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8. General Charles de GAULLE could only say March 1962 `an obscene gigantic piece of Statecraft by Gross Britannia`

1960 Summer - the Evil put their Mercenaries in trees Colne Engaine- won over when shown the photos of death pits/nets in sea of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - They found pitiful sites abroad themselves- the girls had charm bracelets with names in one French death pit/ seen 1960-1960sbodies of the children found to 1990s…

records/`Andre Malraux detectives-colleagues 1960/61 Colne Engaine Colchester- Book of JO -parts I & II- & Book of Summer 1937-


spring- Attended by Mr Mengele paedophile royal Satrap/Mr Jong-Cur Jimmie Steward of Whites- bought out his partner 1956-

runs dopes from his private office/ Lindsaybuggarhs/ 7 Earls/10 Lords a leaping/ 12 others awaiting unholy Orders are holding meetings 9.30am in WHITES Club a vice bar that has 2 flats of exciting prostitution round the corner begun 1953... Jim Jong dirty Jimmie Cur James is `Steward` & P I M P -

An observer occasionally in WHITES Club is Boyd Alexander.

He comments 1970- “ Sir James ran his City empire from the Club- Because of his close connections to the Crown & the two girls the Queen & her sister we could not fire him- Finally he was given notice January 1959 after complaints- One matter was violence against Andre Malraux & his household at Lancaster Gate Square- but it was 1970 before we got the Club back in our hands & Sir James out of it - he ran his financial wheelings-dealings from the Club in the mornings - he had it all tied up with his City maze - which was always precarious-…” Records/

Nota bene : COLCHESTER CASTLE Museum December 1953

“…you don`t understand ChildITS RARE TO GET TWO BIRDS LIKE

YOU TWO togetherThe Young Emperor of Gaulhe has to have helpits come over from Top Diplomatic World Vatican Corp tooboth of you you have nowhere else to go…except together YOU WILL KEEP ONE ANOTHER SAFE Take himagainWheeler has come HOT FOOT from PARIS they are desperate to GET HIM AWAY from two old cats who have hold of his sons by this other womanyou knew her when you were scarce out of the cradleso we won`t dwell on that

But the boys should be over here in one of our schoolstalk is of Ampleforthit seems to have been on the cards before…& there`s a doctor disapproved of by the medical world…generally disapproved ON HIGH at top of the medical world…other raffish Britishers go on in

Look ! We in the Museums world wish he would come back to the FOLDhe has not the savvie (meaning grasp of difficulties & evil about him) for politicsits a DIRTY BUSINESS AT THE BEST OF TIMESmen get into smart suits with a big car everywherethey take the first Whiskey at 9.30 in the morningTHE GENERAL IS ALRIGHTits what is around him

When I was a youth & we`d go an evening the Café Royal (1890s) we felt that women should run PoliticsITS ABOUT FIXING THE PRICE OF BUTTER & CHEESEa couple of old respectable Lords of high education to adviseMEN SHOULD DO MANLY THINGS…I can run through the ALPHABET for you… A for archaeology…to Z for zoology …”

10. 1937 JEAN WEDDELL ballerina - Something nasty called Milford Haven (they have robbed Grote Ransom Estate horribly-) is insulting JEAN WEDDELL grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL the sub-arctic WEDDELL SEA- Possibly a teenager at the time- he reared up on dope & liquor & insulted her legal marriage to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM 1909 (they are GRETA RANSOM`s GRANDPARENTS) - & went on calling her an Ape to her husband Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM born 1884-

My grandmother has a lst marriage Argentine/Spain & was widowed after a year-a tragic death of her young husband & their child born dead- this respectable marriage was also insulted/Smith family of Argentine Ranchers/She has our AQUIDA family Spain, Basque people, the family of her great grandmother who married Yahamah JOSEF San JULIAN F. San Miguel… In SPAIN the months of her first marriage she began to choreograph the Spanish dance with classical ballet… G.R.

JEAN WEDDELL- in PARIS France… she often put red flowers in her hair for her widowhood & in FIREBIRD shade ballet shoes danced her own choreography …DAGAS an old man now penniless used to come to the rehearsal room & sketchshe is friends with Juliette & Nadia Boulanger FRENCH COMPOSERS…& they know her mother MINERVA USA SONG WRITER…(raised in the Shakers State beside their settlement) Greta`s great grandma Olivea-MINERVA Mrs James Weddell II is seen in photos talking with DEGAS

(blood lines Hesketh-Weddell-San Julian Peru-Aquida Spain Basque family ) (Mengele & JIM were piping they had pulled them all down-they were nobodies & a danger to the Crown)

1933-1938Jean`s youngest son Len LIR can pick her up on one arm when he is 12 years old…she was still dancing at her best age 52 when she was murdered by this mob of NOBLE penniless scavenging Vagrants…

The teenage creature on dope called Milford Haven insisted the line of JAMES WEDDELL who married the INCA nobleman’s daughter an ape could not marry or inherit anything- `someone may have done it in- there were matters of dispute with other families- perhaps it burns in Hell for eternity-I heard people bring glad tidings after the 2nd W. War- that GOD HAD TAKEN IT TO SEND IT TO HELL … `

19 teens/1930s - JEAN WEDDELL Ransom dances IBERIA - Claude Debussy - A Northern review in a newspaper states :

`she danced classicism-it would have been easy to add flourishes-she is the grand-daughter of James Weddell who first charted the Weddell Sea-mother of 4 grown children-& England should be proud of this ballerina whose grandmother Mrs James Weddell was a nobleman’s daughter of the INCA- her father a Catholic scholar- seaman-friend of James Weddell for many years- Y. Josef San Julian F. San Miguel with his family would visit the Vatican ROME… ` a lengthy review-perhaps it can be found-& the others…

1937/1938... I remember her telling me her grand-daughter Greta she was “…only allowed by your Grand-Dad to be a Monument to the Weddell Sea…” He allowed her no housework- she could dance- go out to her holy work-but not allowed touch a bit of domestic or kitchen work in this tiny home `Jerusalem`… Standing en pointe she flicked a blue-grey duster over `Millie`s what not` a black cabinet with lots of mirrors …

1968/1970... I G.R. have bought three at the Junk Yard East Challow for Pillar House but sprayed them gold-they are French made 1870s & total cost is 10 English pounds - I told ANDRE MALRAUX 1972 at our renaissance evening as we looked at them…& with me he looked in the mirror of the biggest piece of MILLIE furniture as at `Jerusalem`…I HAD NO MEMORY…ANDRE MALRAUX had the full Family histories of the FAMILY he was made GUARDIAN to in his head at last …& the JOYOUS VENTURE of Tiggy & Margarethe …THE GREEDY EVIL IMPERIAL MONSTERS have slain his two sons to get `all done up`…

1935 - is my first memory of JEAN DANCING to 1938 end of summer when she is poisoned by IMPERIAL MIGHT of Gross Britain & Scandinavia - The grace of her my grandmother JEAN WEDDELL Mrs F.C. RANSOM was astonishing…she has 4 grown children & one is my Dad…Until `JERUSALEM` tiny home beside Deptford Park…I had never seen a blue-grey duster before- they were always yellow…

1935/1936 - I saw my grandmother dance North & South America-

3 Cornered Hat-Firebird-Dying Swan-something I called `The fairy Queen`- Jean Weddell widow Smith Ransom ~ she is a most holy woman - “Len & Greetha with JEAN go about the holy work for Margarethe & our dear Thomas/& for SAN JULIAN & Aelovedmah-

Biography- Book of JEAN- &` Letters from JEAN-` to her son Dr John Ray/rae Ransom attacked at 1 month old by the Earls of Lindsay women- he had to be educated USA-3 degrees--Astra-physics/animal management/LAW- (Work NASA-US State Dept.)

11. 196O/62 Andre MALRAUX & General De GAULLE gather in some slain French GROTE HOMES children in one place & make a burial ground - talk with Spain/Germany/- G.B. Government & Crowns maniacs in treacle intended to blame Germany for the deaths of the children- 2nd World War- & in Asia to blame the Japanese - lose the existence of the Pacific Homes entirely- scoff at Roman Catholic South America- & brag & boast in semi-secret silences Westminster- `Oh these jolly foreigners we trade with rose up & murdered the children because they did not want education to 18 years` Big wages were paid for destroying records Grote Ransom Weddell-other names-

12. 1960s ANDRE MALRAUX-detectives & colleagues-

carbon copies of letters/documents discovered in Argentine & New York/ Asia- Philip Silverlee’s daughter 28 years murdered MAY 1960 because she has handed all to her father late February 1960 New York-diaries/records/ongoing information first hand/

1960 March - old Argentine solicitors, a firm FR & Gertrud used 1830s onwards immediately killed - G.B. Intelligence teams swiftly sent in the Buenos Aries offices to REMOVE RANSOM DOCUMENTATION as soon as theft from the Courier for General de Gaulle & Andre Malraux achieved- important documents taken out- stolen- Naval Intelligence Ex-Army brutish thug teams were available to Mengele-& MANIACS IN TREACLE-

“ Our ghost house team Gallows Corner Colne Engaine are under-manned ! The second old solicitor Argentina for Ransom work from 1830s- confined to his home-dies-killed by these obscene British criminally insane-

“ These two old men had looked after the Grote Homes Ransom Estate as a delicate flower garden twice round the globe…there was now mocking of this phrase in WHITES CLUB A Vice Bar-& other trendy debauching marble places- `how obscene you all are` adds Greta Ransom to this account /Records & Andre Malraux Detectives/colleagues/friends…over the YEARS ahead …

13. 1960 JUNE - came the Territorial Army & others to Colne Engaine & they kept us all alive in Gaul & Britain USA for awhile

- records/diaries/Arial photos of death pits-the world- notes-/2 films made on Grote slain children sites- 2 villains exterminated at sites-

One is by fire as he`d burned children not all dead- the other was possibly the same way ? Or used as another Lindsay ashtray of the world ?

So that some maniacs were sent to Hell- Films shown in City of London a big Institution 1965/1966 -

(Oh goodie goodie gum drops-could some be put under a train as they did to Jo ? )

1959 CHRISTMASTIDE Miss Teresa Mary Butler to ANDRE MALRAUX- Aunt Terry begins to show with documents the FRAUD & violent killings ordered in name of G. B. Government Nobles & Crown/ LINDSAYBUGGARHS & ilk - Purpose - is to get at the moneys-lands-properties of GROTE HOMES/Ransom Estate A-Z the globe- Some accounts of how this is spoken of in secret silence meetings from 1929/39/49/59 as ` IN THE WAY OF BRITISH TRADE` in top club-bars-marble halls-Races-gambling dens-garden parties-CLIVEDEN the Astor big Place outside London…In late 1920s early 1930s private nosh-ups some people objected to the ignorance over GROTE HOMES & the Racism exhibited by a PENNILESS IMPERIAL MOB barely educated for the 20th century…Cries of `Oh in way of British Trade - can’t have the FROGS in control of the Empire yah know`- GROTE CHILDREN are REMEMBERED CHRISTMAS 1959 ...NEW YEAR 1960 Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux have this GENOCIDE become OPEN SESAME !

14. 1960 Holiday of the last Fall-

LIR is the driver to ‘Go down to Jo’s Place’ & the two sons of JOSETTE hear from Len’s diaries & ANDRE`s notebooks of LOST TIME- SUMMER 1937 the five weeks & then to LINCOLN-

“ how they laughed at their mother & Andre- young- all these things they had never known ” They met their mother & father as young good people - before they died 23rd Mai 1961 ” LIR diaries …

‘1969 July - An accident just waiting to happen if we’d thought about it’ Hollis/et al MI5 July 1969- `we’d only just withdrawn cover as the youngest Vincent came to 18 years- we had other training methods now- we could not justify the expense- But if we’d thought about it …AN ACCIDENT JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN - Peter-`

“ It sticks in our throats even now - 8 years on - we knew about the little marriage to your wife- when she was at school- we gave them cover Lancaster Gate- 1957/59- felt at last the old Hero could have a bit of happiness- The boys were not wanted over there- should have been in our schools- Ampleforth- somewhere…” July 1969 - Harwell Atomic luncheon-with families- Mengele Harrington`s mob have gate-crashed…we are under investigation-& dirty tricks played- GR

SUMMARY : It is the stealing of the Post/mail by Imperial Powers- Gross Britain Government & Crown- & Scandinavia et al that had this brutal CRIME/a GENOCIDE/of greed possible -

The Netherlands enters into this criminal abuse & insanity 1953 onwards…Books of The GRONLANDER thrown in the fire rudely called the Ice man by they in IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS-

It is in a in a hunting lodge that TIGGY bought to take the GROTE CHILDREN in the holidays & bring others from about the globe - OUR FAMILY books are handed to a Prince BERNIE & 2 little business world SHARKS…Mr Jong in charge for Angela A MORGUE FACE & ilk- JIM & Naval Intelligence ex Army thugs photographed with this young noble of Netherlands - (Greta Ransom & children taken to the Hunting Lodge now full of paintings 1979 December)

Secret Services 3 nations/dressed as Waiters record this FRAUD :

Midnight the blondes came in & JIM JONG WAS SELLING THE PLACE IT SEEMED…for MONEY FOR an ugly natured distant in-law & reinstating the PURPLE POWER

Earls-Lords-various maniacs in treacle as the former, have a Nation’s institutions of Power-Armed Forces to command-

This kudos has Imperial Empire Fraudsters ABLE TO SEND FALSE REPLIES TO THE STOLEN POST/mail - thus separating good humankind & continuing `DIVIDE & RULE`

A most tragic example is the 21st birthday party for Greta Ransom given by her poor young fathe FJR & his family & distant relatives- 11.3.1954-diaries/accounts- it was Colchester Museums staff who came to understand swiftly Miss Ransom had not known of this Party & had been hidden by her mother in the flat where she lived with her from age 14 years - Miss Ransom had been absent almost a month from WORK AT THE CASTLE & returned NOT KNOWING SHE HAD BEEN AWAY A MONTH !!! They called old respected physician in who diagnosed AMNESIA - accounts/reports later upon brutal thuggish British Nobles…1954 March-April Camulodunum Colonia Victricenses/loyal Museum Staff !

15. 1961 /28th December- HWP Hollytrees Museum before his poisoning- `this has not been amnesia Child-its been done with stuff-I saw it out East when I was young - I am so sorry for you & ANDRE-he has aged terribly because of his latest circumstances-he is no longer the young Emperor he was when as a bridegroom he came a WOOING here a second time -go to him Child-he needs help - Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester - 1961 December 28th- Hollytrees Study at 6.30pm-

To 7 pm locking up the Museum…

16. 1970 winter - PJPW had no understanding of the life 1950s

at 50 Lancaster Gate Square Andre Malraux`s London home & Catholic Charity - Peter for 2 years had been at mercy of a pack of brutal thieves telling foulness which was not true of all of us… but which was exactly the content of their Noble unclean lives- they are NOBLE BRITAIN FRAUDSTERS & criminally insane from Dope as children & top class DIVINITY

PJPW & his identical twin Sir RJRW. are being lead by their ignorance of philanthropy into smashing up the Estate that RANSOM brothers with Kennedy & Malraux, others, had got circling the globe again A-Z from 1961 … Because of the interference by the twins born 1930 Kenya…& under the direction of these EVIL criminally insane IMPERIAL BIG BOOTSmany people will die-thousands will be in gutters the world-

1988 - A Minister of PERU says 1988 in Costa Rica he has NO IDEA WHERE PROFIT from Grote Ransom Estate goes …it gives employment to his nation but profit goes to GROSS BRITAIN…BUT HE CANNOT FIND OUT EVEN IF HE WISHED TO…Does he ever learn PROFIT goes to Gross Britain FRAUDSTER IMPERALS & their NOBLES all of them dripping blood & gore from the slaying of the children GROTE HOMES Peru…?????

The Minister of PERU had asked to meet The Aelovedmah of 1936... who did not know she had been given the great honour for her 3rd Birthday…WE ARE THE BLOOD LINE of the INCA mathematician astronomer Priest Rulers line SAN JULIAN…the HONOUR has now been handed out to Ministers wives in Peru ? I & MY FAMILIES RECEIVE NO POST/mailIt is stolen & mocked & sometimes brutal unchaste & cunning ANSWERS SENT TO YOU by Gross Britain its Government Lords & its CROWNS…& SCANDINAVIA claws about this FRAUD with violent ROBBERY too…

1988 - A MINISTER of PERU - I Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom recall him-I had no idea why he wished to meet me & no memory of being in PERU with my INCA KIN & the AZTEC line coming too for JEAN WILL DANCE The Firebird…THEN THE HONOUR WAS GIVEN ME & we will return next year & when I am 5 years the INCA will begin to instruct me in my Duties taking the ROLE of my great great Grandma AELOVEDMAH-MARIA Miss San JULIAN (Mrs James Weddell The SEA ) …for Len & I have shown WE CARE FOR OUR PEOPLES AROUND THE GLOBE…

1988 at Costa Rica Airport - I did not know what AELOVEDMAH might mean …I was wearing Pete`s ammunition trousers with the pockets down the legs, a sweat shirt saying GREAT WALL CHINA…& about to get a Plane to Mexico then back to The Pillar House Harwell …1988 - IT IS very DOUBTFUL that HE WAS ALLOWED TO LIVE ON !

1970 winter - The Pillar House Harwell :

ANDRE MALRAUX has come with his note books - It is the first

2-3 visits at near 9 pm - George-Andre leaves well after midnight- One session it was 3.30am in the morning- Going over notes PJPW says `Well well -he has come to defend you- I may have things to learn -` ….

HOW INSULTING CAN IT GET !!! (This shows the KUDOS of the Noble filth about PJPW BM Natural History …& their foul tongues black reaching to THEIR IMPERIAL BOOTS oozing the blood & gore of the GROTE CHILDREN they have slain to get themselves DOUGH…& the families of my blood lines they have slain! I felt despair & misery ! I HAD NO IDEA MY big POST/mail WAS BEING STOLEN by the old NOBLE GANGS … & Peter J.P. Whitehead was allowing this from NOVEMBER 1967 !!!

Christmastide 1967/1968... Whitehead is being made `a sucker` :

He has been swiftly lead into a matter he is told is a storm in a teacup & the Estate had no legal WILL & the Ransoms had never known Mrs Grote properly & she was illiterate & the HOMES were ill-run & nobody abroad wanted KIDS educated to 18 … & RANSOM were of no standing in the society & the British Nobles had to go shoeless to pay off the great debts on this vast Estate - PJPW is directed by obscene criminally insane dope fiends-dope-soaks…sub-apes who have squatted on Ransom et al all the 20th century, & now a Kenya trendy cometh from a side door Buckingham Palace to take PJPW to dinner with scum- I G.R. am not to know this for some years- by then matters of an alarming nature were being discovered by solid rural Tory voters- some knew of the slaying or some part of the disappearance of the wonderful children of the Grote Homes - A witness had been kept safe close by Didcot but in 1971 after speaking briefly with PJPW he then disappeared-I fear not to safety -

A world of deceit was about Greta Ransom-ANDRE MALRAUX & the only help came from poor souls who saw that Andre & Greetha had been denied a life - Sometimes I could hold my head high ~ ! Here again 1970 onwards the insistence that ANDRE MALRAUX was the property of whores & their bedfellows all criminally insane - It is all covered by records & perplexing accounts of matters- Brutality-deceit-treachery-GREED-insanity ruled the globe where we went because of the THEFT of the JOYOUS VENTURE by IMPERIAL BRITAIN collecting PROFIT with its PROTOCOL SILENT FACES OF THE MORGUE …

All these evil creatures have a habit in common - THEY USE MASSES OF DOPES- Nov 1967 ALL POST stolen addressed to Greta R.W

“ … they have been killing people Peter…for this money…we knew about it when I was in the City…You are too young to be in charge of this…they kept Greetha from her father …” 1970/1971

17. 1968 - DR John RAY - refers to 1960/61 -

“ YOU & ANDRE … two doves sitting on the rim of the world «what has happened can hardly be re-assuring to us all - you cannot have done this without them taking away your brain - We should have known when you went down the lane Colne Engaine that you could not recognise any of us-

And Andre’s account of the February 1960 early morning encounter should have told us you are again a victim of dope- They have been using dope on you to REMOVE memories of us & of what you were going to do in your life … `

(1967 - marriage to PJPW/ baby Victoria-Augusta on my hip-I never leave her-threats have come from Mengele Harrington & Noble filth… to ‘take her away ’ ….)

We are invited to a place where to my horror Mengele turns up with the blue car- & a criminally insane entourage- he is come to see I am kept from Andre Malraux & my father - This Royal Satrap paedophile Mengele Harrington knows I do not recognise Dr Ray as brother to my father… & have barely a MEMORY of pre-War/Teresa Gordon is paid with Royal & Noble invitations some are THROUGH THE BACK DOOR /some small amounts of dough/& 5,000 thousand pounds RACING CREDIT to keep me a fool & AWAY RANSOM family & MALRAUX

Doctor Gollum paedophile Mengele Harrington BLAMES Greta Ransom whom he calls APE for LIVING AT 50 Lancaster Gate Square where his patient ANDRE MALRAUX is to be kept without a MEMORY…Noble Britain which includes Doc Mengele Harrington can continue its BRUTAL ROBBERIES OF EVERY SMALL NATION OF THE GLOBE…in name of the divinities Angela & Lindsay Earls of silent Morgue Faces… the muttered phrase `LEFT THEM BY OLD ESKIMO YAH KNOW….`

I Greta Ransom/W/ NEED MY POST/mail - Dr Ray is being fooled that I RECEIVE MY POST/mail- he must return to the USA to wife & son & he works for The USA STATE DEPARTMENT-

18. Dr John RAY ® `JEAN my dancing mother -

whom I never saw after I was 2 years old…wrote me in a letter 1936 ‘she was certain her grand-daughter was being given dope- it was to stop her education for a great Estate- & Lennie her youngest son had said a thing or two- about the child’s sudden loss of memory…”