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1957 October - Brown was sent in by JIM now CUR JAMES

to St Edmund’s House no 50 Lancaster Gate Square to complain to G.R. about her Museum study days- “ You are expected to

live the life of the Malraux women in Paris ”

( The Jan Steen Tavern where card games last all nightNovember 1967 reports to PJPW BMNH by persons of the household …)


… & libraries & music recitals in the City & Covent Garden Opera getting

5 tickets at a time - the cheapest !

1950s - Noble Britain was full of PIMPSJIM, Mengele Harrington & Lindsays are some of the worst…Brown simply copies them…

he is paid by LINDSAY spade wheeler No. 15 Earl « to SEE GRETA & ANDRE do not learn of the ESTATE ! « But we do not know this until 1970 …

I told BROWN RNVR he should go & see his mother Hilda Bacon Brown & stop getting in with the posh thugs at WHITES- she had wanted to be a NUN…Saint Hilda was a local Saint - his mother’s grandpa had been BACON Shipyards - but they did shoddy work - perhaps as STEAM won over SAIL & lordly standards arose clothes/mansions/liquor-dope/

1960s- HUMANISTS are trying to help the new Minister of GAUL ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta & Ransom family - The marriage in secret October 1967 was a shock to all of them- in secret because PJPW has 2 children 6 & 5 years old I said it was best not to spend money-use it for the home & take them on a holiday in the summer- We went HARWELL TO POMPEII & BACK by car camping -Ruins holiday- MALRAUX followed sometimes with Louise- he once holding Victoria 5 months in that Gothard Tunnel ! - diaries/drawings/slides/video/collections/

1968 Terrifying accusations behind my back occur in 1968- I MIGHT KNOW SOME SECRETS ABOUT FRENCH PARLIAMENT ? Possibly given as EXCUSE FOR REMOVING MY MEMORY accepted amongst the trendy & some sleepy Academia (a lot of legless frogs did not help General de Gaulle & Andre Malraux expose this GENOCIDE said one old person of quality…) my POST stolen & the determination to KEEP away all RANSOM family -

NO POST/telephone/& nasty false messages sometimes given we learn something of this years on -

Threats from Mr Mengele paedophile- he stinks of DUNG in his 40 Saville Row suits paid for out of RANSOM ESTATE…he is Royal Satrap Gollum of secret silence pre-war & wartime Evil persons …

A threat to remove Victoria-Augusta-Mousie (2nd Legion Ancient ROME) & lock Greta Ransom up because the women ANGELA & TERESA 2 dangerous old Cats of Kilkenny have been having secret NOSH-UPS AGAIN WITH THEIR MEN…they are DAFT & DANGEROUS on these dopes…especially this Purple narcotic grown in Scotland…an old CULT from their teenage years & on …

Nota Bene : Doctor Mengele Harrington is now guilty of helping in WEDDELL slayings with Lindsaybuggarhs Earls & JIM since 1954…he has been hunting big game with them …

CLAUDE DEBUSSY his piano piece `The Cathedral Under the SEA `… surely it should be the Memorial ANTHEM for the slain GROTE HOMES CHILDREN …FRANCE had 5 HOMES/many accounts by students & others are on record/1970s the buildings pulled down the lands `Crown lands` on some documents … the profits to the evil LINDSAY Earls mob…and others…some from Scandinavia who spend twice weekly the hairdresser what would feed poverty India for a month…all this DOUGH available to them from the SLAYING of the GROTE children worldwidethe crime of these A-Z nations fatherless children is that they are being educated as HUMANISTS to 18 years … 2nd World War -

I suggest the Reader play the music CathedralE Engloutie & think about being towed out to SEA when you are alive in a NET & all the voices about you are PUCKER BRITISH nobles…& you are 12 years to 18 years educated with 4 languages with all GODS & your nation mores & you have no RACISM & THE SKY THE LAND THE SEA are your last moments your school friends tight packed in the net about you…

1968 on - Doctor Harrington Gollum Mengele is about us saying Greta Ransom is the illegitimate child of a Henry Harper…

1960s-1970sLIFE as scary as 50 LANCASTER GATE SQUARE that beautiful house this IMPERIAL GREED infested - MALRAUX’s home- ( Madness same as always about Ransom-Malraux- ( its getting to be like a little film made- always on German TV New Year’s Eves - DINNER FOR ONE - as these criminally insane get into their old age & are still HIGH ON DOPES….)

1970 onwards…Luckily I can move swiftly-run & my voice reaches from Pole Nord-Pole SUD/sub-arctic- There was help about us but that help could not often say it was helping…

1969 March - Frederick John RANSOM Greta`s father NOW MURDERED BY Mengele in a queer sadistic obscene SET UP… too distressing to give a shortened version here …SUNDAY GAMES of the old 1920s PACK !

1960s-1970s ANDRE MALRAUX’s HEALTH IS BEING RUN DOWN - to get at more Grote Ransom Estate - PURPLE POWER disclaim him as secret Guardian…

Mengele still spiking medicines- creeping about with pins & NEEDLES for The British Crown- HE IS SURE HE WILL BE MADE A PEER if he kills more & keeps break-in-entry going on for books-paintings-photo albums…he easily uses Gross Britain Government Institutions of the State /a du Cann is in the bilges somewhere

all of them known to personally FINGER ALL POST/mail…still taken permission WESTMINSTER etc for Earls of Lindsay & scum-

1972 March - Mengele Doctor Harrington dressed as a Red Devil tried gate-crash the renaissance evenaing March 1972 but Arthur Malone/dressed as POLITAN & HIS VIKINGS kept him out…Mengele lost a thumb in the 3rd attempt kicking in the EAST GATE The Pillar House Harwell …


They no longer live in The Jan Steen Tavern PARIS, GAUL…

The two boys of Andre`s ROMAN CATHOLIC accepted COURTESY MARRIAGE to JOSETTE  CLOTIS have been slain in an arranged ROAD DEATHS … 11 years ago, 23rd MAI 1961 …

1967 mid-summer - The Whitehead twins mother said if we were to marry then we could have a big wedding-about 200- & she‘d start the list- & WE PAY-on my meagre savings & salary of PJPW BMNH young scientific work-there was nothing sinister here-we could not afford a big wedding & he & I felt it unnecessary at our ages-just over 30 years of age... She admired my historic cooking !

IF I HAD A MEMORY I G.R. WOULD HAVE TOLD old respected persons about me…Wing Commander Michael Morris & family & others in Harwell village…I would have asked advice…they could check things like this…the Whitehead twins mother had HOT LINES we find out now to old friends of her pre-war marriage to Sir Philip

Whitehead …DOWN the WHITEHALL…/recall the Twisters the Chinese warn about 1950s !

1967 December - IT WAS MALRAUX Burgermiester of PARIS

that broke the news to Gertrude Ostrander Palmer ex-Mrs Philip Rathbone Whitehead ex-Mrs David Kerven Harwell Townsend-

It was early winter 1967 when she telephoned him in PARIS with

“ This dearh is SURRR Rowlandzzz muthaaaah …She said in her West Virginia accents `NOW DEEARH…arh wanna know wot is yer relationship to mah noo beautiful daughter-in-law…Ah knowwww yer aint her farrrtha deaarh…HE INFORMED HER GREETHA HAD COMMITTED BIGAMY…he would be OVER to see her as soon as he could come…IT NOW CAME TO THE SURFACE that I had been told by my mother it was a BLACK MAGIC ceremony & Malraux & I had abused the Catholic Church 1947 !

Nota bene : Treasa Gordon age 15 years learned BLACK MAGIC Wales 1920 from the family of ANGELA to get an engagement to a king`s younger son 1921 ... Called 1960s “ a shark wrapped in SATIN … she is called this by City of London Elderswho have SHOCK over the revealed extent with photos witnesses of the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN during 2nd World War …They say to Miss Greta Ransom … “… she has put a river of BLOOD around your ankles young woman …”

1960s - They know that in 1947 I had `A wedding of grace to a GAUL…Malraux…the City do not believe MALRAUX is of unsound mind at all … but an abused man …`

They do not understand that he has this creep Mengele The Crown about him who knocks his memory out as well as mine …it is not grasped until 1980s properly ! -

Mengele in the 1950s had taken to dressing up as MALRAUX …

& haunted the Catholic house 50 Lancaster Gate Square when Andre was `OVER in Gaul` …early evenings Mengele could be hiding in the passages of the house & would come rushing at me with a poison needle so I could not KNOW ANYTHING the excuse from his bitter twisted DEAD FISH EYES FACE…`YOU ARE HEARING SECRETS OF BRITAIN & FRANCE …`

1950s - Andre Malraux had much to write…but this evil sadist Mengele Doctor Harrington a PIMP … with his control of IMPERIAL worshipping FOOLS…stopped ANDRE MALRAUX in

his work for the present the future-FOR LIBRARIES UPON THE STARS- Phrase we spoke Summer of HAPPINESS 1937

1953-1960s - I had horrible memories of Mengele because he has never left me alone or employs others - creeps about- dressed up as MALRAUX - in those 6 inch boots made for him - the false black hair sweep - the USA Major Glenn Miller raincoat - & THAT blue car or THAT brown car…! I HAD NO doomed WEDDINGS IN MY MEMORY-1947 April or the re-vowing after the 19th January 1958...

(the reader can check out the dopes- medicines- used for these criminal attacks ignoring human dignity/human rights - ask CIA etc Naval Intelligence etc- NAVY LARK )

1950s - Oh HOW THEY COULD MAKE MALRAUX SUFFER HERE threatening him over marriage to a minor a schoolgirl who was HER daughter …Teresa Gordon whom they are DRINKING WITH mornings back of WHITES Club of all Vices …these evil knew Greta Ransom had no memory at all or were lead by The Nobles Doc to believe the heir to Grote Homes Ransom Estate was `a hard CASE` learning SECRETS of BRITAIN Houses of Perversions & Versailles intrigues of Paris GAUL /they all used to all want to be MATA HARI back in the 1920s ! - sit back & watch a video/DVD of the silent films splendid portrait of them by Gloria Swanson SUNSET BOULEVARD…now add IMPERIUM-IMPERII…parts are ASTRIX !

1957 NOVEMBER - Doctor Harrington paedophile Mengele is jeering at ANDRE MALRAUX `Greta is too old for you … 24 years now…YOU NEED A SCHOOL GIRL…ANDRE…we were talking about it at the Club…(Mengele goes out tropical places with Phil A Greek…)

WHEN I HAD SOME MEMORY of him then I had a broken heart I never looked at - got from HE Colonel Georgie Malrooohx of the marshes the winter wind swept beaches- centuries ago-Neolithic times - WE TWO TALL SOBER MINDED PEOPLE because of our past lives…He who made my knees go weak whenever I saw him - in the Glenn Miller raincoat - “ He is so beautiful Greetah, said an intellectual of the Convent School class-have 13 children & I shall be Godmother to all those with Celtic names ” XMAS 1945-1946 !

1947 April 17th - LONG centuries AGO/its text & sound now/

A Wedding of Grace destroyed by the criminally insane of GREED -

I lived in other centuries when grief arose - Its easier when most of your life has been spent in Museums wandering the ages or working amongst them - wearing the rough glass beads necklace of a 1st century British-Romano girl a few hours …

I had NO continuous flowing memory of the life with Andre Malraux-only the stabs of horrible things happening injected into reality-

the ugly faces- smart viscous remarks- insults- the attacks on my character my relatives ( & attacks in the dark ) & ALL directed by the ON THE PIN Authority called CUR JAMES bedfellow of the Crown-the Lords of Westminster

… adding full time about me 1953 Mengele & more of their Naval Intelligence creeps- Mr Harrington employed from summer 1938 TO DESTROY ANDRE MALRAUX for Gross Britain Earls of Lindsay & IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS - a matter of an OLD ESKIMO giving Angela all about the globelittle Puck-Page-Faun JIMMIE JONG the half Chinese RACIST helping … JIM always ON THE PIN who MOONLIGHTS for certain Scotland evil NOBLES

1950s-1960sThe insults-the threats-the illnesses-& my often failing health all the morning hours when I `d sit in the corner of a great Museum with my books - recovery afternoons & then STRIDING ABOUT feeling I was NOT GOING TO DIE !

1957/1959 … when I return to 50 Lancaster Gate Square Saint Edmund`s House from the great Galleries & Museums the City with a book in my hand - odd buildings & local Exhibitions out in the outskirts of London/PENGE - finding the Cumming Museum- sitting in Dr Johnson’s great room where he composed the Dictionary I allowed to stay dinnertime because my name was RANSOM…EVENING - I must return a little frightened to the room I pay 20 pounds a month for -

ANDRE MALRAUX I THOUGHT I WAS REACHING FOR THE STARS - I had no idea I had made GEORGIE ANDRE MALROOX the richest boy in the world We do not know of slain GROTE HOMES children the globe of an Estate managed by FJR LIR JRR & help from good frightened persons in the nations A-Z…

Malraux & I are blamed horribly for many savage matters- FALSE MESSAGES ANSWER OUR POST/mail-IT IS THE GROSS BRITAIN NATIONAL INDUSTRY to HIDE IDENTITIES OF THE KILLERS of the GROTE HOMES children …

1957/1959 `& all my beverages are spiked with MEMORY LOSS severe- 2nd June 1959 I left - believing I had not seen him George-Andre Malraux Minister since January & uncertain if he knew I existed - THE MAN OF GAUL- files-tapes-his notebooks-witnesses-detectives-

prove 1970 onwards I had a life everyday & he was satisfied I was being guarded well/just before his death we learn that Mrs Mengele was spraying my pillows & his with MEMORY LOSS powders as well as clothes & tea & coffee…Mengele HARRINGTON Peer in Waiting taught her all this technique- she wears frocks from DIOR Paris-

Not just G.R. was a victim : the Detective Arthur Malon/Politan & the relief 1 or 2 days a week The Very Learned PHILIP SILVERLEE Insurance Broker etc Musician & Man of Letters of the 1930s teatimes at my Gordon grandparents home… were both poisoned with me January 1959 & could have died…They had help about SCARLET TOWN to move about…/reports include THE WALK ON THE RUSSIAN ROOF !

1958/1959 Winter - Porridge bowls of English Willow Pattern now return the experience of lost time - I bought them in the Co-op… for I must give Andre-George Minister of GAUL (of our 2 marriages gift The Vatican) his breakfast when he ESCAPES GAUL… as the housekeeper `Auntie` has a 2 hour morning job-now the staff are 2-3/ in this Roman Catholic Charity Household…. robbed by JIM chum of ANGELA since 1913... of 100 pounds CASH every Friday for 6 years -

…ANDRE asked “ Why 3 porridge bowls, little one ? ” … I very surprised said “…because of the 3 Bears …” The Menagier de PARIS needs to read a book ! Little One can pick him up ! & very proud he is of this achievement too ! He calls Greta Ransom X “ my third son ” …

1960s -ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of Gaul - Talk is about NOBLE BRITAIN, its old bag-slags & old sordid devils, of Greta Ransom being a criminal & the Estate never Ransom because the old Eskimo was illiterate & the CROWN had to step in to stop the Adventurer Andre MALRAUX getting hold of it all (for FRANCE ?)

1968 - PJPW BMNH Zoology/FISHES…“ I am being told in trendy circles you had got in the way… when he had his job in France…although I don` t quite believe this for most of them are divorced & not enough money coming in…& I HAVE A CERTAIN REPORT… remember ? Upon how he was treated in the Jan Steen Tavern Paris when he came back to the Place he paid for them to live in …rather swell…swish …in style … AH I MAY READ IT OUT ! However I came through scientific circles to them & promised not to put them in any danger … `

1961 ANDRE MALRAUX a real civilized man whose two sons the British Nobles have killed- to try stop him continuing as a Minister of France- & with young President Kennedy opening up the SLAYING & THEFT of Grote Homes Ransom Estate-TO WHICH HE IS GUARDIAN -

Noble Imperial criminally insane had used the State & other Nations to keep MALRAUX from knowing of the vast Estate of Greta-Len-FJR & the families Weddell Gronlander Poulsen Frobisher Murgatroyd -

at the same time cunningly viciously harming the heirs- pulling down reputations - murdering children - Len’s son 12 years electrocuted - Ivy’s 9 years old son hit & run on her Swiss Estate…this Estate given to Ed du Cann by Angela 1945 !

“JIM b 1898- Ange b 1900- & Tree b 1906-

In their 20s in the ROARING 1920s- Jim has known them both since they are children- They part of a CULT high on Divinorum Salvia Scotland - other dopes- Drink cocktails of Absinthe/& strong liquors tipping the bottles up - servants- great places- Races- restaurants- casinos- DANCING THE TANGO seductively at CLIVEDEN…& later with creeps like Mengele Harrington in the 1950s -charging the Nation for expensive platefuls they cannot eat -7 courses they only pick at ! All have crimes to cover up all their lives - The women described as pack horses for the crimes of Noble Britain menLindsay Earls begin 1883 robbery & murder of Grote Ransom Frobisher :

1968 February- Gilbert Rathbone Whitehead- `Mr Mengele crept up behind GRW- he had eyed the place days earlier in the fast brown car-` he knew GRW would be alone at the country house & not at work in his Family Solicitors next to Sir John Soane`s Museum…& at the London family flat - Hence the neighbour reports `was it blue-or brown car after the first description ` He the neighbour was recovering from an illness- sat in a chair by the window some days-

It is a typical Mengele pins & needles killing- He kills FJR March next year - filling some Parliament thugs with dirty tales of the spoof marriage of his Ape daughter to Malraux/family illiterate/theft of the Crown Estate etc etc etc -old Eskimo gave it to Angela when she was a child…Reports/oral/diaries/records/accounts of Noble LIES !

1969/70 Investigations by Mengele & JIM Cur James & Earls of Lindsay for G.B. Government & Crown/ Dr John Ray Ransom-several people Oxford area & abroad killed /records/1975 Poul RAY Ransom age 17- Cunning Claim for Canada Estate as `Crown Property` IMPERIAL BLOOD BATH ! Records/

LIR is left alive to c 1981/2 after the EVIL have traced many of

Len`s sources of information on the Grote Ransom Estate - Mengele Harrington who had been harassing us Berkshire Oxfordshire 1967 onwards…gives orders from The Government & Crown IN SECRET SILENCE to kill Dr Len Immanuel Ransom horribly after blackening his reputation & using the media … MENGELE still a Peer-in-Waiting !

-& stopping PJPW with threats/blackmail ?… saying who he is or showing RANSOM archives material/ photographs & paperwork of the life of a normal intelligent family of the GLOBE to those who should have the information ! The TAPES & transcripts 1970s to his death Len made have some safe about the globe/

LEN ~ He Mengele has destroyed my reputation as a husband & a father yet he knows of the persecution the killings of my own family ! I believe he is responsible for the death of my wife in Wales & our 6 years old daughter said to be missing …Mengele was seen with our child saying he was taking her TO AN ORPHANAGE …He claims Protection of the Earls of Lindsay & the Crown for all he does”

1. 1981/82 … MURDER OF Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM polymath -

2. 1981 - Mengele Harrington DIVORCE London - covered by British media & some Continental…also 2 Reporters from USA …

3. 1982 - British Medical Association BMA - D I S M I S S Doc Mengele HARRINGTON as a Doctor who can work in British National Health Hospitals …

I only understood things late 1980s/1990s

Mr Mengele Harrington is well paid by the State- HE PROTECTS NOBLE BRITAIN often by POISONING good people ! The overseas murders 1940s-1970s are with `5 men in the big black saloon car`- The Embassies can be used by Count Lindsay & Cur JAMES Nankin Man - Mengele never became a Peer -

Canadian Press issued statement `the men will probably not be found` 1975 after POUL RAY RANSOM age 17 had petrol poured down his throat & was blown up - but the DESTRUCTION of his Estate Northern Canada from his dead father Dr JOHN RAY Ransom began & in 2 years it was trashed - His mother was then murdered in a flat in Montreal…a biologist reports `a woman our field… husband & son murdered by Noble Britain …

1970s - A female drinking companion of PJPW called out `they have found another 2 planes Canada - they are all over the place - they can sell them - or the locals might use them…NO GOSPELS ACTED OUT - It is sadistic CAREFULLY planned murder & vast theft ~ we are to protect Noble Britain & packs of aged dope cunning-& issue !

1967/1968/1969 PJPW & the Director of the BMNH (Natural History Museum) are being threatened by mythical CID & gaseous ex-Army semi-official thugs- Sir Terence Morrison-Scott used to receive us- my Grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM & I Greetha Ransom 1937-1939 in the Science Museum South Kensington where he worked then - & we came to see things about RANSOM inventions & the island of Jacopsholmen-our shopping town is Xristenshab

1938 All records to be destroyed ” shrieks Mr Jimmie Jong Mr Pong- Less than two decades later Mr Mengele paedophile Harrington wearing his EVIL STARE hisses the same- Lindsay Earls steal the paintings-

nota bene : Noble British got these awesome facial expressions from the silent films-see the Lon Chaney Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD- but don’t have a barrel of absinthe & dope syringes when you view as they did - or you too may have the expressions stick !

20th century-the first half- everybody of intelligence the globe wants Jacopsholmen Island-the theatre-the great civilized life that was there 1820s-1870s to re-awaken - We have tried 1933 but there were 2 murders of the family followed by killings of the Greenlanders of our POUL GRONLANDER line - It was highly organised by JIM & LINDSAYBUGGARHS… they wish to obliterate the good Greenlanders kin & kith & connections especially because they are educated… Usual PLOT: they were first harassed-nasty accusations made-then ordered off Our Island & there homes raided- destroyed…in the names of Imperial hooting-evil dope-fiends - Island given to G.R.`s grandfather`s great-great Grandfather JACOP POULSEN by Decree 1770 “ to keep as a Holy Place & to erect a College/a university to your father POUL GRONLANDER …

Nota bene : stripped 1950s by obscene greedy Gross Britain Government Nobles & Imperial fists with 2 big yachts- all grasping at Grote Ransom Estate - packing furniture away after burning all that showed who the Owners of the island are -

“ THEY GOT A JUMP AHEAD of de GAULLE & MALRAUX & bombed the island great buildings 1960 June ...”

Incunabula/Coptic library/writings of The Gronlander/a HAMLET-extensions to Shakespeare Play/personal effects/etc REMOVING ALL EVIDENCE THAT THE FAMILY de SALLE of

PARIS (Ransom Gronlander lines) were imprisoned there in the Arctic Winter in a big unheated hut for XMAS 1939

…& the deaths of M. de Salle & wife & 2 little sons … The survivors Sarah then 13 and her sister 9 years were hounded late 1950s by Nobles who were on HIGH DOPES & threw endless gin & other spirit bottles as they emptied them along the shores …

Reports/photos/much investigation by Andre Malraux detectives/colleagues/friends some in Governments…

These creatures are up in the snows to GRAB more -

GREENLAND is of interest to them … they have with various Noble MOBS been cunningly destroying our settlements, taking our investments & making the worst of disgusting concrete slums for quick profit upon our seashores- our lands - Reserves… Their cries of `British trade` & Scandinavia this & that are often in secret faceless silence…THE GROTE CHILDREN were slain so a TOP CLASS could get rich quick …