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( Andre & Greta…both of us Roman Catholic raised ! Greta Ransom marries `early wedding` A CATHOLIC BOY Georges-Andre Malraux- although I was amazed to WED A Hero of the Globe… )

LIR - `early learning …`

“ We see they went to Europe- Venice- there’s a grand-parent French Exotic people were not so unusual there (in Europe)…the Japanese came 16th century in a gorgeous clothed Body & heard song in St Marks`…In his writings (Poul) now either stolen or trampled in the snows- our Island bombed by them 1960 … are accounts of singing-Polyphony but it’s the science mixed with humanism 18th century that shows his magnificent intellect…”

“ Poul was never blighted by one God watching the individual…

he knew that this Creation everywhere & above his head the STARS gave to mankind a GLOBE & A UNIVERSE - he drew on his dead family’s careful nurturing of him - She Poul’s mother a 2nd wife had grown step-sons teenage all over 6 feet tall- 2 leave for USA when they see POUL is safe…his Uncle may have lived longer-than they sayThey came with writing into Gotharb - POUL`s parents were used to the PEN … they were decimated by a sickness brought from Europe-Scandinvia…”

( For this reason- lack of advance in medicine- he has written on Health-herbal matters- & infection` GR from MRG & others 1930s…)

“… its why POUL will not go & see the Pope after the Great SWIMbut his letters were so inspiring he received letters back from The Pope of ROME … & gifts came-a horse & wonders of the world… `Paul asked for spices-nutmegs-all that the earth had of usethe letters are inspiring from both …”

“ THEY (Lindsay scum & JIM & Angela big boots &her non-MEN) may have made them into catapult pellets- Remember how they fired them at us when with our families we went to walk in that pleasant Recreation Ground Clacton…(1938 )…that REC of you & ANDRE

I wonder why such EVIL is allowed to stride forththus Gertrud & Fred sailed in (to Rome & Vatican) & then TIG & MAG…Aunt Mag all her life could go by accepted invitation to the Pope in the Vatican`to tell of the world` (& Tiggy too 1870 on…)

“ Here I have my father‘s (FCR) account ROME when he came to realise his Aunt with her hair down her back in a frock of lemon & gold was not just the nervous plump old widow on Arran of TIG of GROTE HOMES - & that was the turning point in Frederick Charles head- he too became aware of the UNIVERSE . ” LIR


“ It’s a great project for me to put them all back in TIME … for they transpire TIME these people WHO HAVE MADE US - They have so much to offer us as good human beings- humanists ”

MARTYRS - & I do this for my dead son age 12 whom they electrocuted( Records 1952/53 North Africa…he may be called Raymond Ransom a Weddell first name…? )For my little Weddell wife whom you knew when we stayed with them & there was Cousin Clarke & Billy Goat Weddell…1936, & the Bishop came in his robes with his shepherd crook…he came to see you a Catholic & training to help with the GROTE HOMES children & the Estate for Aunt Mag whom he calls Mrs Grote then Margaret if they dine…

….& there was just born to die… after they had killed our son age 12 years another child to she my little wife… that girl who showed you the lavender petals all over the windows of her home 1936…all now DEAD ….so THEY… & Chief Big Boots & his trendy business men can escape this CRIME….”

“ POUL GRONLANDER’S little mother `little snow paws` it translates

(she is very short) …Its her parents we can push back from but I have to take more time to go over the records…I AM SO SICK OF THESE FREAKS CALLING US ESKIMOS…they have turned back the world…” LIR

( Greetha says she remembers POUL’s mother our weekend lessons & there are other translations her name ` little white soft snow squirrel paws/or fox…& FJR had it written in Greenlandic…` GR )

“… But what was picked up in the snow Gotharb is no doubt Chinese writing`… I WANT TO TELL YOU WHAT WAS UP THERE…where I flew our planes & we had to joke `WE WENT UP FOR A BEER`… to Greenland… They were meticulous in everyday of life-that is why they survived-they took a care of clothes & cleanliness-equipment always checked…They did not battle with the winter but were prepared…they did not stride as Conquerors come to strike a flagthey had LIFE…the HEAVENS…

… I know them- I am born from their stock…We always took a care of the land the seas the living…& welcomed knowledge…We are not dirty bodies & liquor… & confining philosophies as they… but we are used to fund THEM… in their GREED ! ”

(`fragments of paper with writing-hieroglyphics ? probably Chinese` Dr John RAY/rae ® 1960 NIGHT WATCH…February Diary & LETTERS FROM JEAN )

LIR - EARLY LEARNING - “ 18th century…when POUL was taken into the Egede Mission he may have come with writings in Chinese…

…(Mission the Norwegian Pastor Hans Egede & his wife Gertrud Gotharb West Greenland )( Quingdao reports 1986/1988 )…

Nota bene : 1934/1935 G.R. is already in the Congregation from her Quaker/becoming the town Primary school to hear the old Clacton-on-Sea Quaker Preacher , the Old Road meeting house - he & younger members of his flock may come to West Greenland to our holy Island Jacopsholmen as soon as we know it is safe to go up & open the Island-

1935 - We have nasty threats from Danmark & Gross Britain Imperial of THE FALLThese criminally insane of dopes & luxury all wanting to be as rich as the Americans are GONE BEYOND MADNESS…G.R.) “ THEY WANT THE MONEY WE HAVE SET ASIDE FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF GREAT POUL GRONLANDER genius-polymath-catechist-trader 6` 5 INCHES TALL LIR

(They have their ugly dripping snouts in our POST- DECREE Lindsay Earls & CROWN & Lords-all on HIGH DOPES- Greetha Ransom … )


West Greenland/his father`s line `in difficult times` came “over the top” … from Northern China…some Kurdistan/North Korea & CHANGSHA-along the seacoasts towards Siberia…thus is POUL GRONLANDER on his father`s line

… “ so dishy ” say 1930s girls swooning over drawings of him

… & those who read him got an education…

“ …it was all in the great House Peter…Genius ! You began to see what you lacked… You settled in, that great warm house…& learned about the globe & the UNIVERSE … ONE SAIL Margarethe GAVE US THE KEY … ” Captain Alan Villiers Oxford December 1967/ PJPW & Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom now Mrs PJPW present…Villiers reminds GR of her names…

Poul GRONLANDER his genius his humanism reaches Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM/his grandmother is Poul`s grand-daughter… Here in this document are recorded 2 young men Alan Villiers & FCFR (& others) who sat in the great RANSOM house Jacopsholm Island below Disco…& got themselves an education…from an 18th century MAN OF ALL AGES…

… who never left Greenland …

“…A tall Greenlander catechist-successful Trader-humanist-polymath-genius- whose Works they have given forth A DECREE to destroy ” … the dope these syphilitic Nobles use has them wipe their bums on the written & printed pages & brag about it to the young Ransoms…following us along the Clacton seafront imitating that they do so…1938...taking their trousers down…MR PONG JIM JONG has learned ACTING/MIME at the PEKIN OPERA when he was in his teens…

They sneer about `The Ice man` & give out filth… “ They have called in the 2 books written on POUL & they are seen burning them- Bernie of the Netherlands & 2 little polished business FREAKS 1953...JIM JONG MAJOR JAMES DISMISSED THE BIRITHS ARMY UNIFORM 1949 is with them-leading them on…IN THE NAME OF ANGELA “

1953 - They are seen by SPIES official of 3 world nationschucking the books into Tiggy his GROTE HOMES holiday home for the GROTE CHILDREN coming visiting from the GLOBE…chucking the books in a fireplace in The Netherlands (full reports) then the blondes came in…

1930s these sub-apes they have DECREED ` DESTROY a young man who could think beyond the 18th century`… Poul whose WRITINGS WERE BURNED IN A NORWEGIAN CHURCHYARD late 1730s he in his mid-teens because they offended the stiff Church Norway… OFFENDED GREEDY PROFIT ! ~ The writings did not at all OFFEND the family of Pastor HANS EGEDE…Gertrud his wife…Greenland

POUL GRONLANDER - A young man who showed in the 1740s that GREENLAND should be independent of these ugly top-dogs of satin & lace gambling & debauch & fancy WARS…POUL had no great one GOD in control but creation & forces for good for all eternity & the STARS… His mother teaches him “THEY ARE THERE FOR US…ONE DAY WE WILL GO TO THEM IN SHIPS that leave earth ” POUL GRONLANDER’s little Eskimo-part French mother is perhaps the first Astra-Physicist of GREENLAND …

1937 SUMMER - G.R. telling Andre Malraux in Nonconformist language… but he felt it was imagination from listening to the grown-ups with the nursery bedroom door left open…G.R….1970 Andre says

“ heirs were dressed expensively & lived in magnificent places Peter…They her family were at a RESCUE FAILED in SPAIN…”

Andre Malraux speaks 1970 in winter Harwell The Pillar House - he too admired POUL GRONLANDER GENIUS of Greenland… )

18th century- 1970s … WE JOURNEY from HUMANISTS AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD to ANDRE MALRAUX WIDOWER & then HOPE of all of us having HUMANISM SATISFYING journeys ahead … our lives … with a gentle happiness expected at least - but HIGH CLASS SIN- pimps- fraudsters- perverts- the ignorant using massive violence - the dope fiends able to use the G.B. Government the Lords & Crowns have all of us `under investigation for `3 Broads & a Greek`a phrase of 1950s from dirty JIM CUR JAMES Steward of WHITES CLUB/a low VICE bar/

When HIGH on heroin plus JIM is heard to refer so to “ some friends ” … ( when they have not opened TILLS down the WHITEHALL for him to put a podgy PAW in & fill his pockets & his SACK ! ) JIM is now with dope intake that has him falling down BITING THE PAVEMENT Autumn 1957... He is said to be `heavy & careless` but Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON will have EXPERTS pull JIM through his difficulties caused by ANDRE MALRAUX & the APE GRETA RANSOM getting to-gether again… (G.R. thought Cur James/dirty JIM/Mr PONG said “two/three Broads up the creek” … for some years…)

1947 January - Clacton-on-Sea, East Anglia

Acceptance of our Engagement to marry- the Sunday luncheon for Andre & Greetha (the 2ND world War finished spring 1945 but not yet in Asia…there was the horror of HYROSHEEMAH…)

Winter 1946-1947There is severe food rationing for Britain & this will have Esther-Estelle saying as she tells me of the lunch cooking “…& because of the shortage of food I have cooked this cabbage yellow-green it looks like a spring cabbage…it looks so nice & the carrots…& your Uncle Potter has seen to the Chicken in the oven & the potatoes to help me…he cooks a chicken very well(clearly she is a little nervous of this dinner for a FRENCHMAN…who may be used to big SLOSH-UPS in PARIS a la Russe or something UP THE KASPAR ! )

I PLAN TO COOK Georges-Andre Malraux NEOLITHIC- as Clactonian MAN had on Holland-on-Seas cliffs- got from THE SEAS … !

Auntie Esther continues… “… your Uncle Potter…his mother taught him she was half French or is it a quarter ? … they her sister & she were the Misses Romilly…or is it Neville ?…before they married…”

“… & Dessert in this beautiful bowl we had for a Wedding present…There is a good white-yellow wine from the Cellar of an old man your Uncle’s father knows…ask Andre to tell me about itit has a label with lots of information I think…”

(old Grand-dad Potter Town Printer/owns the Clacton newspaper/ LIFEBOAT Secretary used to GO OUT when he was young…)

“ …. & your Uncle has some very good Whiskey…the men can have that together while we make coffee…perhaps they want to talk…”

…. A little nervous perhaps for not producing something French on the plate ?…as she has experience of pre-war in London Town when Uncle Edgar Gordon takes Uncle Potter & she to a fashionable place…one at Leicester Square was run by old BOULESTIN who writes cookery books in English & is in the world of art & letters…( he was born 1878 in Poitiers & enjoyed his first 18 years a garden & kitchen of the old family house) … BUT THIS IS SEVERE RATIONED BRITAIN even though the War has ended…it’s the BERLIN Airlift food time… Although I am in awe of Colonel Andre in his grown up role here at the Engagement Luncheon… I am not in awe of Saint George Andre Totem Pole in Church…he who can sing higher than me in Choir - go up to choir boy & soprano !

1947 January - Esther-Estelle`s food was perfect - Richard & Jenny & I ate a good Sunday dinner…`I am the engaged young woman their cousin in Esther’s high heels now… & they polite children.

I took such a gulp at the wine as it was sharp sweet & I lack vitamin C… & Colonel ANDRE-George took it off me rather quickly saying

“ No alcohol before you are 17 - I will teach you about it then !

I know children take it with meals in France but I think I do not agree with the custom…” (I recall with graceful hand movements getting another sip…! )

I was very intrigued with the golden glow like PRIMROSES in a spring wood out at Wheeley Village- where Auntie Win is buying us a Bluebell Wood for our wedding present….& the wine it did taste like very sharp lemonade…I got the glass back filled by Uncle Potter but Georges the Blessed Colonel Andre swiped it from my lips & looked at me with a stern lingering gaze… I have to wait 3 years to 17 !

IT WAS A MILD winter DAY…NOT AS FOUL WINTER COM`TH so often to the EAST COAST…a phrase that JOSETTE noted in her IDEAS for her writings here by the seaside TIME PAST- coming 10 years ago

1947 April - Saturday 19th DAY THREE of the 5 days leave from school after the ‘early wedding’… the American Colonel Philosopher ( Clive I think was his name ) friend pre-war of ANDRE MALRAUX of INDO-CHINA & SPAIN, gave me a pint mug of thick-cut Jacobean glass with thin golden SUFFOLK beer - & that was taken off me fast when half empty by Colonel MALRAUX Suuuurrr - as the young USA Serviceman have been saluting him…I am accepted as “ THE COLONEL`S LADY Marrrrm…”

our AGE difference cannot show then ?…I get great confidence !

UPON THE mouthfuls of SUFFOLK ALE … GRX began to tumble words out upon the Matters of Confucius -no more understood perhaps by me than those of Teilhard de Chardin 1937 ?

Or was I getting from my heightened BRAIN POWER some of the teaching of the pre-WAR designed for LENNIE & GREETAH RANSOM HEIRS…?

….& how EASY is EARLY LEARNING to learn it when your direct line RANSOM is linked to these wonderful figures & their Ages & SEASHORES OF THE GLOBE….I perhaps was un-consciously trying to organise this world of different ages ! ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM… whose first British RANSOM grandpa is he of 77 AD Londinium…that stony island in the Thames…records Dr John RAY Ransom USA

A drawing published in a Paris newspaper had Malraux slipping out to night high-life having tucked a schoolgirl up in her cradle-

it had no comment… (Mr Mengele Harrington will destroy it ?)

That evening 19th April 1947 IPSWICH Ellen Mary WIDOW husband beneath the SEAS in a submarine…who teaches poetry somewhere about the Great Lakes said ‘ have you read many of the philosophers’ ? I said only Confucius & Bacon at the Convent School-but there were all sorts in our library my Father had - She is in shock for her husband is dead in a USA submarine- she has two children under 10 years…

They were all three of them over 40 years of age & going hammer & tongs about Gide-Gide this & thatin French-English-USA-& German languages … I do know I must go along with the learning of my age group - & I do not want to have to shake hands with Generals & all that life ANDRE MALRAUX the French adult has to go intountil I have more education !

1947 - ANDRE MALRAUX early wedding : It is agreed thank goodness that Esther, Auntie Win & Andre’s sister-in-law can do all that- the public gatherings & Stages/Arenas of the modern world - shaking hands sometimes with MONSTERS OF THE DEEP…?

I have no photographs of my past life : I do not have a memory that I made a speech of thanks in the Argentine for the Green Train- a real one- before I was yet 3 years…Len holding the collar of my frock ready to tug it if I made a mistake…& that I was regarded as `a natural HUMANIST `…

That education so carefully begun based on the GROTE education system stopped….WAR CAME : & I suffered horrid physical violence since October 1939 when the Ransom family went away to War- & my Ransom grandparents had been murdered for the Estate- I have no memory at all of Frederick Charles & Jean ballerina & the sweet home `Jerusalem` or of Len & our travels 8 months Nord-Sud POLES TOUR of GROTE HOMES…or even Len flying us up to Greenland FOR A BEER June 1938 to TAKE AUNT MAG`s SPIRIT HOME …

The memory REMOVE continues - TGR gets money & smart invitations from the EVIL NOBLE SCUM if she sees I learn nothingthey want me to be like their wives & daughters…tarts-whores-good time idiots…a few are idiots like me-prefer to be a humanist…

I am an aesthete & I prefer TIME stretching backwards, circling about us, & going forward…& am looking forward to several children & a home & George-ANDRE coming & going across the Channel from GAUL & knowing all of that TIME over there when he was a child growing up…with him I have been collecting drift wood to make furniture…I think a bookshelf…a little table…HE WOULD RATHER I DID NOT MAKE A CHAIR as he says it is a skilled job !

The world is full of things to learn- from Clactonian Man’s TIME-to the Post Offices upon the STARS But I must have my post/mail & MY MEMORY OF YEARS PAST & YESTERDAY to survive ! 1947 I must be able to go to afternoon school with my memory of that morning& THE MURDERS OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN MUST BE EXPOSED…PRINTED UPON THE NEWSPAPERS OF THE WORLDOR NONE OF US ARE SAFE…& dirty BIG BOOTS IMPERIAL go on with their STRUT of the CENTURY

1940s - small nations are in terrible danger because of the dignified graceful welfare structures we RANSOM have in them since the19th century- a delicate flower garden encircles the globe twice-it cannot fail- it takes care of itself because it is so vast-

1947 - Saturday evening Ipswich 19th April -

If I GR had a memory I could have said a few things about THOMAS Immanuel GROTE his great-great uncle Frederick Immanuel KANT philosopher…for we send XMAS cards to thembut probably recalled more about The KANT family on his mother’s side leaving him Thomas-Tiggy ` to die in a corner like a sick kitten` he would moan when threatened with a visit to them…because of he not keeping `the Laws` on Jacopsholmen Island in wintertime - He is our Ward in the snows because of his ringworm outbreaks !

…& then I would have begun on the fantastic achievements of Mag & Tig…the HOMES for orphans educating to 18 years & we know all of them for the families Ransom travel round & round the globe - The humour of Tiggy…his idea, this common-sense miracle The HOMES using the RANSOM moneys & his New York father’s firm GROTE BROKERS off Wall Street always helping

…How all of us, both families Grote & Ransom, were shoeless for awhile so TIGGY could keep the HOMES going round the earth…they so easily accepted by all the globe from 1864 onwards

except by the greedy Squander Bug ugliness of Gross Britain at the very top ! & we would all have gone the next day Sunday to visit Ransom family…asking the London police to find them for us…for they were in Britain & expected to be at the `early wedding` …but Aunt Miss Win was told to cancel them coming mere hours before the Holy Ceremony `or her sister Teresa Gordon… Edward’s mother would not come` EVIL GOT Miss Win’s brain !

20th century … ABOUT US WE HAVE BEASTS OF PREY & GHOULS in the RAFTERS on perches…PIMPS on the PIN … all penniless so they say…

1947 early January - The ENGAGEMENT luncheon was so happy -

full of gentle courtesy…THANK YOU Uncle Potter & Esther-Estelle-

she only 19 years when I was born- I can re-live it all the minutes.

What is so nice is our families are often PAINTING WITH WORDS-

& in the memory doth it stay… Records/archives 1940s -

THE DEAD JOSETTE IS SPOKEN OF - regrets they had not met her …

1947 early January - Uncle Potter says about “…that SUMMER 1937 Andre…you saw the town so much more than a holiday spot…good people here Andre - pleasant in winter…lots of sport, fishing…Harry & the others go wild duck shooting in the dawn…”

The Focus then became she whom he ANDRE Guardian to Greta had come back to talk with…the only just dead MARY GORDON June 1944...Esther’s mother. A mention of sister Kitty dead 1929...Auntie Esther says “ Andre took the roses for me , he helped me cut them…to Kit’s grave for her birthday last summer 1946...”

( 1927 Mrs Guy Vansittart legal Catholic Wedding in a Tree Cathedral-

Guy comes to speak with Harold W. POULTER, Hollytrees Mansion Museum, Colchester spring was the DISGRACE at the Old Bailey of Teresa Gordon that had the wedding in secret…& his brother is something in the Government… )

Aunt Esther says “…Greta’s Grandpa Gordon such a pity…

just dead when you & JOSETTE came that summer 1937

the churchyard such a lovely place…a view of the sea…I shall like being buried there…with everyone…they are all up there…they have made us a Catholic area … ”

The talk gathers upon Josette … Summer 1937...

…the matter of her death & how to speak upon it has been discussed before we come for this `delicate engagement lunch` & the `early wedding`…I hear Andre say …`it is believed it will SUIT US BOTH…`

Auntie Esther has said in the kitchen…“ Your father Greta-he always reminded me of a Young Teutonic Knight-I stayed at `Jerusalem` there was an accident on the line 1938 I think so I could not go by train Clacton-a wonderful old man-he told me ALL THE HISTORY OF THE RANSOM LINE-they were at SEA-I think he was writing it…”

I G.R. heard this & felt full of fear & dread ! Why is it not spoken about ? Sheshe says my father is adopted ! Esther is known to have a good memory…but her information had little meaning as it ought to have done ! …I felt the words slip away…WHY WAS IT NOT SPOKEN ABOUT ? Andre did not hear this . I think I was more terrified that I did not have a memory ~ Terrified that I might be as Treasa Mad mother Kali says…“mad-daft-like HIM that man I was forced to marry by my mother-a drunk a fool ! The POWER of these EVIL OLD BRUTES Noble Britain is horrible !

1947 January - We will be seeing my father soon I have heard from Julie…he has given his permission for the marriage.

Had Esther asked her sister Winnie to invite Fred Ransom ? It slipped away amongst the delicate matter of the dead Mary Gordon & JOSETTE…Kitty…

Uncle Potter was a bit on edge when we arrived…now he learned that the Winnclemanns had not been asked `How am I to talk to a leading intellectual Esther ~ Perhaps Andre & I should have asked them…? I think I had heard they had gone off to a Sunday dinner somewhere so there was no chance of collecting themEsther was concerned that there would not be enough food…she had made a mention to Winnie…`

“….Josette…Jo…a pretty name Andre …

I heard about your visitwe were getting married in October in London so I did not come down to Clacton that later part of the summerso many people in the Town said what a lovely tall young lady she is …”

I G.R. descend into nerves as the matter of the missing Winnclemanns is raised again….