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1960sBrown RNVR always sympathetic came with threats from dirty JIM CUR JAMES as warnings to me - & kindly messages from his ancient mother Hilda…a little something for the caravan home…a saucepan some sewing cottons a Victorian book which would always go missing… Mengele was hovering about & various thugs- THEY HAD KEYS TO MY CARAVAN HOME…a model of tidiness & homeliness…they could not understand this…THEY HOPED FOR DISARRAY…I WAS ORDERED I WAS NOT TO

HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT ! (salaries were now being paid into bank Accounts by big firms !!!!…It would be discovered there is a million & a quarter pounds/Greta Ransom/ in bloody SCOTLAND !)

1960s - I had little memory… but suffered FEARS…?

& was weekly loaded with savage blame by Clytemnestra Mad Mother Kali Teresa Gordon R. turning up pretending SHE WAS KEEPING ME…or phoning to the BOX down the lane ! SHE WAS SO ANXIOUS I DID NOT HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT !!!!!

She came to threaten me… SHE hissing that her DOCTOR…doctor MENGELE…would have me ARRESTED AT NIGHT if I DARED HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT…It was because MY FATHER OWED THE BRITISH REALM HUNDREDS OF POUND !!!

MISERY was my life…

It was here I me two people of the illustrious British family RAYLEIGH-GILBERT…& they said `we know your name…

it is all over a branch of our Family CAREW…when we go to an occasion…RANSOMSoon Mengele HARRINGTON & The British Crown & some nasty Lords… got at them !!!

1962 spring -1963 … KENT - Teresa Gordon R. … was determined nothing of my early life should be understood & she was at Tango & Dinner with Mr Mengele & others … all on Expenses Gross Britain Whitehall as in their Roaring 20s onwards-

(Papers/diaries/accounts/ I never got any Post/mail-I weighed 8 stone & wore size 8 & 10 Miss Jaeger clothes- I look neat & tidy for work-lived a lonely life-saw ancient places by bus & Malone following but never speaking to me-both of us writing - I aware evil descended on people I made friends with - nevertheless people stood guard…

1960s…In the City of London horror was being exposed- they were seeing in situ off-shore the dead Grote children-

IF ONLY A DEPUTATION HAD COME WITH PHOTOS DOCUMENTS OF MY EARLY LIFE-that would open doors of memory- get me out of black tunnels where the only daylight came from memory ~it was believed by some people I had become too fragile to hear more of children murdered - & AMNESIA had descended again ~

1960s - A GREAT FEARNOBODY UNDERSTOOD the TRUE FEELINGS of Greta Ransom TOWARDS THE MAN WITH TWO DEAD SONS planned car accident 1961…ANDRE MALRAUX now MINISTER OF FRANCE… He 1960s in his agony carrying symbolically 2 dead young men…crashing about trying to find a hearth HOME & a normal life as well as carry on with a JOB often made impossible by EVIL MONSTERS DRIPPING BLOOD GORE MONEYS achieved by SLAYING THE MILLION GROTE HOMES CHILDREN ROUND THE GLOBE…

He Andre Malraux never had a HOME LIFE with his two sons at THE JAN STEEN TAVERN… But in the 2nd World War he achieved a HOME WITH JOSETTE…& again glimpsed it in the WINTER leading to THE WEDDING OF GRACE 1946/1947...

1965/1967Nota bene : Chairman Mao’s good common sense also President Nixon- both knew the DOPE TRICKSTERS in the world…(in this Document AMx & LIR JR®…) Did the Chairman of the Long March know the extent of the British Government & Crown`s stealing of everybody’s Post/mail ? & the tricky-evil-professional FALSE notes-messages sent to important people/families/friends ?

The Chairman`s London Chinese Legation helped us 1950s stay alive - report 1986/1988 in China to PJPW…& Greta Ransom W. on this BMNH Tour 7 weeks Fishery Colleges/Universities/meets a woman Scientist who came in at night 50 Lancaster Gate Square when MALRAUX was not there-to give protection to the young woman she knew had three Chinese Brides RANSOM 15th-16th centuries …Young Chinese call MALRAUX a hero for the book 1933 `STORM IN SHANGHAI` /lst printing USA/ & he going to bloody SPAIN 1936…

1966 October 5th - I Greta Ransom returned to the BM Natural History Museum - having gained some self-esteem going July-September 1966 with my 6 Gordon branch cousins to Greek-in-laws in Athens- I did realise my mind was slow in dealing with the modern world about me- I preferred things WRITTEN DOWN ! Philip Silverlee arrived in 2 days- 2 weeks later Arthur Malone Detective - he wrote & published on the Temple of Sunium & the Greek landschaft- I wondered at being alive-I did not dare think upon The Burgermeister of Paris- I was a pauper & had no learning- G. R. photographs -

1966 July-September - Malone wrote/spoke `… a path of gold across a silver sea that night - All the cousins I knew by sight & their ancestry- I made myself known to one & to some older people of standing in the community…I even fished up some Greek from school & Law studies-they understood - We would have got ANDRE to come to us but he was abroad round the world - that she Greetah got away was a miracle- from the old Devils-Mengele-Mother Kali !”

1966 (A miracle…he is right ! Miss Rose Holder got my passport up-dated using the Main Post office Saint Martin le Grande to telephone…She kept Teresa at bay…promised her 3,000 pounds in her Will … if she would not stop me going to ATHEN with all my cousins…/it was nearly stopped by the Passport for up-dating not produced by Teresa until the last moments ! …but I got to Auntie Esther at Holland-on-Sea & the meeting place for us…by Van to ATHENS…3 drivers…1 baby 9 months Elisabeth Hatjjiagellis…ESTHER SAID « Greetha…I am glad…your mother said you were not going with them…» G.R.

1966 - Arthur Malone/POLITAN writes “ We saw all the greatness of Greece in monuments & Museums…the cousins went Disco evenings so slept afternoons - Greta Ransom & I saw everything in the heat…I followed on like the frog-it should have been Andre - I even went Disco with the cousins…for Andre - `

1966 “…but still it was dangerous around us & we could not follow her state of mind…the dramatic weight loss had Mengele boasting she was dying-her mother agreed too ! I LOOKED AT THAT SEA & thought of those children from the orphanages (GROTE HOMES)how they’d been slain so a group of people I found myself related to on the male side could have dough- All now become too powerful - It had become a Mission- our life- I began to sign myself not Arthur but Politan-Detective in the Lawyer`s Gown- `Arthur.M./Politan- diaries/photos/

1964 - Mr Mengele came to Lambeth & did a War Dance outside Miss Holder’s flat when Greta Ransom came back to London.”

Doc Mengele Harrington royal Satrap is criminally insane-as insane as it is possible to be- he is an addict to pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up his snout- & other vicious substances mixed in LSD-lysergic Acid- Doc Mengele is still awaiting every January to be a PEER of the Gross Brit Realm for fraud-murder-theft-bestial behaviour-

Winston Churchill - A man usually fair in his judgement of people…was perhaps unaware of sheer evil of modern man on fashionable dopes - & did not grasp the EVIL of this pack with Noble powers- Super Roaring 1920s high dope users- Pimps & their women with little education after 12 years of age all launched into dope booze-parties at 14 years of age…& at nasty games on those who had money & a balanced approach & ACTED THE GOSPELS OUT-

1936/1937 - Old Road house/Labour Club/

Clacton-on-Sea- East Anglia where Gospels are Acted Out…

Cocktails - dopes- bad language & sailor MOUNTBATTEN & the blazing Cow-

G.R./to LIR who made a DIARY ENTRY…1936/1937...

read in 1960 to ANDRE MALRAUX/Detectives colleagues/& later some Territorial Army…City of London too…It happens before ANDRE & JOSETTE come for SUMMER 1937...& some PEACE…

I in my Recreation Ground clothesTeresa Gordon Ransom opens door & in thrusts tall man dark hair with gun - He demanded money

& knocked me to the floor in the sitting-room when I said we had just spent it on the shopping -

He waves gun at her…SHEshe - she owed him money from a Yacht trip long ago he shouted- He has been drinking with Lindsaybuggarhs at their GRAND on the seafront next Royal Hotel…I knew that !

“ Hot in drink & dope from the LINDSAYbuggarhs PEN (their

GRAND Clacton seafront )…he rummaged…pulled everything in drawers & on our shelves to the floor…He called the little sweet house a rat den & shouted I had no fine clothes…”

I said I did for Sundays !

He could have been drawn by Lennie as a big tall rat with stripes…a too tight 1920s sailor beach parties suit…

Vampire face = he may have syphilis !

1936/1937 - He (Louis Mountbatten who pushed a 14 years old friend to his death in anger…) now bellowed rather than yelled, that I Greetah should be a Ward of Court (So they can all get their dirty paws into the Bank moneys ! 1930s - Len & I know this type !

1959 - One who is closely related to them

( “3 broads & a Greek…” references 1950s as dirty JIM CUR/sir JAMES calls them when on the 5th whiskey before 10.30 am at WHITES CLUB of vice…he is missing KENYA heady society /….


(start again) ONE who is closely related to themtries tell ANDRE MALRAUX 1959 ….` HOW THE OLD WOMEN in the family HAVE RUINED HIS ESTATE…he at long last has got it back & he is 30 something ! ` They go Racing ` …get perks…shop for luxuries)

1936/1937 - “ I (GR) said `the Joyous Venture will go

overseas then - I want you to leave ”

(I am remembering that I am the AELOVEDMAH-Maria

INCA blood line…IN TRAINING from 3 years of age ! )

“… his eyes mad - Oh Len…like an animal just caged from the

Wilds - He rushed upstairs shouting his name -

SHeshe said it was Dickie-bird - She had a bump- she went to her big coat & may have said she was getting the Policeman on the corner- but he shouted he’d shoot her if she left-

She may have been having a sane day…”

He found no money except my money-box & ripped it open

& took every coin - Aunt Winnie bought it for me…it is a scarlet Pillar Box ( British Postal/mail Boxes in the Streets are easy to recognise & always painted red ) & ( Lennie knows ! ) when full I put its coins in the bank for buying my Christmas presents to the family- then it is filled up again - People visiting sometimes put half-pennies sometimes a piece of silver in if “ they have had a saving week` …”

“ He - Dicky Bird Mountbatten shouted down the stairs

` & Angela is a blazing penniless cow…” THE DOPE-DRUNKEN behaviour of the monster Louis Mountbatten who allowed sail the RN ships in to slay the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…~& all the war has been tramping all over the Ransom lands…Greta & Lennie`s lands our JOYOUS VENTURE…our GROTE HOMES full of children of the globe… ! It is CRIMINALLY INSANE on these dopes & raised so as a child… (general opinions…)

1936/1937 - I heard later they thought he may have said

`brazen cow` …. so I probably asked about this word… )

“… Then he tossed out Daddy’s wardrobe too - he did not touch the famous Spanish Cross in my room where Aunt Murgatroyd had put it on the wall to keep me safe…because I could not go to JAPAN & NEW YORK with Sarah de Salle & our cousins & Margarethe girl of the Snows…when I was hit on the head by Mr Pong…& that other one…at the LINDSAYBUGGARHS place…

“ He jeered at the embroidered waistcoat that Daddy’s friend had given him- His friend got it from a mad great-Uncle who went in for those things- but it is beautiful & fine embroidery-

Daddy wears it on Sundays or when we go to Ettie’s (Taplow Court) or Grandpa’s other relatives FROBISHER WENTWORTH…a white house with a lovely name `Clouds`… & other places…

…Where I met the lady in the rose-silk gown who lives in New York & has a daughter grown up in New Zealand….

she may be a Mrs Henney- & I found her so very beautiful & kind like a Fairy Godmother…she & Aunt Mag buy their cosmetics in New York )…»

“ Dickie Bird stole the waistcoat…as well as the money from my scarlet money-box - This hoodlum Mountbatten went to the upstairs lavatory & he did it on the floor…a nasty smell came down…he said what he had done in very nasty words

& again yelled that Angela & she Teresa owed him this money…”

& he now wanted twice as much as he loaned her for her friends & du Cann when they were on a yacht…” …

I Greta Ransom wonder is he bankrupt as we hear from the Police in Scotland & Norfolk that Lindsaybuggarhs are often- I must have run into the back garden-I have a hole hidden in the fence-to our neighbour who expects these things happening 1930s…

“ I will hear his name is Mountbatten…he did shout it more than once…but I was too shaking at first & knocked down on the floor by him & he had the gun & she called him dicky birdHe wore a striped shirt & a sailor cap & was old mutton dressed as young lamb-

They all have that Vampire look from the DOPES…”

1936/1937 - Years later I hear he is called Lavatory Louis for attacking girls at London parties - At our little Old Road home-She Treasa was now crying & I felt sorry for her- She did not hit me…but she began to clean the lavatory bathroom up- then telephoned Uncle Harry her brother- he could not come until after work- but he’d try & look in lunchtime test a car out & come over from Thorpe-

1936/1937 - 11 AM Clacton-on-Sea : I had bruises but was taken out by the neighbour & her daughter to the Recreation Ground to play - I knew I must tell someone what had happened before I forgot…so I telephoned LEN -

“ LennieI was allowed to do this for everybody about us knows we have troubles from the Lindsaybuggarhs in their GRAND & their NOBLE BARBARIANS all short of dough…they make trouble for lots of other people too- & they do not pay in shops or for petrol either- steal & are as rude as can be sneering The Crown lets them !!!

After my phone call to `Jerusalem` Deptford that sweet HOME…by the little sloping Park…

Lennie says he will speak with JEAN & they will decide how to deal with the matter…They will warn HUMANISTS about LONDON TOWN… By then…we all knew what had happened…word got about…& she & others from the Seafront told Harry the full Saga…but ADVISED not to tell Winnie or Esther- or Granny & Grandpa- although Granny Gordon comes to know -

I wonder if Granny Gordon, Mary Gordon now a Widow…

if she warned ANDRE MALRAUX Summer 1937 how coarse & vile are these creatures at the top of the pyramid of Great Britain…they need a Grote Homes EducationI SAID NOTHING TO ANDRE & JO about the nasty Dicky Bird -

Diaries 1936/1938/1960/1978...some good people sent him to HELL a bit early…they had a file of EVIL from the ADMIRALTY about him…& about the GLOBE…children in nets dragged out to the SEVEN SEAS… The Russians at SEA 1940s threatened to…



They exchange Vodka & Whiskey beyond the Shetlandsall the 20th centuryoccasionally FROGS go up with CHAMPAGNE…

This Saga has been told all over London town since 1960...

1938 - Palace/Scarlet Town - I Greetha Frobisher Weddell Ransom GO WITH AUNT MURGATROYD now childless. My poor dear girl of the russet silk Bridal Gownshe is to receive a decoration for her dead son who `Stood by his Post -` British property in Spain !

( This is how they have all packaged this horrible hideous crime…by Angela`s friends-FIENDS…THE LINDSAY MOB & others…)

1938 - The poor Aunt & Uncle Murgatroyd & branches do not seem to know it was the Lindsaybuggarhs did this to him, their only child… only 22 years old… Perhaps those who now stand about us know of his hideous death…& they do not care so long as they get DOUGH…?

1937 - JIM may have been with the Lindsays in that farmhouse Spain - my father had to burn it down when he knew they had burned Aunt Murgatroyd’s only child alive in marmalade … because he would not sign the property to them 1937 Summer - this was why ANDRE & JO did not meet the Ransom family Summer 1937... & why nothing was said - they had gone to SPAIN on a RESCUE TO FAIL - so these sub-apes can have lots of DOUGH…

1938 - I GFWR `no Dicky Bird` at the Award Giving -

He glared at me. I do not curtsey- let him think I did not remember last year - A Procession RANSOM 2,000 years is behind me !

1936/1937- My father had said sadly `that’s no dicky-bird` (Harry says the same ) when he saw the mess in our little ancient 17th century- Victorian house at the front- which we love when it is candlelit & intend make it a Museum

of Great Clacton & to the seacoast Clacton when we have another house- it is in my name- SHeshe & Mr Pong began selling off her wedding presents immediately after the marriage 1932 ! PONG IS A PIMP…his Chinese Grandpa found him so 1917...1920s on-he pours TEA for old Queens…as RAVEL/Maurice/BOLERO…says after a car crash !

1938 - 1946 - 1948 - Louis MOUNTBATTEN - A PIMP -

I learned this man `no Dicky-bird` Mountbattenis often drunk because he spends until he is penniless gambling- He pays no rent no hotel bills… he just gives his name loudly & sails off - he is the man that threatens me 1946 & jeers at me 1948...but I had school friends round me & one girl whose father is acting my Detective for Colonel Andre Malraux - `The creature L.M.-ON THE PIN `

1946 - My father has had to go abroad in secret-silence… saving what he can of the Estate now THESE-THEY have slain the Grote children & taken the buildings…& begun the trashing of our ancestral lands…which are Ransom- The NOBLE HIGH CLASS SIN has no money- (all this is being kept from me by SHEshe Mad Mother Kali who still goes up to London parties & marble halls-when I do hear things that make sense…I can do nothing-I am alone…1948 - I feel I am dead now these-they are told not to speak upon our Wedding of Grace - soon I really have forgotten it-

1950 - at the NE Technical College Colchester some kind people try to help…& put half memories back…

COMETH SAINT Georges-blessed ANDRE - in his USA raincoats…in the mists…to CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis…

1951 - Georges-Colonel ANDRE MALRAUX came to Colchester & took me G.R. to the cinema in APRIL & he spoke with the NE Technical College Elders/a quite famous painter of Eastern Europe is in residence/

…Uncle Frederick Potter was allowing it… my father being abroad…a care of our peoples our lands …

I did not know him ANDRE MALRAUX other than a figure of long ago- or learn that soon he will live a separate life from the Empress Messalina his Sister in GAUL …

I am NOT BE LET GO OF by SHEshe…& insulted & called a pauper by Sheshe & 2 nasty Lindsay old men & threatened with Prison or a Nut HouseHe MALRAUX is a man whose name I do not know anymore…or these LINDSAYbuggarhs who come & glare at me in Colchester when I come from the College with my two friends Pat & Mary- & sometimes Monica comes with us too - We are all 17 years of age- (sing the folk song `I am 17 come Sunday`…

try feel what it is like to be a young person…BARBARIC MONSTERS HAVE SLAIN THE MILLION GROTE CHILDREN THE GLOBE to get themselves DOUGH…prop up a penniless debauching IMPERIUM…

1940s - as the War was ending the Russian Navy said `get him off

the Seas- (Dicky Bird) Mountbatten- or we will torpedo- he is an insult to every good seaman at sea` One day Sunday newspapers had news 1979- a bomb blows up this ugly old Centaur of the Seas - he had killed a school friend when he was 14 years of age-pushed the boy on a railway or tram line- NOBODY WAS ALLOWED TO TELL HIM OFF - at sea he drank 2-3 days then YELLED for all meals in one !

1979/1980s - The rural Tories Oxfordshire & London fringes… said they were glad he was dead/& had wanted another

I remember a curious Sunday morning 1979 & PJPW asked to Private Meetings /a number of cars/it was all unusual to have PJPW disappear on a Sunday morning…The end of `Dicky Bird` who stole GRs money box contents 1937... G.R. had no memory-but it was a bit odd …? A monster had LOST ITS HEAD… it was fished up under the sea !

1980s - IRA said always they did not do it - then years on they said `they did not know`…perhaps others blew him up for his bestial crimes against good citizens - & it was known he had allowed RN ships to be sailed in to kill the Grote children round the globe- he should not be allowed near young children- they might get swept into his milieuget like him `the no DICKY BIRD`….

Greta Ransom born 11 March 1933 - I forgot by 1941 or was made to forget my ancestry…my father’s family. I did not even know the name Weddell was related to meSheshe was using with others who are NOBLE FIENDS…heavy dopesA… They learned about memory remove powders & potions during the Great War- drugs used on shell-shock soldiers- 90 per cent of my memory was obliterated in the 2nd world wartime but it took until 1951 to completely remove it -