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She said the boys did not mind all the learning ! Not at all !

Her father would thankfully take her with him when he went down to South America to his forests for the right kind of wood- she did not PLAY UP on the ship as the boys tended to do… but did her lessons & enjoyed the places they stopped off in…one Embassy began to teach her South American etiquette & had lovely clothes made for her…she was 11 years…everybody was so kind & interesting so she was glad she knew other languages & this did help…“ but Oh the learning was too much perhaps for a girl…” (She is already requested in matrimony by the educated )

1936/1937 ... “Oh everyone spoke Greenlandic because it was Great Poul’s language Mummy`s grandfather- he wrote the Pope in 4 languages - the Pope sent him a horse & wonders of the world…nutmegs spices…& things that Poul asked for & called the wonders of creation” Margarethe is my girl of the snows- `she learned German in the kitchen from her mother & the Greenland cousins they could all cook lovely things for the winters- stored in the ice caves…apple & pears drinks, & great curd pies, & fruit salad was made in the summers & stored…everyone had food for 5 years…there was never a need of famine…the ships came in with holds full of fruit & vegetables & everyone set too making things to store for winter…`

1937 - Chattering RAIN DAYS to JOSETTE Clacton-on-Sea…

` I GR have asked & Daddy has made a list… Len & I are making books & I collect the descriptions of the Ransom brides their wedding frocks & the food they had for their homestead when they were not sailing about…One Granny Ransom used to shout “ stop the Ship I want a stew ” but we think she was having a babe/17th century…`

` …but they had to learn 5 languages in our school in the snows

& ancient tongues…but Daddy & Lennie write & speak SumerianTutors came for 6 months to GREENLAND because the summers are quite fine but most of them liked to stay 2 years…

& you can go shopping at Xristensharb … or Frederickstown I suppose if you catch the boat - TIG learned 19 languages quickly but he was not very good at German his Family tongue but they gave him his degree at Gottingham…He learned many more languages… & then everyone said `Oh shut up Tiggy you are boasting…` he went on & learned even the Marsh Arabs speech- but then he was going round the Globe with Jesus on one shoulder & LUCRETIUS on the other - GR Summer 1937 ...dwelling with MANS HOPE…

`Len calls Margarethe ‘Aunt Mag’ & dear Thomas ` TIG `but I would not dare ! 1870s - She learned Arabian from their ladies - otherwise she sat `like a dolly Greetah… all the afternoons while Tiggy & everyone talked away about the HOMES & our lands…” The Arab ladies said `we want to know too what they are gassing about … & Margaret you can then go in with the men… & come out & tell us…` so the Arabic ladies who were very clever at everything when they came visiting GROTE HOMES … taught the girl of the SNOWS Arabic… `

“ Daddy & Lennie send one another postcards in Sumerian - they have special writing pens … Len is good but Daddy often has to ring him up & askthe post comes to the Dr Barnardo’s Home over the road with our letters & they collect the foreign stamps…we all have other names…I am Coleen Yardstick in The Americas or we get our Banks stolen from- & I hath a secret number for taking care of my peoples & my lands- Old-young Varese helps us & other people in New York…they are all ladies & gentlemen humanists they are…like Paul Whiteman- his band have to sleep in the hay you know…because they work so late at night…` GR-

1850s - “ Fred put up the experiment buildings in the snows for the Colleges & it worked - they had an electric shovel the first in the globe - he invented a very clever roof from the ships we have had for ages…

but all the Island young people went up at night to Woo- sweethearts & KISSING- SO- HE SAID I WILL TURN THIS INTO THE HAM & EGGS restaurant in the skies open Sundays - Gertrud said well we married ladies are not climbing up as the young people do…& we have our pretty frocks on Sundays - so Fred put a grand staircase in- so when they have drank some beer on Sundays the Wooing couples will not fall down- we make a nice light beer pale as lemon juice … just for the Island in the SNOW…`

`Oh sometimes JO… the Greenland ladies wear lovely frocks - Fred built them a sewing room because they like to copy the French fashions & were trekking about in the dark in the snow to show one another- Once Gertrud disappeared before lunch… & he said `where is your mother` & the children said `Oh she has gone to Austria to show off her summer clothes - there was a boat going so she & her cousin & auntie left at 9 o-clock this morn you were not here…` Fred raced after them in the skiff - Oh he has to always give them instructions & know what they are going to do for they are so popular & exotic…Gertrud is in the paintings…` 1937 Summer GR speaking to Jo as we sew/scribble/draw

1937 summer talking to JoJO - `The Theatre in the snows - “ JoJoh…I saw it & it is gold inside-everyone on the Island helped gild-Lennie opened the doors & I saw it glowing all gold & it has a tier- Margarethe said they went to a little theatre in Germany & her father said ` we are going to do that to our theatre ` perhaps it was RIENZI - so they called the lovely dog that kept Tiggy in order Rienzi - there is a photograph of him & there is a fine marble piece on the other Island Scotland ”

( 1935 November …We had to leave our HEIMAT ISLAND last year - we had come on a big petrol boat & we had to get back to the 3 Seaplanes at Xristenshab - MONSTERS OF THE DEEP are making trouble on the Island & lots of our cousins were missing in their warm houses- I have heard that Mr Pong is a trouble maker as well - he speaks Chinese- Harry says he is a nasty little imp-but he plays Puck-Faun to old women-& Angela-at the Races-`they trundle on & then all the young people like Uncle Harry leave- OLD GIRLS then stick pins & needles in the horses…` )

1937 SUMMER with Andre & Josette -

` Then I was asked by ANDRE & JO to make the great house from bricks & things- where grandpa 2-times back Fred Ransom puts up bunk beds to the ceilings for all the children coming from abroad for the plays- Shakespeare & in other languages too-the clothes are made in France & in Rome- the island does have summer & sometimes the wondrous flowers that have been there since the Vikings- we the Ransoms used to sail up there- there is a Greenland Eskimo granny way back-but some of them were very tall like great Poul 6 feet 5 inches- Margaret married him & her father brought her wedding rings from France-in his ship-they come from Carlisle- POUL (Poul Gronlander) swum out & rescued the Italian ship-he brought them all in along the line- it was a half mile out - only POUL could do it …`

“… So Aunt Margarethe girl of the SNOWS … goes to luncheon with the Popes says Frederick Charles & - Len says they call her in to tell them of the world since our dear Thomas is dead…but we have his work to carry on. Thomas used to go round & round the world with Lucretius on one shoulder & Jesus on the other but the Emperor of Japan said ` Tig has no religion- BUT THANK GOODNESS HE HAS ALL OF OURS…”

… ` He said this to his son…Uncle Liam Captain Ransom sails in when there is an emergency at our islands that were that Granny`s dowry- she is Japanese & Lennie calls her The Lady Shampoo - Uncle Liam takes one of his tall ships - they play a game of draughts & have a cup of tea…TIMES ARE BAD they both say & Hirohito says `I can do nothing - except keep my head down & go to my work - ITS WORLD GREED AT THE TOP & IT IS GETTING WORSE…`

“ The ships are The Scalley Wag which you have to ask where does it want to go…Uncle Liam may have sold The Egyptian… he has given one to Norway but they have changed its name now it is going to be a Museum - he wants to always keep The Mary Anne- named after his mother … (Liam`s mother has a blood line to George Elliot/who drew a character from a Ransom…) ”

1937 Summer - cloudy or wet afternoon Clacton - So I speak what is reality…truth not fiction - for this is our Family work looking after our peoples & our lands & GREENLAND our home JO understood the last part but ANDRE has told her I have my dreams from sleeping with my door open - Another day with Andre we have gone to get my STAR CHART - back of the door the great kitchen of the little Old Road house- Uncle LIAM Capt. Ransom gave it me Xmas 1936/1937

1856 - `In the Play Season that year Margarethe-girl-of-the Snows is Imogen in CYMBELINE by Shakespeare, but the boys like the history plays & Tiggy says…“ Its not fair ! I have to learn & learn ! Greenlanders learn so fast ! They only have the snow to look at ! That’s what it is ” !

The GREAT DOG RIENZI a half-breed keeps Tiggy Thomas in the snow playground . Tig tried giving RIENZI meat with something to make him fall asleep…but the great good dog would not touch it…he now growls at TIG if he sees him near the fences…You see… Fred & Gertrud lost their First Born Frederick RANSOM with his Greenlander cousins down a crevasse - they were only 6-7-8 years old… We have Masses said ! I think of them in Heaven but wish they had life…`

“ 1853 - Tiggy is threatened with being sailed again to stay with The Kant relatives if he does not stay in the Playground in the snow -

Oh-Oh- Tiggy pleads ~“ they put me to die in a corner like a sick kitten ” Tiggy has ringworm from speaking to the Animals in the Boston Zoo when he was 10 & 11 years ! He got the SMELL of them on him- It was in a newspaper in 1851/2- then Thomas-Tig gave performances a certain time in the ZOO-Boston - once a week ! He would talk to the Eagle - this was very popular ! There are drawings of him & photographs at ‘Jerusalem’ & with the Grote family in New York…his round hat pushed back on his head…a cheerful sturdy looking boy 10 years old in a Peter Pan coat…` Photography got going 1840s …

“ His father is our Brokers - New York - it is their firm- an old early building just off Wall Street 1830s - but now its bigger… Last year (1936 April) Lennie & me had to go upstairs in a great building New York…to see we could get some moneys…then PAUL WHITEMAN & the Senators drove the British Government off … for creepy fraud…”

1935 October - LENNIE FLEW THE SEAPLANE PLANES TO West GREENLAND - then we escaped with help from the Army Canada - just before the DAWN- they stopped MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP stealing our 3 seaplanes - We Daddy Grandpa & Lennie & me were got to New York- I had a floral bath on a Liner in the harbour as Uncle Alfred Charles Ransom RN knew the Captain - the hospital said it would be wise & it was one of the best - the New York Hospital are all concerned at the attacks on me that summer I am 2 years old by Earls Lindsaybuggarhs & scum- I shall never have to go back to Britain again to be harmed anymorebecause of our RANSOM families sailing down the centuriesI am to feel like a boy 6 days of the week & feel strong…wear flounces on Sundays `

Uncle Alfi-Charles RANSOM RN is going with us to the Magellan waterways ( 1936-January ) where Jean & her sister have two islands from Grandpa the INCA - Islands of the Sun & Moon- we went & the Island of the Sun which Jean ballerina calls ‘my nugget of gold’ & they had her dance the Firebird the Fairy Queen & for Daddy she always dances the Dying Swan- he saw PAVLOVA dance it in Berlin- (& this is his little mother & Lennie’s too-my grandmother…)

1936 January - JEAN‘s Island of the Sun -

` We arrived late afternoon after a long travel & we all slept in the big school & Community room that is ours…The Island I saw next day & it stretches up to heaven with all colours of fruits & vegetables - that night they came her cousins - Aztecs & INCA & a feast was made - they came patter-patter in soft shoes & by punts in the gloaming along the waterways overhung with trees - We awoke after our 2 days trek - They have clothes like Cousin Clarke ( jeans & coloured shirts)- little bead embroidered caps- soft voices- some English- “ Will she dance- what will she dance - the Firebird ?…They are all coming in two days some three…& Cousin Clarke has made a new film called San Francisco…he has just left with friends. There are others in Hollywood who are from our lands Pole to Pole & round the globe…some from TIGGY`s HOMES- but they keep quiet because of the MONSTERS OF THE DEEP ` archives/San Julian/others/GR & LIR/JR® FJR

1936 March - We were due at Hollywood where uncle MacMurray has the crew stay on a week or 12 days & we are to make a film on the Tiggy Homes children- the introduction parts are all filmed- Len says he will strangle me with my bib if I say ‘Lindsaybuggarhs’ to anyone- but they do all know about these monsters from the deep-Fred MacMurray Broker-filmstar-is off a Ransom girl line-a lot of film footage has been made of the RANSOM histories-when they have time they all film away…`

Uncle MacMurray & his wife have a son John - he went to a party his mother gave as our ancestor FRED RANSOM NO CLOTHES-His mother was not pleased ! Uncle MacMurray may have thought it funny- Cousin John he also got stuck in a fancy dress party headpiece-he is Frankenstein- Uncle MacMurray got told off by the Police for cousin John had to drive to the hospital to get it off- he is not old enough- (1950s-he was pushed down a mine shaft where he was a Mining engineer- Len says it was done by them- he is in a wheelchair- he is Len‘s best friend & cousin- he died 15 years later- MARTYR John MacMurray- the Imperial monsters of the Morgue want to burn his DNA- )

Nota bene: 17th century - Fred RANSOM No Clothes had a Dispute with his father & said `until you believe me I will not wear clothes`- he had nice friends with a big house- they were all Ana-Baptists I think- he lived in a tree a year but then they said will you wear a monk’s robe & have this cottage at least in the winters ` -The families says `DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE NICELY RICH` - FRED NO CLOTHES he had ships at sea- he read lots of books for 10 years then married a Devon girl & they had 5 children- Nobody minded him at the luncheon table because he was so interesting & covered his private parts with his napkin & he grew his hair like John the Baptist- - RANSOM men are not often eccentric- they all sail the seas & invent things too- it was unusual to marry a girl of Britain - we must have lost a bit of our exotica…`

1937 Summer - this is our RANSOM world-our life- I had opportunities to say things when JOSETTE said speak/as above

1937 Summer - By High Tea Time ANDRE Saint George would have returned if not before but he doth know we do not keep him on our apron strings - `Bless him` he loves popping off in the Town to all the people he calls ‘my friends’ He says he learns a lot. The Co-op manager the cinema owner & his son of the Kinema…the library & some of the shops- He often goes to see Mary Gordon asking her for a time he may call. They talk about LIFE he says. JO will sometimes walk along if he has gone in an evening. I have to catch up on sleep. We may be going to The Dance at 10 pm … G R

1938 - in her Will Jean Weddell Ransom left the Island of the Sun- her nugget of gold island to Lennie & Greta- her youngest son & her grand-daughter- The disgusting Gross Britain Gov & Crown said she JEAN WEDDELL grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL The sub-arctic SEA had never existed- Never had been a house called `Jerusalem` Deptford- They had all PLANS re-drawn- 1950s…hee hawing about their EVIL POWER- Threats were `say more & we will attack you- hang IVY not just wave a halter at her in the street` ! FJR had permission with help of a well known MP to put the house back 1948/49 then the MP was made very ill & nothing further could proceed- London County Council said the Earls of Lindsay made trouble/ said the house never existed…`

1948 Jean’s Island…`Teresa E. Gordon Ransom directed to sell it “ for the price of a 2 pence British stamp ” as directed by Earl Lindsay 14 to a Norwegian man who took his family 2 years holidays…then he was evicted & could not sell it ! Earls of LINDSAYBUGGARHS produced bit of Decree which says `crown lands` The Norwegian man was given some money for it…believed to be a 2 pence stamp. It was blown up for the British EMPIRE & the Navy helped… records/photos the globe/

1952/3 - VERY SOON BOTH ISLANDS BLOWN UP… Island of the SUN & Aunt BAXTER`S Island of the MOON . Jean‘s sister (her 2 sons murdered Australia 1953 by JIM & Lindsaybuggarhs) has her Island of the Moon next to the Island of the Sun. The moon island is sheltered but grew tasty Wild Rice- both were left them by SAN JULIAN & JAMES WEDDELL Mariner Weddell SEA…

Uncle Baxter he is a bookbinder from Argentine-a descendant of Dissenter BAXTER who got the better of evil Judge Jeffery 17th century Scarlet Town/ (accounts/records/photos etc) The Baxters had a Sam Palmer painting for a wedding present from Aunt Mag - It was stolen 1939 after false suicide Uncle Baxter-

Now sold & in the news - murders by persons known & theft -accounts/school reports/USA research/Ransom brothers/

METHOD : `FRAUD & THEFT OF THE 2 Weddell-Ransom-Baxter ISLANDS- Noble Britain PLEADS Diplomatic silence as it is Crown Property PATTERN : Deny any Will or any such persons existed/sell of islands or rent/ Produce DECREE 2 years later saying `British Crown Lands` in tiny print/ Plead that you know nothing other than Orders given Whitehall to demolish-mine-clear the waterway/ show British Naval Power offshore…`probably have to kill the people who grow food & keep animals for winter in the caves on the two Islands : Islands fraudulently sold … « killing is only like sticking a pig” brags diry JIM Cur James. The Norwegian man who bought for 20 thousand pounds our Island of the Sun tried to sell it on…he disappears LINDSAY EARLS & other Noble thugs & little Mr Jim Jong Pong have been at this violent fraud for decades…all over the globe-

“ Mr Jimmie Jong & Count Lindsay No 15 & thugs felt the prominence of the tiny islands had too many people locally remember WEDDELL-Ransom- they want to kill Clarke Gable too-he has been threatened & told never to say whom his ancestors are -he is to say he has none- THEY PLAN TO CHANGE THE NAME ON THE WEDDELL SEA !

Our tiny Islands grew much necessary produce for the area- housed cattle & other domestic animals in winter - In former years some people had gone up to Jacopsholmen Island & to our other islands & lands round the globe taking their skills. That was after the 1909 marriage Weddell-Ransom when the North Pole married the South Pole ….

RANSOM grandparents, Len & my father`s parents - FALSE RECORDS or destruction of records/ -All records have been falsified by Mengele Doc Harrington Lindsaybuggarhs & Teams - Detectives Colleagues ANDRE MALRAUX found that G. B. Naval intelligence etc established false documents trail - prisoners got Parole for special help from 1940s - EXTRA HOURS for this work gave good dough !

President Richard Nixon USA -

He said to his antagonists his enemies

… “ You want to know about corruption - you hav` nt seen anything until you have seen it on the British side -

Ask about Grote - you will learn of organised crime to destroy a system of political stability around the world - but if you enquire & they report you `then look out for your lives your homes - & your infants ~ ”

“ An old lah-di-dah (Angela) could not afford pyjama suits for her kids - with others she was able to pull off a piece of corruption not seen before or since- I’d stop some of them coming into the United States -the sheep - stealers that gave her a hand ” …

`records/meetings/Research/& round the towns/

1970s - WE HEAR A REPORT… “ IN THEIR HEADS A MONSTER RESIDES … they this Noble mob take this dangerous dope-they grow it in Scotland- THE MONSTER ROAMS AROUND IN THEIR BRAINS-they then commit horrendous crimes- (Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets) THEY KNOW THEY CAN DO THIS…TO GET HOLD OF DOUGH…”

1936 Lennie says `OH Jean’s kith & kin when they get going they speak with their minds~its because of the maths & astronomy-& they used to go trekking from Tierra del Fuego to STONEHENGE- now I can fly a plane-I am with a Pilot’s licence & I am 15 years old -we are all to go to `Macchu Picchu` climbing up to the investigation of the STARS … `

LEN & me ? we were not taken-we were miffed ! US WITH OUR STRONG LUNGS !

FJR my father stood atop slept there with the guides who knew his ancestry - they said they had wanted us up there too ! It is one of our HOMES/heimat- To-day I can know of his pride as he wrote a poem & spoke to the skies - All FJR`s poems ideas letters sent to Greta Ransom dau. were destroyed by them-they sent false nasty messages oftenHe disappears… another MARTYR from my understanding with his vast knowledge his great humanism December 23rd 1939...`AXE THE LINDSAY & IMPERIAL MONSTERS…they do EVIL ~ GR

IT WAS CHANCE-GREAT CHANCE-his ancestry-& that he was alive- he had an early staged death March 1969 organised by Mengele sadistic paedophile Royal Satrap Doc Harrington (de-frocked by BMA 1982-newspapers ) -who began organising the kicking of his liver 1957-aware of the attacks 1930s-40s to destroy GROTE RANSOM Estate & heirs - Mengele too is given vast moneys by dirty Bloody Mud Puddles some RN -`

`Since 1929 VIOLENT FRAUD OBSCENE SADISTIC THEFT has been allowed to get Noble Britain money for luxury living…`

1935 - 1938 I GR say I will always fly with Lennie- not bother with ships ! I do not like to say I am frightened of the SEA - for they all SAIL in a long line behind us RANSOMS from 92 AD -

down to Lennie & me- Now he is drawing them in a Procession. When we are chased by MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP I say to LEN `Oh I just CALL them all the Grandpa RANSOM back then & they come to protect me in a long-long line & I say my name is RANSOM & we say `HAIL`… some with axes raised…

I can see them as your Dad tells us of them from the books ”

Len’s Dad is my grandpa Ransom & his mother my NAN is JEAN Ballerina WEDDELL, holder of a title the direct line from the INCA-

1937 Summer- ANDRE-George hath said…“ `THE CHILD LISTENS WITH HER DOOR OPEN AT NIGHT… I used to do the same-not sleep at first… my grandmother Adrianna-Adrienne would read me such tales…had me imagine things…children should …”

1937 Summer - If I GR say too much about ANDRE his `quick fire` he puts me on the mantelpiece over the fireplace & says `SAY IT AGAIN-IF YOU DARE` - I tell him JO will not marry him unless he fills himself with Grace- as God had him born - `

1960s I will hear whispers of background on ORPHAN children -some villains given the same violence they performed 2nd World War- I work in the City of London mid 1960s- three loyal persons around me - taking shifts defending my families me & ANDRE MALRAUX - Arthur Malone the worthy POLITAN/Philip Silverlee/Patrick MacDrew - of the Ghost House Team of Colne Engaine 1960/61/onwards…

“ ANDRE & JOSETTE’s 2 boys have been killed in an arranged car accident 1961 Mai- by Noble thugs of Gross Britain well known - MURDER FOR DOUGH ! “

1930s - “…when I am in Britain” I GR tell Josette & ANDRE/recorded MALRAUX Notebooks 1937 `…The good soldier Pat MacDrew who used to go to Church Sunday evenings with Mary Gordon my grandmother & her sisters & me & he has a mother with him sometimes-another of Harry’s young friends I think… we love the Benediction- perhaps the Stella Maris will be sung- We all know two young friends of Unity’s mother will come Summer 1937 but not their names ` - Andre MALRAUX & Josette com`th from bloody SPAIN …

1942 - information with East Anglia 1942-1945 onwards

A FAMILY WITH NEWFOUNDLAND WEALTH lands to be murdered using The State…to pay LINDSAY DEATH DUTIES … (Information additional & extremely detailed from FRENCH Secret Services…read by ANDRE MALRAUX 1970 to Peter J.P. Whitehead British Museum…& GR/W/… Peter who has a Doc Mengele Harrington hanging about him night & day… shimmy trendy fast life DOPE FIELDS & travel offered !

… Patrick is uncle of the murdered Sea Heiress 1942 Essex 900 years old Family of Castle/Sible Hedingham with extensive Newfoundland lands-Yugoslavian coasts-French Mediterranean & Canada…