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`Unity`s mother & Andre said … `meanwhile here at Clacton-on-sea we enjoy free a neat little house beside the town- a vegetable garden with salad plants & potatoes & early cabbage if we run out of money ~ We have sun most days-everything to interest us- & we know people who have fruits in their gardens who will happily tell us to pick a bowl or basket- ANDRE MALRAUX & JO become relaxed & very happy- It becomes a summer holiday 1937…`

1938 summer - The next year DISASTER…Andre is observed by the future Doc Mengele a Mr Harrington just got RELEASE from a Nut House in Britain after serving part of a prison sentence Continent for being a nasty paedophile…Herr Harrington begins writing spiteful things about this first meeting with Andre… Harrington seems to be typical of the MONSTERS that NOBLE BRITAIN employs to do CRIMINAL WORK to get itself DOUGH

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX winter - The Pillar House Harwell

-“ here SUMMER 1937 in East Anglia…I found the Gospels Acted Out - wandering about with Greetah & with JO - we made friends - Our friends came to understand what I wanted to do in life- I was working it out -

that summer when we were a unit - then a family- We had come for 2 weeks but stayed on -5 weeks- Greta accompanied us to LINCOLN- a journey to see a monument to my father’s line-& places where my mother’s line had lived-fished-traded that coast-farmed- East Anglia- Our travel began Lincoln & then over to The Wash- all those centuries ago some of my ancestors had lived in these parts - some stayed- I had a guide book in French…an old one…” ( I remember it…it is the same one he has 1947...could it be DEFOE `Tour of the Eastern Counties ` /a French transl. ? )

1953 - Mr Poulter & friends were very interested in my English ancestors…we discovered 2 people retired- Histon by name - but they were away - 2 years later they had died but there was no trace of them & we could not discover who had bought their 2 acres & the bungalow- It was Mr Poulter who began to be concerned - I did not know of the persecution going on in Colchester Museums too - I became ill in the spring after Greetha was taken from me again- her father & his family were insulted over a Birthday Party in March 1954 for her 21stit was many years before that poor young man knew it had been a most horrible trick- Greta was ill for a month & could not be seen…

& I only learned of this from my Detectives & Colchester Museum 1960/1961/1962...

( 1950s - Persecution too of the Graham Greene families - he could follow some of it- then his friend the bookseller Donovan had his rare book room burned in his STRAND premises…then he died- his widow had JIM the Crown & Mengele the DOC walking in on her …)

Andre Malraux continues :

At the Castle & Hollytrees evil men came to remove books -documents with a link to all the Estate names - & to me ANDRE MALRAUX my ancestry ! It was as if a maniac was loose`

1945 - I returned in May without Jo - I a widower

Again I found friends & THE GOSPELS ACTED OUT-

Greetah was clearly being harmed by Teresa for kudos-moneys-from her high born friends- I did not know this - but old Winnclemann had an understanding of the situation - He had worked with children-psychology-on the Continent - (he trained in chemistry of the brain-Germany - other nations…)

1945 - early that summer June…He told me more & called Teresa a Virago - He was surprised when I related to him my memories of meeting her December 1924 Deauville-she & another girl were with us, my friends about two weeks we took them on to Paris - Neither the Winnclemans or I knew of an inheritance overseas.

Miss Winnie Gordon did not hand me her copy of the Will -

She should have done so by June 1945 or told old Inclement ! She told me in the month of June that Greta could not learn algebra at school because she played these games - these invented games - played them when she should have been learning at school - She persuaded Winnclemann to take those games out of Greta’s head, GAMES I HAD HEARD FROM GRETA IN 1937 & THAT JO HAD HEARD…One was about AN ISLAND IN THE SNOW

“ Greetha`s father was in Africa - trying to get a ship back to England- Jim all of them intended he die- first in the Philippines- then in Africa- He got help to keep himself alive - after tricks played on him by JIM who 1944 got himself & his bar rats into Kenya-My notebooks the years tell much more-I could weep

Nota bene : 1970/71 “ THEY HAVE BEEN KILLING PEOPLE, Peter…for this money … WE KNEW ABOUT IT WHEN I WAS IN THE CITY…YOU are too young to be in control …”…/a woman retired who goes to live in New Zealand…she may become a MARTYR Doctor Mengele Harrington & Noble Britain spies about us all …

1937 Summer - LIR diary 1937- Greetah summer-

“ I took him Saint George Andre to the cinema- The CENTURY- he thought it was very big- I said at the booking office he was from France & Spain & we had nowhere to go & might I come in & I would sleep & I had my rug & pillow from the dolls pram as Daddy & Grandpa Gordon & Winnie hath me do if it is a film not fit- & they smiled & said I might come in- Oh he enjoyed it-good for his English he said- `it would be useful-` It was about a gangster’s Moll I think- but I slept- only looked twice-

( October - JEAN say`eth ` she was no Sally Anne then` …)

“ I slept Lennie until THE SUN WAS LOW- but he George -Andre was happy & content with the film- We met JO in from the train- she doth need to rest - from blood & War- She JO say`eth ` he will keep talking about the Wars even when he wants to stop-

& he would prefer also not to think `

1937 Summer I did ask sometimes if he would have me stay home & I could make things- & look at books- or I could go to Granny Gordon … but he Saint George say`eth `NO ! I would like the Prophet with me- there are things to show me & you do it well `…

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX to PJPW The Pillar House Harwell he says to us- trying to not look at my face- “there were things she could show me tell me… that I did not know… ”

This is 33 years on from 1937/1970- Not much really when you can be allowed to look back on time… the span of Jesus Christ I think our religious friends would say`eth … LOST TIME has included the 2nd World War when Gross Britain slew the GROTE children-sailing RN ships in around the globe over 7 years- All carefully plotted 1929-1939/records/ Is it not time 1970 the criminals were locked up IN THE SNOWS…

1937 SUMMER holiday at Clacton-on-Sea & ancient lands -

- ANDRE MALRAUX & JO a young lady & Greetha Ransom`

DIARY LIR-Oct. Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM-diaries read to tapes 1960-79/

“After the film at the Century cinema-we were not attired for a good tea- he Andre Malraux-Georgewanted tea out in the town- well I explained & he understood- & took him to a modest place/ & me with pillow & rug-our woollies tied about our waists- I asked in the doorway with a curtsey- `was it alright` & they said we could take a table & smiled-” Greta Ransom August/Jerusalem 1937 October/

LIR often does drawings sketches from our lives-perhaps he did drawings to his account he wrote from Greetha’s words above/all his drawings were taken & burned by Mr Pong-Lindsay Earls-later Mengele-others who could break-in- LIR-Lenir-

Mary Broke-Freeman (Mary Cotton/Mary Short/Mary Dudley-Short ( Bowdler & Cotton/BM library Families ) - /Mary Freeman-artist-at 17 years went to Reading Art School to do woodcuts-watercolours-then to PARIS- met ANDRE MALRAUX briefly in Ceylon 1920s- saw Margarethe Grote by Tutankamen’s Tomb just discovered-

she & others would pay for a great building - A museum to be erected - so the entire tomb & area might stay intact - nothing need be moved…it was all rather emotional at the time …”

Margarethe`s parents had known Archaeologist H. Schliemann & wife/ (excavated at Mycenae etc.) & had seashore settlements Greece-sailing there in `The Mary Rose` the family ship… the Lindsaybuggarhs Earls1920s were sniffing around… Mrs Grote widow had escaped their murder plans & there were others about her CLAIMING HER ESTATE for the REPAIR OF BRITAIN`S EMPIRE !

An old Queen now claimed it from her daughter-in-law who said AN OLD ESKIMO GAVE IT ALL TO HER when she was 10 years & she took her to VISIT ROME …(Angela had been ill…the staff in her parents Castle reported she was such a nasty child they hoped she would die ! She may have been getting at the family CROP which could be found in The Stables…Divinorum Salvia Scotland in pretty pellets to fix in the SNOUT to strut about with IMPERIAL MANNERS …)

1920s - LINDSAY EARLS were scared - this FORTUNE was to be their fortune & they gave forth Decrees as Premier Earls of Gross Britain…` how dare an old Eskimo spend her own dough`…they now had enough trouble with Angela`s in-laws NORWAY stepping in claiming it was all POUL GRONLANDER moneys that had come to his son JACOP POULSEN … GREED bred GREED …

Mary Mollie Freeman she speaks in grief 1981 of LIR as a rare artist-

his work not generally known - she shows G.R. two drawings in magazines- she could remember in 1970 when her old VORTIST friend & Len his student a year 1930s were at a TEA with PAINTINGS-Winterbrook House across the Harwell High Street from The Pillar House -& ANDRE MALRAUX came in too LENNIE my best friend is murdered at this time/ GR his niece

ANDRE MALRAUX came to visit Mary Freeman at Winterbrooke House Harwell 1968-1970s- private visits then death happened swiftly to the Missionary friends Oxford who had been near a Grote Home abroad- deaths by persons known- /records/letters etc Malraux detectives )- She left Greta Ransom X-W- Childrens` Art-Lagos & G. B. & her own watercolours/we bought several watercolours from her when she exhibited regularly in OXFORD- She did portraits of PJPW & Greta Ransom X-W…hoping the one of Greta might one day be in a public place- She tried help in a terrible matter she came to understand 1970s -she lost 2 of her friends c 1970 in `this awful matter- uneducated people with terrible power- She is a Roman Catholic convert`

(1968-70s Oxford circles- MANN family/German writers-were speaking softly that GROTE HOMES WERE superb-& the TALES put about/by NOBLES/ that they were decadent should NOT BE BELIEVED-some Missionaries came to grief-they had admired Grote education-AFRICA/records-archives-childrens paintings/

1970 Tape/ref. 1961 Colne Engaine

Jacop’s Ladder 2 ` a girl in a purple coat appeared-a figure of winter & mourning-she passed us by 1961- It was reported because it was a summer morning & she was clad in the purple top-coat as if she were cold from what had happened to ANDRE MALRAUX’s two sons last month- no one advanced towards her because we felt she was in grief- we did not know she did not know …”

Detectives & colleagues Andre Malraux/tapes-accounts-diaries Colne Engayne Gallows Corner, ghost house- caravan

The arranged cunning misunderstandings -THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN STEAL OUR POST/mail- from Xmas 1933- & it continues 1960 onwards/Ref. a meeting November 1976 (Records Andre Malraux Detectives/Colleagues/LIR )

“ A FIELD OF MANIACS - treading in an earth of treacle - No field of clothe of Golde- ONLY BRITISH NOBLES-Crown-Lords of Misrule all treading in TREACLE- MANIACS they were…” Diary LIR ?

1961 May 23rd `They have stripped

ANDRE of his manhood by murdering his boys - ` Another car accident as Mr JIM Jong used to stage before the 2nd W. War - Ravel composer speaks before he dies of the 1920s France …`he found the little half-Chinese fingering his clothes one afternoon in the wardrobe- he Ravel had seizures in the car before -when the little man was near - HE DID NOT WANT HIM TO KNOW WHOM HIS MOTHER WAS - he poured tea for old Queens…` ( records/diaries/Andre Malraux from Ravel`s son/other reports 1950s on JIM now Cur James WHITES CLUB )

1948 to 1961 summer

You & Andre mocked torn apart- you should have had a neat house & garden on a seashore-been left alone-YOU WERE THE GIRL ON OLYMPUSWe could NOT approach you that summer 1961 you were locked in a trance - (August 1961-G.R. discovers her doped tea etc in caravan/report by G.R. who now shed in 2

months 20 pounds in weight ! ~) LIR/Detectives for Andre Malraux

1962 March - It was not until your visit to your father arranged by Miss Rose Holder…then it was discovered by IVY RANSOM you had NO MEMORY OF HER PARENTS or of Aunt Mag or of an Island Greenland & nothing about your inheritance except… yes you had 200 pounds/or 2,000 ? you thought for your birthday when you were 21 years old but NOTHING FROM THEM your father & IVY…you did not have a partythe money was invested somewhere…you could not recall …”

` IVY RANSOM WAS ANGRY & AMAZED…but angry with MALRAUX & De GAULLE initially…By then 1962 her brother Fred your father was crushed & kicked after dark by these MANIACS IN A FIELD OF TREACLE- That

was NO CROWN they made noises about- simply a mockery-

a rat sat counting your moneys urged on by Playboys We have recorded it-laid it in safe places-

a globe that can be crushed by Great Britain MANIACS treading treacle…~

1937 October - diary Dr LEN Immanuel RANSOM/

`You told us at Jerusalem when you came up to stay- it is in my diary that year- of the Summer holiday “ all of you happy ”

`ANDRE MALRAUX-JO-me Greetah all summerthey decided to stay - they were happy with us all - at the seaside -Clacton-on-Sea- ` he ANDRE George wanted to look for old men to talk to them about The Great War - you said - & then he was sent by your hostess to ask if the Clacton hospital could help him find them…( you said )

“ He went on his own - he did not need any of us to come & help him - tell them at the Clacton Hospital what he wanted to know - he is clever - ` I told him whom he should ask for - & say where he was - staying with us- he has learned English from reading books when he was 12 years he tells me - his Grandmother Adriann`ea-Adrienne would tell him the good books to read-`

LIR b 1921 October - murdered by the

British Gov. & Earls & Crown Maniacs treading treacle 1981/2-

1937 SUMMER - I could notice names which seemed to come from Latin- or JEAN’s country-South America-Nord-Sud Tour Grote Homes 1935 October- until I am kidnapped back EARLY SUMMER `1936 by dirty Diplomats robbing us told to do so by LINDSAYBUGGARHS & Lords & CROWN & MONSTERS OF THE DEEP Scandinavia- & they abuse me, harm my education - attack my young body AGAIN-

I WANT THEM ON CHAINS-building our two Universities to POUL Gronlander & SAN JULIAN & JAMES WEDDELL-the WEDDELL SEA sub arctic-THEY HAVE STOLEN OUR honest MONIES OF THE GLOBE … which we administer in our great philanthropy GROTE HOMES educating to 18 years from 1864 & our lands seashores settlements MUD FLATS !!!! THEIR EMPIRE G.B. HAD FALLEN… using silly newspapers they decline on FRAUD with VIOLENCE-

We are North & South Poles …& HUMANISTS of 14 Races & 27 nations of GENES/blood ! They are nasty RACISTS … using a Nation & its Navy-Army-institutions to FALSIFY… Records/diaries/photos/

1937 SUMMER at Clacton-on-Sea -

THEY ENTER`TH into Gross Britain & Scandinavian VIOLENCE -

ANDRE MALRAUX chosen GUARDIAN & his now chosen Roman Catholic wife Josette & their two sons of the future Pierre & Vincent - he a perfect & holy Guardian to our million GROTE CHILDREN & Ransom Estate SEASHORES OF THE GLOBE…of the world/ SETTLEMENTS OF HOPE…it enfolds everything that to-day is called Green Peace - global humanism-

SPAIN 1936 HATH NO VIOLENCE LIKE THIS…from GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES PENNILESS with a FALLEN EMPIRE….that is to come at Andre & Josette & sons …

1970s-1980s - the days of an embryo Inter-net- certain scholars were attacked by mythical gaseous CID between MI5 & MI6 (known to exist Peter- you never know what`s out there ex-Army everything…Records MI5 etc Hollis & colleagues-a family )…

RECORDS REMOVED ( some Oxford ) on GROTE/RANSOM/ WEDDELL/ San JULIAN branch the Noble INCA BOY-who did his arithmetic in the air- he our ancestor Len & me & all of us from the marriage of JEAN 1909 - SAN JULIAN (photo of him with his sash & order is in a Directory that Graham Greene & DONOVAN bookseller show me 1952 COLCHESTER CASTLE Museum ) The INCA BOY is only 4 generations back from Greetah Frobisher Weddell Ransom & 2 generations from cousin CLARKE GABLE Actor -

Reports Andre Malraux Detectives still collecting after Andre`s death … LIR & others…

The greatest crime of mankind is allowed to bludgeon-on allowing MANIACS ON A FIELD OF TREACLE - they quite criminally insane- PAUPERS-GAMBLERS-HIGH DOPE USERS-VAGRANTS…

free use of the BRITISH STATE INSTITUTIONS- Their vast kudos at the top of a corrupt pyramid impossible to challenge - many trained as children- KIDS- with a pellet of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts- FOR THEIR ROLE IN LIFE`

THEY CANNOT TELL THE TRUTH because of their DOPES intake…

if they could speak TRUTH they would admit there are NEVER ANY PARTS OF OUR GROTE RANSOM ESTATE IN THE RED- FRAUD with violent theft was achieved using professional expertise employed under the umbrella/sunshade of British Government & Crowns & Scandinavian connections/relatives -

REMOVING CAPITAL MONEYS from Grote-Ransom-Weddell BANKS - in semi silence by Earls LINDSAYBUGGARHS & a woman friend Angela & Nobles of young years from the Roaring 1920s who used Racism in the first 80 years of the 20th century to justify their crimes…

THE BRITISH NOBLE CRIMINALLY INSANE - Earls of Crawford & Lindsaybuggarhs-Angela-Jim & Ilk from XMAS 1933 have GRETA RANSOM & families POST/mail- PRESENTS- BIRTHDAY & CHRISTMAS - & any other post they can steal- SENT TO THE BACK OF BUCKINGHAM PALACE- in semi-secret silence-opened on 1 or 2 trestle tables- they are all dangerous obscene heavy-heavy dope-fiends who drink from spirits bottles …

…. barrel of ABSINTHE comes to the Palace Yard every month- its forbid by LAW - they all tear open POST/mail for GROTE RANSOM heirs & family- POST/mail arriving at the time of the Festivals of the world-other cultures & religions-are ripped open by criminally insane doped & booze CROWNS & NOBLES of Gross Britain & Scandinavia & its FALLING fallen EMPIRE - Glasses are raised to this VIOLENT THEFT & FRAUD … as those well named FIGURES FROM A MORGUE toast & toast & toast `WE WIN- WE WIN- WE WIN `…

See film SUNSET BOULEVARD…& you can get some idea of the atomosphere … !

ANDRE MALRAUX`s correspondence is also received for their massive FINGERING from XMAS 1937...

1942 - A BILL for the FUNERAL of a 9 YEARS OLD Newfoundland heiress MARTYR…SENT TO Greta Ransom by fat barrel Lindsay EARL ( nearly No 14 )who entered the Llewellen Road Clacton Primary School classroom & asked `who is the richest amongst you …` leered round & stabbed a fat finger at me Greetha Ransom whose FORTUNE he claims…He has DEATH DUTIES for 2 Earls dead 1939 & soon again they know 1943…Mary Gordon got the BILL copied by the Printer & telephoned the Funeral Firm…a copy I handed to the Headmaster Captain-Commodore Leroy had him shout in horror…Essex now had no doubt WHO KILLED the girl in Greetha`s class…the 2nd SEA HEIRESS…

1942 - THE MURDER OF 9 years heiress Miss M. d`UFF MacDrew Castle Hedingham 900 years Essex family at SEA…she has a big Estate NewfoundlandShe is in the same class as Greta Ransom HEIR, Llewellyn Road Clacton-on-Sea Primary/Headmaster Captain-Commodore LEROY- helping after crashing the LANCASTER plane is Andrews BA Oxon Maths & Science/ ARMSTRONG of Cambridge rushing in to teach us geology/history …it is 2nd World Wartime

1942 Lindsay to be Earl 14 - is President or Vice President Of Shipwreck Mariners Society-with their history sinking ships/ Insurance 19th century/this is perhaps thought suitable ?

MARY GORDON my grandmother received the BILL in the postal service & immediately had copies made- spoke with the Undertaker & learned the monstrous behaviour of a certain pair in this matter

Lindsay & JIM Mr Pong…JIM companion of Angela he now with a 2-Man Unit back of Buckingham Palace…

The child is the niece of Captain Patrick MacDrew - he is a 1930s Gordon family friend who goes to that great Catholic church of Our Lady with us some Sundays- Clacton-on-Sea-

records/diaries/documents/& 1960 Andre Malraux Detectives/Colleagues/& PATRICK MACDREW begin investigation with help of the people who lived & still do at Castle Hedingham/Sible Hedingham & Sudbury …/Graham Greene & H.W. Poulter also have things to say that they spoke to GRETA RANSOM about at Colchester Castle November 1952 !

THIS MURDER FRIGHTENED MR MENGELE HARRINGTON who learned of it 1954/& 1960 it arose again with the grandmother of the dead child asking to know where her body was buried & Patrick MacDrew her son uncle to the little victim joining the Team detectives/colleagues of Andre Malraux based at Colne Engaine …

1960 - Questions were now answered about the deaths of the child`s elder brother her mother pregnant & the death of the child`s father 1941 & 1942…Her grandfather is found by good Germans Mediterranean 2nd World War but taken off them by the British as the War ends & sent to Russia/This old man Captain `De`UFF, he spoke Yugoslavian/Latin/French & perfect English & had lived at Castle Hedingham & came of an ancient SEA family/records/he did not know what had happened to him as War began…he found himself coming round from an illness & somebody had clothed him in a jacket with a YELLOW STAR…He was clearly not a Jew. He was taken into the German offices & worked some hours for them with his languages…but it was not strictly War work …He was in his early 70s …JIM & LINDSAY were said to have staged this 1939-they had eyed everyone with PROPERTIES in ESSEX for years…

A REPLY IS AWAITED FROM MALRAUX & de GAULLE who have been sent the 3 Estate WILLS & other documents - BUT THE COURIER from France has been robbed ! Not known until 1962 !

Mengele Harrington twice announced `HE HAD MUCH TO DO TO REMOVE DOCUMENTS- VISIT THOSE WHO KNEW- CLEAN ALL THIS UP TO PROTECT THE CROWN- whom he goes on tropical holidays with & private trips- even New York/Madison Square bookseller dies for he had RANSOM WEDDELL BOOKS - Mr Mengele Harrington paedophile expects to be a Peer-a Count- for this work of FRAUD-murder-framing-violent theft-burning of official records-private records-photos-archives-local archives- records-letters/- He controls people with his case of needles with various dopes to get the results he wants !