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We hold Ransom Estate lands from 11th century Brittany & she has by agreement the nations purchased former ancestral lands of RANSOM family her direct line/having Archives of records as SEA TRADERS usually do for they must read & write back to the Roman Empire Times & before Her Family CIVILIZED WORK goes A-Z Globe - settlements Reserves small works of arts & crafts VAST INVESTMENTS IN TRANSPORT early 19th century …Welfare umbrellas & grants to educational facilities from kindergarten to Universities including libraries & Museums the globe … Science-technology-welfare…especially music/her parents set up a Home for retired Musicians southern Italy … & there is the Hollywood Bowl … ( so who sold that off after Dr John Ray`s murder ? )

1856 - MARGARETHE RANSOM at 15 years of age set out to SHOW WHAT COULD BE DONE TO CIVILIZE THE WORLD … her Home for widows & orphans Dussledorf is begun by her father buying the Schloss … Fred Ransom hearing of his daughter`s

distressing morning walk in the town helped her begin. She told at lunch of meeting a widow with 2 tiny children thrown out of their room the husband had died in an industrial accident 2 days before … they were crouching in the street …

she learned there were more for whom no provision was made … Records !

America - the Leper establishment who MAP OUT AN AREA OF THE STARS … a schoolroom for their first 2 years … “ After the cure was discovered many chose to stay IN THEIR HOME & work on in delightful surroundings where they cultivated everything they needed for the kitchens … THE STARS work was more comfortable for them … at NIGHT … 1936 Lennie & I visit with the family … most were away on holiday or visiting families but they would return for their work …” /report on the grabbing of this land & seashore 1948 onwards by G.B. scum/

THE ESTATE since Tiggy was killed 1904 ALL KEPT LOW KEY so not to offend IMPERIAL BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA who so disapprove of a woman & an Eskimo owning moneys & land

But they are only educated at gambling & collecting RENT

1923 - MARGARETHE GIRL OF THE SNOWS GREENLAND is denied entrance even to a side-chapel of a Wedding for which she has paid except for 12 per cent … days before a DIGNIFIED PERSONAGE was sent to say it would be unseemly for SHE AN ESKIMO to attend such a gracious event - 1923 it got to GROTE BROKERS WALL STREET who fumed at what they had already begun to suspect … was A HUGH PIECE OF FRAUD … Mr Pong Jim Jong played some role Lennie & I hear in 1938 …

THE PLOT TO TAKE HER ESTATE IS ALREADY FORMED - an old Catholic Lord paid 12 percent to help out - his solicitors said he could not manage more - A PRIVATE ADVERTISEMENT HAD APPEARED IN A GAZETTE … would all the rich people in Britain like to contribute to the forthcoming wedding …

1921 - At a jolly gathering many clustered about the ESKIMO saying what they would contribute … passed it to the Solicitors … don`t YAH KNOW…` OH WOE AS TIME WENT ON THEY ANNOUNCED with jowls shaking with emotion that THEIR SOLICITORS SAID THEY HAD NOT GOT THE DOUGH The EVIDENCE they had was a signature of Mrs Grote on a serviette at a gardening gathering … she was told she was signing for extra tickets at a BENEFIT …

If you confronted the stuffed animals from a MORGUE at LAW… were it possible… they WOULD BLATHER IN LORDLY NOISES ` OLD ESKIMO DRINKS `

Margarethe she did not DRINK AS THE BRITISH NOBILITY …

At toasts or celebratory gatherings of HIGH INTELLIGENCIA … wine at table with trusted friends … as her father & his talented friends Europe the Americas … it was usually safe about the globe to take a SHERBERT …. But NOT where GROSS BRITAIN & its very slaggy Empire are dreadfully short of DOUGH YAH KNOW-

1921/1923 … It was an ugly sordid arrangement once they had got Mrs Grote to enter their lair - JIM was about ! This is regarded as the first piece of FRAUD found by Grote Brokers New York - endless records - ” (Its positively MEDIEVAL … )

Nota bene: 1962 March - upon receiving the 3 WILLS stolen from the Courier end February 1960 … General de Gaulle at that time President of France says … “ A GIGANTIC OBSCENE PIECE OF STATE CRAFT BY GROSS BRITANNIQUE … ”

1938/1939 winter - THE coming SLAYING of the


A posh voice asks agreeably “… where will the Grote Children go - when the HOMES are emptied - shut down -lands sold - Angela has ordered this - it has just come through … She says all money be given to her … ”

“ … There are a million GROTE CHILDREN - you will have them wandering about the world - highly educated - NO HOMES - They will speak about what has happened to them - think about it … all over the world- ? & those who have left are well employed very often … have interesting work … & always return every year or two to their HOME - Well …

I just ask a simple question …”

... many of the children enter teaching & local administration … medicine science music theatre - specialized EDUCATION -

many stay HOME & work on the settlements-farms-craftworks/ all marry happily/ a very few go in the Church/ records/diaries

1870s/80s … Mrs Grote - a Goddess on Arran - She & Tiggy cleansed the island - ended the misery - stopped immediately growing of the dangerous narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland - Previously many tenants worked growing - processing the narcotic … their life expectancy about 28/9 years - bodies often said to be taken to mainland for burial were burned by waterways & washed out …Nobody wanted to go near that Lake Tanya …

She put up neat homes in 2 months/they had lived worse than pigs - she started a Camp for the dying - the others looked after them -

She put in nurses & a doctor on call from the mainland - ”

Professional & retired people did not want to live on the island -

because of the lawless nobles & their unpleasant gatherings especially at Eastertide - She put in the road - she won a battle with Westminster for street lighting & they pay - It was the LAW she informed Westminster -”

“ The Nobles - Earls of Arran & this & that Western Scotland Nobles now demanded she mend their great roofs - but it was explained to them she had left them the ground around their noble dwellings - therefore they were responsible for mending their roofs ! …”

HER legal advisors KNEW THE LAW- & all about treacherous Scots Lords/reports-1870s onwards/ Read MacBeth W.S./

1870s/ Margarethe Ransom Grote BOUGHT 98 acres

ARRAN Western Hebrides … from thuggish EARLS & Nobility … gave them a good price to pay their GAMBLING DEBTS - they intended taking Island off her when they could give her an accident - but her husband was too powerful with his HOMES - spoke 100 or more languages & called in on Princes Prelates & Divines ABROAD - & circumnavigating the globe year in year out maintaining his popular HOMES - Thomas GROTE a USA citizen is seen to their dismay in photographs with Princes - Prelates - Sultans - even Kaiser Willy - & those they feared most THE VERY INTELLIGENT men & women including Presidents - Industrialists - scientists - Therefore all this left them with no hope of PICKING OFF THE OLD ESKIMO by the USUAL FRAUD allowed their divine class They made plans to murdered him 1904 / commencing with hocus pocus about his PASSPORT & GROSS BRITAIN Westminster Rules …” records/reports/-

1904 - (hocus pocus = Jugglers Arts - but it also means to DOPE TO DRUG … so the speaker is accurate …


Tiggy did not TRUST the noble CREATURES OF THIS PART of SCOTLAND - people from abroad often spoke of them as CROOKS …

1910 LIR- `Aunt Mag got into flight 1910 - By 1920 she had planes for all the HOMES & Estates - She said Thomas would have gone into flight immediately- he always took a great interest in modern useful technology- his 2nd cousins are the Messerschmitt family - somewhere kindly old Junkers come in to his family - his mother a great niece of Frederick Immanuel KANT- His ancestors had a WENS skirmish - he`d come up with this when genealogy RANSOM was over-powering….`

LIR who specializes in Weddell ancestry for his mother JEAN-11O6 AD-

LIR Diaries -

` Greetha- speaking with Aunt Mag winter 1937 asked her about Catholic church music - Monteverdi ? She said “ No- I do not know enough of his music - but I attended a performance of the Opera about the EMPRESS at the beginning of this century.

We could have a performance on Jacopsholmen - the Opera about the Empress perhaps- as soon as we can open the Island - & use our THEATRE again ….”

“ …. Your father had an Architect to look at it - it will be sturdy in 200 years time - my father & the craftsmen built it as they build boats - I do look forward to us all being there - now your grandfather’s family is grown up - MAKING THE ISLAND OUR HOME AGAIN - OUR CENTRE- THIS WAS HOW IT USED TO BE - A FAMILY ON OUR ISLAND HOME - WHEN THOMAS & I BEGAN THE `JOYOUS VENTURE` & GROTE HOMES - 1864 soon after we were married in our Church - My father had the scarlet wedding gown made for me in Spain - so he could see it against the snow-

he had seen them in Spain & admired them years ago….` LIR

1841-1938 - MARGARETHE RANSOM - remains of her auto-biography begun when she was 15 years of age - A BOX OF PAPERS FROM HER WAS HANDED TO Colonel GEORGES-ANDRE MALRAUX at the afternoon tea after our Wedding of Grace …

by Annie Agnes Carroll Williams artist Greta`s great-aunt … He put it in the tall cupboard at JO`s PLACE … summer 1947 …

1947 - Mr Mengele Harrington employed by G.B. Government & Crown had his snout in it later that year … he broke in with a paedophile boyfriend … they were to set about REMOVING EVERY SCRAP OF EVIDENCE TO MALRAUX & JOSETTE having been in Clacton-on-sea or East Anglia or even LINCOLN … Mr Mengele VOWED to destroy ALL - for DOUGH… he is well paid -

& is a toy-boy of Clara Malraux since 1938 -

Spoof Doctor HARRINGTON to be known as MENGELE by 1950 …

He has got a CULT to Saint Michael THE DEVIL going in FRANCE … they take DOPES & curse & have sexual gymnastics - in 1952 he is running such a Club early mornings in the disused Marmalade Yard in Central London …`Sexual Athletics` … they all DID THEMSELVES IN by 5 years later … “ info medics Scarlet Town/

Margarethe RANSOM - She had acted Imogen Shakespeare`s Cymbeline in the Ransom-Poulsen family Theatre Jacopsholmen island West Greenland when she was 15 years in 1856/7 -

Intelligent people came for the PLAY SEASON each year from 1830s - An Emperor of Ethiopia sailed in - her father FRED RANSOM had been 2 years in a Coptic school when he was 12 years - he stayed with his Aunt widow of the Consul (G.B. or USA ?) & needed something to do besides the usual school curriculum from a Tutor …

Hence the great collection of Arabic Coptic Asian books -

stolen 1940s-1950s by Imperial dope-fiends & boozers

G.B. & Scandinavia - Photographed emptying the great Ransom house 1950s - 2 noble yachts - Watched by Eskimo etc Greenlanders as they were throwing gin bottles everywhere & quite evil at their PLAY - /black-white film/records of despair /

1961 summer- dawn -

Report by Greta Ransom `DAWN - a knock on the door at ’Mistral’ the caravan 350 pounds worth a new Sprite - my only home in the tiny tri-angular meadow beside a 900 years old hedge of twelve different species - a maturing Oak tree too -the madness of break-in & entry at 50 Lancaster Gate Square HAS FOLLOWED ME HERE since 1960 January - Mengele will from now on occasionally dash by the lanes in that blue car pipping the hooter in a nasty way

31st December 1959/January 1960 … Near to Colchester - CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis - Colony of the Victors the Victorious the VICTORY where I am born into back to Iron Age Times … I felt so old & curiously IMMORTAL as the young can doat Colne Engaine Gallows Corner where I had felt I could at last lock a door !

… & with a very heavy heart as com`th in young LOVE … tried not to think upon the MAN IN THE USA RAINCOAT like Major GLENN MILLER … of the Moonlight Serenade - String of Pearls … POINCIANA ~~~~ Yes - I would go over to the seashores … when I had made some craftworks … for I must earn my living … there is NO HOPE … yet miracles doth happen I AM A PAUPER I am quite quite sure … but this meadow & the views are so beautiful … /TAPES/text - Jan-Feb 1960 … 1961 …

1960 January 1st or 2nd Mr Mengele Doc Harrington Gollum arrogantly walked in on me in my new Sprite caravan home I have bought from my summer earnings 1958 & 1959 … helping SHEshe Mad Mother Kali … Colne Engaine the pretty tiny triangle meadow by the Gallows Corner ! Mad Mother KALI claims caravan as next of KIN !

Doc MENGELE had a key - he jeered `YOU will NEVER have a door I cannot get in - one day I will lock you up naked - look at you behind bars - …. there was more` …. /text/tape -

I had `FLU & said `go away I am ill ` … he said `DON`T GIVE ME INFLUENZA … I I I HAVE TO WORK IN THE HOSPITALS EACH WEEK … & departed saying I WILL BE BACK … I arose & tied the door up inside !

The lock did not seem to work & I thought I had broken it !

1960 January 1st/or 2nd MENGELE Royal Satrap paedophile GOLLUM Doctor HARRINGTON …

he left because I said crossly I had the first day of INFLUENZA

~ & “ GO AWAY …” impolitely … The Rules of NHS are doctors have to work so many hours or at least APPEAR in British Hospitals … He has said to me since November 1957 that he is St Michael falling- fallen - Malraux’s physician ! In late February early March 1960 I am told the lock has been changed for a Child Lock - I had been fastening the door inside with rope thinking I had broken the lock …

1960 January - THE BURGERMEISTER OF PARIS … THE YOUNG EMPEROR OF GAUL HE OF THE Major GLENN MILLER RAINCOATS has taken NIGHT WATCH in the freezing frost & … under a brilliant STARRY SKY …. B U T - MALRAUX has been listened to from an apparatus in the Oak Tree by Naval Intelligence HIGH TEC (Ask Peter Wright ! ) slimey BILGE RATS THE MOST SORDID GREEDY DOPED UP old S O A K S - SINCE King ALFRED BEGAN THE BRITISH NAVY …

1961 DAWN summer - A voice old anxious sad - a word of explanation given first by Arthur Malone knocking on the caravan window woke me - someone coming to speak

THIS SUMMER sometimes in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT I have had posh-voiced thugs with THREATS - jeers … strumming a mad form of early RAP … done on LSD & Mengele MIXES by them … midnight - 3 am-some nights … as last year summer 1960 - The TERRITORIALS HAVE BEGUN TO ASSIST … but have come & gone last summer …

MALONE IS SHORT STAFFED AT THE GHOST HOUSE over the Meadow most of the time only HIMSELF … to me it looks quiet as a GRAVE … I had no idea they crept in & out of the back … over the fields … nothing existed in my memory some days but if I heard someone then it did rise but not with the important matters the comprehension BUT NOBODY CAME IN A DEPUTATION … or gave me PAPERS … I NEED PHOTOGRAPHS !

I the pauper HAVE LONG AGO FORGOT how Arthur Malone Summer 1960 said “ WE SEEM TO HAVE BEEN LET DOWN BY ANDRE … but I & Phil who is coming back from his daughter`s funeral are going to go on with this … your Uncle too - with the USA … ” Nota bene : MALONE or the IMPORTANT PERSONS IN ALL THIS HORROR DO NOT KNOW THAT MALRAUX & de GAULLE HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE FULL COURIER`s PACKAGE sent off from NEW YORK end February 1960 by PHILIP SILVERLEE …

That has to all wait for March 1962 … & only realised because of the quick INCA brain of IVY JEAN RANSOM …

1961 - SUMMER DAWN … the old anxious tired voice/ I did not catch the opening words because I had fallen asleep again had to find Malone`s words from the depths of my head … as it were !

“ I’ve just arrived - they’ve murdered the boys - stay inside all day - the Territorials will come make a ring round them - I` ve a page of Hebrew written about the crime done in PALESTINE for YOU ! I will take a rest & wait for the others to arrive… ”

(My memory is in the notes read 1970 by Andre Malraux ! )

Nota bene: 1948- GROTE HOMES Palestine children taken to desert - shot in head - bodies burned by a British thug team wearing USA Army uniforms /several reports/3 witnesses/

1948 a visit to CLACTON-ON-SEA by 5-7 young Palestinians studying in Norway & 2 Jewish young Army men trying to help - one lives into 21st century - They have got a deal of money in a bank in Damascus - reports/ `one has a beautiful name-Tempest/ Shakespeare`

Teresa Gordon R. Mata Hari reported them to ’Whitehall’

to her noble friends ! The Estate lands sold 1948/9 for The British Government & Crown to settlers - rich Americans -

The killers wore USA uniforms but had `British accents `

3 witnesses-Palestine killings-/records several accounts/

Nota bene: 1961 December- Young Arafat gives information to Andre Malraux upon the Gaza Grote Home fate-

he had made investigation -

1957 December young Arafat visited 50 Lancaster Gate Square to talk with MALRAUX - at that time neither of them knew of GROTE HOMES - Arafat was too young to know - & he was raised in Egypt-

The Palestine Homes were all emptied 1948 - children slain … little children 7-8 years old had threats of boiling water over their hands & arms if they did not GET OUT - older children were chased at night in the streets & killed THE CAMPS WERE SEARCHED later with cunning requests for can anyone help us … ( British etc - in USA uniforms … ) to locate anyone from GROTE HOMES…we can get help to you all…” (several reports/USA too)

1961 - Arafat reports to Malraux & possibly to Dr John Ray too ` it was turned into a brothel by those who probably turned the children out … then a man bought it for a restaurant ` its near the beach…`

1948 - Earls of Lindsay No 14 & no 15 were with others & MacMillan/ possibly JIM/ seen in Palestine the Holy Land

at this site of the GROTE HOME by the beach -

No 15 Lindsay hooting in the night 1960 he has DESTROYED THE MONUMENT TO SEWARD RANSOM IN THE FORT OF ACCRE - others present 1948 reports/Dr John RAY & others - speak some of this inscription ACCRE/from LETTERS FROM JEAN/USA/others/investigation/

1961 summer pre-Dawn grey light - Colne Engaine -

A voice old anxious sad … “ There’s a house of Assassins in Norway -

THERE IS A THIRD OF THE ESTATE THEY HAVE GOT - the rest is still intact - One of them - a noble family - when younger had said he found himself of this family ! He did not want to go on parade with them again !

But … there’s a sailor - a soldier - & an old tall brute egg-head

& ghoul faced - he has done foul crimes like this for years … ”

` I don’t like the Plans they had in 1932 ! When you were born they wanted you flung in the stew - you were in their way !

The Territorials` will come - make a list & try to despatch them for killing all the children - & now the boys !

` JO & ANDRE’s boys - killed 23 Mai 1961 - I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE…

` I have asked a friend - he says the LAW cannot handle this - so despatch them - where they can ! You clearly have not known - Julie said she had no idea the size of the Estate …

… ANDRE CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE - they have deceived him from the beginning-now they want to destroy him all the more` (It has to be Dr John Butler, Julie’s cousin Aunt Terry Butler’s brother…first grandchild to Teresa Carroll m John Williams the girl Platonist Harmonist died 1880...)


1961 summer - is the Speaker of Manchester - Aunt Terry Butler`s brother John ? - If he is ANNOUNCED as another Uncle John it must have frightened me G.R. the more -

Is this Dr JOHN BUTLER Manchester/Chemistry ? I think it is ! But

I have been kept from this Manchester branch of my grandmother Mary Gordon`s sisters … TREASA Clytemnestra organises that cunningly -

now we have Mengele Doc Harrington NAVAL INTELLIGENCE clasped on to us with helpers …PHYSICIAN to ANDRE MALRAUXin no way did MALRAUX agree this title for a STONE round his neck !

(Reference : Peter JP Whitehead hears from Dr John Butler`s 2 sisters Miss Winifred Butler & Miss Bessie Butler 1973 Colne Road Clacton-on-sea- matters he does not properly understand … he does not enter the SCENE until 1962 & knows nothing until 1966 about MALRAUX … She Miss Win Butler wished to speak with me privately - their elder sister & their elder only brother died in this when you lived in the caravan near Colchester - MALRAUX did not seem to know much sometimes … they blame you for not helping him MALRAUX - Their brother could not get much help from you - they wished we had not called at all …`

Peter JPW. then swiftly tells Mengele & his dames & others his CLASS in showy PADS in Scarlet Town … but does not tell G.R. that he is confiding with these dangerous TRENDIES who have been robbing the Estate & harming thousands of people in their GREED & to cover up what they have done by unlawful authority Gross Britain Gov & Nobles etc -