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1976 September - ANDRE MALRAUX - he asks me to look into

his eyes…before he begins to speak “…try & remember -

it is only something they have done to you & sometimes

they did it to me - STOPPED LIFE !

We had a little Wedding - I was happy & I think so were you -

we tried again & I was happy very happy Greta Maureen …

& so I think were you…THEY HAVE DONE IT - STOPPED LIFE ” !

(Stopped lives & KILLED FOR THIS MONEY & ruined the globe)

I am like a person in a dusty glass jam jar - I often experience this-

I am trying to look out but the air is grey departing-in-grey & we are writings- drawings upon the seas upon the cold winter air

of Essex beaches & LondiniumWe have lived in the EVIL CENTURY the 20th century … where evil won & our dead encircle the earth of the JOYOUS VENTURE - I have replaced some of them in this DOCUMENT !

ANDRE MALRAUX arrived with a taxi man he can trust

& it was quite unexpected at nearly 9.30 pm

PJPW is very flustered-he was working at history of natural history papers on the dining-room table that evening-children

in bed-a quiet comfortably warm September evening-

Peter seats Andre Malraux in the gold arm chair- I have never been able to see Malraux without preparation of a visit…

Orders given by NOBLE SCUM I am not to have a memory…

But Georges-Andre rises saying “ I wonder if I might sit on

that William Morris sofa Peter that Miss Rose Holder bought

you when you came here-this chair is very nice but it is small

& I am a big man… ” A little look of a grim half a smile

from him …“ Perhaps I could sit next to Greetah…Greta…”

I was told to fetch some wine from the cellar & I brought it in

the bottles into the sitting-room where we drew the corks -

I give him a glass of homemade wine -

a dry one of white rose petals to try - then another of rhubarb -

“ You made this Greetah ! … it has a touch of ginger -

am I right ? I am amazed- it is so clear … ” An old friend he has from the 1930s, Beryl very English , said 1972 at the renaissance evening The Pillar House “Andre is really more English than French…he has lived over here for so many years …

Victoria is got from her bed to play for him on the piano -

Peter must leave us - Peter wishes him to hear her play…

it is 9.30pm …

Two or three minutes together…

ANDRE MALRAUX he holding my hands…

`Tell me - did you ever really care-for me - Yes I should have understood - I think you did - they opened our post

We had a little wedding as I have said - I was happy & I think so

were you Greetha Maureen…& we tried again…& I was very, YES

so very happy & so were you…I still cannot follow it…in some places… There (he pats my hands) you must go on here…you have Victoria & he the little one - little Peter- to take care of…

I must go to my tomb in Gaul ” -

“ I went to see the Rec - to the beach again - I always say it is the last visit - but I have to return…to happiness

One day they may let you remember- again- when we were a family & had a holiday - it was 1937 -

you were 4 years & a half- we had a summer holiday- with a girl who had to die…too soon… ”

Victoria will at 14-15 years play a little Debussy very well/so sacred to he & I as much as Monteverdi. Does he recall the music of 1945-47-yes- we have spoken all that 1957-1958-


the reader will see we often escaped from the bloody slayers

of the GROTE HOMES children into some winters dawn & dusk walks …

Andre Malraux & Greetha Ransom who meet July 1937 in that little ancient house Old Road Clacton-on-sea…

Len LIR has read his diaries-notes-documents-on tapes late 1970s- before he is killed by the long black tongues & foul mouths- the violent ugliness of IMPERIAL GREED who first destroyed his reputation & stopped him opening my memory with photographs & Ransom Weddell genealogies…ALL THIS WAS STOLEN IN THE POST AGAIN… 1968 to 1980sMr Mengele Harrington paedophile royal Satrap Golum in charge of a gaseous CID team for Government & Crown-& enjoying theft-fraud & violence…

A LAST VISIT for two SOULS who have to be parted :

… PJPW called ANDRE MALRAUX... ‘George’ & `fellah` «you should have let me know you were coming…its rather late « as he opened The Pillar House great door with its portico & columns 1976 September & the unexpected visit is announced as perhaps “THE LAST…” by the towering figure with a cane as if for support/

I break my foot last year & find it has slowed down that surge of dancing all over the house that has always been my custom/a child raised with Isadora Duncan & Mary Wymark known admired figures of natural dance - ( I was moving too fast while typing this work ! )

PJPW says to me GRW after some minutes of he speaking directing the visit upon his work BMNH & visits abroad & that the COOK Voyages 200 years anniversary celebrations do not need him now so much…he has come in for the FISHES … Peter Dance for the Mollusca … A turn to me and you will not see George again…I will go & wake Victoria - she has only just gone to sleep fellah…I want her to play the piano for him…George… he can hear how she is getting on…I will only be a minute…you must hear her fellah … ”

When she was born 1968 there were gawkers-gossips about us saying she was Malraux`s child…No- I don`t do those sort of things…I keep my marriage vows old fashioned though it has becomeperhaps unfortunately for Colonel George-Andre Malraux herebut then she would not be that Victoria-Augusta Mousie named after The 2nd Legion of Ancient Rome who visited CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis/perhaps she would have been a boy looking like Berthe`s family !

PJPW, he was about three or four minutes…& then brought us coffee…

I did not want it…I do believe he has ORDERS to put this dope

in my drinks on such occasions TO REMOVE MY MEMORY…

Peter… PJPW of the BM Natural History Museum DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THAT MENGELE IS INSANE…he believes he is the trendy type he knew in Kenya of the 1950s…the smart upper class…there have been some vicious remarks from a foreign relative who knows Mr Mengelethey are jealous of Andre Malraux& are on dopes galore…

The telephone was closed to The Pillar House Harwell to incoming calls in daytime…1968 December to 1970/73 & possibly some times after - this required powerful kudos & authority

1967 November - Gilbert Rathbone Whitehead KC was speaking with my father Frederick John RANSOM about RANSOM GROTE Estate - He was immediately investigated by this Imperial bloody mob the slayers of the GROTE HOMES children - & dies in a peculiar matter that felt like an insect biting his back February 1968- It was Mengele Harrington who was the Doctor who picked him up saying he had seen him fall as he drove by in the blue car & said he was in a hurry to get to London patients- left wrong phone number Mayfair with a neighbour who was looking out of the window…

Attack & later death for knowledge of GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate & being in direct contact with FJR GR Dr John Ray Ransom/Peter J.P. Whitehead BMNH is his nephew - (notes/speech by PJPW in grief 1987 when he discovers his Uncle`s death…

he was able to get help to exterminate Mengele Harrington-Feb 1992...after 4 slow years of investigation !!! )

1968 February - Police & BBC told to say Doctor may have gone abroad-after attempt to locate him failed…Mengele DOCTOR HARRINGTON` Royal Satrap Gollum paedophile` who has Naval Intelligence teams from 1953 with Lindsay Earls 14 & 15 & JIM for gathering in all MONEYS Ransom Grote Estate & sharing with the EVIL IMPERIAL FISTS Britain Scandinavia & Continent…

Nota bene : Gilbert R. Whitehead’s father is the REW Sir Rowland E. Whitehead K.C. MP., ex MP for North Essex…on a small Committee 1939-1940 to advise WHITEHALL & Palace of Westminster Gross Britain Houses of Perversions

IF THEY COULD CLAIM THE GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE in 3 Parts the Globe - little select sub-Committee 1939-41 - REW 3 times replies- `I fear the British Government has embarked upon fraud - `records/letters/He sent a letter to this son 1940/1...they have in-laws USA Grote…attack & later death-

& 1969/71 more deaths USA

JIM Jong James is the swag man described along the Thames tow-path at Wallingford by the dog-walker of the locality … his initial Reports are important upon that early winter morning walk…a little swag man figure with a hessian sack on his shoulder did not reply to a cheerful morning greeting but grunted …

1969 March - MARTYR Frederick John RANSOM (British Army Captain 2nd World War/did a heroic swim 1940 Philippines to the Japanese kith-kin of 1504 marriage

b November 1911 murdered in hospital March 1969 by Mr Mengele Royal Satrap paedophile Gollum Harrington…. This British Government & Crown & Admiralty employee of secret silence diverted my father’s appointment with his Surgeon-a check up- to a hospital & killed him with his pins & needles- some junior staff were distressed- a Cabinet Minister & MPs coming in with no sympathy- just looking glaze eyed at him…

1969 March `… FJR , he trying to have them listen to the truth & was shouting THE GOSPELS at these beggars from the Houses of Perversions - The slaying of all who knew of GROTE HOMES & the families & friends who founded it was going on - these creeps have moneys for their kids…`

…. ` they can holiday in our Mansions our apartments & our maintained with a family very often, historic homes…The noble greed has fun dirtying the building then having photos taken & the places pulled down… & they put up CONCRETE BLOCKS OF PROFIT… The cunning coarse greedy heroin soaks in smart suits knew well who were the dirty thieves…some themselves !

THE PURPLE PASSAGES of a fallen Empire-


2. Imperial bluff & titles & silent faces/Rulers of the Seas

3. Playboys & wild ignorant lives/remember to put Gods on a shoulder - dress well …

1987 December - Martyr GRW KC., December PJPW’s horrible awakening when he got two identical stories of that evening c 8th February 1968 “Uncle Gilbert taken to hospital - from a bee sting - something like that - he felt a prick on his back - he was pruning roses in the garden - a doctor passing by chance in a blue car SAID he saw him fall -

Several identical accounts from Police-neighbours-families/but the doctor could not be found `Police said after 2 weeks that he may have had to go abroad …` Neighbour home recovering from an illness is blamed for not writing down the correct Mayfair telephone number … 8 February 1968 …

`Hollis MI5 team July 1969... Oh they always put someone in

the hospital to finish them off Peter…we don`t kill…It is not in

the Terms of our employment…I`d always have a few words with my colleague in MI6...after work Fridays once a fortnightTHAT WAS HOW WE SAVED THEM- ANDRE old Hero & your wife…Greetah…`

Harwell Atomic Luncheon for families & associates…

PJPW early in year 1967 threatened- but he did not know enough-

A visit Captain COOK RN VOYAGES scholarship to OXFORD December 1967 had him startled hearing much from Captain Alan Villiers in his Study…he tried tell Villiers NOT to wake Greta’s memory -

1968/1969 - Peter was already in the paws of Mengele & his Dames- several ex-Kenya toffs & CREEPY CRAWLIES who can emerge from side door Buckingham Palace- & the Whitehead identical twins mother Wheeling West Virginia somewhat penniless & crazy on 4 Purple Hearts a day supplied by British doctors…

UNTIL HER SISTER Mrs Kathleen SPARKMAN (Husband Joe Sparkman Life President New York Yacht Club) TOLD HER OF THE JOYOUS VENTURE… & to STOP her Whitehead twins demolishing these integral parts of the Estate of Tiggy & Margarethe Ransom GROTE run from New York …

If the heir was found incapable there was her co-heir

(Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM & his two brothers & intelligent lawyers trustees in every nation OUTSIDE GROSS BRITAIN)…She had just been shouted at on Boston Bridge by a man telling her the twins had tumbled 30 people…put 30 out of work…1968 : ... & over a 100 again !

She tried tell how dangerous was life for the owners of the Estate & of the 2 important GROTE HOMES New York had until the 1950s…& that the children world-wide had been slain during the 2nd World War by the British who claimed the HOMES & LANDS ! But nobody had stood up to them…

…She also explained that Len had his mother`s body the ballerina in the family grave of an important Catholic family USA …because of the crazy REMOVING OF BODIES & burning them to destroy these kin of JAMES WEDDELL… the destruction of so many monuments to the owners of the ESTATE was a form of madness…there was also the matter of every genuine WEDDELL descendant of JAMES the SEA now missing …some found burned in South America…She said that just before & after the 2nd World War it was believed MADNESS hit HIGH SOCIETY of BritainShe had met MARGARET GROTE when she was a young woman in the 1930s-in her Bridal House waterfront ! Grote were distant in-laws !

1968/1980s - CHEAP GREEDY PURPLE Passages Gross Britain criminal insanity now took overMuseum workers are rarely, if ever, crazy…it is not logical to them…their CALLING

has them honest as their work in science requires this to achieve anything…

1967 onwards from the unannounced Registry Office marriage of Ransom-Whitehead…NOBLE parasites who have slain the GROTE children of the GLOBE had to make siege engines again ! Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs & their noble SCUM were up on 2-legs with their jackal-hyena jaws & claws out - snake pits of TWISTERS were activated & began growing again down The WHITEHALL…

there would be MORE DOUGH for all…

1970s - LINDSAY with horrible murders `hunting big game` with a mob JIM Cur James & Mengele Harrington…have full use of Diplomatic resources abroad & usual hired extrovert thugs…Lindsay 15 Spade-wheeler Clacton beaches going to make itself Head of BMNH (Natural History Museum) Trustees - it was persuaded in jolly fashion the position would have long hours & be tedious for the health other than a retired scientist who did not mind boring matters …\

1960 - notes from Ransom families to detectives/colleagues/of ANDRE MALRAUX -

` RANSOM family from 1830 were into world transport but always upholding their values/humanism/workers not to be sacrificed…

( “ … we became clients of GROTE Brokers New York 1830s & at the same time the faithful Solicitors Buenos Aries…they murdered by G.B. Noble scum in name of Realm 1960...” )

TRANSPORT is Dr Len Ransom’s work - he is trained for this from a child a young person & awaited end of 2nd World War to head responsible position & oversee CANADA TRANSPORT from 1946 -

`… Spade-wheeler Lindsay 15 threatened FJR father of GR & elder brother of LIR & JR® & others 1940s-1950s-

Angela had told him CANADA TRANSPORT- RANSOM was his !

THUS HE GOT RICH … & PUT CANADA RAILWAYS IN THE RED/newspapers…/suspended Cambridge University after 10 months for violence/reports 1950s-1970s from Cambridge University…

LINDSAY Earl no 15 - Some days Summers late 1930s (born 1926)

he would be cheerful…some days calling GRETA `my little cousin` as he looked down at me age 4 & 5 years old … Or would swing that metal spade & chase me hissing ` GIVE ME ALL THAT MONEY

you APE… ` or he would cut off my head…he nearly got my little foot -

I could run & he could not get round the Clacton Pier columns as fast as me Greetah heir…He is I think called David & trains with a pellet of PURPLE PLUM Divinorum Salvia Scotland UP HIS SNOUT & his father & Mr JONG tell him to…1940s onwards they all drip blood & gore moneys from slain children Grote Homes


….PJPW BMNH warned by ex-GROTE students hiding overseas/

they give too little explanation on account of his youth - born 1930- However he is always loyal to fellow scientists-colleagues-

1966/67 - Greta Ransom called to take a cup of tea by Scientists BMNH (Natural History Museum) - others from abroad-

I am asked if I like working in the BMNH Ichthyology-

Fishes Section-& general matters of the Seas- & then told a near horror tale of orphans… But these eminent scientists saw that I

HAD NO MEMORY AT ALL as they had been warned- Some of them would go to SUPPER 50 Lancaster Gate Square 1950s


1960s - As I have near me part time the faithful Arthur Malone & Philip Silverlee taking turns as my Detective the Scientists may have spoken with them - & they will have perhaps understood how my memory has been removed - It may be some people feel it is too dangerous for everyone to put G.R.s memory pre-war back !

1960s - Also LIR & Daddy Long Legs Andre Malraux are sometimes in ghostly fashion about me - ALSO MENGELE-

sadist paedophile Doctor Harrington in & out of disguise prowls about & has followed me to HARWELL village from November 1966 when I was invited to visit the cottage home of the Whitehead twins mother & take the two children A & P. out in London & show them the Museums…the Horniman Museum…

Doc Mengele Harrington paedophile… STILL EXPECTS to be a PEER OF GROSS BRITAIN for murdering all whom know of GROTE HOMES- Mengele knows ANDRE MALRAUX is often a

few hours or a day in England & like a BUTTERFLY/or an ARCHANGEL following Greta Ransom about …

1961 May onwards - ANDRE MALRAUX Burgermeister PARIS

has two dead boys the sons of Josette & he

Mengele Doctor Harrington lives splendidly by ROBBING THE RANSOM ESTATE with his Teams … 1961 May is the usual planned car accident that JIM & Lindsay have staged since 1920s/Ettie`s last son/Ivy`s son/1961 they hoped to get ANDRE MALRAUX out of the JOB PARIS…

It is also a threat not to raise the matter of THE SLAIN GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & the taking & trashing of the RANSOM LANDS … photographs before & after of our lands show Gross Britain Government Lords & Crown have produced THE WORST POVERTY OUTSIDE INDIA …but they have got lots of DOUGH for putting IMPERIAL BOOTS everywhere under the umbrella of BRITISH TRADE … They are all criminally insane on HIGH DOPES liquors & monomania ….

1970 late winter - ANDRE MALRAUX retired Burgermeister

of Parisle Menagier de Paris 1500th century MS

The Pillar House Harwell ... `I was giving her some medicine to try & have her with a memory of me - she could not recall anything of our life 4 days ago…I HAD NO IDEA he Mengele was

in my HOUSEHOLD immediately they knew I MALRAUX HAD LEFT FOR G A U L.( he is pleased to give me a quick look when he uses the language of Colchester Museums…1953, 1954 …)

“ he Doctor Mengele was always working for themsince he landed on our heads a Vulture…1938 when they knew I was GUARDIAN …»

Memo : Greta Ransom - I did know 1960s I had FOLLOWERS as usual…but did not know if they were GOODIES or BADDIES- I took precautions outside the Museum- never lingered- headed one way & then did the 4-minute MILE the other - Inside I am a very trembling figure - I have accepted long long ago that with no proper parents & no family home with a library - a vegetable garden - a programme of the week I am a cast-away…

The deep misery at not having THE MAN OF GAUL in the Glenn Miller raincoat come & speak with me as he used to SOMETIMES is a matter I KEEP UNDER CONTROL- I read my sadness to the countryside in POEMS - or the Stark Lines written for he George X- I am tall strong & I do not harm others - A FUTURE IS NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER MY THOUGHTS AT ANY TIME- I cannot imagine I will ever be old- but in fact I EXPECT TO DIE AT ANYTIME- G.R. born 1933 who made a MARRIAGE to an Archangel of Gaul …

1960s - a young legal capable HEIR to MARGARETHE my

great-great Aunt RANSOM girl-of-the-SNOWS…

Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE…widow of dear Thomas our Tiggy his GROTE HOMES educating the fatherless to18 years -

We who had a most beautiful home & theatre -church- workshops & the eternal stairway to the harbour with every child`s name carved on the steps who is born on the island … a Utopia & Democracy - Jacopsholmen Island WEST GREENLAND - Greetah Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM /married 17th April 1947 in the Catholic Church special permission `young Paccelli` Pope PIUS XII Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX

Mexico 1988 had good souls keep a GROTE HOMES SCHOOL

going without publicity- FOULNESS followed G.R. there 1988

1992 I hear that some people I met may have died because of my visit - 1944 I was 11 years at Pathfields School Clacton-on-Sea when a class mate told me `when you come into our homes your mother follows then terrible things happen- cars & men come down from London…my father had an accident at work-

no you cannot come home to tea or call on Saturdays….`

1960s- Fraud-theft-greed over Grote Ransom Estate -

1970 we hear how some thugs employed by dirty JIM retired crippled from following Greetah Ransom- things in dark corners of Hell of grisly humour trickled out of WHITES CLUB vice BAR - & a few also

got fit following Miss Ransom Ape Eskimo about LONDINIUM -

1957 December we heard first-hand how JIM Cur James thugs could not keep up with Fred’s daughter…& that they limped about Museums after 2 hours- she did not go to smart restaurants or trendy fashionable theatres or gamble & they had expected a SMART LIFE

JIM was told to make other arrangements -

Lieutenant-Commander David Brown RNVR - he composed on piano an `Ocean Rhapsody` as well as Submarine Amethyst March & a tone poem he called `Bell Buoy` originally was suddenly turned into `Western Isles` 1954 - it was all published Tin Pan Alley & some records made Abbey Road - `Commander Brown` wary if Mad Doc Mengele was about ! After committing nasty crimes against ANDRE MALRAUX & the Estate 1954 he helps JIM & SCUM & used dangerous dopes… Andre & Greetha do not take DOPE

1950s/1960s - SCARLET TOWN news from R.N. Club is `the Captain of a Yacht that sails over the dead children in the nets refused to sail if certain nobles of 1920s/1930s were on board…they`d been giving sailors memory remove when the parties got to wild…as 1920s with the servants of Noble Britain…they endangered the ship …

JIM - DB had known him briefly Kenya 1947/1949 when he went as Managing Director to his Uncle’s Wood firm - Brown - but sold off before he got there & Jim in on a bit of mischief- He & his brother JOHN 1930s-40s do not have a good record as young men - it’s a matter of dope-kudos-liquor-dope- `