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Drawn for renaissance evening The Pillar House Harwell

9 March 1972 -ANDRE MALRAUX com’th at 9.30pm with old friend Beryl- this drawing by Peter J.P. Whitehead may represent JOSETTE mother of MALRAUX’s two sons-over life size-charcoal/gold spray/heat-sealed dry mounted/it is very much as she appears in Greetha’s memory- SUMMER 1937-upon the seashores-East Anglia- (Simonetta Vespucci-painting by Botticelli) -

1937 Summer- BLACK NIGHT- Part 2- Holland-on-Sea Essex

Saint George-Andre Cassiopeia-JO & me the Prophet round their knees have lit a fire upon what is becoming spoken of amongst us & others as JO’s BEACH- We can always find her there-come from the Visiting Times a day of our hostess’s father in the Convalescent Home above- This evening they hath made a little fire that is glowing on a quiet beach by collecting driftwood-ANDRE began collecting it before full nightfall for he com‘th alone earlier- A DARK NIGHT a black sky night but many brilliant stars appearing -

the slow soft -lapping sounds of the sea talking to itself- two men come to speak about Spain -from finishing their work tidying the deckchairs the beach-I see darkness advancing into shadows outside the fire lighting a black sea edges when a flame ris`th- There are 3 specks of light far out- I do not love the sea & it frightens me a little… but I prefer the air with Lennie Flyer -

I awoke in JEAN’s land South America last year & I am nearly 3 years old & big & strong ...& they her kith & kin hath come on quiet feet-by flat boats like punts-made a fire with a bigger than they tripod & food is to be cooked & they begin They wear little beaded caps & modern clothes, cotton trousers & coloured shirts - `Will she dance they are asking JEAN says Len translating & when will she dance ? They the kith & kin come over 2-3 days…they will arrive… Quiet pleasure that Cousin Clarke has made a new film called San Francisco about the earthquake… `Yes- he has come with others-from Hollywood-they see them every year …` They our INCA families came on such quiet feet from the waterways…like fairies I saw them emerging from their punts & climbing up under the treesWe are kin of the Noble INCA…

1937 - I am remembering 1936 my year away from Noble G.B. & Scandinavian Violence who are already thieving from our Estate/ & Norway now helps itself & they all ROB Africa & hate TIG`s HOMES because we are civilized…

Mr PONG is thieving for his fat girl friend Angela…& the DICKY BIRD is not at all a nice bird…& he is `egging everyone on & has robbed LETTIE` (Laetaea) `s line in Northern India (she is my Gran 6 times back ! )

LINDSAYbuggars our MONSTERS OF THE DEEP who infest our Seafront the years claim ALL BELONGS TO THEM…because of Miss Clouts a girl quite RICH & owning Derham Park whom they got hold of in 1830... for her DOUGH (I G.R. know all this age 3-4 years !)

1937 this BLACK NIGHT... seeing it all again in my memory as I look at this beach fire Holland-on-Sea - But this black night I will not speak upon INCA & AZTEC kin… Andre-becoming Saint George does not believe me always…he thinks I dream -

THE MATTER FOR ANDRE & JO IS SPAIN - war & blood & how to forget it … now a STATEMENT HAS BEEN MADE … & JO does not want him going back again & he has to put it out of his head…for he wanders about in a dream in SPAIN WHEN THE GUNS GO OFF !

& doth not know how TALL he is…`

“ SPAIN ? …Andre says to the two men & a couple with dog who were just leaving to go back to their supper & thanked he & Jo for going to help…“ Oh not to goit is too late ! A statement has been made ! IT HAS BEEN TERRIBLE ! Soft voices I hear as if in memory of the dead…JO adds what she has seen & Andre-George repeats in clear English…

The men nod at Andre`s introduction of us four -

`& say they know where we stay-know my grandparents-grandpa Mr George Gordon just dead-whom they miss- Miss Winnie- Harry- `young Esther soon to marry Mr Potter the newspaper-town printer-Lifeboat-they the young people training & working in Town so will no doubt live up there a bit after the wedding-`

`…the dead Kitty-terrible loss for the parents-lovely hair-worked as a Nursery maid then an engagement-a quiet marriage made-family well known-India sometime-they can recall that last year of her life 1929-terrible shock to Thorpe-le-soken where her parents were living before coming a few miles to the sea to be near The Misses Bessie & Annie…they had worked hard with A Mission up North when they were young…& Miss Annie would design a tombstone for you or cards for a wedding…she had worked in stone & marble when young…Liverpool…they would sometimes all have a word after Church in wintertime before a good roast dinner or if an afternoon visit to the cemetery take tea in family home on the way back … `Oh young Harry not got over it yet - terrible shock to have a sister die so suddenly`…”

Kathleen Gordon b May 1901 d 1929 - who had to marry in secret because of her sister Teresa’s wild days & Prison sentence/the ever present nuisance Mr Jimmie Jong & Angela`s mocking phrases always trying to pull the families down so they can get IRISH HORSES from Murphy/O`Brien/Carroll/3 baronetcies & a Castle !!!

1937 - The black night : the Council beach worker men, they nod their heads & with faces grim speak of troubled times in London & reaching to our seashores sometimes` - They will expect that these two young people will have been warned of what comes to misbehave on Clacton seafront … at their GRAND a low crouching grey Scots granite building squashed between Royal Hotel & Towers…That Police & others in the town forbid young girls and men to enter at any tim whatsoever & never take a drink from the Lindsay & their gang- It can leave a stain of purple inside the cup the glass…the Police call this home grown Scots narcotic `frog spawn`….

`KIT-Kitty`Kathleen Gordon elder sister to Teresa Win Esther & Harry survived the epidemic that killed her parents 5 children 1905 ages 13 to 2 years …5 of the children… known to G.R as `Your grandparents first family..`

Kitty marries Guy Vansittart in a private unannounced service in the Catholic Tree Cathedral - Sister Teresa having just got herself a Prison sentence & escaped an incarceration in an Asylum. Guy`s brother is in the British Government ~ ( ? Possibly the Nut House could they have done something for Teresa & perhaps stopped her noble friends-fiends who immediately set about robbing the 60 thousand pounds of her illegitimate first son Jack Gordon made Ward of Court at 2 years - His father a Naval medical man was pushed overboard so this could go on…).

Kitty Vansittart could not be buried with her married name as his brother is to do with the Government of G.B - She was attacked by 2 men outside CLIVEDEN after she had met the Carrier family friends to put parcels on for her cousins Northern England- The killers knew her movements from visiting Teresa in Holloway Prison - REPORTS/3 witnesses: It was savage murder by Jimmie Jong & another man they hitting her face until nothing was left after knocking her out… & then they threw her in the ditch - typical Jong behaviour & Lindsaybuggarhs & Nobles of 20th century - (Guy comes to talk with H.W. Poulter & Greta Ransom Colchester Museums 1954)

1942/43 XMAS - Mary Gordon my grandmother is weeping for KITTY to Mrs Ada Pin a friend of her youth Christmastide. RECORDS the XMAS days from when Greta Ransom is born March 1933... THESE VIOLENT CRIMES HAPPEN to us because the TOP of the PYRAMID of Gross Britain has massive debts from the previous generation & the system of privilege for uneducated nobles-

1944 - Esther said the SUMMER OF MARY GORDON‘s DEATH

“ … the man with the romantic novel name she got engaged to him…I always felt it was like a name in a novel…GUY…something romantic is his surnamebut I was only about 10 years old…

I remember the ring he gave her - a diamond with sapphires the reverse of Mother’s engagement ring from Father - the navy blue sapphire with diamonds round we have given to Winnie - I wonder what happened to the ring Kit had -I must ask my sister Winifred…She does not tell me things just because I am the youngest in the family…”

Because of her mother’s death June 1944... & Teresa mad & nasty & spiteful the last 2 years ( sending Esther a bouquet of dead flowers & a poisoned Treacle tart ) Esther-Estelle was finding she could remember past time… & the years reaching back…many records/accounts/years of family histories …

1954 Feb/or March - Guy Vansittart will come to Colchester Museum & talk to H.W. Poulter Deputy Curator end of winter 1954-

A medium height man in a belted raincoat a scarf high round his neck a trilby hat he came & spoke to me in The Castle at 10am the time I open the Book stall & prepare for any visitors who may like assistance-I also type-clean pot sherds-run messages…

… & some winter days I have an hour or two in Hollytrees being instructed by Harold W. Poulter … a great humanist : 19 Years Out East-student mature Camborne School of Mining after he & colleague had been 2 years CHINA studying Bronze making going across & round China from one Mandarin respectable family to the next- “learned Mandarin Child & we set off-two young men out of mischief- my mother kept hold of the Poulter Fortunes thank heavens-having a maternal line to the Family of De Quincey- a book `Opium Eaters` I will get you a copy from old skinflint Donovan on the corner-” HWP

I was asked by Guy Vansittart kindly softly if I liked working there & replied `it’s a happy world archaeology-you can travel about TIME- He went to see Mr Poulter in Hollytrees- He HWP in his heavy dark grey linen Mao type clothes his Chinese skull cap came puzzled to me later in the day `Arri-Arri`Arri` Child… a sad man-asking about you Child - knew your Aunt the one that died… Did History at the crack Oxford school but seems to have done nothing with it…says if the ring is still in the family he wants you & ANDRE to have it…”

1954 February - I Greta Ransom have just been torn apart from ANDRE MALRAUX with horrible threats from JIM at Court -Treasa back door of these Courts-UNKNOWNS-Mengele paedophile at Court. Again parted from MALRAUX & the Empress M. was getting a divorce from him & to marry a man WHO WANTED A BIG DOWRY/HANDOUT FROM MALRAUX “ to take her at her age…(nasty runt !)

(records are to descend 1967 onwards upon the Whitehead TWINS MOTHER ! She has kept in touch with old friends of she the former Miss Gertrud Ostrander Palmer & her husband of 10 years Sir Philip WHITEHEAD THEY are about Whitehall, West End, Houses of Perversions & they seem to be on OUR SIDE ! )

1950s- I GR am without a real functioning memory ! During the whole time of his re-courtship November 1953-February 1954 the Marriage of Grace was some 2 or 3 hours in my head although he Andre kept telling me I had been ill & not to think back to those times…

BUT I was under constant supervision by Mengele Naval Intelligence department of FRAUD etc - they all live in style on our JOYOUS VENTURE Estate ! In the name of Crowns/

That winter 1953-1954 my head is sluggish in the mornings when I arrive to Colchester Castle just before 9 am… from Clacton by bus…leaving the 2 room flat I have to live in with my mother Teresa Gordon R. who is known to be insane if she lacks money … She is paid well in Racing Credit by Lindsaybuggarhs-Angela-& noble scum for this removing of my memory day in day out- I have only the 10 pounds a week I earn at the Museum-& Mad Mother Kali will steal some silver from my handbag if I do not hide it- She can BACK HORSES with the Racing Credit from Nobles & Crown but she has to WIN to get cash…& if she makes 90 pounds a week then some is taken by Angela for her bastards Ed du Cann & King of Sweden Henry Hall ! Records/diaries/

1953/54 XMASTIDE - It is Graham Greene Writer & Novelist who says in Colchester Castle to Andre Malraux … `Greetha can speak with me perfectly well after 1 o`clock midday ANDRE ! I do not trust the old woman Teresa- Oh everybody knew her before the War from the Races- Greetha is not aligned in the mornings-I come in here to do some work- scribble upstairs- Chapman the chief Guide & I are sometimes alarmed about things- Records/diaries 1952-1980s

1953 November -The peculiar Physician” sent down by Big Guns from London Town` Doctor MENGELE H. has followed MALRAUX to Colchester Town & set up a spy ring about us all-we are all now `cases for treatment & under investigation of the Crown` This paedophile sadist murderer dope addict supplier of infamous narcotics Mengele Doctor Harrington is on SALARY from Naval Intelligence/WHITEHALL

1953 November first days…he has been interviewed by a close chum who seems scared that his mother-in-law’s part in the slaying of the million GROTE HOMES children will get in the way of their PLAYBOY life…He too is on the PIN-its fashionable Playboy thugs stuff-& now they crash about with LSD -

If I GR had a memory I could remember this PLAYBOY with Lindsaybuggarhs & noble scum - when I am 10-11 years old - it seems he also wants me dead ! They are all bilge rats in the RN & wear gold tinsel on their sleeves-dream of gold dust in their hair- 1950s diaries/records/accounts/ iconography/They bring violence against every nation the globe-& all of us !

Guy Vansittart will weep 1973 when he sees the 3 years of age little Peter Rathbone R. Whitehead with his golden curls-brought to visit him by Teresa Gordon Ransom… “ he wept & said … with Kitty’s hair ”

1946 spring - ANDRE MALRAUX took the roses for KITTY’S birthday to her grave Clacton-on-sea cemetery- Aunt Esther/Estelle say`th `Our Clacton cemetery Andre…it’s a lovely place…I shall enjoy being there when I am dead…you can see the SEA I think…”

THANK YOU Dear Auntie ESTHER - you always the perfect beauty of form & face & kind thoughts & actions-

THAT IS A GOOD WAY TO LOOK AT DEATH…I do hope ANDRE told GUY that he took the ROSES for Kitty`s birthday…I think he may have done so after he comes to know LEN & his diaries…& the great heaps of research gathered by Detectives/Colleagues fo Andre Malraux 1960 onwards …

1937 summer - At the SEA’S EDGES is a PEACEFUL NIGHT… …QUIET CALM SEASHORE NIGHTAll of us by the fire on the sands express sadness about the father of our Hostess Stella-stars … her father who may not recover- but we must hope & we do & say this in our prayers - Josette hears my morning Prayers after we return from DAWN WALKS - fetching Andre`s newspapers


It was as if here on this beach I saw & gathered HOPE-for me & Margarethe girl of the SNOWS & our work…Lennie & me…

THIS IS WHAT IT CAN BE LIKE - living in safety & happiness-

& I am thinking HOPE- for them who sail about & given LIFE…

I am surprised how they do settle in Andre & JO-in this small town & along the ancient seashores - I am already planning their Wedding & have begun giving advice on JO’s wedding gown- We the Ransom family could pay for it-so she can have a beautiful church wedding-perhaps in this one our Catholic church for which the Vatican sent us an antique font I have had one of my christenings in & paid for the spectacular Pulpit -

1929 - Opened for the Greatest Theatre in the world` said someone crossing themselves 1930s ….The church a gift from two widows who simply said to an architect 1921 -` We`d like something designed as we see in Rome - here‘s 20 thousand pounds to begin with - you can have a little more…`

JO & ANDRE-they are both Catholic- so I am at ease- but doth not forget my Quaker-Nonconformist roots 17th century & my schooling from 14 months of age in the Quaker enclave down from Great Clacton Manor - The white painted wooden buildings with steps just past us in the ancient Old Road where we hath our little ancient foundations house- on the way to the SEAS- My Father on Sunday mornings calls this route -THE WAY OF THE 7 Churches- & we pop in to sing a hymn in several of them-as we wind our way to the Sea-front & to take me to the Roman Catholic Great Mass in this beautiful great church of Our Lady beside the Saint Clares` Convent School & garden & chapel…

Entering the Church you enter OLDEN ROME-


… advancing from this HAPPY SUMMER 1937


….not go to the stars….