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ANDRE MALRAUX 1937 - would hath been warned of the MONSTERS TRYING TO SCALE THE ESTATE … if RANSOM family had not had to go to SPAIN to rescue the 22 years old cousin Murgatroyd managing the little Estate by the shores & the tiny marmalade factory & translating the COPTIC RECORDS of a 900 years Trading Settlement Ethiopia unknown to historians -

trunk of records given to Aunt & Uncle Murgatroyd Ethiopian Missionaries to take to a place of study & safety for the GLOBE- The Earls Crawford Lindsaybuggarhs in 1936 got hold of these records in a trunk & buried them in the bare earth near the ESTATE SPAIN BY THE SEA

Ethiopia - They had been kept by a senior & noble member of these families - who felt he had now to lose his life - they were family letters- trade bills- world conditions the times…through these ages …

Earls of Crawford & LINDSAYBUGGARHS were given this Estate seashores SPAIN - May 1937 they say …

by Angela … whom they` ve got in the HOT SEAT -

They were shrieking while waving their liquor bottles that the Murgatroyds` Missionaries & Pacifists were ` ON THE WRONG SIDE`

1960 - U.S.A …The precious documents were rescued 1960 by USA secret-services …& Dr JOHN RAY/rae (Ransom) -dug up-

But powerful Gross Britain SNOUTERS came interfering …/read on in the former Documents/BOOKS …

1938 - Dr John RAY Ransom`s ballerina multi-tongued mother Jean Weddell had WON in the Spanish Courts for Aunt Murgatroyd - Spanish being her first language & she part Basque & Spanish from the San Julian INCA line “ Spain`s Long Lost Tribe…” OUR Basque family AQUIDA came to give evidence IN SPAIN -

1939 they were savagely murdered by JIM & LINDSAY 14 FOR THE CROWN OF GROSS BRIT…ain …/ records-telegrams-a Visit made to funerals …

1939 summer - Before my poor father Frederick John RANSOM loyal soldier (Captain 1943) of your disgusting Lordly Parliament etc … had to leave his WORK HUMANITAS … & FIGHT YOUR WAR … while you slew the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - boozed bragged & awarded yourselves even double DSOs …

Nota bene : LINDSAY Crawford EARLS criminally insane & NOBS of the same narcotic diseases … & ANGELA & JIM JONG & TERESA should have been put IN THE FRONT LINE 1939/1946 they have been partying with the RISING HITLER PARTY from 1929 … silver planes take them OVER … Frobisher Line 1934 onwards from Croydon … THE RISE OF SAINTS TERESA & ANGELA- & Lindsaybuggarhs - DOPE-FIENDS - criminally insane-

1937 in the autumn - Aunt Murgatroyd & husband : They never told her how her son 22 years old had been murderedher only son She my Bride of the Russet Silk gown … who came to help heal me August 1936 after a most horrible attack having me with a black face for 6 weeks…blows to my head with an iron bar by JIM Jong & Lindsay 14 … I am 3 years & 6 months of age …HEIR -

the two EVIL LITTLE JACK-IN-THE-BOXES with their get-a-way-car round the corner outside the big REC gates … Clacton-on-Sea…

I G. R. have been kidnapped back from the civilized globe with my loving families RANSOM-WEDDELL line so this Noble SCUM CAN GET FILTHY RICH bragging THEIR ANCESTORS owned all these worldwide lands documented Ransom …

Gross Britain & Crown DID NOT OWN THESE PEOPLES or the lands Ransom families some centuries doth protect …& have at Law documents saying so by invitation the nations …

We especially do protect islands seashores Reserves…settlements … crafts & arts … health & promote Research … & our GROTE HOMES CHILDREN are emerging for 80 years ACTING the GOSPELS OUT … TO HELP THE GLOBE have civilized living … green grass, water, foods, animals, forests, lakes & everyone with sufficient … RESEARCH a priority…& we must make homes upon the STARS … !

N B: Reader should ask selves the QUESTION - `WHY should these nations OUTSIDE THE GROSS BRITAIN IMPERIAL EMPIRE have THEM with their lands ~ They are in-breeds … we RANSOM have blood lines & are invited … we do not BOOT IN …

1960 - Spanish Court Case 1938 - had the records shown after they were dug up … found in barely legible very decaying state - The Law Spain had them given for a MONTH to Lindsaybuggarhs - but they could not touch them - as they were not to be trusted after this wanton damage The papers were held by Spain the month - They were then given to the rightful owners Missionaries Murgatroyd

& taken to USA to a place of safety & it was hoped technology one day might recover some of THOSE LIVESa Trading Post of mainly decent folk & quite literate - not the wicked kind Lennie & Greetha are attacked by from birth 1921 & 1933 - greedy British Noble FIGURES FROM A MORGUE

an EVIL FAIRY tore up my first birth certificate which said Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom : Its name is D. Lindsay who to get some paintings poured paraffin down the throat an old lady who had left them to her educated nephew… she now took a month to die 1943/44 & it was not KNOWN FOR A WEEK WHAT WAS THE MATTER WITH HER/she was in terrible pain A British Court Case did not hang him so her relatives got him & cut his liver out - hung it on a string - he took 3 hours to die He was an addict to Divinorum Salvia Scotlandthey go monomania mad with greed eventually - no relation to Ransom/

1937 autumn - ANDRE MALRAUX-& JOJoh-JOSETTE a young lady have a blood soaked plaid thrown about their lives - about their lovely tall human shapes - On 15 MAY 1938 Jimmie Jong saw on copy WILL he stole after slitting a vein behind Margarethe`s ear …

MALRAUX Guardian - if FRANCE got to know … there was no hope that Gross Britain could PICK IT OFF”

1937 September-October - THE GUARDIAN IS CHOSEN

ANDRE MALRAUX because of his good breeding, high grace & high intelligence - his goodwill to, & understanding of all Races & nations -

& upon a reading of his WORKS Literary by those not familiar

it was agreed he be chosen the Guardian to the miracle created by TIGGY & MAG - earths greatest piece of philanthropy - a delicate flower garden twice around the globe-

1937 - Christmastide advancing : Greetah had likened he ANDRE MALRAUX to `Great POUL Gronlander - grandpa 4 times back - “ & if JO does not want youthen I could marry you when I am 16 ... Arrived - Xmas card of big red Puffer Train & message written for G.R 1957 that 1937 XMAS proposal of marriage had become a dramatic part of his ORATION November 1957 when returning from `young Paccelli` he informs G.R.X. in ANCIENT WORLD CLASSICAL phrases … that she proposed to him Xmas 1937 & HE WILL HAVE HER KEEP HER VOWS - I Malraux & my General have decided to take you up again Madam ” !

1864-1954 - THE THOMAS GROTE HOMES for orphans -educating them to 18 years - curriculum H U M A N I T A S -

All religions - languages - & The Gospels Acted Out …

ALL HOMES BUILT UPON RANSOM LANDS OF THE BRIDES OF 14 RACES 27 NATIONS - from 7TH-8TH centuries CASTILEThe children learn 3-4 languages & are of all these races & nations the globe Most of the children all slain by Gross Britain 2nd World War then former students hunted as `big game` ( records extensive/ some children got away )

1884 - Lindsay Premier Earls G.B. leading a penniless Noble GANG grasping at the GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate ... Attempting to wrest it off the legal owners by allowing a marriage of Millicent Frobisher to JOHN RANSOM… she rich in her own right/gymnast own Academy of Ancient Arts/skater…

(a Miss Lindsay her mother/branch of Clouts Dereham Park)

Demolition of the Homes & Estate 1938 onwards by stealing WILL for Andre Malraux Guardian & LETTER TO FRENCH PRESIDENT WAR came 1939 - 1945/ Pacific 1946 …

Angela in hot seat JIM at her elbow- since 1912

WHITEHALL A PATCH OF SNAKES & other slithering things - 2 or 3 with Crocodile jaws ” …

/Report-one of their Class who got offshorefound them crass & dope addicts/ monomania mega-mania/

GROTE HOMES : Our dear Thomas-Tiggy 1864 age 22 years of age travelled A to Z the globe twice setting up his HOMES first explaining his ideas - thus Uzbekistanhe needed another U

He felt it was sensible to use the alphabet & it could be easily understood & easy for the HOMES to be in contact - a broadsheet, a comic, the telephone had all the HOMES in touch

The children meeting Margarethe & her father & her brothers - JOHN RANSOM an educationalist & Poul into outdoor activities… heard of POUL GRONLANDER their mother`s grandfather & that this was how Tiggy got his idea to give them A HOME … Thus POUL the FIRST ORPHAN … The million or so orphans by 1880s thought of themselves as of the family GROTE & RANSOM & all the other families married to them …TIGGY took the children by 12 years old on VacationsEquador went to China 1880s & made pen friends they were in touch with 1930s

The children knew they were especially fortunate - some could recall horrible lives while others had mothers or a grandparent who cared for them … Some had been abandoned at birth … The children when educated would be able to help the less fortunate how to have happy lives … QUALITY was stressed as advisable in all one needed in households - work places- arts crafts & leisure & sporting activities - Music & art were important

Margarethe & the families, people of the nations, bought art works for the HOMES & these were the property of the HOME & of the Nation should the HOME fail to be an orphanage … it was hoped that it would be used for a similar venture of Welfare …

Only GROSS BRITAIN abused the HOMES the lands the properties & the personal character of these GROTE children of the world - Filthy charges were made in secret silence meetings … WESTMINSTER & the marble halls, Clubs, Race meetings etc … against the children & the family Grote Ransom by the penniless British & some Scandinavian nobles … they had long black tongues to their expensive footwear - these nobles with no breeding & so ill educated & Oh so GREEDY …ALL ON THE PIN -

TIGGY learned by experience with his first HOMES … with the Marsh Arabs who kept moving off but the 2 Teachers loved it - & the Island-with-no-clothes who became quickly so learned … TIG pondered the system a week or two 1870s …IT WAS ON COURSE & the Vatican had said go ahead in all our lands after 2 years trial in Italy having said `5 years trial would be required `

Tiggy writings/ COMIC & broadsheet/ Margarethe letters

all were at the Island in the Snows & Ransom families Homes & private collectionsvery much found DESTROYED or stolen to mock us withGROSS BRITAIN IMPERIAL FIGURES FROM A MORGUE said an old Eskimo gave it to them 1910 !!!

Tiggy Grote found that these simple folk came out on top intellectually - helping with the organization immediately - following Tigs philosophyhumanitas`don`t fight- lets sit down & talk first


as its Empire slipped away overseas

“ 1864 - first GROTE Home OHIO - Thomas he took a Mansion OHIO & plastered it outside with Broadsheets saying come & help me with this Plan - Grote Brokers his father`s firm apologised to the new Bride`s parents their well off clients from 1830 RANSOM - Soon Grote & Ransoms could say … `we have no shoes` … But their were plenty of art works ! `

“ Now Tiggy he ploughed across America setting up the HOMES & then leapt across the Pacific … island to island … getting much support from many nations & Arabs too …Japan agreed immediately but Ransom had a noble line Japanese plus 2 islets end of Lusans Pacific …`

“ … in the 1870s The VATICAN after a 2 years trial said

`Tiggy you can go ahead` & we wont wait for 5 year results - Tiggy had the Vatican door open because of POUL GRONLANDER his great-grandfather-in-lawthus in `young Paccelli`s times the GROTE HOMES had almost half in Catholic lands…» Dr John RAY ®

“ 1880s - GROTE HOMES - KKK territories far from saying

`only whites` asked for orphans a bit different- we sent down to the South USA … GREENLANDER orphans - then Tig & Mag were asked if more might come for education to 18 - on account of their reliable common sense & good tempers - it did not matter that the skin tone might be a shade of olive-green-

Black orphans went to New York/Boston & off-shorewise not to confront at that time but put the child`s education first & teaching humanism - let Grote students show their very human qualities to the people about them - & display the GOSPELS ACTED OUT - THE RULE WAS WE DO NOT FIGHT but discussbut you may have to consider this Rule when you are grown up & out in the world …” Dr John Ray 1960/ Ransom family 1930s/

1880s - A Dialogue with the Roaring Arab Clerics/success :

“ Tiggy invited them to Baltimore for a Visit - they stayed in Baltimore for 2 years - saw more of America - were delighted with manners & hospitality The Arab prince agreeing with Tig about this Visit was relieved - they returned the roaring radicals within reason - `Yes well then girls should enter Grote too` That nation did not chop hands off anymore - & Tig was still being called in 1900 - SIT & DISCUSS-newspapers handed him ? - TIG HAD ALL LANGUAGES Dr J.RAY/

1936-1938 - ` Aunt Margarethe-girl-of-the-snows often instructing me Greetha by phone say-eth “ Thomas-Tiggy would say if there was hesitation from some people to be involved in the Joyous Venturedo not bother to pack - just bring your servants - my wife is rich - we will get what we want on the way & when we arrive…`

“ So I had to learn to TRADE with Daddy … Daddy said Thomas had left us shoeless & my Grote in-laws were ashamed of himso they gave him the 4 acres now under Central Park to add to our holding the 19 acres that Daddy`s father bought Daddy he taught me all I know - I am sending you my Manuel 1909 - a bit out of date but in the East they use these old fashioned shipping terms & the etiquette is the same - ”

“ Margarethe girl of the snows a Goddess Ransom Estates provided gentle progress for all peoples of the earth 1864 onwards … as she & Tiggy & the families who are us put the JOYOUS VENTURE swiftly into placeeyed by penniless Gross Britain FIGURES FROM A MORGUE JR® & Malraux/

THOMAS & the HOME & settlement that got CORRUPTION going he was told one place had got corruption in …

Thomas-Tiggy called & began in his good hearted way sitting himself on the ground with his haversack `I hear you have got corruption inNo do not worry- I am most interestedlet us talk He says he talked for two 2 weeks…explaining his methods and their ways were not so profitable or so comfortable for everybody … After that they were become a SERMON ON THE MOUNT to their neighbours for 100 miles that way 150 miles other way… ” JEAN Weddell Mrs Fred. Charles RANSOM

1938 - that last summer of JEAN`s life : FJR my father said they might have become a bit of a trial to their neighbours with their strict morality he must ask Aunt MagShe said, of course, they were taken to see Baltimore USA TIGGY would preach that you could live like this if you kept corruption out…& we always gave good housing to everyone who helped with the HOMES & the same welfare as the children …`

` THAT GROTE HOME THRIVED VERY WELL - with good works for miles & mileschildren educated to 18 -helping their neighbours- JEAN/LETTERS to her son Dr John RAY ® & speaking to her grand-daughter Greta 1938 as she discussed with me now 5 years of age… what she would WRITE TO LITTLE JOHNNIE that evening in her LETTER FROM JEAN Letters to her middle son who had to be educated USA in a special Kentucky School to keep him from being harmed further by LINDSAYbuggarhs EARLS … & other THUGS who joined them for DOUGH… dripping blood & gore …

1938 XMAS - slaying of the GROTE children begun -

Demolition entire of a HOME begun Norway -

A letter sent from England is read 1938 by an illegitimate son who acted as Secretary to his father Norway - Addressed to a prince later king

READS : “…it is about that Mrs Grote has died before her time & the GROTE HEIRS the Ransom children have proved they can run Grote we must therefore proceed in silence…

Later - additional information

there follows part of the Reports of the Grote HOME children Norway left on the low beaches off shore - deliberately done with the high winter seas coming in reports/photos came from Berlin January 1939 - full investigation available 1960s-

1937/1939 - at this time Greetha says to LENNIE RANSOM


Nota bene : There is a person born mid-1920s whom Uncle Harry Gordon calls `Henry Hall` & Teresa greedily eats Battenburg Cake about Greetah Ransom has no idea whom he is or of Mad Mother KALI`s bastards - except some remarks about an Edward “The Can” who has been gathering information on GROTE RANSOM etc. in Houses of Perversions since 1954 …

…. & in the Hampstead Hack Writer Abduction - of me G.R. - November 1957 this `THE CAN` wanted me dead & the crooks could go down the Houses of Perversions & get some more money in about 6 weeks…/completed Reports/

I am only born 1933 ~ This hearsay comes & fades in a young person in their 20s … especially with the day to day I have been coping with … Detectives Colleagues friends of Andre Malraux will put some of it back in my memory -

ITS QUITE FRIGHTENING REALLY ! Except I have to keep busy earning my pittance weekly - A decent well run FRAUDLESS STATE at the Summit would lock all these MONSTERS up in a DACHAU or BELSEN THEME PARK… I can`t spell Auschwitzzz -

1960 - It may be he, this H.H , who speaks with the Colne Engayne ghost house team 1960 in spring/ summer at COLCHESTER -

POLITAN/Arthur Malone is perhaps thinking I know of all TGR`s bastards before she married my father

1960/61 - TRICKSTERS came about us & WHITEHALL SNAKE PATCHES let out some slithering things -

ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE two good men & also

MEN OF LETTERS …have begun to learn of ANDRE`s guardianship - he a French Citizen - of THE GREATEST ESTATE THE GLOBE HAS EVER HAD

1938 - WILL stolen Mai at Paris Gross British Embassy & handed to Teresa Gordons chum Angela with JIM … & PREMIER GROSS BRITAIN & SCOTLAND EARLS OF LINDSAY at their elbows pouring doped drinks ~ as since they were all KIDS IN THE STABLESearly 20th centuryThey are all MAD - from DOPE !

1960 - Arthur Malone Notebooks Report /

Master Henry Hall/Battenburg cake ? He says that he is certain

his father did not agree this demolition the Estate & the killings - children in these Homes- other things about the world- He heard some slimy remarks from the G.B. IMPERIAL visitors … on himself - otherwise he had grown up with no slights or hatred from his Father & his step-mother- they allowed his visits to George Ernest Gordon & Mary Gordon (his grandparents)…” (Information as well from Dr John RAY ® alsothat bewildering early part of the year 1960...

1960… when The Burgermeister of PARIS DREAMBOAT MALRAUX flitted in & I was supposed to RETURN to 50 Lancaster Gate Square while he was OVER for a week early January 1960

I HAD NO MEMORY EVERY TIME I MADE A CUP OF TEA ! Let alone lit the candles in the evening or the NIGHT LIGHT LATER …

2nd January - The caravan has NO ELECTRICITY & I was threatened 1 pm 2nd January 1960 - HE Mengele blue CAR…FIRST CALLER - I would be electrocuted by him THIS SADIST Doc Mengele HARRINGTON who came with a KEY & walked into this my new caravan Sprite - THIS IS MY OWN HOME I HAVE BOUGHT MYSELF FOR 350 pounds honestly earned 2 SUMMERS at JAYWICK toiling for MAD MOTHER KALI Clytemnestra who spawned ALL THESE BASTARDS …. I do not know …!


1960 spring - Colne Engaine & London - MARTYRS-

Help arrives - Patrick MacDrew uncle of the Newfoundland heiress in G.R.`s Class Clacton 1942 murdered for her lands Newfoundland & other seashores she 9 years of age is in the Clacton school with Greta Ransom a term Spring 1942 I could not recall any of Uncle Harry Gordons 1930s friends who some weekends I saw at my Gordon grandparents taking a teaor coming in late night after the DANCE with fish & chipsI was one year to 5 years old …

NO MEMORIES PRE-WAR AT ALL I thought at first - IT HAD ALL BEEN REMOVED WITH THE ACID WASHES OF THESE PERVERTS NOBLEwho have used these methods to GET DOUGH Accounts exist from 19th century but it is probably Patrick I called Sir Patrick Spens Hed come to church to Benediction with us 1930s after we had washed up the tea things - he could follow my love of the Monteverdi Stella Maris sung & the church door flung open so we could hear the crashing of a wild sea… if it was so-

Good soldier Patrick MacDrew is for a few months 1960 part of the Ghost House Team - then came to help in City of London 1965/6 - killed in an Asian Prison where he was tricked by the filthy mouth of DOCTOR Mengele HARRINGTON who is photographed frolicking in the seas near little boys …called 1960s ` Royal Satrap` with Diplomatic authority of LINDSAY Premier Earls Gross Britain all of them dripping BLOOD & GORE MONEYS from the persecution of other parts of the Ransom Estate - ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives & Colleagues 1960/61 Colne Engaine Earls Colne near Colchester/

“ The Norwegian Grote Home children were put in winter 1938/9 on low lying land & left when the Tide came in …”

photos from 3 rowing boats came to us with the news from BERLIN January 1939 - I hear my father FJR on the phone -

“ … you can see 2 heads bobbing in the high waves a third child they could not rescue further off - the others had gone - died beneath the waves - ” An airplane overhead was not known to be friend or foe- ~

`young Paccelli now in Rome was told - & sent copies of the photos we received from Berlin - there was no danger from Germany to Grote Homes educating to 18 fatherless children - The children were raised to `not fight- but taught they might have to make an exception in the unknown future -it would be a personal matter perhaps The children had no racism directed at them from the globe…

but they got violent RACISM from foaming penniless GOBS of NOBLE Great Britain & Scandinavia inbreeds