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1958 January 7th - We got to Church on time 9 am the 7th January Saint Etheldreda’s Crypt City of London by Cheapside Feast of Saint Cede Bishop of Londinium & Othona the Roman Britain Army Fort of the Saxon shores…a sweet person even gave us a present but the box of EGG SPOONS disappeared with every other memento in a week or two - Mengele & all of them grabbed every speck that gave a memory to he or me … insisting NO RECORD MUST BE LEFT FOR WE ENDANGERED THE CROWN (all crowns except King ZOG ! He would not take blood & gore moneys having known Margarethe before her too sudden death … she a high intelligence woman with all languages …)our rings went too

MONSTERS OF THE DEEP WERE HIGH ON DOPE & PLOTTING REVENGE …` Oh yes …THEY-they-they would PULL Andre & Greta DOWN ` … Meanwhile they had the Jan Steen Tavern to squat in & hurl their empty bottles of liquor out of the windows … PARIS - WHERE NOBLE BRITAIN went for A DIRTY WEEKEND-

19th January -Georges-ANDRE had to go off to GUYANAS for General de Gaulle(stamps ) …but returned alive to a Greetha with NO MEMORY & trouble brewing … but later found out the rotten tricks played on all of us /records vast/ we tried keep our SOULS

as onein fragments of TIME the coming years -

1957/1959 & years earlier - The interference with my memory was organised by SHEshe & Mengele Harrington & his blonde nurse - ACID BATHS there speciality - as they called them !

They were drawing every month their entire household expenses in the Midlands from a bank in MY & Dr Len Immanuel Ransom’s names ! My RANSOM families pre-war did NOT exist in my memoryother than my father had an adopted brother who worked on the East End roads with a pick axe but was often in prison for drinking - Teresa Gordon Old Mother Ransom said it now & then…

1957 - 1958 winter - G.R. approaches 25 years of age …

I get a sinking quivery frightened feeling when I see ANDRE MALRAUX whom I am wanting to be with for the rest of my life & into eternity - he can suddenly look so sweet every girl up to 60 years wants to sit him on their knee & cuddle him -

I AM A BEGGAR GIRL - HE IS KING CARPETUA - With a good job probably coming to him in GAUL - & Mengele & JIM go squat in his Paris house when he is not there - it is known as `THE JAN STEEN TAVERN - where you open a door & they scatter to their chairs…”

“ ANDRE MALRAUX should have been a major writer but they never leave him alone...” said a kindly person commenting on both the Malraux households … both infested by Mengele & JIM et al…

1957 autumn-spring 1959 - My mother now calling herself Terry-Teresa & Mengele reported drinking at WHITES CLUB some mornings with dirty JIM & they gad about to old Roaring 1920s haunts (Bills go to be paid by Crown Office as for decades ! ) - JIM put 3 ex-Kenya Army thugs to take turns following me Greta Ransom about London town -

1950s - WHITES CLUB is quite a Vice bar at JIM`s ladies Time -

Clara Malraux 1st Registry wife 1921 of Andre Malraux goes in & her brother Maurice-the-Mouse who sussed out RANSOM 19 acres under New York 1941/1948 helping destroy Grote Brokers Wall Street New York for Earl LINDSAY & Mr JIM Kubla Khan so they could THIEVE more upon Grote RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts -

1945 to 2001 - her life 1945 on - Teresa-Clytemnestra spends hours daily filling in Racing forms BETS-HORSES- going to a bookie -to a phone -or posting OFF- SHE receives 5 THOUSAND G.B. POUNDS A YEAR CREDIT to BACK HORSES with 3 BOOKIES - Authorized by Lindsay Crawford EARLS for Crown If you asked them why ? `Oh she got a bad husband - poor Teresa`

THIS IS HER SHARE FOR HARMING OUR FAMILIES & a million & a quarter children & Tenants Grote Ransom Estate that Len her young brother-in-law & her daughter Greta inherit with LEGAL WILLS 1938 - If she could understand anything it was only what she heard from NOBLE BRITAIN “ All of us will be RICH… ”

Her TRUE BLUES have constantly jibbed to her ` Poor Teresa - you gave birth to Apes but you have saved The Empire …

Teresa Gordon Ransom has helped the TRUE BLUES harm badly ANDRE MALRAUX since November 1937 - & his boys … Gross Britain NOBLE criminally insane ask HER HELP - GIVE HER DRUGS - KEEP HER from help in an Asylum a clinic She is able to give information for money about all of us & is encouraged to spout LIES - She has helped with the criminal madness destruction of the good homesteads of the kindly Weddell families - other branches - & she could bargained with her TOP NOBLES down the Whitehall at meetings -party in the Admiralty or on board ships & get invitations & a thousand or two pounds to go with them to the Races … she has quite a store of information they do not have !

1953 & onwards - I did not remember JIM went back pre-war to before I was born ! This had to be read & heard on tapes … a calendar found - a few photographs arriving 1990s OPENED ALL THE DOORS …Nothing else had ever been needed … NOBLE MONSTERS OF GROSS BRITAIN ORGANISE WELL THE STEALING OF THE POST …

1953 October - I Miss Greta Ransom HAD NO MEMORY OF PRE-WAR - & did not recognise the fat old man serving liquor in WHITES Club… he called James/Jimmie - This is tragic for Georges-ANDRE & Greta for the rest of our lives …

1957 December - Aunt Terry Butler does not seem to know Teresa

& her fiends/true blues were sedating the rich old man in the nice house Hill Drop Crescent - A report from Lady Astor to Malraux December 1957 did not have him grasp the extent of this technique learned by Noble Visitors to 1st World war damaged Servicemen - sedating heavily will REMOVE MEMORY- reports/accounts/

1930s - Miss Win Gordon my mother’s sister (Aunt Terry Butler`s cousin ) does know from Court Records 1926/1927/ Judge ordering NO REPORTING BY PRESS/ that with this MEMORY REMOVE they were all using the old man`s home & moneys - a housekeeper disappeared but was known to have died - no body could be found for examination … the matter was kept low key because of Noble Visitors …

1960 spring - the Detectives & Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX will discover spring 1960 Win did not think removing a person or a child`s memory was dangerous …”

“ … Or that in this matter of her niece being threatened & then POWDERS used on Greta ` BY NURSE AFTER THE MARRIAGE FAILED `… that it has left Greta & Malraux in most terrible danger all their lives - & their & her own family members

1945-1949 - The matter of her (Miss Win Mary Gordon) private negotiations with Ed du Cann her bastard nephew … not at all for moneys … but because he & his THUGS promised her a marriage … SHE NEVER TOLD ANYONE IN HER FAMILIES THEY VISITED … or HANDED to ANDRE MALRAUX her mother`s COPY the WILL of 1938 with the DOCUMENTS ATTACHED … The families did not know she had got it ~

1957 October - When she Miss Winnie admitted to cousin Julie Butler to having a FILE of PAPERS & fetched them from her Solicitor (including the WILL) she put it all in the ordinary Post to Andre Malraux at Saint Edmund`s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square… where Mrs Mengele Harrington was often on duty for the sadist paedophile cunning thief Doc Mengele Harrington her unconsummated husband THEY GOT IT !

1947 onwards - THE Mengeles` INTERCEPT all ANDRE MALRAUX`s POST & phone calls for NOBLE BRITAIN & ARE PAID VERY WELL out of the Estate about the globe - They are told to collect their monthly household moneys from the MIDLANDS & this is authorised by ANGELA/ again in a very hot seat waving “ RICE PAPER ” of RANSOM & ZHENG HE` 15TH CENTURY & VOWING to Doc Mengele ? “ AN OLD ESKIMO GAVE IT ALL TO ME WHEN I WAS A CHILD …”

1947 onwards - PARIS & where ever MALRAUX is :

Doc Mengele for British Government Nobles & Crown :

THEFT OF POST/interception of all communications persons trying to reach ANDRE MALRAUX - the same CRIMINALLY INSANE behaviour is organised in his JAN STEEN TAVERN Paris …

1957 December - He a joyful Georgie ANDRE MALRAUX says to G.R & others … “ the polished floors matter more than I or the boys … I have taken a photograph with the detectives of her with a strange head on the pillow where the world thinks mine is … I will change my name to MacSCREW if she refuses to allow us to RE-VOW.. & she can put that on her Posters … She has her husbands of the week …& that is not the life I want … She has all my money -

Greetah & I will live here on the 40 pounds my monthly salary from the Diocese of Westminster … we are going to have those 15 children that Greta & her school friends had in mind for me in 1947 I shall lead them in a crocodile across the Park to school … ( there is a French school across the Park )…

ANDRE MALRAUX A HAPPY MAN at 50 Lancaster Gate Square

1936 autumn - After High Mass at Our Lady Church

upon Clacton seafront Miss Winifred is walking the

HEIR to Grote Homes & Ransom Estate in 3 Parts … captured back from civilized lands where the JOYOUS VENTURE SAIL IN & OUT … captured back to violence by CRIMINALLY INSANE LINDSAYBUGGARHS EARLS -

The EARL LINDSAY no 12 INSISTS `MISS WINIFRED GET A DOCTOR TO REMOVE Greetha’s MEMORY - or she cannot learn at school after this year running about the world -


LINDSAY EARLS no 12 & 13 - ( the pair of them were evil brutes about Milly Frobisher & her husband JOHN RANSOM & their brother POUL before they were all murdered by 1897 … LEAVING MARGARETHE & TIGGY … Tiggy murdered ARRAN 1904 … Margarethe escaping because of the GREAT WAR 1st World War … This filthy old monster & his brother stuck his son aged 12 down a Maritime sea bed exploration hole in the sea - left the child to drown & with his brother tried claim the Insurance - Miss Win does hear the newspapers 1910 on the trial are kept by several people she knows !

1938 autumn - LIR diaryLINDSAY EARLS…

Do you remember we were walking along the Valley Road Clacton-on-Sea …We would call at the Cemetery to see them all - sit & talk & put some flowersa beautiful place Auntie Esther told you so after burying Grandpa with Kitty … Granny Gordon came on her own to her husband gone to Heaven last year … & would not come out to the seafront for a little stroll with all of you summer 1937 …

Then we could go if time down to JO`s beachyou wanted to sit & tell me about last summer… `Oh they would come back anytime…ANDRE & JOSETTE … & we would all have a happy time again … He is so like Great POUL & he can write like him Grandpa 3 times back to you …» I note down what you say … it helps me to think away from TRANSPORT for Aunt Mag …” Len Imm. Ransom

YES LENNIE : ` I can see it all - WE WERE HALF WAY ALONG THE VALLEY ROAD…he reined in our face - the poor horses looked as if they` d like to take HIM to HELL … He hollered at you LEN…blazed eyes at me… `GET ME THAT MONEY YOU TWO OR I WILL NAIL YOU TO THEE DOOR a nasty PLUTO come from HELL…not at all like the painting by the man with the blue tiles in his hall…` Greta Ransom

1938 autumn - LIR says 1972 readings to Andre Malraux

He has 5 children grown-up & he has raised them to be as EVIL as he ” (Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets)

1960 - HE WENT KILLING the Grote children in the war ” Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux the Territorials & others he has harmed are going to GET HIM 1960s Oh goody goody gum drops - The DEVIl will have a lot of PAPERWORK TO DO-

1960/1972 - Lennie say`s …`you & we have 60 Mansions round the globe - they had squatted on them - trashed them - pulled them down for Concrete blocks …` Another voice…` you & Andre could travel & administer the Estate … kind tenants … we all go to see the HOMES are safe … distinguished persons helped your father after the War secure a third of the Estate when the children had been killed … keep it in purity & humanism … When Andre went to Ecuador … he arrived ill from being poisoned - you not with him … Len got to him to keep him safe … he could have died- `

( no date here - this is often so when it can not be understood I HAVE NO MEMORY … I require dates & photographs… DATES because training in the Museums world teaches THUS …)

1940s - Wartime Britain - A woman called Angela was given my school books after I was sent into class or exams doped ! She was seen waving them about & talking of apes & Eskimos & they are stupid - JIM was always in attendance 1939 into some time 1944 - Records Detectives colleagues Andre Malraux 1960 onwards -

It was the great geography teacher Armstrong/Cambridge - who found this trick was being played on Greta Ransom age 10 & 11 years - & the Humperdinck family saw this was so - then others from the Universities who teach us - Summer 1945 they tried explain to WIDOWER ANDRE MALRAUX … but had not idea he did not know of the INHERITANCE OF THE NORTH POLE … he understood it to be his GUARDIANSHIP TO GREETHA October 1937 …

1959 MISS TERESA- Terry BUTLER 17-19th December-

has exposed the violence against her family on several cousin lines from time of Great War - & after the Ransom marriage of 1932 the violence horribly increased because many persons knew of the fraud- theft- murders against the Ransom family from the marriage of Millie & John Ransom & the horrible interference to get the lands & moneys by the EARLS of LINDSAY creatures gone mad in Scotland -

some of their crimes are listed in this Document …

1938 - It is swiftly understood by G.B Government & Lords that the INHERITANCE to GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE the legally chosen GUARDIAN a FRENCHMAN… could take the Estate away from their PLANNED FRAUD … ANDRE MALRAUX a known writer & popular for going to SPAIN in the Civil War … was in IMPERIAL BRITAIN`S way …

The ESTATE could not boldly be TAKEN BY FRAUD if FRANCE GOT TO KNOW…

Therefore GUARDIANSHIP had to be kept from MALRAUX from winter 1937/8 OR KILL HIM FOR IMPERIAL BRITAIN so its VERY UGLY SIDE AT THE TOP COULD DEBAUCH ON-wrecking the globe

1938-1960s - Often the intention was to KILL HIM but he had often to HIDE FROM CLARA & MAURICE THE MOUSE waving guns at him … THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & Crown removed all his Post/mail & had spies -traitors about him - Miss Butler had written to Malraux 3 times - but not given away too much - she had never received an answer from him - but as Guardian he should have known the name BUTLER-

NB : Two of Mary Gordon’s sisters married 2 Butler brothers Manchester late 19th century… son Bill Butler is Mayor of Manchester…all family concerned with preservation of City & decent standards of life … “ biggest Catholic Mafia in the country” quips Miss Win Gordon after a visit to MANNI …they even know young then old LOWRY in the pub … but he is non-alcoholic … bought a painting … he a Rent Collector …drinks Lemon or Cherry-ade …

1959 December - Arthur Malone detective-Law/Notebooks- Miss Butler`s information -then several persons aid OPEN SESAME ! PERSECUTION of MALRAUX will increase because he MINISTER OF FRANCE … the Post/mail all communications to he & General de Gaulle intercepted the more … A secret-silence Worker of such Realms suggests `… also servants coming along the palatial corridors with the TEA POT … when not too much comprehension required by those ARISEN ON HIGH … did not Mengele have such a Plan in 1952 to RULE THE WORLD … world leaders to be controlled by DOPE… I seem to recall … the listener felt he was drunk & sportive … `

Arthur Malone Notebooks/Miss Teresa Butler December 1959

` 1933 SUMMER - PLANNED MURDER of the 3/4 months old Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Ransom - doped - to die of thirst under porch of her aunt`s home on the island… its known as

`The Grange` … ARRAN - Western Hebrides `

98 acres owned by Margarethe Ransom Grote Estate in 3 Parts THE NOBLE OWNERS OF THE ISLAND sold it off for DOUGH BECAUSE OF THEIR GAMBLING DEBTS … grew Divinorum Salvia Scotland for SALES overseas … & factory slave system

The growing of this dangerous narcotic BANNED immediately by

“ Mrs Grote & her husband who put up good houses & got in a medical team to take care of the sick workers -1870s on …she would have her GREENLAND COUSINS come over … the women so beautiful & they`d sit out in the fields with embroidery & music of a very high standard

All a bit like the Pre-Raphaelites ANDRE WILL LIKE TO HEAR OF ALL THIS … by the way you can call me KING ARTHUR ! I have had some SHOCKS since I met all of you … !

1960 January - Report : POLITAN Arthur Malone … AFTER this CHRISTMAS with my mother & the family who had told me who my father was before my 60th year … I went on up to the island … I have several pages full …

I won`t go up again… Sir JAMES JIMMIE has his FOOTPRINTS ALL OVER THE ISLAND… & other BIG BOOTS IMPERIAL COME ALONG … you`d NOT want to be up there in certain parts after dark … I think I got spotted as somebody ODD …

I HAVE GOT TO WARN ANDRE ABOUT THIS … he walked into this kind of madness when we were all living in the Square …”

Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960 onwards: Information from many/& 1940/41 Mrs MacDonald school teacher Bulford whose father lives on ARRAN -

1933 - PLAN - the Nobles will return in November find 4 months old Greta Ransom (born in their convenient understanding an Ape Eskimo 11.3.1933 ) dead under the doorstep - They in mock shock accuse Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grote of witchcraft murder- Clutching evil heads & breasts they suggest a CALL to the Nation to be made over the new BBC…`lock old Eskimo up - EARLS OF LINDSAY TAKE ALL HER ESTATE OVERSEAS-

1920s - IMPERIAL BRITAIN/the north - their chum Angela has parents into witchcraft & have had Teresa Gordon with them from 1921 ... it is how they

& others short of DOUGH nobles amuse themselves in cold winters All Hail MACBETH ! There is a crowd in a Noble Place Norfolk that even creepy crawly ALAISTAIR will not have anything to do with … they have gone too far & nasty …

1933 - M. Teck called `the old battleship - was calling out imperiously after having JIM for TEA …that this gigantic ESKIMO Estate was not to go to her daughter-in-law Angela but to SHE - a QUEEN … ” JIM turned green

Humanist prefer the Queen of Borneo & Hawaii Nobles :

who knew exactly what Tiggy Grote`s philosophy was `Care of people & lands- a future for ALL - Victoria who spoke GERMAN tongue with FRED RANSOM of `The Mary Rose` tall ship & JACOPSHOLMEN Is. WEST GREENLAND … did well until THEY STOLE HER POST/mail - & Tiggy GROTE took sea voyages with a Queen of Spain to tell her `you cannot just take this up & then lay it down as you do with other things - you are taking on a great responsibility for life - orphans - the future of the globe…” She did very well - but seems to have died too early` -

1860s-1960s - Notebooks Diaries/Reports - `3 Queens `etc/heimat & homesteaders/ Rural Tories/ immigrants 17th century onwards-

1930s early - IMPERIAL ALERT : The medicines & the raw opium were to be checked & suggestion made politely that Mr JONG did not go to TEA & pour it too … once a month with `Mary dear` & Angela with a f a s t tongue “ Mary dear ” was a woman of the earlier `Marlborough House Set` who lived apart from her husband

“ they had no wedding rings & Angela JIM’s travelling companion since they were kids together & as amongst this young FAST SET both took dope … `

( … especially pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up the snout-

Angela`s parents grew it -illegally- as the rest of Noble Britain - North of the Border … especially WESTERN Scotland a LAW unto itself - where they even culled their own babes - to pay the bills when the Nobles found themselves a bit short out of MONTECARLO - )

The dope purple plum/snow/mist/pickle PUT A MONSTER IN THE BRAIN & IT TOLD THEM TO WIN …

1959 December 17th-19th- Miss Teresa Butler/Arthur Malone & Andre Malraux Thorpe-le-Soken/ Notebooks

`1933 JUNE “… ARRAN Western Hebrides - where the Aunt -

I think she was a Margaret but she is a MISS RANSOM - HAD A HOUSE … my Aunts Bessie & Annie whom MALRAUX knows very

Well after this just past War … & has praised to other members of the family - You can ask Win & the youngest Esther & her husband - Harry - my cousin Arthur Gordon their eldest brother…` Mary Gordon`s first child born 1891 when Uncle George was stationed in Ireland the South that is ` ARTHUR was in the Navy & went out to Malaya then went into INSURANCE the City as his Uncle Arthur Gordon who was in the CITY Insurance … Well they having no children they made him Arthur their heir … we called her The Jersey Lillie & she had a lot of monies & properties but no children as I said - I think she may have been a bit too old poor thing…My niece Eileen Gordon is in Fleet Street … Reuters… she went there as a girl

Nota bene : Arthur & Nellie`s only child - ANOTHER MARTYR EILEEN GORDON lifetime at Reuters -1990 after Greta Ransom W. makes 2 visits to Woodford Green & is given paintings by our Grandpa George … I was questioned by Treasa Mad Mother Kali & she is still able to THUMB A LIFT WITH THE PENNILESS Mengele Harrington non-Peer … who exposed HIMSELF 1981/1982 in his DIVORCE & subsequent DE-BAGGING by BMA -British Medical Association cowardie-cowards … G R

1959 December - Teresa Butler : “ Well - they in the PRESS all knew about the ESTATE - the grabbing at it by TRUE BLUES …

Cousin Arthur just died (1957/invitation came to 50 Lancaster Gate Square-not given to ANDRE or GRETA ! ) has been deceived by one of my cousin Teresa’s bastards - an Edward now a true-blue …ANDRE & GRETA were sent invitations to the funeral at Woodford but they did not appear …

1934 it is - Well my Aunts Bessie & Annie called on Margaret Ransom … a Mrs Grote I think she was Mr Malone your Detective has been going through my Papers I`ve collected for many years its all over there in that pile of papersbut her husband … this former Miss RANSOM that is… had these good Orphanages all over the world where the children were all religions but travelled & stayed with one another - they got a good education to 18 years & worked in everything that is needed … The VATICAN were very much involved … the homes for the ORPHANS had to be APPROVED by them before he her husband with a German name could set them up But her family used to travel to Rome … sail by ship … could call on the POPES … because of saving a ship of men in the North … GREENLAND it might have been …”