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1930s - there was early 20th century the occasional ANABAPTIST Service in their tiny chapel just down from Great Clacton Rise at the beginning of the Valley Road. They would get permission from a Bishop. They all good people of moderation-humanism-some come in from The Seas or fleeing the Continent & its Wars of Religions the last 400 years… Many of them well known to the Ransom families & addressed by Christian names - Andre & Greetah have walked past 1937...1945 it is a carpenters workshop…

1940s - there are come & go predators about me GR that I half recognise… even though my memory is badly impaired… but I hath a sense of evil when I see some of them… creatures of uniforms-good tailoring-much talk of women with Military moustaches too-

Pre-war late1930s I knew they were out to destroy & rob our miracle GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate of 2,000 years THE JOYOUS VENTURE- I do not put the 1930s Curriculum of my carefully structured early learning into words anymore-I am alone- RANSOMS & that side of my family were taken off to WAR-to be slain with the Grote children but many RANSOM family have survived with help from human beings ! The violence upon me physically has stored away my family ARCHIVES into dark landscapes lining tunnels of silver black light where THE ONLY DAWN IS FROM THE MEMORY- These rabies ridden dogs want all of us dead- all identification removed- so they may go on with the GREAT DECLINE-the great debauchery-THEIR IMPERIAL GREEDY EMPIRE IS FALLEN…but they have piles of GOLD from a River of BLOOD from GROTE HOMES SLAUGHTER…

1946 - from September - I Greta Ransom have to appease SHEshe not yet sent into the Asylum by December…& she slithers at me from places of overhanging trees with threats- coming at me school dinner times with buns in a bag saying in authority “…I want to talk to YOU-

I need help with the boys- I have to think of my sons- MY SONS-you are only a girl-you are to help me with your brothers- I require to speak with you-you…you bitch you … ” At Christmas 1947 she is still NOT IN THE ASYLUM…she jeers at Miss Aunt Winnie XMAS day lunchtime … “…of course I smashed that marriage…WHY SHOULD SHE HAVE A HUSBAND…when I don`t have one…Old girl … ”

She Teresa Gordon Mad Mother Kali Clytemnestra Old Mother Riley-Ransom…Close chum of Angela a dope-drunk & dirty JIMMIE Mr PONG… has a bottle of spirits in each hand as all NOBLE BRITAIN did 1920s…I burst into tears & left…went back to the 2 room flat…found she had torn it to pieces…I left it immaculate…she only had to give the boys their breakfast…I went to help Aunt Winnie prepare our solitary XMAS dinner…THE MARRIAGE TORN TO PIECESI told nothing of the MADNESS that has occurred !

IT IS ANDRE MALRAUX 1954, again 1957 attempts to tell me of the HORRIBLE DANGER she & her NOBLE MONSTERS OF THE DEEP

put he & General de Gaulle in…by September 1947 !


their use of the Nation`s Institutions & Armed Forces THUG GROUPS came at us again… THEY WILL NOT BE ANCHORED TO THIS CRIME…THIS GENOCIDE…THEY HAVE SLAIN THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…a million round the globe…TO GET THEMSELVES DOUGH…& their CLASS ! Records extensive were gathered 1960 Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960 …

1946 September - I am advised not to go near her alone & only be polite at a distance…I am not to be her servant again ! The Marital Court has said this…she is to be put in the Tendring Nut House- then sent where they recommend. She has dope addiction-violence-& poisons people as ordered with & by the her noble criminally-insane- They all take this dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland-& no nation should permit them to live outside a secure Asylum or Psychiatric Prison !

COURT HEARS PLEA : TGR FRIEND OF NOBLE BRITAIN WHO CLAIMS ALL THE ESTATE because her friend ANGELA is claiming it 1933 - after birth of Greta Ransom heir at 2 weeks old/with Lennie Immanuel RANSOM 12 years old sub-heir THE RANSOM CHILDREN …approved by HIGH INTELLIGENCE the globe :

SHEshe is insisting to the COURT ` that her important friends have put her in charge…that she has had an illness “BECAUSE OF HAVING TO MARRY HIM…& look after the RANSOM lot all the WAR…` Miss Win would not let me attend the Court - rather her nephew ED TIN CANN !

1946 - late August-September Clacton on Sea/Chelmsford-

Teresa Gordon Ransom/1940s - who goes partying back of Buckingham Palace with NOBLES racyAdmiralty with Dicky Bird of Scandinavia & WHITEHALL after closing time when the criminally insane NOBLE BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA have secret-silence meetings to KILL THE GROTE CHILDREN & help themselves to the ESTATE…“ Teresa will of course get her SHARE for supplying information & DAMAGING HER CHILDREN & relatives ! ”

She speaks to Court “…& I did not have enough to eat or warm clothes-I had to work my fingers to the bone to feed HIS three children-my bloody husband spent every penny on himself….”

The Courts prove she lies & is sick from dope-booze & all the MADNESS of IMPERIAL BRITAIN ~ August/September 1946.

To Court : Further information from CLACTON SEAFRONT :

Teresa Gordon Ransom`s Noble friends including one Angela have been heard baiting her that `she has given birth to Apes`…

They do not intend giving her a big fortune from their CRIMINAL INSANITY their FRAUD THEFT WITH VIOLENCE to get Grote Ransom Estate- she would be too dangerous to them as the mother of `the Apes & Eskimos`… But they do not drop her acquaintanceship-

TGR is committed to an Asylum for the poisoning of her mother Mary Gordon & to be in to TENDRING ASYLUM for assessment by October 1946 the latest...but the Courts know who has put her up to all this…& these monsters Earls of Lindsay & Mr Jim Jong & others Noble always urging crimes against us RANSOM families to destroy our image …

1934 & 1938 - the three of them 1938 poisoned Jean Weddell ballerina & Mr Jimmie Jong Mr Pong & No 14 Lindsay poisoned Minerva her mother 1934 in a London Tea shop /complete account of this from teashop & cake shop…the switching of the apple tarts & the theft of Mrs MINERVA WEDDELL`s handbag…she with her brother`s daughter & an old servant to her mother came in for tea…a family known in Deptford called HESKETH/WEDDELL & live next to The SHAKERS Wyoming…& JAMES THE sub-arctic WEDDELL SEA-m RANSOM Tall Ships/

(Victoria-Augusta R.W. musician & composer the great-great grand-daughter of MINERVA-Olivea Hesketh Mrs James Weddell II has not received a copy of Minerva`s EVENSONGS-yet IMPERIUM hoards her printed ballads & this book away…one day it will MAKE MORE MONEY FROM ITS STOLEN WARES… but Graham Greene novelist grew up with a copy on the top of my father`s piano Greetah” - Colchester Castle winter 1952/53

1945 - onwards life is dangerous for me GR … I supposed to be a lunatic or dead to let IMPERIAL DOPE & booze criminally insane get magnificently RICH - also it is especially dangerous for Andre Malraux widower with 2 boys-

1946 - the HUMANISM that protected me pre-war has all been overlaid in my memory & often removed with drugs that give NO YESTERDAY - This IMPERIAL GANG can remove memory from the SERVANTS…when the PARTY gets TOO HIGH…

SHEshe has turned all of the truth around. I find scary her weird world of lies done with these noble monsters of SIN & GREED- she is free & fooling people I think - they believe the Family Gordon are in charge with ANDRE MALRAUX- She is to be his future mother-in-law & he has known her since 1924. She will be the grandmother of our children… The marriage April 1947 had those that knew `wetting themselves round their vice ridden Gents Clubs…they could not believe such disaster could befall their violent Plans to take all the RANSOM Estate too ! Our deaths plotted as always

1957 November - Not all of them knew…Earl no 15 sometime Count Lindsay b 1926 went even more dope-insane that month.

He had clearly come to kill Greetha Ransom yet again. He began seriously when I was 5 years old 1938...his father told him all the money was his !

1957 November - LINDSAY (15) calling at 50 Lancaster Gate Square, Scarlet Town…he was expecting his invitation to Greta Ransom X “come for a ride in my car ” to be accepted. He got himself from shock another Clinic Stay - Miles Davis & band got him to take a Clinic Stay early 1950s when he tried to get money out of them…

I Greetha with no memory of him or the pre-war & chunks of the wartime missing refused & did not ask him to the drawing room - Malraux was due back late night…

Malraux‘s knuckleduster has already been used against what comes in from JIM bar rat of WHITES CLUB…& thrown in the Kensington Park over the hedge !

I Greta Ransom did not know who a `Count Garnie- Garnlock ` was

& said…`NO - I AM WAITING FOR MY HUSBAND - George…ANDRE MALRAUX- TO COME FROM GAUL ` I was not going anywhere with an unknown Count & I did not like his name - it sounded very uncouthI am an aesthete- I had enough problems since September with Mad Mother Kali clutching at me in the London streets saying I was expected to help her get a LONDON CLUB…& to get back where she was…“ before I had to marry your bloody father…& spend MY LIFE looking after you…you poor fool…THIS OLD MAN MALROOH only wants you for 2 months…MY FRIENDS IN THAT CLUB SAY SO…”

( Apparently at one time he LINDSAY 15 killer spade-wheeler age 12-13 years Clacton Beach… feared she might be his mother too ! )

1957 November - He, The Count Lindsay offshore , did a sort of corkscrew War Dance on the steps of 50 Lancaster Gate Square & then politely asked… `when is Andre going to be here`…

I had replied exactly as ANDRE MALRAUX had instructed me late autumn 1957 ( when we began to have the 4 BANNS being read at Saint Etheldreada’s crypt City of London for 7 January 1958 )


Nota bene : `young Paccelli GONE ON HIGH IN ROME `… had just told ANDRE MALRAUX Georges “ NO ! The marriage was NEVER annulled or dissolved ~ to Mary Gordon’s grand-daughter…go & SEE THE ARCH BISHOPS ~ In Latin ?

1937 & 1945 - ANDRE-George (to be Colonel Andre Malraux Widower…two brothers dead in another GREAT WAR 1945 ) is singing 1937 in my ear softly removing stress bringing sleep talking of the world when it is all at PEACE & we have our Post Offices on the STARS- 1945 August com`th HYROSHEEMAH after we have sung for Josette the full 1610 Mass of Claudio Monteverdi beside the SEAS-

1946 November- Andre & Greta are Engaged in a little ceremony in the Choir loft at the Our Lady Church by the Convent School of the Poor Saint Clares…` “ I`ll TAKE HER ” … he said …

Andre Malraux Widower - Greta born on a hearse…unknown to him the heir & Guardian GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 Parts the world-philanthropy…the precious stream that can never run dry for every nation is in agreement with what we do- & we RANSOM line are married into 14 Races & 27 nations-

We have records of real people from 6-7th century AD Britain-Castile-Mainz…continuing in an unbroken line RANSOM down to 19th century Greenland/Inca/Tierra del Fuego/ the unusual great- great-grandmothers who were photographs as I was growing up I know so well…their wedding gowns…their HUMANISM…

`1937 SUMMER - Andre could have spoken with Aunt Margarethe- it always took 2 days to hear there would be a phone call coming to us…the arrangements were to keep her safe…SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT….

1947 January a school day - ANDRE & Greta - THE SPOOKY

HOUSE…Harry says NO…won`t do…! He has driven us over a weekday mid-day dinner time a cold frosty day . He is shocked it is this house ! But he will show us over it…he knew it before it got a nasty reputation…built by a nice old man been at sea…Harry says he will talk to Win…she should know something nasty happened here 3-4 years ago…it is in the local newspapers…A number of people knew it had to do with Jim & them on the Front-Grand-

Harry Gordon shakes his head seriously at Andre “ Thought you wanted to see it for something you might write… tell you later- a bit gruesome- did not know you wanted to see it for a home ”…/ /records & more 1960 Ghost house Team Colne Engaine/

Harry says to me Greetha … “…a bit lonely…that pine wood at the back…too far from the Convent young`un…do you remember a man was found dead there…?…Mother would have known about it… (Young-un - a name they used to give me 1930s at the Garage Thorpe-le- Soken when I helped them-it goes to the youngest assistant in a workshop…)

1936 XMASTIDE - “ Young-un bring the tools…” That Christmas I made an Xmas Tree by hanging the tools on the fence in the shape of a tree with decorations on - they always remembered !

1947 XMASTIDE - Auntie Win had been told about the house being for sale by Mad mother Kali-Uriah Heap -Clytemnestra…

1937 SUMMER - To-night we are to try out what I felt Teilhard de Chardin was talking about in his lecture ( & by the way Georgie your remark that Chardin was NOT an Indian…there is a 17th century Parisian Sir John/Jean Chardin traveller went to India-resided in Persia- I expect I had also heard about him…Georges-Andre MALRAUX MAN OF LETTERS…perhaps Margarethe has bought his house or we have a painting of him…or the RANSOM brothers of that time knew him…YOU MUST TRY CURE YOUR QUICKFIRE… )

But 1937 we will see if we can carry out instructions “ HOW TO PUT YOUR BRAIN OUTSIDE YOUR HEAD IF YOU CONCENTRATE…

We remembered near midnight & were perhaps a bit tired & seem to have put ANDRE’s brain on a star at the top of SEVEN SISTERS (Nebulae-Andromeda ? ) a star so very faint it can only be seen in clear skies- In the next few days he said he felt we had accomplished it & he said he felt he sometimes needed it back… his brain - If we could remember which star ?

I could not remember if we put it to the right or the left - those stars just off the SEVEN SISTERS could not often be seen…but I had to think of a way to get it back…the lecturer did not say that

1957-1959 -The Minister of France will ask me to try get it down…his brain… He has come back perhaps from THE PARLIAMENT OF THE GAULS…Paris France…& sometimes they puzzle him. `No Georgie I cannot remember if it is left or right of Seven Sistersbut I think it is the left at the top…`

ANDRE MALRAUX Guardian…Stolen from him the signed Will from the owner of the world Estate … Mrs Margaret Ransom Grote murdered 1938 & WILL stolen May/July 1938 by the very NOBLE criminally insane of Gross Britain…


…2nd World WAR PLANS carried out for the slaying of the GROTE HOMES children-the settlements-others-the RANSOM WEDDELL & others of our blood line slain in tricky nastiness or arranged car accidents…a continual spiteful harassment by creatures sub-Ape dressed so expensively…ANDRE MALRAUX came to CLACTON-ON-SEA early May 1945 from PARIS hoping to speak again with Mary Gordon - he is comforted that his old Continental friends the Winnclemanns have settled here beside the sea - he is surprised to find Mary Gordon is dead only last year June 1944 -

1960 - February - REPORTS Revealed/ ABUSE OF THE PUBLIC & residential citizens by EARLS of Crawford & LINDSAY families pre-2nd World War … Report with documents …(kept by older men)

`Arthur Malone detective based Colne Engaine for Andre Malraux…Reports February :

…. “ late 1930s the Clacton Police & Essex sent a Deputation to Westminster to complain of Lindsay Earls on the seafront…“ crimes that would have a poor part of the town with the Police at the door all the time…” it resulted in Essex Police Officers taken away from the Force-others found unfit-others disappear-WAR was coming-

Holy Miss Bessie (Bessie Carroll Williams of Stella Maris sister to Mary Gordon & Annie artist) had got them the Earls` lot…smashed up by an Irish football Team…back in 1930/31 or so…but they were back in all their tricks after 2 years…She’d put them in hospital & clinic 2 or 3 months…they were found in a pile on Holland beach early morning…they’d attacked a Priest & harmed a Nun…she died some months later…they tied her veil to a car window - said they did not see her - said she had been drinking holy wine…»

That’s this family claiming you…& Andre…for the chopping block…` Diaries/Colne Engaine Detectives & Colleagues of Andre Malraux 1960/61/others/…

Earls of LINDSAY & CHUMS : Further Reports with records- removed from Clacton & Essex Police for safety-

“… Attacks on holiday makers-old & just wedded `Lindsay MOG ALLEY stuff- rape not reportable at that time because of THEM so glorious with titles on the Clacton Seafront-`

`INTENTION: to get hold of the holiday money- they’d arrive afternoon our holidaymakers…excited to arrive-leave the suitcase

in the little guest house-the boarding house…then immediately afternoon early evening take a walk on our Front- they ’d have

the money for the week with them - `

`…towards Holland-on-sea it was easy in the dusk for 4 or 5 of the Lindsay gang…them & their Noble chums… to grab those on the middle promenade or gone to walk to the end of the beaches…` Further report “…trouble was the RANSOM brothers were very young- old man had too much humanism…by the time Jean ballerina was murdered by them all it was too late…WAR CAME…`

`CRIMES : they were all in on it - Lindsay & their kind…getting hold of the Northern lands & whatever else…Ransom had some Frobisher in the family too & Weddell down SouthThen (1937) we were told to doff our helmets to the fat one (Angela) used to come & stay at the Lindsay GRAND until middle of the 30s…`

1930s Reports given to Arthur Malone Detective/Colleagues/

1960-1961by many people who knew ANDRE MALRAUX 1937

& when he returned a WIDOWER after the 2nd World War…the awful mess-ups & the FACT that JIM & LINDSAYbuggarhs would come & threaten HARRY GORDON at least once a month :

Trouble was all of these women had no education after 13 years-

& Lindsay & the rest of the Noble crowd were ON THE PIN

HIGH ON DOPE…they’d NO MONEY- the educated part of the population knew it…those in what mattered…City Police could explain…law-learning… SO WHERE DID THEY GET ALL GET THESE FORTUNES TO SPEND AFTER THE WAR ? THE BUGGARHS THAT HAD MADE OUR SEAFRONT UNSAFE FOR YEARS ….Before the War they went about robbing small premises for fags & liquor-all over the county…you`d find they`d pulled off something in Suffolk…Then it got about these children were all dead…end of the WAR…a few told to do it turned & ran…changed their names - deserted…The older men knew where they were…got them help…` Arthur Malone & colleagues-citizens & retired from Essex 1960 reports/

1944 Clacton - The Winnclemanns come from Internment Camp-Epsom Race Course & hear of the Mission of the Misses Williams when they were young- it is presumed Clacton & area that ANDRE MALRAUX widower knows of the Estate-has received his copy the Will-before the war- The Winnclemanns` never learned of the Estate & when they heard anything about an inheritance for Greta clearly believed it was the Northern Mission-of the Misses Williams & young friends early 20th century-late 19th-

By the winter 1945/1946 the Clacton town & district do not speak of the RANSOM inheritance because it has surely to be a matter for ANDRE & General de Gaulle -

… I GR cannot recall clearly being called Little Miss North Pole after winter 1938/39...although at school 1942/1945 there was talk of Greenland & RANSOM families…John Gordon R. my brother was told to report to Mad Mother Kali if he heard things like this spoken of…SHE CAME TO THE SCHOOL October 1944 & physically ATTACKED Armstrong geographer putting into a lesson THE RANSOM BROTHERS sailing the coast of West Greenland…`Johnstown

….where we own property to this day if the IMPERIAL CROWNS have not had it TWISTED up so they get the dough…HAND OUT TO LINDSAY of course & et al ! GR

1960 - MALRAUX Minister of Culture France - realises that the INHERITANCE/The ESTATE was not being hidden from him by good people- but HIDDEN BY THOSE DRENCHED IN EVIL- Or those who had been crushed by deaths in the family & threatened with more IF THEY SPOKE ANY WORD-

ANDRE MALRAUX can now follow the startling deaths around he & Greetah Ransom from 1953 - find & hear of more 1945/48... Step back with the Reports into the years before & from 1937- understand the OBSCENE PENNILESS NOBLE EVIL plotted…INTENT ON DESTRUCTION- THEFT-with violent bestial sometimes FUN-joke murders… All of them criminally insane !

1946 August/September- ANDRE MALRAUX never knew until 1960 that Teresa Gordon Ransom was to be COMMITTED TO THE ASYLUM & it was recommended it be for a long time-perhaps life- Decision the Marital Court … where Miss Winifred Gordon perhaps under pressure from the criminally insane LINDSAY/du Cann/Teresa & Angela…

(Winifred … called Portia by nephew Ed du Cann- fawning about secretly) allowed the bastard nephew Ed du Cann & 2 man legal team

(1 found to be a fraud) to be present without asking Captain Ransom the father of the 3 children or telling the Gordon or Ransom families or ANDRE MALRAUX… !

This bastard b May 1924 of Teresa Gordon with his filthy mouth tried get Colin & Greetah into trouble in the Court- He pleaded he should be IN CHARGE OF THE ESTATE… his witness our brother John Gordon RANSOM age 10 years lied on Cub/Scouts honour for his mother & her bastard no 2 or 3... THE CAN is a regular HEROIN USER FROM 17 years of age…his half brother Ed- who gives him the very occasional invitation…

JGR got dismissed Cubs/Scouts & the pack of du Cann & team of 2 legal advisors were sent off- but they won`t let go- such foul tongues hath they - They all have UP THEIR SNOUTS Divinorum Salvia Scotland & grow it !


A DANGEROUS NARCOTIC : Report Carroll Family (got a Castle)

South Ireland 1941 - “…how the 4 tractors ploughed the du Cann crop of this dangerous narcotic into the field… & the Silver Band Played-the trestle tables were laden with good Fare… & the BASTARDS were sent with kicks out of Old Ireland- the trick had been planned 2 years…« letters to Miss Bessie Martha Murphy O’Brien CARROLL Williams, Miss Annie Agnes Williams & Mrs Mary Gordon…

1946 September- My father Army Captain retired Frederick John RANSOM won custody all 3 children & offered a generous sum each week for his wife - THE COURT say `SHE SHOULD HAVE NOTHING AT ALL & SHE SHOULD HAVE GONE OUT TO WORK- properly- a long time ago & learned life away from her NOBLE CHUMS…`

(her wartime activities are reported upon from FILES/Police etc/schools/citizens… Clacton & Chelmsford Court members know full well the Noble Lindsay Premier Earls & companion Angela-& where the trouble comes from- & THAT THEY ALL HAVE FILTHY MOUTHS…)

1946 - late August-September - Greta Ransom was not allowed in the Court being a female under 16 years/although later this was said to be an arrangement du CANN & Miss PORTIA Winifred Aunt Gordon hadThe reports read or given were by intelligent fair minded some very highly educated human beings ! Our Historical archives…are spoken of in Court- & the excessive violence given to GR b 1933 & CFR b 1938 citizens - reports-archives-