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“ We are told of two courses immediately proposed to clear the matter up ! 1. That the vessel was on trials & found to be not satisfactory in some respects…2. that the noblemen who took the helm were able to ASSIST with a technological break-thru…A FEW BRAVE SOULS WANTED THE TRUTH TOLD !

…the matter immediately, we are told, was to stop any talk of the true happenings ! “ IT WAS NECESSARY TO STOP THEM BOASTING OF THIS AS A SCHOOLBOY PRANK…they were to be called in for private clinic rest…”

Nothing here is satisfactory ! The seas may still be found to be SCARLET ! The `Parkistaneeezzz` used to enter the vessel & remove certain parts may die in 2 years…we do not know…”

“ … But thousands of people, IN THEIR OWN LANDS , may still show failing health…(down the South American coasts…& presumably North America too ?)

as years pass…The medical tragedy may grow… of this NOBLE SCANDINAVIA & glorious Noble Britain PRANK !


1938 - Mai 17th/July 1938 - WILL to Andre Malraux & Letter to French President stolen in PARIS by Angela’s MEN - they, her MEN & Ambassador PHIPPS had her receive the Will & letter in her own hands…this was on her State Visit… You can read reports on this visit/a book giving the FEELING of the 1930s is The DARK VALLEY Piers Brendon (play the 1938 Hindemith & Hartman Violin Concertos for right atmosphere) One Report from Detectives Colleagues ANDRE MALRAUX says “ Angela , she said she threw it in the British Museum…’ …»

1976 ( unknown Speaker-clearly a youngish person ) “ Andre died before his time - his chosen family slain

in this - clung to by Princes of SaturnMengele Harrington royal Satrap took over where the Uncle left off from too much debauch- the madness showing ( syphilis ? ) YOUR MOTHER’s FRIEND` that’s what they call her ( Angela )but they left heavy confrontation to us & Ransom & USA Grote …”

“ 1938 - the British Scandinavian SCUM were all having to PROTECT ANGELA - & her men -They’d muffed it again -There was


(I G.R. 1937/38 remember D. Lindsay spade-wheeler on the beach saying this…I thought I had not heard properly then corrected him…he grinned…he said also their motto…reversing the meaning…)

“… You cannot put hum-drum divine in a position where they can have the penniless Nobles able to rule the world…in slithering slimly fashionThe funeral of Andre is to be related … Mengele turned up- They’d rather back away from him but he’s hold of money not his

ANDRE MALRAUX`s FUNERAL : “…other SCUM came to lay

one of earth’s greatest men in clay

About us again madnessI speak for my elders … !

& another honest revered man who drew my attention to so many evil tricks going on 1960 DR JOHN RAY ...” …®…

` Dr John RAY Ransom - he was attacked by Lindsay Earls at 1 month-he was educated Kentucky a special school but he was not badly mutilated in his limbs … as was the custom of these SCOTS LORDS - he took 3 good Degrees Astro-Physics-Animal Management-LAW `

… “ had a wife educated & a son born 1959...they have killed him in the same way…taking the boy 17 years & pouring petrol down his throat & setting fire to him ON HIS RANSOM LANDS NORTHERN CANADA…& Canada has let them Escape…LINDSAY- Jim Jong-Mengele& the moneys are coming in to them from the desecration of … the no longer Imperial Britain lands - It goes to Prince of Larkiness-Darkness for his son…There’s a girl they did in when she was 11 years old…not to get in the way of the other one-JIM savaged her twice badly with dope when she was 15 years old…HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACEone day you may hear from me again…`

(Nota bene : 1950s…It was fact about London towndirty JIM taught her to inject her knee with heroin when she was 15...she would have a GOOD TIME abroad…1956 a Noble Visit to West Indies JIM savaged her…late night a beach scene/PRESS REPORTS/she with one shoe on/dazed/a hugh Negro now swaggered off/ JIM WANTED HER LOCKED UP IN A CLINIC ! SHE WAS IN HIS WAY FOR REASONS I DID NOT LEARN…1957 it is SPOKEN OF JIM`s circles !

She will be used to TUMBLE the GROTE HOMES in

The British Congo…tip the children educating to 18 years OUT at 14 years onto the streets…at 12 years education finished & they were used for the Work of the HOMES & the small ventures supporting the Homes…

… A child of 14 cannot help its nation…no matter how good the education is…the last 4 years were necessary…so the child was not maimed, mauled, used for disagreeable work…outside the HOME …a real HOME it was evicted from at 14 years or younger…so a rich young woman could have her share of MONEYS by slow demolition of an ESTATE her Noble older partying PALS had stolen…

1929 - … began horrible murders/staged accidents/ of Families related to the Estate-1936/7/39 mainline RANSOM murders & some passports removed/records-archives/ lordly archaic & coarse behaviour given to RANSOM families, objections to any references to us in newsprint…unless something they VERY NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA could arrange in their nasty spite ! Len met this age 9 years…and Greetah was born into the mounting VIOLENCE to get hold of the ESTATE…this most brilliant piece of philanthropy around the globe…All the lordly sub-APES were pin-pricked with DOPES & drenched in liquors …some of them, we hear, were in various degrees of SYPHILIS…

1960 JUNE Where are the WEDDELLS - South America ? Where are the 150 descendants of James Weddell ? His Roman Catholic-Quaker marriage to Ayelovmedah-Maria Miss San Julian THE ICE WHITE BRIDE… who gives him two sons James II & John Weddell 1825, 1827...she a most highly educated humanist young lady who had discoursed at Rome with holy men-she an INCA-as her father-& with a Tierra del Fuego Heiress grandmother (she part Gaelic/French-Spanish-Norwegian) (James & Aylovemedah-Maria are the grandparents of Jean Weddell ballerina & her sister BAXTER/direct line of the Dissenter who survived the evil Judge Jeffrys 17th century England -)

1960 - Little nations, tiny nations, mere islands , who had their Grote children-settlements with families murdered, often dropped half burned in pits or sunk off-shore 2nd World War… in 1960 had the opportunity to tell a big boots Empire-your HIGH CLASS SIN have committed these bestial crimes against use because you are no longer personally rich ! ( RECORDS/ Letters of grief-photos of children slain on seashores…Reports from a Grote girl who became a Nun & she took a fairly enclosed CONVENT order out to Teach & taught them English & French & the district highly approved…The curriculum was copied & small schools established…GROTE BROKERS & Argentine finding fundingAndre Malraux Detectives/Colleagues/friends…)

1935 December - Lennie dumped Greetah one morning with this Convent Venezuela seashores - He left me to explain the Ransom family had to return to RIO to the funeral of dear Uncle Dr Hebedie-I am nearly 3 years !…I was very happy & would hath returned to them but Imperial Filthy Britain had my Passport Removed ILLEGALLY - Orders my mother’s Friend ANGELA & M. Teck/she has gambling debts/& Earls of Crawford & LINDSAYbuggarhs claim I am their relative ! OH NO ! I have 32 grandmother`s 3 times back !!!

1938 -1980s - Gross Britain Nobles & scum PUT A RIVER OF BLOOD AROUND THE WORLD - hunting to death those who knew of GROTE HOMES & claiming the Estate by sending their OBSCENE NOBLES to bite off pieces - They were told to empty Banks fast where they could get away with criminal acts ! & to kill people children & HOPE… !

Mrs Margarethe Ransom Grote & her husband Tiggy had put a flower garden twice round the globe - GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES 2nd World War burned & sadistically killed children- slew many settlements-drowned children 5 years to 18 at sea in NETS - TO GET HOLD OF THE RANSOM BRIDES dowry LANDS - Acquired by we Sea traders of 2,000 years…Seashores-Reserves nicely wooded-investments in transport from the early 19th century- the biggest piece of philanthropy the globe had ever had- helping nations A to Z -

1945 onwards moneys dripping blood & gore were flippantly wasted round the globe by the G.B. noble & divine-all of them ON THE PIN! A gigantic obscene piece of statecraft permitted to keep a CLASS in power…the sub-apes at the top…aristocratic United Kingdom - The Press controlled & not allowed print anything but sly malice about Grote or Ransom & kith kin -

1937 October - ANDRE MALRAUX - legally appointed GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & entire Estate in 3 Parts the globe/he a citizen of FRANCE Guardian to nations A-to-Z the globe -

A magnificent piece of social engineering by HUMANISTS of the world - the HOMES begun 1864 circled the world by 1870s - Tiggy received very much help from Princes-Prelates-Humanists A-Z the World- The Homes & the Estate recognised as a way to curb obscene cunning of the noble criminally insane rising alarmingly in the late 19th century- & in the 20th century their Divinity stressed to PICK A POCKET -

1960 - established by educated detectives/colleagues helping Andre Malraux for FREE & many acquaintances & willing helpers that the Noble criminally insane could have been stopped if ANDRE MALRAUX & General de GAULLE had received their POST/mail - & that ANDRE MALRAUX & many other human beings connected to his Appointment as Guardian the Estate have had post stolen/searched - from 1938 by British Government LORDS & Crown in secret silence-greed-sadism obscene DOPE villainy & some are syphilitic !)

1960 HUMANITAS - again our FLAG raised over Grote Homes & Ransom Estate in 3 Parts - The Noble criminally insane knew their obscene crimes now revealed to ANDRE MALRAUX & General de Gaulle- BUT they have control of thuggish penetrated departments of Whitehall & Armed Forces - ON THE PIN …

Thus again began the desecration of RANSOM & kith kin burial grounds the globe as pre-war & immediately after the 2nd World War… no monument is safe !

1960s - G H O S T S - WEDDELL descendants of JAMES THE sub-arctic WEDDELL SEA…SOUTH AMERICA are cries at night on their burned homesteads…They cry out again at nightfall , say the local people…WHY ARE THEY KILLING US…WE ARE THE SOUTH POLE…we are the children of a HERO…JAMES THE WEDDELL SEA…They are answered by their kin with

… `THEY KILL US FOR AN ESTATETHE NORTH POLE…GREENLAND…POUL & Margaret of Gotharb…of JACOPSHOMEN…RANSOM…& the million children of the GROTE HOMES the globe…whom we knew…they had become our FAMILIES TOO…”….

… do the lavender petals like pearls make wreaths in the air…linger at dawn…

… can you hear soft Weddell voices saying …

“ Cousin Clarke has made a film San Francisco…he has to leave in 2 days to drive back…but he will return soon with friends…”

…Billy Goat Weddell cannot come down the snowy lane again…with his Weddell brother & his cans full of milk…

all are poor slain GHOSTS- of IMPERIAL GREED

1960 June-July - LINDSAY Earl 15, Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON Peer in waiting- with puppets on strings- knew the DOCUMENTS WERE SUCCESSFULLY STOLEN from MALRAUX & De GAULLE & the massive FRAUD from Noble Gross Britain & Scandinavia was GOING ON… These monsters after midnight SUMMER 1960 baiting Greta Ransom from outside her caravan home…She earning her living from making lamps from seashells & Table SALTS (salt dishes) & figurines & little VASESMiss Greta Ransom not rolling in blood moneys from Nations A-Z the globe…

1960 early February - FRAUD - it is discovered by Philip Silverlee/& Malone…` that Small Business` accounts East Anglia in names of Greta Ransom & L.I. Ransom had been found to be draining off from COLCESTRE to an account WALES… Angela is building herself a Tolkien TOWER from The Lord of the Ring/full of EVIL - The NOBLES are already barking on DOPE from the ramparts…BIG ORCS appear up there…

Copying the signature from a school-book of Greta Ransom the two good men un-paid…since October 200 pounds out on a cheque book got for Greta from this Colchester Bank…then a little more…then the ACCOUNT disappeared in the February MISTS of the Norman-French hamlets of The Colnes…Essex…Mrs Mengele Nurse & Doctor Mengele Harrington are sometimes keeping watch on all of us…with other Noble SCUM…a listening system was now in place from NAVAL INTELLIGENCE figures…they who race an atomic sub up & down being schoolboys…until it is CRITICAL on a scarlet sea …

1960 - that summer important members of the loyal group supporting Andre Malraux were abroad on research- Arthur Malone on his own at Colne Engaine/with a gun/ & the monsters of fashion-trendy Scarlet Town Nobles…were overheard by some British Territorials who knew some of the havoc to the Grote Homes 2nd World War…They report that the buggarhs (Nobles) & Doctor friend of monsters of the deep…were heard boasting they were depth charging the nets of sunken children using RN - & pouring ACID into the burned children pits on shore- this had already begun in France - Greta Ransom had heard the jeering about “…ACID POURED IN…

& THERE WILL BE NO EVIDENCE…” one of those frightening summer nights…

`1960 summer - records/Arthur Malone & others/ One of their Noble SCUM was hung in his own palatial larder in Scotland & a notice on his carcase `prime pork` as this is what he was heard threatening to do to Greta & Andre & several others - he was heard & taped threatening us - another, a Lindsay, ended up an ashtray next year - the matter was taken out of the hands of the Detectives/Colleagues of Andre Malraux…It was felt to be something good Britons should have done before - SO goody goody gum drops- some bestial Noble brutes fell off their flat earth-

Mengele & No 15 got away by playing his double Agent Role…No 14 Earl Lindsay, one of the murderers 1942 of MacDrew’s niece heir of Newfoundland was soon castrated for paedophilia pre-war- The matter of the murder of the 9 years child in Greta Ransom`s class does not seem to have reached the Territorials with all the records that the AMERICAN Agents collected 1948...eventually it does .

Markham Makepeace had to pack a gun on his hip at age 10 years …Age 19 in 1939 he is saying he is Alan Ladd from the films - he was Reporting January 1960 on the Clacton Sea Front paedophiles in the Lindsay GRAND...especially No 14...! He has a degree Cambridge -medicine & English I think… REPORTS all of us 1960 Jan-February Colne Engaine NIGHT WATCH - DAWN WATCH …

1960 summer - Andre MALRAUX was found ill in Rome & TAKEN INSIDE THE VATICAN TO HEAL - he had been poisoned - He was now guarded by USA/Report Dr JOHN RAY ®

MALRAUX has yet to have his SONS MURDERED Mai 1961...

They ages 21 & 18 years join other young VICTIMS of this OBSCENE GIGANTIC PIECE OF STATECRAFT BY GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIAN nobles…records/French citizens reports/citizens everywhere…Gross BRITAIN has a NATIONAL INDUSTRY…it IS REMOVING ALL RECORDS OF GROTE-RANSOM-WEDDELL- & presumably some Admiralty records…but a lot had been hidden away-taken offshore… THIS INDUSTRY NOW enlarged itself -

1959 December - ANDRE MALRAUX’s detectives/Colleagues discovered ‘an heir taking shape -

Greta Ransom niece of Margarethe Ransom Grote & Tiggy Grote - `BORN ON A HEARSE` March 1933 - heir at 2 weeks with Len Immanuel Ransom age 12 years - We Ransom children educated from birth to take care of our peoples & our lands…

Greta & Lennie RANSOM - Persecuted by foul Lindsaybuggarhs Inc- & IMPERIAL BIG DIRTY BOOTS Scandinavia & Gross Britain -

Obscene wicked High poop Earls -

1946 - DEATH of The evil fairy D. Lindsay / records - his crime & revenge of a family over paintings-no connection to us-he poured paraffin down the Old lady with the paintings he wanted- She took a month to die in horrible agony…So her family cut his liver out & hung up before his eyes & he died in 3 hours…after he WON the Court Case…

N. B. Earls of Crawford & Lindsay 19th century with Noble gang were running Insurance fraud/sinking SHIPS /coal ships etc /records/press


1960 JANUARY-FEBRUARY- persons from all walks of life, honourable men & women, began to give help but keeping invisible …they made some contribution to untangling HORROR - It was agreed exposure of the massive crime was best - that way corruption & criminal insanity could be halted - The Grote Homes slayings would act as a warning to the evil that had a hold of the properties lands-They were still shouting in secret silence `Estate IN THE RED property of The Crowns…Eskimo Nell go to Hell…`

a few brave LONDON CITY said `tell them to drink RAT POISON ! `

Eskimos & Apes : This their dirty black tongues YAP their IMPERIAL BOOTS DECREE…For taking our properties- one ex-Guards was thrown out of a New York apartment WINDOW- he had emptied our belongings-sold paintings & had the Lease re-written in his Aristocrat name- U.K. Territorials were joined by some of the G.B. mercenaries of the Nobles ! (he could have been put on a chain to build our University within the Arctic circle our Island JACOPSHOLMEN-a democracy to erect THE UNIVERSITY TO POUL GRONLANDER genius-polymath-catechist-trader-family man)

1960 - This was a world Arthur Malone/Politan did not talk too much about in his Reports before dark to the little home caravan `Mistral`…where the occupant who seemed to think she was only Miss Greta Ransom NOT MADAM X went on with craftwork earning her living…She had told them in February to draw on these East Anglian Accounts…but she would not take anything until they knew more…until MALRAUX came OUT of GAUL…Malone by late Spring 1960 was only reporting that `the THREATS of this High Class SCUM summer 1960 who had killed all those children in the War when we were doing our duty” is being answered by many old soldiers & airmen…` MALONE knew & suspected much more from his experiences since Oct 1957.

It was hoped Moneys would be taken off the SCUM & some of the 2,500-HOMES -many commissioned from first class architects- would be restored-plantations settlements endowments investments, the islands of democracy, craftworks, Transport investments…would be willingly returned ! Kennedy (President USA) had to throw them out of Aunt Mag’s Bridal home New York by the water- Gross Britain had claimed it for the Asquith cousin of a Millie Frobisher !!! )

1960 - It was hoped properties could be repaired & paid for by Gross Britain Nobles-this would happen, of course, & they would lock up sheer evil amongst themselves- the rest come aboard & set the Estate to its former pristine state…THAT THEY ARE CRIMINALLY INSANE WAS NOT OF COURSE GRASPED…

1970 January - PJPW of the BM Natural History/FISHES did grasp this the first 4 days of ANDRE MALRAUX visiting The Pillar House HARWELL, winter after XMAS 1970... Ah ! …the family he stays with gave it away to evil…COE…Unity daughter of our HOSTESS SUMMER 1937 has a husband RN & he is a CHUM of MR MENGELE HARRINGTON employed by Philip Mountbatten…his mother-in-law,Angela, a case of early syphilis from travelling with JIM eying RANSOM lands…Phil the Greek has listening to her…his uncle is DICKY BIRD& he is reported by RN as “STOMPING ALL OVER THE ESTATE LANDS of Greta & Lennie during the WARTIME…after the HOMES were emptied of the children…after it was given out the children the settlements the families HAD FLED…’ from A-Z the globe…

1960 - AN ESTATE OF HOPE - ANDRE MALRAUX legal GUARDIAN would of course receive an apology… NO ! These are sub-sub-APES…their crimes so foul…Put them on the WILKINS ICE SHELF with empty GIN bottles might be first THOUGHT of human beings ~ & THE UNIVERSITY OF POUL GRONLANDER put up on Jacopsholmen Island outside Xristensharb - The Nobles had taken the money & spent it on TOGS- FAST LIFE & DISPLAY ! PROPPED UP BY HIPPOCRISY-

1960 - The Nation of Gross Britain & Scandinavian accomplices would be informed as planned March 1960 by the World…. Front Pages of the newspapers `Where are the GROTE CHILDREN Mother England`The Estate would be put in order by the violent thieves ! They would now be made to work to restore the damage done to the nations A to Z - & there is to be re-paid the MONEYS Len & Greta had 1938 to put up the two Universities - Poul Gronlander Arctic as is written above & also for James Weddell sub-Arctic & father-in-law Noble INCA Yah. Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel & `The Ice White Bride`This was moneys not needed for anything else for this Estate `JOYOUS VENTURE` it worked so smoothly when GREED was kept at bay - by an assortment of good human beings A to Z the Globe-

THE MONEY IS WITH US the Ransom heirs, Greetha & Lennie…1938...then an illicit crown had monsters go mad- mad…Two Universities one for Greenland & we had hoped to go as far as we could SOUTH - Williams Land perhaps ? beyond San Julian’s Bay for the other- Two Universities on the coasts Sub-arctic & Arctic - We have CASH 1938 -

1960 - DISCOVERY : Noble scum has divided our spare cash up - bought luxuries & padded their CLASS of IMPERIAL Scandinavia & Gross Britain…commencing 1938-quickened 1945 end of 2nd World War…using the War as COVER to slay the Grote Homes Children…a million A-Z the globe-

1938 to 1960 The professionals say Angela was set up as a silent face but she is not nice - The thieves insist she was `the friend of Greta’s mother when they were all young`…THEY BOTH HAD JIM a half-Chinese racist around them since they were kids…`

“ Angela had insisted an old Eskimo gave her all this when she was a child - `she did not need a Will because the Lindsay gang told her she was DIVINE- JIM had this logo too…` Her son-in-law a relative from Scandinavia called a shallow youth was persuaded by her to put BIG BOOTS ON…his Uncle Dicky Bird who is to drive an atomic sub FAST FAST FAST up & down resulting in a SCARLET SEA…has told the young Viking to always help himself…from the OLD ESKIMO…they have booze-dope-sex weeks in PARIS- CAIRO- NEW YORK etc SHANGHAI…& enjoy their lives…the DIVINITY claimed for them will see they ARE KEPT SHINY CLEAN…

A list of the victims of GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE…the families who made this VAST PIECE OF PURE PHILANTHROPY A MODEL FOR HUMANISM is about 2 million human beings- IMPERIAL BIG BLOOD & gore DIRTY BOOTS can get swell togs-new diamonds-

Refuse development, human rights…pass blood moneys to their issue-to prop up a criminally insane CLASS-computer hackers really-

1941-1954 : The FRAUD/19 acres RANSOM from 1801 under New York was done with the assistance of persons told they were to get some of the stolen moneys- Many of them were given death-pushed overboard or down a hole…The moneys were received 1954 by The Lindsay Tribunes- It would be handed as THEFT to the 40 persons of the Lindsay Family at the New Year Eve nosh-up 1953... by their chief murderer Lindsay 14...

1941-1954 - LINDSAY GANG & ANGELA claim to have existed a MILLIE LINDSAY with a FORTUNE…belonging to the Earls Lindsay & Crawford…TAKEN OFF THESE WRETCHED Eskimo-apes called RANSOM- Many voices said innocently `Oh there is no Mill Lindsay she is Mill Frobisher the skater girl Mrs John RANSOM`… Perhaps they too got a push….

1960 February - It was hoped by Andre Malraux’s Detectives & Colleagues….` Some murderers would be imprisoned immediately as dangerously criminally insane- or pushed off the deck etc… That the GROTE & Argentine old faithful Solicitors would be given protection- but because of MENGELE Imperial Big Boots GANG/ listening equipment in the trees/bugged telephones/stolen POST/mail…in the Spring 1960 several good human beings got DEATH…It was hoped to bring justice by exposure in the world press of the agreeing nations A to Z &