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1960 - “ HE HAS JUST BEEN BACK TO HIS HOME TOWN Northern France coast TO THE GRAVE OF HIS MOTHER ALONGSIDE THE GROTE HOME… Now he comes with his notebooks to help us …” Detectives/Colleagues/friends & family Ransom & ANDRE MALRAUX…


FOR MONTHS - the earth received

it reluctantly …

the idea was to destroy the bones of the children…

& there`d be some of the staff down there IN THE PITS… workshops…homes for retired still in place after the WAR

ALL GONE immediately after the 2nd World War …

THIS COULD ONLY BE DONE - his notebook says -


& by 1946 it was known who they were -

“ He’d not gone back after 1948 …but now he had needed

To go quietly & look over the lands …»

OUR ONION SELLER WHO WAS in a Lawyer`s Office in ITALY when

he began his career 1920s/1930s

« he had his mother’s grave taken good care of … alongside

the pits of the GROTE HOME children …

They were slain by those who won the war the nation of Great Britain He had heard of nets full of children dropped about the shores of Europe

He had talked with those who knew …

they had to keep low or lose their lives …”


to STOP this ignorance & bestial GREED …

He manages to get away (lawyer/onion seller) …escape Mengele Harrington & his moneymaking teams…I can say no more…`

LIR/others after Andre`s death - Peter is overboard … he & his brother had little of the humanism of ANDRE MALRAUX & you & I Before the WAR…when we sat by JEAN’s grave (1938 October/December) & we knew they had poisoned her for this doughYOU BECAME `MY ADMINISTERING ANGEL`…we would go on…I was just 18 & you coming 6 years the next year

Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM et al “ ANDRE before he died cried like a child & said - She Greetha does not have even one memory of being with me & JO that summer - or in Lincoln - our journey back across the country -

East Anglia - WHERE I FOUND THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT - after we had come out of SPAIN … ”

Memo G. R. to the dead who now live again : No photo has been shown me since 1939 Lennie- of all the thousands back to the 1840s- photos

you-my father-your brother John Ray-sent to me in the 1940s-into the 1970s- THERE CAME XMASTIDE 1970/71... a bullying of me from cold faces…at a big gathering in Berkshire…to go look at a photo of me in that far too big Convent School summer hat… THE ARRIVAL … SUMMER 1937... `

` … it was linked directly at that time to monsters circling again from 1968…Orchestrated by Royal Satrap paedophile Doc Mengele HARRINGTON & his Dames of the FOUL MOUTH…all employed by The Crown-the crown-the crown …& criminally insane -

Mengele Harrington spoof Doctor but now Berkshire paedophile sadist…is putting about the Ape Eskimo … “ you were perhaps

a nuisance to them on this break they took from SPAIN 1937 & their own lives ` hhhmmmn ? A child under 5 years of age … with that mother … what could you YOU you know… & MALRAUX had been his patient…for many years…” & they wet themselves in their enjoyment of their SPITE…

1968/1970s obscene leering & attacks on my


IN THE HEAD its old tricks from way back known in the

1870s when the British NOBS found they`d no money to keep

up with the USA…Rothschilds all of that-Racing horses,

yachts, new diamonds …” G F W R

` Tip `em in the Ross Sea-or chained on a windy mountain

top to build something -THEY ARE EVIL & ON THE PIN-

ill-bred & coarse & drip blood & gore moneys …`

LIR Lennie (tapes 1970s - after Wing Commander Michael Morris

both World Wars DSOs got them from PJPW in Department of FISHES -

BM Natural History… in a locked drawer 1980s…/

also MARTYR Philip Silverlee`s LAST TAPE 1976

`You will not hear from me again`

Michael & friends felt Greta had been played these tapes perhaps at night when asleep or drowsy…but might not recall…He & Jill his wife (in Cabinet Room Falklands War) were well aware of these tricks `Junk Fraud Balls & Bunkum`

…. they‘d been in Cairo & Alexandria wartime… Jill dies too soon…

LEN c 1981 has died & there is shock about the LACK OF

UNDERSTANDING at The Pillar House Harwell- but more tricks go on … more loss of life … 2 people who had known Andre Malraux & were of his age… spoke perfect French…he could get a SAFE BED with them…

Mengele HARRINGTON got a foul message put on the BBC c 1980/81-

the old 3rd Programme-now RADIO III - It said that Len was wanted for questioning it was known THE LINDSAY

& PONG & other monsters … HAD BEEN CLOSING IN ON LEN since

ANDRE MALRAUX died…for together they could take off by sea or

air …guarding places & peoples …

IT WAS KNOWN EVIL PERSONS WERE meeting with big business freaks, over at WANTAGE in a palatial place… other persons in the REALM had listening equipment too…! « it was said they had `a grocer`s errand boy` some nights…the talk was often about lands in foreign lands they could lay hands on…from an Estate some in Communist Socialist nations…it was not too late to claim it …TITO dead…things were loosening up…»

1952 Colchester Museums - « … the Newfoundland heiress Castle/Sible Hedingham NIECE of the good soldier PATRICK MACDREW strangled age 9 by Lindsay & Pong 1942…has also lands along the coasts of Yugoslavia/her grandpa spoke Yugoslavian…they are a 900 years old ESSEX trading SEA family… RECALL…she Miss M. MacDREW 1942 is in the same school & class as GRETA RANSOM…who is receiving at this TOWN School brought by her mother from London parties spiteful messages from Angela & her men …

` The heir to Grote Homes & RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts the daughter

born 1933 of FJR is to call herself Pearl Barley when she answers REGISTER…& she is to WRITE IT ON HER SCHOOL BOOKS - they would rather Teresa Gordon kept the Ape Eskimo from school …she is to dope her & say she plays truant…then they will invite her to more Whitehall Admiralty & marble Halls Parties… « `

1980s - PJPW had failing health - he travelled often- BM

Natural History - his FISHES The Clupeiods/ HERRING like fishes go round the WORLD & Pole to Pole & sneaked up rivers- (b 1930-d 1992)

1953 onwards - Mr Mengele Harrington Peer-in-waiting…

makes people ill who know of GROTE RANSOM Estate/he

specializes in LIVER DAMAGE -

They are in the way of his EVER COMING PEERAGE for his


with his secret-silence Naval Intelligence Teams - THEY have

UNDER INVESTIGATION many good citizens who know of this


1979 - Removal of an accomplice had again ATTEMPTS


As evil as Nazi Camps butchery- From 1960 EXAMINATION of

the deaths given to GROTE HOMES CHILDREN had many persons say `it is WORSE than the Concentration Camps…`

1960 Colne Engaine/Onion Seller & comrades …

passing Territorials had become figures of mists & dark nights… they would not go for the WOMEN as it was against their CODE…but where they could they WOULD GIVE THEM IT BACK- as they slew the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN… /Records/


TWO YOUNG ESSEX SEA HEIRESSES age 9 years in same class Clacton School 1942 - ONE murdered horribly 1942 …the other attacked mercilessly since birth & by THEM…NOBLE criminally insane OF GROSS BRITAIN-always penniless…grow a dangerous crop Scotland …pays the bills…& sold & sent overseas to child & slave employing factories etc. for the RICE BOWL/potage…Gives maniacal strength- hits brain in 2 seconds- can be powdered for other evil-

1977/79 - LIR This is what he ANDRE wanted you to hear from him & remember…The CATHEDRAL MONUMENT- Lincoln- You have to change the middle letter to a J ”- & it is his Father’s cousinship - their line… his SEA ANCESTORS … as we hath - `

LIR speaks on Mengele has threatened he will blind me with wire & have me thrown in the seas - he is so insane & believes he will earn his Peership this way … ”

1980/81 - LEN goes on a Pilgrimage to Jo`s Beach for ANDRE MALRAUX after Andre is dead he penniless since Mengele has used British IMPERIUM KUDOS to remove all his income from the Argentine which comes from his WEDDELL SAN JULIAN forebears

It is November Holland-on-SEA & he found an empty bungalow furnished in the style of the 1930s/40s & stayed recovering for 3 days…he knows all this area so well from 1934 when he would

come to stay with the new in-law families Gordon & Williams at the seaside … he has to get to good friends South London /the TAPE says “ Mengele has a WITCH HUNT OUT FOR HIM …”

/Len`s diaries are exquisite in their HUMANISM The man who got in the wrong church/the cottage that grows lettuce at Holland & you help yourself & pay a penny in the tin/Honoria Rachel falls over in the snow & says `Merci`: so they speak French now/The Orphan Boxer/The Shoe shop Man whose mother & Aunt broke the Bank of Monte Carlo/The Man whose father FLED from Europe with him as a baby - gave the foreign name but did not say which nation/ & so many more

… to come ON LINE for they are 20th century histories of GOOD PEOPLES LIR b 1921- murdered by Mengele Harrington c 1981/2

Nota bene : 1948 - TGR Mad Mother Kali tried blind Greta R with electric cable - the cuts down my forehead took 2/3 years to heal…Charles Magowan photographer threatened to get some Scotsmen to finish her off … SHE DOES NOT GET BIG MONEY from her Noble Friends anymore…Only RACING CREDIT from Angela !

But these EVIL CREEPS held over everyone threats of EXPOSURE of the FAILED marriage of GEORGES Andre Malraux & Greta…the disgrace to the Vatican…let alone Holy FranceMALRAUX did not know the marriage was NOT dissolved by Pope Pius 12 until he went to see him November 1957 …10 years on -

`They boxed it clever` these dope-fiends…always after


these old Nobles of 1920s& are expert BLACKMAILERS We hear 1961 Mafia a certain nation excused themselves ALL their own crimes after hearing some of the THEFT with violence of Aunt Mag & TIG`s Estate…the Hollywood Bowl was got back for awhile 1960s …

1946 - Nota bene : Teresa Gordon R. kept loose by Ed du Cann her bastard 1924 - & his father in the LAW- Lindsaybuggarhs too…

` THE Marital COURT September 1946 requested her sister Miss Winifred to put her in the Tendring Essex Nut House for an unspecified time -

my father FJR having WON the Case & got CUSTODY his daughter & 2 sons September 1946 …`

Sheshe CLYTEMNESTRA Old Mother Riley…from 1946 has been told by her Palace & marble halls & Whitehall Admiralty parties FIENDS- put Greta in factory work & run her health down again…


Put them in Jeans-sweatshirts & plastic shoes ! Cabbage soup !

1945 September - TGR & her Noble GANG are destroying so many opportunities to BEGIN TO SAVE THE ESTATE & have my father meet MALRAUX - It was THE STEALING OF THE POST of all of us AGAIN with the NOBLE AUTHORITY of these MURDERERS OF THE GROTE CHILDREN…It has gone on since 1938 ! We all had violence breaking out at us the more…TGR`s NOBLE CHUMS were NOT GIVING HER A BIG PLACE & MONEYS…They had USED HER !

But she got DOPE & some doors ever OPEN !


1938 - LINDSAY EARLS/Lindsaybuggarhs/ They were all helping themselves since 1938 SUMMER :

Two big cheques from GROTE Brokers to my grandfather FCFR were stolen…one for my School Fees until I am 18 years of age of 15,000 pounds…The other very big which was CAPITAL for us all…& for FCFR to invest…often he used the FOUNDLING HOSPITAL & this mean`t they got a percentage…The 2 RANSOM brothers Fabricius & JOHN were among the 350 or so Founder Members …18th century-

1970 Peter J.P. WHITEHEAD BM Natural History Museum is told horrible things about my RANSOM grandparents by some well suited THIEVES at the new Foundling Hospital building… Jesu Henri ! They have such filthy lying mouths & often have this DOPE up their SNOUTS…

1948 - she TGR penniless hit at me in her dope-drunkenness & tried blind me with wire…insisting with a maniacs Noble grin God wanted her to -

Greta & Andre have had the marriage destroyed by SHEshe TGR - Clytemnestra/MAD Mother KALI/Old Mother Riley/ & Miss Win stupid beyond belief listening to du Cann bastards OF THE LAW

(sick joke !) … & Lindsay maniacs

I also have that HOLE IN MY SKULL from my birthday 1945

12 years of age…when she hit me with a metal something & kicked me down the stairs from the very top to the bottom

at THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC…that happy elegant little house & garden WHEN SHE WAS NOT THERE … Andre sitting in an armchair reading `THE HOTSPUR` June 1945 He does not like the BIGGLES BOOKS ! I say when he Colonel Andre Malraux lights a fag

Biggles lit ANOTHER cigarette …” He does not smile but just looks solemnly at me …I hasten to say ``I do not smoke `` -

1949 - when Greta`s entry to Colchester NE Technical College was suggested by the sister of Laura Lawrence our Head/Drama English/Pathfields School … Treasa-CLYTEMNESTRA thought she could get money for blinding Greta I - G.R. got to College with the help of those trying to help all of us after the FALL of the WEDDING OF GRACE … & Andre & Mr Winnclemann gave 200 pounds to Aunt Miss Winifred ex ATS to get me some clothes for I am GROWING AS BIG AS MALRAUX ! Mad mother KALI took half of it ! But Esther got back 40 pounds ! So we went to Selfridges with 140 pounds September 1949 & got me some girls College clothes…!

But SHEshe was allowed to INSIST she had scrubbed floors to find the money for this !!! ~ THEY ALL LIE LIKE THIS - NOBLE BRITAIN AT THE VERY TOP ! THEY HAVE BASHED THEMSELVES WITH DOPES & especially this dangerous Scots narcotic Purple Pickle/Divinorum Salvia Scotland… TAKEN SINCE THEY ARE 12/13 years old ONWARDS It gives them maniacal DIVINITY ! GOD CLEANS THEIR SHOES … I & others 1947 onwards are were wondering why she was not LOCKED UP…

1940s - GROTE HOMES FRANCE the seashores born 1900 & growing up knowing the children educating to 18 years with 3-4 languages …

the FRENCH Onion Seller/ex-Italian LAWYER & his wife were only two of many alarmed at the POWER of these noble brutes of Gross Britain & SCANDINAVIA ! ( Miss Laura Lawrence NEWNHAM Cambridge is a Rathbone connexion in our pedigree WHITEHEAD…)

1940s - ALL THE EDUCATED PEOPLE HELPED SO MUCH & other good souls - as much as they could - they did not understand her & Noble Britain`s use of MEMORY REMOVE DOPES… & yet this was why she went to Prison 1920s - ALL THIS GANG were in the rich old man`s HOME at the first house of Hilldrop Crescent, Highgate…All enjoying parties …

YOUNG NOBLE BRITAIN of this Roaring 1920s ill educated HIGH DOPE USER gangs, ALL KNEW HOW TO PINCH A BIT OF CASH FROM old relatives…or get a piece of jewellery to pawn…etc etc etc….THEY HAD NO MONEY as they saw it ! THEY BELIEVED THEY WERE A DIVINE CLASS & GOD INTENDED THEY BE RICH…

1940s early 1950s - LINDSAY Earls have had their GRAND on Clacton seafront pulled down 1946 but THEY ARE OFTEN ABOUT…Frinton…or gone to the Races Newmarket then prowling about Colchester …

1950 - EARL LINDSAY 14 - was spotted GLARING AT GRETA OUTSIDE THE MOOT HALL Colchester …he had said that she was a young person of immorality of his family …& he did not recognise her …HE WANTED HER WATCHED…& dismissed THE COLLEGEThe College & Elders Colchester Town wanted to kick him out of the Town…The LINDSAY MOB are often under suspicion for various crimes/often robberies for booze & fags…but are The Premier Earls of GROSS BRITAIN & SCOTLAND…& run GANGS of THUGS …

1950 - SHEshe Clytemnestra was grinning when I returned from College North Hill Colchester -

the Head had made a reference to a person of Rank … but that I was not to worry - It was frightening to me… I said nothing to her -

ACTED AS IF I HAD NOT AT ALL UNDERSTOOD …changed the subject…She relies on me to clean the flat & organise everything -

She has over two thousand pounds RACING CREDIT from Angela & LINDSAY EARLS … She can Back horses with 3 firms…This is increased to 5,000 pounds in 1953 …THEREFORE SHE MUST SIT HOURS sticking PINS in LISTS OF HORSES in the newspapers …drinking from a bottle of Martelle BRANDY - If I see it in a humungomarket France I feel miserable - but IT OPENS UP MEMORIES of the EVIL NOBLE BRITAIN-& I see them in my memory at their CRIMES …

1951 - ENTER - LINDSAY Count SPADEWHEELER of the 1930s -

I took a job at an very respectable Chartered Accountant firm in

a garden with old family house in the centre of Colchester/Bland Fielden - I was 17 years of age -

The Princess Judith who married LEON Petrolengro (Cambridge University & a Pilot RAF etc.) looked after me/her father-in-law is called King of the Gipsies & her father a British Army Major had FITS over her being called A Princess of the Gipsies … but she was a perfect Princess from story books Her father had FITS over some activities of her Gipsy in-laws ! But they were old now & lived in a modern house - Her Army Major father became kindly & tolerant

as he got older she said … they had no children but Leon had issue from an early marriage to a Gipsy girl … But they divorced …

Aunt Margarethe Mrs Thomas Grote was adopted by a

FRENCH Gipsy Tribe 1900s…they elected her their Queen after she had taken an orphan to educate- then the difficult one came in for 2 years - he was very good at music & would use a window rather than a door/the first orphan stayed from 7 years to 18 years & went into French Local Town administration & lived happily to his mid-50s when he may have died of a cancer /we must hope he was not killed by LINDSAYfilth for THE FORTUNE THEY CLAIM/from an 1830 marriage line !!!

I do not recall if he had wife & children …but in my memory are the box of photographs the family albums, the framed photographs the letters & invitations the connections to the arts especially music & dance from this friendship …. All existed 1930s … R.I.P. ? EARTH SHOULD BE RELUCTANT TO ACCEPT THE CRIMES OF GREED by LINDSAY/Angela & company … for quick dough …

Gipsy Petrulengro who had a STARS Horoscope column in a Newspaper cannot have not known of GROTE HOMES…The Tribe IN FRANCE that adopted Aunt Margarethe did not want anything…they thought her a good woman…she may have set up an Umbrella for them in health/schooling/lands/homes for the elderly with all mod-cons-as she usually did … the way she ran her MISSIONS since a girl of 15 years in Dussledorf … 1856 …

C 1929 - FRANCE - There were lots of photographs black & white of Margarethe girl-of-the-SNOWS with her Gipsy Tribe

& Lennie RANSOM a young boy 7/9 years or so running about…

My father FJR & grandparents Ransom are there & there are fires & cooking tables & Margarethe in a great chair …

I expect JEAN danced her own Spanish choreography classical ballet to da FALLA 3 Cornered Hat & Debussy`s IBERIA…

Aunt Margarethe is proud of her nephew`s ballerina wife JEAN WEDDELL of the Weddell Sea … her parents Fred Ransom & Gertrude had met the Weddell boys sons of James the SEA when they were visiting South America … It was in SAN JULIAN`s BAY

Where they had anchored the Mary Rose the family tall sailing ship …

1856 onwards - Margarethe RANSOM began Welfare for her workers families & old folk at Dussledorf when she was still in

her teens - proper housing with bathrooms & anyone falling ill cared for & did not lose their home- they could be transferred to other work if they wished…THE GIRL OF THE SNOWS had civilised CARE of the PEOPLES & LANDS far in advance of Gross Britain …who just eyed her moneys in the banks & her lands & art works & wished to CLAW IT ALL FOR THEIR EVIL SELF- As a child I heard in civilized educated communities about this IMPERIAL GREED…& HIGH DOPE taking that caused it …

1951/1952 - THE ELDERS at this firm Colchester I worked for about a year KNEW QUITE A BIT about the Estate & Homes -

& the MALRAUX WIDOWHOOD & then romantic early marriage to his Ward ! But it had not worked … 1952 the town of Colchester was quite a buzz in The Red Lion over a second heiress

of the SEA…grown to full height …

1953 November - MALRAUX EMPEROR OF GAUL doth


“ A frog he would a wooing go … sang Colchester Madrigal Society with him in December 1953

1951 - I am 17 years…not a good typist or shorthand writer-

but the course at the NE College included Political History

which I liked - The other girls were protective of me too -

a nice girl called Ardene whose parents had gone on holiday to France before she was born & called her after a forest- she had

a good sense of kind cheerful humour to juniors