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Notes Arthur Malone - Miss Teresa Mary Butler … somewhat miserable at it all ’ said POLITAN 1960 & 1972… she felt no care had been taken of the orphan children … by anyone … but she did not blame the RANSOM YOUNG PEOPLE …she blamed TRUE BLUES who were greedy … & had no education … ’

“ … It was 1934 - & she a former Miss RANSOM - I have all the details in the papers over there- (she pointed to a pile of flat boxes)…

` I think her name is Margaret - or very like that - she gave them the key to her Welsh cottage to use when they would like to take a holiday - she did not go there - she had not the time …”

( nota bene : Bessie & Annie called this Holy Woman Margarethia - & were impressed that although she was not a Catholic she called by invitation to tell Popes about the globe A to Z -)

MARGARETH`IA A HOLY WOMAN - holy women themselves are Mary Gordons sisters Bessie & Annie artist - with a smaller world but same landscape of philanthropy when young - THEY HAD NEVER BEEN IN THE PRESENCE OF ANYONE WHO HAD SAT at so many LUNCHEONS & teas WITH SO MANY POPES - in the Vatican Gardens-

Miss Teresa Mary Butler (soon a Martyr) continues :

1959 December - IT IS THE MATTER OF MY NIECE …

Greetah RANSOM - It began I believe in sometime June 1933 - I did not know until the autumn - then I went up there - sat on the Island month of October - a lovely place that month - her mother my cousin Teresa & the true blues tried kill the child made heir by the old lady…when she was born -

They needed a figurehead to train for the family …those who took care of the Estate - then the boy her Uncle was chosen too - he was a great favourite & comfort to my Aunts - Bessie & Annie … He could draw & speak languages - so they always welcomed him coming to the seaside after the marriage of Teresa to young Fred RANSOM -

1932 that was…`

1933 - October - I went to the Police & to the Solicitor - I explained I was the eldest of us & the trouble my young Aunt Mary had from the end of the Great War…this is what I heard - ` Police were called but by then the Party had left the island & babe had been discovered under the floor boards - Greta Ransom first child of the marriage…”

The house had been prepared for winter - nobody would come by again - perhaps in November to check outside - The unwelcome visitors - there had been damage & a fire outside - things carried out & burned - the marble dog was broken in pieces beside the pump - & Mrs Grote’s jewel box - it was of lead - there was a fashion for this/Shakespeare…it was empty & broken… then the tales from the Island women who had dared feed the child put in a privy outside in a bucket or a bowl …”

Nota bene : The dog is Rienzi - who lived on Jacopsholmen Island - Frederick & Gertrude got him to keep Tiggy in the playground & not wandering off into the snows with his scientific experiments age 11 years - they had lost their first born FREDERICK RANSOM & Greenland cousins 7 /8 years old down a crevass … the little bodies are still there … save them before these monsters burn them to destroy the DNA …

The Police told me - we had Police connections -

… it was said two local women had first found the child in a privy - in a bucket - it had no clothes on-

it was not fed - they crept back when they knew the true blues as I call them … these Noble families - were away & they fed the child - sometimes it was in a bowl … Newspapers had been used to clean the child in some fashion … Some superior Church of Scotland figures do not shine in this … On account of the Lindsay family having been in Police trouble before it had been hoped to prosecute them … strike while the iron was HOT !

( George Gordon came from 9th Lancers 1892 to The Police Force after his father died & the family found money tied up by the Solicitors for the only grandson in Scotland ! The 5 young men all saw that their mother & 2 sisters had home & kept the carriage … Edgar youngest was only 10 years old …Henry Frederick GORDON the eldest son went to work the RAILWAYS alongside the writer of a novel in progress THE CASK first modern detective novel 1920 -

needed another character last night Henry- so I have written you in )

Miss Teresa Butler / several reports /collected 1960/

1933 summer ARRAN - some men in a fishing boat reported fires … & saw books floating … but they had been in the sea some days … it was a collection of bibles & holy books that were being wheeled to the jetty & tipped in the sea - Mrs Grote’s husband had made this collection - they were of every tongue in the world - Some paintings were taken to a shop - but they could only be given a few pounds - so they were burned on the fire outside the house - they were paintings by Gericault - Mrs Grote’s father knew him … the matter of the Raft … TMB

“ Then the people - a woman & three men - there were others earlier - left the island it was believed - some Clergymen had been asked earlier - but did not interfere - They were nobles that came … you see - The child could not be seen . ”

“ … The damage was horrible to the inside of the house … the house was to be secured - locked up-for the winter … it was decided NOT TO TELL Mrs Grote … Aunt Margarethe as children of the island called her when she was in residence then it got about that this child of 4 months was her heir … local people were frightened at what they had seen …”

The curtains embroidered by Mrs Grote’s Greenland Eskimo relatives - her mother’s relatives - had been burned - they had embroidery of the history of Greenland - they were made for her wedding … The women were asked to go & see if her wedding dress could be found & to bring to safety … The Solicitor had given orders to tell her there had been a fire - she MUST NOT COME BACK - until they had tided the house & grounds…”

Nota bene : 1933-1960 - 26th December 1960 when Arthur Malone HIT THE ISLAND - having eaten his Christmas Dinner in

a hurry at home … encouraged to get on with his research by his family who were gasping at this Case of BARBARISM they

had followed puzzling events in his last 2 years as Detective to Andre Malraux & the young people at his house in Scarlet Town Arthur/POLITAN knew exactly what he wanted to hear from witnesses on ARRAN Island West Hebrides … some of whom were still up there he was almost certain

It was not quite 27 YEARS since this murder attempt HAPPENED TO GRETA age 4 months … BURIED UNDER THE DOOR STEP TO DIE …

1960 January - HE NEEDED TO GIVE ANDRE MALRAUX immediately information ON THIS CULLING OF THE HEIRS …

1959 December - Miss Terry Butler - Well she this Margaret Ransom was anxious about her scarlet wedding frock … kept on the Island …ARRAN her father had it made in SPAIN for he wanted to see a scarlet bride against the snow -

it was famous - it had been loaned for other weddings on their Island … & an island off Greenland …” TMB …….


` … & it went to PARIS to be taken care of - she was asked to wear it at certain occasions - it was with a diamond collar & there were other jewels stitched on - these dresses were famous in Spain - her father saw them when he was young - Later it was decided by everyone THAT SHE Aunt Mag MUST NEVER RETURN - the damage could harm her health ! … `

1933 … ` … After the women had collected the dress & some other things - mercifully intact upstairs in a wardrobe at the top in a box as she described it to be … then the three men came in by boat & locked up the house - put shutters on the windows - boarded up for winter… for FOUL winter doth come…`

1937 SUMMER - 4 years 2 months after this ATTACK ON me GREETHA RANSOM HEIR by GROSS BRITAIN STUFFED ANIMALS IN A BRITISH MUSEUM I am giving to JOSETTE the phrase ` for FOUL WINTER DOTH COME ` & she is pleased with it & understands WHY stores should be gathered summer & autumn …

Records Dr John RAY & bro. Dr Len Imm. Ransom/FJR/

& FCFR their father who lived with his Aunt Margarethe 2 years on the island after she widowed … 18 years old he did her accounts Gross Britain & some Continent with her son Basil…

“ An island she bought because they could no longer live safely upon the HOLY ISLAND JACOPSHOLMEN … they were

threatened by IMPERIAL FORCES who were a nuisance to the rest of the world … ” … (Information Lord ABCZ - 1957/1960s )

THE GRANGE ARRAN - An un-prepossessing place outside people said … but it was a vast wonder of scholarship - intelligence - normal household inside & she, our father says/FCFR/ in the mornings with her servant might be rosy cheeked her sleeves rolled up & a check American pinafore making food in the big kitchen - She would come forward to anyone calling with perfect GRACE she the richest person in the world … cared for her peoples & her lands Her eyes oval the cheekbones too high for the Northern inbred kind it did not get commented upon abroad only an irritation to certain ill equipped for superior status in Great Britain …”

1933 … Mr Grote’s study remained -

( minus the most valuable library … who has an 18th century Xristian Prayer book of the Marsh Arabs to-day ? … & books further back … ) He had been killed on the island 1904 -

…. ` it was not natural ` ….

19th / early 20th century - Evil men of power were after Sea Traders properties about the world - (records as above especially LETTERS FROM JEAN to John RAY R … his mother ballerina grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA to be murdered 1938 by THEM - Dr John RAY will never meet her alive after his 2nd year…

He did not know until after her death the LETTERS FROM JEAN are from she Jean Weddell (widow Weddell-Aquida Smith Spain) Ransom … he her middle son 1917 attacked so savagely by LINDSAY EARLS… their filthy women on this narcotic & short of DOUGH & promised the FORTUNE of a MILLIE LINDSAY … ( the mad old freaks claim Greetha Ransom APE & ESKIMO via blood line 1830 Clouts of Dereham Park

( survived as Countess Lindsay ! ) another girl they laid hands upon for her moneys …

“ 1904 … Mrs Grote Aunt Margarethe Aunt Mag … she had been protected by the Island tenants after the disgraceful insults over the burial of her husband - THE EARLS WOULD NOT ALLOW HIS BODY TO BE RETURNED TO THE USA …` R. bros.

(because the poisons could be discovered ! )

1959 December - Miss Terry Butler - “ Finally the Islanders had told the Nobles they would destroy their places if they touched the new grave- a great boulder was placed & the inscription put upon that - At first they had tried bury Mr Grote in a rat-infested part - then 2 gravestones had been broken to pieces - Mrs Grote was called Aunt Margaret I think it was -

by the tenants… When she was younger her son would come - her Greenland cousins - very beautiful women they would sing & sew sitting out in the fields … & they could all play music …»

“ I am beginning to recall you had best call on Annie my Aunt at `Stella Maris ` … but we should not upset them the more for the marriage was said to have been TAKEN UP AGAIN …”

“ … Then her nephew came to stay - others visited - She could not go & live on her island in Greenland without a family - she was waiting for her nephew to marry & have children - her brothers had been killed - & her sister-in-law a Miss Frobisher she was the deaths were known to be un-natural- TMB… Greta Ransom heard some of this 17 Dec 1959 -

1959 December - Teresa Mary Butler/Terry….

It was because of the great wealth abroad - Some of the Islanders had gone to visit & joined the wonderful work …

around the world - She did not live on the Island all the year

but had to visit her husband`s properties abroad - although some was from her families Ransom …”

“ … It was hard for her after her husband was killed - he had circumnavigated every year & she could catch him where she would round the world - she had a house in New York where her husband`s people were … but she preferred to be where she could see her relatives - They had an ancient farm Montrose Scotland - & they would all get together up there - I think it was an uncle …

Some of them had ships - big sailing ships - Mr Grote had big ships for taking his orphans visiting - but they were steam - Some family came over from Norway - her mother’s relatives I heard

1959/60 winter- Teresa Mary Butler to Arthur Malone -

& ANDRE MALRAUX - Detectives & Colleagues )

1933 SUMMER A dog would not leave the place & the men had closed the shutters & nailed up - a dog heard a tiny whimper - then 2 of the men having to return for the dog pawing at the boards - they too heard it - the child had a purple halter round its neck - it was naked -

the noble party had left the Island the previous day … ”

Calm it ! 21stt century - ( DEAR READER - Come with me on a ROUND trip to HELL permission the Devil …

( he respects my INCA Aelovedmah Passport ) to axe them all …. & chase the rest who are still on THEIR FLAT EARTH… chase them into HELL … OR ? … have them on CHAINS building at North-South Poles … bottling the SNOW into a pyramid of their empty Gin Whiskey & Vodka bottles & they shall DINE on cabbage stalk soup cold with fish bones & drink the SEAS … Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM )

1933 summer - ARRAN Hebrides - The 3 men were in the boat with the other dog - going to leave- the home locked up by good Islanders in grief - they called dog but it would not come - a man got out of the boat & went to look but he was some while - another followed impatient - dog would not come away from where it was pawing … the babe`s whimper was heard … »

( What chance we are - says Greetha Ransom who has to DANCE on her 100th wedding anniversary to Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX … & have him a Library upon MARS… & all the other MARTYRS shall have CHAIRS in the Universities of THE WEDDELL SEA & POUL GRONLANDER ...Grandpa 4 times back … genius 6`5” tall with dark blue eyes & brown-black hair …wrote a HAMLET for the Greenland MIND … & thus influenced by POUL … I chose Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX …)

1933 - LINDSAY PLOT : Witchcraft ” ! was to be the cry in NOVEMBER - they would then lock Margarethe Ransom Grote up in a lunatic asylum - they`d tried do it once before - early 1920s Churchill stopped them - but they’d been killing too many people in Scotland for lands - he threw them out of the country to the Continent where there were only foreigners to ROB !



Winston Spencer Churchill .

1933 Arran Hebrides “ … the men they knew of fires of the destruction - it had been seen from the sea … the collection of Bibles & Holy Books in EVERY LANGUAGE… property of Thomas Grote an American citizen - wheeled to a jetty & thrown in the sea - they had watched the party from the sea - there was a lot of drinking - but they were NOBLE NAMES …

Later everyone heard of the destruction of the 3 Gericault paintings of the SEAS … bought from the painter by Mrs Grote’s father FRED RANSOM … of that tall master Mary Rose the family ship - his brother lived at Montrose & IT WAS LAID UP THERE IN THE BASIN … a restored piece everyone proud of it - They had lived on the East Coast the Ransoms - hundreds of years …

1933 ARRAN - The child was taken out from under the boards & the Police informed - a nurse came to see to the babe a girl… Later they heard it was GRETA RANSOM - Mrs Grote’s heir - chosen by everyone at birth - to train to run the Estate … & they knew several of the RANSOM family - everyone knew of them - they were good folk- ` vast accounts/

“ … The curtains made by women of Greenland - you admired

them when you came to the house & they were a lot of history -

Mrs Grote’s trousseau - 2 years work - ( 1860/63 on the Island Jacopsholmen by her relatives … GREENLAND women - embroidered with scenes from Greenland history ) - had been ripped out - heavy drinking went on - the curtains were burned - by those that should know better

Information : T M B & Arthur Malone & Malraux/others …

Ransom bros/JEAN/FCR… others …

The child was first seen when it was carried in a bucket

to an outside privy & left 2 days - reports said it had been thrown in the sea from the Jetty - it was given no milk - the Island women crept in at nightfall & fed the child - & one afternoon when the party had gone to another part of the Island they saw the carnage in the house it had been a home

1933 summer - “ The child had been under the floorboards naked for 22 hours - a lead of purple satin was round its throat - the Island women had watched the party `throw the child far out in the SEA `

` 3 men of Faiths asked to intervene were cautious of nobles who came to the Island or lived sometime of the year upon it - Another report says that one of the religious men may have alerted the mainland … after three/four days …”

1933 reports/ `The babe’s remains were to be found November - by some monster pretending to be concerned returning to the Island of Arran -

they would DISCOVER the dead tiny body of GRETA RANSOM under the entrance - THE new fangled invention wireless BBC put out an ALERT - `Old Eskimo wanted for witchcraft - ` CROWN CLAIMS ALL - doing Lindsay in the eye ! Somewhere Government claws way in - Noble Lords expect a share … A dog saved the legal heir - Greetha Ransom-

1870s-1957/1959 … References - Aunt Terry Butler- see ‘Goblin Market’ papers Dec 1959- Arran Hebrides - an island home of Aunt Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote where she OWNS 98 ACRES … until STOLEN BY JIM JONG Cur James & sold on to his chum Angela‘s 2nd cousin.. son without heirs …

1953/1957 ... Margarethe girl of the snows - 5 years will help educate me by telephone /letters/family history/JOYOUS VENTURE history & Grote Homes - Greta Ransom her niece - Nota bene : planned telephone calls - letters via Embassies - safe addresses who have family records/ - especially after I am kidnapped back at 3 & half years old to GROSS BRITAIN by `STUFFED ANIMALS FROM A BRITISH MUSEUM ` - ` FIGURES FROM A MORGUE `

Kidnapped back to decades of violence …

1936 June - G. R. Passport removed - so I can be abused as before - we left October 1935 by our 3 seaplanes to Greenland - We being bred from 14 Races/27 Nations with properties off-shore - A DECREE of silence went out by VAGRANT G.B. Nobles ordering capture - murder - buried or burned in Scotland - The heir is not a Ward of Court or the ESTATE would go overseas to other RANSOM families- G.R. escaped Lindsay murderers 1933

1920-1921/1923 - Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas GROTE THE FIRST GREAT PIECE OF FRAUD upon the Estate … so far as Grote Brokers off Wall Street New York were concerned …

1923 - Insulted behind her back - called `an old Eskimo` fawned upon by Nobles North G. B. who could pay their wedding from profit on their Divinorum Salvia Scotland fields - & collected from the Lindsay Crown Office Whitehall …”

It was well known how she was tricked into paying for the complete lavish Wedding - when she has Grote Homes children worldwide to support - to look to her great pieces of philanthropy - her umbrellas for poor communities raising them in art-music-housing them…given intelligent civilized work - A FUTURE

`Aunt Mag` humanist highly educated creator with her husband of this vast philanthropy GROTE HOMES educating to 18 years every child with English language & 3 or more other tongues Latin of course … THE CHILDREN NOT TIED TO WARRING FAMILIES but of their NATIONS & of the ENTIRE GLOBE …`