of David their long time friend…when they all had from `Auntie Mary` the run of the Palace…they let her drive their cars over the lawns…) ….`

1938 - JIM was all for LAW & ORDER now they had got rid of Neddy ( Ned who dared to think a bit angering Old Baldwin… “ a bit of a religious maniac & not suitable at all…Oh why do these old fools enter into the modern world…they should really be retired to a Monastery or Australia…” ) late 1930s …

1952 - I at 19 years of age …ENTER INTO THE WORLD OF MUSEUMS 1952... the wonderful teaching of Harold W. Poulter giving me strength & common sense … I will automatically learn that `idiots & messy & nasty types have been in charge of the globe for thousands of years … & lots of them go insane on dopes & liquors… & never have enough dough… `

1938/1941 - JIM MR PONG goes ON & on 1938/1941

“ THE CROWN OF COURSE WOULD HAVE THE ESTATE for these Apes-Eskimos should have been made Wards of Court…how dare they have an EMPIRE A private EMPIRE about the globe when it all belonged to GROSS BRITAIN… The LINDSAYBUGGARHS WOULD GET THEIR SHARE-he & Angela would see they got their share ”

1936/1941 - G.R. born 11 March 1933 has heard this little IMP 1936 onwards….he is said to be ON THE PIN … he comes in like an IMP a spiteful PIXIE when Daddy has left & thinks SHEshe is on EVEN KEEL & the girls or Aunt Winnie is taking me to the Convent School … then Mr PONG `with winning ways` demands bacon sandwiches off Teresa & I be kept from school to play a crooked game of LUDU with him…They begin to DRINK - He says to me “ Ape…I can cheat - not you or I will hit you ” … Then later he announces he has WON ALL MY MONEY … I am not allowed clothes except my Liberty Bodice… I get no food & not even a cup of water…THEY EAT & empty liquor bottles Brandy & Port … !

1936 /1939 - MY POOR YOUNG FATHER FJR ex-Army - is trying to KEEP THE Gross Britain LAW !

I G.R. had two dead Judges by 6 years of age 1939 : they had given ME G. R. THE LAW … Passport to be given back & unlawful to have snatched me from loving grandparents abroad / JEAN ballerina now DEAD age 52/3... Jean Weddell grand-daughter of a good MARINER who charted the WEDDELL SEA - of Quaker families both parents had come to take care of her grand-daughter SUMMER 1938 instead of going to SAFETY with her HUSBAND FCF Ransom intending to go to Spain to the relatives & then to Argentina …

1939 - One Judge who came to Ipswich for the CASE after talking with Greetah Ransom for 10 minutes then adding Lennie RANSOM…pronounced ` both found to be most suitable HEIRS to Mrs Grote Aunt Margarethe Ransom girl of the SNOWS to the world… The creature JIM is said to have been thrown out of down-town SHANGHAI 1920s But JIM on THE PIN - had travelled far in purple with Angela by May 1938 … HE POURS THE TEA for IMPERIAL BRITAIN… Records in fine detail / The Court records should all be in place & the findings as the Records with us…/ or has Mr Mengele been doctoring them up for DOUGH ?

M U S I C To get more understanding when reading this DOCUMENT SUMMER 1937 …. PLAY HINDEMITH & HARTMAN Violin concertos…composed 1938/1939 ... THE ADVANCING CLOUDS OF WAR Europe … 1970s a foreign scholarly man ran a Record Shop CHEAPSIDE … I used to take the four children in to choose … he had ALL THE MUSIC I COULD RECALL FROM the 1930s & 1940s… Debussy/Ravel/Satie/ etc was the new music 1930s Play Debussy `La MER`/THE SEA/ for us three Andre, Josette & GreethaSUMMER 1937 - OUR 5 weeks of happiness & then to Lincoln -

JIM - Learned age 11 years onwards (1909 -) - from TEA sessions at VIOLET LINDSAY ARTIST Lady Rutland`s big house Piccadilly… that ….DESTRUCTION of documents/monuments essential when PLOTTING FRAUD THEFT within a FAMILY & its remote connexions : Since 1920s he attacked Gordon & Irish cousin lines pleading in his PEKIN OPERA best TRAINING …FOR THE CROWN from 1921 … HE IS ON THE PIN as all of them are when they ROAR about THE ROARING 1920S - & into the 1990s …

1953 - 3rd November then Mengele Doc Harrington told all about the Estate/or he would not continue to SPY upon MALRAUX … wrote his lists to thugs about what should be destroyed…HE DEMANDED ALL SERVICES HE ASKED FOR FROM THE STATE should be available (in secret silence no doubt)

JIM who now NEEDED help from Mengele asked him to join the m in `Hunting Big Game` with Lindsay Earlbuggarhs & their Noble thugs… RANSOM WEDDELL FROBISHER GRONLANDER Monuments were damaged 1920s/1930s…& the Wartime had organised destruction still going on about the British Properties…DEATH DUTIES PAID 3 TIMES OVER …

1948/1953 … It reaches Mr Mengele Harrington`s notice that a MONUMENT existed to MALRAUX`s family in LINCOLN… He is said to have ordered it removed ? … but perhaps chance might have saved it…put it in another place considered more suitable in keeping with the 18th/19th centuries- rather than the Cathedral ?

He also learned of the Parsons/Ransom/Mainwarring/Marlow letters & connexions a grave yard was removed with Laura Parsons in only dead 5 years …He made a savage attack on Greta Ransom after failing to convince her of the wrong pronunciation of CAMULODUNUM… he clearly could not say it ! At this time 1953/1954 he was with JIM making savage attacks on young women & an additional name for him was ~Dr Kill-the-Birds- & Dr NOT HIS KNEES a title given him by A LONDON SCHOOL- Records & a visit Parsons-Mainwarring 1938 November Kent/

We all hath enough information to say without a doubt MEMORIAL TO MALRAUX ancestor of the Netherlands…

IT WAS THERE SUMMER 1937 ! & I G.R. spoke of it to my grandparents & Len & my father October 1937 & it got into LIR Diary 1937 October…“ it was seen in LINCOLN CATHEDRAL…` a Monument to Andres fathers ancestral line LOWLANDS…`

1960 SUMMER Lindsay 15 Earl was howling with glee after midnight - Colne Engaine… All about what had been destroyed & how the foreign settlements smashed, logged, minedthe half mountain Spain blown up after loggingconcrete everywhere banks emptied monuments goneeverythinghad been removedand they had such a good time Then he became morbid & said he did not want Canadian Railwayswhat did he know ? (Len was trained for this & all Transport by Grote brokers New York & others-he had a flare for transport from age 9 years & had travelled the globe-spoke even Japanese & Chinese) « it was my father & ANGELA made me … I WANTED TO GO ROUND & ROUND LIKE UNCLE THOMAS »

1960 SUMMER - had no Angela or vast Estate in my head - only a dull horror that way back in the WINTER just passed the ghost house had been engaged in this … THEN IT ALL SEEMED TO HAVE VANISHED …at least for me…I took to hurling back LINES OF POEMS…some slightly changed… “ WAKE…go & hammer on the Tavern Door…& DRINK AS YOU NEVER DRANK BEFORE…” & the Rolling English Road/Chesterton was useful…when you are woken a summer night by at least 3 cars down the end of the tiny meadow… I HAVE NO MEMORY OF 1930s/1940s LINDSAYBUGGARHS…but this is Garnie Garnock Viscount who came to 50 Lancaster Gate Square & got a shock at what |I said to him November 1957 ... then spoke with MALRAUX… I had no memory of THAT EITHER…

EARL 15 for 4 years : The is SPADE WHEELER LINDSAY born 1926 /poison administrator of the old relative New Year`s EVE 1953 at Nethrington Hall … where MALRAUX & RANSOM disturbed the distribution of the DOUGH from selling off BY FRAUD our 19 acres 1801 under New York…dough to come to them 1954 summer thus TUMBLING GROTE BROKERS WALL STREET WITHOUT THEIR HAVING ANY IDEA IT WAS TO HAPPEN…Claimed for ANGELA

a woman faceless because she has a Crown…

(I had no memory of that -until 1970 when PJPW & MALRAUX put it back ) The Count Garnie Garnock/told off by Miles Davis & musicians trying to help him/ -

… he means he wished to circumnavigate the HOMES A-Z nations of the world … as Tiggy spent his years from 1864 to his murder ARRAN 1904 it was such exciting work & the families could catch up here there & kin & kith everywhere

Palestine-Japan-Greenland-INCA…everywhere…! A WONDERFUL JOB !

1960 Summer - TOO LATE ! THEY LINDSAY EARLS & Noble SCUM have slain the children to get quick dough all the 2nd World WarHe was training on the purple narcotic age 12 years of age some hours of the days - his father & Mr Jong told him toA PELLET UP HIS SNOUTtalking in a nasty fashion to himself as he went round and round on his bike-The Nut House Colchester had to be called to him/

1930s - The PLAN was to destroy all mention of our family namesThe Lindsay Earls did this in the 19th century to all their Victims when they were CULLING & robbing people- the Greatest Crime on Earth was now to happen & they would all be RICH for EVER & EVER - The greatest crime pulled off by Gross Britain Government Nobles & Crown would be hidden if they could remove all knowledge of it NOBODY WOULD DARE ANCHOR THEM TO IT… & they all SHOVED away at THEIR PINS…tipped up the Absinthe barrel at the back of Buckingham Palace delivered from Portugal every month … & went down Bond Street & Saville Row …

The racist half Chinese - Mr Jimmie Jong- Mr Pong Cur James 1954 made Nankin Man 1971 came to Uncle Harry Gordon every 6 weeks demanding a few quid so Harry shut up about his niece her inheritance-Thorpe-le-Soken- or hed burn him down

They came in 3 cars autumn 1957 to kill himbut the Village Policeman was going by on his bike with a Walkie TalkieThey came from WHITES Vice Club & were known as `JIMs MEN` Harry born 1912 calls them dope-fiends& has had them about him since 1920s

Harry Gordon is in a mechanics vital repair unit in the British Wartime 2nd W.WAR from Autumn 1939 - there were horrible threats then & Mr Pong now calling himself Major Carew/James/OCarroll-Kubla Khan as usual pours the TEA- & entertains in his Apartment 2 rooms that he hath had since 1923 back of Buckingham Palace A similar apartment given Teresa Gordon Ransom married woman & a friend from 1934... Is REFUSED BY HER HUSBAND FJR & his parents … She has been in Holloway Prison 1926-1931 … over 4 years … while the Noble acquaintances spent the 60,000 of her out of wedlock son Jack Gordon1932 - SHE HAS MADE THE MARRIAGE OF TEN THOUSAND YEARS…& her first child born in WEDLOCK is THE HEIR to the globe`s greatest Estate….Teresa - she is popular again ) records/accounts/ 1920 on-Mr Mengele dropping some spiteful Clangers too- about JIM`s casual work for The Crowns of Noble Britain & Scandinavia-

1937 SUMMER - I have a note of 3 of Georges Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX his ancient family names East Anglia from The Wash down to Kings Lynn to Saxmundham the Hall - Histon/ & Wake-something/ another/-there are Somerset names 17th-18th centuries- ALL are I understood up to winter 1953/4- on his MOTHERs ancestral lines- H.W. Poulter Camulodunum Colchester- “The young Emperor ANDRE at 7/8 years & very interested- his mother from her fathers family-she had Papers & photos of a Hall when they go up market-” the speaker is HWP Deputy Curator Colchester MUSEUMS & Curator Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester _

I hear Saint George ANDRE 1937-1945/4- 1954- speak references to his ancestors& after The Holiday of the Last Fall 1960 when they take the boys to `Jos Place` Perigordthere is more spoken

Dr Len Immanuel Ransom continues on a tape made in 1970s (but I G.R. may have heard this information in Oxford 1970s)

“ Mengele Harrington had the monument torn out - but we have been able to reconstruct it - you have to remove the letter R to a J- but its Andres family -Mengele was heard boasting he had flung it in the deep for his Noble employers

Mengele Doc Harrington got hold of many Records 1947 it was believed … at `Jos Place` in her cupboard with all her writings & her life with ANDRE & their two sons - the chateau Andre will buy after her death - This was their home the day she died November 1944 -

1950s - Mengele Doctor Harrington paedophile & a Gollum- boasts he is employed by the Government & Crown of Great Britain in this work - but apart from it being bestial violent theft aided by parts of Whitehall/ ADMIRALTY divinities - I do not remember all but much is in the Records of others - except I recall hearing there is a man at the end of a passage WHITEHALL with a bust outside - who is in charge of OUR RANSOM FURNITURE round the world in our many houses & apartments -

& it is sold off when the market is good & the moneys distributed to all the Noble scum -

LEN & Greta RANSOM - legal & chosen heirs of Margarethe Ransom Grote & the Globe 1933/1938 WILLS & documents- & we are trained to take `CARE OF OUR PEOPLES & OUR LANDS` to speak with all of themto whom we are related- being 14 races & 27 nations from 92 AD Dunwich- whence B. C. we enter`th we from JUTLAND-

N.B. Mad Mother Kali - TGR goes in smart togs to meetings after 6.30 pm Whitehall/Admiralty 1943/44/45 -

I do not hear of so many obscene gatherings after this - She did not get big money ! But they dine well & still have those parties - & believe in their dope-booze divinityThey live by corruption - This is Gross Britain at the TOP-

1960 summer - Colne Engaine - GROTE HOME FRANCE

`a man raised alongside a Grote Home Northern France beside the onion sellerhands to Arthur Malone Detective employed by ANDRE MALRAUXa notebook full… after the British Territorials` caught at night the Noble ranters baiting Greta Ransom about ACID poured in « Oh THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF WHAT THEY HAD DONE … `

` He had started his life an assistant in a Lawyers Office

ROME then Facism came & he took to being an Onion Seller for Gaul/FRANCEEssex his biking territory - he`d take Orders-deliver smaller orders & had them come down on the TRAIN from London Townmarried a widow Clacton & to their astonishment produced two children & at their ages - stayed in England the 2nd World War & helped in matters Greta saw him on his bike when War ended 1945/1948 & Miss Win too it was useful his bike with an iron basket on the frontshopping could go in…`

(Yes I can see him in my memory…I am such a nervous girl even when WALKING OUT with Colonel George ANDRE MALRAUX…& stately after we are officially ENGAGED in the Church choir loft 1946 November…)

Hed known all of them 1930s when they were all young men…

the Ransom brothersHarryPatrick MacDrew…caught sight of Silverlee & family…remembered TEA at the Gordon house … PAT MACDREW was here 1960 & taking DUTY at Colne Engaine… then his mother Summer 1960 was murdered with heroin by her FLAT at Holland-on-Sea…Everyone was distressed & linked it to the MURDER of Philip`s daughter in the ARGENTINE that May 1960.…

1960 Summer : NO ONE COULD GET THE RIGHT RESPONSE FROM MALRAUX & General de GAULLE…they were said to be STILL CONSIDERING THE PACKAGE ARRIVED February with the COURIER TO NEW YORK … There was a sense of having been let down ….

PAT was a tragic figure more than ever now since the SPRING… with much more known about his murdered 1942 NIECE… NEWFOUNDLAND HEIRESS NIECE age 9 years in Greta`s class at the Town CLACTON School run by the musician folklorist Captain Learoy all of them recalled the occasional visitor Phil Silverlee dropped in after the War from the Argentine…1948 on-

Arthur MALONE 2 Years Trained Lawyer/RAF/decided to be a Detective : He is the STRANGER - does not know any of the 1930s Essex friends until 1957 - he was brought in by ANDRE MALRAUX desperate to have Greta with a Detective & NOT HAVE HIS HAPPINESS DESTROYED AGAIN

General de Gaulle one morning watched Greta walk across the Square - he had hoped to meet her but she was so shy she dashed down the stairs de Gaulle felt `the girl had a face of pure honesty & agreed that ANDRE take the marriage up again…

as they had spoken with `young Paccelli` & he said he`d never cancelled the marriage- It was the mother wrecked the marriage - she a daughter of Mary Gordon & Mrs GORDON & her sisters he had always known.” but because of UNHOLY PARIS it had to be a quiet life in London in this lovely house 50 Lancaster Gate Squarewhich suited Georges & Greetah !

A MATTER OF the twisters POLITICS` its the connexions that matter at this time `

1920s Italian Lawyers Office/to French Onion Seller 1930s Essex / HANDED A NOTEBOOK FULL TO ARTHUR MALONE /POLITANhe had often noted his lifedid not want to publish really- he liked to think about thingsafter the war hed gone into Petroleum Sharesalways good at arithmeticdid wellthey lived outside Clacton Townraised the children ( later go to Australia to retiresurvive? )

1900s-1940s/1950s/ THE GROTE CHILDREN

… he knew them & gives many of their names also the names of the Mass Murderers - he has noted their movements after the War `there were pits after the War in his town Northern France on the Seashores one had small teeth come out a hotel went upbut the lands were gutted the HOME pulled down within 18 months of the end of War you could not tell who had sold it on … «

(…meaning investigation of the DOCUMENTS of LAW…France & Britain - perhaps Scandinavia too …)

… then the Hotel (went up) but THEY now got the INCOMEhed made some investigationTHE NOTEBOOK IS IN FRENCH & IT IS FULLwe have published it twice& added our notesAt first ANDRE MALRAUX could not be bothered to read it THE BOYS HAD JUST BEEN KILLED …»

Then he ANDRE MALRAUX did read itsome of them he recognised as in Public Service … FRANCE - now we sent investigators … `

…. by this time 1961/1962 … you G.R. were out of it we felt you could not cope & had retired to your games on the REC Malone/Politan … says later he had enough evidence to KNOW YOU WERE A VICTIM OF MEMORY LOSS DOPED ! but he was stretched in his work & had to take such care to keep Mr & Mrs Mengele Harrington at bayfrom all of us

… he knew who they were working for…he had begun to get the drift…at Lancaster Gate Square … when ANDRE first engaged him as your Detective & generally for the house & staff - Harry sent Phil Silverlee along…to give Malone a day off once a week… Harry felt he could help a bit …»

1945 He our onion seller of GAUL - CATHOLIC CHURCH on SUNDAYS - had not bothered to remove his mothers grave from France to England when he settled … along-side it were some with names he`d known when a child in a near place a pit youd not wish to investigate … in France … `

His wife had spoken to Greta Ransom Xmas 1945 & she told her how she had made her Convent school uniform from her dead grandmother`s clothes Mrs Potter did not know enough of what had gone on His wife had been to the hospital & they said Mary Gordon poisoned - it was time to lock Teresa up - they had spoken with Miss Win their sister … `

Captain Ransom was expected back anytime the War Office had sent instructions ( 1943 ) months ago - `to return for Home Duties` His wife heard Greta had told a school friend who then told her own mother `SHE Clytemnestra says he that fool FRED RANSOM is to die abroad` (name given to TGR by G. Rs class 1944) His wife could be found in the school music room or she might be taking a basket of clothes to the Cleaners for old folkshe did a number of thingsshe noticed what went on in the town Greta & Colin were neglected & Greta had St Vitus` Dance rather badly 1944...`