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1879 a Tour across Mesopotamia from one Grote Home to the next is arranged/ Reports in newspapers magazines say - `They were met by Princes, Prelates, Sultans … & famous men & women - as they journeyed Mesopotamia to Japan where Thomas Grote’s wife inherits two islands from her Japanese direct line ancestors - a marriage 1504 to F. RANSOM of China, Bruges, Europe…& he keeps a RANSOM homestead East Coast as his ancestors from 92 AD … a Widower of 44 he has established with delicacy for the new marriage a Farmstead MONTROSE by the Basin …leaving Arbroath & Dundee to daughters & other kin … `

1879-1885 - It was now the Earl LINDSAY & his criminally insane gang decided this Estate would give them moneys of support for some time to come- they would begin to help themselves as soon as they understood the financial arrangements `& PARLIAMENT would be told THAT THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT DID NOT APPROVE THESE HOMES AROUND THE WORLD` -

1882 - Earl Lindsaybuggarh agreed to Millicent Frobisher an heiress in her own right Frobisher side - should marry the Widower JOHN RANSOM brother very rich of the incredibly rich Mrs Thomas Grote - rich in their eyes - for they did not care a toss or a fig for any philanthropy helping the whole world -

JOHN RANSOM is born of a family recorded to 1st century AD … SEA TRADERS … taking brides of several Races & 27 Nations - A to Z the seashores & rivers of Nations of the globe go the Family Lands where the GOSPELS are ACTED OUT … His family & he, his brother Poul & sister Margarethe hold vast lands often about the Grote Homes established by their brother-in-law TIGGY - There is rents from 19 ACRES UNDER NEW YORK bought by their grandfather 1801...ADMINISTERED BY GROTE BROKERS USA

EARLS of Crawford LINDSAY realised Thomas Immanuel GROTE a USA citizen was protected by powerful people of high intelligence about the GLOBE - it would not be easy to ROB HIM - they killed him, therefore, in 1904/records vast/& some cunning madness

from Westminster Noble Britain … !

1512 - 2 Islands end of LUSAN chain Pacific - JAPAN

Family RANSOM Estate - Granted 1512 - held to 1948/telegram from Scientist-Emperor Hirohito & wife to Greta for her 15th birthday…

1504 - The Lady Nilahlah Family of YUSS-shampoo- old Royal line of Okinawa 2nd wife marriage Bruges 1504 of F.R. of Montrose Farm the Basin Scotland “ my lovely lady of Japan he writes while their years pass … he writes of her when they are both old with 5 children grown & after her death - They have sailed into Okinawa 1512 with the first born two sons (painting by Holbein)

- & the marriage is now approved & she granted her Dowry - the last two islets end of the LUSANS - All 19th early 20th century RANSOM family & lines visit - children stay & learn Japanese -

& they come visiting us to USA & Europe … (Diary entries given in this Document Book of Summer 1937 & other Books…)

1938/1939 winter - Japanese-Greek-Scandinavia-Ransom line/ A wedding winter 1938/39 the Masonic Temple by The Labour Club The Old Road Clacton-on-Sea… I to be 6 years in March 1939 attend the ceremony - the bride`s mother looking after me - my father & others remaining for the evening & dancing in the Old Quaker Rooms - I Greetha Ransom say`th ` I am come in Aunt Margarethe’s Place - she has had to go to Heaven` records-diaries /

Mr Jim Jong MR PONG tried kidnap me & was carried off by Clacton POLICE in LEG IRONS - he is known to be ON THE PIN- so when I called out in my NORTH SOUTH POLES SAILING OFF VOICE the townspeople held on to him as he bit - cursed - kicked & called for the Earl ! Who was no doubt too busy robbing somebody … they have a BOLT HOLE in Norfolk…

1504 F.R. Widower 44 years old married Bruges Cathedral 1504-The Lady of Japan with her brother’s permission & the Convent she resides in aged 27 years… they attired her in a gown of rose pink salmon - Both of them, mature, very highly educated - He well off TRADER a SEA TRADER sailing Arctic Waters & when younger Kurile Islands & Siberia/a great-grandmother of Siberia/China married to Fred RANSOM soon after 1400s AD - Flag of Zheng He` Courtesy - He & his brother his kin have properties along the seas edges & estuaries around the globe -

1939 summer - DANGER - Bruges - a portrait found in Bruges (copies were made) of Phoebe Ransom their daughter “with her Japanese eyes” who marries Sir Lionel Mainwarring (Mannering) ( issue 1 son 1 daughter : descendants living outside London 1960s … )

1938/39 - AN UNLAWFUL POSTER - Report : seen in Bruges :

Poster on Continent in Book Shops & galleries …

stating `A person can be taken before a Magistrate if you hold any books- paintings- documents upon the family RANSOM - ` they are the property of the British Crown` in tiny letters -

… this FRAUDULENT little line in teeny-weenie letters was invented by JIM Jong Mr PONG Kubla

Khan c 1934 -

Report/letters/phone-calls/ & student of Basil Grey - British Museum-Chinese studies-

Nota bene : SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT after shining a light :

Basil Grey/has a book of Chinese/Japanese poems translated that everyone carried around 1930s in muff or back pocket/ his daughter marries Laurence Binyon who has a Liverpool Rathbone grandmother-information members of the family 1940s-60s- Ethel Rathbone is Lady Whitehead grandmother of the W. twins/

1939/1940 - Sir REW - on the Committee to investigate for WESTMINSTER : “ … if the Government can take the Grote Homes RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts in the name of the Government & Earls of Crawford & LINDSAY & the Crown …

1940/1941 winter - REW Sir Rowland E. Whitehead married to Ethel Rathbone… he a K.C. Barrister/ex MP/ makes his findings & those of others quite clear `I FEAR THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HAS EMBARKED UPON FRAUD` …

1967 - Miss Greta Ransom with no MEMORY of the Estate or her inheritance makes a marriage 12 October to REW`s grandson Peter identical twin … who works for British Museum Natural History- Department of Fishes-

Nota bene : SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT - & show a light :

Rathbone a prominent Quaker Family of Liverpool are Shipping Agents 18th-20th centuries- & contribute to Liverpool & Bangor Universities & general education- prominent in the arts- patrons of music/ they have Joyce Rathbone Harpsichord performer & scholar & friend of Nadia Boulanger who is a friend of FCF Ransom & his wife JEAN Weddell ballerina her mother MINERVA well known song writer- Especially her Book EVENSONGS …

Edmund Rathbone Architect/Positivists & Artist Ruth Bare friend of Annie Agnes Carroll Williams great-aunt of Greta Ransom belong to this group Liverpool Art Sheds for awhile …There is HAROLD RATHBONE Della Robbia Pottery/WILLIAMSON MUSEUM- & , of course, there is HUGO RATHBONE Founder member of the British COMMUNIST PARTY …Also BASIL RATHBONE Sherlock Holmes in the FILMS … & Hollywood where the 1939 ROBIN HOOD film had him know everyone… Uncle Fred MacMurray…& cousin Clarke Gable …

1939 - Information fell from the ozone to Clacton-on-sea about a

Painting of Phoebe Ransom who married Sir Lionel Mainwaring


a daughter of Lady of Japan & Fred Ransom 16th century …`

Information from a Student of Basil Grey -

Portraits stolen or destroyed - LINDSAY & JIM stole painting from `Jerusalem` of Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom coming 4 years old with my legs curled sitting by our Greenland mountain & sun rising I think the old artist put in …commissioned & paid for by Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM my grandfather exhibited Bond Street 1957

it is STOLEN in name of G. B. Government & Crown 1939

title in catalogue 1957 is `child with arthritis` -

taken to USA - 1960 summer LINDSAY sub-sub-sub-ape

No 15 jeering at GR Colne Engaine ` … stole it you Ape `

1530s - 16th century Diary of FRED RANSOM - written at MONTROSE FARM RANSOM `you can park the ship & foot across the farmlands to home ` “ Phoebe asks to go to Court - we may let her try for 2 years … the expense is very great ... ”

1530s : (F.R. & The Lady Japan : it crippled them financially

He RANSOM successful TRADER Bruges & SEA TRADER the known world of MARINERS & with Estates seashores Kuriles to Northern China coast from his grandmother, mother

PRUDENT - with a care for his peoples & his lands … She an heiress of 22 who had entered a Convent Bruges after her mother`s death & with her FORTUNE … her younger brother at SEA …

F. RANSOM - After the ship-wreck in Arctic Waters 1499 when he lost his first wife & his only 2 sons he set about making an INCOME from the MONTROSE Farm purchased 1500 with a view to making a 2nd marriage to the sister of his RESCUER the young Japanese Captain ARCTIC TRADE … They both understood their decades … “ … knowing well COURTS & KINGS & RELIGIOUS MANIACS might be at ONE OF THEIR WARS … ”

… the 2nd wife he will take THE LADY OF JAPAN Okinawa … had a brother SAILING ARCTIC WATERS… it was he picked up 1499 the new Widower of 2 drowned sons FRED RANSOM & 2 crew floating on a spar … Her brother now SAILED HIS SHIPS until he himself wished to retire to OKINAWA … it is wise to retire when they all reach 45/50 years … They can let the children they have taught the family skills to from birth engage in the TRADE & research of the globe … & if well trained by the Elders they may now be OFF THEIR REINS

( The Medieval world of Europe had parents responsible for their children until the child reached 27 years of age … there should be leniency to young persons- THEY WERE ON THEIR REINS … )

1630s - PHOEBE RANSOM married Sir Lionel Mainwarring & died leaving 2 children under 10 years of age it is not a happy marriage & she Phoebe about 27 years of age, perhaps rather late for a rich girl going to Court … he a drinker/gambler/dies a few years after she-

LIONEL MAINWARRING he a widower 10 years her senior with a son … they were debauchie & gambled & lived HIGH but had no organised home life no INCOME from Estates where happy cared for tenants & workers dwelt … PHOEBE HAD BEEN RAISED IN A VERY DIFFERENT WORLD & with her parents she travelled… she was an educated girl who had no animosity to other RACES & yet she hath EVERY OTHER RELIGION… She could not cope with this debauching husband of FASHION & the son aged 9 when she married his father …They DEMAND SHE GIVE THEM ALL HER PARENTS WEALTH … Her death 10 years after the marriage took her parents of EAST Britain & JAPAN 2 years to recover … then they SAILED HOME TO JAPAN & with kith & KIN upon Okinawa & the two islets her dowry far out in the PACIFIC they came to terms with PHOEBE`S DEATH … the two grandchildren were taken by a distant branch of MAINWARRING & this was quite agreeable to them all … they were kindly people …

1936/1937 - Uncle Gimlet EYES Mainwarring RN says 1937 … `Sir Lionel … I would like to kick him up the B U M

turn it upside down if you write it for what he did to OUR PHOEBE … But they have given all of us LIFE

Now we are going to make up an Expedition to the WEDDELL SEA … Alfred Charles (Ransom) RN … & I … will get some other beggars to come help us … to take JEAN TO DANCE ON HER GRANDPA`s SEA … We can do some science down there too … The Navy has nothing much else to do …

1530s - As Frederick RANSOM (born 1450) lay dying at our Montrose The Farm across from the Basin , widower twice , onwards 30-plus years of his second happy marriage that he never expected to make he writes in his diary & speaks to family friends about him … his last words recorded

I will see you all … UNDER THE SEA… »


“ only he & one other rescued by the Lady Japan’s brother finding in the Arctic sea a 40 years old Sea-Captain rich Trader-Cosmopolitan-Bruges based-reverent & highly educated with CHINESE women his family brides back to his great-grandmother… clinging to a spar 1499 - As they spoke after recovery the young Captain offered to sail F.R`s ships…& told him of a sister in a CONVENT in BRUGES… he had to put her there after their mother died… she was with great riches … but perhaps a marriage could be arranged… he did not think a young girl need take her VOWS because a suitable marriage had not been arranged earlier … She was of high education he warned this Widower he found could speak PHILOSOPHY & HUMANISM …” Records/Ransom Histories

( Nota bene : he F.R. & Lady Japan have given life to all of we … STRIDE ON ! … )

FRED RANSOM born 1450 - His mother is the daughter of the philosopher well-off Trader (& part-time Governor of their settlement with his friend ) HUE` ARTAN - marriage 1450 to one of his daughters F.R`s is grandmother Northern Chinese half Mongolian … his great-grandmother Siberia/Northern Chinese - & he does have slanting eyes albeit he has the Jutland red hair - It would be surprising if he did not speak Japanese as well as the Chinese of his youth - In his youth he has come to EAST BRITAIN & to the Continent … his ancestors, families, hold always a homestead Dunwich up to Scotland … He married 1470 a girl of the British East coast… she drowned with two grown sons in his shipwreck 1499 …two daughters respectably married- issue …

1500 - F.R. meets his young rescuer’s Japanese sister in a Bruges Convent - a letter from her brother asks that when in Bruges about his business he CALL UPON HER - their mother not long dead - The brother agreed a marriage & preparation began when they found they were suited - A Contract was drawn up - it was 4 years before they wed - The Family in OKINAWA disapproved when they were told … but will approve when the couple & 2 sons sail in to visit … 1512 DOWRY RECEIVED by she is the 2 islets end of the LUSAN chain …

He took his first widowhood in deep grief & holiness - the painting of him in the Kalkar Altarpiece by Joest is probably done by a young friend Joos van Cleve apprentice to Joest - This is the Lazarus `He will awake from the dead` … young Joos may have already painted F. Ransom his first wife & 2 sons his 2 daughters who are married when their father makes a 2nd marriage - & agreed upon it - Joos van Cleve painted when it is `warm enough for my hands outside - otherwise I trade`

There were records/letters/diary - RANSOM GRONLANDER WEDDELL archives are vast & every one has their own collections … it has been attempted to make again a RANSOM MUSEUM OF THE SEA…but we got big IMPERIAL DIRTY BOOTS booting in … demanding ALL BELONGS


1937 - approaching winter - Letters to our family were made into pellets for Catapults & fired at us in THE REC by LINDSAYBUGGARHS JIMMIE Jong MR PONG & some other FRIGHTS IN THE NIGHTS whom they are laying hands on to dope & ROB of their LAST COIN then they blame their parents for raising them badly … I can see & hear my father groan as he unfurls a pellet & it is a part of a letter from Gustave MAHLER …


… & go to COURT … & to The RACES …

MONTROSE FARM … 2 miles less from The Basin where ships can come to safe anchor : It is for Lady Japan he bought the farm Montrose-rather than they live Dundee-Arbroath as his first family homes- He began another life when he felt he was too old- She is of an older Royal Family-Okinawa-Japan. F. RANSOM can be seen painted as Lazarus - Kalkar Altarpiece/ Commissioned from JOEST with Joos van Cleve assisting him perhaps with the painting Lazarus …” Information probably Dr John RAY ®

F. Ransom b 1450 - “ The two daughters of the FIRST MARRIAGE married - the Family RANSOM of Montrose have `3 or 4 digits out` MONTAIGNE, Bordeaux … Essayist … a relation - ` it could be read in a travelling book of Montaigne’s works pub. 1870 that you saw in your father`s Greenland library & told Andre about but you could not find the book that summer 1945 …In the book written in the Preface it says that he is of the Family of RANSOM of Montrose Scotland . ”

Greta Ransom had the book until 1945 March- Sheshe Teresa Elizabeth GORDON R. b 24 Nov 1906-d 9 Sept 2001- called by wartime school children Mad mother Kali Clytemnestra Old Mother Ransom-Riley sold it to her NOBLE thieves - she goes partying with them on Aircraft carriers - Palaces- Whitehall & Admiralty -

They have an old song phrase We`re in the money/”

THEY INSULT THEIR VICTIMS WITH IT…they all act it out with violent bum jerking to a stomping up & down of their trotters & a leering jeering grin…NOBLE BRITAIN LIVES BY THEFT…


If you had come with us 1949 you would have heard about a monster from the deep … the children were not burned but left knifed… gunned on the seashore…no photos yet but a drawing done of the big children taken off in the great net…dragged…it sank then it rose like a Monster from the Deep … dead children ? … no not all … The big RN ship stood out down the shores … they`d used the usual launches …»

The children from the shores taken & given proper burials - we saw the little graves … yes they knew who had done it … later the Banks had no moneys … they were British but sometimes in American uniforms … then they put up FRONTS of other nations as they destroyed the lands …

For dough - Noble Britain short of dough after winning the war …

By now it had been decided to `drop it` & by USA too … the records of returning servicemen from Europe we got copies from them -or got them out to safety … Air photos “ the great net it dipped & fell as they towed it out to sea ”

(There are two dozen of these Reports by 1960 - the Territorial Army went to check out … then began some serious undercover work giving the same treatment to the monsters of GREED … Detectives Colleagues etc ANDRE MALRAUX …


An account coming into BRITISH ADMIRALTY c 1945 :

“ … a child who survived such a net operation … he was given euthanasia by some authorities after they had heard his tale … this was very distressing to the people who had rescued this one child ” Speaker says `you would think this one child could have been taken to a Grote Home USA & given MEMORY REMOVE as is known to be so very effective … but it was decided the best thing to do was to give the child euthanasia…”

`… great shadowS on GRAVE PLANET EARTH…`

Greta Ransom (Young Madam X of the 5 days ) saw a photograph of a drawing 1949 ... I was sent to Miss Win who was sitting on a concrete block beside the sea Clacton Pier & said to me ….`we could all have taken a child … raised one each … Mrs Winncleman & I … they did not have to do this … I will speak to Edward … If you & ANDRE had not destroyed the marriage I made … Mrs Winncleman does not want him to suffer any more distress in all this … her husband`s son is Andre’s friend … he may come over … & they have children 2 girls… ` She was humped up like a dumpling & her eyes reproachful-

Unfortunately she will show the photograph & tell her sister Teresa where it has come from … Mad Mother Kali who gave their mother a medicine of heroin & a poison 11 pm 2nd June 1944 … She has kept Teresa mother of the BASTARD Edward out of the NUT HOUSE when the Marital Court committed her September 1946 for an indefinite time … The two henchmen with Edward & his father have pleaded at private tea parties that Miss auntie Winifred DO NOT LOCK HER SISTER UP OR IT WILL RUIN EDWARD`s CAREER ! The little fascist Ed whom I do not know has been wishing me dead since he was 15 years of age …when he saw Greta Ransom & Len Ransom HEIRS on the WILL … to what he wanted half of !

1983 - information to PJPW from Aunt Julie :

She, Peter , my cousin Win told me nothing much … well I am the youngest cousin so I heard things last of all … & I was working up in Manchester to pay off our ATS loan quickly … for the Guest House … 2 old maids we thought we had better think of our old age … but we enjoyed it … nice Visitors came year after year … & in the winter too …. & the family now & then … although the young had begun going abroad …`

( Julie Butler grand-daughter of Teresa Carroll Plato & Harmony degree 19th century Ireland ) ` WIN … she had for the sake of preserving the respectability & high education of Edward out of wedlock … kept her sister his mother FREE … THE Court September 1946 instructed her to put her in the Hospital at Tendring by the end of the month …it would be for at least 10 years …`

I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT SEVERAL THINGS - NEITHER DID ANDRE … POOR FELLOW … SHE WAS IN CHARGE OF THE COURT PROCEEDINGS as the next eldest … Arthur the eldest of them (Mary Gordon`s children - Arthur born 1891) was said to be not up to it … He`d have told ANDRE immediatelyArthur was in Insurance City until he retired

She did not confide in the old man with the Chemist Shop … he had been an important medical figure abroad - Professor WINNCLEMANN - OH SHE , WIN, KEPT ME AWAY FROM SOME OF THEM … I could say about Fred`s family Estate … I did not come to the Service in the Church … the early arrangement … permission from the VAT …

` …. About girls` getting hitched early ? … Oh they`d usually have a big wedding again … when the girl got to 17 … it was just after the war & austerity …` Andre & the old man the Chemist the Austrian German … some other people about the town … felt she was `nt going to live … with what was coming around from her Mother … her father having to see to things … keep leaving …

Nobody was telling me things … or Esther … not enough… on account of us being the youngest in the families …

Too early ? Well that`s what I thought but nobody agreed with me … girls went to College … They`d been spooning for a few months after he had been over a year … & it was felt to be more than the glamour of his uniform ! … When it collapsed the end of the summer I said it was The Dissolution of the Monasteries all over again … we were told it was finished … then 10 years on he, ANDRE, got told by the POPE IT WAS STILL ON !

…. Years later you can understand what it was about … greed & terrible deeds … well they will be well judged in Heaven … its surprising more of them wer`nt done in … but folks forget …

WIN felt it was suitable & he had the little boys … but it had to be agreed by the Church…& on HIGH … Girls had to grow up fast always in Wars … but I did not know of the troubles before the WAR … I came down 1938 for my birthday 19 years … that was when I was first aware of her Cousin Treasa … acting the Empress ordering Aunt Mary her mother about & always coming in for money … But I was` nt told anything beyond she had got in with the wrong kind … THEN THE WAR CAME … we went in the ATS …

ANDRE ? I DID NOT KNOW HIM WELL I was working up in MANNI & living with my parents … I saw him a half dozen times over the 2 years & then only when he was in the kitchen for a cup of tea … it was rationing after the WAR … you`d give anyone a cup of tea & a bun from the corner shop … If you got there early morning you could get a bag of doughnuts & buns …