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Josette- photograph- 1938- `JOJo&Johhhh` of Summer 1937 Clacton-on-Sea- Essex ` - Harcourt photographer -

(Andre Malraux says 50 Lancaster Gate Square November 1957 “ He has his mother`s eyes…Vincent our younger son…can you remember her on the beach…looking up at us as we come to find her there on JO`s beach as it has become known…you are 4 years & a half…We are getting well to-gether…” )

A. 1947-THE GROTE RANSOM HEIR & THE GUARDIAN- Legal Wills (1900 & 1937/8) accepted & Acted upon USA Argentine Asia-notification of `early wedding of grace 17 April 1947 ` received from Frederick John RANSOM using a Courier system & personal visits by his brothers- Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM & Dr JOHN RAY/rae Ransom father & uncles of Greta Ransom-

B. Nota bene : ALL POST/mail/telephone calls etc TO ANDRE MALRAUX GRETA RANSOM is STOLEN BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN in name of Lindsaybuggarhs Earls-Angela & her son-in-law a Greek-& noble scum- in silence but with WHITEHALL ABLE TO FOLLOW THIS FRAUD - mischief-

-obey & keep their jobs-or die- they who know scared of the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES children…a river of blood about British knees !

1947 April 17 - GEORGES-Andre MALRAUX `early wedding` GRETA MAUREEN RANSOM (a second christening our Church Jacopsholmen Island-West Greenland - November 1933 has emerge HEIR Greetah Frobisher Weddell Ransom) allowed by Mary Gordon’s friend ‘young Paccelli’ at Rome…he had met many of her family on the Irish side-(Mary Gordon poisoned 2-3 June 1944-records 1960 gathered in Malraux detectives-colleagues) -

Half the Grote Homes are in Catholic lands-begun permission the Vatican 1870 -

Summer 1944 there was a plan to get me GR to Southern Ireland to relatives because of the abuse of me that has been going on- my grandmother Mary Gordon to come too…ABUSE by these frenzied noble murderers of the Grote Children had risen `through the ceiling`… They Noble Britain were now embarked upon sale of the Ransom lands attached & passing my grandmother Gordon messages by telephone or coming as messengers in their big cars of AUTHORITY-all of them HIGH on DOPE/ OH ! WAR gave them SUCH NERVES they got heroin from the Doctor Yah Know…`

They were embarked upon complete destruction of all evidence of their massive inhuman bestial obscene CRIMES still to reach into Asia - THIS WAY they would replenish their mythical Fortunes that they were sure they had in centuries past GRANTED BY GOD … PROP UP THEIR PENNILESS Noble Britain Class - ‘ Young Paccelli gone up on high ’ as Uncle Harry Gordon says 1938 - `young Paccelli` now Pope Pius XII is fretting over accurate reports of dead children of Grote Homes -

1945 - “A few Grote Homes children were got out of Germany by Germans-USA-other nations…to safety.” `They are being hunted to death by Teams run by Noble Lindsaybuggarhs/ Mr Pong/& the others of the Noble secret silence meetings 1930s- In name of G.B. Government & Crown- This criminally insane cunning investigation with killings was going on into 1980s & was never to stop until all who could speak out were dead- The families the grandchildren of Grote Homes students were to be investigated & killed as a danger to Gross Britain Anyone who knew of the GROTE HOMES were not to be left alive if they had information/break-in ENTRY authorised by secret silence Noble TWISTERSunder UMBRELLA of The WHITEHALL…

1966 - A great scientist speaks on the slaying of the Grote Homes children during the 2nd World War- He is visiting Scarlet Town & well aware of danger - his Embassy protect him & he is with their car everywhere & armed men -

“ …. it is difficult for a little nation like mine to understand why a nation with so much had to kill all these children…I was grateful for my HOME…You had at the helm of your Nation in the last War an ugly woman… `……. it continues/

“ … Germany always approved Thomas Grote’s Homes & has several from 1864 to 1945 … “generally we don’t fight-that’s the accepted rule-but we teach them to talk about human problems-the teaching is humanism- HUMANITAS - But the children are taught they may enter into situations after 18 years where they have to make a decision whether to fight or not…” Doctor JOHN RAY Ransom

1960 February Colne Engaine Detectiaves/Colleagues/families Colne Engaine-

1947 Andre MALRAUX - Greta RANSOM make `the Wedding of Grace` in Cathedrals under the SEA - I doth fear SHEshe before the ceremony & in 6 weeks he too doth fear SHEshe & her Noble scum - JO killed - a victim too…with those alive that Summer 1937...This massive cruel FRAUD of British Nobles has sent its MADNESS to shoot she & Malraux & retrieve all DOCUMENTS sent to them lawfully by GROTE BROKERS off Wall Street, New York…a very responsible trusted firm established 1830s -

Upon the 9th November 1944 JO is killed because she has DOCUMENTS THAT BY LAW THE GLOBE she & Andre should receive …

“ ….. & the British Consul FRANCE had sent two gunmen

to kill she & Andre Malraux … ”

HIS GUARDIANSHIP TO GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 PARTS A to Z the globe…it has brought he & JOSETTE into the British Empire`s insane Noble bestial coarse lewd Fraud-violent theft…By killing the Grote orphan children educating to 18 years they had begun to sell off the Ransom lands-using Lindsay Earls & Angela `a pack horse for the crimes of her men`

A phrase in a letter written to a noble kinsman Ettrick & Napier by Augusta Frobisher. She `our grey girl` who is alone now Jim & Lindsay have killed her 15 years old adopted daughter in Rome 1934...coming back from a cello lesson ROME /full Reports the 1960s Andre Malraux Detectives Colleagues & Dr JOHN RAY Ransom & the USA Secret Services…

1953 - AUGUSTA after writing the letter OF PIETY is then killed by JIM in her bath in her flat Norway where she is protected by our GRONLANDER-Count Poulsen branch it was thought-

“ …JIM…the little bit of vermin was sporting one of her famous silver SHIP earrings in the BAR WHITES CLUB…he has a lot of VICE going from there…” /reports 1940s-1960s/sev. sources

`1938 Whitehall - Grantley-Smithers (a name like that) “Angela has said she wants the Grote Homes cleared-the lands sold-& the money given to her…but you will have a million children without a Home wandering about the Globe…? saying what has happened to them ? …. `

We shall marry 17 April 1947 in the great Romanesque church completed 1929- Church of OUR LADY beside the St Clare’s Convent School on the Cliffs Clacton-Holland-on-sea - the dead JOJo&Joh-Josette with us in our memory-we holding her hands- I will go on with Clacton Convent school until 18- a baby when I am 15-16 ? - We have to become a family unit quickly again as in SUMMER 1937...

JO has her 2 boys booked for Ampleforth School - where Tolkien has his boys educating - A professor into Anglo-Saxon matters…he published a little piece 1937 called LORD OF THE RING…20 years on Greta Ransom reading it at 50 Lancaster Gate Square in November 1957…it brought UNDERSTANDING to the MADNESS ABOUT ME…from Noble Britain…“ HAIL ARAGORN ANDRE KING OF KINGS…HAIL !

1945-1947 - Clacton & its ancient Essex landshaft , East-Anglia with The Gospels Acted Out - We ANDRE Colonel of Spain a WIDOWER…with 2 tiny boys to raise…can have a life here that is civilized … choir-seashores of our thoughts-music-humanitas-

He will be in his own age group sometimes I doth understand & prefer not to have to advance before my years…I wish to READ ALL OF THE GREENLAND LIBRARY come to us & be clever…

1947 February - ANDRE MALRAUX is named in Vatican documents WIDOWER - in the 1960s Lindsay Earl 15 ( metal spade threatening insane boy of late 1930s Clacton ) & in-law a Montague tried remove these & it was not until their 3rd visit they were found out- a false Priest had been used to slither them in ! All on heroin/plus ! Records/diaries/accounts/

1945/47 - No problem of moneys Andre Malraux is assured by polite family members & Miss Win - school fees will all be paid & he should take care of his sister-in-law & her boy…but ANDRE MALRAUX DOTH NOT KNOW HE IS GUARDIAN to the GLOBE -

to all nations A to Z - & I have again had my memory removed - Miss Win Gordon has not told Mr Professor Winnclemann or shown him her COURTESY copy THE WILL she has had since January 1938 - she said she was waiting for my father to return from Africa 1945 - extensive records

1947 April - WE MARRY WITH A MILLION DEAD CHILDREN THE EARTH as well as Josette & Grote Ransom Estate families about the globe…JEAN, Frederick Charlesthe old Ransom family couple at Montrose our farm of 1500...he my great-great-Uncle John Ransom`s line the brother to FRED of Jacopsholmen our island in the snows…

A hideous crime done under cover of 2nd World War to get the British Nobles DOUGH- it was hoped they could say NAZI GERMANY ordered it tapes/records/1939 ongoing research/

ANDRE does not know-

1947 April 17th - CUNNING PLOT - my FATHER’S PARTY OF RANSOM FAMILY MEMBERS STOPPED ATTENDING SOME HOURS BEFORE THE CEREMONYMiss Win told to telephone and cancel them coming …then she felt she had been “ FOOLED BY YOUR MOTHER …”

1945 onwards - My father FJR he threatened-humiliated-attacked again & again-these attacks from the foul mouths will continue all his short life for LIKE US ALL he is SPIED UPON FOR THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN-They have slain the Grote Homes children staff workers-friends-kith & kin- We RANSOM are the rightful owners of this Estate by permission the globe-nations A to Z - the fallen British empire has NO DOUGH-& ALL OF THEM ARE ON THE PIN-

Frederick John RANSOM/dairies/tapes/records/

b November 1911 - KILLED March 1969 by Mr Doc Mengele Harrington Royal Satrap-paedophile-convicted 1935/36 sexual attacks on a year old child- Employed to kill in this matter & similar Fraud/ theft/ removal of records/documents/ lands/properties-PAID REALLY BIG DOUGH/Whitehall etc

Frederick John RANSOM humanist/poet/writer/soldier/ speaking several languages including Japanese-

FJR has travelled our RANSOM GRONLANDER WEDDELL SAN JULIAN lands our islands & Grote Homes since a child-

In 1936 with his father FCR others they climbed our ancestral site MACCHU PICCHU-

INCA relatives - A marriage between James Weddell sub-arctic SEA and The Ayelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian INCA/Tierra del Fuego 1824 issue two sons James & John-her father last of the line of Mathematicians/ astronomers/Priest-Rulers INCA-educated R.C. owner Ice Breakers & seaman…polymath Acting Governor for Spain sometime Yaham. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel- dies 1850s/a photograph of him with his Sash & Order of Spain side face is in a Dictionary…

…this book was called in by the British Government & Crown-

& where found it was burned- as many other books of our families written by them or featuring them - Doc Mengele Harrington-long time companion Playboy Prince Phil the Greek caught with him burning books-Belgium Police- beside river c 1970-press/G.B. Diplomats swiftly summoned/after Belgium Police insisting they were to stick to the truth of the CRIMINALLY INSANE MATTER… it got FUDGED when GROSS BRITAIN got in on the act !

Should be in newspaper file ? records several sources/

Nota bene : Donovan Rare Book room was burned by Naval Intelligence The Strand 1954 because Donovan Bookseller REFUSED TO GIVE UP RANSOM GRONLANDER SAN JULIAN books & iconography WITHOUT A DOCUMENT AT LAW brought him…The piping pig tones of JIM & thugs acting “FOR THE CROWN…” were known by he & Graham Greene writer & novelist TO BE UNLAWFUL !

But you are ever there -

JOJo&Joh Behind the words spoken

ANDRE Messages received- weathers- appointments kept- 1937-2008 Pencil sketches upon our words- upon sea mists-

AD The marsh gas lights pond August evenings

Holland-on-Sea- Jo’s beach- 1937

You always there -5 weeks happiness

& then -to Lincoln- Monuments the SEAS…

We taken forward -

….. always into wintertime - G.R. 1960/61

1937 SUMMER - `JO we would leave sleeping-rising first trace of light the East & he to mee- I to hee…a finger to lips for absolute care of our movements & no sounds to wake our Queen Cassiopiiii-eaya- She has been At the Dancing - with us- & must appear in some hours again WHEN THE SKY IS DARK - At the Dancing…

Andre Saint George - HE HAS TO HAVE THE NEWSPAPERS as many as we can get…some are now ordered special- Annie has the Welsh newspaper & he thinks notbut Mary Gordon has the Southern Irish- He thinks `Yes he will call in for tea-coffee-see if she wants anything from `Down the Town`- & talk with her about things from that perspective or this of her life-

She was told “ …to stand by - I might be needed for Peleus & Melisande-I might have to go over ” Granny Gordon she sings in choirs when young - & turned out on the Music Hall stages between Acts to help young lodgers & friends & neighbours - one was Bud Flanaghan & they slept in hay in a loft-sometimes they come & call …)

I think of the Song that Uncle Harry likes her to sing for him-THE STORMING OF THE VAN- & probably I hum the tune & a phrase-

My favourite is ye wantah get married but you are too young-at 14... & a tune about moonlight & making ready- Aunt Winnie loves to hear ‘Patsy Morgan’ sung by her mother -

JUST OUR CAUSE ! we of GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate in 3 Parts the globe-our million children A to Z twice round in the delicate flower garden where Tiggy our dear Thomas travels year after year Lucretius on one shoulder & Jesus on the otherANDRE MALRAUX in far away mood with notebook sayeth to me SUMMER 1937 `they did not live in the same century - Lucretius & Jesus…. `

Thus I hath Good Manners to guests received by me & now known to me as HOLY PEOPLE… I doth expect of myself - & I hath been requested by Stella-stars to let them rest away from blood & SPAIN -

And thus my Guardian Angel & my name Saint remind me I should not embark more upon to many matters - but enquire if he Andre-Andrew now very much in a State of Grace - would take a drink a bite-even a rest- may I help carry his swimming towel ? … make him some more Fairy Cakes ? … & I shall say a prayer to his dear mother in Heaven- his Grannie Adriannea-Adrienne- & I will send Aunt Mary-Marie something for Christmas & a nice holy card… It is 1937- & in this 5 weeks we hath found a WORLD AT PEACEalbeit hovering UPON THE EDGE OF THE CANYON of LIFE & able to see into the LOWER REGIONS OF HELL

I AM very VERY GRATEFUL FOR THIS real HOLIDAY & there is the happiness of last year when we escaped Nord-Sud Poles … & it is here where I live in Clacton-on-sea & yes, it has saved me from being buried with Teresa Carroll Williams Granny Gordon`s mother…I see blue sky & green earth & everywhere we go it is as if edged in gold lace work My father & everyone Ransom seem to be away & I hath no protection with Harry at work & poor Granny Gordon with Grandpa just gone to the churchyard- Aunt Winnie Gordon had gone to Manchester cousins who go to the beaches at St Annes- I may have had a postcard-a telephone call to `Crail ’ …..

‘Below in this Document 1937 SUMMER the photo is of George ANDRE talking in New York with the composer Edgard VARESE MARCH 1937- & G.R. next year at a birthday tea- Charles Magowan family Clacton-on-Sea the Apartment at the top of his Photographic Studio & processing works - 1937 March 4 months before ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE arrive-

1936 March-April- LEN & I are out and about seeing NEW YORK-

a daughter of GREAT POUL GRONLANDER has a blood line in New York & USA - (a sister to Jacop Poulsen who raised his brothers sisters all with a wise education West Greenland) cousins to Gertrud grand-daughter of POUL & Margaret…

(Gertrud Poulsen the mother of JOHN RANSOM my great-grandpa & of Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote - TIG the HOMES -