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`40 LINDSAY at Nethrington Hall for nosh-up had READ OUT TO THEM their SHARE of the stolen 19 Acres NEW YORK money from FRAUD Sale in secret criminal negotiations 1941-1953 - claimed in name of Angela…all of 19 acres under New York, additions Manhatten/Long Island…everything that has been stolen by them from RANSOM whom they claim as related to them & have married Apes & Eskimos…`

(Nota bene : SYPHILIS (see Medical term)…several of these Noble criminally insane have caught it when young…there is no cure until the 1940s - sulphur drugs…)

1953 - The Lindsay mob were hearing of their share of MONEY OF VIOLENCE dripping blood & gore of GROTE HOMES children A-Z globe 1938-1954... 2 detectives & Brown RNVR heard the list of SPOILS read out by LINDSAY 14 at the dining table that evening...Lindsay 14 is one of the killers of the Newfoundland heiress age 9 years 1942/she of the 900 years old family of Essex/Castle-Sible Hedingham…LINDSAY had 2 sets of death duties to pay 1939 & 1943 …

1801 - `to-day I bought a parcil of 19 acres - New York…`1801` FRED RANSOM his wife part Dutch -

Diary written by & Documents from my 3-times back Grandfather Frederick RANSOM of Montrose descended from BRIDES of the other nations of his ancestors as we of the future - see Ransom Brides dowry lands- We are a straight line back 1,500 years/then safely to he 92 AD Suffolk/the same man who 77 AD Thames islet LONDINIUM…

This theft in secret tumbled Grote Brokers New York 1954- from 1941 Kubla Khan JIM headed it with team in the name of a faceless woman Angela…her Rank was used to impress the importance of SILENCE -to the gullible- Diplomatic penniless mobs pulled it off- Lies spouted about a dead Millie Lindsay her INHERITANCE -No mention of Margarethe Ransom Grote-or Apes Eskimos & LEGAL WILLS …

1953 - AT THIS NOSH-UP… many Lindsaybuggarhs panic… when they see Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom have arrived - notes/reports/eye witnesses/

Lindsay to be 15th Earl was sent upstairs with a dope for the drink of an old relative we all share & this handed to him by the 2nd woman in films …

the victim is the old lady of 1938 December comforting my grandpa RANSOM upon the early death of the ballerina Jean Weddell his wife…They are walking in woodlands that are now gone lands sold off for profit & heavy traffic drear- Greetah is here/an ugly Lindsay man in his mid-40s says to his two porky children with moon faces

“ AND SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BORN ” pointing at me Greta Ransom heir…IN THEIR WAY !

Her old husband who had spoken with Greta Ransom 30 minutes earlier was calling out in bewilderment “ MALRAUX - WHERE IS MALRAUX …”

Andre Malraux was snaffled away by the co-poisoner film woman trying lure him for dirty weekend he reports January 1954 - ( He was shocked- he does not do those things…) The poor Widower of a few minutes went about calling out “ MALRAUX … she has been murdered …»

A doctor came swiftly, of course, & sedated the Widower of barely an hour ago - Mengele turned up at 12.30 am ! & took ANDRE MALRAUX away…I hear that MALRAUX looked sedated too…

Many people believe that MALRAUX knows of the GUARDIANSHIP…it is a matter for he & General de Gaulle therefore…

THE EARL no 14 (the Evil little Jack in box chum of JIM)

31st December …he READ OUT blood & gore moneys from sale of the 19 Acres “ & there was another 4 Acres they would try & get sold in the years ahead…Under Central Park…» records/reports/…sold off in the last years it is STOLEN PROPERTY from the Estate that Greetah & Len inherit…& it DRIPS BLOOD & GORE of all the VICTIMS in this document ! Who got the money City of NEW YORK ??? )

Millie Lindsay hey ? There is no such person - she is Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom (the mother of Greta’s Grandpa FCR ) the skating Ancient Arts tiny blonde blue-eyed girl of a Lindsay mother who married FROBISHER- m for love in 1883 age 18 years to a family whose Ancestry swept her off her feet- an Island in the SNOW- Japan etc etc etc - Widowed 1890 her husband murdered orders Earl Lindsay…she is murdered by 2 Lindsay 2nd cousins 1897 for her Frobisher Florida lands - her mother was unfortunately a Miss Lindsay & the blood line is from a Miss CLOUTS by Christian name - of Dereham Park - she had lots of dough - marriage 1830 -

1953 & 1942 - This Earl Lindsay 14 is one of the 3 murderers 1942 of the 9 years old Newfoundland heiress at Castle/Sible Hedingham as she biked at 8 am a Saturday to her choir practice- a nasty paedophile too he will be castrated 1960/61 by Territorials et al -` Reports `the big black car left the back of Buckingham Palace pre-dawn…it was seen at Castle Hedingham before 8 am by 2 War workers returning from overnight duties- the occupants of the car did not see them`

1960 January - Winston Churchill says of Earl 14 -

“…so he’s been playing Richard Strauss & Finzi has he- well I’m Goldhanger…” Churchill `made him dig it up` & took 98 thousand English pounds off him-(he is one of the two evil little jack-in-the boxes 1930s…JIM Jong Mr Pong & Lindsay 14)

This monster Earl Lindsay No 14 …in 1953 upon New Year’s EVE read out to the 40 Lindsay` that night after the dinner the following instructions : ( there were 2 detectives dressed as Waiters present they did not know about…)

“ EARL’s ORDERS take the piece which suits you best…

(a pellet torch-blown of Divinorum Salvia Scotland to put their snout from this punch bowl )

…And get out there - Find these names & REPORT TO THE HEAD OF YOUR BRANCH OF THE FAMILY- RANSOM & these creatures are trying take from YOU the FORTUNE OF MILLIE LINDSAY…»

Nota bene : MILLIE FROBISHER RANSOM - FCR`s mother murdered by them 1897 her body delivered at night into his arms…my Grandpa Ransom was 14 years old -The Earl gave orders ALL PHOTOS & all mention of the woman MILLIE LINDSAY to be destroyed … (Not all were destroyed …records )

list of names read : RANSOM-Grote-Weddell-Poulsen-Gronlander-Mainwarring/Mannering-MacMurray-Gable-San Julian of course- A dozen names who are off main Ransom line-but known to be active in Grote Homes before the 2nd World War-

Everyone, families, staff, has use of the 2,500 HOMES world-wide & the many attached smaller homes/it was cheap in Asia to run several small homes linked…& salaries of the crème-de-la-crème teaching staff were not so expensive… The big family Ransom & Grote were important to the million children…they were taught we are all of one family…& POUL the first orphan where Tiggy got the idea…

The children travel on school holidays around the world & have learned well 3 or 4 languages by 18 years of age. This is ALL part of educating these world-citizens the GROTE children 1864-1954 -

1954 - PARIS - the GROTE HOME educating orphans to 18 years was burned down by David LINDSAY No 15 Earl to be & his chum called TIM… The PARIS HOME children had all gone out to a Christmas entertainment & the HOME was burned down at 6.30 pm. All records were said to have been destroyed as the Properties were claimed immediately as BRITISH CROWN LANDSP A R I S …France…Europe …

(Detectives Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/& reports from former students/ one music teacher & family/another a friend of a 2 years tuition Grote child who played accordian-used windows rather than doors…)

GROTE HOMES established from 1864 WORLDWIDE are by INVITATION

not conquest : We SEA PEOPLES have stayed friends & kept up with our ANCESTORS - PALESTINE 11th-12th century kith-kin were sending us XMAS cards 1929 / - they are said to have all been killed by greedy G.B. business world nobles…

1948…British Nobles now logged the Olive Trees-Cedar Trees that we protect-Palestine Grote HOME children burned in sands/Reports 3 witnesses who fled/1961 Information Arafat to Malraux-

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX notebooks - The Pillar House Harwell -

Malraux Retired Minister of France asks Greeta Ransom W.

“ This barrel-like creature Earl 14 - he looks like a Railway Office booking Clerk …. can you recall him that New Year`s Eve ? Malraux & PJPW try wake Greta`s memory of 1953 The New Year’s Eve of the MURDER … He a young man with dark hair, with a brother…he the elder one going to put the poison in the old lady`s glass turned to look at you…felt you had recognised him…you looked at him on the stairs…Did you know what you were there for…” ?

“No…Brown RNVR said we were going to a Road House…I had to pay to go in…I had a five pound note. He did not give me any change ! Yes he said ANDRE MALRAUX would be coming…I should dance with him…then I was to meet this fat man with a deep voice…he was covered in medals…I thought he was a cinema manager…I asked if we were going to see a film before the Ball… Talking to the old man upstairs where I changed I thought at first it was a NUT HOUSE…an asylum & for retired people…I wanted to leave & go back to Colchester…I was frightened & felt that talk from the old man and his wife had some truthbut I had it hidden from me because SHE Mad Mother Kali Clytemnestra was always nasty about the father I had before the War…I wanted to go back to Colchester & perhaps say something to Mr Poulter…there was a small Quaker party in Hollytrees that night…about 12 people MALRAUX wore a grey wig…& I only knew him when he spoke to Finlay Currie…the actor…he had come with his daughter for the meal which they had booked…they were not staying long but said `there was a HOOD at the BAR & a waiter they knew had come to warn FINLAY incase he had trouble with gangsters in any way ? Finlay said he had not ! FINLAY & ANDRE as he called him immediately because they were old acquaintances…he now spoke about London gangster life then about a new film that might be made`…I FELT MISERABLE & scared…there was no food or even packets of nuts & only gin & orange or beer… A kind man came & said “ WOULD YOU ALL BE CHEERFUL & not let the old folks down…dance & keep the party going…”

`I saw the old man calling out…but could not understand what it was he called…She was brought down in a chair…it was not to be said she was dead…just going to hospital…BROWN SAID THEY WERE ALL GOING TO FAKE EVERYTHING NOW… MALRAUX frightened me in the grey wig…I felt everybody was a bit mad…they were not interesting people like we have coming into the Colchester Museums… I HAD NO MONEY SO COULD NOT LEAVE ! Or I would have tried get a taxi to a Railway station or even to Chelmsford then gone on by train ! I felt it was all unfair to me at 20 years of age !

There was a lot more I observed…thought…felt…but I WANTED TO LEAVE…& I knew I did not understand enough of it all…everybody was boring & disappointing…ONLY IN COLCHESTER MUSEUMS were interesting people…the pink frock was much admired…by strangers…& that was nice…but I was frightened !

Malraux was invited into this SUPPER at 10 pm the LINDSAY MOB were having it in a seperate room & doors were firmly shut…Well he was lucky to get away ALIVE…the invitation from the film woman (someone may pull her under a boat later ? ) was certainly to kill him or BURN HIS BRAINS OUT…This MOB WERE FRIGHTENED…& at MIDNIGHT THEY GOT ANGELA IN…and JIM…he is called dirty JIMMIE in the West End now…I saw JIM dirty Jimmie who is a very fat short insincere ORC about 4 days ago when we bought this frock one morning…which ANDRE MALRAUX paid for I learn in 1957 & he came with me- Brown RNVR was the driver of the Malraux grey car in central London/I came up by train from Colchester…I was told by SHEshe & Brown that they had bought this beautiful pale pink net long frockbut certainly MALRAUX nodded in agreement when the shop assistant had me try it on

GOING OVER THE RECORDS of this time … IT IS QUITE CLEAR THAT I AM BEING GIVEN DOPE TO HAVE ME WITH NO MEMORY & THE INTENTION IS TO GET MONEY & a SHARE IN THE ESTATE BUT NOT LET ME OR MALRAUX KNOW We seem to be caught by the SYPHILITIC NOBLE BRITISH SCANDINAVIAN CROWD…most of them criminally insane…& that they are advanced cases of SYPHILIS should be considered perhaps… ! IN short they are MAD& because of their upbringing & KUDOS have gone criminally insane to GET HOLD OF MONEYS PROPERTIES using the Realm & the LAW !

Files/records/diaries-much evidence destroyed but nevertheless the evil ones make mistakes- A place in France called 1950s by professional people London `the bloody liar dusty mansion France` was where Jimmie Jong & Lindsaybuggarhs hide their booty from

1920sAngela or her parents gave them the key…/now a MUSEUM !

1960s - ANDRE MALRAUX had this Chateau raided & recovered much RANSOM etc records- he being the 1st Cultural Minister of France…But a raid soon organised by soapy-slimy bilge rats of R.N. Naval Intelligence plus Kenya ex-Army broke into a Paris Institution & stole The Ransom Collection again - said to have gone to Angela !

1980s - `Britain Rules the Waves ON THE PIN…Land of Dope & Tory` sing the front row of the Arena Albert Hall Proms 1970s/1980s… A French President looking like Napoleon entered for the French National Orchestra playing La MER` Arena grants him TASTE- France drips blood & gore with 4 GROTE HOMES children slain - ANDRE MALRAUX has had his Catholic wife JOSETTE their two sons killed deliberately so British Nobles & Scandinavian could be rich.

So many people given early graves so NOBLE PENNILESS could grasp at the Grote Ransom Estate…break pieces off & have British diplomat protection if found out - We have Weddell branch lines towards Spain on the Atlantic coast…a Basque family line AQUIDA-

I recall we have them visit when I am 5 years old… JEAN`S RELATIVES…She looks like the ballerina in the Degas painting they say - with the scarlet flowers in her hair…They know that when JEAN is dancing her Spanish-ballet choreography which she began to invent with them…it was after losing her first husband in Spain & then their stillborn child before she was 21 years of age…» OUR LOST TRIBE » they call us ! « Who went off to Peru ! When are you coming home you silly people « !

I remember the Basque GROTE HOME 1935 November

& the pride of the fishermen & local people in the Home that afternoon as we arrived by seaplanes…JEAN WEDDELL RANSOM speaking Spanish & accepted as one of them- Lennie too- I introduced as newest Ransom-Weddell LOST TRIBE… & they happy to be told

“ she is being trained by Aunt Margaretha Mrs Grote with Lennie as heirs to look after you all round the globe…”

These seacoast peoples France-Spain sometimes sail up to the ISLAND IN THE SNOW & are anxious we OPEN JACOPSHOLMEN UP AGAIN - theatre, & settlement, safe little harbour…& THEY KNOW WE BOUGHT SOME LAND time of Abraham Lincoln at JOHNSTOWN further down towards Frederickstown… Everybody is looking for safe homes & enjoyable work & nice things for leisure hours…

In 1996 an aged woman in the market Atlantic coast nearly to Spain asked `where from ? ` as she put her hands either side of my high cheek bones & tugged my long plat- I said Greenland-Groenland- she smiled saying her family had sailed there from Bordeaux years ago- I had not Occitan or French language to tell her of ANDRE MALRAUX’s seafaring lines- how they’d sailed with RANSOM from Bordeaux 1600-1633-

19th - early 20th century - GREED…perhaps encouraged by untreatable SYPHILIS…advancing them into madness…

1937 - Noble SCUM/the SYPHILITIC crowd… got the British Empire & Realm & Scandinavia to give them all the post/mail of the RANSOM Estate the Grote Homes & the kudos to listen in on telephone calls - …trace them & kill if needs be - as they did to Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE…

1938 15 May Records/account by Greta Ransom age 5 years of Aunt Mag’s last day before she went to Heaven - I present 10 am to 2 pm `… she rose from her bed like a dancer & put on a housecoat of sun yellow with tiny flowers… she had bought it in USA…& she showed me 2 books written by ANDRE MALRAUX one with a cover of dark blue & one I think a dull red…` `GIRL OF THE SNOWS said “ I am waiting for him to get in touch with me…Everyone has written to him…YOUR GUARDIAN…”…

` She was Oh so young…so delicate…very plump…but her face reminded me of mine…her hair is to her waist & she said she has not yet lost the colour…it is dark brown with gold lights from the sun…about 15 grey hairs she had…She put on a suit of brown, and a big picture hat as you see in the 19 teens-1920s…in New York…we thought we were going to a restaurant…`

NOW WE WERE HORRIBLY INSULTED BY dirty JIM…MR PONG…JIM JONG…a PIMP…ON THE PIN… She must have been shocked to see JIM with mesays Dr John RAY Ransom…` he JIM had destroyed her grand-daughter…he had tried marry her but she would not have him…we think he now hovered about her with THE PINHis idea was to marry her…AND TAKE ALL…(no loyalty to Angela & the LINDSAY EARLS…) it is believed he has syphilis…but not the galloping kind…he can INFECT…he is given to attacks on young people boys & girls…` (THIS WAS A NORMAL MANNER FOR THE NOBLE CLASSES WHO ARE BARBARIC, penniless…given to ROBBING for their weekly KEEP …)

WE DO NOT KNOW THE IMPERIAL MOBS & NOBLE BRITAIN & Earls LINDSAY Crawford have G.B. Royal Mail give them all our post- & ARE STICKING THEIR NOBLE SNOUTS IN MUCH MORE…` They have organised the stealing of ANDRE MALRAUX’s Post/mail in FRANCE & that of the PRESIDENT OF FRANCE…neither Malraux or The President of France must receive Documents of GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate which is outside the British EmpireA DECREE in secret is issued for Earls Lindsay & evil dwelling back of Buckingham Palace Scarlet Town…

1960 MARCH - (notebooks : Arthur Malone Detectives Colleagues of ANDRE MALRAUX Colne Engaine Colchester/London/New York) At a given date early in March 1960 80 per cent of Independent nations the world have agreed to ask the criminal nation Gross Britain where are the Grote children ? ON FRONT PAGE PRESS - the globe…

1938 - This obscene violent fraud could have been halted if THE FRENCH PRESIDENT had received his handwritten letter from Margarethe Ransom Grote to be given him by ANDRE MALRAUX of FRANCE …their POST/mail stolen by the British Government & Crown lead by The Earls of Lindsay Crawford who have CONTRACTED to pay Crown`s massive debts of HIGH CLASS SIN - mostly gambling & extravagant luxury living aping rich Americans

1945 - Vagrants of obscene kudos walk & SAIL over Grote Children

& remove moneys from foreign banks in the names of the Grote heirs & other members of the Ransom families- BITE at pieces of the Estate & put centre stage a British Diplomat as a FRONT…/1936 3 USA senators & Paul Whiteman found the criminal system out !

( Canada - THE Press allowed cash 25 pounds each on Bank Account in name of Greta Ransom & Len I. Ransom-accompanying a tour by Imperial Britain- orders given by Imperial Britain & LINDSAY Count to be Earl no 15…records )

1960 last days of March - Colne Engaine -Camulodunum Colonia Victricencis- Colchester- Detective Arthur Malone/Politan -reporting to `Mistral` caravan in the tiny meadow opposite Ghost House…its early dark & just settling into the cold evening-he carries a gun-

«We are anxious…Phil phoned down from town…he says we should have heard by now ! We don’t want to hit APRIL lst -All Fools Day- Some of the small nations are asking them in the City ‘can we go ahead & print’ - I may go over to Gaul & look for ANDRE myself - trouble is we are short staffed here…(records-notes-observers)

Nota bene : Malone/Politan has studied Law 2 years before 2nd World War-then into RAF- There have been late night visits January-early February by the dope-booze-criminally insane Nobles on their fire-blown pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland- They are dangerous & will kill as easily as lighting a cigarette…The pellet is fixed for 6 weeks in a cavity above the nose by a Surgeon- or in a flap of skin on forehead- or the usual manner pushing it themselves for a week UP THEIR SNOUTS - where it hit’s their brain in 2 seconds -

1960 - Many small nations had known of their Grote children & settlers being slaughtered in the 1940s - these nations were told they had done it - the Homes were not wanted by their people…the lands the possessions all belonged to The British Realm…the old Eskimo had died in debt-” & THE LIES from G. B. WENT ON

These little nations never received anything in writing - only British diplomats in arrogance & very well togged often the bills swung on GROTE RANSOM ESTATE - as USA until 1936 ! …/ref. 3 USA Senators & Paul Whiteman ! /

Little nations were intimidated by a Yacht sailing in or near to them…There occurred displays of divinity by crass coarse racist Golums - who dived into Casinos spending fortunes - a REST cure from divine G. B. & Scandinavian duties - cashing cheques on RANSOM heirs ! Nets of dead Grote Homes children were known offshore…

1960 - thus the nations of the globe had organised Exposure would be best…& this was the RESEARCH decisions from MEETINGS January/February/ NOW IT WAS MARCH…no answer came from THE GUARDIAN ANDRE MALRAUX …

1960 spring - ALARMING MATTER : An old respected Magistrate of Londinium came to Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis :

‘Angela…she got SYPHILIS young…it was travelling with Mr Jong eying the Estate lands…he who is a PIMP…I have been speaking with those who know more…the medical opinions are varied but all agree `when the disease is advancing the sufferer should NOT be in a position of authority…` NOW…THEY have taken an atomic submarine & without reading the instructions TAKEN IT DOWN AS FAR AS IT CAN GO…then raced it up…on the Atlantic coast of South America… they jumped in a launch after parking it alongside…immediately took a plane…FOR ANOTHER CONTINENT…knowing the vessel was critical- could make the SEAS scarlet…”

These are PLAYBOYS & they have wrecked your Estate…your father had explained clearly to the Police (1947/1948) what had occurred from the 1930s ! & how Norway had helped themselves saying no INCOME TAX had been paid on the GROTE RANSOM Estate ! He showed them Papers which proved THAT THE NOBLE MOUTHS lied…had long black tongues…Philip Mountbatten sent the Police to investigate your father (FJR) in 1947...he from Norway telling the Police your father was interfering with your Estate ! THIS IS QUITE OUTSIDE THE LAW ! …”

“ His mother-in-law (Philip Mountbatten) & her MEN are at fault !

She was ordering your mother to send you to school on DOPE…

( 1937 -1945 )…various things…so you would not appear normal…

His mother-in-law (Philip Mountbatten) WAS HANDED YOUR SCHOOL BOOKS…with these she & Mr JONG were insisting you were not normal ! IT IS AN OLD TRICK .” !

“ Your father explained to the Police 1947 that THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN HAD BEEN SLAIN BY THE OLDER NOBLE ORDER…

He told the Police to go to NEW YORK & the Argentine & speak with the BROKERS & the families of the Estate ! THEY DID & WERE NOW THE WISER ! …”

“ Faced with magnificence ignorance of the penniless upper class the Police told the young man Philip to get A DIVORCE & go back to Norway ! 1948/1950

They…all of us…felt now some control could be taken of the Estate ! NOT ONE OF THESE NOBLE PERSONS UNDERSTOOD…THE MAGNIFICENCE OF THIS JOYOUS VENTURE about the earth !

Then the New York Brokers were PULLED DOWN ”…

the acres 19 acres RANSOM of 1801 had been claimed in 1941 by a faceless woman…who was smitten with a disease which leads to madness ! & had at her elbow JIM & LINDSAY mob…