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1954 onwards - Bilge rats began to pack saddle bags full the more & draw empty WAGONS of THE WORLD for more & more of the blood soaked DOUGH from KILLING THE GROTE CHILDREN IN THEIR HOMES round the GLOBE …They have to keep us ANDRE & GRETA alive in some fashion OR THEY GET NO DOUGH FOR EXTRA HOURS WORK… no use of our Estate Mansions homesteads Apartments A-Z the globe…& at this time can be questioned abroad … arouse suspicion of people not EVIL like themselves - or led by the SNOUT to pull a forelock to their IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS & THUS bow to BLACKMAIL & accept lower STANDARDS of public behaviour private behaviour …



1954 - They began EVIL PILED UPON EVIL… Mengele Doctor Harrington PEER-IN-WAITING with a team of 2 in Somerset House REMOVING records birth/marriage/death… The BLUE CAR in the forecourt at 11.30am as he checked on his Workers…

… some information March 1958 from the Theopompus-ATHENAEUS crowd … around 40 years old…highly educated…

some gone BRAIN DRAIN … they must have been terrified some evenings as they dined …with shutters closed a candle lit…

(Information to Malone/Politan & others 1960...G.R. & Andre et al )

“ The only way …” as RN good guys including Rear Admiral

Alfred Charles RANSOM says December 1946 “… IS TO

ANCHOR THEM TO THIS CRIME… the worst in the history of

the Royal Navy SINCE ALFRED BEGAN IT …” (King Alfred who

burnt cakes at Wantage/went to Rome age 4 years with his father on horseback after his mother died/ started the British Navy )

Records 1946 onwards/to 1960 on Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues Friends & Families …

1970 - PJPW/employed BM Natural History & Andre Malraux Retired Minister of FRANCE … say January ~ “ New Year`s Eve 1953 …before you are 21 years in the March

…YOU MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN THIS COMPLETELY in the 1950s … You saw the murderer that evening - he felt you recognised him - that is why you have been in danger all these years - & Andre too - I do not believe you could recognise any of them from a long time ago …you were a child under 10 years Poulter knew where you were going but NOT WHAT IT WAS ABOUT…

Nota bene : the murderer is a young man tall dark hair descending the stairs & he stares at me as he comes down :

… it is SPADE WHEELER to be LINDSAY EARL 15 … I do not remember him … I wonder why I am here but am beginning to feel creepy … some things I have almost forgot that the old man has just said 30 minutes ago … I do not have a great-grandmother Millie but I have one called MATILDA Kellow GORDON … MALRAUX has just arrived… whom I have little memory of … & he is in a grey wig YOUNG IDIOT ! … by 11 pm I had no memory of ANDRE MALRAUX at all ! … but then it surfaced the next days because he had led me to Actor FINLAY CURRIE … & I have seen the Charles Dickens film- BROWN RNVR is spiking drinks ??

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX at The Pillar House with PJPW & Greta Ransom W. being questioned :

…. 1953 New Year`s Eve … Mr Poulter had given you both ,

Andre & you, an INVITATION to a small gathering of QUAKERS & scholars he knew…New Year`s Eve beginning about 9.30pm…

people would bring some refreshments …“ it would be in the old library & his assistant-guide would have it looking festive & with candles…” in Hollytrees Museum Colchesteryou have told me

some of this 1962 …when you were telling me of the life at Colchester when you worked in the Castle & could sometimes have a couple of hours helping Mr Poulter- which you liked- but not that you had another invitation for a New Year`s Eve & accepted that - I DO NOT SEEM TO HAVE HEARD OF THIS …` PJPW

ANDRE MALRAUX Notebooks 1953/1954 …

`… But you were told by your mother you had to go to this Roadhouse

…an out of town modest nightclubThe pink long frock had been bought by ANDRE for thisANDRE says he was in the shop with you when you bought it … he sat in the corner & NODDED APPROVAL at this frock … he felt it was suitable for a young girl & not two others the assistant brought for you to try on …

… David Brown RNVR was the driver collecting you from Liverpool Street Station & to take you back for you were to work that afternoon in the Museum …at Colchester … IT WAS A SATURDAY … (it is about 28th December 1953 )

but you were told your mother & Lieutenant Commander David Brown RNVR had bought it … ( DOPE/removing the memory is being USED on GR ! )

` YOU & did ANDRE not know why you had to meet at the outskirts of London at this Road House… he thought it was - when he arrived there the actor FINLAY CURRIE whom he knew told him it had been a Family home but was now let as a Retirement home for the old who could pay - Brown RNVR did know what it was all about ?? `

1953 December « your father FJR had telephoned the old couple upon reading in a newspaper about this coming Family gathering…

& suggested you & ANDRE be invited - he had still NOT MET MALRAUX who by the way was no longer GUARDIAN the Estate … the administrators USA could never get a LETTER from him or have him call … over 11 years although the WAR had intervened…» (1937-1949)

`The invitation for NEW YEAR`s EVE was given by the old couple … your father then told your Aunt Miss Gordon & she to tell your mother that he had arranged the invitation …YOUR FATHER SEEMS TO HAVE THOUGHT YOU & MALRAUX & THIS FAMILY WERE IN TOUCH …

The old couple panic…when they introduced themselves when you arrived… they spoke of your Grandfather Ransom… YOU SAID YOUR FATHER HAD BEEN ADOPTED & you did not know a Millie either… But you mentioned a great grandmother Matilda GORDON … They feared for the closure of the HOMES…they do not seem to have known of any tragedies ? …

HE WENT TO TELEPHONE THE POLICE but she his wife felt they should just speak with a woman there who was worldly…

THIS WOMAN GAVE SOMETHING to the tall young man to put in the glass of the old lady … you had seen them before the WAR but could not now remember- She died at about 9.30pm & was brought down the stairs in a chair…it was decided NOT to say she had died there Her husband went wandering around for a few minutes calling out MALRAUX`s name… But a woman in films called ANDRE to come & join them at the supper table & the door was shut- he was clearly lulled with something in a glass` (connexion is the families of Frobisher/Weldon/Ramsey ? / & another name ?…)

… I am certain neither you or ANDRE understood why you were there but you may have began to wonder & spoke to Brown- with a Naval Officer with a family there …I have walked in on this

I had gone to KENYA in July 1953 to begin my work…oysters I began with … then herring like fishes…my father dies that NEW YEAR EVE

(Sir Philip Henry Rathbone WHITEHEAD) …at CULHAM…in the early hours …Rowland & I are 23 years old …

our grandfather REW may have known of some matters…

I have to ask …” PJPW 39 years old /Fishes BMNH

GR/others/ ` The old man with the awful GUNSHOT WOUNDS to

HIS FACE pre-2nd World War/probably Boer War : He was after the killing of his wife to be SEDATED…guarded… watched… They are 2 old people who had gone when YOUNG with TIG to see THE HOPE OF THE WORLD… had their marriage shortened by she being poisoned so the CRIME of LINDSAYbuggarhs with the others would not be STOPPED …

they would have perhaps another 10 years together

(Relatives we all share from Millie FROBISHER/ who had a Miss Lindsay mother a grand-daughter of the Earl Lindsay that time 1830s… )

Nota bene : MENGELE Doctor HARRINGTON met up with Clara Malraux in PARIS at the Liberation 1944…he was at a table a café where she went with friends…he has gone on a holiday with her 1938...he hates ANDRE MALRAUX…& writes his usual spite about him in his infamous NOTEBOOKS for which he is PAID by WHITEHALL etc. He continues with his Reports on all of us … he is criminally insane & a killer a paedophile -

1945/1947 on - GROTE HOMES CHILDREN SLAIN - but a great piece of philanthropy still in place world wide with RANSOM brothers rushing about the globe keeping it encircling - even though the EMI biggest shares Holding was dirtied by Earl Lindsay family-

claiming it for a faceless woman Angela now UNBALANCED… because like Teresa Gordon they had expected A BIG FORTUNE… THE NOBLE MEN are making off with too much - Aluminium Shares stolen -VAST WEALTH IN BANK AS CASH NORWAY stolen by British Crown in name of Angela & ancestors & a Scandinavian says `IT IS DOING NOTHING ` - THEY MOUTH an OLD ESKIMO had masses of DOUGH littering the globe- THEY MUST TAKE IT - for British Trade etc … their FAST LIVES …

records/horrible violence/ ABUSE OF GRETA & COLIN Frederick RANSOM b 1933 & 1938 - THE ESTATE IS BEING STOLEN 1939 onwards using The FACELESS onesthe thieves KNOW THEY CANNOT BROKER A PENNY AT LAW…& it belongs to RANSOM families & is lawfully administered OVERSEAS…THAT IT IS TO STAY IN ONE PIECE ABOUT THE GLOBE…not be split up

because secret Meetings Westminster etc. say

`Oh it interferes with British Trade…`


they should never have their SNOUTS into it

At XMAS & other Festivals & upon the birthdays of Greta & Lennie the POST is delivered to the back of BUCKINGHAM Palace & 3 grey suited Workers from WHITEHALL carefully take away all correspondence as presents are ripped opened -

MOCKING twisters mutter THAT THE GOVERNMENT & CROWN FIND THE ESTATE IS IN THE RED…& this is LIES… the Estate is nothing to do with them … Their trick is to rob the banks abroad & then make mischief… The greatest piece of philanthropy the world GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE in 3 PARTS…the biggest ESTATE in the world…can never be in the RED…A to Z it goes…

a JOYOUS VENTURE a delicate flower garden IMPERIAL BIG DIRTY BOOTS kick their way in & steal…

Reports/accounts/diaries/letters the meeting of secret silence : Len & I covered 1938 end of season Cowes- 15 daring minutes until the Ransom family & others could get in other end to listen to the violent villains determined to murder all heirs & ANDRE MALRAUX- We listeners were not seen ~ & Greetha Miss North South Poles got out of the open kitchen window to Lennie safely… I & LIR heard & passed to FJR/ uncle Mainwarring RN others… P R E S E N T WERE :

Mr Floating Currency off-shore….Mr prefers Blondes really.Mr Pong of course & the Lindsay he goes around with those two little Evil jack-in-the boxes….” Mr Put them in RED

Mr I shall soon be a Cur`…`Mr Imperial Morgue…` 7 MONSTERS/with tails !

See Catalogue Malraux et al 1960s - `Margarethe Ransom Grote had more art works than the Louvre in the orphanages Grote Homes educating to 18 years- & in the private residences which were in every nation -humanists come & stay - visit- `AMx

1937 SUMMER - & there is a visit to LINCOLN talk as we APPROACH THE LEAVE TAKING that hath to come…then a discussion of visiting a Monument at Lincoln that ANDRE’s mother told him of - perhaps saw a photograph of as a girl & visited or her father`s mother did…I was not sure…he & Jo will go & explore. Then joy for I am invited & may go…by agreement Mary Gordon Granny - She says to ANDRE `Yea know the child inherits - so she must not be left in a room alone - she must stay in the accommodation of you & your young lady- (she clearly believed ANDRE had been told these matters by our hostess - Unity’s mother….) Granny Mary Helena will not come to LINCOLN for she wants to stay near George-grandpa in his grave- all so new to us that spring 1937-

ANDRE understands G.R. has to be taken care of -

& that she a Widow doth not wish to leave her husband -

Andre he a young man brought up by 3 Graces…French-Italian born Catholic - is IN CHARGE OF JO & Greetha-

We will go to Lincoln at the end of this SUMMER visit-in a week or so…THERE HAS TO BE A LEAVE TAKING - then I shall soon be back at school they tell me - It is all nicely arranged.

1977 LIR Diary 1937/1960s/to 1976…` ANDRE MALRAUX FAMILY MONUMENT LINCOLN CATHEDRAL seen 1937`.Len whom I now doth not know says after MALRAUX’s death - “…do you remember a monument on the right hand side as you entered - the Lincoln Cathedral- it was to his family - one who rescued others at sea - the Lowlands name was spelt Malr-joo - & other manners - as we … prudent about the globe… do render the name into the vernacular … although here it is the original Netherlands spelling MAL(R)JOO - the early Malraux branchthey sail with us 1600-1630 from Bordeaux…we got the records before they were whipped away from the archives in France … ”

Memo : ancestry - ANDRE MALRAUX on his mother’s line is Histon & Wakesomething…other names… The Wash - East Anglia - Saxmunden HALL- The Thorpes - it reaches back to 9th century - Fishing/Traders - Then there is a Somerset branch from 17th-18th century - H.W. Poulter had this information at Colchester Museums - I hath a little more in some records -

Did his Father’s line Malraux come early centuries fishing /trading this area The Wash- so important in Medieval times as rich fishing grounds - along the East Anglia coast- Fishing boats sail in from The Lowlands - where the Malraux roots are - Histories of Continental Refugees - Fens drainers -Dutch Wars - many have come in after the Dutch Wars -

George Andre Malroo … You & LIR 1957/1959 do not give me enough information & my only updated source since 1937 on all this was H.W. POULTER Colchester Museums in winter 1953/54 - & some few words in our anguish in late January 1960 about a visit to LINCOLN -

MALJAUX/Maljoo/a dead (?) brave sailor … He saved his companions …” I recall 1937 hearing something like that as we look at the PLAQUE in the Cathedral…& JO making notes …

1970 - MALRAUX winter readings - notebooks : talk of a monument Lincoln not replaced after 2nd World War& Mengele is indicated here as insane with envy of Andre Malraux … A stone (?) monument on a Cathedral wall the size you indicate when speaking winter 1970 … 1937 in the Cathedral a rectangle I seem to recall seeing of a bronze shade perhaps 2 feet x 16 inches

I think it is 18th or 19th centuries … & it has a moulded bas relief sculpture of the heroic happening at sea ???

1937 Summer - September…I can SHUT MY EYES now &

SEE we three in Lincoln Cathedral - WALK ABOUT WITH US

again … see you so tall calling us right side … I talking in the central Nave with Josette …about her wedding / I do know HOW SHORT I AM & sometimes feel apologetic but you can easily sweep me up on your arm & I hang on round your neck … then we are walking on the other side of the Cathedral to look at something … I suppose if I were to go I could retrace our steps & get this all correct …

1937 Summer LINCOLN CATHEDRAL - JO & I being called by you to come & look at such a monument on a level with your face perhaps - up on the Wall - IT IS ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE ? - beyond the middle of the Nave- but we also had to go to another monument on the left hand side… I am telling JO how she could marry here & about bridesmaids - pages - & carrying her train- I can run it back in my head as a cine film - as I tell her that Oh Aunt Margarethe girl of the SNOWS would pay … clearly I had knowledge & descriptions of another wedding Aunt Margarethe Ransom Grote had PAID for….`Jo & Andre marrying would be a Wedding of Grace & we would all come to it `I am telling everyone at `Jerusalem` in October 1937 …

Ref. MALRAUX his father’s line ... I hear something from

Dr John Ray R. 1960 but his readings were taken out of my memory swiftly by Mengele flashing that Sodium Sentry duty type torch in my face after spying on the Night Watch January/February 1960 Colne Engaine/ …I have a better recollection being in the Cathedral 1937 with ANDRE & JO…about this monument. A visit I was helped to make to my father & Ivy in March 1962 has a few words spoken by him about FAMILY RECORDS OF THE SEAS -

Frederick John RANSOM b 1911 November-killed March 1969

… the father kept from me since 1939 when NOBLE BRITAIN sent him away to be killed in PHILIPPINES/ but he spoke JAPANESE & got a ship load of soldiers AWAY after he did the GREAT SWIM to our 16th century Japanese KIN TO ASK THEM NOT TO SHELL THE HOSPITAL AT THE TOP until they had got the patients-children of GROTE HOMES & others out …


1962 March - My father he is saying a little at Deptford about Andre Malraux`s ancestors who were at sea -

From 1960 he FJR is reduced to no passport again as 1938 ?

( got it back because of WAR 1939 ) & no moneys from his mother JEAN WEDDELL (murdered for Gross Britain GREED)

He & Lennie had income from her Estate & their little humanist industries Argentine they had all run since boys with her My father from 1960 cannot LEAP about the globe seeing to the

third of the great PHILANTHROPIC ESTATE he & brothers,

Kennedy/Malraux/ got going again from 1960/61 … LIR can !

1960 - ALL moneys passports BANK BALANCES have had to be CONFISCATED secret-silence for British Crown/plus Scandinavia bilge rats…all FOUND to be properties of EARLS OF LINDSAY WHO SWEAR BEFORE ALMIGHTY GOD EVERYTHING WAS IN

THE RED they have been reduced to sweeping Westminster STREETS for a weekly wage to pay off the DEBTS OF AN OLD ESKIMO/ Secret meetings after the Pubs close at Houses of PERVERSIONS - Westminster by the Clock …

Mr Mengele paedophile HARRINGTON is in charge of the secret State Teams…Banks deny there was EVER such an account or that it has been CLOSED Order British Government & Crown & they rising from ALL FOURS rear on 2 hoofs & PLAY THE OLD GAME… get a Solicitor & prove it existed FJR & IVY Jean have been robbed since they are children in the 1920s …

it never stopped … It will happen to Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM he will find he has no DOCUMENTS … birth & PARENTS DENIED- marriage denied & income from Argentine - soon AFTER ANDRE MALRAUX IS DEAD 1976

1962 March - FJR says “ that MALRAUX ancestors AT SEA had been checked by he & his brother 1945 at BORDEAUX …

BEFORE T H E Y GOT AT IT … to destroy … ”

1962 March - I , Miss G.R. working at BMNH

HEAR him the father I have NO recollections of beyond some imagery as pencil sketches on the seas the winter airs…as if

in a DREAM ...Teresa GORDON calling herself Mrs Terry Ransom appearing just before I left from Miss Holder`s flat after 6.30pm-

with an EVIL STARE of the 1920s Movies had tried stop this arranged visit by Miss Rose Holder nearly 60 years a kind soul who had worked all her life at The Main Post Office St Martin-le-Grande…off Trafalgar Square… RECORDS/Malone sat behind us with a retired Police person of rank in a Steak House… it would have been wise to have IVY Jean with us… but she had explained it gave the Police a rest when she finished work & could take the evening “ looking after your DAD… they keep an eye on him when he is in the Library writing & using the books …”

Evening March 1962 after my birthday the 11th … If I victim

Greta Ransom had not been given the address written down by dear Rose seeing me off at her door & keeping MAD MOTHER KALI at her RACING Papers … & the instructions verbally repeated to me & repeated how to get across London to

Deptford from Lambeth I would NEVER HAVE ARRIVED that evening about 7.30 pm Deptford a flat they have over a SHOP they knew when children … clearly TGR & her TANGO dining CHUM Mr Mengele HARRINGTON of the CROWN private visits to tropicshad put a nasty potion in my tea… but Doc Mengele HARRINGTON will go on drawing WAGES from WHITEHALL for this VIOLENT criminally insane Service to IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS …

From birth 1933 March - I & my families had decades of INSULTS about our ancestry ( & my parents ) from GROSS BRITAIN LORDS & ITS CROWNS & ‘zingzarrie`/ its nasty doped boozed greedy donkeys & divine Crowns Scandinavia/

( “… a drunk called Angela… WHO WILL DO ANYTHING TO BE TOP CAT …” Records/CITY OF LONDON ELDERS mid-1960s

She sends nasty messages 1938-1971 to the heirs by JIM Jong made Cur James then Lewd James/ & Earls Lindsaybuggarhs` & Teresa whom they promised at first, from 1933 ... HALF THIS FORTUNE of an old Eskimo to -

They slander the high educated AUNT & HUMANIST … to Teresa`s husband FJR … SHE Teresa Gordon just out of Prison so they could PICK OFF THE 60,000 pounds with her out of wedlock son JACK GORDON … had emerged & HAD GOT WHAT NONE OF THEM HAD THOUGHT OF DOING - PICKED OFF A YOUNG MAN OF 21 YEARS of HIGH INTELLIGENCE … Frederick John RANSOM … administrator as well as British Army for GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE THE GLOBE In 3 Parts