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1936 April in New York - Len & I had the Composer VARESE & his nice wife with others who are friends of Aunt Margarethe to luncheon - Some perhaps are very old & they knew TIG our dear Thomas. We are staying in the Bridal House of Margarethe on Long Island…it is all white inside & beautiful & full of light & a terrace garden has views of the sea- We are learning our manners after living rough South America travelling the Grote Homes & meeting the children…they live in splendid HOMES… It is Aunt Mag’s wishes say`th her in-laws Grote Brokers Wall Street & they are STUNNED by our PROGRESS as heirs -

I think I am to go shopping with some ladies & they & Mrs Varese to buy me clothes … pretty frocks on 5th Avenue- they say American clothes for children are so well made & sweet - & they have heard that Len & Jean & I have been attacked in Mexico - so best buy a pretty frock or two & such an attack will not happen againI say I am brave like Fred of The Mary Rose our family ship & our Island in the Snow- He is Margarethe’s father & I have visited his workshops his theatre his church upon JACOPSHOLMEN North Pole that they all know…but BEFORE THE PRESENT DECADE ! & they are pleased I know all about FRED RANSOM with his yellow hair his sea-blue eyes from his mother they say- & his grandmother who had Dutch blood… it is a happy very happy LUNCHEON … New York…

An old gentleman ( in USA City clothes of the late 19th century or as you see in the Senate on old people say`s Lennie…) is at the Luncheon table who knew Aunt Margarethe’s father FREDERICK RANSOM OF THE MARY ROSE- & say`th to meeh Greetha Frobisher Weddell RANSOM “Ah …your family ship - & his wife her mother GERTRUD - grandchild of Poul…” “ Ah Poul a genius- we have acted his Hamlet- we should act it again…” I am reminded by them all of our POUL 6 feet 5 inches tall … & it is easily explained he is my grandpa 4 times back… with deep blue eyes & black-brown hair - I begin to feel I must marry someone like him - He is my hero as well as stout Fred whom they say I get my strength from - Poul married Margaret of Carlisle- `Hhhhmmmn… Even if we waken the dead in their ice tombs I do not think I can marry POUL - this would not be allowed as he is a family member & died in 1765- & ANYWAY MARGARET MIGHT WANT TO WAKE UP & HAVE LIFE OVER AGAIN….

There is excitement that the frozen mammoths may be able to be made come alive again - it’s a matter of ‘ethics’ I think -I may ask Len if I can remember the words said now …’

Margarethe’s father & mother are my grandparents twice back- The RANSOMS & WEDDELLS & FRIENDS say`th I GR hath her Father`s ENQUIRING DRIVE - & Lennie & I will have the Island OPEN & the Theatre, School, workshops going on…for HUMANITAS -

Monaco hath said Declare it `A Republic` & in New York they speak the same… nobody wishes to lose the Utopia of The HOLM…the PLAYS SEASON should never have ended…it was Danmark & Gross Britain hoping to claim it for wasteful holidays…the island does not take the full Arctic winter all of the time…

We Len & me recovered fast & later JEAN recovered in the hospital & SHE WILL DANCE AGAIN… after those attacks when LEN organised the ESCAPE & WILD DRIVE over the Mexican deserts & we fell at the feet of the GODDESS of Monterey …

We think we are safe in Aunt Mag’s Bridal Home on the Island April 1936 - I HAD MY 3rd Birthday Mexico during the ATTACK- JEAN was 6 weeks in hospital but they wanted her dancing again before she left - so she danced for everyone - (references come to GR in 1988 from USA State Department ) -

Dear old young-old VARESE- JEAN can dance his music-she scupts it in the air … …

All about buildings & what you think about I think it was & somebody said its really very ancient as well as modern composing … I think…

And there are your invisible thoughts in the air floating I think - I can see him as a cine film in my memory now- he is leaning eagerly over the table talking or listening-popping questions excitedly-but such kindly manners- FJR my very young father has said “ he sometimes slings a hammock with us about the South American Homes - the children can play what he is working out in his head…”

I think he is a Catholic too & is French & German…something like that -

It is after we hath eaten nice light nutritious things & hath been speaking upon music & pictures & arts that everyone lingers at the table but some go to comfortable chairs by the long hanging white net curtains… Oh Len & I are becoming so civilized- Although soon when we are hidden by PAUL WHITEMAN who wakes his band up in the hay at noon each day - he says ` Wake up Savages `

All the Ransom families play lots of instruments each of them…Len has `a Strad ` that Aunt Margarethe thinks the family bought from him the maker …. & Grandpa Ransom ( Len’s father) has a famous clarinet given him & an inscription on it - Aunt Mag has several pianos round the world so she can keep up- & they are there for everybody to use as well as harpsichords & other instruments- The next week I have been bought girls clothes by all of them on 5th Avenue … Oh such delicate frocks with frills & puffs of sleeves & such lovely colours so delicate pale too - like dawn & dusk-snow & sleet & water…are my new clothes…

Lennie Immanuel Ransom & me Greetah Ransom while JEAN

Ballerina Firebird is in Hospital recovering from the dreadful attacks are to entertain Margarethe Ransom Grote girl-of-the-Snows her old friends several times-& also Accept Invitations- we have a chauffeured car here or a car is sent for us with a friend or servant to fetch us- `We are to learn our manners` - Len repeats-as he tells me if I say a wrong thing he will tug on my bib-he means the collars on my frocks-… I have heard said we hath been living rough South America with our Inca/Aztec kin & kith-doing good work as Tiggy did- & we are congratulated for going all the way to San Julian’s bay to visit San Julian’s mother’s line-pure Tierra del Fugian & a little sliver of Gaelic-Norwegian- Spanish blood- This is `dear Cousin Clarke Gable`s line too-& the MacMurrays` say he is acting very well - all of Aunt Margarethe’s friends have the news -`

1936 - April in New York…Old fashioned manners of late 18th century-19th century are here at Aunt Margarethe`s luncheon table we preside at - Aunt Mag is now in HIDING for she has been attacked in NORWAY where we hold Banks FULL from clean investment (some in-breeds pay themselves for smart TOGS & luxuries from our MONEYS…)…

…Old fashioned good meaningful manners at this time can be found in the writers & poets & much more…In Concord a collection of pieces of music known as Concord Sonata by Charles IVES/played by KirkPatrick/perhaps he is at this luncheon table ?… These people & their lives show there can be happiness IF YOU KNOW ENOUGH about the world & are a HUMANIST…

…. not just strut up & down to boom boom boom with women in military moustaches & very fine gowns pushed as of such importance-& nasty old men bored-itching to go to THE CASINO…educated people go in search of knowledge-not insist upon being THE BIG ONE !

HUMANISM-HUMILITY-HARMONY was to be the inheritance of The 20th Century…not BRIGANDS in TREACLE with great entourage making PROGRESSES proclaiming I AM THE BIGGEST & here are MY BIG ONES…HAND OVER YOUR DOUGH …or WE sink you… & we BOMB YOU … !


“ … THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND… ” by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN & LINDSAYBUGGARHS Premier Earls Scotland & other scum- Jimmie Jong Anglo-Chinese is useful for language-called DIRTY JIM 1950s Whites Club/City London -

1939 - It becomes clear that Sir Rowland E. Whitehead was swiftly able to get a COPY OF THE LEGAL WILL…from his in-laws New York…Palmer/SPARKMAN-they make yachts & go to lunch or tea or supper at Mrs Margarethe Ransom GROTE the beautiful white Bridal House New York waterfront…built 1864 -

1930s - Maurice Ravel Composer says ` I had seizures before in the car when the little man half-Chinese was around - he did not want me to know whom his mother was- One afternoon I found him in my wardrobe fingering my clothes- It was known in Paris he knew some old Queens… ` Ravel had a car crash-1937 dies in Paris-he spoke to his son & others upon a half Chinese who could be seen with old Queens & others Europe & Gross Britain …/Reports Detectives Colleagues friends of Andre Malraux 1960 onwards/