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1930s - 1960s - FRAUD with increasing VIOLENCE :

lead by THE EARLS OF Crawford LINDSAY …grotesques of violence… THEY WERE KIDS IN THE STABLES 1900s/1920s stuffing up their SNOUTS pretty lavender gilt pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland fire blownIt hit their BRAIN in 2 seconds…they begin using it about 12 years of age.

It is said MR JIM Jong PONG has given them ACTING lessons-

his Grandfather booked him a 2 years Course PEKIN CHINESE OPERA- MORGUE FACE/DIVINITY/hunt BIG GAME/THIEF/etc

His report said he was good at Villains but not at sympathetic roles …

1979 - ANDRE MALRAUX DEAD - Mengele began calling Len names in public & stomping in with something called a CID at Laines Barn Wantage & other places - It was NOT said some young people ! But Mengele may have a tame one who would be easily used because Mengele might have him on DOPES …

MENGELE HARRINGTON was getting a DIVORCE & felt he would be a PEER if he went on destroying the reputation of purity & humanism in our families & changed his wife- HE WANTED to have LEN GOT away from living near the Whitehead children his brother FJR`s two grandchildren …

LEN had 2 new books out in other languages …

& much more to write - he had our family histories in records … he was musician artist humanist FLYER…WE CALLED HIM OUR YOUNG APOSTLE 1930s for his pure young mind … ANDRE MALRAUX valued him …

1970s - advanced listening equipment Naval intelligence were pretending they are JUST TESTING - an obscene powerful business world all high on dopes were listening `to households in Berkshire-Oxfordshire- Reports/Plans- they listened to !!

1976 - ANDRE MALRAUX dies too early November 23rd …we are all without protection - Len has published 3 books that the EVIL at the top of the pyramid could not lay hands on & remove from the face of the globe as though they had never existed - as their custom-

1970s - 3 reports reached Museums & Science circles Gross Britain & abroad… of a grotesque Diners mob Wantage - expensive togged blokes living off Grote Ransom Estate the world with dope-fiend chums from 1930s - Mr Mengele Harrington now a bond brother .”

1940-1945 - Greetha Ransom b 1933 wished dead -

I can run like the wind & hide in the REC…flee down the Valley Road to headlands of Clacton Neolithic families…& there is the Cemetery up a little road Grandpa painted with sheep coming down 1930s …& where he is with Kitty his daughter... then Granny Mary Gordon June 1944 Lindsay Gang have called my families of the globe nasty names for years before I am born …

HUMANITAS a word not for them …

1930s - MY FATHER & I, when I was a child in single figures,

we had them leering at us & horrible attacks on both of us … which is WHY we FLED October 1935 to go up to GREENLAND for more than a BEER - A previous document/BOOK tells of the savagery at he by Lindsaybuggarhs Earls claiming a COUSINAGE…& at me not yet 3 years of age /

1945 July - G.R. age 12 years grown tall with long hair (with an unknown hole in my head that could have had the brain squeeze out said Colchester Hospital 1953 ) …came some younger Lindsay Naval gold tinsel…advanced in the REC - I spoke politely but not knowing who they werethen returned swiftly to the safety of Colonel Georges-Andre X…they did not recognise him… We were mending a toy speed boat for the boys…

1945 July - The RN gold tinsel non-heroes an insult to KING ALFRED his NAVY he founded …They reported we hear later `…` she turned to a tall FROG in battledress - no rank - they were with a pack of children sailing boats…`


the young man of SPAIN … the sight of MALRAUX should have turned the little wretches to PILLARS OF SALT THE GODS MUST HAVE BEEN AWAY THAT AFTERNOON …

1946 November- I am allowed to `WALK OUT` with George Colonel Andre Malraux - preparation for marriage for life…The Widower Guardian will marry the Grote Ransom heir…in church… Special permission granted `early wedding` by Pope Pius 12... CAREFUL CONSIDERATION GIVEN to the young COUPLE`S CIRCUMSTANCES…

their previous strange lives …/Mr Winnclemann wrote in German to `young Paccelli` & others too- some called… WE SHOULD WED !

1945 SUMMER - The LINDSAY gang (for Angela) returned to their dope growing & violent fraud lives - The robbery of our ESTATE having killed the children - Others were robbing !

1955/56 winter - Phil no Greek came with an immoral Countess

& wanted signatures in a London lay-bye after dark or it would shoot me- IT SHOULD GET OFF THE PIN ! HE HAS HAD TO LEAVE THE SEA…therefore IS AMONGST EVIL NON MEN & some old slags…Roaring 1920s…

1957 December - Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX warns G.R.

`You must protect me from women of a certain type -& age…

I will teach you … Little One` - I get a kiss top of my head …

1955/56 winter - PHIL Duck/may call himself Peter Grimes -

This is the young person allowed by its parents to FRATERNISE with LINDSAYBUGGARHS the violent thieves & dope growing EARLS of Crawford LINDSAY- its wife should lock it in the Tower : nobody can catch Lindsay Premier Earls they are cunning sub-sub Apes … (they got hold of my relative CLOUTS a rich girl in 1830...)…

1955/56 … Lieut-Commander David S. Brown rnvr was in charge

of taking me to this unlawful obscene procedure in a London lay-bye- These are all men & women who know Mengele Harrington paedophile & dirty JIM Jong Cur James & are using this narcotic Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts- -plus heroin-cocaine & LSD given the young … by JIM Mr Pong a half Chinese Racist co-steward of WHITES CLUB St James`a Vice bar calling itself a GENTS something - DOPES on BOTTOM SHELF his private office cupboard …

1980 LIR - `LEN having his shoes removed so he could not attend Grote RANSOM Estate meeting Frankfurt & finding his bank did not know his name ORDERS Mengele Harrington & Private State CID etc etc …PJPW (BMNH) Natural History Museum gone out of his mind…a request Greta go up & walk amongst the Geological Museum AGES of EARTH … & say how were things at The Pillar House…(educated persons are aware they are bugged/tapped by obscene Big Time RN & ex Army…

1967 onwards Director BM NATURAL HISTORY South Kensington Sir Terence Morrison-Scot & wife had them BOOTING IN MUSEUM OFFICE & their home /Reports on all this …)


`Old Tarts & pots of stale lard` were hissing & forking from the SEVRES porcelain in Marble Halls again … ` Len had never worked in his life & could not really fly a plane - was not A FLYER ` etc etc … - urging his death because of what he knew - as they’d done to his parents when he was 17 & 18 years old - the `hunting big game` went on … of the Eskimo Ape families…

“…I have no respect for anyone who goes to see Mr Mengele

LIR tape/Reports/diaries/

1937 SUMMER -


warm days & the sounds of the seas - visits made- sitting under the STARS talking of when we will journey to them -

5 weeks with Andre & JO - THEN TO LINCOLN - it was the longest spell of unbroken happiness I G.R. hath ever had in my entire life - free of MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP- The year before we had them following us with their thieving diplomats- LINDSAY STUFFED PORKERS intend on harming Ransom & branches-Weddell - Gronlander & Poulsen- other branches- Mainwarring - de SALLE Paris …

Embarked upon destruction of all evidence of our existence… telling foul lies about our families when they find it difficult to thieve from our Banks - In violence taking the MONEYS LANDS INVESTMENTS of Grote RANSOM Estate 3 Parts a bracelet twice around the globe -A FALLEN PENNILESS EMPIRE embarked upon FRAUD & blackmail-1930s onwards to hide the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN it had parts of the Houses of Perversions-

Paris - there sleeps Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX… Mengele swore he would cut his brain out & have it in a pickle jar ?

I do not dream I sit beside the tomb of MALRAUX The Pantheon & throw my long hair over him & sigh `Georgie-Saint George-Colonel ANDRE- HOW I DOTH WISH To WEEP - WHEN I DOTH WRITE UPON YOU-

& JOSETTE A young lady… Will Shakespeare `Oh how I faint when I of you do write` - Sonnet LXXX - I GO ON WITH THIS DOCUMENT FOR THEM … for all the dead … May is the month of three dead boys Let us remember the pure happiness gathering that SUMMER 1937-

OUR work places good & beautiful people back upon the globe - to have their lives known & their civilized kindnesses to all upon the earth…& for libraries upon THE STARS - WE replace many of them who hath been slain so early in their lives by that secret silence of a greedy Class in a fallen Empire - They able to criminally use the structure & institutions of Gross Britain - bragging in Marble Halls of the corrupt KUDOS they wield by being part of an obscene Noble Class - Hi-jacking with violence & madness in the name of officialdom because they lay SIEGE to

the greatest piece of philanthropy the globe has ever known TRUMPETING DOWN THE WHITEHALL after CLOSING HOURS it is in the way of GROSS BRITAIN TRADE… NO ! They are ill bred & criminally insane from childhood very often from the use of this dangerous narcotic stuffed up their snouts

HIGH DOPE VILLIANS dripping blood & gore moneys to this day, grabbed by their issue - 1980s they go after our Russian-China-former Yugoslavia-Albania-Greek lands of PEACE & PROSPERITY or hath already trodden them to poverty for fast profit- I want them on chains building our 2 Universities in the snow

6ft. 5 inches tall (dishy ! As the 1930s girls say) POUL GRONLANDER & James Weddell & his INCA Nobleman father-in-law Y. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel mathematician astronomer Priest line …

1940/1960s - Onassis would sail in to protect the seas edges & islands of Margarethe Ransom Grote’s Estate - he & Andre-the Brothers RANSOM tried give the tenants schools hospitals religious foundations & those Umbrellas of Welfare & Arts gymnastics protectionMALRAUX understanding from 1960 -

1950s-1980s - All this time Mr Mengele Harrington was at old Gross Britain Nobles & Lindsaybuggarhs 19th century tricks with JIM Cur James removing monuments graves local records…all were being destroyed - now it was his mad mission to remove all DNA for the future …

& he began to excavate graves with a DOCUMENT from

ON HIGH a Document from the criminally insane B U T nobody at THE ORDNANCE SURVEY had authorized it - “ OS Office ”Mengele HARRINGTON (NOT the noble Doctor of Edinburgh born 1914 whom Mengele paedophile often passes himself off to be )

Often he Mengele Royal Satrap paedophile who goes on private visits with PHIL the Greek said `he was acting for the last of the familyHE LIES as THEY ALL DO ! WE ACT FOR OUR FAMILIES NOT YOU BARBARIC MONSTROUS CREATURES OF SHEER GREED … ! Put yourselves in a Volcano -STRIKE A MATCH …!

1950s-1980s Mengele gives some credentials as Doctor Harrington…he would have it understood by the gullible & easily intimidated that…he was of the Royal Household of AngelaHis clothes & expensive motorcars…the two bottles of champagne displayed on the jockey seat of the blue car…the blonde NURSE untouched wife …he takes in all the GODS…

Nota bene : He liked to refer to himself when out & about in HIGH LIFE as “Saint Michael Falling…Fallen…you get which one you deserve …” He could also HISS this at his VICTIMS …

Records/accounts/diaries/newspapers G.B. sometimes Continent/

1950s/1970s - D A N G E R - JIM & Mengele Harrington were taking people to tame hospitals or private clinics…sedation & brain washing with ACIDS or injecting the liver to slow kill - Mengele saying he was the doctor in charge - always speaking of his work for `The Crown`- /

A REPORT FROM just inside SCOTLAND NORTHERN ENGLAND- observant staff after one Nursing Sister noticed the MAD DOCTOR not the Doctor HARRINGTON of EDINBURGH … “ but loathe to say he was not the famous Doc… after he was asked …”

Reports 1960 onwards “ … killing the victims with his needles - making a liver a kidney a heart fail - that is what he studied in Hong Kong…/reports H.K/… others/

1960 Colne Engaine & that Doctor has gone as MAD as it is possible to go Andre does not seem to be able to follow what is happening from time to time …

1960 NIGHT WATCH taken by Dr JOHN RAY Ransom worker for USA State Office Washington … 3 degrees Astra-physics/LAW/Animal Management …( middle son of FCF Ransom & Jean Weddell Ransom … m 1909 )

1969 - Dr JOHN RAY Ransom TO BE MURDERED WITH PETROL POURED DOWN HIS THROAT- organised by Doc Mengele HARRINGTON with the CROWN TENANTS of our RANSOM farm & HOME of 1500 at MONTROSE where RANSOM direct line we SEA TRADERS THE GLOBE have put the ships in THE BASIN & legged it over the fields we farm …/Records 1969 into 1970s/Tenant put under a load of sand & gravel ! /this is stolen property as with so much else … NOTHING IS IN THE RED…the criminally insane NOBILITY have had death duties on the ENGLISH PROPERTIES 3 times or more over !

Records 1939-1960 - the brutal persecution of the old Ransom couple/robbery/their brutal murders by JIM calling himself Major Carew & a lorry of thugsa big woman calling herself Mrs Ransom wandered about drunk -she had not been seen with the RANSOM family before/many came from USA THE NASTY LITTLE PIECE OF VERMIN JIM of the Races saw that her name was heard BY the thuggish men in Army work clothes… they were helping him emptying the Farm & burning the personal possessions of the family RANSOM … paintings books furniture were taken off in another truck …/eye witness reports/

Detectives & Colleagues for ANDRE MALRAUX 1960 on -

1500 - 1939 /murders & theft in name of the new Crowns of Britain organised by JIM JONG NOW calling its little VERMIN self Major Carew or James or O`Carroll, he who has a 2-MAN UNIT back of BUCKINGHAM PALACE … VIOLENT BESTIAL murders with theft at the RANSOM MONTROSE Scotland Farmhouse & lands/ Nota bene : JIM HAS BEEN GRANTED THE ISLAND OF ARRAN Hebrides for his work murdering the Ransom & Gronlander families … This is stolen from the RANSOM estate by he putting BIG IMPERIAL BOOTS ALL OVER THE ISLAND & organising THEFT & blackmail of all who are not of the Family Bloody Liar cousinship …

JIM may have perfected his technique FRAUD with VIOLENCE

… in downtown SHANGHAI …or Lindsay HELL holes

… Bought 1500 AD by F.R. for his 2nd marriage 1504 to THE LADY Nilahawa OF JAPAN … he 44 & she 27 years of age released from her Convent Bruges/5 children Dowry 2 Islets at the very end of the LUSAN CHAIN Pacific Ocean…she of an Old Royal Line OKINAWA … Family YUSSZ-ah…shampoo

JIM - reports say he is insane- with Gross Britain Noble connexions- & there is no way you can get justice up where he enters bedrooms…they ARE HIGH ON DOPES…& INTO THE MONEY of a hidden Estate from the North Pole …

1960s City of London : “ Every time the Banks fill up in NORWAY our friend of Jim (& Doc Mengele Harrington ! ) called PHIL the GREEK removes it to his wifehis UNCLE who sailed BIG SHIPS IN ON THE RANSOM LANDS 2nd World War gets A HAND OUTthere`s a river of blood flows around your ankles young woman …


1920s-1980s - The fashion for DISGUISES - many famous people did not wish to be recognised…the film studios made them disguises - Rita Hayworth would go dog-racing with the charity Fund Raisers East End - there were many people in disguise about London - Vincent Price did not bother - he knew he gave people a shock because of his films & they would THINK THEY HAD SEEN HIS GHOST …

ANDRE MALRAUX uses disguise 1948 on/Some Reports are funny/MI5...anxious to protect he & his sons …

1960s - THE CITY OF LONDON & others … they did not know that MALRAUX`S peculiar Physician USES DISGUISES…

G.R. only knew him Doc Mengele in the disguise resembling ANDRE MALRAUX & then ONLY when you saw him Mengele sideways or from the back - I do not even know the creature`s name other than `HIM-that Doc-Mad Mengele` …

` He sometimes, they the staff say, `fooled them it was ANDRE GOV SIR …` say Andre Malraux staff … when they saw him pass by in the house 50 Lancaster Gate Square - he wears 6 inch special made boots BOND STREET…a black wig …a copy of ANDRE`s great champagne coloured USA STYLE RAINCOAT … with epaulettes … (Like South Pacific Musical~) but when you see THOSE DEAD FISH EYES … it is NOT NOT NOT Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX EMPEROR OF GAUL ….

1953 - New Year`s Eve at Nethrington Hall …

the co-murderer of the Newfoundland heiress age 9 years in Greta Ransom`s class 1942 EARL LINDSAY 14 reads out to the 40 assembled A LIST : F R A U D -

… “ GET OUT THERE … SEARCH … I will read you a list of places & names & how to get the assistance of your local library/ Associations/WI/schools etc etc TO HELP YOU FIND & DESTROY THESE CREATURES …GET OUT THERE & REPORT TO THE HEAD OF YOUR BRANCH OF THE FAMILY WHERE YOU FIND THESE NAMES….THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE FROM YOU THE FORTUNE OF MILLIE LINDSAY…” records vast

“ … he, the fat little guy covered in medals spoke about 4 acres under Central Park…but they would have to wait a bit…they were getting a lot of money that summer…it was clearly gangster stuff…I had no idea it was USA…I thought it was suburban London…somewhere I did not know … ”

/puzzled Detective Reports/ ` The little guy he URGED THEM ALL to take from the Punch Bowl a piece “ WHICH SUITED THEM BEST…telling them they knew their size best suited to them…`

One Detective reports `they took an orange pastille & sucked it`… His Reporting Agent said `THEY STUFF IT UP THEIR SNOUTS…it’s a dope they grow up in Scotland …`

Yes , said the Detective…but I though you might think

I had been boozingif I said they stuffed it up their snouts…` HIGH LIFE as reported at THE YARD of Scotland

1938 in autumn - after the killing with poisons of JEAN -

I told LENNIE MY BEST FRIEND my co-heir my uncle 12 years older- LIR FLYER-artist-musician-historian-our young Apostle-

We FLY UP TO GREENLAND FOR A BEER …when he is not at his music sometimes he is called to fill a place in an orchestra when somebody is sick …


( 92 AD Dunwich/out of Jutland-axes raised ? ) THEY COME IN A LONG VERY LONG LINE & THEY PROTECT ME - I see them in my mind - & then I am brave Lennie - become brave - CAN YOU DRAW THEM FOR ME ? ( JEAN is his ballerina mother & my grandmother with ballet shoes of every colour in satin … she dances every day 2 hours & some days 4 hours …she is very HOLY …)

1938 October - I can see in my memory Len`s startled face

he had not thought of this one ! He knows it is my Roman Catholic upbringing blended with his Nonconformist more sober understanding of TIME

WE DECIDED THE INCA RELATIVES WOULD LIKE US TO TELL THEM THIS YES THEY WOULD LIKE THIS VERY MUCH IF WE SAID WE CAME WITH A PROCESSION OF THE RANSOMS of 2,000 years … they would explain their ideas of the mystical … we would put on the great cooking pot on the tripod & make a delicious supper & talk for evenings long … & JEAN would dance The Firebird … Yes … but JEAN IS DEAD … !

LIR began to draw a procession of RANSOM grandfathers

the FREDS & the JOHNS beginning 12th century…& going backwards from 19th century Fred & Gertrud his great-grandparents Jacopsholmen Island of Great Poul Gronlander- Lennie got to the Grandpa RANSOM who is he of the Silver Goblet 7th century AD whose WILL said - « YOU WILL ALL USE MY NAME FOR THE FAMILIES FROM NOW ON… RANSOM …or I will LEAVE YOU NO SILVER OR GOLD … NO BEST BEDS …OR BOATS... (translations we are given by Len`s Dad FCFR my grandpa Frederick Charles RANSOM who reads BOEWULF early English - its something like that…)

7th century AD - RANSOM SILVER GOBLET - He had his sons & daughters about the Essex Suffolk seashores homesteads/heimat

& they went drifting up to ARBROATH before they set out for America 1592 AD (one is on one of the 3 boats of C.C. & turned back so he left some words about why they turned back …records were several/additional information from Captain Alan Villiers/

Captain Alan Villiers knew all this … & there is a French branch from a girl RANSOM … « he circumnavigated the Globe 13th century… every seaman knows he did but you must not UPSET Courts & KINGS « … AV )

When we reach this 7th century East Anglia Grandpa RANSOM of our straight line back Lennie he say`th

`they are a bit misty back there- 443 AD is alright he‘s got his own boat from Dad for his 21st & he‘s married Bridget- But the other early RANSOM ancestors THEY MAY HAVE HAD TO KEEP AXES RAISED or just gone sailing until matters quietened down from time to time - I will not put their faces in as portraits because we do not have them or descriptions … I will leave them misty … ” LIR procession on several pages fastened to-gether - has it been destroyed or is it hidden by a MONSTER OF THE DEEP ?

1938 - Len & me - we had to go about with axes raised after the legal WILL was known Mai 15th 1938... A stolen copy picked up by Mr Jim Jong from beside Margarethe’s dead body after he killed her had him gasp … he relates how he read the name of ANDRE MALRAUX - GUARDIAN - with anxiety

« … for The Crown of course… my anxiety

if France got hold of the Will that would severally interfere with their PLANS…”… he questioned that O`Neill boy 8 years old

& then dashed to Paris with Lindsay 14 ...”

1953 XMAS - Dirty JIM co-Steward WHITES Club/answers question time in his Vice bar - he drips blood & gore moneys

1938 Summer - we hear kind people say in big gardens where we are invited to lunches & teas- “ THE RANSOM CHILDREN - Going to run GROTE for dear Margarethe- they are quite able to take over - they are showing they can… ”