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Precious Weddell San Julian history found soaking in the bath at Greenwich 1965- documents got from a Bank for writing up-commissioned abroad & some information for a TV series…LIR. records/diaries/of all this…

1937 - Sea Captain Liam Ransom`s tall cupboards of records burned by Jimmie Jong & Lindsay 14- (2 evil little jack-in-the-boxes) in Birmingham & Norway… 1950s other hideous crimes by these gaseous groups working for Naval Intelligence & British business scum- & old Roaring 2Os monsters with this narcotic often up their snouts-Divinorum Salvia Scotland torch blown pellets hitting brain-2 seconds-

The Fred MacMurray family harassed New York & Hollywood- Greta’s father & he share a great-great grandfather- the father of Margarethe’s father Fred Ransom (Greta‘s grandpa twice back)

This is that Fred Ransom Antigua who bought the 19 Acres

NEW YORK 1801…He whose 2nd son was CAIN-Antigua-

Diaries USA- Cain also played football & had never spoken to another crocodile in his life-he was the 2nd son…had his toys in a cart-went to church-suppers with perfect manners & had a jewelled collar enjoyed musical evenings & poetry readings-he came to them when he was 12 inches long- -monument to Cain was seen by BMNH guest worker-Lady of the Red billed Cranes & the Medusa-in the 1950s-reporting December 1966 to Miss Greta Ransom in the BMNH / some investigation her death families Rathbone/Furse/Whitehead-PJPW/Workers BMNH

Theft break-in & entry is continuing 1950s-1960s-1970s-1980s-

Dr Peter J.P. Whitehead having to treat it as a joke or they‘d interfere the more with his scientific work BM Natural History/fishes/history of natural history/scurvy…

I Greetha grew up in this violence done by noble HIGH CLASS SIN- A girl on her birthday 13 years calling to Greta 6 years `you need not think you are having it you Ape` Mr Pong acts as her Uncle-

1930s - records/diaries/archives…acts of Noble barbarism

1938/1934 - STONING MINERVA & us…`With relatives we followed again by sub-apes ON THE PIN catcalling they employed by THE CROWN - JIM Mr Pong & Lindsay Earl 14 leading them- they are called `2 Evil little jack-in-the-Boxes` by respectable people- Old dog walkers call them dog dirt on our seafront/

It was at Clacton-on-Sea 1938 autumn - With boy scout catapults they fired at us in the REC Vista Road by the sandpit outside the garden of the house ‘Pearly’…My father picked up a pellet- it was a letter from Gustave Mahler- another was a short note from Galileo- a Buxtehude letter-Woodrow Wilson letters /others- These Nobles of Gross Britain had broken in & stolen from our LETTER BOOKS- These Nobles represent the British Government & THE CROWN- & they wear such medals too…

The LINDSAY GANG & scum go at night into East Anglia & break-in on little shops for booze & fags…hams & cheeses- pinching a young man`s car for the crime- In a pack they are hideously violent -

1938 - Their next move would be to hurl stones at us -

As they did when MINERVA Greta’s great-grandmother pushed her

out in a pram 1933/34- She so pleased & happy with the family Gordon & Ransom at the Seaside & that delightful REC- A well known USA Song Writer she began to compose a song out of the fresh air- soon she had everyone around singing it« Here we are at Clacton-on-Sea…In such lovely Company`…the sea the air the little farms…this lovely Recreation Park for all of us…for you & me…& the new baby…»

(Minerva Olivea Hesketh whose 2nd marriage has her at 38 years of age Mrs James Weddell II - issue 2 daughters JEAN ballerina & Aunt Baxter ballerina but she gave it up to marry BAXTER BOOKBINDER ARGENTINE…)

1933/34 - MINERVA-Olivea (nee Hesketh/ref.Shakers ) She recognising the Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs were on DOPE strong dope ! She called loudly in her soft American voice (she is also a singer) for help in the Recreation Ground saying they were on DOPE & dangerous come & protect us-

“ they are THROWING STONES AT THE BABY Greetah in our pram…there are too many of them…come help !…” People did ! They saw that the LINDSAY monsters of the Sea Front part of the year were calling GR an APE - & an Eskimo who could not inherit- the dope-fiends of the Upper-upper British noble scum representing British Government & Crown…

1909 - MINERVA had called these Earls Lindsay `FIGURES FROM A MORGUE` when the violence broke out after the wedding of her daughter JEAN to Frederick Charles RANSOM 19O9 & when they began having children the LINDSAY mob were displeased !

The diseased old Earl an old thieving liar with a brother began claiming all of Minerva’s MONEYS USA- her successful book EVENSONGS-her ballads too-the family Weddell San Julian lands !

( No 12-put a 12 years old heir his son down a Maritime chamber “a hole in the sea” Press-2 pages c 1910 )

At her death 1934 when they had poisoned MINERVA-Olivea in a London Teashop (JIM & No 14 are named as doing the murder)

the WILL of Minerva-Olivea was ignored & her 2 daughters NEVER GOT A JOT- The Song Books began to be collected in by EARLS of Lindsay to be destroyed…They have this fixation to destroy the EXISTENCE of their Victims & other crimes of the insane…

All photos of Millie Frobisher were to be destroyed-I hear this 31.12.1953 ! But was shown a framed photograph hidden…

“ Of the dead MINERVA-Olivea Mrs James Weddell II…her moneys

& her copy write her songs & an apartment in USA…the EARL of the LINDSAYBUGGARHS claimed ALL- IN the name of the British Crown ! Her daughters - Jean & Aunt Baxter -had properties moneys in SAN JULIAN’S lands- their great grandpa SAN JULIAN left the children of JAMES his eldest grandson two little islands & educational settlements which the two girls & Minerva were devoted to-& the little house with verandah San Julian`s Bay escaped their GRASP…We stayed there 1936...

In the 1950s these two beautiful tiny islands were abused & then blown up & all records destroyed by JIM Lindsay thugs & Mengele for Noble bilge rats- Naval Intelligence Army thugs for “The Crown “ who STEAL RANSOM WEDDELL MALRAUX et al POST/mail…did the donkey work of explosions/

1930s - Churchill did not come & help as he did 1920s as he was not so important in Politics as earlier - I doubt he was asked as these Lindsay thefts are so slimey to follow when they begin !… he had kicked LINDSAY EARLS out of Great Britain for two years…taking back the moneys properties they had stolen & killed for…in Scotland…

1937 - New Year - I Greetah will quote Uncle Captain LIAM RANSOM again- `WE ONCE FOUND AN ENLIGHTENED RULER-down in San Salvador -have nothing to do with Courts & Kings & Crowns young woman…coming 4 years-well you have to be a young woman-these are going to be difficult times ahead”

Captain Liam Ransom brings me the STARS CHART to learn from… We go to a Will Hay film at the very big CENTURY Cinema…where I take ANDRE MALRAUX summer of happiness 5 weeks then to


1937 SUMMER ` COM`TH Saint George- ANDRE MALRAUX OF FRANCE- & JOSETTE his chosen wife-a young lady- writer humanist cooks a good broth & can embroider a Spanish Cross - THEY COM`TH to Clacton-on-Sea in East Anglia & are quickly recognised as pure young people ACTING THE GOSPELS OUT- they find `ACTED OUT THE GOSPELS`

1937/38 - One of several break-ins by Lindsaybuggarhs & other thugs who in the town came sidling up to us demanding “ALL RECORDS ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE GOV & CROWN…” This disgusting Earl No 12 knick-name ‘salt & pepper’ has taken away a little investment my father FJR & his father FCR have given me- a small garage -to learn my humanism - I have 49 per cent -

I have immediately with approval set up a Xmas Club & a Hospital Club as we always do- The greedy insane dirty old Earl LINDSAY with his HIGH CLASS SIN authority demanded it be put in his name as I was his WARD- I am NOT-You filthy evil old liar ! This is Lindsaybuggarh Earl no 12- its got some horrible crimes from the late 19th century into 20th ! If the owner with family (51 per cent) objected the Earl’s thugs would have beaten him up & damage his premises-

as usual… & his liver …..G R

EARL Lindsaybuggarh 12 now took away my Xmas & Hospital Club moneys for himself - he is a dirty thief -

My little Clubs were said to be not necessary by him ! I set these up out of my profit on the 49 per cent ! We always do this ! My father could do nothing either- or they’d attack his parents at `Jerusalem` some more- soon his mother JEAN was poisoned 1938 end of summer-

(her hospital records were in a London hospital until 1953-then Mr Mengele royal Satrap paedophile Gollum HARRINGTON had them removed-some medics on the WAY UP said this would happen-They were terrified of dirty JIM soon to be called CUR JAMES & Mr Mengele paedophile Harrington teamed up- both of them had appeared on that balcony- & on that yacht- highly educated young & middle aged CALLED THEM EVIL CREATURES…

The usual break-in-& entry by G.B. Government & Crown had gone on since I was born 1933/ records/diaries/Detectives Andre Malraux :

All this would not happen if it were not to be THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND by British penniless HIGH CLASS SIN-

They are removing us/persons of QUALITY/ from the Globe -

Their obscene crime can proceed…

1966 - A man of high position City of London angrily says for a week…“ you have a river of blood around your ankles young woman- we want to stop them bringing this money into the City- it drips blood & gore ” Two monsters were put on colour film - given the death they’d given the children- they had helped themselves to part of the Estate- I think this was in Colombia & Spain. The U.K. & other Territorials were able to gather some of the brutes own mercenaries to help ! CATCHING SOME OF THE MONSTERS began summer 1960 after threats at Colne Engaine -diaries of these good detectives-colleagues of Andre Malraux…

1944 - (COPIES obtained Feb 1960) - IMPORTANT PAPERS -

sent by post addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX of PARIS - that are read by JOSETTE-end of Oct/early Nov 1944-she collects them in PARIS - their last meeting on earth-

1944 - reading correspondence from GROTE Brokers New York

USA & Ransom solicitors Argentine… JO is in no doubt ANDRE is GUARDIAN to Greetha Ransom who is heir to this VAST WORLD WIDE ESTATE - it frightened her ! She is said to have fallen on the Railway line 9th November soon after 9am- she would be worrying about missing Post/mail to ANDRE MALRAUX FROM 1937 CHRISTMAS…

& frightened because 2 gunmen have turned up demanding the Post/mail she collected for him in PARIS after seeing him off to WAR…

….she has with help in a Village sent a message-a verbal message to ANDRE MALRAUX has been sent by a resistance worker-to go to another-& to yet another…she would perhaps not know where…Josette DIES IN AGONY in a few hours 9 November 1944 -

1945 June - Andre Malraux is weeping to Miss Annie Agnes Williams artist born 1880 of `Stella Maris` 10 Granville Road Clacton-on-Sea


1959 Christmas - ANDRE MALRAUX MINISTER OF FRANCE has some more information about the message she sent him - it clearly was something like “ Greetha heir A-Z & a real Island in the SNOW where a French Family are imprisoned…you accused of using a cheque book sent from New York Brokers…big sums withdrawn since 1938 » The message arrived to him after her death as `SHE WAS WORRIED ABOUT AN ISLAND» Now he obtained a little more…

Josette did as the Grote Brokers USA & The Argentine asked her “…enquire WHY the British would not allow a search of the Island JACOPSHOLMEN off XRISTENSHARB the past 4 years when it had been reported the family of Paris de SALLE were ordered out of the great RANSOM house into a big unheated hut on the shores…the principle RANSOM GRONLANDER buildings were wired with explosives…by a man they knew…(named JIM) with British Army & Naval thugs 2nd week December 1939

1960 January - THUS - Reports for ANDRE MALRAUX by his Detectives & Colleagues Colne Engaine (2 Books & this Document Summer 1937 help/& there are Diaries/further reports)

1944 - reports early February 1960 from France-

Collected by Philip Silverlee- Visit of Madam Clotis-

`Josette is heard by her mother striding about the Chateau…“ HE HAS NOT HAD A CHEQUE BOOK ” ! Her mother hears her say-early November 1944 - “ but he has not had a cheque book !” She felt her daughter was writing a story for publication & agitated…

1960 late February- The typewritten carbon copies (all paper work goes on typewriters-up to 5 copies can be made) sent from USA & Argentine by POST/mail summer 1944 are discovered to exist end February 1960 by Malraux’s Detectives & Colleagues/Silverlee gets his 28 years old daughter to get papers from Buenos Aries Ransom Solicitors…they had the Wills & other documents/gave copies/Then he flys to New York meets daughter-go together to GROTE BROKERS now amalgamated with another firm (where PJPW`s cousin Palmer Sparkman may still be working his first Wall Street job)…

1960 Feb. last days : URGENT DELIVERY made to MALRAUX & General de GAULLE from New York -

General de Gaulle- one Courier collects !

` THE IMPORTANT PAPERS GO MISSING- MAN from GAUL Courier for General de Gaulle… flies on one plane to New York…will receive the brief case & return- ONE COURIER ! It had just happened when Malone/POLITAN came to Report to `Mistral` Colne Engayne…alongside CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis…

REPORTS IN LATER YEARS/several/2 years now Gross Britain Nobles HUNT BIG GAME ~ LIST OF THE DEAD given !

General de Gaulle`s single COURIER from GAUL - There was a

delay & he had to GET OFF THE PLANE because a package required the seating re-arranged-information is dense here- records are over the years… a 2 hour delay at a hotel France waiting to see General de Gaulle/or MALRAUX ?/ …this may have had the Courier knocked out with DOPE & the brief case emptied of the IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS ? WHY NOT 6 Courier ! The Papers Silverlee collected TERRIFIED HIM !

A CRIME by Earls Lindsay for Angela`s Crown ! Getting `a leg up` were Scandinavia/Mountbatten et al ! PLANNED so carefully using G.B. Armed Forces 2nd World War ! SLAY ALL GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…`we cannot have them wandering about the globe saying they have been thrown out of their HOMES… ref. Whitehall a thug/fool ? Grantly-Smithers…

ALL OF THEM ON THE PINfrom Roaring 1920s !

The single FRENCH Courier ? His package ? False papers may have been inserted when it was intercepted - this has been the fashion of the NOBLE GREEDY in the past- they also answer Invitations in a nasty manner -

Nota bene : Matter of a personal letter from POPE PIUS 12 to MALAUX December 1957 -it may have been stolen by The Mengeles` who are drenched in Cocktails of drugs-awaiting a Peership from HELL‘s Kitchens…)

Nota bene : 1944 Paris has just been liberated- the system of STEALING MALRAUX’s POST/mail not yet in full operation by thugs of the British Government the House of Lords & Crown-

1962 March - Andre MALRAUX & General de Gaulle receive the missing papers 2 years late - records

1960 end February into March- An elaborate system of forged answers operated AS in years before- The victims rarely signed some of the bits & pieces they are supposed /forged signatures on cheque books replies-crazy messages- arrogance-etc. A savage humour `Marlborough House Set` & later cult 1920s known as `Sunday games` was much used -you might have it explained by someone of this CLASS who GOT AWAY-from all that- reports/archives/some examples/



Clacton-on-Sea East Anglia `where we found the Gospels

Acted out `- ANDRE MALRAUX retired Cultural Minister of FRANCE is reading from his notebooks … in Harwell

` The Pillar House` of the immortal childrens stories

… in winter 1970 -

`1937 when ANDRE MALRAUX was 35 years old & Josette 24 years old…a summer in his life had him consider what he wished to do in LIFE……the HOPE & HAPPINESS rising in him come shocked from BLOODY SPAIN comes from, he writes, the speech the deportment OF A CHILD…who said sorrowfully she had travelled POLES Nord-SUD when he seemed not to believe her TALES OF AN ISLAND IN THE SNOW…


she GFWR/M.Cae./W. writes as he GEORGES-ANDRE MALRAUX directed September 1976 ...

1970 Winter - ANDRE MALRAUX is reading about two young people, himself & JOSETTE, beginning life & having a wonderful meaningful holiday- Extending it because of the kindly people they met Clacton & East Anglia-

Malraux & Josette Clotis… DO NOT KNOW by December 1937 they are on the murder list of British Imperial HIGH CLASS SIN- who began planning swiftly 1929 THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND using British Government & Crown- its institutions of the State

…removing records- peoples-destroying character-taking by Imperial Faceless Divine Right properties & lands of the little Nations of the globe…giving nothing in writing but arrogantly jeering `an old Eskimo had no right to make a Will & gave it all away to

Angela when she was a kid… yah know `…

1960 Lord XYZ “the Clowns- they have committed the greatest crime of mankind ” -he dared say CRIME -he kept retainers round his Estate-

1937 THE SEASIDE HOLIDAY Clacton-on-Sea -

A RECORD of worthwhile civilizing things - happiness -

Andre & Josette - Unity’s mother & the kindness shown to us…

the giving to us the use of her father’s home & he so happy we come

& use the family home…he in the Convalescent Home on the seafront near to what will become known to us all 1937 & as long as we all live… as JO`s Beach Holland-on-sea -

1977-1981 - Dr LENNIE IMMANUEL RANSOM makes PILGRIMAGE for Andre now dead…until Lennie is slain by this horrendous IMPERIAL mob of GREED…& the business world NOBLES of Gross Britain keen to have PILES OF DOUGH…

1937 Summer - Intelligence about the world comes from the March widowed Mary Gordon & her youngest son 25 years Harry Gordon superb car mechanic & inventions- He has been paid one job in Monsieur Eiffel Tower drawings by one of Dedham impoverished at time of repairs- That Summer 1937 there were many kindly human beings greeting happily Andre & Jo who Entered with Summer - Came two young people WITH THEIR LIVES BEFORE THEM - &

found Greta & saved her life-tipping away poison medicine -

OLD BRITISH TRICK with medicine bottles - dope added to have

Greetha Ransom heir die by September- Two opened bottles left by TREASA Gordon R. who was told by Lindsaybuggarhs & JIM et al `you can come to all the Coronation knees-ups of Angela if you do away with that Ape child Teresa Gordon …`

1944 JOSETTE dies - then their 2 sons Pierre & Vincent

to die 1961 - ages 21 & 18 years - a non-accident- killers known-

3 VICTIMS OF VIOLENT GREED & Andre having his health run down from 1947 by `Mengele Harrington Sinister Royal Satrap paedophile Gollum`…he is another servant to G.B. HIGH CLASS SIN -

1937 onwards - “ THE GUARDIAN IS CHOSEN…”

How different life was to be for Andre & JO & the GROTE HOMES children - the million & a quarter people Lennie & I have in our care 1938 round the globe A to Z if the Imperial Fist & Big Dirty Boots of Gross Brit had been STOPPED “proceeding in silence” with HIGH CLASS SIN - & Scandinavian Crows shot or netted as they came flying in to gorge on `an old Eskimo’s Eldorado `

They are dope-fiends 1920s style - they come at us with faces resembling ravenous beasts- Jurassic- I have encounters with them from my 3rd year & a record in my memory…into the 1980s…& have observed them turn on others- they have all gone as mad as mad as can be - on dope - In the 1950s they turned to LSD- Mr Mengele Harrington is another supervisor 1938 onwards to the IMPERIUM upper crust Fraudsters - These murderers 1940s of the Grote Children & the million & a quarter peoples on our Ransom Trust & Ransom brides Dowry lands…

7th-8th centuries : …back to `Aurora` educated Berber girl 6 feet

tall her father Town Council-farmer-sometime Trader CASTILE 7th-8th centuries AD- How Lindsaybuggarhs hooted with the rest of them that RANSOM were `Barbarians`…Wilkins Ice Shelf with newspapers to wear should be their destination-as they saw Margarethe`s heir Greta was dressed when she was born-destroying all the baby clothes

I, Greeta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM arrived by seaplanes November 1933 in a blanket & newspapers…

1933 November - I was snatched up in Clacton-on-sea by a frantic young father of 22 years of age who knew his daughter was not going to survive LINDSAYBUGGARHS & a mother made insane on dopes by them& big behind Angela now clawing at the STARS/she has got syphilis & JIM Jong is her medical advisor with old CHINESE remedies ~

1933 November - We landed by our seaplanes & Greenlanders found GR baby clothes…& took care of me & came to the Christening in our Church on Jacopsholmen Island where it is hoped soon to begin the UNIVERSITY POUL GRONLANDER…

1880s onwards - All our kin & kith are investigated by these FIGURES FROM A MORGUE discovering HOW THEY COULD PAY THEIR DEBAUCHED GLITTERY LIVES- GRAB GROTE HOMES & LANDS-education for foreigner not allowed - GOD WILL SAY WHEN !

These criminally insane like to leer arrogantly in a victim’s face- informing them they have destroyed or taken into custody properties/ancestry records/paintings & art works/music dedications removed…& thus assisting UGLINESS always attempting to get `a leg up`etc - My young father is 22 years when I GR am born/

records-archives - Aunt Margarethe had to be hidden from 1933 after the poisoning of her only child her son Basil aged 53...a miracle birth when she was 41 years arranged by two French Doctors, brothers, who agreed to help…Margarethe visited their families first & thus BASIL grew up with 3 Fathers… He lived with his mother & Tiggy until 15 years then went to his French fathers for higher education… BASIL Ransom Grote studied accountancy because of the JOYOUS VENTURE- became rather scholarly-& he is most agreeable to his mother & GROTE BROKERS having the heirs Greta & Lennie Ransom - As a child he travelled the globe but had no idea his mother was RICH…he enjoyed studying a term at the Grote Homes of the globe…BASIL HUMANIST - & MARTYR…