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These creatures Noble Britain/Scandinavia are all old dope-fiends of the 1920s immersed in GREED - all education stopped for them age 10 when they picked up the DOPE habit in the stables … the ever full decanters in the great places of debauch they live in or pass from one to the other ! When on Divinorum Salvia Scotland which they call PURPLE PLUM/snow/mist/ pickle … they will wear an article of aubergine-claret-beetroot colour or even lavender-purple/a sign THEY ARE WITH THE CULT 1938 Angela appeared in a costume of claret-purple colour…& LINDSAY et al boasted to our faces on Clacton seafront ~She is with us … Yah Boooh ! WE OWN ALL …

1934 - LEN DIARY (he is 14 years old)

`You were 15 months & went missing from your grandparents

at their little house I loved called `CRAIL`… your father had to go abroad for the Estate quicklyI had been sketching with your grandfather about the town but had returned to `JERUSALEM` to my parents who were in residence again having returned from the Argentine & SPAIN where they are valued for calling in on the GROTE HOMES … the children regard us as their families …

ALARM ~ You were traced to a locked cupboard in the GRAND…

The Police broke in …They Uncles LINDSAY foamed at the mouth & said `Oh it was Teresa then … she was wacky` … YOU had a mark across your forehead as if you had been HIT with a piece of jagged glass … BUT YOUR FATHER WAS NOT TOLD THESE THINGS Miss Win said it would harm her family & it was happening because we the respectable family RANSOM had moved to the little town

She was told off by ANNIE … It was Annie told me to tell my father !

But nobody checked to see why you were in a trance it was because you had been stunned … perhaps with morphine … an old method to get rid of a young heir … they do it in Scotland …

1937 March - LEN DIARY - I was called in to hear last afternoon of your grandfather before his evening death … there had been madness at their GRAND a little time before a man had come rushing into the Police Station saying they had killed a man … but after the Police broke in & found BLOOD UPON A DOOR they were cautioned “further up the line…

Chelmsford Police had GOT IT from LONDON- LINDSAYBUGGARHS could not now be touched because of Angela…A Magistrate Document had to be applied for…NO IMMEDIATE SEARCHING ALLOWED…

That afternoon before she (Teresa Gordon R) showed anger with them that evening outside `CRAIL` to your grandfather Gordon THEY HAD ALL BEEN IN THE ROYAL HOTEL…it had got so violent the guests were being frightened a man French had been attacked in his room perhaps for money they said he owedSHE TERESA had been shouting her head off calling him names & LINDSAY gang were not stopping her … it was all about money it was felt … LINDSAY then went off to their GRAND next door … It WAS THE GUESTS WHO HAD GONE TO THE POLICE & INSISTED SOMETHING BE DONE it was felt … But POLICE were reluctant to interfere-they had been frightened OFF - they work for a Retirement Pension end of their 27 years / the Rule -

ALL that THE ROYAL HOTEL Clacton-on-Sea front

could DO was to BANN she Teresa Gordon…they the

Town were trying to re-instate George & Mary Gordon`s daughter

WHO HAD MADE THE MARRIAGE of 10,000 years …

she now married young FRED RANSOM- good intelligent young man- what they did was QUALITY OF LIFE for everyone …NOT COARSE FLAG WAVING - so many damaged men from The Great War without a decent standard of living expected to pull a forelock more

She Teresa had got Little Miss North Pole inheriting with Master

LEN now a FLYER … & she still could not see sense but hung around with LINDSAY a pack of sheep-stealers who came

down to this collapsing Scots granite fortress next door


The Police agreed to READ THE BANN TO HER Teresa Gordon but LITTLE JIM Mr Jong hung around & he was wacky mad but a bouncing rubber ball -EARL OF LINDSAY would STAND HIS GROUND & say

“ JIM OFF SHORE ” when the little bit of VERMIN was in the lavatory hiding … LINDSAY pack WHOM THEY COULD NO LONGER CHALLENGE FOR THEIR CRIMES because Angela had by insulting her brother-in-law GOT A LEG UP … now SCAMPERED OFF…THERE WAS NO HIDING THAT THEY TOOK THIS DOPE…& THEREFORE THEY EXHIBITED THIS BEHAVIOUR …but LINDSAY had now got Angela up there…SHE & LINDSAY were on dope & NEVER HAD ENOUGH MONEY … so they believed …

MARTYR … Fred J. RANSOM … father at 22 years of age to Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom as he REGISTERED his first born on the first birth certificate…legal birth certificates (two ) because of THREATS by THE EVIL FAIRY David Lindsay come visiting to LINDSAY bolt hole Clacton seafront their GRAND-

a weirdo … this David Lindsay - into stealing paintings from the vulnerable for self/National Gallery/Tate/

He is PUT DOWN 1946 by a family unrelated to us-who objected to him pouring Paraffin/oil used for table lamps at that timedown the throat of old relative TO GET HER PAINTINGS…LINDSAYBUGGARHS take a dangerous dope…

normal families did not-LINDSAY Mob keep awarding themselves DSOs-2nd W. War& slay the GROTE HOMES children…

MY young F A T H E R FJR - born 1911 of the mighty GRONLANDER`s line - “ Oh so dishy …” said girls of the

late 1930s seeing the drawings of POUL 1740s/1750s

… 6` 5 ins tall … with his dark blue eyes his deep brown black hair … he has written again HAMLET for the Greenland … who like to chew over a PLAY for two weeks but always come to the FINDING that SHAKESPEARE IS RIGHT …

He & Margaret his lawful British Carlisle Christian wife &

children live in GOTARB where POUL after that GREATEST

SWIM UPON EARTH rescuing an entire 50 Italian Ships crew … down to Fredericktown…was to spread his arms after the rescue as he stood in the seas & preach from JOHN…the book in his hand…

Then POUL GRONLANDER went to his MISSION to see that they whom he had been directed to rescue from the sea were being well fed, clothed, & given good companionshipmessages would be sent they were SAFE to their families to Italy …

GREENLAND SHOULD HAVE HAD INDEPENDENCE up there PETER ! … 1790s at least ! … says Captain Alan Villiers OXFORD December 1967... They are embarking 200 years later upon AGAIN the voyages of CAPTAIN JAMES COOK RN … not just a celebration but a recovery of the SCIENCE of the VOYAGES /Records PJPW & others/

1962 March - FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM b Nov 1911 killed March 1969 … an HISTORIAN- MUSICIAN POET- ATHLETE … CIVILIZED MAN honourable soldier ... explains to his daughter a

first meeting since 1945 autumn… Deptford - where his mother`s LEGAL grandfather JAMES WEDDELL THE SEA was confined to his last years/Reports RN Whitehall/QUAKER communities/USA & Argentine Secret Services/ JEAN his grand-daughter buys the house 1907

… he a fine SEAMAN who made a Catholic Quaker marriage Tierra del Fuego to the high educated daughter ONLY CHILD of the INCA NOBLEMAN Yahamah Josef San JULIAN F. San Miguel …

“ Marriage 1924 of James Weddell & THE ICE WHITE BRIDE - The AELovedmah-MARIA Miss San Julian of the INCA ... 2 sons James & John

ALTHOUGH THEY DENY this marriage those IMPERIAL FIGURES FROM A MORGUE BRITISH/SCANDINAVIA/EUROPE do so because they are criminally insane & ON THE PIN - THUS they know it is true/REF. insults Motorway OPENING 1960s LEN called Ape Boy/records:

October 1957 - ANDRE MALRAUX returning from the first meeting with FRED J. RANSOM father of Greetah Ransom says

your father … he could run a small REPUBLIC

… better than me … like FRANCE …

1950s/1960s : OPEN GRAVES ! - The Body snatcher Mengele Doctor Harrington was allowed to excavate bodies 1954 of the new reignhe was seen wafting in the air of PUBS reams of Decrees from O.S. Office Scarlet Town …he was crowing Hammersmith 1954 that he was `replacing certain bodies with poor men from plague pits FOR HIS CROWN…he a Peer in Waiting - he would have a golden boy his King Duck … ” (Weddell DNA has been preserved/records … )

1962 March - Fred John RANSOM -

THEYdemolished the RECORDS BORDEAUXafter we had been there 1945…until then they had not known they existed Malraux his main line - they sailed with us from Bordeaux 1600s to 1630 -up north mainly-not much after that we could learnThey the friends of your mother work for two girls- the Queen & her sister- up the Yellow Brick Road- I have done what I could- your mother did not seem to understand … ”

1962 March pm / G.R 29 years my father FJR 50 years old :

2 men sit behind us in this Steak House in Deptford…I begin to panic …I recognise one with the notebook…it is Arthur MALONE but the important parts of 1960 have been WIPED OUT OF MY MEMORY…a lot of it while it was happening Is he, was he, a good guy or a bad…or one going BOTH WAYS … ?

1960/61 … I had never been able to ask questions ? No it was peculiar & we were let down but this Mengele was about threatening incarceration in prisons or Nut Houses & I could recall 1950s he was known to have PRIVATE CLINIC PRISON PLACES always threats from SHEshe & rude remarks from her Doc Mengele obviously very rich- 5 cars expensive WHAT SORT OF A NATION ALLOWS THAT GOING ON ! Oh they all live like that we are told- Young people try to not go near such monsters

I G.R. am now JUST 29 years of age I did not receive in a few days March 1962 the cards/flowers/letters/poems … sent to me from my father - Ivy his sister…& the two brothers overseas & their wivesit is the custom of these criminally insane working for the G.B. Government Lords & Crown to send false messages in answer to the Post/mail they STEAL FROM ME US…

MEMORY DESTRUCTION by powders/potions/ Its like

STEEL SHUTTERS come down between each day…each few minutes sometimes… When a memory is got again it is from PHOTOS-documents-places…not people suddenly coming out

with a phrase or an accusation…OF WHAT HAS REALLY BEEN PUSHED SO FAR BACK IN THE MIND & HAS NOTHING CONNECTED TO IT as natural memory records/ARCHIVES for

the victim to defend themselves with -

This behaviour from the BIG cunning the criminally insane has a purpose - THEY HAVE SET UP RAMPARTS OF Fools - those ill equipped mentally - those who will look THE OTHER WAY when FALSEHOOD is required to stop EXPOSURE of great crimesit is done deliberately to get TOP DOGS TOP CATS quick dough rolling in


THUS LINDSAY & NOBLES killing the GROTE HOMES children 2nd World War, a crime so terrible that a person perhaps clad in a ROBE says IT IS LIKE HAVING RAW SEWAGE THROWN ALL OVER YOUR FACE WHEN YOU FIRST COME UPON THE TERRIBLE FACTS …the deaths of those children & the GIGANTIC PREPARATIONS before the 2nd World War … ”

& the methods of unlawful NOBLE monsters have been given in this Document SUMMER 1937 as we have travelled with it…

1962 March - Deptford - I G.R., pauper, kept composed & got out my notebook & asked some questions of this man FJR with glints of red by the electric light to his hair … his eyes definitely SLANT but I had no ancestors in my memory only something vague long ago about Greenland … his eyes they are dark navy blue….

I had notes of puzzling things of the HORRORS of ANDRE MALRAUX`s PLACE 50 Lancaster Gate Square but asked little…

I felt if I could understand about “ two men in the family

WHO MARRIED THEIR AUNT…” I might get somewhere…

with the last 20 years…/

RECORDS of this meeting March 1962 : not understood at the time by G.R. or the years later…then they get removed awhile… or desecrated so often by NOBLE monsters of the DEEPS of the ART of FRAUD & violent robberies -

THESE FIGURES FROM A MORGUE STEAL THE POST/mail …listen to our telephones…employ State secret agents paid well to SPY…& PLAY THOSE SUNDAY GAMES of Noble Britain… violent bullying… as when they kicked the 4 years old child to death in 1921/23... They on HIGH dopes with luxury/records were everywhere but frightened off hoi poloihoi poloi/ Records/

Records Andre Malraux Detectives/colleagues/1960s -

One of the men OF the families of G.R. who goes into `AUNT MARRYING` is clearly MALRAUX … the other … Ronald Gordon (chemistry) eldest grandchild of John Frederick GORDON mine HOST Whitebait Suppers GREENWICH TRAFALGAR TAVERN…Houses of Parliament barges coming down- … JFG he is father of G.R`s grandpa George Ernest GORDON … whose early death is caused by crazy LINDSAYBUGGARHS & PIMP JIM & crazy TREASA

March 1937 for my 4th birthday- I G.R. the girl of the Snows heir with Lennie have records/…BBC Radio Times aids the exact memories here…

BBC broadcasting got going 1931 - everyone left wireless on sometimes night & day ! Records Andre Malraux Detectives/Colleagues/Friends 1960s onwards :

ref. MALRAUX 1948-1960s is to … “ Tante Yvonne

(Mrs Charles de Gaulle) having booked a seat IN HELL for herself by allowing the marriage REGISTRY OFFICE FRANCE to No 2/

No 18 The Prayer Book BANNED/ “ a wife of March 1948 who had her own life…some biographies get date correct 1948

Nota bene : Colonel Georges-Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom make a Roman Catholic Wedding of Grace 1947 April - permission Paccelli Pope Pius 12/never dissolved … NOTICE IN THE CHURCH PORCH OF OUR LADY Clacton-on-sea … photographs/negatives/ by Magown ”

1957 November - MALRAUX the WIDOWER…” his WIDOWHOOD to JOSETTE granted by VATICAN 1947

Young Paccelli ” clearly had an understanding of his marriage to the mother of the boys Josette as HOLY & FAITH he had been raised in … in FRANCE… even though he dipped himself with a friend into the Paris Moslem Fount age 15 years ”

RECORDS : Detectives Colleagues Friends Andre Malraux 1960/1961 onwards…

1957 notes/ these may also include tracing his son born

(1918) when he was 17 years PARIS by his Chinese girlfriend

his mother & aunt were sad he did not tell them & give them the child…but the young teenagers put him LITTLE GOD in a Convent Orphanage Paris age 4 years-The child `little God` at 9 years old MAY have been sent to a GROTE HOME-one of the 5 in FRANCE/Enquiries by a 27 years old ANDRE MALRAUX had him told `the child ran away ` /records Malraux-Malone 1957/

1957 - AMx-GOV-Sir says « clearly the Nuns were not

happy about ME& I had a Prison Record ASIA…` /

Leonard Woolley of UR of the Chaldees who waved a

Gun at ANDRE MALRAUX 1920s forgave him for TEMPLE ROBBERY TOMB ROBBERY … before he died says Harold Walter POULTER & MORTIMER WHEELER 1953 -

wise & kindly about YOUNG MEN ! The PENGUIN paperback UR OF THE CHALDEES was known to all young people 1950s …

1957 November - ANDRE MALRAUX speaks/records/Arthur Malone assisting & perhaps Philip Silverlee since October 1957

« … a discovery PARIS a little shop a mature man very tall looking « like me » I stepped in one evening but had pulled a wig on … I spoke with his wife … 3 children the youngest a bright girl age 12 years came into the shop … a brother went through & up the stairs … I spoke with she a few words & heard she was doing well at school … I think at this time I should not go back … I will try to see they are safe & well … I do not think AT THIS TIME THE EXPLANATIONS REQUIRED CAN BE UNDERSTOOD WITHOUT GOING INTO A LOT OF MY LIFE …»

« I might only harm them … but I will continue to watch over

the matter until we can come upon some solution …WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM…Little One IT IS A WORLD OF SUCH HIPPOCRISY & ESPECIALLY IN THIS YOUR NATION … »

1957 = (Little One has shown ANDRE MALRAUX

she can PICK HIM UP ! He raised by 3 GRACES … Colonel Malraux of Spain/side-kick of General Saint Charlie de Gaulle …

to lull his fears WHEN HE LEAVES FOR GAULover WHAT GOES ON BEHIND OUR BACKS about Scarlet Town …

Especially as a startling message was received in October via WHITHALL from a woman with purple RICE

«…Yes she knows Greta Ransom is in his house 50 Lancaster Gate Square … & she notices she DOES NOT HAVE TO STRAIGHTEN HER HAIR ANY LONGER «


Trouble is I am used to this kind of language from childhood…

it belongs to THEM … the OLD HAT … Roaring 1920s … Silent films & the EVIL STARE AT 24 years I have no apparatus in my BRAIN to consider it in the light of the mid-20th century … !

MALRAUX : HE DECIDED HE COULD DO NOTHING TO DISTURB THEM because NOW HE HAD TO TAKE into consideration the MONSTERS of the DEEP about he & his young 2nd Catholic wife Wedding of GRACE … IT IS 1957 NOVEMBER … Mengele has his TEAMS glued to everyone IF HE LEARNED OF THE this little Paris family THEN HE HAD THEM ALL SLAIN … for his masters of The British NOBILITY & SCANDINAVIA … & BECAUSE MENGELE HARRINGTON paedophile-Gollum-Royal satrap-Peer in Waiting … sadistic monster is JEALOUS OF ANYONE THAT HAS FAME … HAS ACCESS TO MONEYS …

They are all the same : A gang/mob OF NOBLE BRITISH & SCANDINAVIA who have known one another SINCE KIDS

an UPPER hard baked CRUST … about Kings & Crowns… THEY ABUSE THE GLOBE … Records Andre Malraux Detectives/colleagues/friends 1957/ 1960s onwards …

1967 - records November Paris : a puzzled & shocked

Peter J. P. Whitehead coming back from secret meetings PARIS/SCIENTIFIC communities…upon the life in The Jan Steen TAVERN North Paris 1946-1961/to when Malraux MOVED OUT after death of his sons ages 18 & 21 years … 23rd MAI 1961... Car crash …

“….& MALRAUX treated as a BUFFOON … 2 boys on a platform neglected & not allowed to go to AMPLEFORTH SCHOOL…with THE SONS OF TOLKIEN/ author of THE LORD OF THE RING…”

young people faced with such BLOODY CORRUPTION

THE TOP OF A PYRAMID ON THE PIN people Science/Arts 1968

1962 March - “ MALRAUX - his Father’s line sailed with us from Bordeaux 1600-1633 - I was able to check when the records were still in place - they did not sail with us after 1633 - ` Frederick John RANSOM - b November 1911 killed by Mengele Doctor Harrington paedophile Royal Satrap GOLLUM March 1969/Records Andre Malraux Detectives/Colleages families/.

1937 OCTOBER - It was certainly ANDRE MALRAUX’s SEA

ancestors as well as his writings- that had him made

GUARDIAN - Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts - by October/November accepted the globe -

& not the spiteful reasons given by the paedophile Mengele Doc Harrington in those notorious notebooks he keeps full of disgusting

lies …his criminally insane Masters are to make him a Peer if he gets them off the Greatest Crime of Mankind…


is not in LINCOLN Cathedral or elsewhere in the town then the

EVIL have it - or destroyed it in their violent spite & fear

… This could be any date from summer 1938

1938 - Mr JIM JONG saw Andre`s name on the Will

15 Mai 1938 - picking up Margarethe‘s own un-signed copy of her Will - after he slit a vein behind her ear -

/Records then days ahead/ 2 days on JIM Jong on PIN

(who finds things wrong WITH HEIRS for some Noble SCOTTISH villains who employ him by MOONLIGHT ) tried tell FCR that Greta his grand-daughter had done it with a hair ornament - “ HE JIM &

unholy Angela & LORDS LINDSAY EARLS found the HEIR with

very much wrong & it was bred of APES & ESKIMO …”

1936/1941 - I G.R. recall Mr PONG … records 1960/1961 confirm all our sufferings from these sub-Apes with their foul speech- it was known they were criminally insane 1930s…

They have got a LEG UP on a fallen declining Empire …

“ 1920s - JIM Jong, Teresa Gordon, & young friends with Angela & later Angela`s delicate health husband 1923 known as David have known one another since children. The mother of David told them all to call her `Auntie Mary` & gave them the run of the Palace…they let her drive their cars over the fields …”

1952 - GR 19 years of age enter into a world of MUSEUMS

ROMAN COLCHESTER … & the wonderful teaching of Harold W. Poulter with his common sense … I will learn while reading Edward Gibbon DECLINE & FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE

`idiots & messy nasty types have been in charge of the globe for thousands of years … & lots of them go insane on dopes & liquors … & never have enough dough… `

1937/1941 - JIM MR PONG wags his head & goes ON & on

“ THE CROWN OF COURSE backs us but it cannot say so Teresa

- these Apes-Eskimos should be made Wards of Court or thrown back at the Poles… how dare they have an EMPIRE that`s what our supporters say… A private EMPIRE about the globe when it has to belong really to GROSS BRITAIN…enough trouble with India…Oh Jim he would shoot them all out there

HE NODS HIS IMP-PIXIE HEAD like a Fair Ground puppet as he LAYS DOWN THE LAW (says Uncle Harry Gordon who saves me often from them -THESE TWO VAMPIRES ! ) -

JIM clearly does not want to give LINDSAY EARLS more than THEIR SHARE -he & Teresa & Angela would get their share … of course …” THE ARE BOTH HORRIBLE DANGEROUS CROOKS … ignorant SCREW BALLS …

1936/1941 - G.R. born 11 March 1933 has heard this little nasty spiteful IMP JIM Mr PONG 1937/1938...he is said to be ON THE PIN…He comes in 8 am cold mornings like a spiteful PIXIE when Daddy has left & thinks SHEshe is on EVEN KEEL & the top class school girls or Aunt Winnie is taking me to the Convent School …

Mr PONG soothes Teresa `with winning ways` about how rich they are going to be & rubs his hands at the bacon sandwiches that Teresa is beginning to make with the hot bacon & he also has a packet of best HAM to make them sandwiches near the mid-day dinner hour when the FACTORY HOOTER sounds beyond the Games Field of the Doctor Barnardo`s Orphanage. I am to be kept from school to play a crooked game of LUDU with him…They begin to DRINK he unpacking from his SACK 3 or 4 bottles -

Mr Pong JIMMIE JONG … He says to me “ Ape…I can cheat - not you or I will hit you ” … Then 5 hours later he announces he has WON ALL MY MONEY…ALL THIS TIME I AM NOT ALLOWED CLOTHES EXCEPT MY LIBERTY BODICEI get no food & not even a cup of water & some hours I am put against the wall to sit on the floor…THEY EAT & empty liquor bottles Brandy & Port make tea first then coffee ! JIM Mr Pong is criminally insane !

Nota bene : This sadistic monster is made SIR/CUR James 1954 & LORD/Lewd James 1971…Angela`s travelling companion when they go & FINGER OUR PROPERTIES ABROAD… He & Mengele kill human-beings very often …