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I was a little disappointed it was so cheap a hat … & a bit slinky like gangsters of the black & white Hollywood films up to something If I spoke to the romantic looking young man about my year away travelling Sud Pole to Nord Pole then he did not believe me that it was true

he is my VERY own for that afternoon I am dressed

in girls clothes as on Sundays … IF I spoke about these hats I had seen in South America then Woe he believed it a child`s dreams but perhaps I say`th it to myself for I am told to not worry him with my life when he must think … & write again perhaps another book -

He hath a new book published & hath called it … Man’s Hope - having explored `Man`s Condition` in Shanghai… the year I Greta RANSOM was born 1933 & he was 32 years old …but not as wise as Jo & me …

We arrived back rather LATE … at the house on the corner from this afternoon- I in a white frock & green coat-black patent shoes white socks-straw hat Granny Mary Helena has made me with some little daisies on it … white bag on strap across my chest & full of money from Granny - Harry… & from Augusta - that-sweet-grey-girl a Frobisher who gives me a monthly little account for school things & such matters as this …for her adopted daughter age 15 coming home with her CELLO was killed ROME 1934 ...

I shall tell Augusta in the autumn how I have used some of the INCOME for the Visitors from France & Spain … she lives in the Cecil Hotel The Strand her apartment facing the River Thames … she has to be protected from Earl Lindsay ! SHE SAYS SHE IS FRIGHTENED OF EARL LINDSAY !

( JIM & Lindsay thugs killed horribly her 15 years old adopted daughter in ROME - she was returning with her Cello - THEY WANT ALL OF AUGUSTA‘s MONEYS…AUGUSTA Frobisher is Napier & Ettrick lines to Millie Frobisher my grandpa Ransom’s mother … )

Andre with the new hat & me in my best white silk frock .. we arrived back late to be called `you monkeys` …& told they were thinking of sending out a search party …

1937 Summer Stella stars/our hostess… & Freddie-the-Clacton Theatre…

… by the kitchen tables of the generous sized kitchen-living room were to call out `You monkeys - we thought you must be still sleeping - & it was only when JO got up we found you gone -

we were thinking of sending out the search party, you monkeys-` ( Andre & Greetha are sometimes known as the monkeys now on…)

JO did not mind - she was able to rest - & write for she earns her living- & think what she will wear for the evening The Dancing...

JO says ` Greetah has made him so good …

I do not recognise him - IN THE DAYLIGHT … !

1937 - late 1930s - There’s a lot of boogie-woogie blues played at this time - very cheerful Mead Lux Lewis- or Albert Ammons & son - & the Master Jimmie YANCY - Wirelesses are on all day - seldom off - but turned low if there’s conversation - I am born in the age of BBC- 1931- I have the Radio Times of 1933 & onwards - our lives are all there too ...

1937 - A TRIAL - thus the Widower ANDRE MALRAUX is to make THE WEDDING OF GRACE 1947 -

We had come in after 6.30 pm for he ANDRE did not want simple tea in the tiny Geisha Tea Shop turn off by The Towers … with pink & white coconut pyramid cakes so special … where Aunt Winnie & I take lady friends - but Saint George ANDREW doth wish a big place he say`th - causing some anguish in my little brain… to my code of Grote-Ransom-Weddell care of moneys for personal use !

He explained he wished for a big place where he might sit & study people

thus we had a High Tea

( a place called CORDYS Clacton-on-Sea when he com`th the Widower summer 1945 ) -

The food will be described later - it is a very pleasant menu for late afternoon in summer - & he liked me curtseying & will expect it at 50 Lancaster Gate Square 20 years on … Well, if you do not laugh Minister of GAUL I curtsy to him & he has become a figure OF GRACE … I always curtsy when in a frock - But never in my usual weekday boys garb when out of school uniform - I do not curtsy in the shorts made for me in Scotland in our Pirn Mill on Arran - they are tough - but I bow with hands neatly folded behind my back …

… I am taught this in my role as HEIR


For this afternoon OUT with ANDRE MALRAUX I had changed at Granny Gordon`s house into my Sunday or duties & invitations clothes - & a girl & I like frocks but not when Lennie & I


or when we beat it in the skies down to JEAN`S GRANDPA`S



1938- 1980s - CHARNAL HOUSE/ Hearses … & Martyrs

… Lennie & I sold this Pirn Mill ARRAN Hebrides to Uncle Grandison in 1938 as he has the skills - but everybody agreed we retain the ground as Grote-Ransom Estate - a Dr Miss Bunty Grandison-Reptiles-British Museum Natural History in the 1960s speaks of him as `Uncle Frank` & of “Aunt MARGARETHE …” …& says Victoria now 5 years old LOOKS LIKE HER AS A YOUNG GIRL … she has photos from the Jacopsholmen Island … especially the one taken when `GIRL OF THE SNOWS` is 11 years old 1852

… she another who died too early - after they JIM Lindsaybuggarhs Earls & Mengele Harrington learned of her knowledge ….

Reports/ 1960s/ 1970s - Lists 1976 & 1988 onwards of the VICTIMS

… ` the HEARSE to the CHARNAL HOUSEso the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & older students/orphans some with great grandchildren … could go on - FOR DOUGH … & IMPERIUM Gross Britain & Scandinavia would not be ANCHORED TO THIS THEIR CRIME - in their lifetime …

1957 November - St Edmund’s House 50 Lancaster Gate Square

ANDRE-George he is reading his notebooks one evening to GREETAH Ransom - & re-tells this afternoon 1937 -

“ … acting as my wife - Oh yes you were - you were -

… all that afternoon … I knew it ! … ”

Thus he say`th to me age 24 years of age & young enough to tremble badly at my childish manners … & had I done wrong ? …

“… I have it here in my notebooks ! & there is more to tell…” says the Emperor of Gaul, Aragorn King of Kings from my reading the first edition 1937 of LORD OF THE RING Andre Malraux speaks from notebooks 1937 Summer to a very in love with him again 24 years old G.R…. to whom he knows he is Guardian from a letter October 1937 from a Margaret Grote -

I am not that strong young person of 1946 whom the school classes helped to dignity & strength…young woman the WEDDING OF GRACE 1947 … the abuse has been hideous & the evil about me is constantly harping on my disabilities THEY HAVE STOLEN my FATHER …

It is 20 years on from SUMMER 1937 now 1957 …

this October/November- Mengele & Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon R… booze part of the mornings round dirty Jim Cur James’ private office - WHITES CLUB St James` - a Vice Club - they are plotting for `the Crown Crown Crown-Government & House of Lords Lords Lords Government Government British Trade - BRITISH TRADE -

… they have all known one another since kids in the stables of big Noble Places … where this DOPE Div. Salvia Scotland in pretty pellets was in bowls…powders…potions…` THEY ALL become HOOTING EVIL & JIM JONG has taught them some play-acting from his 2 years course at the PEKIN OPERA … time of 1st World War ...

Beware their EVIL STARE…they learned it in the silent MOVIES

19 teens -1920s … they were early 20s or teenagers soaked in dope & liquor - but OH of such HIGH KUDOS & 1930s the Press told to STEP UP THE DIVINITY OF UPPER CLASS … & Angela`s catch …

All of these Noble Noble dope-fiends of the upper-crust

WORK THE SAME GAME AS 1920s-1930s-1940s - dope put in every cuppa-every tumbler of even Robinsons Lemon barley squash -

TO REMOVE THE MEMORY - THERE MUST BE NO YESTERDAY - or 2 minutes ago for their VICTIMS … who always bring them DOUGH … without their victims permission … or that of the civilized world -

…. The the Noble Victimizers take supper in a private suite the old haunts of the Roaring 1920s - Savoy etc- the marble halls of their youth- enter by back doors Noble Places- leave arrogantly by the front door - KUDOS they hath - Payment comes from Crown Office or some Rooms Whitehall- tills ring open as they pass by & in they put

… in a bloody PAW…or two bloody paws …

It’s a raw-RAW-raw world London Town - Scarlet Town of the 1950s- You would not think there had been a 2nd W. War - No lessons learned only GREED magnified- the determination to cover up this GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND- & wallow in dough- sneer about the slain GROTE HOMES children- & flash about the globe `

I would have them physically building our Universities in the SNOW … POUL GRONLANDER & JAMES WEDDELL & Y. Josef San Julian F. San Miguel his father-in-law NOBLE INCA …& THEY & their fiends can pay for it … some will have to go on chains …

WEST GREENLAND HISTORY 18th-19th centuries

1756-1840s - West GREENLAND - GOOD PEOPLE- Jacop eldest son of POUL Gronlander & his Carlisle ship trader wife Margaret Yates : their son age 15 years has his letter `on father`s death` reproduced in 4 Vols. History of Greenland- Finn Gad 1968-1970s -

Jacop the eldest child is 15 when his father dies in the accidental shooting - POUL was teaching a Company employee to fire the new gun - Jacop’s brave little mother Margaret of the gold curls the blue eyes had taken a rowing boat to rescue some children- but they all drowned- POUL was away at the timeTheir 5 children were orphans

& soon 1756 POUL dead in the accident -

1938 spring I had the big drawing book of Jacop Poulsen dated 1752 ... Rows of Greenland birds-animals-fishes-scenes-peoples … Unity`s mother an artist a friend of Stella Bown the Australian artist… said `it looks like Egyptian tomb drawings … `

His parents had a good library at Gotharb … the book had a cover of material stained that green-blue used so often in Greenland …

The CROSS of POUL Gronlander sent to Greta Ransom ( his grand-daughter of 4 times forward ) Colchester Museum 5 November 1953 was stained with exactly this shade the dye used is known in Norway & Greenland

JIM found out : he told SHEshe Teresa-Treasa-Tree … he would have her into a big LINDSAY nosh-up … if SHE WOULD THROW the drawing book of Jacop ON THE FIRE… she did so (Family records/she tried unsuccessfully to persuade my father FJR Greta HEIR had done this- she received PAYMENT & boasted thus-

Teresa E. Gordon Mad mother Kali/Clytemnestra

She has a FOREHEAD OF CORRUGATED IRON & is as INSANE as LINDSAYBUGGARHS JIM & Angela & all their friends/fiends when they are using this NARCOTIC… When Angela is using it she displays a piece of clothing dark aubergine claret coloured … it was THEIR CULT a warning surely that they were in A STATE OF VIOLENCE… none of them ever had a State of Grace ! they were all criminally insane from 12/13 YEARS OF AGE … when they were into 2-figures of age - big kids !

Records : Mill & John/ FCR/ FJR/ Dr John RAY Ransom & LIR “ JACOP Poulsen… after his parents death 1763 & 1765 , with help from the Elders of his father`s COMMUNITY & Church West Greenland took charge - saw to education continuing for the younger four … a good education they must have & in which he believed fiercely -

His father had left him very well off but the bulk of the money was in Norway - Jacop was not tall like father, he was always dark haired & never with his mother`s golden curls…a boy raised in a rarefied Gotharb West Greenland household with literature in several languages - They & friends at the forefront

of medicine so far as the 18th century could be - his parents believing in the botanical - not the animal cures - he Jacop Poulsen an 18th century enlightened youth & very religious …»

( G.R. adds Jacop is her father FJR`s great-great Grandpa

& Lennie, Ivy Jean, & John`s too …we had masses of photographs & letters & documents … )

“ … It looks from records as if POUL did intend going to Europe in the next two years he seems to be making preparations to be away : but died in the accident 1765 …

POUL always had an open invitation from the Pope to come & discuss THE WORLD & its wonders & the stars … those other worlds Poul`s mother had told him God intended MANKIND to go to when the ships of the AIR were invented …POUL wrote the Pope in 4 languages `for which one your Honour prefers… ”

“ He Jacop , whose daughter is to be our Gertrud … had a certain amount of CARE WORK for his father’s Religious community - eventually he went to Noroway to train for the Priesthood himself 1779 - he was 29 years old when he felt he could think about his own career & that the education of the young family of his parents was assured … they were well adjusted & learned easily all there was to know … Perhaps more modern ways than he means them to … but then he had been left TOO YOUNG to develop the GENIUS of his father POUL»

( JACOP DID WHAT NEEDED TO BE DONEGreta R. his great-great-great grand-daughter ) ….

« Older brother JACOP may have seemed old fashioned to his brothers & sisters - but by the time he felt he could do something for himself he’d a much broader mind although he can never reach the great INTELLECT of his father P O U L & his mother`s expanded mind with her husband …he had a belief in hypnotic markers for the brain -a form of SELF DISCIPLINE

“…but JACOP he’d been left too young & with so much care to have the brilliance of POUL & the culture of Margaret - nevertheless it was all there in his early learning - & it is to Gertrud his daughter he will in abundance hand it on…

She is the figure in several Delacroix paintings…noticeably in Sardanapulus (Louvre)… where she is the exotic figure with indigo veil…she is also painted as Saintly figures…& by other painters France …possibly Russia in her 40s & 50s…»

Dr John Ray Ransom USA citizen/employers are State Department/NASA/3 degrees Astra-physics/Animal Management for his Canada Estate/& L A W Degree… LETTERS FROM JEAN - HIS 7th birthday to 1938 over 17 years- she poisoned by IMPERIAL GREED when he is 21 years old -

A Party to be given in NEW YORK of course…the IMPERIAL SCUM of Scandinavia & Gross Britain knew there would be celebration amongst intelligentzia-

PAUL WHITEMAN will get his band got out of the hay …

Dr John RAY Ransom attacked age 1 month by LINDSAY WOMEN visiting in a carriage 1917 Deptford “ JERUSALEM ”

MONSTERS OF THE DEEP LINDSAY & fiends 20th century all on the dangerous narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets UP THEIR SNOUTS told to CULL young in the way of

EARL LINDSAY- there must be NO HEIRS to the Estate that is going to make them very RICH after the killing of the Grote Homes children …

… 1953 they had to share their portions of the dough from the illicit selling of RANSOM 19 acres New York … a share out at midnight with ANGELA a fat packhorse FOR THE CRIMES OF HER MEN

“ I know your mother & ANGELA - they can drink a PUB

dry over-night … “ Lord XZXC… October 1957 Lancaster Gate Square

MARTYR 1969/1970 … JOHN RANSOM re-named JOHN RAY

age 2 years - EDUCATED USA Kentucky … An American Citizen from age 2 years hidden in his early years …

1988 some human beings of USA tried support his good character his intelligence then FORELOCK PULLING got the upper hand amongst sub-sub trendy Apes / deaths reported by PJPW 1992 in California before his own death OXFORDSHIRE May 1992 /

LETTERS FROM JEAN - She his BALLERINA MOTHER legal grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA … wrote him HIS FAMILY HISTORIES to him from age 7 to 20 … all those years -

Read by Dr JOHN RAY Ransom on NIGHT WATCH JANUARY 1960 ...& some additions at Colne Engaine/Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/1961/ … a commitment to PJPW `to begin work with GR from 1990.../

“ JACOP son of POUL GRONLANDER & Margaret of Carlise … she calls herself in letters Mrs Gronlander - He married Monica… Norwegian father French mother ` her mother Monica`s mother is French … referred to as `a bit of a maniac but disciplined & of good stock - she brings the dark hair into the family again & we are going to lose the gold curls from Margaret Mrs Gronlander …”

WEST GREENLAND HISTORY 18th-20th century

JACOP POULSEN - born 1749 is orphaned at 15 years - he was a bit old & restrained perhaps but they found him a good father…Monica had lots of energy & they saw the children had the best education in Norway … this is where Gertrud our great-grandmother learned to sing Grand Opera in a Finishing School … they would be over at

the Island every year … granted for Poul`s death & to keep Holy & build when they could a College … a University is specified… Jacop had BEGUN THE CHURCH…

… but it is FRED & Gertrud who will finish it & make the Island a rare Utopia…a mixture of great learning … CRAFTS … & establish the PLAY SEASON … The interference from DENMARK was to become horrible & that is why they had to leave Scandinavia feared Independence up there & the loss of moneys to them…`

… the black hair- the Poulsens` have it 20th century -

but we go fair because of F.R. who marries Gertrud & then blonde Millie Frobisher marrying John RANSOM their son - Ransom family boys FJR JRR LIR now go fair except for IVY Jean who has the black eyes the black hair & a tiny frame her mother JEAN ballerina is taller than one realised & has fair nut brown hair from San Julian`s mother when young - “ Ivy is said `to have the black eyes of the POULSEN family of North Pole … but POUL had dark blue eyes

& Margaret pale blue eyes…’ Eye colours & hair shades mattered a lot to families in the 19th century & early part of the 20th…matching the family up was a pleasant occupation teatimes Sundays… Ivy Jean RANSOM probably has the black eyes of the INCA & POUL GRONLANDER`s father …

`Jacop has his children well educated - a humanist

broad education they acquire, holy, but a certain input of the Arts-music-theatre-ideas - which he may not have intended when they are young but acquire when they are mature & settled in career & heimat but they are young people of their time … They did not get just the Classicism-science-nature & holy work of his parents household …& their life was softer … did not go Trading in the SNOWS in the 1730s-1760s they were born into a modern age - Yet Poul & Margaret Gronlander … the grandparents that Jacop`s children never saw alive were into music & theatre for West Greenland & a visit to the East POUL singing 17th century Saint Mark`s VENICE stuff ~ ( Get CD - 1610 MASS Claudio Monteverdi & PLAY IT LOUD for an understanding - it could be swung by Big Band 1940s musicians Sundays who had been playing until after midnight Saturday ! )

The THEATRE often performed with the wax dolls her father brought from the Continent had Poul & Margaret give performances of many Shakespeare plays -

& POUL WROTE HIS OWN HAMLET the Greenlanders/Eskimo … liked to stop the PLAY & ask questions & have it repeated so that the full performance might take 2 weeks … but the Greenlanders always came to the same conclusions as Shakespeare…he was right !