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1939/40 winter - Joists of the upper floor `Jerusalem` cut after the house robbed by JIM & Angela & Lindsay/records & witnesses/ …the house a pile of ruin when FJR Greta’s father returns September 1945 ... G.R. now blamed by INSANE crazy Teresa Gordon R. She gets free DOPE from the Noble scum who say `the ape girl had been up with Americans in wartime` I AM NOW 12 years & 6 months at the return of FJR my father

Nota bene: 1960 it is found that nearly 150 WEDDELL family including the triplets are missing in South America/see reports/ 1949/1951 an atlas was produced in Gross Britain without the Weddell Sea South Pole geography teachers 1950s who asked why it was not named were attacked - reports/

“ SAVAGE ATTACKS-Our MILLIE, skater girl with an Academy of Ancient Arts from 15 years of age with school-friends- they toured Germany-magazine & newspaper articles with photos/some were in German news prints/ destroyed by Earl Lindsay & other thugs his always sheep-stealing in the Highlands mob- Mill fell in love with Thomas Tiggy Grote’s brother-in-law JOHN RANSOM widower of Sylvia Henshaw Montreal-thus a marriage made she becomes MRS JOHN RANSOM age 18 1883- in love-swept off her feet by RANSOM family histories & THOMAS GROTE HOMES/educating orphans to 18 years/ she a humanist too. Millie gold hair blue eyes is Len’s grandmother- my father’s too-my Grandpa Frederick Charles Ransom’s young mother- She murdered age 32 years by 2 Lindsay 2nd-cousins after her Bank had been emptied/possessions stolen orders the Earl- who followed her about at Art Exhibitions-theatres calling her `a whore Millie Lindsay`-Greta’s great-grandmother who refused a second marriage to a Lindsay monster a 2nd cousin … she had her mother`s WARNINGS at the forefront of her mind … HER MOTHER had been born a `Miss Lindsay` but escaped them by marrying into FROBISHER ARCTIC MARINER line … …(papers/text/records `Halicarnassus`)

1890 - after murdering her husband JOHN RANSOM

THE PREMIER EARL OF GROSS BRITHe called `High Poop` in disputes/ like his DISMISSAL of the Treasury for not accepting the nations he had invented & paying him DOUGH to travel to them : …He wanted she, young widow Millie Frobisher in an Asylum because she would not marry a Lindsay-any Lindsay- then…they’d take all her Florida Lands -

The Earl had stuffed up his ugly snout Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets - his nose was stained with it- sometimes with

a running sore - Stabbing her in the eye with a steel pen the

two 2nd cousins Lindsay took the great Estate Frobisher Florida Orange Groves/owned jointly with her brother/ threatening to drag her son by a foot behind their carriage if she did not sign- she was part blind in one eye after this - the last 7 years of her young life ( Her son is the grandfather of GRETA FROBISHER WEDDELL RANSOM…heir to the Estate with Len his son co-heir & sub-heir…of family RANSOM whom the LINDSAY monsters & Noble SCUM call OLD ESKIMOS … into the 1950s …)

Full records in other Documents/also Andre Malraux detectives/colleagues/family & friends 1960 on…

Millie FROBISHER`S mother a Miss Lindsay reports 1883 on LINDSAY killings of old people in the family to get properties-Trusts- She warned JOHN RANSOM & his brother POUL -

They found immediately after the marriage 1983 in SAINT MAGNUS THE MARTYR on the River Thames they could not get the LINDSAY mob off their backs - the LINDSAY gang could manipulate Law & Government Gross Britain…

(1884 she dies ? - her home demolished/pulled down …

& The Park sold off by order Earl Lindsay…all moneys to him

Where moneys can not be got hold of the owners are shut up in Lunatic Asylum -

Mengele does this decades on/accepting Commssions/using his PRIVATE CLINICS first then people either disappear or are found to have been TAKING DRUGS & done it to themselves- Mr Mengele gets nicely paid & receives HOSPITALITY IN MARBLE HALLS …)

The two 2nd cousins neglected the Florida Properties- shot one another dead there-a wife & 2 years old child of a darker colour also shot….it was said a baby of a few weeks may have been smuggled away - or may have been killed by the EARL - HE CAME OVER IN R.N. BIG SHIP DEMANDING HE BE GIVEN thousands & thousands of pounds-dollars- for the Estate - He got 17 shillings & three-farthings - The Orange Plantation was ruined for the next 30 years ! Empty liquor bottles littered fifty miles/ newspapers/archives/

Winston Churchill could recite this history/via ADMIRALTY Whitehall acquaintances- thus his phrase January 1960 “LINDSAYS - a bloody nuisance since the Planet began … !

& he took 98 thousand pounds off Lindsay 14 -

“… he’s been playing Richard Strauss & Finzi has he -

… Well I’m playing Korngeld …”

He put the money in Swiss Banks in name of Greta Ransom

Len Immanuel Ransom… & ANDRE MALRAUX able to draw upon it for the two children he remembered in the 1930s - she Greetha had spoken to him about a matter upsetting him in the newspaper one cold morning in his shop across the road- Len was a Flyer when very young…”

ANDRE MALRAUX found he could not draw upon it to pay detectives or anyone - disappeared after ANDRE`s DEATH…

Nota bene : Intellectuals/medics/OTHERS/LONDON Scarlet town Xmas 1953/1954... «Churchill…they were all fooling the old man during the war…they still do…all of them UP THERE …» they refer to the murders of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…

THE SWISS ACCOUNT - Somewhere I Greta Ransom have a number for it given to me 1960 February by Arthur Malone - Also my secret name for using round the world 1930s- when the LINDSAYBUGGARHS & THE EVIL BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN were stopping us getting our moneys for travelling on our GROTE HOMES & ESTATE duties- they were all debauching shopping & buying new diamonds for themselves… I wonder which dirty THUG or THUGS got at THE 98,000 taken off LINDSAY 14 ?…IT DRIPS BLOOD & GORE from the Lindsay Earls SLAYING OF THE GROTE million children !

The GHOST girls ON THE STAIRS at `Jerusalem`

1936/37 - When I Greta was three & four years old Lennie said that MILL’s ghost sat on the stairs at ‘Jerusalem’ the little home by the sloping Park that some ladies in the family bought her when she had no moneys left- all she owned robbed from her by Earls Lindsaybuggarhs. I began to curtsey to Millie a ghost on the stairs- Len would talk to Mill ‘wait a mo Mill- we will take you out- go skating…’ It pleased Grandpa her only child…

MINERVA Olivea Hesketh raised next door to the Shakers his alive American Gran- her 2nd marriage she is Mrs James Weddell II, had taught him to speak to the ghost. She was astonished when he Len Ransom 9 years old said as she went up the stairs- `mind Mill’ she sits on the stairs -with her skating boots…’ Minerva-Granny a famous song writer said in astonishment

` WELL FOR HEAVENS SAKE TALK TO HER THEN ` ! I can just recall MIN for she is scented with violet & lavender & has a black frock with nipped waist & white lace collar & plays piano & everything…

& so we spoke to them & this was very happy for us & everyone

We took Mill skater girl out with us everywhere & went to Concerts & films with Minerva…

1934 we had a dead MINERVA- poisoned in a tea shop by JIM & Lindsay we took both of them everywhere- it would be dreadful to forget them when they were killed so sadistically by the GREEDY NOBLES of Gross Brit for being such pure good human beings-

Len’s Grannies … MILL & MIN …of course my father FJR his too !

I do hope great-grandmother MINERVA set her phrase for the Earl Lindsaybuggarhs & ilk to a tune- ’FIGURES FROM A MORGUE…’ ? Minerva’s song book EVENSONGS was in several copies of different shades plain design cover & several printings from 1880s/ I remember the leaf green/deep plum/dark blue covers…

She may have used her first name Mrs Bussi-something so ?

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX is reading his

notebooks from Summer 1937 to PJPW & Greta Ransom W/

Greetah put at the little kitchen serving-hatch to The Pillar House Harwell, dining room…a house built 1852 after a village fire but in the same manner as the 18th century house hence the great shutters, moulded ceilings & impressive stairs…the floors of wood, great flags, quarry

tiles & brick to the great kitchen with bread oven -

(photos/records - as the house delighted Andre Malraux)

It upset MALRAUX very much to look at me Greta as we sat either

side of the table in the dining-room/ All now come to Gaul & as he would recognise from The Pillar House 1968/76 - end of his life- -

He recommended this side of France- the countryside towards Iberia he said would suit `the retirement…up the road is Jo`s Place…40 minutes away by road San Bertrand on its mound…

that they - he & Josette found 1936 `coming out of terrible & bloody SPAIN `…

In this record of SUMMER 1937 they are to live again-

& all of they the good souls upon the JOYOUS VENTURE GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE…in 3 Parts…seashores Reserves of the Globe preserving a natural EARTH…settlements civilized-investments in what is required for human kindly life & for the exploration of the future…

… FOR WE HAVE TO GO TO THE STARS or as a species die…this we three Andre Josette Greta spoke upon SUMMER 1937...sitting under the STARS the seashores Clacton & Holland on sea… OUR LIVES BECAME JOINED FOR AS LONG AS THE UNIVERSE SHALL BE…

only sub-sub Apes & greedy dope-fiends could destroy all this - they did in the Evil Century 20th century- THEY STILL GO ON

1959/winter-summer 1960 - In my mind I am still THE BEGGAR GIRL - & he ANDRE MALRAUX is KING CARPETUA -

My understanding at this time is of no vast Miracle of philanthropy for I am shown no paperwork/no photos/& when attempts are made tricks are played by the slayers of the Grote Homes children/ - I gather at first that the father I do not know or receive any post from has some money perhaps thousands of pounds … Then my understanding is that he is entitled to it having married MAD MOTHER KALI Clytemnestra a monster like her TRUE BLUES her NOBLE BRITAIN ! I think in pennies & shillings - not thousands of pounds …


& The Guardian ANDRE MALRAUX & I are to administer with FLYER now Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM my heir & co-heir exists not IN MY HEAD… although some clearly did 1940s/

I have had Doc Mengele about me Greetha Ransom since summer 1947 - he employed by British Government & Crown…

a toy boy of CLARA Malraux from 1938 & 1947 July they came visiting MAD MOTHER KALI TREASA Gordon Mrs Ransom… to destroy the WEDDING OF GRACE-which SHE had begun ! They are all HIGH on nasty DOPES & any resemblance to a human being disappeared when they were children … FIENDS OF THE ROARING 1920s & IMPERIAL BRITAIN had the worst scenario - IT HAD ITS EMPIRE TOPPLING !

SUMMARY : THE MURDERERS OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN those who get KUDOS & DOUGH…are hardly going to leave in place the saintly WEDDING OF GRACE of GUARDIAN & the Heir to the greatest piece of philanthropy in the world… !

In their COARSE CUNNING DOPED UP MORGUE HEADS their understanding is that this is the biggest FORTUNE… El Dorado…& THEY MUST ALL GRAB IT … A REPUBLIC MAY BE COMING !

As the old log of wood Centaur of the SEAS advised them 1940s …

his reason for sailing the Royal Navy ships in for those who will go & slay the GROTE CHILDREN …

By 1950 no mention in my presence is allowed by TREASA Gordon of pre-war -she has cunningly BANNED my early years & the WARTIME so I cannot tell of her VIOLENCE & bestial actions with LINDSAY & Mr PONG at my RANSOM families & my father, Lennie & I …

1930s/1940s - I have experience first hand of EVIL Treasa & her NOBLE FIENDS West End, Buckingham Palace, Admiralty knees-ups…WHITEHALL meetings with heavy liquors after Office Hours …& other splendid architectural DEBAUCHERIES of these CRIMINALLY INSANE old Noble CHUMS of the 1920s …

1950s-1980s - NOBLE BRITAIN the criminally insane- still have outbreaks of violence & cunning accusations give them FUN & they can add to their coarse ill-bred insults - that I have no education-breeding-am Ape like because of my father/in the 1950s they are

known as the incestuous classes by those they are harming …

THE STEALING OF THE POST/mail the answering with false messages, the chips each room to listen to those whom they have robbed…goes on-

1947 - Thursday 17th April - WEDDING OF GRACE

Malraux-Ransom - Sea families of the centuries …

Very often throughout the next 30 years to his death …

Our Wedding of Grace is not in MY MEMORY to give me dignity & I to convey it to him … I can no longer recall he (this abused Archangel Georges Andre MALRAUX) as he Georges-Andre Malraux steps towards me from the Our Lady Chapel on the left hand of the Clacton Our Lady Church 1947 Thursday 17 April -

His eyes no longer stern but a little aglow for he was doing what his mother Bertha, his Granny Adrianna his Aunt Marie had hoped he would - make a good Catholic marriage & raise lots of children for them to be proud of -

I wear Sister Bede’s short white veil with the circle of satin roses she made for her Wedding to the church - very stylish & suited to a shingle of the 1920s but it looks pretty on my long thick hair … it was decided a hat was not appropriate for a young SPRING BRIDE … `

1938 summer `I - G.R. & Ransom families/Trustees et al

have from AUNT MARGARETHE Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE … A COPY OF THE LIST OF PRESENTS left to

` David, Angela, & their children


…. & neither do the EARLS of Crawford & LINDSAY -

`… many of them should have been exterminated for their foul murders Scotland & about the globe to get them dough-

A wise Realm & its LAW departments would tell the world these impoverished British nobles are dangerously criminally insane

& some of their issue trained to carry on … `

2 centuries stuffing this dangerous narcotic UP THEIR SNOUTS

& giving it to their children from age 12 years has 2 great medical centres 1970 report `…we cannot rule out they may BREED INSANE…`

1958 7TH January Feast of St Cede Bishop of Londinium & Othona Fort of Rome the Saxon shores…Re-vowing of MALRAUX & RANSOM allowed by “ young Paccelli ” Pope PIUS XII in Saint Ethelreada Crypt City of London…4 Banns read & entry in Register/ stolen 1968 by a doped up fascist-Marxist-British Tory toff…

1958 the third week of January : JIM- Mengele- Brown RNVR , SHEshe Clytemnestra TGR & Mrs Mengele & various Noble curb crawlers swore Greta Ransom ape would HAVE NO MEMORY IN A WEEK of the VATICAN recognition of `early wedding 1947 ` - BROWN finding I would not give him my wedding ring “for cleaning … the housekeeper will have you thrown out if you do not give me your wedding ring for cleaning…

Lieutenant-Commander David S. Brown RNVR said “ IT WAS A FILM THE FOOL MALRAUX WAS MAKING … DID YOU NOT SEE THE CAMERA … YOU FOOL … & IT WAS MISRULE … the end of MISRULE …instructions are given MALRAUX IS TO BE CALLED INSANE …he is to be EVICTED FROM HERE … !

I decided to hand over the ring … ANDRE has gone to the GUYANAS

& I can tell him & we can get another ring ! I WAS FRIGHTENED OF VIOLENCE FROM THEM ALL . I had NEVER known BROWN like this before … I had little memory at all as they said & quite swiftly…Mrs Mengele a qualified Private Clinic Nurse… was powdering my pillow with MEMORY REMOVE we learn 20 years on ! Doctor Mengele Harrington may have tagged along on the Guyanas trip for General de Gaulle…« Empress Messalina puts Doc in her luggage» say young London

1958 January - end of April ... the young staff put to look after me had Teresa Gordon R. come squatting again in my room while the Steward of WHITES Vice Club CUR JAMES came stomping in the reception rooms weekends

all of the Noble non-men thuggery with their Dames, slags & Tarts using the Catholic household as their Town House & charging across the road to the Hotel for meals drinks swinging their TITLES - It is indeed SCARLET TOWN… JIM speaks of “ 3 Broads & a Greek ” if asked where he is off to …

We young people are not given authority to keep these monsters

out- & they Protestants too ! We should have had half a French regiment ! Why cannot I have some prints or photos in my room ! Because it gives a memory ! This is how the First World War treated their shell-shock patients in hospitals clinics …& 1920s NOBLE BRITAIN LATCHED ON TO THIS SWIFTLY

GOT HOLD OF JEWELS - PROPERTIES- TRUST FUNDS OF unmarried women…children…old people …

ANDRE MALRAUX acting for de GAULLE had to leave for GUYANAS TOUR 19 (?) January 1958 - Mengele Harrington royal Satrap paedophile Gollum with a team of Naval Intelligence now to assist him since November 1953- stuck a needle in me within 10 minutes of George-Andre leaving the Catholic household 50 Lancaster Gate Square-7 pm a winter night…hissing « I WON`T HAVE YOU - YOU APE REMEMBERING MY - MY PATIENT ANDRE MALRAUX … files/tapes/notebooks-

1940s…There hath entered many new monsters in the PAY of Crown Office or somewhere Whitehall - using the State resources & institutions administrative & legal systems in their well paid work ` REMOVAL OF FAMILIES RANSOM/ WEDDELL/ GROTE/GRONLANDER/SAN JULIAN - criminal work used as a training ground - any person learning too much truth will be put down in a big black hole etc -

THE THEFT OF G.R POST/mail & ANDRE MALRAUX too /my poor young Father/his relations out to those so distant-13th century Suffolk/USA/Palestine/Castile-7-8th centuries Ransom/all of us under surveillance/by the PENNILESS NOBLES…

/photo albums seized-letters-Deeds-paintings-monuments smashed/historic ships sunk - The Mary Rose laid up in The Basin - Montrose sunk 1935/6...Len & I saw he as we were taking to peer down in sunlit waters - our Family Ship a 4 master-laid up as a restoration piece - 1939 orders given to depth charge her by the usual bunch of murdering criminally-insaneThe Pig`s Whistle destroyed after the 2nd World War…she had a GRANT !

1929/1939 on- DECREES of secret silence-

` Frame intelligence of the heirs- call them apes Eskimos & unfit to inherit- God will decide when other creatures shall have the right to make a WILL-

See all receive NO POST - 1968 onwards- The Pillar House Harwell received no Post to Greta Ransom under any surname- it was directed to a department South Kensington Post Office- before bills were sent on to Peter J.P. Whitehead, British Musum NATURAL HISTORY -

1968 - My father & Ransom families can send no post addressed to Greta Ransom without interference-removal/

he & his relatives coming to a party for children Xmas 1968 were turned away by 3 cars of thugs from The Pillar House ! Reports/

1933 XMAS - THEFT by British Government & Crown … for The Earls of LINDSAY - Begins XMAS 1933 -

FJR did not know of this - he can see any documents at his parents home `Jerusalem` Deptford- they have all post/mail sent to EMBASSIES of USA & Argentine & others - therefore he had NO IDEA that the barbaric dope-soaked criminally insane of Westminster-Buckingham Palace-House of Lords were tearing open our Post/mail & putting their snouts into an Estate of the world-its management-its HUMAN BEINGS-

They should have had NO knowledge of how this vast piece of philanthropy lay about the world - with permission of the Nations it was in- The Empire of GROSS BRITAIN is collapsing upon its ignorance & greed…& they are in DEBT & near penniless…to have them know of this great Estate was TEMPTING to the ill-bred & ill-educated …

“ All overseas post etc for Greta Ransom & families/envelopes packages PRESENTS are opened at the back of Buckingham Palace…on a trestle table & XMAS 1936 two trestle tables were required…this was done 1933-1940s…at Greta’s birthday & Xmas…3 grey suited men from Whitehall took away all written papers

& cards, letters …” Reports/

Greta Ransom 21ST BIRTHDAY PRESENTS March 1954 … were opened by Earls of Lindsay & their noble companions/JIM was present with a wife & Doctor Harrington/Mengelethere are several reports of this display of ignorant arrogance/ & the reports give the consequences to good people their lives & health-

LINDSAY EARLS fraudulenly claim this Estate in the name of a mythical Millie Lindsay- & 1930s have a CONTRACT with Angela`s parents to settle all debts & pay bills in exchange for being allowed to secretly TAKE THIS ESTATE & dismantle it with others/a share will be given to The Crown to their daughter Angela Noble Britain hopped on the Charnel carts & filled its gold buckets up too…All of them are criminally insane on HIGH DOPES including Divinorum Salvia Scotland grown in Scotland

1954 - 11th March Greta Ransom her 21st birthday :

Violence used - her massive birthday post given to Crown & Lindsaybuggarhs Earls & other SCUM - reports …

“ … Uncle Sir John Edmond O’BRIEN who sent the little O`Brien tiara of 1859 called `a paddy` & they set about ruining him-coveted his properties as pre-war from 1920s- began to savage Murphy & Carroll families too ! Tiara & Frobisher pearls worn in Mayfair by coarsened nobles- Lindsay Earls - dirty Jim & a Missus`- Princess Meg…& others - all as usual on ACID -heroin… purple pickle too …in their snouts …

“ They tore the Frobisher 17th century necklace to pieces & threw it in the gutter outside the restaurant…» /

reports were several on the obscene display by divinities…

“ G.R. is NOT a Ward of Court- she has very white skin is tall with blue eyes & long hair- Oh usual sniggers about Apes & Eskimo”

“ A massive Post came to the Heir of Grote Ransom Estate…

& from the innocent ANDRE MALRAUX too” !

records-reports-1936 onwards into 1970s -

Memo from G.R. to them all … YOU ARE PILES OF DOGS DIRT fly blown - as the good citizens of all ages watching you on Clacton seafront called you 1920s-1940s…Nota bene : Our Ransom family once found an enlightened Ruler -

down in San Salvador -

1976 - ANDRE MALRAUX his last visits to GRETA RANSOM

September & October 1976 …

… People said he also came over to us in October a surprise visit/notes, tapes/some memory - its misty -

I recall the September evening 9.30 pm Harwell village, The Pillar House-A SURPRISE VISIT-he sweeps in no warning to PJPW- He has

an overcoat on- very dark blue or grey black perhaps -not his usual romantic raincoat - a local taxi is outside that he can trust -

1945/1946 in the Schools - we girls nearly swoon at him in

the raincoat like Glenn Miller & the Americans in the 2nd World War newsreels - Betty Kean the Convent gave him wolf-whistles & was corrected by the Irish teacher 18 years with red hair- I used to go weak at the knees & my head swim with delight & misery for he will , it is said, take the Robe as a Widower & he

is someone so holy & clever….

1976 - His eyes are tired- but it is him & again I wilt but

I must be calm as a statue- a Caryatid on the Acropolis of Athens -