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The Holy See were well aware whose friend TGR was …

& aware of the GROTE HOMES difficulties - LINDSAY EARLS & JIM for Angela …& their penniless Nobles trying to LIFT the paintings … Thomas & Margarethe had given the children around the world lovely art works - Some paintings were famous like our Raphael with the broken vase - LIFTED 1945/ Berenson said he “ had THEM … NOBLE THUGS OF G.B. in searching his desk so FJR should DO NOTHING …they are getting away with theft of the Paintings & sculpture …” Paccelli had the custom to slip out in a worn monks robe to sit sketching …& listen to the Roman town -`

1959 December - Miss Terry Butler to Malone = Malraux :

1947 autumn - the mother Teresa Gordon Ransom was demanding moneys from the father & now from Andre Malraux - saying she did not give HER PERMISSION for the mock marriage … She was writing to Clara whom she knew of & met July 1947 … THEY HATCHED MISCHIEF OVER MY NIECE GRETA … two old cats … then Clara spoke with WIN Gordon my cousin on this visit …& they were upsetting the old Chemist the German Professor whom Andre & all his families had known on the Continent before the WAR … but in Manchester we did not know everything at once

“ 1947 autumn - The reports on my cousin Teresa from the VATICAN spokesman speaking with Cousin O`Brien & my brother John Butler … say she was felt to be badly unjust & unstable & they were told she was to be put in a psychiatric hospital … her sister Winifred Gordon had the authority to do this -

In Manchester the relatives had no idea that this was to be done by Miss Win Gordon in 1946 immediately AFTER the Marital court Case ended September !

1947 September - VAT Report : The career of ANDRE MALRAUX & General de Gaulle’s position were taken into consideration & they would talk perhaps with the General … the Estate was vast worldwide & in Catholic nations - THE MATTER OF THE SLAIN GROTE CHILDREN was only discussed by the few - (possible it was only known to the few in Vatican circles ? ) `

1959 December - Miss Teresa Mary Butler reports to Arthur Malone/Malraux : “ She had been assured by 1948 the Roman Catholic marriage was not dissolved at this time …

ANDRE MALRAUX 17th December 1959 assures her it has NOT -

He discovered this talking to ‘Paccelli’ Pope PIUS 12 early November 1957 when he went to ask if he could take the marriage up - even though he had made a Registry Office marriage to his sister-in-law March 1948 - they lived their separate lives from 1951 when he was given some shocks by her friends - & fiends - but there was sympathy for him -

1959 December - Concerning 1947 July to September - ANDRE MALRAUX RELATES HOW HE WAS DECEIVED BY TERESA GORDON & NURSE MRS CONNIE NAPPER - Teresa Gordon whom he’d met in 1924 - he felt now she Teresa was insane with jealousy at the time of the marriage spring 1947 -

1957-1959 … He had Teresa squatting on he & Greta … she insisted on living in her room …his London home the last 3 years - In January this year 1959 he hit her on the jaw & threw her in the doorway next to the Kent Hotel Lancaster Gate Square - she had threatened… without warning both of them at 1 am … with a knife & a bowler hat with lighted candles on her head … ”

( Nota Bene : JIM & Lindsay gang have these tricks - it is the DOPES - but they all will kill in this state of HATE ! The head gear was from a Theatrical Party shop down the Mile End Road - well known … )

Malraux continues : 1950s … Teresa was insulting him threatening his Job in France - his entry into General de Gaulle`s Government - This was the blackmail of she Teresa & her friend Jim - WHITES Club - in the Club they had often been joking - sly - some threatening verbal abuse about the nature of his marriage to Greta after she came to live in his home 50 Lancaster Gate Square ! … ” ( 1959 December/1960 January information given to ANDRE MALRAUX )

1962 March - Now he knew it was much … so much more -


1960 - after New Year Miss Teresa Butler was poisoned

Her cousin Teresa had “ been heard ROWING at her ” Thorpe-le-Soken The blue car of the Doctor of Royal connections had been seen about the village 1959 November-December onwards Aunt Terry Butler returned to her caravan at Thorpe probably for New Year` Eve/I Greta had been moved that morning to Colne Engaine … She was happy in the village - & in her own caravan home she had peace to read & write … she could be warm & snug & had friends in the village also Harry & wife & child …

Nota bene : 1960 January 2nd - BUT Doc Mengele Harrington in a HIGH STATE OF VENOM … BARGED IN on my new caravan HOME Colne Engaine 2nd January 1960 …HE HAD A KEY ! He threatened me - it is unlikely he would leave Teresa to poison Aunt Terry on her own …Doc Mengele was IN THE AREA THE DAY Aunt Terry was poisoned !

HARRY arranged the transport of the Caravan `Mistral` to the tiny meadow Gallows Corner C.E., 31st December 1959

1960 January - ANDRE MALRAUX heard some little evidence of the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - swiftly documents-post-letters/papers delivered or left for him to 50 Lancaster Gate Square or to his PARIS home were stolen ! The first horrific information is from his Grote Ransom Estate Visitors - then he had to hide for his life - & they were immediately under Gross Britain special gaseous thug groups Intelligence - death follows for many trying to help - Frank Sinatra & friends saved Andre`s life by spotting a slouchy fellow listening … reflected in the BAR mirrors … they `d had to look out for this kind of cove/crittah when they began their careers …

1960 January - ANDRE MALRAUX must carry on his job as CULTURAL MINISTER FRANCE -

1960 - British true-blue ON THE PIN establishments were with arrogance demanding of France that MALRAUX NOT APPEAR at any events where their FIGURES FROM A MORGUE OF VIOLENCE WITH IMPERIAL FISTS enter upon the world’s stage -his life was threatened all the more … by those dripping blood & gore MONEYS they have shovelled up in haste nations A-Z after killing the GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES … FJR managed to administer a third of the Estate left intact in secret-silence & he had much goodly help from many nations …he was often threatened in Gross Britain …

1960 JUNE - Mr Doc Mengele Harrington Royal satrap GOLLUM paedophile sadist - of that famous blue car … using the G.B. State System had FJR robbed of all his private income from the Argentine… A cheque my father paid Arthur Malone with was overseen by Mr & Mrs Mengele with SNOUTS IN THE GHOST HOUSE MATTERS … MALRAUX arranged the Detectives be paid TIME AFTER TIME (it’s a popular romantic song ) … but nobody got a sou … it was always intercepted by GROSS BRITAIN extremely efficient FRAUDSTERS … imagine if the Eastern Terrorists had these skills …

1960 - Arthur Malone/Politan reports Andre had his head as with all of us - swimming with this information - AN HEIR NOW TAKES SHAPE - an explanation to the horrible attacks on us all - in Lancaster Gate Square … Andre`s London home …” Scarlet Town`

“ … When MISS Teresa BUTLER heard the MARRIAGE WAS BEING DISSOLVED she felt it was done by her cousin Teresa Gordon & her chum Angela - both had chirpy little JIM about them since they were children - & their MEN those true blues - then she‘d heard the Marriage was laid aside - she learned some more over the first years - & she noticed things in the newspapers …

There was the inability of the LAW to try stand up against the true blues at this time … Penniless they were all after the old Lady Margaret Ransom her lands & her MONEYS … her husband had orphanages all over the world … the children murdered in the War … the British said later the NATIONS ROSE UP & SLEW THE CHILDREN … so the TRUE BLUES would have to keep quiet about it … BUT IT WAS NOT TRUE … they were penniless … could not hold a job … & all on DOPES … she had seen them at Cliveden … then she would see them in the newspapers- these famous names - her cousin Teresa could call on all of them… front or back door …

Miss Butler said she was frightened when she learned how many children up to 18 YEARS had been murdered - near a million - in every nation - the small nations - the Islands - the Pacific - they had no chance -RN ships were able to sail in - anchor - thugs went ashore -special duties … she`d not say where she learned the details … but they were good people who told her … good men … WHEN YOU SAW IN THE NEWSPAPERS THE MEN HER COUSIN HAD KNOWN WHEN SHE WAS YOUNG - you could not expect anyone to stand up to them - & there was one they called Angela - the way they assumed power with such crimes

1960 April - Miss Teresa Mary Butler -

her death is a murder … she another MARTYR to the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children to grab the Ransom lands & entire Estate the globe A-Z …& prop British Trade up !

she collected papers upon the TRUTH … as her brother Dr John Butler … Manchester … his murder to follow after he came with lawful AID after the slaying of ANDRE MALRAUX`s two sons age 21 & 18 … they FORBIDDEN IN GAUL & WHITES CLUB vice bar from entering a goodly Catholic school AMPLEFORTH - where Tolkien had his sons …

1948 - She Miss Butler began to LAY PAPERS ASIDE - collect things - it was distressing to a Catholic - perhaps they would be needed one day - She could write something - Neither she or her Manchester families had a letter from ANDRE MALRAUX- no telephone call-there were messages of a sort she heard of - from a department - an Embassy - perhaps the blame was being laid on the early marriage- She had to leave it to the men in the family who had the better education…but it all made her quite ill…lose heart …

1920 - Her cousin Teresa was 12/13 years old in 1920 when she & these true-blues burned the Murphy household down Ireland - little Brian age 6 years was dropped out of a window - nobody else survived - The Irish Police were horrified & knew it was not the work of Teresa Gordon a niece on her own - theyd all been AT THE RACES- & WERE COINLESS - & on the pin … ”

(Murphy Families have 2 baronetcies & lose male heirs - as Sir John Edmond O’Brien loses his son in the wartime…they appear in Debretts 1953- )

1959 - MISS TERESA BUTLER - 17th/December & 18th- 19th December 1959- Thorpe-le-Soken Reports/ - Arthur Malone/Philip Silverlee/Patrick MacDrew/ANDRE MALRAUX/Harry Gordon

Aunt Terry … she speaks to me G.R. on 16 & 17 Dec 1959 but I thought she was writing a novel & distressed although some things were from long ago…I had no memory of Margaret Ransom or of Orphanages …but I began to get frightened at what I could not follow … I could remember Xmas 1942/3 as she spoke upon it showing me the EGG COSY at 9 years of age had knitted her … & the game she taught us … `Mrs MacKenzie is dead … `

…I got frightened at talk of Malraux…my head swam with misery & fear …

She said she had seen Teresa my mother enter my new caravan 3 or 4 times December 1959 … I said perplexed & yet frightened You can`t have seen her go in … I HAVE THE KEYS “… She assured me that she saw her cousin enter & therefore I should consider that my mother had to have a key to the new caravan …!

1957-1959 - SUNDAY GAMES

I had been at 50 Lancaster Gate Square two winters 1957/59 with ANDRE MALRAUX coming & going from GAUL - but had little memory sometimes - I had been physically attacked & attacked by Mr Mengele with a needle to have me not remember Andre Malraux - Mengele has a reputation as a woman hater as well as a paedophile … Another name for him 1950s is Doctor KILL THE BIRDS …

I could see George-Andre & an hour later have no memory - Nota bene: Mengele now had aerosols with Memory Remove - as well as his case of needles his pins & needles in his pockets - Dope were put in my beverages - my lemon squash - my toothpaste - shampoo & face creams - I took everything out with me daily in my bucket bag …

1957 autumn - SUNDAY GAMES/ originally `Marlborough House Set ` ANDRE MALRAUX was fooled about his sore mouth - & told he had to have all his teeth out - it was Mengele & his blonde Nurse with Teresa & JIM at their old Sunday Games of the Roaring 20s-30s - Mengele got a set made in Scotland like horse teeth… this was supposed to be a joke … Mengele is so jealous of MALRAUX who is a MAN … Mengele is a GOLLUM … ( they have put acids in his toothpaste powder for spite old 1920s trick to stop a girl getting a good marriage … )

1957 November-December - I was embarrassed at my mother mouthing rudeness at Andre Malraux & squatting in my room at this Holy House as it should be - Brown rnvr was told to tell me it was a common boarding house - demanded my rent in excess too - I threatened them all with Paddington Rent Tribunal ! The V & A Museum helped me … I come from Colchester Museum & the Curators are well known … Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square/Records/

1957 October - Doc Mengele paedophile royal Gollum Harrington had made it plain I WAS A PAUPER - OF NO USE TO MALRAUX EXCEPT AS A FOOL ! And my father was a Henry Harper …

Doctor Mengele has had the birth certificate FALSIFIED AT SOMERSET HOUSE he says … he still makes MORNING CALLS on Angela & goes in the front of Noble PLACEs then com`th out the BACK … with bits of arts & crafts … & off to Soho for SALES :

As this French-Roman Catholic hovel has taken 4 months rent off me for one month - I have to stay - but if I knew all the relatives I do not know exist- then we could enter OUR OWN DOORS

A-Z the globe Georgie Malroox & me !

… & I could have told the abused ANDRE MALRAUX the position & direct him to putting these monsters on chains - building our two Universities the moneys for which they have displayed upon their carcases & in useless & dangerous debauch - THE MURDEROUS GAME THESE OLD Top PIN monsters play is KEEP MALRAUX & RANSOM apart- so they control & ruin the globe from Scarlet Town - have FUN HUNTING BIG GAME … pulling the Rider down … logo from early 20th century

1957 November - Sheshe Old Mother Ransom/Clytemnestra /Mad mother Kali had hissed “YOU FOOL wasting your beauty here with that old man - Tom says I- I- I should marry him ! I KNOW about that sort of life - me me me … YOU- YOU- YOU ARE NOBODY! I am told by MY- MY- MY- kind to keep YOU- YOU -YOU away from that OLD FOSSIL - THAT OLD MAN” ! She means - Andre Malraux -

1956 onwards : I cannot keep her away from me - & she is frightening with JIM WHITES Vice CLUB …

he GIVES HER DOPE… also threatening me - & spoof Doc Mengele Harrington with whom she goes expensive restaurants with TANGO - She appears early mornings pulling at my sleeve in the street 1957 October early November - “ Hey- where are we WE going - SHOPPING ? YOU you get as much as you can - YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LAST

Nota bene : All of `em can go forking on porcelain with silver forks in Noble Places - in back door out FRONT so what IS THEIR GAME ?

1957 late autumn - upon cold mornings “ … You YOU you

can get me a refrigerator - & any other things I need for my flat - send it all down on the TRAIN - the shops will see to it - GET WHAT YOU CAN - now - HE HAS LOTS OF WOMEN…”

(she is abusing Andre Malraux whose got a sore mouth & aches & pains & YES regiments of girls 16 to 60 years all over Londinium who call him “ANDRE DEAR” & give him a decent home cooked meal with their pinafore on …! )

I am 24 years old March 1957... I will survive my 25th

1957 November - I Greta Ransom reply- `No I do not do that sort of thing - I go to my studies - Museums … ( if I knew TRUTH I could shout `I DO NOT BEHAVE LIKE YOUR OLD NOBLE PROSTITUTES OF NOBLE BRITAIN & YOUR NON-MEN - at 24 years of age I am crushed by being left with her for 9 years…)

1957 autumn - The young staff address the towering figure come in mystery from GAUL … as “ GOV SIR ANDRE …” He would not mind some days if they added as his East End Charity connections “ Andie Mate - Andre Old Sod” MY MEMORY HAS GONE VERY BADLY AGAIN the STAFF in November 1957 HAD TO BE INTRODUCED TO ME AGAIN … yet we live in this house … have our rooms … I do not yet know that Mengele & his blonde dame are telling Andre I have no memory because I have DREADFUL CRIMES against my mother Clytemnestra a poisoning accomplice to her Noble brutes of Grote Britain THE HOUSEKEEPER IS APPOINTED BY CLARA MALRAUX … there is another called after a Roman Empress you should not know too much about as a Catholic …& Maurice the Mouse can DRINK in WHITES vice Bar…he helped tumble GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK … but all this is nowhere at the front of my memory…

Again - I do not know the man in the Glenn Miller raincoat very well except that he makes my legs go weak when I look at him - he is not always here - he goes to Gaul - I am having a few weeks study while my rent is paid here to CATCH UP - I had to leave the Convent School to help MAD MOTHER KALI Teresa Gordon R. when I was 14 years of age - THERE IS NO WEDDING OF GRACE IN MY HEAD but CRIKEY ! IT IS IN THE MIND OF ANDRE MALRAUX & he remembers how he was mocked in THE JAN STEEN TAVERN Paris & given the trendy scene



1947 June - I went to work at Charles Magowan photographers 18 months - because she needed me to keep myself & clean & tidy her 2 room flat - now I am going to catch up on what matters to me - IT IS THE UNIVERSE ! I can find it about Scarlet Town in Museums & Galleries Libraries & sitting listening to people all walks of life …`

1957 October - She hit the air about the Square with her big shape & presence -

a cold advancing winter scene last leaves falling -

… swinging her big bag SHE ADVANCES ON duffle coated Miss Greta Ransom ~ who is allowed now correct AM`s English…

“ CATASTROPHEEEE ” Her constant companion a big bag… in which she like her noble friends has a weapon … they would get small axes from hardware Stores 1920s & Gamages in the 1930s … they go robbing in the East End when Pubs closing playing at Red Indians I suppose …Noble penniless Britain fun …

ORATIONS of Teresa Gordon R friend of Noble Britain upon the cold morning air :

“ YOU - what are you YOU living on then Hey … I I I want to

know ! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO IS KEEPING YOU HEY ! You bloody pauper ~ I I I have had my life RUINED because of you ! You & your bloody father - Don`t you DARE go near him POLICE COME TO ME ! He sits in the gutter drinking beer & meths … ”

(She & Angela drink brandy & absinthe for their health by the bucketfuls - & Lord XZZZZX hath said a days ago “ I KNOW YOUR MOTHER & ANGELA …THEY CAN DRINK A PUB OUT OVERNIGHT …” But I do not know who Angela is … not until 1998/1999 … )

I am told by the Police MY MY MY friends - GOD OH GOD - how I have suffered having to have you you YOU you bloody bitchYOU YOU YOU are NOT NOT NOT wanted in there … that Place ! They are going to close it ! RUN THEM OUT … dirty frogs… get THEM OUT OUT OF OUR COUNTRY … OUR COUNTRY ”

FROGGY LEGS : November 1957 - There is a frog legs parcel received by a MINISTER French Parliament who telephoned MALRAUX … “ he had received in Malraux`s name a box with froggy legs & a big EYE in the middle …”

“ … it was really very nasty-WHAT DID MALRAUX DRINK ? ” MALRAUX told me immediately & kissed the top of my head ? his eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL when he is distressed . The Blessed Georges-Andre said rearing up 8 feet tall “ A telephone call from a Minister of the Parliament in GAUL - going MAD … ”

Clearly at the commencement of the Minister`s announcement from the Citadel of CLOVIS, he was near to tears …`What had he done to offend SPAIN & SHANGHAI`S HERO & what should he do with the nasty package … ? … & possibly he went to drink seriously for the rest of the DAY down the Chant-ea-sleeezzzie - there was a nervous TRUCE Britain & Gaul …

Full records here but no time just now to type it all in Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square 1950s has a full account READER should know NOBLE BRITAIN feeling bored & penniless got SUCH FUN from these pleasantries … late 19th century & most of the 20th century …

SHE MAD MOTHER KALI knows of the WEDDING OF GRACE 1947 & I do not … SO WHAT IS HER GAME HEY ? & Doc Mengele & dirty JIM as he is known now… running VICE from WHITES CLUBJIM Jong Mr Pong … chum of Angela since she was 12 years & he 15 years (Where are the GROTE CHILDREN Mother England ?)

Verbal violence : All because I will not behave like her noble true blue Imperial chums the prostitutes & big shoppers !

Teresa Elizabeth Gordon (Mrs F. J. Ransom 1932 - no divorce)

She’s a big woman - with a big bag full of heavy things - a small axe- to defend herself - a bottle of brandy - masses of newspapers for her backing of horses - THE CROWN & the Earls of Lindsay 1945 have agreed she have (5000) five-thousand pounds credit with 3 bookies - she may telephone or write her BETS - this is her yearly allowance - but from time to time orders are given by some Noble thug or other that she only have a portion of her winnings - they are giving it to her bastard Ed du Cann - Now & then they invite her to this or that/call her `a Racing Queen`-

In the 1940s early 1950s I used to feel sorry for her … such a life of drear …I am never able to collect up the years … my MEMORY IS INTERFERED WITH … this is her JOB … for dough …

SHE & Noble Britain with Angela & JIM saw the silent cinema- they have collected the mannerisms of the villains & have learned especially THE EVIL STARE -they all sat drinking liquor with a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland UP THEIR SNOUTS-which also makes the cartilage dissolve-so they are ugly & look like Vampires in later years

1957 November - already very cold some frost in the Parks-

mists in the mornings & at dusk - shaking at her anger Clytemnestra R… I look for a bus & dash to it - too dangerous for me to go across the Park to South Kensington -

LIFE GOT VERY DANGEROUS IN NOVEMBER - records/tapes/& the observations of others - & notebooks of ANDRE MALRAUX -