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`Yes Lennie- he liked it & was demonstrative- I a little surprised but pleased at his liking our football- not a big match but our local boys & men…It was our little ground by the Gas-o-meter by our Old Road house- where we are expected to bring our own chairs if we want to sit at the Match-but there were some spare for hee & mee- …& he ask` eth so politely of the people -

some older - sitting down- He is so nice to the old ladies & old men & they immediately smiled at him & touched his hands his arms & he chatted…HE IS SUCH A NICE YOUNG MAN… His manners - Oh so very well doth they suit - `I said weeeh hath come suddenly….that he hath to see ALL the town `… He smiles almost -suddenly he is perhaps lost too… but his face is so kindly & his body full of grace when he addresses hoi poloi- - & he sweeps down his tall frame …to speak to everyone …`

` I do wish you` d been there & you could speak the French & tell him I do not have dreams- I am a bashful young person & put my hands behind my back & am the boy I must be 6 days the WEEK to keep our million children safe…THE JOYOUS VENTURE

but I doth come alive & have courage when he is beside me with his GRACE

….well if JO doth not want him then perhaps I could marry him for he doth remind me sohoooh…of our dear POUL…preaching Saint John standing in the sea after he had made THE GREATEST SWIM ON EARTH& Poul he doth stretch to the UNIVERSE to the STARS in the name of his little mother & our JEAN she doth sometimes dance them all & their kindly brave beautiful lives with sadness & joy…in her blue ballet shoes…

`little white snow paws squirrel-fox-Maria` mother of her only child POUL to whom she teach`th Astra-physics…/Poul`s PAPERS in our great home Jacopsholmen Island spake upon all of this Universal & Greenland histories…

(the speech is 17th century Nonconformist East Anglia…Harold Walter Poulter Deputy Curator Camulodunum/Colcestre was proud of it 1950s…but Whitehead British Museum Natural History set about correcting it…NO SUB-ARTIC -only posh talk- for Mengele Harrington & TRENDIES jeer ` apes-Eskimos ` !

ANDRE MALRAUX- he stretched this way & that like a young bulrush… perhaps a sea-merman

… without any shyness after some minutes when he has looked about him & at everybody- & he being un-introduced to anyone until I said a few words- with caution- on him out of SPAIN… At the game of football he cheered-rose to clap-spoke out to the left & right in quiet modesty…it is a responsibility to see he doth not think upon Spain & such a waste of life as JoJoh&JO say`th…

He stretches to Heaven - I watch him …& he leans into the shades & shadows of the overhanging trees… his moonlight skin has to be from the Sea Traders as we - & that pallor means some girls married in from Up North - inside the Arctic circle - perhaps from Siberia com`th his eyes- like our brides & the first Bride of those shores shee`eeh who taught us PHILOSOPHY-

At the Football Ground so small & with such friendly folk of our town & come in from Thorpe-Saint Osyth-Wheeley- DREAR CAN ADVANCE WITHIN meee`h…for we are attacked by MONSTERS OF THE DEEP …

Beside the Football Ground a row of trees … ` I a child of 4 years & a half … have some miserable knowledge-drear feelings -things overheard- half-memories sketched upon winter nights- about SHEshe- a winter early evening beside these over-hanging trees-I only they say 18 months-2 years-1934/5- She is paid by Lindsaybuggarhs to harm us-& the scum that used to harm her parents Gordon-before the Great war ended- `

`She has been told by Lindsaybuggarhs & Mr Pong I could be used as a money-maker for I was an ape-Eskimo & they have all become gigantic dope-fiends now Angela has a leg up - `


`They live in a dive called GRAND the Lindsay mob when infesting Clacton-on-Sea seafront -its a brothel when their extra women are there - they rent a Harem when they go abroad They have been heard boasting round the Courts of LAW-the Court-their Clubs -`they have never attacked a female of fair complexion…` but they are not believed …diary & reports-1939...1950s…1970s

BUT I AM HAPPY WITH ANDRE George & Josette to take care of me until RANSOM family return …

1937 Summer - Having Saint George ANDRE the motherless beside me I knew that what matters is that we are going to charge about the Universe doing good deeds for Tiggy & Margarethe…

18th century WEST GREENLAND - Great Poul’s little mother say`eth `we will go to the stars they are other worlds- there will be ships like sailing ships that will take us to the Stars & she hath been reading LUCRETIUS- she our Granny 5 times back to me GR. `Little soft white snow squirrel/fox paws` her Greenland name c 1720-

living all her short life in Greenland our real home- but she visited Venice with her parents & is a tiny bit French blood…she great-great grandmother of Margarethe Ransom who will marry Tiggy Grote-

POUL took two weeks holiday to think beside the seashores - he was 21 years & this is before the marriage to Margaret Yates at Frederickstown-

He sat in meditation where as a child he came with his tiny mother … & he restored all her teaching to him. He wrote a biography of her word. She speaks of `we came over the top` & clearly has learned her husband’s blood line that reaches into Northern China & it is possible they came visiting when they were fishing in ARCTIC waters . When POUL came into the Settlement Gotharb with his uncle or great uncle they only had survived an epidemic. But they had with them writings in Chinese…but these got trampled in the snows somebody says for they had to live ROUGH at first for about 3 years … POUL sang in the Venetian 16th-17th centuries manner - polyphony - Poul‘s mother is a quarter French in her ancestry but somebody said a little less ` -

We must not forget the INCA - Grandmother ballerina JEAN-our sub-arctic lands- Aunt Margarethe hath said 1930s `there will be some money to put up a College or two in Tierra del Fuego- we might do more-we will see-I have made more investment in PERU…`

ANDRE-George MALRAUX- his line both sides have been at SEA like us- before steam-coal-oil- ` Greenland & over the top into Siberia perhaps-his mother had records-they got lost after her death-

his Aunt Marie has some still he thinks…he will go & see … `

We have good records of Grandmother 15th century Miss Siberia (some Dowry the Kuriles) there were records on she & her daughter-in-law `the girl of The Mystical Condition- her men folk explained she’d seen some Missionaries with a Cross- blown off course- so we never have anyone on our Cross on shipboard-says Uncle Gimlet eyes Mainwarring RN-

There are 3 marriages Ransom 1400 Siberia/ then 2 the coasts of North China / then Lady Japan 1504- Of course I did not boast about Grandmother HUE’s daughter (Hue` Artun) our great catch- a marriage allowed by HUE`-

He allowed us to enter his line in the marriage of 1450- & the Dutchman Trader too was granted a daughter- family name Heid ? - We knew them until the 2nd World War & they were seen briefly afterwards but then they were all perhaps killed off ?

(Biography of HUE` philosophy-Settlement Governor sharing-taking turns with his friend- they are poetic - Notes Dr John RAY ® 1960/

`Angela & Jim are chortling about having got hold of the Ransom `RICE PAPER ` in 1938/ they order break-in-& entry on us All…

1937 SummerI hath gently warned Saint George ANDRE he must watch his STATE OF GRACE or Josette will not marry him- Sermons-Greetha Ransom summer 1937-all Ransoms away- gone to Spain a rescue - we do not know ….

1906/07 - Frederick Charles RANSOM b 1885-d 1939

(only surviving child Millie FROBISHER m 1883 JOHN RANSOM) “ `POUL, my grandmother Gertrud’s grandfather - I met the greatest mind on earth-it was in the house my grandfather built so strong-a great house of Greenland-notes,diaries,printed texts, letters, drawings…Poul`s wife Margaret of Carlisle had carefully preserved everything- then Jacop their eldest son my grandmother Gertrud her father & my grandpa Fred Ransom`

` I could understand why my tiny mother Millie had fallen in love with my father John Ransom- Then I went down to the shores & entered the homes of my KIN-my KITH-& sailed with them for a year- I prayed in the seas quoting Saint JOHN as POUL after the swim- but I did not swim out a half mile as POUL did to rescue the 50 members of the Italian ship-the cat & dog…`

` He has helped make thee Len, Greetha- `…taking the line wound round the mace- on the shores the Greenlanders still tying the lines- fastening anything for this half mile swim- POUL‘s head seen by the rock when they thought he‘d gone under- he is 6 feet 5 ins tall- their Pastor- ALL CAME ASHORE along the line` FCR teaching-1936-39-

Lennie & I have weekend learning/preparation for our WORK about the seashores of the world -

( G. R. is reminded here of British Nobles speaking 20th century & how they brush their hoofs their paws upon their expensive togs as they say `Eskimo`…with a twist of the snout )

1740s - `Now begin`th Letters to The Pope in 4 languages from Poul - for which one you prefer your Excellency Holy Sire- That Pope sent POUL a horse & `the wonders of the world` bidding him “ to come- come to Rome ” The Pope writes he would send a ship for him- & an escort- they would talk- meanwhile he was sending him some of those wonders- he remembered to send Poul the spices he asked for- Poul fascinated by nutmegs spices & bible plants-sea shells-leaves & fruits…of Books Poul had many & access to collections West Greenland…`

But POUL was frightened of disease-he had his family killed by it-

he explain`th to the Popes … He say`th `not for awhile shall we

travel- we must learn more medicine…`

G.R. from her weekend lessons ` Jerusalem` or Clacton-on-sea & along the coasts as we March along & sometimes singing the songs of Hanns Eisler too - the family have so many languages…they do`eth speak many …`

18th century POUL GRONLANDER West Greenland

Of Greenland & Northern Chinese parents with a little French from his mother the first Astra-physicist of Greenland she might be called -She read Lucretius & before she died she passed her understanding to her 8 years old son POUL- she had 2 very tall step-sons from her husband‘s first marriage-they took off to America 18th century perhaps before the Plague which killed their father & other family members…

POUL GRONLANDER dies in the accident with the new gun 1765 Gotharb - his son Jacop Poulsen`s letter `on Father‘s death` is printed in Finn Gad 4 vols Greenland History 1968/70s- in English- except last volume …

1770 the island is granted into ETERNITY- To keep as a Holy Place & to erect when you can the College/University to POUL GRONLANDER - sometime our servant- an accident he died teaching the new gun …’ 2 Decrees- This Danish king & Ministers is said to be mad 19th/20th centuries - Scandinavia & Gross Britain penniless & ILL-BRED were shooting & fishing everything in Greenland - become GREEDY/then OIL !

1864 - TIGGY GROTE fashions his HOMES upon the HISTORY of POUL GRONLANDER…his mother-in-law Gertrud her grandpa -


“ Tiggy got the idea for us & the homes from Great POUL…we have an Island in the snow…a theatre a church & craftworks…we invent things…we travel the globe when we are 12 years or more & visit our HOMES everywhere because we have languages …»

1937 Summer - ALL OF OUR SEA HISTORIES I doth say in soft tones to ANDRE MALRAUX- FIVE WEEKS HAPPINESS & then to LINCOLN - Greetha trotting beside him as we wheel the old push chair with our day’s things on- I will not be seen by kindergarten friends in a pushchair in the town- stately Andre has had to understand this- I am NOT a baby - but I will climb on top of our beaching things when we are in the countryside-along the cliffs-& near to Jo`s beach Holland-on-sea -


to be written out in full in this document soon-

to be a lifelong acquaintance of ANDRE MALRAUX-

In 1963 they all went to ROME-& could speak upon that afternoon-evening-following days- When JOSETTE & a young man came from bloody SPAIN & stayed on- made a SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937- A whole 5 weeks & then to LINCOLN & finding his mother’s vast ancestry-sea fishers-traders…9th century on-contact only lost in the mid-19th century-

1937/1938 Grandpa FCR say`eth `So this was why Aunt Margareth`ea could go to luncheon with the Popes - I first saw

her go through the Vatican Guards clad in her yellow silk gold edged gown under her cloak & hood of grey- she passed through the stern Cardinals to the Gardens where the Pope greeted her `Daughter-come tell me of the world`…he knew a lot about POUL her mother`s grandfather & her mother & father used to call upon the earlier Pope. My solemn old aunt had her hair down her back in Rome & we were invited to great houses…she was called Margarethe`a & I became to them Frederick Charles… it was quite a surprise to me after living so quietly on Arran when I came from school…helping with the accounts of her investments …`

`She acted Imogen in CYMBELINE William Shakespeare at 15 years in this gown made in Paris for the theatre on The Holm/Jacopsholmen - It was not just TIGGY & his miracle HOMES granted her open doors- the visits to talk with the Popes had been going on since the 1830s when Frederick Ransom of Montrose Scotland with his brother owning Estates & homes in France Germany Spain married Gertrud Poulsen grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER & Margaret Yates of Carlisle a ship owner`s daughter-

19th century - THE PLAY SEASON on POUL GRONLANDER`s Island/orchestra - at first 60 sat comfortably & a 100 at Christmastime : then Fred Ransom put on the Tier built as stoutly as a great ship…then they gilded the inside…now 200 sat comfortably & even 50 more could be seated…The Theatre was run with ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST…as on shipboard…

Jacopsholmen Island off Xristenshab West Greenland- Intelligent people came for the PLAY season- an Emperor of Ethiopia sailed in. The first season 1830s lasted 7 months not the 6 weeks planned - Ancient classics- W.S., Racine- Schiller-American plays- POUL’s version of Hamlet written for the Greenland mind - the orchestra was 60 players one season-half of them Greenlanders /Eskimos- `we used OX in a Christmas Play`

1937 Summer - LIR diary October - recording the words

of his niece-Greetha Ransom age 4 years & 8 months-

“ ANDRE & JO- well, he Saint George Andre said they had to

hide …or Maurice could give him crippling debts…”

“ There was never so much done on one holiday -

Our ‘Jerusalem’ household agreed/I read it to Andre & the boys the Holiday of The Last Fall 1960…how they laughed at their parents as young people-they had never known them like that…`

LIR/GR… “ We had 5 perfect weeks- perfect every day well some rain but happiness- before we went by train to LINCOLN to see the Monuments. JOJo&Joh- well not my perspicacity I think perhaps…with the seashells. I still said on wet days that we might make something. The Tobacco Jar she said it seemed too difficult. We’d all go shopping she said- for the foul discomforts of winter cometh… I think JO is copying my Quaker speech ”

« It took your breath away too- to see her work with newspapers making HATS…ANDRE-Saint George say``th she can make many other things when she hath time- she has learned it in Paris- it has a name from the East…`

1937 Summer ~ A meeting around the kitchen table -

Andre says & there can be no RIOTOUS LIVING…”

ANDRE George- He is to say- there are no moneys for riotous living-only a fragile en-conomy- Ohhhhhh fragile…fragile only could be undertaken. AN ADVANCEMENT COULD BE GOT FOR ANOTHER BOOK - but…ther’ rrr ’d beee…ALL of them to provide for . ” ~ LIR diary October 1937- Lenir-artist-

I G.R. understood the solemnity of the enquiry & the questions above-we were deciding their future life…ANDRE & Jo ~

(how Andre Malraux spoke is captured in amber- time regained )

1937 A young man of humanism out of Gaul- suitable for GROTE HOMES to INVITE to Guardianship of our great work of philanthopy- HE IS PROCLAIMED AS GUARDIAN- he has accepted in a letter to MARY GORDON October - & THE WILL was known January 1938/courtesy copies round the globe- 2,500 HOMES/other educational grants/ MALRAUX will be Guardian the world’s biggest Estate - chosen not just for his Sea Traders lines back to 9th century The Wash-East Anglia…but …

but from what we doth gather from a READING of his books-especially a youthful dialogue `TEMPTATION OF THE WEST` & information given above on his STATE of GRACE-

It was to be a very great honour to France-

Nota bene : Andre Malraux’s post/mail stolen by Xmas 1937-



His Acceptance to the family Ransom had GROTE BROKERS New York USA cheer ! They smiled in pleasure at all family Reports coming in from September 1937...(it reached Uncle Fred MacMurray-Broker Wall Street & film star) `Guardian a young man-writer-experience in SPAIN… Andre Malraux…book Storm In Shanghai published USA 1933 & now a book on Spain Man`s Hope … `


stayed at Clacton 5 weeks & went exploring East Anglia- has ancestors at sea like all of us- He had a young lady with him & both were accompanied by Aunt Mag‘s heir- Greetah- she is reported as very happy with them & the townsfolk are writing this to Frederick Charles & Jean` …but the FCR family were away on that disastrous rescue in SPAIN - ` Nobody seemed to understand all POST/mail is to be stolenthat it has been stolen since 1933 XMAS to FJR for his daughter GRFJR sees his father`s documents that are posted to the Embassies USA & Argentina London… !

Andre Malraux is 36 years of age-

MALRAUX has been raised by 3 GRACES from birth to 17 years- before marrying Clara-he 20 years old- He had no idea the extent of Guardianship he was asked to undertake because of the swift THEFT of his Post/mail organised by the British Nobles- In October he replied to Mary Gordon that he had a letter from Margaret Grote aunt of Greetah saying she had made him Guardian to her niece Greta-

He had no address to reply to on the letter from Aunt Magarethe Ransom Grote- Andre should by December-January 1938 have received extensive Papers from GROTE BROKERS New York-Wall Street- ALL POST stolen to PARIS-by G.B. Gov. & Crown- G.B. Nobles panic - If FRANCE LEARNED OF THIS GUARDIANSHIP TO THE GLOBE ! MURDERS WERE PLANNED …

1960 & 1970- ANDRE MALRAUX says “I ACCEPT- I have accepted when I knew 1959 December ! I still do !

I would have accepted all this- had my Post not been stolen by your Government- Peter…! It was what I was looking for-what I could undertake-it all made sense- I would have immediately got a plane back to NEW YORK- & visited Grote Brokers-visited everyone-she…a Goddess…Mrs Grote ” !

Trustees/Brokers/Solicitors/Families set about reading ALL HIS BOOKS from September 1937-

Nota bene : Thomas Immanuel GROTE b 1841/Tiggy his mother a great-niece of Frederick Immanuel Kant- Her husband has Grote Brokers a small family firm with a very good reputation New York from when it was only a wood building 1830s off Wall Street…They are known for reliability, kindliness & good will to all upon earth -

RANSOM brothers Fred & John handed them our 19 acres under New York to administer c 1840 - in 1860s GROTE BROKERS added near 4 acres under Central Park because they were so ashamed of young Tiggy just married to Margarethe Ransom so enthusiastic with his first HOMES he had reduced RANSOM Families & they GROTE Family to practically


The Grote & Ransom family & connections… Frobisher/Poulsen/Murgatroyd/Mainwarring… & from 1909 WEDDELL marry in … are known as humanists & very sane balanced intelligent people !

Augusta-our grey-girl Frobisher & JEAN-& Aunt Murgatroyd Missionary bride-of-the-russet-silk-gown all of us recognised as feminine but with our heads full of plain common sense !

My father may call us `le girls decide` but discussions go on between Margarethe/Augusta/Jean/Lennie & Greta- & Sarah de Salle was making her views felt by 12 years-

THE GROTE HOMES are visited by us all & acknowledged by educated people as AN AMERICAN INSTITUTION … they are proud of it … Roosevelt when young would go out camping with the children in the great USA countryside …

I Greta am very tough & rather required to live in Boy Scouts clothes- My views are given 1936 that when we go next time to Greenland in the seaplanes on slatted seats we have some rugs & eiderdowns-OR no men or boys borrow my eiderdown again !

References : October 1935-1936 Nord-Sud Poles Tour Grote -

1938 JUNE - Len Ransom Flyer takes Greta Ransom to `GREENLAND FOR A BEER ` & helped by pilot who has been up in the sky since 1910 we leaving from Ireland at night- to take Aunt Magarethe’s spirit back to Jacopsholmen Island to her home-

WE FLY in secret - Orders have been given by Lindsay Earls & noble scum & JIM to ground all our planes - This bunch of PIMPS all on the PIN has no Document at LAW to do this…they will act against us with more VIOLENCE when Angela has seized Malraux`s copy of the WILL & the letter to the French president July 1938 ..

Our planes serve 2,500 Homes the globe & all the reserves, seashores, settlements & our investments…our planes number well over 3,000 by the 1930s…The RULE is 3 planes together over long stretches of water …2 planes for any other flights…

FIGURES FROM A MORGUE NOW GO SHOPPING- horses & diamonds- Our planes were to be sold off for Imperial flash-spout-splutter-glitz-& blondes in flats in Scarlet Town -& to HARRASS & ISOLATE the HOMES & other parts of The JOYOUS VENTURE A to Z the Globe - ALL BRITISH EMBASSIES/Consulates have been told to STOP our PLANES FLYING & STEAL from our BANKS GROTE RANSOM when they can…They are told to put nothing in writing…act with arrogance & cunning…the Estate is being claimed by Earls & Crowns …in unlawful silence !

1937 SUMMER HOLIDAY Clacton-on-Sea

LIR diary October 1937 /related to him by Greetah Ransom-

` Kitchen Table discussion- Saint George-ANDRE will marry JoJO&Joh-Josette when they can- He of Sea Traders-so an honourable person- They take this holiday to rest them after Spain-War & dreadful troubles -

Clara to be asked to not wave her gun at JO or Andre - friends in Paris will talk to her - She will have lots of money- JO can earn her own living as she has always done with her own writing since she was 15 years old- so that will help Andre & Josette will live simply & no riotous livingAndre will try & write another book…he thinks he wants to…