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….where he had tried

“ to give her a a normal married life TO ME, Peter…& that I thought was happening the two winters 1957...1959...She went to help her mother at Jaywich the first summer but by mid-summer when I went down she had clearly LOST HER MEMORY AGAIN… With help from many people who lived & worked in the locality I patiently stayed 4 days…I WAS POISONED BY HER MOTHER in an OMLETTE…Mr Poulter saved my life when I returned to HOLLYTREES where I was staying OVERNIGHTS with him in the MUSEUM…I WARN YOUTeresa can be INSANE…LIKE HER NOBLE friends…”/records GR & detectives etc.

1959 January - “ I went to the CLUB WHITES a Sunday morning & stood on a chair & told them what they were ! There had been an attack by BAR RATS who drank in WHITES where JIM was Steward…four of them…JIM leading… I FORBADE THEM TO ENTER MY HOME AGAIN…& a building belonging to General de Gaulle & FRANCE & the Catholic Church…I had no idea they were forcing their way in…my housekeeper unable to keep them out…the Mengele & his wife told my housekeeper they wre coming in to help Greta ! ~ I HAD NO WAY OF KNOWING HE WAS LIVING ON THIS ESTATE ! I did not know it existed until December 1959 when Miss Teresa Butler spoke to Greta & he followed in to her as Greta emerged…he had just learned of her existence from Harry`s wife Peggie… ! ”

“ I knew her memory faded…but I put back our histories every visit…I was over for a few hours each week…longer each two weeks…I HAD PERMISSION FROM General de GAULLE !

SHE SEEMED CALM & had her books & went to the Museums, the Old Vic, the galleries…she had things to tell me…pamphlets sometimes…I HAD NO IDEA THEY EMPTIED HER MIND COMPLETELY & often when I was in the building…she would have no memory of me arriving 2 hours before !!!

But she suddenly LEFT ME without any warning at the end of MAY 1959 & I felt I could not take any more humiliation from this situation...IT WAS THEM THE DEVILS…they were removing her memory the moment I had left the building to go to GAUL

to my work…WE FEARED RIDICULE, the de Gaulle`s & I if the marriage was seen not to be working again-& the VATICAN !”

“ 1959 JUNE 1st - Greetah went to the seaside again to JAYWICH

to help her mother…the old Pritchard couple still owned the two wooden buildings…delightful…copies he said from the Old Curiosity shop in Dickens work…I visited them the first year…they lived at Enfield in the cottage where CHARLES & MARY LAMB lived…No I did not rush after her…I had work in GAUL…I felt too old…I had wanted a home…as you have made here…I HAD NO IDEA THE BUILDING HAD BEEN TAKEN FROM US AT THIS TIME…it was a nasty trick begun in 1953 !! The Chinese had an idea of it at sometime…they could slip about in overalls…” Andre Malraux 1970 Harwell…

I Greta have NO POST/mail in my new life from October 1967 -

PJPW & his identical twin brother Sir Rowland Whitehead seem to have been persuaded I should have no knowledge-no photographs-no idea of the ancestry of RANSOM- PJPW has been handed documents-photos-ancestry-but he appears to think he can take advice from the criminally insane- I have no chance to tell of the violence of the past if I do not have a memory -

Andre is stopped by Peter speaking on many subjects-the Estate-even names of people-

In 4 days we were under observation yet again by Mengele royal Satrap who can summon CID secret service gaseous groups from Scarlet Town & Naval Intelligence ! - It is my shorthand notes & the contribution from older people that made some little sense-

1968 onwards - The threats began again - THE STEALING of my POST/mail IS TO CAUSE MORE DEATHS -VIOLENCE-FRAUD & THEFT & abuse of my father, sister, brothers…leading to their MURDERS by Mengele for his NOBLE MASTERS…daughter Victoria born 1968 we took her everywhere with us because of threats…

The RANSOM & Grote Estate is seen by the old monsters of fraud with violence as ripe for more tricks-tumbling of other nations- & THEY HOPE FOR MORE TUMBLING OF RANSOM INDUSTRIAL OVERSEAS HOLDINGS-grabbing at all Bank moneys-

They persuade PJPW he is control of the Estate because Greta Ransom W. is an APE/SUB-NORMAL & an Eskimo… & if moneys are put in big Museums by arrogantly taking the Bank Capital of so many pieces of philanthropy all linked as the original delicate flower garden now restored then they ARE IN THE MONEY AGAIN ! And more RECORDS CAN BE DESTROYED ! Moneys put in big Museums is removed after some months or a year - by the gangster set up operating as Gross Britain Lords & Crown-

ANDRE HAS NO IDEA WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON… SINCE MY FATHER WAS GIVEN AN EARLY DEATH BY Mr Mengele- It is deceit all the time - as it ever was - NO POST- NO DOCUMENTS - no photographs - then I have NO MEMORY !

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX -WIDOWER- reads his notebooks of MAI 1945 into 1948...

1945 MAY - I returned to the seaside Clacton-on-Sea… I had friends at the USA base near Ipswich & they helped with some visits…bringing me by Jeep into Clacton-on-Sea that first Summer & autumn, Peter - The Winnclemanns old friends from the Continent had moved there a disused Chemist shop & small house by the Catholic Church… & I hoped to speak again with MARY GORDON. She had told me much of Ireland & its history…& problems…she had been there two years when first married 1890…She was born in Sackville Street & left when she was 12 years old…her parents coming to Manchester… We shared friends…Paulette Goddard in Paris

(PJPW asks him not say names)…others that entered my world…

TO MY SORROW… I LEARNED SHE HAD DIED…the previous June 1944...”

- In winter 1945/46 - I began to learn more sorrow-she Mary was poisoned - At this time I did not know she with relatives 1944 was to get her grand-daughter to Southern Ireland - to ROME or USA when War ceased - `Paccelli had a school-the Vatican-for children at risk…” I KNEW NOTHING OF THIS UNTIL 1959 December… January 1960...

`It is the summer 1945 I hear of the murder-a Newfoundland heiress in Greetha`s class 1942 - the niece of Patrick MacDrew-

9 years old …I could not follow the connection & the importance of this young heir’s savage murder because I knew nothing of an Estate TO WHICH I WAS GUARDIAN…& should have received MUCH PAPERWORK by 1944 !!! A young woman had to die in France because of this THEFT by your CLASS ! The family place is near to Colchester - Castle Hedingham …

1960 - my detectives began investigating this early spring because people came to tell them…one was Patrick MacDrew the child`s uncle…the only person left alive in the entire family …kith & kin….Colne Engaine is very near to Castle Hedingham…people seemed to know the murderers…”

My detectives had time…they were for a long time awaiting an answer from me…which did not come…all communications were interfered with…we did not know this for two years !

“ Papers-documents sent to General de Gaulle & I ANDRE MALRAUX-end of February-early March 1960-

never reached us -

Less important documents did - packages had been examined the vital documents removed - The detectives have long notes at this time - the matter can be followed…`my life was being threatened - the Job demanding - I kept my movements known to few people”

“ 1960 Mai - Philip’s (Silverlee) daughter age 28 was murdered in the Argentine- February 1960 she a professional woman was able to gather for her father documents from the two old Solicitors Buenos Aries & deliver them to her father who flew to New York to meet her when she telephoned him to say she had everything ! They together went to Grote Brokers who had joined another firm- this is how they survived the CRIME OF VIOLENCE & FRAUD removing the 19 acres New York from the Estate

….IT WAS NEVER GIVEN TO A WOMAN as a dowry as a child- ALL OF THEM HAVE BEEN TELLING LIES - they take a very dangerous DOPE- it is in the Stables when they are children…Philip Silverlee & his family were known to the Gordon family Clacton-on-Sea before the 2nd World War…& to the RANSOM families & some Weddell family « (Andre Malraux notebooks read 1970)

Nota Bene: Philip Silverlee has an Acad. Fr. literature 2nd rank

c 1929- ` wrote a book age 29 years which made the Continent sit up and think`… musician-Academic-Insurance Broker/ Philip Silverlee- 1st wife daughter born 1932 & a younger son-

Philip & 2nd family all murdered Argentine 1976-

daughter 15- son 14/ tape sent to PJPW BM Natural History gives account of the persecution of the last 3 years & finishes ‘you will not hear from me again`-

… full account death of he & family…reaches Museum circles late 1970s-1981/2- Arthur Malone is wondering at his own survival in this FRAUD…he says he heard of Phil`s terrible persecution…then death with his young family in the hills Argentine…

Arthur Malone/POLITAN …He speaks at Balliol College an evening June 1985- he was worried about his only child 16 years surviving… `my orange blossom-Patricia` fearing when he died they WOULD GO FOR HIS WIFE & only child - he heard he only had 18 months to live - Memo : because Andre Malraux has an Hon.Law degree OXFORD UNIVERSITY 1967...there are unknown to us loyal connections -

ANDRE MALRAUX retired Minister of France continues reading his notebooks winter 1970 The Pillar House Harwell-

1945 Summer - I had no Papers-no documents that had been sent to me that should have reached me early New Year 1938- 1944 October SEVERAL DOCUMENTS & letters to me were collected for me by JO- my wife- We had just parted in Paris…

she to return to our two sons- I had matters of War- This was 2 weeks before her death- The correspondence was sent summer 1944 addressed to me ANDRE MALRAUX concerning urgently my Guardianship & administration role in this Estate- of which I knew nothing- I did not know of the Papers Josette received until January & February 1960-

I did not know full details of the Estate until MARCH 1962-

Only then did the extent of the theft of documents become clear- General de Gaulle & I saw the WILLS at last- ”

1960 February - `Philip Silverlee`s daughter got the CARBON COPIES OF LETTERS-WILLS- from the Argentine faithful old solicitors still administering legally the vast Estate for Frederick John RANSOM & the family - when she told her father using their valued connections he Philip was amazed…then scared…CORRUPTION ON SUCH A SCALE … & from the very TOP…”

` Her father Philip Silverlee holding passports Gross Britain & ARGENTINE… took a plane to New York - she came from Buenos Aries & met her father- together they went to the Office of GROTE BROKERS - now on WALL STREET….AMALGAMATED so they could survive after the THEFT for ANGELA of the MORGUE SILENT FACE…STOLEN BY ANGELA & LINDSAY who had used Mr PONG Kubla Khan from 1941 to SUSS-OUT…IN New York how the 19 acres lay…bought by F. RANSOM 1801 “a parcil of 19 acres New York…”Diary F.Ransom…& research Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960...& RANSOM FAMILIES…who had grown up with THIS FACT…

Grote RANSOM Estate administered by the old respected early 19th century smallish firm of GROTE BROKERS a wooden building off Wall Street…begun by TIGGY`S dad…USA ….CITIZENS …from 1830S…come to DEMOCRACY from an old respected West Saxony Family…Germany…related to KANT…PHILOSOPHY…HUMANISM…

1960 end of February - GROTE BROKERS amalgamated New York, Wall Street…Carbon copies/evidence/documents/Memos/private letters/instructions to the South American nations to NOT LET THE BRITISH ENCLAVE (Diplomats) help themselves to the BANKS Grote Ransom…

1960 discovered Records : a Deputation sent by GROTE BROKERS New York to WESTMINSTER Scarlet Town the G.B. Parliament c ask THE CROWN PRESENT DOCUMENTS

& a WILL…to show they were entitled to withdraw from the BANKS of GROTE RANSOM these vast sums…!…

`NOTHING COULD BE GOT IN WRITING from the British establishment…

we were dismissed…a snub…smooth diplomacy was a cloak about the globe…`….

1960 February - ARGENTINE & NEW YORK … HERE were records of all that JOSETTE collected in postal packets end October 1944 after seeing ANDRE OFF TO WAR…their LAST MEETING…. & as instructed by he…she opened his mail… her Catholic husband ANDRE MALRAUX-

Nota bene : In 1944 autumn Andre Malraux is nearly 43 years of age, Josette is 32 years of age…Greetha RANSOM is 11 years of age…Teresa Gordon R. kept INSANE with violence by sweetie bags of DOPES given her back of Buckingham Palace parties…by live-in SCUM…1939-1948...all still in The ROARING 1920s…!

1944 - News of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN slain horribly has come to Clacton with Teresa & comes as a shock to Miss Win Gordon ex ATS…& to GRETA RANSOM…. who is to be insulted MUCH MORE by ANGELA & her non-MEN…

1960 end of February - Arthur Malone/POLITAN/news come from Scarlet Town :

“she got post/mail addressed to ANDRE in Paris on last visit she makes end October 1944 when she & Andre together last time- he being seen off by her to a secret destination-Resistance ` (see biographies) - `They may have both had the idea she call at a place they` d used for Post/mail pre-war…


Arthur Malone/POLITAN/Detectives Reports 7.30 pm Colne Engaine meadow/

1960 March - Malone & detectives had this information at COLNE ENGAINEthen Brown RNVR & other IMPERIAL MADNESS got in the way…NO GO month of MARCH 1960 was RECEIVED FROM ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE…A SENSE OF LET DOWN FOR EVERYONE who were now devoting their talents to STOPPING this madness of creatures believing themselves DIVINE ! JIM was seen about with the top-notch ! …

…& over at CASTLE HEDINGHAM home of the murdered 1942 heiress to PAY LINDSAY double death duties coming… & the lands of ESSEX generally…a sadness that WE HAD BEEN LET DOWN…WHILE BIG WORLD MATTERS like letting off ATOM BOMBS Hydrogen bombs got PRIORITY…

I GR do not hear all this again until 1970 the Pillar House Andre Malraux trying to make himself understood …

& by then my father FJR has been savagely killed in a London hospital after being shut up & MOCKED orders Mr Mengele bringing in SCUM from WESTMINSTER…March 1969...Mengele felt he could KILL BOTH OF US NOW father & daughter … whom it is known amongst human beings… can easily run the Estate - About LONDON TOWN there was mutterings as a Nation began to think outside the sickly IMPERIUM of the newspapers…

…entering the year 1969 - Mengele Doctor HARRINGTON sadist paedophile Royal Satrap GOLLUM had a very WEIRD SCENARIO to indulge in & he could call on massive help from British Establishment & Naval Intelligence-& BE PAID TOP PRICE…FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM A MARTYR of the BRITISH NOBLES & CROWNS & SCANDINAVIAN IMPERIAL SCUM TOO…who dress so well…

1960s - I have NO MEMORY OF JO - or of any happiness with she

& ANDRE MALRAUX SUMMER 1937 - yet it was in place in my mind December 1957 put there by ANDRE MALRAUX -

1960s - I have earned my pittance each week…returning to the Museums world a few months then working for an AGENCY London…temp. work typing …this did mean that faithful Detectives could keep an eye on me…& Philip Silverlee could go on with his INSURANCE/Broker/finance…in THE CITY OF LONDON…where the Elders were anxious to stop THE GREAT SPEND OF BLOOD & GORE MONEYS by NOBLE BRITAIN…all on HEROIN PINbar one the Prime Minister said/ 1966 October I return to BM NATURAL HISTORY Scarlet Town…

1967/68 - MEMORY LOSS - The Whitehead twins mother said Penthatol & similar drugs could do this - did I have pin marks on me when I went to bathe ? She felt I could have had Doc Mengele or another creeping in my room at night after I had been knocked asleep by a late night cup of beverage - Doc Mengele Harrington paedophile-Royal satrap- close travelling fiend of `Duckie Mountbatten`…attacked me January 1958 with a needle 10 minutes after ANDRE left for the Guyanas Tour for General de Gaulle-- Mengele hissing `I will not have YOU-you Ape remembering my patient Andre Malraux`

diaries/records/50 Lancaster Gate Square end July 1957-1959 2nd June-

1960 France research - Malone & Detectives hear of visit end

of October to 9th November 1944 by Josette Clotis` mother -

She found her daughter distressed - concerned about some nations A to Z…an ISLAND in the SNOW…her mother felt Jo writing a story to earn money - He Malraux was away - JO did not know where he was ! Clara had all his money ! (Was Jo`s mother alive 1960 ? )

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX reads on/1944 November

Correspondence- papers had been removed during the two weeks of her mother`s visit … ( `Jo received two visitors but she may have only detected one` ? ) … “ two gunmen were sent by the British Consul - we learn ( this ) later… when my detectives began to investigate from 17th December 1959 Peter -

They were to shoot us … & find all the correspondence …

from overseas …”

“ … Her mother felt that she was distressed about a cheque book… She, her mother… heard her speaking to herself …(reports say she was walking up & down talking to herself…very distressed…)

`but he has not had a cheque book`…”

“ … There are other matters - an Island…A cheque book sent to me had been used to cash large sums on (Grote) Brokers New York on the Estate…they had forged my name…ANDRE MALRAUX…that is MY NAME, Peter…I know…you do not wish to remind Greetah of too much at this time…»

“ I am asked in one letter not to give away whom the Agents for the Estate are overseas - Another letter…a carbon copy of a letter says `can I tell them what the sums are for`… The signatures were forgedthey are not mine ! (Malraux 1970)

“ 1960 February - I, ANDRE MALRAUX, that is my name… Minister of France…offered some accommodation in France-

I tell them at Earls Colne (Colne Engaine/Engayne Gallows Corner) `it is agreed with General de Gaulle for the Detectives & Greetah to come to what we felt was safety…When it was not taken up I felt apologetic… offering the Estate’s heir…only an apartment in Versailles…my detectives would come…”

“ At this time we had a matter of bad communications

I feel…many people who had stolen from the Estate wished to strip me ANDRE MALRAUX now a MINISTER OF GAUL… of all respectability -

I had gone to church with a school- girl…

this would also damage the reputation of my General…Yes…de Gaulle…& the French Government…we had this problem from the beginning 1947.. when the marriage was not seen to work…»

( 1953/1954 ) …` At Colchester Museums they could not believe I HAD BEEN AGAIN REFUSED…a Mr Greene who writes…as myselfwas not too clear in his explanations …

but I too distressed to listen to his observations…It was WINTER at Camulodunum…Mr Poulter was not told sufficient in the beginning…I could not help…`

`I DID NOT KNOW OF THE ESTATE to which I was chosen by a family in their right minds…of higher intelligence, some of them…than me…a family that could travel quietly about the world…I have quietly wept about it all…after killing in my family…again…

“ 1945 - JUNE 1945.. when I first meet her…Miss Win Gordon did

not inform me of a WILL with my name as GUARDIAN…she had been told by a distant nephew…not known to many in the family…THAT THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT HAD TAKEN IT FOR THE CROWN…

But the slayings of many of the children HAD REACHED HER…

She had a copy in her possession January 1938...she & her brother Harry are family guardians to Greetha during her school days. They are not Guardians to the Estate ! Neither did she Miss Winnie-Miss Minny tell Winnclemann - I had not met her that summer 1937... she was away with her cousins at Manchester-Saint Anne’s beaches…I have spoken with some of them in the past …

ANDRE MALRAUX continues The Pillar House 1970 winter :

My aunts Bessie & Annie ? …. I regard those two as my intellectual equals Peter ! … They had no idea what had occurred to the English properties & the children from the Orphanages…& were themselves lacking in correspondence PUT IN THE BRITISH POST

& from OVERSEASespecially from OVERSEASas we all were… From the moment I was discovered to be chosen GUARDIAN ! November 1937 is the earliest they could learn of this

I DO NOT TRUST Teresa at all…she has been too long with her Noble crowd…WHO HAD NO MONEY…& were used to living on others…

who could not protect themselves…


“ … my Aunts Bessie & Annie …they had visited the owner of the Estate in 1934 … writing to her after so much correspondence was coming in 1933 after the birth of THE HEIR…they told her of their MISSION, their Holy work…helping so many families in the North of England…

From CHRISTMAS 1933 … ALL POST/mail from abroad & from this Nation was subject to rigorous search…some was sent on…some had objectionable answers constructed & sent…TO KEEP PEOPLE APART…It had become the NATIONAL INDUSTRY as my Detectives at Colne Engaine discovered it to be…1960 onwards…!

THE OWNER OF THIS ESTATE , Peter ! A woman of brilliant learning…with more languages than I have come upon anyone with

She had given them the key to her Welsh cottage to take holidays -They were told to take to safety a box of her youthful writings when she lived on her family island- & to keep them safe for Greetha until she married…& Master Len co-heir & sub-heir was informed of what was in them…” Andre Malraux 1970 -

files ‘Stella Maris’ 1930s-40s/

AUTOBIOGRAPHY fragments of MARGARET RANSOM 1850s - G.R./LIR/Jean/JR®/my father FJR have managed to re-construct some parts-& LETTERS FROM JEAN- Margarethe by letters-telephone-meetings-answering our questions- She is Fred & Gertrud Poulsen RANSOM the only daughter… A 15 years old lay awake at night in bed in her father`s great house built for them…thinking how Greenland one day `GREENLAND WILL AWAKE-as long ago-the Island’s special SUMMERTOWN will bloom everywhere- & she will hear the tramp of happy feet on ice free shores ` Margarethe Ransom had acted several of Shakespeare female parts by age 15 years in the family 300 seater theatre West Greenland-she loved being Imogen-

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX … weary are his eyes & he avoids looking at me Greetah- his seated figure sometimes slumped & he keeps his overcoat or his raincoat on at the dining-room table…where are spread out PJPW’s evening & weekend work History of Natural History… reference books/files - & the notebooks of several years of ANDRE MALRAUX in a row facing towards him- neatly laid out -

1937-1938 - It would be impossible for Teresa to organise this on her own…Postal theft of this magnitude…especially to me in FRANCE… Although 1957 she was able to intercept many important Advices on the Estate coming to Greetah & myself

We had her interference, at this time, in my career…& she being very rude to me & demanding Greta did not spend the evenings with me…at my London home 50 Lancaster Gate Square - & with others she caused horrible disturbances… threats…blackmail…& to young Colin too her youngest son…

I HAD NO IDEA WHAT SHE WAS HIDING FROM MEthe GUARDIANSHIP…of the Estate…& with them…she was in with JIM drinking in the Club or favourite HAUNTS with others…they were all acting as they did before the War…”