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1959 December - ` Miss Butler now learned from Andre Malraux himself that on his visit to VATICAN November 1957 he was told by `young Paccelli`/Pope Pius 12/ he had NEVER cancelled the marriage to Mary Gordon’s grand-daughter - but put it ON HOLD - (Malraux a bigamist in Heaven - hhhmn …)

MALRAUX had not grasped WHY the POPE should know so well of MARY GORDON & her SISTERS & the Southern Irish O`Brien branch … The Pope when he was “ young Paccelli ” appointed to Germany … knew well of the violence dealt the GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate by the G. B. Government & Crown from late 1920s - & that not a German or a member of the Nazi party would harm Grote Homes because of the good citizens they turned out going into science/medicine/agriculture/teaching/music/

1946 - NUREMBERG TRIALS - Herman Goering had got permission to speak about the Grote Homes deaths & WARN of the danger to the GROTE HOMES children who were left about the globe especially ASIA A person of Gross Britain was present at the Trials to see no such statement of the slaying of the children by G. B. penniless nobles was made -

This was a carefully PLANNED crime already operating FRAUD & THEFT by Gross Britain NOBLES of the PENNILESS IMPERIAL FIST EMPIRE & begun before the rise of the NAZI Party - some help came from greedy Scandinavia - it had required use of Gross Britain`s national institutions/Armed forces - & the NAVY - to accomplish barbaric murder of the helpless - it was an agreed PLAN to SLAUGHTER the GROTE HOMES children worldwide … winter 1938 - (Detectives/Colleagues Andre Malraux 1960 -)

Teresa Butler/ “ The ‘Early Marriage’ was allowed BECAUSE OF THE INHERITANCE FROM THE OLD LADY MARGARET RANSOM - who had left my niece Greetha ALL…& from her husband as well … he had these orphanages about the world … When I came for the New Year 1943 Aunt Mary told me of the troubles she had since the men went away to War … she said Uncle George, her husband, said `GET RID OF THAT ESTATE ARRAN … they will kill until they can grow again the weed that should never be brought to market …`

Greta`s father & he Uncle George used to paint together … all the families & the Police have paintings …Woodford Green had one in the Police Station …”

“ Her mother, that is my cousin Teresa, had been put back in Prison the year before … Wiltshire I think… but got out by ANGELA after a year … but she Teresa had been allowed out too many times to `come look after her sons ` … a phone call got to the Prison from Mrs Angela MacMurphy which was her travelling name I was able to get information from the INSIDE about this they were not pleased with letting her NOT BE TRANSFERRED TO AN ASYLUM at least until her husband RETURNED FROM THE WAR …the Court in Wiltshire or Worcestershire … had said she should be in Prison a YEAR & then transferred TO AN ASYLUM for another YEAR … & it was said her husband was to be requested FOR HOME DUTIES … on account of the children Aunt Mary`s grandchildren - she being widowed … & the Estate & the HOMES for children about the world had to be taken care of … but the TRUE BLUES had begun theft we heard …

1943 New Year`s Day - “ I could tell that my cousin Teresa … she was still like them … magic powders too often … the cruelty to the eldest & youngest child at that first midday dinner the New Year`s Day seemed to not be noticed by Aunt Mary - or perhaps she thought that best because I was there for a rest from the Land Army Hostel Not to John G. Ransom … cruelty… whom she insisted was not his father`s child … I had seen young Fred`s grandfather in photos & this child looked like him … he a JOHN RANSOM helped Japan with education a little … they could visit … they had ships … Its all over there in papers I have collected & MR MALONE HAS BEEN GOING THROUGH THEM but I have not looked into it for perhaps 15 years … THE FAMILY GOT THIS CURSE … from those raised in GREED …”

“ Goblin Market … perhaps this was not the best philosophy to try to WAKE UP MY NIECE …” Miss Teresa Mary Butler b c 1899 notebooks of Arthur Malone & ANDRE MALRAUX December 1959

Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex - cum Clachintuna Little Doomsday Book

G.R. has written on that NEW YEAR 1943 when in spite of the VENOM of Treasa Mad Mother KALI & her kind … my new Aunt Terry Butler talking about books & music & painting was a light in the black sky I was kept in - by Treasa Clytemnestra & HER NOBLE CRIMINALLY INSANE -

MARTYR - Terry Teresa Mary Butler … a comet she was that New Year 1943 I always could recall her when seeing a reproduction of the painting by ATKINSON something the title ` rainy dark night in Manchester/Liverpool … lots of electric lights glowing gold… this was the new invention … street lighting …she sent me a postcard … which Mad Mother Kali finally got from me… but in 1957 joined again to GEORGI-Andre com`th tremulous AWAKENING … I bought another postcard … & may have seen the actual painting … Tate ? There was also an Frans Alber GREEN DOOR which opened a winter morning & caused some memories to STAY PUT …

THUS MEMORY in our families the memory often escap`th from their CATACOMBS OF HELL…

“ HEIRS - legal heirs - to this ESTATE of a HIGH EDUCATED HUMANIST whom these Noble ON THE PIN SCUM call an old Eskimo & cunningly using the Realm nick/filch/pick a pocket all through the 1920s onwards …

1959 December - Notebooks Arthur Malone & Andre Malraux speaking with Miss Teresa Butler now over 60 years of age :

“ Estate LEGAL to Lennie her heir & co-heir … ` should Greta not survive childhood` … It was known they were become great friends

& as children worked together taking care of the people & lands-LEN already training to head TRANSPORT for Grote Broker-it was a family piece of philanthropy & Hollywood cousins helped - a film was being made in Hollywood April 1936 about the HOMES & THE AIMS of the JOYOUS VENTURE … but Greta was kidnapped back by LINDSAY Earls & their about to be hi-jacked Crown - their Scandinavian relatives/business sub-men assisting them readily…”

` Grote Brokers New York established 1830 & their in-law Margaret Ransom Grote knew HER Ransom families & kin-kith were able to protect & administer the Estate A-Z globe… & the Orphanages which were acknowledged as her husband`s MIRACLE were not destroyed by GROSS Britain - & RESERVES upon seashores trashed as G.B. Nobles had done to so many small nations when they got a leg up -`

“ Miss Teresa Terry Butler had expected an answer from ANDRE MALRAUX - she Miss Butler- her family in Manchester- of sufficient standing to receive recognition if only as good Catholics -

Her family had been involved in the Town’s progress & a cousin had been Mayor of Manchester. Her mother’s sisters her Aunts BESSIE & ANNIE WILLIAMS HAD SPOKEN SO HIGHLY, VERY HIGHLY OF ANDRE MALRAUX since 1937/1945 onwards ”

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX - The Pillar House Harwell


do not listen to Teresa … she is insane … as her noble acquaintances… ! ! ! … ”

Greta-Greetha allowed listen with notebook - little kitchen …

“ 1947 April - Miss Terry Butler - She was surprised NOT to get an invitation to the `early wedding` 17th April 1947 or have invitations come to some of the Manchester families - or the Irish families with 3 baronetcies - ( ? PONDERING is Malraux so up-market with Saint Charlie General de Gaul…but we are A CATHOLIC FAMILY too … )

“ … All would have been happy to come…”


“ … It was deliberate, not sending Invitations for the 1947 April early marriage to the many branches of the family North England & Southern Ireland who knew of the Estate & Andre`s guardianship to it - half the Orphanages were in the Catholic lands about the world … good people travelled to them …

“ … Then she had heard that the Party of HIS RELATIVES… coming with Fred Ransom Greta’s father … was cancelled the night before they were due to come for this Holy Marriage - he to play the role - give Greta away in the Service…”

“ There would be so much to speak upon about the miracle Estate -

the Childrens Homes - All the family knew that `young Paccelli` had been in correspondence about it to Mary Gordon her Aunt from the 1930s - a plan was sketched 1938 & again 1943/1944 … to get Greta away from the VIOLENCE directed at her … & all of them from time to time … get her away again from TRUE BLUES Britain …the violence as on ARRAN … someone had attacked the child in Wiltshire 1941 but the good neighbours moved out of London because of the BLITZ had known what it was about … a good son came back from SEA & his little mother of that accident to her head when she was 12 when she lost all her hair warned him … they could keep the child safe … ”

1942/1943 - XMAS TIDE “ … She Miss Butler had learned it was repeated … the violence & witchcraft pranks … black arts … directed at her niece in her school days from 1939 when the families went away to WAR & the hospital reports & others saw it was a very dangerous situation for the girl - she Miss Butler heard it from her Aunt Mary that New Year 1943

1959 - December 17th /19th - XMAS advances

“ Speaking with Arthur Malone & MALRAUX Miss Butler now understood WHY she had received no longer LETTERS FROM AUNT MARY … as she had always done since their mother Julia died …Aunt Mary was poisoned June 1944 … but on account of her death occurring at the home of Esther her youngest child … the hospital decided to wait for CAPTAIN FREDERICK RANSOM to return…. A COMMUNICATION from the British WAR OFFICE told how he had been informed to RETURN FOR HOME DUTIES …”

(Orders went out from Noble Scum to KILL HIM … they are also picking off the heirs in Southern Ireland … they remove evidence of their crimes … & get HORSES & dough …)

1957 - “ She Miss Butler had learned from Julie her niece & Fred Potter husband of Esther … that the elder brother in Australia … Alfred Richard Gordon brother to Teresa - Winnie - Esther Harry & Arthur eldest born in Ireland 1891 just died… he, as well as they the Gordons, had been given a Settlement in Australia to run & enjoy good accommodation upon - it was funded by the Estate … there were trained people to run it - it was for all of them to go & live there if they wished - it was given to the Gordon family … ”

“ BUT HE HAD NO IDEA … the innocent exile in Australia … ” (Miss Win kept the Will to herself & did not show it to her families AFTER her mother was killed 1944 by her sister Teresa on the instructions of Gross Brit Nobles Whitehall & Admiralty …)

… “ poor Alfred Richard - who had been protected after a vile attempt was made to destroy him as a person but blaming him for a nasty crime ( c 1923) - JIM & the others were the culprits here - He had been got to Australia by a ship Captain helping good people - who had no chance of escaping a CHARGE when this lot of TRUE BLUES had set their minds on pointing a finger … ”

( JIM JONG & his PONGERY did the crime - no mention was made of it being SOLVED until after the chief CRIMINAL was dead … then no names … NOBS are faceless /

1957 NOVEMBER - Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square Files - ANDRE MALRAUX tries take Greetah to Singapore to meet Uncle Alf & Grace his wife … they will come from Australia … he has very much to tell ANDRE … stopped by threats & dope needles by MENGELE Harrington … 2 letters HAD SLIPPED IN from Australia & Andre may have got a phone call to Alfred Richard … ALF RICHARD had intended to bring his mother MARY GORDON out to Australia as soon as the WAR ended … when he was told by officialdom he was kept safe - it was known whom had done the crime- but nothing could be done yet …` Records of GR/Arthur Malone/MALRAUX/ others …

1959 December - Miss Terry Butler / 1920s - Already JIM & Angela’s men were insane on dope as her Aunt Mary had showed in her dealings with them … she had to get them ALL out of prison one night when the Police had them in for 11 hours … she gave her GOOD WORD they would reform being young such things - Angela was the eldest at 20 years … BUT YOU HAD TO KNOW …their elders had been given to playing spiteful games `Sunday games` they called them - they turned the Church of the morning upside down - went out in the land at bullying & robbing - & this all happening before her cousin Teresa made the marriage to young Fred RANSOM-

1890s - The true blues- had begun PLANS to topple the Estate before THE GREAT WAR … & in silence to take all of it - divide it between themselves - pay off the massive debts - often from gambling - The Estate … it would prop Great Britain up now its Empire was falling down … & a lot of PLANS late 1920s early 1930s were being made to make CANADA the SEAT of IMPERIAL BRITAIN … Gross Britain would dominate Trade - destroy these overseas lands - the nature - happy communities- schools & Welfare - destroy everything intelligent - & keep themselves as Rulers of the globe in some manner - the Empire for them was on a drunken stagger to its knees…they little different to mug - alleys … Andre MALRAUX will call them SCREW BALLS … `

1959 December - Miss Butler was listening to ARTHUR MALONE & a high position City friend … commenting on her papers she had collected about the Estate left to her niece & her Ransom young uncle …& what they gathered from Harry Gordon across the road …

1959 December 17/19th - MISS TERRY BUTLER told Arthur Malone & then ANDRE MALRAUX whom the Detective with 2 years Law Studies got over from GAUL within hours … to Thorpe-le-Soken Essex - THE MATTER OF THE YEARS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST GRETA & ANDRE WAS NOW EASILY SOLVED - AN HEIR HAD ARISEN & he Andre the Guardian from the Visit to the Seaside Summer 1937 …

“ IT WAS CLEAR NOW - THE GUARDIAN WAS NOT TO KNOW WHAT HE WAS GUARDIAN TO … yes now they all understood It was well reported her cousin Miss Winifred was calling ANDRE Greta’s Guardian Angel from summer 1945 ... & at the rehearsal with Greta for the wedding in the great Catholic church 2 days before … evening 15th April 6.30pm But then someone would refer to him at sometime as the Guardian to `Little Miss North Pole` at sometime … Miss Win knew he roamed about Clacton town & countryside calling in on people he had met Summer 1937 & that it eased his grief … now he was a WIDOWER … WIN with her ATS training … SHE SHOULD HAVE CONFIDED IN PROFESSOR WINNCLEMANN … But then there was a strong possibility she was threatened by THE penniless du Cann encumbrance & his mother her sister Teresa … & some TRUE BLUES … this was not known …` (Notes/Terry Butler/Malone others/Andre Malraux )

« Since 1938 Clearly a lot of people had to be DECEIVED that ANDRE KNEW THE FULL EXTENT OF THE GUARDIANSHIP & HE HAD TO BE KEPT FROM GRETA`s FATHER & HIS RELATIVES … Harry Gordon immediately questioned could not follow a number of moves by THEM before the WAR … & his information was sparse … but it had a penetrating & reliable assessment of the TIMES & the boundaries limiting THE LAW when AN EMPIRE … & one FALLING FASTstill expected you TO WAVE A FLAG FOR THEM… »

« … but Harry he had a harrowing tale to tell of the years of persecution of him & his parents …unable to rid themselves of JIM & old girl & all of them ON THE PIN & 2 years ago … especially October 1957 … when JIM SENT 3 CARS FULL of the beggars from WHITES CLUB to rough him up ( Harry ) if he did not REMOVE HIS NIECE from MALRAUX`S London place … Luckily the old village BOBBIE came by & the Police now had a walkie-talkie … The 3 cars full of noble young men FLED …»

« …Peggy /Daisy Margaret/ his wife … added that Harry had a very weak chest & the doctor wanted him to give up fulltime work at least … & 1955 stop smoking immediately which he had done … but he had to work with cars … it was the petrol fumes that were bad for his lungs … He had been a budding inventor but the TRUE BLUES had come with all their gang & burned Harry`s drawings … they also stole his Eiffel drawings… by the man who designed the Tower Paris …»

1944 - Greetha had restored a little of her memory …concerning

the work ahead for her family … this done by a school teacher reminding her of her ancestry - Armstrong geographer of Cambridge University - but she was reported with bad memory lapse often by school teachers - & unable to follow speech & looking dazed from not enough sleep at night - her mother said this … Armstrong geographer did not trust Teresa Gordon Ransom she was violent & loopy as her noble companions…they had not enough money …

1945 JUNE - Miss Gordon told Colonel WIDOWER Andre MALRAUX “ Greta could not learn at school because of the Games of Imagination she played in the REC - Miss Gordon had been told it would be better GRETA did not remember these games - she had been told this by a Doctor … & a man of standing …

(Monsters come with du Cann - or sent by Lindsaybuggarhs who often took MEMORY away from old family members so the EARLS could grab at the Trust Funds etc. all the 19th century-

were sometimes apprehended at this FRAUD early 20th century ! Information Millie Frobisher‘s mother from 1860s et al - she unfortunately a Miss Lindsay-

1959 December - Miss Teresa Butler -her branch of the family had no wedding invitations & this was a little distressing - Afterwards … 1947 the end of April … she heard it was very much A WEDDING OF GRACE from her aunts Annie & Bessie Williams spinsters like herself (`we are not pretty`) -

1947 AUTUMN - When there were notifications the marriage had failed her mother’s cousin Sir John O’Brien was asked over to Rome to see The Vatican ! The marriage was put on hold because of the girl’s age - & the Widower had taken up work for his Nation with General de Gaulle … She had been told it had been DISSOLVED by her cousin Teresa…who had no home & at The Marital Court they had refused to give her Alimony because of the tremendous DEBTS she had accumulated during the War … & the matter of her being given a thousand pounds to use for a year & she had spent it at the Races one afternoon … treating her TRUE BLUES …

1948 - Miss Butler said - she met a bewildered Greta that summer who told her as they waited for buses Clacton bus park

`Oh he has married his sister Number 18 the Prayer Book FORBID Auntie Julie banged the kitchen table in the new house & said `Bloody Dissolution of the Monasteries Win this sort of thing does not happen in our families ! ” Her niece Greetha said she felt it best to run out … & walk along the seashore …’

1948 the meeting summer - Miss Butler described her niece as otherwise vague & without emotion … she did not pursue the matter of the Marriage to ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN … she did not know how matters stood towards the Estate by General de GAULLE Greetha had said she was painting a room in the flat she shared with her mother & the two brothers when they were home from boarding school …”

She, Miss Butler, was at a LOSS … to follow the matter … MALRAUX WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GUARDIAN TO THIS VAST ESTATE … ! She herself was dismal & without any Savings… for her cousin Teresa had begged a loan October 1945 saying it was for her husband come back & wanting to start up a business … HER COUSIN Teresa SPENT IT AT THE RACES THAT AFTERNOON, Cheltenham October 1945… with her TRUE BLUES … She Miss Butler did not worry Greta`s father about the matter … she heard from cousin Miss Winifred Gordon he had no money & was to go abroad … ”

1948 summer… « that meeting with Greetha She Miss Terry Butler felt that Greta had NO MEMORY AT ALL OF THE WEDDING -

A YEAR AGO - so she spoke to her gently … trying to encourage response … then they parted … taking their buses …»

` 1948 … Yes I Greetha Ransom can see this meeting late afternoon/evening buses & I come from Charles Magowan his Photographic studio & workshop - I am used to not having a memory - & I rely on people awakening it - but I AM A PAUPER & I HAVE NO EDUCATION …. & Old Mother Ransom keeps on reminding me thus … saying `MY SONS SONS SONS are CLEVER - not you -you bloody bitch … ` ( We can now add they are DISHONEST ! )

` QUEER I have no memory of being here SUMMER 1937 Andre, Josette, me … we have been out on a bus to Saint Osyth I think … & come back for High Tea at the house on the corner with the long garden where we can gather things to eat … IT IS STILL THERE … if only someone would take me to it … & say a few words … show some photographs of happiness … `

I have had terrible attacks from SHEshe Treasa the last few months - attempts to mark my face with boiling water ….Clacton bus station 11 years on from Happiness … I meet Aunt Terry - but Mad Clytemnestra old Mother Ransom does not like me speaking with anyone - & she hates Aunt Terry - whom I like but have not really seen since Xmas 1942/1943 - (Directory : XMAS every year of G.R.’s life 1933-1968 )

1948 summer - Aunt Terry begins speaking jerking me out of my TRANCE I have learned to negotiate daily … “ I am your butch aunt - not pretty like Esther & Kitty … so I try to keep my brain active … do good deeds … like my holy sisters …” I who am told not to say my name BY TREASA GORDON R … feel as if I am in a dusty jam jar in a larder high on a shelf … I look out on life … I am aware I am very slow thinking & can trip over words or they are not at all there … `

1959/1960 - Arthur Malone notebooks/ “ She Miss Butler heard how Greta was painting a room in this small flat for her mother Teresa Gordon Ransom - how she wanted it blue… Miss Butler said a blue room gave you `the blues`… She again enquired how to speak with ANDRE MALRAUX ?

But it did not lead her to put another letter in the Post just then… she tried to make a telephone call … Then she sent another postcard - she used a family name but not her own

as GUARDIAN he should have known this other name & replied in some manner very swiftly - she heard nothing …”

1948 September - `The VATICAN representatives had spoken at Rome airport 10 minutes with Teresa Gordon Ransom the mother of Greta & had her returned to Great Britain - they heard her & did not wish to take her out of the Airport …

( The Vat representatives heard her foul mad mouth … the Vat had to live through the Roaring 1920s so it had no illusions about penniless NOBLE BRITAIN - ALL ON THE PIN )