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1970 WINTER - looking into the Garden of The Pillar House Harwell the caravan is here…& as if I see that past as pencil sketches upon the seas & hung about with sea & marsh mists - London fog - I am told by PJPW not to look back but I do not know how…I have no photos no letters yet I do have objects…a bracelet, books, 3 porridge bowls the Medieval tobacco brown pots for sweetmeats & biscuits & blue cooking pipkins I bought to cook him ancient foods a few days after the re-vowing 7th January 1958 Feast of Saint Cede Bishop of London & Othona Saint Ethelreada`s ancient Roman Londinium Crypt in the City of London … there are also many pamphlets of places we went to see about London Town …

1970 that winter - Peter advised I should treat the VISITS of the retired MINISTER OF FRANCE as a piece of research we were all attempting to do -

“ … do not show emotion or he an important figure in Europe nowadays… ANDRE MALRAUX… he could suffer I have been advised if you become personal it might be distressing to him - he has important work now he is retired `

1937 SUMMER his notebook read by ANDRE MALRAUX in winter 1970 to PJPW & Greetah allowed to hear some again Day two/we almost had our first row - I had stood upon her orange soufel- part of a banquet she was making us as we sat upon the beach, Holland-on sea talking, where we came once or twice a day to see the father of our friend- our hostess- we were staying in his home. He was in the Convalescent hospital the seafront, above. We took it in turns to go & talk with him-or all together visited some evenings- She Greetah could read some things in her grand-mother’s cookery books - There was nothing wrong with Greetah’s intelligence !

I warn you Peter ! About Teresa! Whom I first met in December 1924- she was with us- my young friends for two weeks. Greetha did not seem to understand the big letters were the same as the tiny letters- which she could read. She had travelled for 8 months- and was familiar with many kinds of writing…Sumerian…!

(one cookery book at ‘Crail’ is Madam F. Nietlispach VEGETABLE & FRUIT DISHES/John Hamilton Ltd Publishers London-she was well known with her friends all interested in healthy died & exercise-there are lots of soufflés in it).

Andre Malraux “ She Greetha learned well & when she went back to school a letter from her Aunt Miss Winifred written for her told us she had got full marks & knew her Capital letters very well now

1930s/1970s - DIARIES of Len Immanuel RANSOM -

& his mother’s LETTERS FROM JEAN to her middle son Dr John RAY/rae Ransom USA citizen from age 2 years educated a special school for damaged children in KENTUCKY …

JIM- Lindsays - Mengele Harrington poured petrol down USA citizen

Dr John RAY`s throat 1969/70 after inviting him to step over the doorstep of our Ransom home of 1500 Montrose farm - he was returning to USA to take up `by their invitation` Senate work-

3 degrees Astra-physics/Animal Management/LAW -

JIM & Lindsays - did this horrible death to the 2 old Ransoms` September 1939, stole the incunabula/paintings-including the H. Bosch of HELL-portraits- one of Lettie Ransom (Lady Laetitia of Karachi-see history of this run away Indian bride of 9 years old 1709 -LET & FAB RANSOM as Len calls them…)

1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX & a young lady called JOJo&Joh-whom he may marry if she decides she will- they enjoy a holiday- Clacton-on-Sea Essex - East Britain coast …

1937 October LIR diary/visit to `Jerusalem` Deptford :

`…you told us how he Saint George ANDRE when you went to Suffolk to see the lacework `found it on a par with lace anywhere` & there were not Monsters of the Deep anywhere to be seen….people said at the seaside they `knew Lindsaybuggarhs were all in Town` Scarlet town-

Nota bene : the old dog walkers keep watch on the Mafia unpleasant GRAND of Lindsay Earls on the seafront-

Greta Ransom can see it again in her memory - ` I can see our visit - the ladies sit in high houses - up on raised ground from the village street- cottages with little half-way lace curtains at the windows- open doors…& they spake as I hath learned from the Quaker school my first when I was 14 months & went in my pram…two girls took care of me all the day & I went home with them - until my young father could come for me. One family go`eth to the Opera of Rutland Boughton in The Midlands & are into choral singing very much indeed …`

`Of LACE WORK … say`eth Miss Winnie my aunt

`Work is usually on commission-they make bridal pieces-christening robes-and lots of table centres but they like to make lace collars-it is a pity they have gone out of fashion…` I Greetha do not recall if he or JO bought any of the little pieces for sale - but you can commission a bridal head-dress I did know - or a baby’s christening gown - We all say thee - thus & I curtsey to them all … I see Andre & JO together amongst the ladies & he speaks in French & English - he is very very interested in the work , & the lace makers themselves , the village & its houses… & he is SO FULL OF COURTESY …


I doth notice thus - Andre Saint George has a different shade skin on his face to us - he is a moonlight shade - a transparent ice white sometimes…this usually means an ancestor from the Far North within the Arctic circle - I look at him out of the sunlight when we are in an old building - a church - Yes Saint George Andre hath face full of moonlight -

My father & his brothers have not quite this shade because of blonde Millie Frobisher & a string of grandmothers` back in recent times who were fair haired in youth -

The girl that F.R thrice-back married is a Miss Mary Rose

Kieller ? age 12... he did not like the way they treated the girls in this family Dundee- when he sailed in a boat full of oranges- `He is Cain`s father…his second son… `

CAIN RANSOM our 2nd son diary 1790s a crocodile of Antigua. A monument was intact 1950s to Cain ( report Marine biologist/ Jellyfishes & Red Cranes ) It was destroyed 1960 deliberately because it had our RANSOM name - Diary : `Cain goes to church & we were blessed with him when he was 12 inches long `- he is Len‘s great-great Uncle-

Adventures of People with CAIN Humanist - 1790s diary “Cain is teething - we think he can write a poem - he so loves his home & evenings with music & soft voices reading `One day a man came to stay while the family were away-he was greeted by Cain who had everything ready-comfortable bed, hammock, a good table-the musical instruments…invitation to a party under the moon…but it was hours & hours before the man would come down out of the tree…even when the girl servants came & put Cain’s lovely jewelled collar on for suppertime…He did not know the RANSOM 2nd son Cain was a crocodile - and Cain had no idea either… he had never spoken to a crocodile in all his life…`


FJR/ LIR Uncle Captain Liam Ransom has called …

1937 AUGUST - All this family history I am telling ANDRE-George - but I do not expect him to follow it as he believes I have dreams as he did when a child from reading so many books. His grandmother ADRIANNEA/Adrienne an Italian encouraged him to read & at first read to him - he thinks he may have got his brains from she.

1968 AUGUST -We the new Family Whitehead & Len Ransom & Andre Malraux were to meet & we with the three children could stay in ADRIANNA her grandparents home in Italy…but it all got in a muddle-black mischief afoot-Diaries W. children HARWELL to POMPEII & back ! ANDRE & GRETA ARE TO BE AGAIN ships that pass in the night- records LIR & Andre Malraux/

1968 August - Andre Malraux retired Cultural Minister of FRANCE was looking forward to welcoming us- he was late arriving that AUGUST evening…PJPW felt we should drive on-he looked at the big room upstairs that Andre had for himself - The shop below was locking up-they waved him upstairs - But with no Italian language he was at a loss- Len has all languages-Japanese Chinese too…LEN was driving ANDRE to us- We have a notice back of car saying HARWELL TO POMPEII-& BACK- with 3 children-old car-tent- photographs/video/slides/notes/everything had been arranged & there was accommodation…MALRAUX simply wished to welcome us to his grandmother`s grandmother`s home…BUT THE POST/mail is stolen to The Pillar HouseMALRAUX-RANSOM post stolen by British Government Lords & Crown…as from 1937 November !

Late 18th-19th centuries - CAIN`s father Frederick RANSOM trades often in oranges Antigua & other things from the Arctic…1801 he at New York he buys 19 acres- `A PARCIL OF 19 ACRES` diary/documents/legal documents until 1954 …copies also in the VATICAN archives as they receive the annual Reports on GROTE HOMES …from 1870s-1954 …

RANSOM 19 acres is stolen by Imperial SCUM & LINDSAY Earls wheeling-dealing with the underworld to know how the Estate lay 1941-1954CUNNING THEFT FROM RANSOM FAMILY ESTATE had many murders after the slaying of the Grote HOMES children … the rents here were always the underpinning when necessary of the GROTE HOMES the globe …

This F.R. is Greetha`s grandpa thrice back - LEN/ Lenir did a whole 2 pages sepia in a magazine with a teacher on this history. F.R. married her when only 12 years- he did not like the way this family where he delivered oranges treated the girls- He was nicely rich from sea trading & the Ransom ancestors…so they married Dundee & he immediately put her in the school-room -she gave birth to F.R. my great-great grandpa at 13- he says in his Papers she stayed in the school-room with them until he her first born ( the father of Margarethe John & Poul ) was 7 years of age - There were somelovely letters written by she & her sister when they took the children to see THE EGYPTIAN HALL 1800s- this building was opposite Hatchard the Book Shop in Piccadilly - G. R.

1937- summary - to their deaths JO & ANDRE MALRAUX were threatened by violent Noble thieves of massive GREED pulling at a worldwide miracle of philanthropy -

1937-1976 - The savagery allowed & organised by Nobles of the British Government & Crown had JO & ANDRE harmed all their lives-driven to early death- The killing of their 2 sons 1961 in haste when the whole Campaign of evil was being unmasked…is called 1960 by a Lord not of their decadence “ the greatest crime of mankind…when we had got rid of the Slut of the Mall as we called Angela we thought we could keep control up there & stop the extravagant spending …get some education going … ”

1936 onwards : Gross Britain a nation claiming DIVINE superiority allowed its Nobles to use the state system to systematically clean out all records of the families they were robbing - The murdering of the Creators & Legal Owners of Grote Ransom Estate allowed by bragging that the Families Ransom-Weddell-Frobisher are apes-Eskimos- A search by the criminally insane goes on into the 1990s for those who knew & approved of GROTE HOMES -under investigation & to be `Pulled down` are the good staff & any connections to people who understood the system & that it could run so effortlessly - & all other good people who came on board from the Nations A to Z - Britain still Rules the Waves…sailing over the nets of dead Grote children-

1930s- It was this A to Z nations involvement in THE JOYOUS VENTURE that had the British Government & Lords & Crown reeling in anger - this system had shown it could help stabilize the globe - So the British Empire & big noble fists dug claws in to make their piles of gold & evil kudos before further enlightenment might come… THEY THREATENED ONE ANOTHER about Marble Halls & Houses of Perversions/LORDS…with


1937 SUMMER - Andre, Josette & Greetah, Clacton-on-Sea

1937 October “ JO - SHE HAD HER NEEDLE WITH HER THEN ” Say`th my grandmother JEAN WEDDELL Mrs Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM - Yes - she made herself a bolero out of a piece of black cloth…” `... probably it was velvet or a cloth like felt - we could not tell- Greta said `it was shiny but not too much` reads LIR FLYER from his diary October 1937- 1960 Fall & 1972...

‘ She JO did marvellous stitches on it- in the plan of a CROSS- her work took your breath away….’ G.R./LIR diary 1937

I can see it in my memory & it is stitched in red as a Cross - not a heavy thick cross as I see - but delicate - it is to be worn

in memory to them the dead of Spain ...

She says she is going to wear it at a something in Paris that Fall- but I cannot remember what it is for she may hath said it in French. It will have come to my mind that she had better be careful of mad Clara waving a gun… G. R.

`I recall her JO-our-Jo… saying she was going to do it for Spain-the embroidery - but she had had enough of thinking of Spain because it had been so awful - such a waste of life - & she needed a rest - & to do pleasant things … I heard her say this many times for people asked in solemn manner about SPAIN ...

1937 Summer - MARY GORDON conversations with ANDRE MALRAUX - they agree- such a waste of life -but circumstances were so out of control - A STATEMENT HAD BEEN MADE

A raining afternoon & perhaps it is a resting afternoon from our late nights early dawns…

With the shells we brought back from the beaches I suggested we make a TOBACCO JAR- glue them on- but the paper paste was not strong enough- JO said she would do something simple- & made this bolero for SPAIN- she felt the Tobacco jar sounded too difficult… G.R.

We had many activities for wet or resting afternoons & when we felt like `staying home` … perhaps we were to go to The Dancing- or the theatre that night. JO & I can take our baskets & `go round the town` with an umbrella if its wet-perhaps finding something to put away in the kitchen cupboard for Foul Winter Doth Come

It was kind of Unity’s mother to let us turn her parents home into a French-British-Greenland-Inca-Tierra del Fuego HEIMATI bring the culture of these ancient lands…

1931 onwards - the British Crown & Government Lords EMBARKED UPON MASSIVE FRAUD - lead by Lindsaybuggarhs Earls & Jim Jong- & thugs in Navy & Army hired for dough - give them to put up their snouts a pellet of purple narcotic to play tough-murder-have fun-pick up some goodies SUNDAY GAMES …

They launched into killing all of Gertrud’s cousins on our JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND - Poul Gronlander kith & kin now murdered up & down the GREENLAND shores as well as on the Island/ they were educated you see & could run their own Nation GREENLAND they should have been a Democracy from the 1790s said Captain Alan Villiers- & others hath agreed for many decades …

1935 October Escape to West Greenland - TWO MARTYRS

OF WEST GREENLAND are made 1935/1936 ...

We the Ransom family flew up in 3 seaplanes fleeing IMPERIAL GROSS BRITAIN VIOLENCE which using LINDSAYBUGGARHS

had attacked a 2 years old & stuffed her with glass fragments (Greta Ransom) & came upon disaster November 1935 Xristenshab our shopping town for our holy Island -

“ Two cousins to LEN & GRETA 4th degree/great-great-great-

grandchildren of POUL & MARGARET GRONLANDER- he & sister with 3 languages - she is possibly named Margaret … & high educated - SHE COULD REPRESENT HER PEOPLE IN THE DANISH PARLIAMENT ”

Her brother saved Greetha Ransom’s life she their kin aged 2 years & 8 months - he did not like the man who hung about the Norwegian Postman & his wife - he followed the sleigh …

“ Away went the sleigh- the balloon blown up- over it turned & the child left in the snow to die- he had followed in his sleigh with dogs…he & his sister had suffered so much on the Island in the recent years … people had disappeared…”

“ Greetha`s GRONLANDER cousin - He is 6` 4 inches tall - brown reddish hair a long head & kindly pale eyes & he picked me Greetha Frobisher Weddell RANSOM out of the snow where I was to be left to die - I can re-live the tumble in the snow the surprise & the SLEIGH of the Postman left me & drove on ! `records/accounts/letters/photos/diaries-the fate of she & her brother/JIM uses 2 men/1929 LINDSAY Geogr. Exhibition/

They ordered her killing the Miss Gronlander line - she murdered 6 weeks later she is in her 30s but highly educated - they had her brother harassed up to Gotharb where they caught him…Poor soul he penniless they had taken all his HONEST moneys…IMPERIAL BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA did it for this will get them kudos & gold bars - he dies in 18 months poor SOUL another of their murders of Gronlander-Ransom-1935 October-XRISTENSHARB I can see her with her dark brown hair & eyes & very white skin a broad face but with a pointed pretty chin-…a big girl she looks at me & laughs at my fair hair blue eyes-she says to Lennie how funny it is that POUL is only passing his looks to half of them…She BROKE A TOOTH LAUGHING-she `d get it fixed in Denmark…Greta Ransom her cousin )

Dr John RAY ® & USA Investigation Team 1940s : `The British Noble scum had emptied his bank - removed all his identification papers- stolen the few things they allowed him to leave his island

home with- he had them on a sleigh-they had had a beautiful warm home on the Island-they were told it was all property of the British Government & Crown…Denmark gave G.B. a hand…

Aunt Mag would know them-she always gave generous wedding presents to the islanders & took a care of sending good furnishing & household goods from New York for everyone…`

(Margarethe Ransom Grote) `She was not told of their murders as she had now so much grief- her son murdered October 1933- Her cousin Count Poulsen`s wife on the Island shores October 1933 by JIM- he this half Chinese racist had killed her grand-daughter in the same pattern of hate after marriage was refused him/he hoped to take ALL THE ESTATE but had 2 wives one in Algiers one in France/he married for money…`

Nota bene : The British Empire gave a Decree to KILL to JIM & Earls Lindsaybuggarhs & Nobles who had already bagged Estates overseas they`d move in on WHEN THE OLD ESKIMO IS FOUND & KILLED- these coarse violent British nobles were all high on DOPE- they used it from 12/13 years of age…& THEY WERE ALL PENNILESS…from extravagance…

1935 October - We had gone for our NATIONAL GREENLAND DAY-

also escaping from Imperial violence Gross Brit -we travelled in our 3 seaplanes/diaries-photos-drawings-Letters to/from a Republic-

ISLAND OF JACOPSHOLMEN off Xristensharb - granted for the death of Great POUL in 1765- 1770 DECREE to his son JACOP

1. in name of POUL GRONLANDER- & Jacop his 1st son-

2. in name of Gertrud his grand-daughter

3. in name of Margarethe Ransom Grote her daughter…

4. To her HEIR Greetha Ransom (& co-heir Len Immanuel RANSOM) Greetha is a great-great-great grandchild of POUL & Margaret Gronlander 18th century -

`To hold in the name of POUL GRONLANDER - keep as a holy place - TO ERECT WHEN YOU CAN THE UNIVERSITY TO POUL -`

Nota bene : POUL GRONLANDER his grand-daughter Gertrud is painted by an old friend of her husband FREDERICK RANSOM several times In the painting SARDANAPULUS by Delacroix- she is the figure with indigo veil at the foot of the bed…the artist a long time friend of her husband FRED RANSOM comes to JACOPSHOLMEN TO PAINT IN THE CHURCH- behind the door is JACOP & THE ANGEL…stolen-

1937 Summer - Alas St Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX of SPAIN - believ`th me nohhh - JO November 1944 before her hideous death KNEW the child GRETA RANSOM Summer 1937 spoke truth … there was AN ISLAND IN THE SNOW - the old RANSOM families sailing in ships - An Inca boy who did arithmetic in the air ….

`Great Poul who swam in the North Pole sea to rescue an Italian ship full - brought in the dog & cat too - ALONG THE LINE - BROUGHT THEM ALL IN ALONG THE LINE - `We Greenlanders coming out as far as we dared in the rough seas - holding the line winded about the mace steady - only POUL 6 feet 5 inches could make this swim- he had to reach that rock halfway…curl the line around - they thought they had lost him - then his head above the waves…`

`The child did not have dreams from listening to grown-ups `… may have arisen in Josette`s frightening understanding the end of October 1944 as she went over the correspondence from GROTE BROKERS Wall Street NEW YORK ... of what the Guardianship of Summer 1937 did mean in full…`

1944 NOVEMBER the first days - Charantes near Tulle- a small chateau- Josette`s mother becoming very upset…she had come for two weeks to see her grandsons - JO writing a name repeatedly in a notebook - it began with a G…walking up & down in distress sometimes talking to herself…`Abyssinia-Argentine-Halifax-Venezuela - but he has not had a cheque book ! `

Her mother sure her daughter was WRITING A STORY- to earn money to care for her two tiny children 4 years & a few months & MALRAUX- HE NOT THERE !

Just her daughter in a cold too big place & winter coming on- using her own moneys - That Clara who would wave a gun at them getting all of his moneys - a woman who lived as she -

- a whore - not granting a divorce !

Poor Madam Clotis - ` her clever young daughter should not have come to this - two children & unwed ! She wanted to see her two grandsons - this was why she had come- & they delighted her - ` But she was very distraught & saddened by it all…poor Madam Clotis who had not seen her lovely girl married in church & by the state - She left two days early - her daughter putting her on the early local train -

JOSETTE fell from the train - it ran over her long legs !

1946 summer - Andre MALRAUX Widower puts black & white photos of the Chateau the baby boys , JO , on the top of Aunt Win Gordon’s piano at the big Victorian house no 5 Colne Road off Clacton seafront

1938 summer - THE BRITISH CROWN & GOVERNMENT & LINDSAY EARLS from summer have been FORGING MALRAUX’s NAME ON THE CHEQUE BOOK - allowing JIM Jong-LINDSAYbuggarhs-Angela to get big sums of money-

In addition to this CRIMINAL INSANITY … it was they cashed the 3 cheques sent to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM nephew of Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Imm. GROTE - One cheque was Greetha Ransom her school fees until 18 years of age & this cheque for 15,000 pounds was taken by them all - Angela`s share was 2 fine black horses shown off 1938 at a Race Course - JEAN WEDDELL had been poisoned end of Summer 1938 so they could all enjoy the big splash & kudos of Imperial Figures from a Morgue…

This is the cheque book sent spring 1938 from GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK USA - to ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 Parts - seashores/Reserves/settlements/investments

THE GLOBE/moneys-lands-art works-musical instruments-houses-Umbrellas supporting vast poor communities of the world… All carefully cared for-from honest earnings & savings of a family of RANSOM-Sea Traders who held a homestead/heimat at Dunwich 92 AD-

1937 Summer - LIR diary 1937 October -

“ SOCCER- you took him to a Soccer match- ANDRE MALRAUX (Lennie recording in diary his niece Greetha)