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1960 - There was no hope of taking these criminally insane Nobles to

a British Court ! From the 1930s & the RISE of DIVINITIES the Nation had two Governments…one the Houses of Perversions (so called 1950s-) at Westminster… the other IMPERIUM with Ramparts increasing with EVIL WATCH TOWERS…ramparts of a top class who had seen pre-War the destruction of the Estate was ILLEGAL…& had therefore set about helping themselves…if exposure came it would have IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS cast from the shores with a suitcase…sailing about…in a ROWING BOAT…

It was a matter for nations A to Z the globe- Small nations had known Imperial G.B. were guilty from 1930s1940s-they had fraud-violence-murders came at them frequently from the late 1930s…they who had welcomed the Grote Ransom Estate, especially as the creators of it were of their own nation over the last thousand years from marriages of Sea Traders & were visitors to their kin …

The slaying of the GROTE HOMES children the world educating to 18 years under cover of the 2nd World War - meant 1960 the nations A to Z must unite & ask : `WHERE ARE OUR GROTE HOMES CHILDREN & settlement families Mother England…` These independent little NATIONS had their own newspapers & radio networks - They were glad to be organised-their fragile economies were so damaged & always at riskthe logging was BARBARIC from 1939 on claimed `G.B. Crown lands` - 1960 - IT WAS IMPORTANT TO MOVE FAST


OF FRANCE General DE GAULLE was as usual stolen

by GROSS BRITANNIA…June 1960 several sweet little nations were asking Andre Malraux’s Detectives & Colleagues `can we go ahead & print- why is there a delay…? ` records/notes/diaries/

The monsters & developing nouveau monsters were protected by the vast corruption-greed-ignorance-cunning-able to use massive violence 1938 onwards into the 1950s - (various stages of Syphilis causing MADNESS…should be considered amongst the Roaring 1920s-1930s Nobles…)

These NOBLES were essentially VAGRANTS around the globe- helping themselves to Banks in the name of Margarethe RANSOM Grote/Lennie Ransom & Greta Ransom- Dr John Ray Ransom/Frederick John Ransom-Ivy Ransom-the Missionaries Murgatroyd-Weddell- MacMurray too -& other names kith & kin-

Uncle Fred MacMurray is a Broker & film star Wall Street & Hollywood- He had break-in & entry in name of G.B. Government & CROWNS secret silence groups-making troubles with foul mouths- They made demands for photos- films made on Jacopsholmen Island- GROTE HOMES films made by Hollywood technicians some ex-Grote orphans…moneys were demanded from Uncle MacMurray by JIM Lindsay Earls & their thugs - His son John MacMurray a mining engineer pushed down a shaft- lived with a broken back for 15 years until he died - `Len’s best friend cousin`…

1938 - WEDDELL SAN JULIAN family: Clarke Gable ACTOR-Hollywood great-grandson of James Weddell SEA - his 1st wife filmstar dies pregnant given accident car 1938 - Mr Pong- Lindsays & scum were around him- wanting a handout from Hollywood- & threatening he & others over WORK done with GROTE HOMES children-

Again the FOUL MOUTHS of the Crown & Noble Monsters came out in piping pompous tones…ALL THIS SCUM IS ON THE PIN…POST/mail stolen ! In the name of the IMPERIAL BIG BOOTS OF GROSS BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA … Mainwarring Gronlander-Poulsen- FROBISHER Canada were subject to defamation of character…their kin Ransom-Weddell too…& sly murders went on- The list of fake car accidents is horrible & children in fake hit & run- Also poisonings- & this memory remove injected night & day !

1937 Angela in the very hot seat put there by penniless Nobles ON THE PIN- other dopes- booze-gambling- An fallen Empire- from its greed violence arrogance ignorance at the top-

1938 - Guardianship of GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE was an honour to FRANCE - CITIZEN Malraux could expect some protection from his nation - Gross Britain Government & Crown with violent fraud `PROCEEDS IN SILENCE` after the theft of the WILL & letter to The President of France handed to ANGELA on her State Visit to PARIS , FRANCE, July 1938...

Massive murdering got going after this…

1938 - Points : If the WILL with enclosures of Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel Grote to ANDRE MALRAUX had reached him by Post from Great Britain & not been stolen by G.B. Government & Crown Noble thugs- Then MAY 1938 PARIS the French Government would learn of MALRAUX’s Guardianship in the letter from Mrs Grote to The President of France himself- to whom she wrote personally-

enclosing her letter in the signed WILL for ANDRE MALRAUX-

she asks Andre Malraux in a separate letter to deliver her letter by HIS hand to the PRESIDENT OF FRANCE- If the President had still been Leon Blum then Margarethe GROTE would have telephoned him-

My Aunt Margarethe’s Package arrived 17 May 1938 -she spoke of how she had posted it herself - she spoke to me Greta Ransom on the 15th May- JIM Mr Pong had appeared…& she must have been shocked at his presence…record/notes/diaries/witnesses/

1938 Mai - The big envelope arrived & it was retained by Phipps Ambassador G.B., Paris- Mr JIM Jong & Lindsay 14 tried to take it off Phipps “for the G.British Crown” on the 17th Mai -

If the WILL had reached its Owner & notification to The President of France, the matter would have been known swiftly around the globe-The placing by the owner of the Estate to a French Guardian & young man of honour … Andre MALRAUX chosen Guardian to the biggest Estate the globe has - A million & a quarter persons A-Z the globe covered by the WILL/WILLS…would then immediately have protection from the criminally insane of The Gross Britain fallen Empire- Perhaps the evil slaying of the Grote children to get at the lands the moneys would not have happened- ? Genocide stopped !


1938 - Ransom family - had our Passports removed -Greta Ransom’s may have been removed some months before…many held dual citizenship other nations - THREATS CAME FROM NOBLE scum TO TAKE US OUT BEYOND THE 2 MILE LIMIT- TIP US OVERBOARD WITHOUT LIFEBELTS- There’s a history of Noble Britain at this violence to people they have robbed- accounts/reports/

Jack Gordon’s father-a medical man 1920s- his tiny son was given 60 thousand English pounds by his father’s aunts…

Nota bene : Grote Homes is an American Institution 1864 first HOME OHIO mansion…then across Pacific…CHILDREN SLAIN 2nd World War so the British & Scandinavian IMPERIAL SCUM could lay hands on the Estate…lands upon the SEASHORES…prop up their fallen Empire…destroy & debauch about the GLOBE as before…

Andre Malraux October 1937 has accepted Guardianship of Greta Ransom 5 years March 1938 ( G.R. International passport holder as the rest of the family for travelling under the GROTE HOMES Estate Ransom Estate in 3 parts )

1960 & again 1970 MALRAUX clearly says & writes… “ I would…

I have… accepted Guardianship the whole Estate as I had accepted Guardianship to Greetha - I had accepted this October 1937...I did not understand an Island in the snow was true…”

Greta Ransom October 1937 was happy with the choice of Saint George ANDRE…she the Prophet of his summer holiday 1937

Clacton-on-sea our 5 weeks of happiness-& then to Lincoln- I was looking forward to Josette’s wedding & if she did not want him because of his `quick fire` temper then I could marry him at 16 years

of age- But I had cured the `quick fire` I did feel…& rather well…

But he was my awakened POUL GRONLANDER…my grandpa on that blood line 18th century…4 times back…

1936 - `Germans in Government & Armed Forces were not going to harm GROTE HOMES & Estate in 3 Parts- Chancellor Adeneur confirms this 1960-` there is in the years 1934/36/37/38 correspondence/archives not removed overseas 1960 - Half Jewish children were removed to Norway & USA by Xmas 1936 - New Year 1937 - Captain Liam Ransom-visit with Norwegian Mission-talking with Goering- `Hitler at his side -

“there maybe some who do not know-we will take any then that look even a bit Jewish-Agreed by Hitler saying `get them out…it could make trouble for the others…` He is going to have a WAR he is…RANTING…but we have got the ones we think may be Jewish out…” Diary Captain Liam Ransom 1936/1937 Xmas

Children taken off by ship to safety-however not those who go to Norway went to safety-they were slain by GROSS BRITAIN Nobles Government & Crown- the USA changed names & kept the few children who escaped safe after their HOMES were found to have been attacked 2nd World War-/records/ The Jewish Nation had its own arrangements for Orphans - Grote Homes did not take them by agreement- but there could always be half Jewish children-it who would not be known until it showed perhaps-abandoned at birth-

1933/1934 - `The new GROTE HOME commissioned of a young Albert Speer 1929/1930 was laid aside- Margarethe Grote explaining to him by letter & phone `she could not get mixed up in what might become War…she disapproved of the Jewish matter beginning to show…She says she had to put the children Grote Homes first-it was known that the British Government Lords for the Crown disapproved violently of GROTE HOMES which were in nations not part of the British Empire…

This had begun 1879 when an insane Earl Lindsay, dripping snout (& probably syphilitic) from thrusting up pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland to keep up his RAGE demanded on the marriage of Millie Frobisher to JOHN RANSOM 1883 that all of Thomas Grote HOMES & his wife’s lands, her father’s too, be GIVEN TO HIM EARL LINDSAY…Premier Earls- Upholders of the Faith- Gross Britain…Margarethe Ransom Grote recommended his Classic style to others in USA- apologising to Albert Speer, a young man, for having to lay aside his design for another HOME in Germany & another for France…The Estate paid him his FEE without hesitation-

1960/62 - It is the ghost house team of Colne Engaine who are heroes of intelligence-humanism-bravery- Especially Arthur Malone-Philip Silverlee-Patrick MacDrew (not forgetting the helpers who risked their lives… the Marsh End Boys- & many others of this time past- I have them here & in other Books/documents, live again as we of the 20th century knew them & their kindnesses -some of them will have sailed down the Years with us from 92 AD

1960 January onwards - So moving & unnerving is the uncovering of this GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND with its dreadful `The Childrens` Genocide`many helpers felt that these evil insane should not attend a War Memorial - be dumped offshore…

RANSOM FAMILIES have 2 Universities planned-

The first drawn up 1830s for JACOP son of POUL GRONLANDER Jacopsholm Island West Greenland/off Xristensharb our shopping town- This university has been DECREED by a Danish king in 1770- (19th century he is said to have been MAD-of course )

1920s a second University of Yahayamh Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel his daughter Aelovmdah-Maria The Ice White Bride Mrs James Weddell & her husband JAMES WEDDELL the sub-arctic SEA…The money is not a problem at all ! These were planned & some designs made by all Greta’s families before she was born 1933 -

Dr John RAY ® 2nd of the Ransom brothers …sons of Jean ballerina the Weddell Sea…& Frederick Charles Ransom…says 1960 winter NIGHT WATCH `Aunt Margaret had lost HOPE for awhile- she’d been attacked abused & the British Nobles Lindsay & Angela’s family had tried lock her up & grab all she & Tiggy & our Families down the ages had made…

SUDDENLY SHE GOT THE REPORTS OF YOU TWO…Len my little brother & Greetah our niece in South America-a speech made by a not yet 3 years old & Grants given to good children- Welfare services to old people…& SHE SAID HER HEART SANG WITH JOY AGAIN…she now had a little Crew on board her JOYOUS VENTURE…` Her brothers had been murdered so she had no kin there & her son & grand-daughter murdered…she had us the offspring of her brother JOHN RANSOM who’d made this dangerous marriage to Millie Frobisher…`

Len’s mother Jean Weddell ballerina had her grandmother the Ice White Bride…given a South American sainthood at her early death at 21 yearsIt was considered 1930s to build Colleges/University beyond San Julian’s Bay- as far as possible it was reasonable- Greta spoke with her Aunt Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote girl-of-the-snows Xmas Tide 1937-1938 & again near her birthday 11 March 1938- Aunt Margaret she had the moneys-

Grote Brokers, off Wall Street, New York & the other solicitors trustees would advise- If War came then Mrs Grote would be in the United States- she had to take advise of the Legal Teams because of the size of the Estate-

Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM-heir with Lennie Immanuel RANSOM-to the greatest piece of philanthropy the globe has ever had-a garden twice round the globe-a miracle stream that can never run dry- Stolen by carrying out `The Childrens` Genocide`- massive violence oranised by British High Class Sin - & some from Scandinavia-all Nobles & VAGRANTS-

1936 - The child G.R. now felt to be safe in South America : the physically abused by the Earl Lindsay mob Greta grand-daughter of Jean & F.C. Ransom was taken to safety leaving Gross Britain in 3 seaplanes to Greenland October 1935 - TO GREENLAND FOR A BEER…FLIGHT TO OUR HOLY ISLANDgiven to POUL GRONLANDER …& his family for eternity…/records/

1820s-30s (Diaries/reports/photos/archives) The Family Weddell-Ransom went on a Pilgrimage to the marble altar tomb SAN JULIAN made his only child Aelovedmah-Maria Mrs James Weddell died 21 years 1832 issue 2 sons 5 & 6 years old James & John Weddell - she age 21 years victim of an attack after some ugly messages from Gross Britain ! A rude letter from an Admiral Gross Britain Scarlet Town to her bereaved parents is a disgusting example of British Racism & greed ! James Weddell of the good ship `JANE` he who charted the WEDDELL SEA 1829 would not be allowed to RETURN because he would be Full Governor down there !


(parents of JAMES the SEA sub-arctic )

Previously he, James the SEA, & his father-in-law SAN JULIAN

Acting Governor had got such improved CONDITIONS for the slave workers for EUROPEAN BRITISH SCANDINAVIAN G R E E D…whole families shut away in mines…(records)…some workers were very black skinned & despised…

…The civilized nations of Europe-Scandinavia required very quick PROFIT FOR CARRIAGES LIQUOR DEBAUCH & their very nasty raised HIGH CLASS SIN issue .

19th century Fashion & greed, ignorance demanded much SWIFT PROFIT ! It was the Quakers got his name on that SEA ! James Weddell`s mother is a former Miss PIERCE of a well known LONDON family of QUAKERS…I GR ate as a child with her PIERCE family silver forks ! I do not find anything about her on the NET…?

1930s - I Greta b 1933 & my young uncle Lennie Ransom b 1921

took on this responsibility of building the two Universities with Grote Homes & Ransom Estate - We have many good human beings A to Z in charge & to help us- THE MONEY IS ALL THERE !

…Noble Gross Britain & fishtails Scandinavia by stealing our Post/mail GOT ITS SNOUTS INTO WHAT IT SHOULD NEVER KNOW…IT CANNOT BE TRUSTED…it is ignorant/doped HIGH/ON THE PIN/greedy & APES THE USA MILLIONAIRES-IT TELLS LIES-

1960 - paedophile royal Satrap Mengele Harrington & Lindsaybuggarhs Nos 14 & 15 & mob & JIM swore to destroy that tomb to 21 years old AELOVEDMAH-Maria SAN JULIAN Mrs JAMES WEDDELLon a hillside where PILGRIMAGE goes yearly…her father laid near her she under a great ALTAR of marble he carved with his own hands…she so beautiful & young sealed in a coffin which it was hoped with sweet oils would never let her young body rot - The grief of her parents & her young sons written about & drawings made. JIM & LINDSAY FILTH & monsters would take all San Julian Weddell moneys of charity- remove names ! All is reported as claimed property BRITISH CROWN including the bodies of San Julian & his daughter -to be burned to destroy ALL DNA…Another name is still suggested for THE WEDDELL SEA…perhaps Weddell will be asked to MOVE OVER to a few yards !

1960 - Noble SCUM swore summer 1960 `to burn the bones of the Apes South America…for they should never have been allowed education & the Catholic Religion ! `


These IMPERIAL BRUTES work for blood moneys- they are gone as mad as mad as can be on dopes-LSD-purple narcotic-heroin always…& some were said to be cases of SYPHILIS (untreatable until the 2nd World War ) The Earls of Lindsay & monsters arrive anywhere & the British Diplomatic enclave in every nation kisses their boots…as from 1860s…


`1938 they were leaping at our moneys investments- lands being logged horribly- & from 1945 fraud/violent theft/ -with mutterings by HIGH CLASS British Scandinavian SIN that the Estate gave Gross Britain concern…” a filthy document on our GROTE HOMES children & our families was circulating in the 1950s… dirty private circulation picture books…made for Noble slut-slags with no knickers on-old brutes with their trousers undone…`DROP OFF YOUR FLAT EARTH !

THESE pornographic printings are worthy of the BRITISH LORDS & CROWN- Scandinavian too It shows them exactly as they are-obscene crass brutish barbaric & STUPID !

Mr Mengele had a shelf of such publications & his own Reports- he had to prune them when HIS INSANITY was spotted by some of his boyfriends- As always the criminally insane bordering on full blown dope-fiends were adding to their crimes ` -

L.I.R. (tapes/1970s) `


Lennie says ‘do you remember my young Frau- my 3rd cousin on the Weddell side in the Argentine-when they had killed our son at his 12th birthday-then the child almost born (1952/3) she said “ these are evil insane men & women - they live by fraud & theft-have murders always going on-destroying our characters- I cannot stay in your country & be your Pensioner- nobody can have the name Mrs Ransom- I must return to my nation the Argentine & breath clean air…” You saw her with Billy Goat Weddell that evening we arrived at their heimat-homestead-

She went to an early murder-with her kin…no more.

I am destroyed…”

(The 13 years old girl Weddell cousin who awoke Greetah 1936 Argentine & there were lavender petals fastened with big rain drops as if lavender pearls all over the windows…each year it happened to the homestead…

I remember Billy goat Weddell looking in the windows framed in lavender petals glistening…ALL WAS BLESSED PEACE…Cousin Clarke Gable will leave the next day …he has made a new film SAN FRANCISCO… GR )

SHEshe ( Teresa E. Gordon R. ) my poor brother’s wife is a hardened criminal-insane- LIKE ALL OF THEM- playing at being divinities- She was playing games with Mengele to see you & Andre could have NO happiness- Determined as Mengele & JIM to keep you both from knowing of the Estate- or KILL- both have admittance to evil circles & given such expenses ! `

L.I.R. he & Andre did a drawing 1959 of Greetah dressed in Arabian-nun like garment of black-walking about tombs- they said every tomb was ANDRE’s tomb-

Len/Andre…adds that SHEshe Teresa Gordon R. had charged at us from these tombs for PAYMENT from on HIGH- they’d fooled her over giving her part of the Estate for harming all of us- she was also the victim of JIM- a sordid little half-Chinese racist who picked up girl children who could get him a silver-lining any time-

LIR linguist-musician- Social sciences/philosophy degree- trained to run TRANSPORT directed by GROTE BROKERS from age 9 years & Argentine Solicitors of the JOYOUS VENTURE & important figures in education- an artist too…

1930s - Len had a Vorticist teacher at one time- he was drawing our lives at 50 Lancaster Gate Square-learning what had been going on-he saw Andre Malraux’s tiny drawings he’d done for Greta before they were stolen from the room she paid for…Len was due back to 50 Lancaster Gate Square in June 1959 to take over from the detective Arthur Malone assisted a day a week by Philip Silverlee Insurance-scholar-musician- They were told by Mengele & his Mrs Mengele that Greta Ransom had trances from harming SHEshe Teresa Gordon Ransom-

1930s - Philip Silverlee a visitor to Teresa’s parents tea table before the 2nd World War knew this was untrue-he had first hand experience of the MAFIA Lindsaybuggarhs on the Clacton seafront- & had spoken in Spanish/Portuguese with Len’s ballerina mother JEAN WEDDELL summer 1938 the mother of Lennie-Fred- John- Ivy- she an Argentine & USA & British citizen by marriage -

1920s - Dr Silverlee had spoken with Margarethe Ransom Mrs Grote in Paris when he was a young man 1920s & was writing a book in French which made Europe sit up - told her of his small town- the land given the first settlers his grandparents amongst the small group from Wales by her father Fred Ransom who rescued them from an atoll- he came sailing by in The Mary Rose to get wood from his forest of 15 miles by 10 miles the Argentine- 1850s

Mrs Margaret Ransom GROTE of West Greenland said in the French language `Yes she remembered all this- her father & mother speaking of the little settlement coming on- they’d loaned a carpenter then sent good workers- she had called there as a girl when her father took her for a trip to get wood from his forest the Argentine-she did her schooling on board- her brothers & Tiggy were too much of a shipful on a working sail-

Nota bene : This small forest kept in excellent condition for 60 years & only used for certain woods & these always replaced was returned to the nation 1890 by Fred Ransom’s legal WILL- It was found gutted by Gross Britain Crown Orders 1940s- they needed wood for matchsticks ? This THEFT & decimation The Argentine shows that the Gross Britain Nobles Imperial Figures from a Morgue HAD THEIR SNOUTS INTO THE WILL OF FRED RANSOM born c 1800-dies c 1880...

Dr Silverlee could also agree with ANDRE MALRAUX on the delight of being amongst a breed of human beings who ‘Acted the Gospels Out’ in EAST ANGLIA & other parts of the globe…the small town that had arisen from that first land & settlement set up for his grandparents & fellow Workers come from Welsh Silver mines 1850s Free land, help with putting up homes from FRED RANSOM !

references : Histories of Jacopsholmen island West Greenland - 19th -20th century-theatre-workshops-school of highest standard in the globe-orchestra 60-40 Greenlanders & visitors- church & first great bell cast in Greenland-experimental buildings for the University put up 1850s- PLAY SEASON- plays from Classical Greece Rome-Shakespeare-European play-writers- performances in 4 languages- `a utopia a little democracy-hope for the world up there…` Captain Alan Villiers December 1967 Oxford

1920s/1940s : GROTE-RANSOM-WEDDELL subjected to cunning HIGH CLASS SIN JOKES…accidents-poisonings-the barbaric bullying Sunday after Church…the games of the 1920s of violence played Sunday afternoons…baiting of others…hunting them AS BIG GAME… & sometimes murder for dough. All done on DOPES by Noble penniless-most of them ON THE PIN -

1883 onwards : Ransom Estate/Grote/ & families kith & kin treated by Lindsay Crawford Earls as objects THEY HAD A RIGHT TO TAKE MONEY & PROPERTIES FROM ! 1950s the sordid obscene & evil FRAUDSTERS were fearful of exposure- Ransom histories stolen & claimed by ANGELA as RICE PAPER/Zheng He` …hidden-removed from official archives-graves monuments islands destroyed…USING THE AUTHROITY OF THE GOVERNMENT THE LORDS LINDSAY & THE CROWNS…Scandinavia hopping on the Charnel Carts too…all NICKING from banks in our names when they could …Destruction of character by a Class insolvent & in some nations regarded as VAGRANTS of the globe - Attacks went on all the 20th century of Ransom & branches-