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… she a well educated 9 years old was in Greetha’s School class 1942 Clacton-on-sea- She came in by car from Castle Hedingham each morning that term of her murder- she would wait with the Headmaster & his wife end of afternoon school until she was collected about 6 pm to go home - a War Worker brought her to this very good school with University trained teachers & Captain-Commadore Learoy Headmaster (in 1st World War) must have known her seafaring Grandfather/or great Uncle ? -now missing in France -

1942 - The murder was planned & carried out by the Lindsaybuggarhs & Jimmie Jong Mr Pong the seafront Mafia of the 1920s/30s -


( Earls 12 & 13 dead & nearly dead ) & suddenly her father brother to Patrick MacDrew & her brother her co-heir were dead in the War - IT WAS ARRANGED by Noble Britain Lindsay Premier Earls of Gross Britain. Her mother suddenly sick & hospitalized with the coming child her son & husband too soon deadthe 9 years old trained to take CARE OF HER PEOPLES & HER LANDS was alone some weeks in the family house Castle Hedingham… ONE NIGHT local people found she did not have ELECTRICITY…it had been OFF FOR A WEEK…they took her into the home of a Rural Tory person of good repute. « IT WAS THE USUAL LINDSAYbuggarhs STRATEGY…get in house REMOVE ALL RECORDS…then kill…TAKE…write CROWN LANDS on necessary documents…PAY DEATH DUTIES by killing this child …THEY ALL HAVE PURPLE NARCOTIC UP THEIR SNOUTS ! (Records/& research & interviews 1960 Ghost House Team Colne Engaine-many local people helping in this murder by those known-)

In 1940-1942 wartime Britain - JIM & Lindsay 14 `the two evil little jack-in-boxes` they stuck close to us we two SEA heirs - We are two 9 years old girls born to humanist families - not part of the penniless Noble Scourge of Fashion thieving from foreign peoples still UNDER THE BIG BOOTS of The FALLEN British Empire- We are raised to care for our peoples & our lands which are outside of a Britain penniless at the TOP & we are eyed by thugs raw on dopes & booze living BIG TIME thieving where they can- lying wretches of HIGH CLASS SIN- FIGURES FROM A MORGUE- records-archives/

RACISM in GROSS BRITAIN 20th century is massive - excuses horrible - We hear the GROTE HOMES had to be destroyed because they educated foreigners to 18 years old…


The British Empire of Gross Britain has DECREED in name of the FACELESS that this pure piece of philanthropy approved by Independent nations A-Z where the HOMES are built outside the British Empire is to be destroyed -

HOMES TO BE EMPTIED-LANDS TO BE SOLD SWIFTLY-MONEYS GIVEN TO ANGELA the Faceless of The Crown & The Earls of Lindsay claim a share because the Ape-Eskimo child is of their line… It was said with venom that GROTE HOMES were in the way of British Trade & God would when ready grant education to all fatherless Apes/Eskimos/ those who cannot straighten their hair/ EDUCATION to 18 years was not allowed by the British Empire/Government & Crown/some Scandinavian Nobles & Crown…” …ALL OF THEM of immense HIGH CLASS SIN were also eyeing the investments-lands-from 1929 - slyly cashing cheques on Frobisher Branch Canada/other Ransom branches/ when they could get away with it using a British Diplomatic enclave “ in the SAVAGES LANDS…»

1938 letter - to a Norway Prince - his illegitimate son

acts as Secretary to his father the Prince … `my father did not agree with this procedure I am certain`… (Report 1960-Ghost House Team Colne Engaine/he a visitor with friend…)

TEXT 1938 - `the Ransom heirs have proved themselves quite able to run GROTE - it is about

that Mrs Grote has been killed before her time -

We must therefore proceed in silence`

Norway had a mass killing of Grote children on low lying ground…leaving them to be swept out by the winter seas for CHRISTMAS 1938/records/photos via a woman Berlin/

1938/39 Len & I being small played/acted Red Indian Scouts & listened in these secret-silence meetings of Gross Brit 1938/9-until the grown-ups could position themselves to hear the planned FRAUD & culling ! The descent straight vertical down cliffs was scary -

Len had not done it before - I had-previous year with Uncle Mainwarring RN is grand-daughter (possibly she is Kate ?)- Len & GReta avoided being shot & thrown in the sea- (LIR diary/& GR too-Dr John Ray ® in a Letter from JEAN`…)

It was not too frightening to creep & listen to the MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP…It was just our duty-we have our people our lands to guard- perhaps Len was scared though understanding a little moreI can shout loud from Nord Pole to Sud !

Lennie & I will go back to training for our work with

`THE JOYOUS VENTURE` of our dear Thomas & Margarethe-girl-of-the-snows as soon as ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE leave September-October 1937.…

1937/1939 Secret silence meetings : What we hear is the foul mouths of IMPERIAL BRUTES…

“… Oh NO ! Fatherless children with 3-4 languages- known

by each child…OH HOW DANGEROUS FOR THE WORLD - Why some are in medicine-science-teaching- music- taught to respect all religions OH WHO WOULD DO THE WORK for US the better CLASSES… & 2 Universities to be built for Eskimos & Apes

my dearhhh Chap ! It must be stopped !

… In the name of The Government of Britain & the Crown-CONFISCATE THIS MONEY IMMEDIATELY-it must go to the upper classes…

Comments from Humanists : ` they are FIGURES FROM A MORGUE - The excuses for demolishing the HOMES killing the children are same as the ranting Nazi regime fixation on Jews - the coming 2nd World War enabled this hideous crime to be carried out - by British sub-Apes-Government Nobles Upper Crust & Crown using the Nations institutions armed Forces - “ The Lindsays were claiming All the Estate REALLY but knew they’d have to give some away or they’d get nothing…! ” `

1938-1940s ` Proceeding in SECRET SILENCE means

‘We cannot have Education for foreigners to 18 the fatherless ! THEY ARE IN THE WAY OF US of DIVINE IMPERIAL BRITAIN & Scandinavia GETTING HOLD OF THIS WORLDWIDE ESTATE…to make us rich…Lets have fun & party again in HELL-hunt big game `… GOD WILL GIVE A HEAVENLY SIGN-WATCH THE BRITISH NEWSPAPERS FOR HIS WORD ! THEY KEPT ON ABOUT THE MONEY ! gist was DESTROY GROTE HOMES & THEY IMPERIAL BRUTES WOULD HAVE LOTS OF MONEY- It could be used to help The Empire ! The Nation ! But they all have terrible debts & steal & murder to get enough for the year…they have a BOOK OF RULES…10 Commandments turned upside down…Sunday afternoons to Saturday nights…

PRESENTED in this Book of SUMMER 1937 that brought such hideous GRIEF MURDER BLACKMAIL to ANDRE MALRAUX… are the Fraudsters/thieves & murderers of GROTE HOMES children & RANSOM ESTATE to which he is GUARDIAN OCTOBER 1937 -

Gross Britain has to embark upon MURDER-THEFT-FRAUD…special Rooms down The WHITEHALL, next THE ADMIRALTY are to sell of RANSOM ESTATE…keep lists & investigate the former GROTE students… some great-grandparents now…so they can be KILLED for DIVINE POWERS from A MORGUE … THEY are not letting go of GREENLAND etc … & rip off South America…etc etc…

Len & I have A MILLION & A QUARTER CHILDREN & ADULTS IN OUR CARE summer 1938 - We are hearing the heavy dope used by High Class SIN trained from their teens on Divinorum Salvia Scotland torch-blown pellets up their snouts - HIT’S THE BRAIN IN 2 SECONDS - so they have fun … plotting to kill-steal-tell lies in Parliament ! & of course they will need the newspapers … Beaverbrooke wants so dearly to his heart a Peerage…

LIR & GR ACTING RED INDIAN SCOUTS ( 2 Grannies 17th century-one produced RANSOM line as tall INDIAN BRAVES for a generation - HOW !)

We LIR & GR … `the Ransom children`… noticed the enormous amount of liquor at these meetings - Len born 1921 October is a FLYER granted his Pilot’s Licence at 15 years 1938 - he flew us up to Greenland 5 hours solo after perfect flight over The Channel in FOG… & pleased the 2 pilots very much. In civilized intelligent circles Len & I are referred to as The Ransom children- dear Margarethe’s heirs-shaping up very well-they have such a care of the people & the lands…we all give a hand-make a visit every three or so years-the children are so natural & happy…& improve the world … ’

1970 winter “ … the decision 1939 to slay the GROTE HOMES children & make British Crown & Aristocrats rich was being heartily defended in semi-secret gatherings. The appearance of ANDRE MALRAUX in the Whitehead family caused panic- threats-& rousing of that persecution at us all…as used from 1947 by the State machinery because of the so-called failed marriage…Earls Lindsay initially began it…one came to glare at GR 1951 Colchester ` /witnesses-rich scoundrels who laid hands on lands/investments/properties they have taken by violent theft & murders of Grote children & settlers-destroyers of our Industries…the model Silver mine & many others with Welfare housing attached…there are lists of what they destroy…it still goes on…`…MALRAUX/MALONE/SILVERLEE…

1968 4th February on - The Pillar House Harwell previous tenants 2 famous artists an architect a scientist art historian…a school run by 3 of the sisters Misses Clarke - is to be a Holy House - as all our RANSOM homes have tried to be - I Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia Ransom W…. do not come from the debauching backgrounds of the ILL BRED of HIGH CLASS SIN - Evil doth not enter `Johnny Crow`s Garden of the Immortal Books for Children of L Leslie Brooke

… not ever by invitation !

PJPW’s ancestors are from those great Nonconformist families who made progress & wealth for all humankind - But the SINFUL of foul black mouthed tongues reaching to their expensive footwear enters with break-in & entry with the full authority of the British Empire Gross Britain Government & Crown - & GRETA RANSOM (Mrs PJPW) her POST/mail IS STOLEN AS FROM HER FIRST CHRISTMAS 1933 - fingered, torn open, laid aside for 3 men WHITEHALL who handle the FRAUD OF VIOLENT SAVAGERY…

1967 DECEMBER - Frederick John RANSOM b 1911 November - killed by them March 1969... My father sent the usual POEM for my every birthday as he has written since I was born…He sent GREETINGS FOR THIS MARRIAGE TO PJPW of the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM London… I DID NOT GET ANYTHING & yet false nasty messages were sent by LORDS-EARLS-CROWN-Scandinavian frozen bloody mud puddles… & disgusting Whitehall & Naval Intelligence Secret Services for EXTRA PAY…

My father died 1969 from an unnecessary operation given him by Doc paedophile MENGELE Charlatan HARRINGTON Royal Satrap paedophile directing….& the following months came mockery over things done & things I could only part follow….All this was still happening into the 1980s- to remove any trace of reference to GROTE RANSOM Estate & ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN- WEDDELL SEA sub-arctic/Weddell families/Gronlander/San Julian of Tierra del


My father Frederick John RANSOM born 1911 November writes poems in style of Walt Whitman I recall 1930s…a book we were publishing 1937 was paid for from our moneys & we were awaiting the delivery of 250 copies at Two pounds a copy nicely bound…The crate arrived Old Road House Clacton on Sea & the books were all found to be stamped FOOL on every page…

Soon LINDSAY EARLS, JIM & an old slag they call ANGELA … & some other Noble Scandinavian dead fish faced scum claimed `joke`…`CAN’T YOU TAKE A JOKE cousin FRED…`

…Message from the heir Greetha Ransom : May you be dropped in a big black hole all of you or a lit up Volcano - you obscene ignorant bestial doped up SCUM of the very top of the Pyramid of IMPERIAL CLASS…I would have you on CHAINS building our 2 Universities POUL GRONLANDER & SAN JULIAN & daughter & her lawful Catholic-Quaker husband JAMES WEDDEL THE WEDDELL SEA…What ETERNAL PIMPS you all are… & recall not one of you knows your fathers for sure …

1946 … the slain children of GROTE HOMES were shown to have happened/photos/Arial photos by the shocked USA Servicemen 1946/ Pits of semi-burned children/& nets full at sea where a big ship RN or two always stood off - Insanity as with Hitler has festered 1930s - the criminally insane of G.B.& Scandinavia were not to be put in Asylums where they should never go free…but massive aristocrat greed of the HIGH CLASS SIN mobs of the 1920s prevailed -

FIGURES FROM A MORGUE were to be seen 1940s-50s-60s-70s at

THE BIG TIME - records/ CD of Grote atrocities overseas has Accounts G.R. & L.I.R. ANDRE MALRAUX -Dr John RAY Ransom-


… it has resulted in savagery that Lucy Leaky never could envisageTHE EVIL CENTURY 20th century…

The Reader may find HOPE sailing with us RANSOM down the years- we humanists with ANDRE MALRAUX on board Acting the Gospels Out - The history of these years was to be destroyed by these Noble British & Scandinavian creatures with Divinorum Salvia Scotland UP THEIR SNOUT…`

1945 May - The Widower of Josette, ANDRE MALRAUX comes

in spring to Clacton with 2 dead brothers & Jo in his arms …


I will think just the same as I did 8 years ago Summer 1937 about his Archangel Presence in the house…June-July 1945 he carefully takes our empty tea cups of the Teapot full I have made when we hath drank it…he ris’th & goes gracefully to the kitchen with Edwardian Range & with scullery attached & washes cups & saucers-

A MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE…with a care of the pots pans china

& he brings in the garden produce for me…now only a few carrots & onions…Even though he has chosen to read the HOTSPUR comic & not what I offered he is still A BEAUTIFUL MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE -

I felt that my latest finds in our Greenland library that winter 1944-1945 `Travels in the Holy Land or Tales of Old London both bound in dark green…or the latest BIGGLES with a sky blue cover he would take a book & nod in understanding…I am then 12 years old from March 1945& now I doth wish to step inside his SOUL- keeping mine own … for it has good things too I feel … He I wish to marry…but must grow taller & learn more FAST…

1945 - ANDRE MALRAUX is coming only 43 years of age in November - & in Essex old country sayings have marriages made between November & March born persons with good fortune-

1953 December

… as Harold Walter POULTER Colchester Museums will say at CAMULODUNUM Colonia Victricensis - “…an older man is often good for a girl who is old-fashioned Child - A Maid who can step from other centuries…beyond THE WALL & the FALLEN WALL of ROME…one who can step back…& forward into the Stars…

A YOUNG MAN HAS A LOT TO LEARN…& does not match a girl who has roamed a family library…Now this is an Emperor…a young Emperor OUT OF GAUL…We are all impressed… about the Town… YOU CAN GO NO HIGHER…here is crème de la crème intellectually… GO TO HIM … you have been there before…you have amnesia the good doctors say…” HWP 1953-1962 January (letters/records/reports)

1937 Summer - here beside the Essex seas he was a young man GATHERING HIS SOUL & JO called `a young lady`… finding her role as Queen Cassiopi-aea` to Saint George Andre with his certain destiny` … JoJo&JO as he called her was perfect for her role- she able to dance-write stories-sew lovely things with fine seams & embroider- Humanists both & reaching to the stars…they needing space for growth a home & about them The Gospels Acted Out…


Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen RANSOM (Caecelia Patron Saint of MUSIC added R.C. Confirmation name March 1941)

1937 - We were dawn spirits who every day went down to the SEAS- George-ANDRE is recalling his mother’s histories of his ancestors on her line who were AT SEA- The Wash Norfolk round to East-Anglia 9TH CENTURY A.D/ Histon is one name she has from long ago- Those early dawns our minds are open with kindliness & delicacy to all whom we meet upon our walk to the sea - we are content with what is about us-a holiday-we two human beings entering THE DAY SHE IS OPEN’ - some dawns we are sleepy-we hath been STARS WATCHING until after midnight- We may have to take a nap at 2.30pm- Are there human beings to-day in the 21st century who can recognise that inner happiness as you wake & hear the SEAS - know a day that is your own doth stretch ahead - Thus we were so… JOSETTE-ANDRE-Greta- SUMMER 1937 Clacton-on-SEA- East Anglia-

1937 the five miraculous weeksWe may be humming perhaps a tune ‘SAND IN OUR SHOES’ or similar popular beautiful tunes that blend with the seascape-as the early milkman whistles or croons- Andre Saint George is given to singing in my ear as I snooze- popular French songs, many dating back to his mother’s days when he so young. I tell Andre he whose soul is become as a STAR abovethat Daddy & Len & Grandpa FCR & all of us go for MARCHES along the beaches in winter singing Hans Eisler Songs & others….ref Max Henson -

1970 winter - A distraught ANDRE MALRAUX `you made a bed of me Madam! On the holiday when I came with JO…we were a Unit a Familyas time went on- we took VOWS…`

George-Andrew/MALRAUX retired Minister of France avoids too much looking into my eyes as we sit at the dining-room table The Pillar House Harwell - he is suffering the loss of his sons- the sons of JO & HE - His good memory - his notebooks - take us to SUMMER 1937- Two innocent young people came from BLOODY SPAIN…

& he has read me all this 1957-1958...But the Royal Satrap GOLLUM Mengele paedeophile Dr Harrington had vast resources & DOUGH to see we knew not of TIME PAST (records everyone/Life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square)-

1970 - I have a memory of recriminations & horror at 50 Lancaster Gate Square & INSULTS over my presence there come from Mengele-JIM via Brown RNVR & Teresa Gordon old mother RANSOM Clytemnestra & said to be sent from MALRAUX…I am unlikely to say I was always a girl with a broken heart for MALRAUX & the Wedding of Grace lingers only seconds in a part of my brain where they keep it beneath their fearful A-Z Grote Ransom Weddell GENOCIDE- A scenario is again created by these evil slags & bilge rats who wallow in a river of blood that brought them DOUGH -ALL our wonder of being together again November 1957 we GEORGE & GREETAH HAS BEEN SWEPT TO CORNERS OF MY MIND BY DAILY USE OF MEMORY REMOVE by Mengele Harrington IN CHARGE… They old DOPE ADDICTS are expert at doing this to their old relatives to get DOUGH…then OFF to the RACES etc -

ANDRE MALRAUX Retired Minister of GAUL he is not able to PUT THE KEY IN GR`s MEMORY AGAIN - We are being twisted up with re-doubled venom by those TWISTERS the London Chinese Legation tried warn us about winters 1957/ the British Government, Whitehall…& some in the French Government…THEY ALL WADE IN BLOOD & GORE MONEYS from the slaying of the million GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…A to Z the globe…THE HOMES OUTSIDE THE FALLEN BRITISH EMPIRE…from 1864 with approval of free nations…that GROSS BRITAIN rooks-robs-dismantles-causing Wars-takes unfair advantage of in trade…ripping out their minerals, chopping their forests…slaying their educated HUMANISTS…So IMPERIUM can dress so well…& have forelock pulling to it about that A-Z globearrive with empty wagons for TWISTERS to fill in the night-moonlighting !

( 1950s - Thank you all of you 1950s into 1980s … Chinese Legation SCARLET TOWN & CHINA - I can only hope our GROTE HOMES Chinese children have great-great-grandchildren & all thrive in secrecy- its so dangerous to say GROTE HOMES … or RANSOM or WEDDELL in the early 21st Century … reference President RICHARD NIXON USA in CHINA…& LIR…) …

1960 - 1967-1980s I GR hath RECEIVED NO POST/mail & again now in The Pillar House deceit reigns - ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN & his HEIRS he was to protect LIR & GR are surrounded by EVIL who are rich in blood soaked moneys-

DISEASED of MIND of NOBLE BRITAIN who have caused A GENOCIDE to be as a shadow alongside the Nazi Theatre 2nd World War …have to keep `EVIL WATCH` on us all…1970s

` AGAIN WE ENTER UPON THE STAGE OF A THOUSAND YEARS…bow to the THEATRE`…& BEGIN AGAIN OUR TRAGIC PLAY…perhaps the POET of TIME will RE-WRITE it…` (GR using her own Stark Lines 1957/1962...a form of DIARY when to record the days would have brought VIOLENCE upon us…)

1950s-1980s … NO WAGES TO PAY -its looked upon as TRAINING for the State of Gross Britain - which has put a river of blood around our ankles & they sell it as cheap Vin Rouge A-Z the globe - WHY DO WE LIVE ? Ah sufficient of the sub-sub apes gather more DOUGH from having us alive - It is a simple matter of greed & some NOBLE Monsters `did not get all they expected from the SLAYING OF THE GROTE HOMES children- the robbing of `an old Eskimo` … MOCKERY had a value after 1967...

1968 - onwards - AGAIN their black tongues reach their IMPERIAL NOBLE HIGH CLASS SIN BIG BOOTSTHEY STEAL G.Rs POST !

1937 SUMMER - MALRAUX & JOSETTE at the threshold of their YOUNG lives - Drawn into this GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND by BRITISH FIGURES FROM A MORGUE- BRITISH HIGH CLASS SIN- bestially obscenely criminally insane- use daily dope mixes & Benzedrine absinthe booze cocktails & mugs full… mixes as they keep the HIGH KICK to BELIEVE THEMSELVES DIVINE - & have their FALLEN EMPIRE decline slowly while they fill saddle bags the more - 1945 onwards - they crush the world in name of British Trade…wearing USA uniforms in secret silence…Reports…

1939 October - LINDSAY mob set fire inside to their GRAND Clacton seafront after a drunken dope-session … they thought they would move in on THE RANSOM HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC…requisition it for War duties…SHE was to pack leave for LONDON frolics…G.R. age 6 years 7 months was found tied to a tree in the REC by some kindly people… ( I ran home to 112 Vista Road for I had on only my pants & vest…SHE had taken all my clothes to the ORPHANAGE we learn later…I saw SHEshe leaving with a small case…she was DOPED ! I locked the door inside. I went upstairs but no clothes. I called to a man I knew slightly from the upstairs window to go & get the Police to come…telephone had been ripped out. He said he wanted half a crown to do that. I waited for another person I knew…they did call the Police. I explained. ) THE POLICE KNEW ABOUT THE LINDSAY FIRE ! An old INSURANCE TRICK of them ! It had just happened. `

Your FATHER NOW CAME IN FROM THE ARMY DEPO ! GR tried explain ! (reports 1960 spring …)

“ … He Warrant Officer FJR seemed weary & not to care about anything…” HIS father Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM was killed Suffolk by JIM calling itself Major CAREW with a 2-man UNIT back of Buckingham Palace…& LINDSAYbuggarhs… & they had taken her Teresa Gordon R. along for an alibi ! …”

Records gathered 1960/Detectives Colleagues friends of ANDRE MALRAUX East Anglia/hospital & Police records hidden ! 2nd World War began September 1939 … 3 person Suffolk Hospital report on this murder 1948 USA Special Agents/ & 1960 for ANDRE MALRAUX`s team…

Reports : POLICE/families/Brokers/HOSPITALS…know that these BARBARIC NOBLE creatures use this disgusting DOPE…Divinorum Salvia Scotland PELLETS UP THEIR SNOUT…It PUTS A MONSTER IN THEIR BRAINS in 2 seconds… “ They grow it in Scotland…” !