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“Such a lovely night-so peaceful”… is said several times by all

of them as we sit awhile with SILENCES etched-draped-drenched in slight alterations to the shades of black-& black-upon blacks…& greys…& curious tints from the fire which is never giving an even light as electricity doth- I hath noticed these things night & light & deep darkness’s… & I appreciate these things - I am told by my father & Len about the Bauhaus too…& the modern Russian painters…

Here are a group of people safe now- I know things about being safe after you have come from danger …

…so doth Lennie FLYER !

1945 - Aunt Win knows there names `the two beach attendants` when Colonel ANDRE WIDOWER asks her - `Mr so-and-So- I am unable to recall people’s names- one man speaks of his father ` who was in the thick of it the Great War-`

1945 - EVERLASTING BLACK NIGHT THE WIDOWER ANDRE MALRAUX will be speaking with one of these local men summer 1945 - he has all from his notebooks of that very day 1937. That evening 1945 he will come alone & sit on this beach in the same place with the spirit of the soul of JO - seeing again that evening the beach fire…hearing that TIME again from his notebook when there were `DAYS OF HOPE`

I G.R. am bidden come with him in the daylight after school- I am to experience a poetic love for George Colonel Widower ANDRE MALRAUX - HIS RETURN 1945 - PILGRIMAGES OF ANDRE MALRAUX- EAST ANGLIA- HAVE BEGUN-TO END UPON HIS DEATH…I make one with some awakening in my memory, with Victoria 1991...

The 2nd World War Europe ended in April -

The shock of Hyrosheemah Japan in August-

A little memory of summer 1937 rises looking at photograph of me

& one I have taken of SHEshe on JO‘s beach at Holland-on-Sea the

29th September 1961… when SHEshe & NOBLE SIN have destroyed Andre & Greetah yet again…

1941 GROTE HOMES children about the world in pits

Malaya - a circle of land is British Property…Here a Lindsay & thugs on Special Mission 4th March 1941 came in from RN big ship & did not even slay the children-staff-settlers- In 2 hours they had burned them alive drenching them in petrol…The land would yield its horrendous crime - a person got there with kit-bag & filled it with evidence 1971 (It is said JIM Major Carew was present ? )

1948 - Reports to G. B. Government & Crown from du Cann father & bastard-son Whitehall were copied & sent abroad for some Civil Servants suffered shock at what they were covering upthey were CON MEN…HE Law/a Judge/ falsifying British Law Malaya WAS PULLING IN MILLIONS OF POUNDS & KUDOS from a bastard who wanted the heirs defiled…put in AsylumsTeresa Gordon is the mother of the du Cann bastard…1924/Reports

du CANN & son-bastard were USERS/addicts of heroin & Purple Plum Divinorum Salvia Scotland The family grow it in Scotland & are chums of Angela/crop grown in name of The Crown/A Tame Chemists Reports are traced/KEW BOTANICAL GARDENS/Information several sources Institutions of Science & BMNatural History/also Andre Malraux Detectives & Colleagues/

1961 - SHEshe Mad Mother Kali Clytemnestra Teresa Gordon R.

seems to have power again after May - more deaths are occurring since May 1960 - Mengele & JIM Jong rejoice & with NOBLES come to jeer outside the caravan Mistral midnights summer 1960...knowing Arthur Malone is alone as Detective…

All the others say they have left off helping… but are out COLLECTING RECORDS, evidence of a GENOCIDE - ANDRE MALRAUX & JO’s BOYS ARE DEAD in one of the Noble fraudsters ARRANGED CAR CRASHES -

Harry Gordon (b 1912) Asked to check the Italian red car… would not go over May 1961 to France- he said `its not in the car- perhaps another came at them- its often staged in the dark- ` He knows of other crashes directly linked to the Grote Ransom Estate but also to the interference 1920s onwards his parents suffered from HIGH CLASS SIN on the PIN : George & Mary GORDON had their lives destroyed 1919 onwards from this awful mob that his sister Teresa trailed with her from the RACES- Xmas 1964 for 10 minutes Uncle Harry spoke on the past- suddenly I Greetha realised my uncle Harry was meaning this Cur James Whites Club a Vice Bar -

I Miss Greta Ransom had no pre-war memory of a creature I called Mr Pong…he JIM acted PONG a CLOWN having learned it his Course in his teens PEKIN OPERA - 2 year course arranged by his Chinese grandpa because JIM had been at violence & embezzlement & displayed MADNESS/…We hear JIM was 17 years old …therefore this PEKIN theatrical training is about the years 1916/17.../Report to Grandfather says JIM is `good at villains but not very good at sympathetic parts …`

This JIM Jong had been around Harry & other young men with cars from the 1920s- JIM from 1953 came every 6 weeks/2 months now… as always & threatened in a jovial way & demanded Harry `pay for a lunch & drinks for him - or he’d put an axe through the car Harry Gordon was working on` … “ he sent 3 cars of them his penniless Noble scroungers from that Club to beat my head in 1957 when you went to live at Malraux`s place Lancaster Gatebut the old Village Bobby was going by on his bike & he had a Walkie-Talkie & they heard him making the CALL to the Police Station …THEY FLED `

( This was important information to G.R. who was crushed enough by 1964 over THE MAN IN THE GLENN MILLER RAINCOAT -ANDRE MALRAUX… Again I am in the wilderness !

...& I had no scaffolding to put all this on … this vital information had been kept from me by cunning manipulation by his sister Teresa & her bastards real ones & her noble drinking RACING companions since she was a big child …IF ANDRE & I MAKE A LIFE AS INTENDED AFTER THE SLAYING OF THE GROTE CHILDREN & Josette…then the deliberate car accident for their two sons…

…. it is inevitable that the NOBLE BIG BOOTS THE IMPERIAL FIGURES FROM A MORGUE & their GHOULS will be exposed to the GLOBE… That 80 percent of little nations they have robbed to RAISE GROSS BRITAIN HIGH … producing rubbish that nobody wants…taking ALL PROFITS out of nations…not leaving moneys in for making civilized progress… as our JOYOUS VENTURE begun by the GIRL OF THE SNOWS…Margarethe Ransom Mrs Tiggy GROTEA GODDESS whose home all her childhood & young life was JACOPSHOLMEN ISLAND WEST GREENLAND… )

Mr PONG is Uncle James of the Scarlet Town Palace-

Jim pimp-swag man- has had a key to the Bloody Liar Dusty Mansion FRANCE from Xmas 1924- Jim & Lindsay no 14 store their loot there- Late 20th century it is made a French Museum…It has the dolls of Margaret Yates GRONLANDER ! JIM asked to see them the morning of the day he slit a vein behind Margarethe Ransom Grote`s ear the 15 Mai 1938 - calling her Auntie !

Mrs Grote, Margarethe, SHE HOLDS HIM RESPONSIBLE AS OTHERS DO FOR THE DEATH OF HER GRAND-DAUGHTER ESMERALDA who refused to marry him in the 1920s ~ He intended TAKING ALL THE ESTATE HIMSELF THAT WAY … His Chinese grandfather has BANNED HIM from the family for a murder & theft

I awoke in AYRSHIRE at the O`Nielle Farmhouse old friends of Margarethe`s parents - I HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED AGAIN by JIM JONG & he has Teresa SHEshe with him…she looks crazy & a MORGUE FIGURE …

I GR had been brought to give Aunt Margarethe a package with a book for her birthday - I was woken up in the car & handed a small package by JIM with instructions to run in to her in bed that early morning calling out ~ Happy Birthday Auntie/ but I call her always GIRL OF THE SNOWS… ~ Later JIM said “Greetah stabbed her with a hair ornament.” …swore it on every God the globe has telling it to IMPERIAL FRAUDSTERS too …)

These are the dolls that she Margaret Yates Mrs Poul Gronlander & her husband POUL used in their performances of Shakespeare up & down the West Greenland coasts mid- 18th century - My great great grandma Gertrud Poulsen RANSOM would speak to these her grandmother’s dolls before she spoke to her so clever children Margarethe-John-Poul & Ward Tiggy- mid 19th century

A great fuss was made of cleaning ( all Greenland dust ) these dolls in the mid-20th century- They are said to have been collected by a bastard in the Bloody Liar family-who left them wealth-


11-12th centuries R A N S O M family histories -Palestine-

Hebithyiah half Arab half Greek- a poetess she & young RANSOM sit beside a Palestine lake & seashores with he admiring her long dark straight hair her white skin her soft oval eyes- he plays a string instrument/lute/cithara/ -they set her lines to his chords-he decides to marry her-she agreed- (2 lines of her poems restored by GR…Lindsay/Pong/other Noble filth destroyed them 1938 claiming ALL in name of Majesty…)

Ransom grandparents in a straight line back - The Ransom line from one of three Palestine shores Grannies- Roseanna/Roxanna who marries the ‘bully boy Ransom’- Hebythiahia-poetess & Goldi-locks neice of an Arab Trader & MAN OF LETTERS- Blood line goes by younger brother Ransom (I think the younger brother of the bully boy) into a prominent Monaco Family where Fred Ransom & Gertrud the Gronlander’s grand-daughter SAIL IN in his Family ship the Mary Rose - 19th century…

Republic of MONACO sent Greta Ransom a Birthday Wishes greeting until

1948 March - & to FJR her father by telegram`GET THE ISLAND MADE A REPUBLIC…my father had this trouble…`


which last birthday greeting a telegram for the HEIR Greta Ransom Miss Win Gordon received from the Embassy & was breezy & holy thinking it was a decision by God about the Estate & her mother was in Heaven 3 years ago & must have spoken on the matter to Angels & Saints-

Miss Win Mary Gordon was causing concern `Round the Town`

& later it was felt the du Cann visits had been doping her in the tea parties they had- Miss Win did not tell anyone else in the big educated families of her dead mother that she had been set up as PORTIA by the dirty criminally insane crooks of Noble Britain- no doubt she was also threatened as we all are or tricked-

…she Aunt Winifred Mary Miss GORDON… rather tight-lipped told me of the telegram 1947…I Greta Ransom whom she has shamed mid-May 1947 believing 3 Italian Londoners just out of Prison-Borstal-Remand Home with their LIES that I am an adulterer to Colonel Andre Malraux whose dead mother is in Heaven- they are paid by her sister Teresa Gordon Ransom who is still partying Whitehall after dark - & round the Lordly debaucheries of Scarlet Town -

1947 April - A MARRIAGE TO GAULA HOLY Alliance of THE GLOBE to FRANCE - Georges-ANDRE MALRAUX & Greetah Frobisher Weddell RANSOM…

….doth mean that these noble criminally insane dope-fiends will inevitably be FOUND OUT by SUMMERTIME…in the slaying of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…during the 2nd World War 1939-1945/46 so they could lay their blood dripping paws & claws on the greatest piece of philanthropy the world has ever known& out of GREENLAND… ( the slaying of the children is carried out for SUPREME IMPERIAL racists…& to repair their UPPER CLASS COFFERS)

1948 February- I a young married girl-woman abused & doped with sedatives horribly for 9 months could not send a message by a young trainee nurse to the Matron & Sister-in-Charge at Clacton hospital to go ahead with their planned letter to WRITE TO ANDRE & tell him IT WAS A SET UP & Mr Charles Magowan had found out with another Scot by fastening one in this Italian-London MOB to a door for CONFESSION !

1947 late May Greetah Ransom young Madam X

is ORDERED back to a MANIAC Teresa Gordon R. in a 2 room flat 57 Oxford Crescent by Miss Win Mary Gordon/Order of Child of Mary/ I was reeling most days from what Teresa Gordon SHEshe put in the morning tea & I was wanting to walk away from all these grown-ups who allowed the NOBLE & IMPERIAL evil & insane to be free -

Nota bene : Teresa Gordon has a 6 years prison sentence commencing 1926... & a year prison sentence 1941/42 to last longer & then she to be PLACED IN AN ASYLUM… but her fat friend ANGELA insisted she be LET FREE…to report to IMPERIAL BRITAIN what she can find out about the rest of the worldwide GROTE RANSOM Estate…& she is to continue with the persecution of her children Greetah & Colin Frederick RANSOM called at after dark parties back of the Buckingham Palace Admiralty & down The WHITEHALL…the APES & ESKIMOSmeaning the human beings of the ARCTIC regions & South America…where this criminally insane Noble FILTH can get PROFIT…from fraud & slaughter…

AFTER THIS WALK from the ALTAR 1947… from a Holy Marriage

into THE IMPERIAL HELL of Gross Britain & Scandinavia again…

for me G.R. always it was a shock for this OTHER LIFE to be vaguely opened again… I could not comprehend WHY it had been allowed then destroyed/Treasa Gordon R. spoke of it as a NASTY JOKE… “ IT WAS BLACK MAGIC SERVICE IN OUR OUR OUR CHURCH…You & that old man that old FROG… have abused OUR OUR OUR CHURCH…& I am in charge of YOU YOU YOU …you bitch you ! …If he had wanted to marry anyone then it SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME ME ME …”

I am to be doped by a dope-addict referred to as `your mother ` who gets BIG MONEYS FOR KEEPING ME HOSTAGE - while Angela & her men pour millions into their greedy & syphilitic pleasures - They who are VAGRANTS going about the globe stealing from banks in the names of Lennie & Greta RANSOM from 1938 summer- It was mid-20th century & these old dope-addicts are trashing the globe - its like Ancient Rome of Nero or Caligula…

1947/1948 - I could recall Miss Win my Aunt not yet released from the ATS June 1944 saying to me G.R. now 11 years oldthat if I & my school friends spoke of Mary Gordon`s death she WIN GORDON could have it taken out of our memory & we all locked up in an Asylum…

“ You will not be allowed to pull the family down…I am in charge now mother is in Heaven with her dead husband & children…` With a pouting face white rabbit face she said `I have Edward to consider as well- he has the better education he tells me- & he knows you have not tried at School… I have given him ALL THE ORPHANAGES THAT ARE NOT ROMAN CATHOLIC…you could ruin his career - SHE Winifred Mary Gordon born 1910 November IS LOST AMONGST IMPERIAL EVIL that came on horses to the gate of the garden Woodford Green… since she was 4 years old …

1983 - Clacton-on-Sea : Visit by PJPW & GRW with children Victoria 15 & little Pete 13 years - Greta & young Pete insisted a visit to see Julie alongside Auntie Esther`s house Boley Drive…Big Peter tried to stop us…PJPW of British Museum NATURAL HISTORY/Fishes had been told by EVIL NOBLE SCUM not to bother with any relatives of Greta Ransom ape-Eskimo…he had to follow on ! Pete PRRW has struck up a friendship on the seafront with JULIE when he went to stay with his Auntie Rita Uncle John & cousins…the only little boy amongst the families…

1983 - PJPW first meeting with Cousin Butler who amazed him with her grasp of Politics : A Roman Catholic all her life…she began to explain the EARLY WEDDING of Andre & Greetah… “… I am the youngest of my generation…it was believed by the elders after 1960s that The Du Cann & their class have WIN our cousin on dopes in her TEAPOTS - they get in the kitchen when you are out ~

1983 - … “ & because Peter…she was desperate to marry & not be an Old Maid…they promised her a marriage…brought a middle aged widower along…when they had got from her what they required to RAPE MALAYA… Grote Ransom Estate It was sprung on her `she would have to change her religion…` Of course she said no & this old man with a spoof marriage offer…never serious… FADED AWAY in 5 minutes…BUT SHE WAS NOT TELLING ANYBODY WHAT SHE HAD GOT HERSELF IN WITH…she would not go to Sunday MASS…for two years… I had to go for her…an arrangement we have in the Church is someone is ILL…”

(…Du CANN had worked ANOTHER DIRTY FOUL BLOOD DRIPPING TRICK…Aunt WIN did not refer to herself as PORTIA againGreetah Ransom…/reports tell of this Ed du CANN bastards of Treasa Gordon at CLIVEDEN with ANGELA 1932 on the lawns/photos/Detectives colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/ )

(In a family who use the same names several generations I did not question whom Edward might be- I do not know this little nasty imp who reaches to my knees & has wanted me dead since I was 5 years old & that our legal WILL was fingered criminally by all of these criminally insane Nobles class )-

But she Miss Win modified this quite quickly- I think some of the school teachers had spoken to her ! She discovered the wrecking of the Andre & Greta Wedding of Grace` on Xmas-day 2.30pm 1947 when her drunken sister Teresa bottle of spirits in each paw said `of course old girl I wrecked it- WHY should she have a husband- he could have married me`

She Miss Win spoke to me before I left in tears- I the most lonely girl in the world… `Well she could not do anything now as he was to marry his sister…& she was very good looking & knew his fashionable world ` Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM Madam X WIDOW age 15 years upon earth…

1948 March The telegram from MONACO to my father that Miss Winnie received & reported upon reads : `get the Island Jacopsholmen MADE A REPUBLIC-my grandfather had this trouble!` But my poor father knows of the million dead children in pits & under the sea in nets-2nd world War & WHO HAS DONE IT- A to Z the globe- I could if I had been allowed a memory reported how these killings in the name of G.B. Government & Crown & Scandinavia began -the sailing in on our lands 1938/9 in winter the first is Norway-then Netherlands- then 1939 the slaying of the smaller HOMES about the Pacific- but I have been sometimes doped a month & hidden under the stairs- the summerhouse of THE HOUSE ON THE REC…

1945 March- I was kept knocked out by dope in the Garage 112 Vista Road -Colin & a school friend (7 years old) found me by climbing up on a chair a box for they had watched Mad Mother Kali Old Mother Riley Ransom going in to the Garage with a drink of water- At the Marital Court 1946 September when she brought a charge Greta Ransom ran away with Americans she was confronted by witnesses- SHEshe TGR & her son John G. R.- born 1936 who believes he is a bastard too for she tells him so- were proved LIARS- Teresa E. Gordon R. was ordered to be put in an Asylum for life & her sister Miss Winifred Gordon to make the arrangements-

Miss Win did not do this- the du CANN father & son trained in LAW STEEPED IN GREED both acknowledged daily heroin users told her not to lock up Edward`s mother …& they’d now find her a husband …`for she had sacrificed her life to Greta an ape-eskimo & the uneducated Ransoms of doubtful ways` - du Cann call Angela by this her preferred Christian name when speaking with her-

1937 Summer- (Part 2) A black night- Out there in this PITCH BLACK SEA…I know about pitch for ships & Jean`s grandpa`s ship JANE… two or three fisher boats there are with lights only tiny specks of light in that black-night sea reaching into Oceanus Germanicus named by Ancient Rome- This magic night of Peace with Jo & Andre 1937 I do not wish to forget - Out there are the Cathedrals under the Sea Claude Debussy piano Prelude-Philip Silverlee plays the piece on Auntie Winnie’s piano- The Cathedrale Angloutie- For several centuries the land of East Anglia merges sinks into a gentle or ungentle legend becoming the new seas edges… eroding villages the small towns the homesteads/heimat-

CHURCHES- fields & farms where families have history recorded or lost - George Andre`s mother`s line came from here…

Through the Ages we all have prepared for FOUL WINTER COM`TH- the trees & copses about tiny hamlets at the seas edges swept into the SEAS the last 5,000 years…I think of those souls who lived here & their lives gay & sad… over hundreds of years from time long before the Little Doomsday Book into Medieval times. They are become like faint sketches upon the sea waves & the air but we can hear them if they have left us things written…Lennie & I discuss this here & there…1935-1939.

Then he Lennie my best friend Flyer gone from my memory by the time I have Pneumonia in Salisbury Hospital & not returned until after is death-BUT AGAIN NO POST/tapes locked away/I meet him but he is forbidden to say whom he is ! SHEshe came with a poisoned cake for my 7th birthday March 1940…which they the Hospital do not understand properly until the 1960s when Detectives/Colleagues Andre Malraux brought them the notebooks/files ! (LIr WENT IN THE RAF 1939 but was not allowed FLY…either to save his life or to stop him TAKING Greetah & Col;in to SAFETY USA…

`They exist too-under the seas- ANDRE-Saint George tells us how off the Brittany coasts are some Remains & Legends-he knew as a child-

he of SEA FARING LINES from both his mother & his father-

1937 Summer -

That black moonless night by the beach fire on Josette`s beach

we all speak upon the patient above now asleep in the White Convalescent Home… & feel sadness for Unity’s GRANDPA who is unlikely unless a miracle to get well - Everybody goes to visit & talk with him & 3 times a day he can have visitors Summer 1937... We three are to live on I ponder human time - it is far too short…for we have so much to do & good persons learn more with their growing years …`

`LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS & such chance… & here this SUMMER black night it is felt to be thus by a collection of 5 grown-ups speaking softly upon Spain & the Great War 1914-1919…

& the kindness of the sick man who has given us his home for this SUMMER HOLIDAY 1937...

1935/1936 Age 2-3 years I G R.with my father,Lennie, their parents Jean & FCR & Uncle Alfred Charles RANSOM RN catching up with us here & there… We have travelled Poles Nord-Sud & in between for 8 months of freedom from Monsters declaring on dope & booze they will help themselves to GROTE HOMES Ransom lands & all the double bracelet around the globe - I have been training with Lennie to take care with all of the Families who are our lines kin & kith of Aunt Margarethe`s JOYOUS VENTURE…we all help with the miracle Grote Homes-Ransom Estate in 3 Parts- seashores of the globe/Reserves/islands/settlements/ -3 Wills operate this Estate off-shore outside Gross Britain … & set upon with CRIMINAL INSANITY the entire 20th century by grasping brutal violent impoverished Vagrant Nobles G.B. & Scandinavia & their kin…

All of them with great hidden debts from gambling & living above their Incomes- They have been attempting to rival & to compete in gaudy display with rich well known Americans- I too notice many things SUMMER 1937- Clacton-on-Sea East Anglia-

Simonetta Vespucci