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…. In name of The Crown & Scandinavian bilge rats & to save Angelas bacon - She was waving our precious Zheng He` & Chinese Brides of Ransom Sea Traders Records … stolen for her … OUR documents - OUR private records -

This is in 1938 & onwards they are all drinking purple stuff/ mixed with ABSINTHE & RUM … & chortling it is all their property & Angela says `I have the RICE PAPER` THEY ARE ALL ON THE PIN …

A Lecture can be given here on the benefits to the World on the NON- USE OF DOPE & to be careful whom you have to pour your tea/aqua -

1937 SUMMER - ANDRE JOSETTE & Greetha had no poisoned TEA the 6 weeks … no acids in the toothpaste the shampoo the Gargle Mouth Wash NOBLE BRITAIN WAS AWAY in Scarlet Town & then on FORAYS of OBSCENE SADISTIC BESTIAL VIOLENCE …to lay hands on the GROTE HOMES art works … insult the children going into Universities …& call the young HEIRS trained by noble HUMANISTS … Apes & Eskimos …

RANSOM - Our branch/ we descend eldest sons except for 3 deaths -

‘WE HANG BY A FEMALE` the grand-daughter of Fred RANSOM & the Lady JAPAN …. A female one carries our proud name RANSOM down the ages just the once … & she is “ a great girl our Maggie … full of bravery & good sense & with her parents HIGH EDUCATION …” A grand-daughter of the 1504 marriage she is to lose 2 Carew husbands - one at sea & the next a murder had MAGGIE Ransom set about her Ships Inventions & Repairs Yard at Montrose… she had her Spanish Estates & her Brittany Estate of 11th century (our oldest retained in unbroken line Estate of SEWARD RANSLIR A DIFFERENT PICTURE- ( after the War- Germany having honoured Estates & investments held pre-war) in the land of G.B. - where everything they could lay hands on was milkedput in the red- still they were hissing old Eskimos cannot make Wills when shutters drawn candles lit- Well… Herr Muller , he began to climb back up a little but he was changed : he was shocked WELL WHO COULD YOU TRUST THEN ! Youd not want that villain Hitler back - but theyd never interfered with his lawful & useful ventures …”

“ He now came on board- & Id trust him Herr Muller- He says (1969/70) THEY are FRAMING the young man in the British Museum- leading him on to not let his wife have her post from abroad- or know what has occurred since the War- shes to have no memory- The young fishes man has been lead to crash certain industries & put the Capital in big Museums...& its all been whipped off ! & do you know- they have all got a share out AGAIN- Jim & his gang…”

“ Herr Muller we will call him- but hes changed his name- to survive what he knows- A GREAT & HORRIBLE CRIMEthe slaying of so many children under cover of the 2nd World War-

He says he wont ever go back- or be able to forget what nobles of G.B. have done- & they used a half Chinese - yet cursed Eskimos…” LIR/Andre MALRAUX/ Politan-Arthur Malone/etc

RANSOM histories : There are happier true tales -

LITTLE MAN OF BABYLON-he writes us on a tattered clay tablet in Sumerian- found by Sylvia & John Ransom- or Mill 2nd wife & John Ransom- its a reject from tablets offered to Museums late 19th century because it is fragmenting-but with perseverance & great affection he hath been saved-translated-A TRANSLATION EXISTED from a scholar & the Ransom boys learned to read the tablets & sent POSTCARDS in the 1930s - G.R. has restored what she can recall of his observations on life - read to me 1938- He lived in a little glass box at `Jerusalem` -

Sadly his WRITINGS on his tablet were crushed under the BIG IMPERIAL BOOTS of the ugly greedy invaders into Jerusalem the little home by the sloping Deptford Park winter 1939-40 when the 3 RANSOM children had gone to War- The children of the poisoned ballerina 1938 JEAN WEDDELL the SEA & her husband Frederick Charles RANSOM Man of Letters he also poisoned & forcibly taken doped to a Suffolk hospital October 1939/reports 3 alarmed medical staff turn up 1960/ ... The MSS he my Grandfather Ransom was just finishing with his editing had been commissioned by MacMillan & was ready on THE SEAanother writer was supposed to have been handed it to peruse laterthe influence could be seen

JIM Angela & Lindsay 14 were in the house ripping out our possessions- then in 24 hours the joists of the upper floor were cut crashing the house downbecause 2 ex-Lord Mayor`s were getting a Magistrate Document to stop ENTRY by these old Roaring 20s ON THE PINliving by fraud-theft-as from teenage kids when they stuffed the dangerous narcotic up their snouts in the stables-Purple Pickle/Snow-Divinorum Salvia Scotland/

MARTYRS - Ransom family - MILL & JOHN…married 1883... Frederick Charles their only son allowed life & his wife 1909 Jean Weddell …

Jean 1938 still dancing 53 years old/Grandpa Ransom 56 years still writing/parents of FJR/ Ivy Jean/John Ray R/Lennie I. R/ & 2 dead infants Thomas Poul / & last child Bettina Augusta Ransom Children of the marriage of 1909 when the North Pole Arctic seas married the sub-arctic WEDDELL SEA`you the victims remembered in my own dear soul- & George-ANDRE came to know you all we gave him JOSETTE Martyr. G. B. noble greed got money by slaying the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & with sly arrogant IMPERIAL tricks & TRICKSTERS taking every coin about globe from our Estate they with blood dripping paws used the Realm its Services & Institutions in secret silence-TO GET MORE …kill more …`Hunt BIG GAME `

1937 Summer Clacton-on-Sea-

JO sayeth that first afternoon upon the beach Holland-on-Sea she was scared of SPAIN because Andre kept standing up & walking out when there was firing of guns he went to have a better look, & he is so tall ! He strode out one occasion & they all shouted at him to fall down- get down- he did not but seemed in a dream. A man had to rush out & pull him down. She Jo could not understand why he did these things- went into a dream …. (Clara dopes him !)

.Stella-stars is translating from the French for Freddie-theatre who cannot follow fast-fast-fast French, & I am to know some things in the native tongue so as to understand they are here to rest, see the countryside & we should try have them not think of SPAIN so much. He the tall angel figure with the rather different green shooting stars eyes to everybody else arrived first at the railway station & yes she had to come on a train laterit was a matter making her sad that he would not be seen travelling with her . It was spoken of as a matter of feara woman named Clara with a gun threatening to shoot them bothor one of them

On the Holland-on-sea beach I began to make a sand banquet but the better sand banquet was made the following day. It is to give an appetite & suggestions for the following days meals . I was making an orange sou`fle but called it a soufel & he Andre or George laughed at me.I said it was in Granny Gordons cookery book . I could read some thingsI have my too big summer straw school Saint Clares` Convent School hat on as grown-ups were strict about young children not being bareheaded in hot sunnot good for the brain…the hat it slips down over my eyebrows if I move quicklyI felt a dumpy dwarf in the way of the grown-ups

He & Jo are strained in their behaviour to one another-she near tears-& had to be warned by Stella & Freddie-the-Theatre again`what ever you do you are not to row with him- thats what Clara does & he is still a young man` Jo was sent to bathe her feet along the waters edge & Andre George ANDRE`ooW was told not to be impatient for she was a very young girl- & CLARA WAS CHASING THEM WITH A GUN-this would seem to clear the air of tensionshe would look around the beach as if checking CLARA was not therewith a gunI would have liked an ice cream but in 1937 a child waits to be asked…I like pale coffee ice cream or plain whiteANDRE Georges & I shall have one of our DIFFERENCES next week about coffee ice cream suitable for a child !

MONSTERS WITH GUNS : This was probably not so very alarming to me- Lennie & I have had awesome adventures because of our heir-ship to our miracle of philanthropy GROTE HOMES & Ransom EstatesThe Joyous Venture twice round the globe- & we are always wary of monsters from the deep some with knives & hypnotists needles- I decided I could help the young Visitors by bringing him -ANDRE-into A STATE OF GRACE- he was older but JO had more common sense perhaps-

1937 SUMMER - Two tall slender figures solemn of movements & faces were coming & going to the seas edge as we three welcoming them to Clacton remained calm & the young pair were soothed- the Plans for recreation about the countryside- some mention of outings- arrangements for their two weeks stay clearly explained & they to give us their observations- Andre so tall he may not know what all of him is doing young sea serpent… A young man with bright browns & greens fairy world eyes stepped back on my orange soufel-… made of sand & small pretty shells & with the delicate fronds of the orange-red seaweed arranged upon it & some of the green fronds that are more plentiful- I had been going about the beach amongst the other holidaymakers in their little groups & collecting this rare seaweed but told I might not go too far away- & had to be called back two or three times- my father has told her our Hostess Unity`s mother, some of the SCARES about having me & Lennie the heirs that the Lindsaybuggarhs want killed as they usually do when its a big fortunethey are dope-fiends

1937 Summer - THE ARRIVAL - ANDRE MALRAUX & Jo a young lady…come from War in bloody SPAIN …

On the Holland-on-sea beach to be called JO`S BEACHI could see delicate rare seaweed on the waterline- this orange soufel was the centre piece & to be the best sand dish I had ever made in this sand banquet for strangers- I BURST INTO TEARS - sobbed not meaning to- it did not help that SheSHE had bought me a school Panama hat for a 16 years old for spite calling me Ape head & it kept slipping over my eyes

These are the photographs Unity`s family Coe had in 1970-71 Berkshire- a roll of film black-white we took those first days 1937- ……& I was supposed to go & be laughed at again ? I heard the description of two photos… & could not go & see on my own in their library & especially as PJPW had told me to …& to `leave the baby with somebody` I holding baby Peter my second child born August 21st 1970... a long time to wait for the little ones... That is ANDRE the man I used call Georges…on the sweeping stairs & he has Victoria 2 years 8 months on her reins & his face glows some gentle delight tall graceful but his face older & his eyes suddenly pools of misery when he is left alone ... as PJPW dashes at him to take Victoria off him… for some creature out of the Hell OF Hieronymus Bosch has nudged & muttered to PJPW her father Josette & her two sons she left he ANDRE MALRAUX have been a planned road death 1961 Mai 23rd…. at ages 18 & 21 … They have all been MARTYRED so Gross Britain Nobles can be rich ….

1970/1971 … I DO NOT KNOW OF THIS HIDEOUS TRAGEDY or have the REASONS WHY… I have no memory Pre-war or of life with ANDRE MALRAUX 1957-1959... except what is given by EVIL about me… All I learned in fragments from the NIGHT WATCH 1960 late winter was driven from my memory by Mengele Harrington flashing a torch - 1st World War they are called sodium Sentry torches…they stun…Gollum Harrington paedophile has them up-dated for THIS WORK for his Noble masters - HE IS A PEER IN WAITING

1939 onwards : ANYTHING LEARNED never lasted more than some minutes or hours - Harold W. Poulter COLCHESTER MUSEUMS October 1961 began to tell me of the Spring 1961 & he, from things Graham Greene said that month, already had a grasp of the frightening FACT that Greta Ransom`s STATE all the past years was far more than amnesia OLD TRICKS HE Mr Poulter HAD ENCOUNTERED OUT EAST when with a Colleague they went to study HISTORY OF BRONZE MAKING ALL OVER CHINA…pre-Boxer Revolution 1909 ..

ABOUT G.R. …. is SHEER NOBLE EVIL who see she does not talk alone with ANDRE MALRAUX…& that he is insulted…

The Coe family do not seem to understand that the spoof Doc Mengele HARRINGTON paedophile is MAD beyond MAD…& that dirty JIM Mr Pong & Naval Intelligence are at their beck & call - THEY HAVE KILLED THE GROTE CHILDREN IN THEIR HOMES…A-Z the globe & thus they have been able to lay claws IMPERIAL upon the Ransom ESTATE in 3 Parts seashores, Reserves, settlements, Investments planes trains ships & our own small planes the globe- a thousand & more our fleet ploughing the STARS … THEY WERE PENNILESS & NOW THEY WALLOW in gore & blood moneys - & Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux Colne Engaine 1960/1961...

have all found out about “ GROTE HOMES slain children & DEMOLITION of the Ransom Estate from 1937...”

1960 January/Feb - “ Monsters of Noble Britain now in fear … We hear of one lead by the nose who emptied moneys of the ESTATE (GROTE RANSOM) in Norway 1940s for its wife… has been taking spoonfuls from his mother-in-law`s TRIFLE BOWL ~ laced with dopes…We hear from a surprised guest at one party before the Warhow one crawled under the table & died… They had all gone MAD in the 1920s …London was by far the worst Capital City in the world… ( «… New York fun…Paris had men too forward…but LONDON you could not trust your best friend…in the Roaring `20s … » )

Detectives Colleagues Friends Andre Malraux 1960 onwards …

1970/1971 Christmastide - here is ANDRE George who has had Victoria on her reins up & down the big staircase then PJPW got angry took her off him because something at his side is directing him to harm Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom & her children -I do not leave the children at any timebut I trust the man on the stairshe Andre looked so sad at having Victoria-Augusta (name from 2nd Legion Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis COLCHESTER ) brutally taken off him - “ Noble Britain is in fear of being found outagain “ it sticks in its pin & looks for sin…»

1968- 1970s - G.R. is having veiled threats & The EVIL STARE

( Noble Britain learned it at Silent MOVIES clutching a bottle Absinthe in one paw Brandy in the other & passing the PIN) some muttered INSULTS FOR LIVING IN Saint Edmund`s House, 50 LANCASTER GATE SQUARE the HOME & Roman Catholic Charity Workplace of ANDRE MALRAUX 1950s And mystery & insults about some money belonged to my father FJR who never sent me a card-letter-present since 1939 …I with help saw him March 1962...& he was threatened…me too…

S E C R E T S : It is believed while daring to live at 50 LANCASTER GATE SQUARE 1950s Greta Ransom (I paid RENT 4 times for room for first month !) might have learned some ‘SECRETS’…? of TRICKSTERS SCARLET TOWN ? /

Or SECRETS of the pathetic FROGS of GAUL being deceived over the great GROTE RANSOM ESTATE to which their hero ANDRE MALRAUX is Guardian ?

The children of 5 GROTE HOMES ages 3 years to 18 years are burned in pits about France…or sunk offshore in nets 2nd World War…while the great British ships stood offshore…

WHICH SECRETS Oh Noble Britain are you worried about - ?????

Around you Greta is noble power- always looking for SIN… AS IT JABS

IN ITS PIN `All of them have got money for luxury living from this UNDERGROUND they come out of the Ark & know its not a lark-to have slain all those foreign kids to get the HOMES laid lowMORGUE FIGURES & they can wallow in DOUGH` (Talk of the Town)

1937 SUMMER - The Arrival - A sobbing 4 years old - & I picked her up to my breast, Peter…

He picked me up after studying the situation slowly & with astonishment at my grief I suppose- then gazing with those unusual neither brown or green eyes at me, certainly surprised at my Quaker-Nonconformist firm clear sentences with the lingering `thee thou` & with tones of slight reproach perhaps- for I am not sure I am wanted here.

& miserable I am at the absence of my father & Lennie not here for summer & Aunt Winnie has gone to Manchester to her cousins to Saint Anne`s beaches- & Grandpa George Gordon is in a grave since my 4th birthday in March & will never paint again& I AM TO DIE IN SEPTEMBER & be buried with Teresa Carroll Granny Gordons mother the girl Platonist & Harmonist- & I do not know what she looks like-no photo can be found- so I sobbed their first afternoon of THE ARRIVAL…of their ARRIVAL upon our ancient shores-Andre & JoJoh&Jo a young lady come for summer 1937- My very hot tears gushing & then he & I controlling the sobs until faded - I felt clumsy & too big to cry & somewhat ashamed -

I am called in winter by the town `little Miss North Pole`- & I a strong stout walker hath travelled Nord Pole to Sud Pole with Lennie sometimes piloting or driving trucks - become a Pilot- & his licence granted New York-a FLYER at 15 years old October 1935...he has a Scroll a book & a badgeFLYERPlanes have been in the air since 1904...31 years ago

ANDRE George- He bent down like a sapling tree-a reed-an arca pencilled or a brush stroke in the aira movement I see JEAN do in ballet- & he picked me up- & showed in those strange fairy world eyes that he understood that `I made this BANQUET for them-a welcome.

The programme for them is to see paintings as its the Centenary of JOHN CONSTABLE his death 1937- study British painters & see the East Anglia landscapes-some water colourists-the churches-the old houses in the villageswe can go as far as Greta Bridge & Greta Woods because we can get cars from Uncle Harry & he may drive us. Margarethe girl of the snows has a watercolour of one of these-her father knew Sam Palmer & Gericault…

In the late February when FOUL WINTER was still with us by the seaside I hath been told by Unitys mother Stella-stars `some friends may com`th from Paris for a rest in the summer` - As we would be taking picnics when we go out to save moneys we should now with her fathers part-time gardener put in many salad things-her father is ill in hospital but is better & he will come to the seafront to ConvalescenceI was very happy to plant a row of spring onions & radishes in March .

I will be pleased that summer 1937 to see George sometimes Andre picking the radishes & spring onions for our sandwiches our salads- Lettuces we hath planted out too after the gardener has raised them in boxes, & there are new Potatoes we helped put in the good earth in February . To this ITINERARY for the weary SOULS of War in Spain is added ` that there will be time to go in search of his mothers ancestors reaching back hundreds of years & we are pleased they too were AT SEA -` but they Andre & Josette will want to do that on their own she thinks

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX is speaking winter 1970 The Pillar House Harwell - where L. Leslie Brooke lived & did the drawings for the immortal books for children for F. Warne Publisher 1900s/ & we found these books like to THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT-

` 1937 Summer - I called her The Prophet, Peter- nothing wrong with her mental state- you should NOT believe these talesput about to lay hands on The ESTATE She was more like an 8 years old than 4 years-&-a half- Her tales of an island in the snow & the Tierra del Fuego… Another…an island of the Sun- a gold nugget she said JEAN called it… & another at the end of Japan, there are two incidentally from that marriage.. I regarded as a childs dreams I felt that the child slept with its door open at night I have wept over this - what I could not follow - but they were hardly going to tell me too much for I might want some planes - try to return to SPAIN…»

“ Clearly many people we met had no idea I did not know of the HOMES- the family histories at seathe Northern landsan island within the arctic circle that had a booming cultural life a PLAY season extended to include the ancient world - & because the owners spoke many languages & had kin of many lands they had acted the plays of Europe & other parts of the world - An orchestra that might be 40 players or more- many Greenlandersthat is Eskimo musicians playing Classical music , Peter… But they were all away- in SPAIN-

a rescue …with a fearful death to a young man 22 years old - done by this branch of the family way back - determined to lay hands on all they could…` Andre Malraux 1970/

1960 January- Arthur Malone to Greta Ransom “YOU HAVE BEEN BORN ON A HEARSEtrouble is you keep getting off`they have been culling- this Noble branch claiming youPhil is having a word with Churchill January 1960/ they are both MEN OF LETTERS

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX “ Not entitled to a sou-

a nickel- a farthing - they had an old fat fool- drunken woman

they claimed excesses in her name - therefore in silenceKennedy was determined to make them pay it all back & he had begunhe died……earlier my own family had a tragedy

It was accomplished by stealing the POST/mail from everyone- answering some postthreatening- SENDING FALSE MESSAGES-insultsmy own households were used Paris & Londonas well as households workplaces of everyone…»

1970 - “ I am warning you about Teresa ! Peter …she is insane- warped - as they all are ! They use an unpleasant narcotic early in life - as children they used it & often could find it in the Stables of their big houses… little education that is worthwhile enters into them after that I have been brought to my knees with deaths- insults- falsehoods… since we went for a holiday 2 weeks - FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT - & decided to stay 5 weeks some daysintended a return the next yearperhaps in THE SPRING, Easter Tide 1938 .”

“ … ? … WE STAYED BECAUSE I BEGAN TO KNOW, after Spain, WHAT I WANTED TO DO WITH MY LIFE ! Here in East Anglia.WHERE I FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT-A town & its lands AS A GARDEN .a garden where I could bring my cat & let it wander about. Upon my RETURNin 1945... Widower…! ANDRE MALRAUX ! A WIDOWER ! …..

(I use capitals to emphasise the rising of his voice in his firmness to have Peter J.P. Whitehead understand this past timeI am sitting with a shorthand notebookto take down what I am told to in shorthand.G.R.W )

“ & UPON MY RETURN- a Widower-MY TWO BROTHERS DEAD- again- AGAIN- I found the same kindness, sympathy, succour … & she Greetha 12 years of age a friend of old Winnclemann & his English wife-whom I had known on the Continent for many yearsI FOUND GRETA damaged- I warn you not to believe her mother- or her Noble accomplices…!

He Professor Winnclemann, they had found she had an interest in music- all music- they worshipped at the shrine of Richard Wagner- but Debussy featured. I have told you of Mary Gordon her grandmother … Pellaeus & MelisandeMary Garden - & friends in common that we discovered we had as we spoke that summer 1937-` Andre Malraux 1970