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Nota bene : RECORDS /PJPW - GROTE HOMES RANSOM Estate Murder list begun late 1970s by educated people the globe/ records…A PIECE IS BOUGHT BY THE GREENWICH NAUTICAL MUSEUM… Museum world 1970s knew this was a STOLEN PIECE…A.C.R collection…but BIG BOOTS IMPERIAL had SNOUTS about SO WHO GOT THE DOUGH ? You cheap nasty sub-sub-Apes ~

1987 Oxford gathering - December PJPW went into shock when he heard the same recollection from two people of events February 1968 the collapse of his father`s younger brother Uncle Gilbert who had always seen that Peter was OK. From November Greta Ransom Whitehead`s tragic young father Frederick John RANSOM was trying to leave the HOUSE OF MARGARETHE & TIGGY on ARRAN to his daughter G.R. & brother Dr John RAY R., Dr Len & Ivy sister…the RANSOM families… The Will on FJR’s sudden death DONE by Mengele Harrington March 1969 was taken & administered by Teresa Gordon R & Doc Mengele with nothing said to those who inherit - PJPW was caught in this Imperial Fist BIG BOOTS dripping blood & gore plot … this NOBLE BRITAIN APPROVED genocide by the dope-fiends TRICKSTERS WHO USE THE STATE TO GRAB AT ALL POST/mail, all forms of communication…set about FALSE MESSAGES…Using STATE WORKERS…pulling too much their forelocksBBC seems to have lost its educational INPUT of the 1930s when it got going

PJPW IDENTICAL TWIN…whose grandpa Sir Rowland Edward WHITEHEAD has lost his life in this 1941...he 1980s is learning how insane it has been & the situtation about him…many records/LIR says 1976 “ … where all the properties went -back to criminally insane via a woman sitting on a purple rice woolsack” /City of London Elders 1960s.

1968 summer - G.R. heard the family tragedy the death of Sir REW 1940/41 `… possibly from a blow from a little thug on a winter morning along the Tow path Wallingford…` Meeting the vast in-laws & seeing the house `White Cross` it struck a chord when some of PJPW’s relatives said `our Grandfather was suddenly not there…a shock to children…` Amongst the new in-laws were two persons who knew the history of GROTE RANSOM & one had visited a HOME pre-war & been very happy to make a stay…(EWBG & JG- they now got DOC Mengele HARRINGTON for THE CROWN looking in on them…)

1937-1968 onwards - followed by HIGH CLASS SIN FIGURES from a MORGUE … is The Ransom families of 77 AD LONDINIUM Thames…& ANDRE MALRAUX & JOSETTE & boys - FISTS & BLOODY BOOTS on our heels - taking all POST/mail - answering for us & other Sunday GAMES tricks -

1967/1968 Summer - after the birth of Victoria-Augusta … the former Miss G.R. enters into an unexpected life- a reluctant at first young woman to marry it was the QUAKER families Whitehead & especially Rathbone (branch lines at Clacton school 1942/1944...Rutter/Greene/Greg/possibly a Lightbody branch…) … that gave confidence…but with no memory of having been married before - except something scandalous…forgot…only a very broken heart from Andre Malraux reaching back to 1953 Colchester Castle KEEP…..nobody of the families knew of the coming marriage except 4 people Administration BMNH- we had nobody present our Witnesses the couple marrying after us - the idea was not to spend money-but take the children for a seaside holiday later - Miss Ransom known in BMNH as `the spirit girl in the Spirit building - She came to us earlier 1962 from across The Park- MALRAUX’s FORTRESS - some older go to suppers with him in those days… great-great grandchild of WEDDELL the SEA…sub-arctic…& from Far North … `Villiers speaking…

& the RAFT Kon Tiki people& a painting Medusa are known to themall…

Nothing to be said…children of the world died…`


1939-1968 … I G.R. had little useful memory- the bullying the threats & attacks had made a spirit figure-an aesthete still- yet strong `able to carry the oil cans`- & 1970s now 5 feet tree trunks into the fireplaces of The Pillar House Harwell G.R. had this strange life at 50 Lancaster Gate Square the home of Andre Malraux 1950s - & insulted threatened over being there by JIM & gang/Mengele & thugs & Teresa Gordon & HER BASTARDS…got a broken heart but no idea of the `Early Wedding 1947 R.C.` & 3 weeks after the re-vowing 7 January 1958 no memory of that at all…GR did follow some things…that possibly every week my memory was taken out resulting in no yesterdays& mostly avoided cups of tea…guarded my toothpaste ! Did a 4 minute mile to escape some apparitions !

1957 October - 50 Lancaster Gate Square…an evening 5.30pm coming in from foggy streets to be met in my top room by Dirty JIM Cur JAMES who first GRINNED in my face & said to 3 thugs “ put her on heroin - search her night & morning - SHE IS NOT TO KNOW ABOUT MALRAUX’s WORK…she could hear things about General de Gaulle …GET OUT GREETHA …! This dirty little PIMP is robbing MALRAUX & de GAULLE of this CHARITY A BIG FORTUNE left for PHILANTHROPY…CUR JAMES IS KNOWN AS THE ROYAL UNCLEhe drinks a bucketful at the Saint Lizzie`s Head every dinnertime…a PUB Buckingham Palace Road

JIM JONG now Cur James or Major Carew or James… he has a 2-room apartment at the back of THE PALACE since 1923 when he entered with ANGELA…both of them use the dangerous narcotic DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND pellets up their SNOUTS !

1957 October - MR PONG…Jim Jong…of whom I GR have no memory pre-war… The ugly short fat barrel was in my room at the top when I came in & had his 3 THUGS ex-Army Kenya (records galore on them & him Kenya-3 killings etc) I turned & got out & he rushed after me like a fat fairground clown & pushed me down the stairs piping `Get Out GREETAH ! `… Ah my name had now been changed to Greta ! Yet I still could NOT GET A MEMORY of this bestial obscene chaser of very young men with moneys & a paedophile to children who inherited- He with Lindsay 14 had savaged two children at Frinton 1930s… These NOBLES attacked all persons who had properties moneys they desired or dared objected to their savagery to authorities & good citizens -


( Maurice Ravel composer - speaking on `the little half Chinese man who broke in on his apartment 1920s - took his clothes…had him `have seizures in the car before` - dope put in something Ravel drank - perhaps a flask…reports upon the little half-breed who did not want him to know whom his mother was … an educated Chinese heiress with her sister…Apartment Paris…)

Thugs like JIM & Lindsay 14 a real paedophile never buttoned their trousers - British 2nd World Wartime… I GR was having too little left in my memory & therefore far too little understood - These obscene sadistic queer HIGH dope-users were well paid & Mengele & his dame & others including dirty JIM were to see the GROTE HOMES slaying was not uncovered & that they could go on robbing RANSOM Estate having Whitehall obedient - Cheats & these Heroin Soaks call it GROTE ESTATE … & shrug & mouth `Oh given to Angela by old Eskimo…` (full accounts of those years by all of us 1940s/1990s)

1950s - ANDRE MALRAUX - this is his London home - monsters are coming in the Catholic household door when he is not there - He & General de Gaulle are being fooled by TWISTERS…it is not only the kindly Chinese Legation that know the disgusting behaviour of G.B. Government Lords & Crown & of the slain GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…

1966 - December Harwell Village - Mr Doc Mengele paedophile Royal Satrap Harrington hides his car behind bushes & this monster that gentlefolk fear is so anxious that ‘ his patient-MALRAUX does not tell the Ape-Eskimos & this Village anything about the former life of Malraux…` Mengele is still not a Peer…& cannot be the equal of LINDSAY 15 who plays at being a COUNT outrageously OFFSHORE…

1960s-1980s - On his morning cocktail of drugs Mengele can rage forth upon the disgrace to the VATICAN - why he organised A BREAK IN…to remove RECORDS …Lindsaybuggarhs Earl no 14 a paedophile& his heir the spade wheeling child on this dope up his snout from age 10 years late 1930s future Earl no 15... & relative Montague with a de-frocked ? Priest/false priest…to try remove the Papers of the MALRAUX-RANSOM Wedding of Grace FROM THE VATICAN ARCHIVES- They Earls of LINDSAY are to claim they are British RECORDS/ & while they are about it…TASK 2 : Uncle Dr Sir John Edmond O’Brien cousin to Mary Gordon is to be vilified, made a pauper…& killed…

1950s-1980s -Doctor Mengele HARRINGTON (defrocked 1982 by BMA) is anxious to be a Peer-a Count-& he aims higher of course. He is a paedophile gathering horrendous ideas-& this was why he got so much attention & with that blue car- in Berkshire-Oxfordshire- He oozes with such KUDOS- & the old thugs of Naval intelligence- British Scum of this & that…usual as 1930s dipso-Diplomats & the new `Trendy business type with gold bath taps & cocktail Bar & `always on heroin dear Boy…` The 20th century is with CRASS lifestyles & Mengele paedophile Harrington still earns himself his yearly blood & gore loot from Crown Office- Scandinavian Carrion Crows winged in about Ransom Estate knowing of its riches by still STEALING THE POST with the British Noble Scum …

`It`s a game of ` WE WIN - somewhere - everywhere - do you in the eye pull you down…yah booh…I dare you…”

& they can with G. B. Nobles KUDOS be intercepting BANK payments easily - Moneys which again are circling round in the smaller JOYOUS VENTURE that delicate FLOWER GARDEN A-Z the globe restored 1961 by Ransom brothers with help from young Kennedy (his parents knew everyone) & those persons of HUMANISM the globe … eyed by PACKS OF SYPHILITIC DIVINE SUB-APES…

reference a family of SCIENCE /Ref. LETTERS FROM JEAN -

… she had heard 2 men talking saying she wife of Frederick Charles RANSOM was to be killed 1938 ... she writes to warn her middle son … who welcomed Dr John RAY ® 1948-1949 & helped him understand the GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN under cover of the 2nd World War…1946 Big Boots now strode sailed cheered its fallen Empire holding back enlightenment…(this is dried blood colour)…

There should be a Nazi Camp Theme Park for these slayers of the GROTE CHILDREN & those who live on the blood-gore moneys - they get a packet of cabbage seeds- a high wall- no contact with the globe !

1947- A Wedding of Grace April 1947 allowed by a POPE … called always “young Paccelli” by the Irish families of my grandmother Mary Gordon - `early wedding for the Widower Georges-Andre & his Ward Greta Ransom to keep them safe- the Grote children are slain round the globe `…!

( … perhaps he felt `all I can do is go out into Rome Eternal City in a worn Monks robe & sketch- think- add some watercolours…think in my prayers…& practical…I do wish I could open my own post…`)

1930s-1940s - PACCELLI was used to dropping a letter into Montfort Lodge the Priests Home Clacton-on-Sea…often it came by a Visitor come for a holiday at the seaside a delightful place to write Memoirs/holy research/ & to see this Great Church of ancient ROMAN beauty…built in 1929 - destroyed cunningly by them mid-1970s…MALRAUX is dying … IMPERIAL BRUTES & NOBLE RAMPARTS…wanted to hurt ANDRE MALRAUX the more !

PACCELLI - from the late 1920s - especially from 1931 he was aware of the greed of Gross Britain to-wards the massive Philanthropy known as GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE IN 3 Parts A to Z the globe- Mrs Grote of Greenland came to the Vatican & had a humanist ESTATE in Germany…she spoke perfect German & a dozen other languages…her family had Visited at the VATICAN since 1830s…her mother grand-daughter of POUL GRONLANDER genius…Tiggy Grote of an old West Saxony family now USA New York citizens BROKERS…Beginning 1870 a half the 2,500 HOMES were in Catholic lands - as well as funded schools - hospitals- settlements-craftworks- everything a civilized society needs/ Grants to Research - investment in safe transport since Rail & Air began - umbrellas for music- welfare- retirement- research - even a Leper Colony where they studied the STARS - making a valuable contribution-

1936 VISIT N. America - Atlantic side ? - records/diaries/Len-Jean-Greta-

The Lepers when the cure came `a few did not go home-but went on with their work - a cure was some years ago- they were happy & educated from when they entered what they had felt was to be imprisonment into death…so they went on holiday to their families & came back to their HOME & their work THE STARS mapping a big area & useful work they were complimented on …The girl says they will be returning for the New Term…she did not get it badly at all…the cure came in time … ` Reports LIR & GR & Dr John RAY ® in LETTERS FROM JEAN…USA research-GROTE-

1938 - Legal WILL in operation 1937/8 - with the 2 operating Wills 187Os & 1900...`THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWN “CANNOT BROKER A PENNY OF THIS ESTATE”…

The Estate to which from birth Greta is heir - Lennie my heir & co-heir & we enjoy our training in its HUMANISM - & dozens of RANSOM family are on board- on wings- if we die…our murder was so often given to us - presented by the Gross Britain pig-eyed on the PINS - who are barely literate by Ransom & Weddell standards of erudition & humanism - G.B. HIGH CLASS SIN rose on its back hind legs on dope-booze-divinity- with DEBTS-heavy gambling losses-it changed its clothes 5 times daily PLOTTED TO KILL THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN FOR DOUGH…& if the Republic came they could ALL make off to CANADA…

1960 January- NIGHT WATCH - Dr JOHN RAY ® educated USA because of an attack on him at 1 month old by Earls of Lindsay family 2 visiting women His Reports 1960 - `the ancestry hit him like the sight of the Grand Canyon the Victoria Falls ` He had grown up with no idea of his background - it was the Rules of the School KENTUCKY who were only anxious their damaged young victims get the best education in the globe. He had been fooled by a Visitor when he was 17 years.

He could have demanded to have his parents to visit him when others boys 17 years old had their parents come…BUT NOT ALL…that was the Rules of the School of this Doctor who had set it up & ran it with co-operation from GROTE BROKERS Grote Homes…Some children might never leave the School & Home being born so damaged…but most did & one was an American Senator of high repute…some could be repaired…he was to have an operation in London & Switzerland that year…he was not a bad case…he had wife & a son aged 2 years…safe in USA…she biology…

“…1937 he had this phone call from JEAN … whom he knew over the years of her LETTERS since he was 7 years old was Spanish-Latino Americanhe had no idea she was his mother - he was tall fair haired- one eye blue one eye green - not unknown to British IMPERIAL NOBLE SCUMbut she said something he did not heed to well…he felt he misunderstood… & it was the only time he had heard her voice - the telephone had been allowed for this occasion… `it is your mother - I have heard two men talking & I think I am to be killed- now I want you to STAY WITH YOUR BROTHERS- do not have anything to do with NOBLEMEN …` He felt that because SHE WAS A LATINO (… & HE’D LEARNED SPANISH BECAUSE OF HER…JEAN … ) he felt it was something to do with her Spanish or the Argentine mentality … The Rules of the School were strict while they were in their education- the Rules of the School were to see these tiny boys were got through their difficulties of the mutilations & even if they could never leave the beautiful Premises they would have THE BEST EDUCATION UPON EARTH ` …”

But he was fortunate - he was not too bad- he was able to have a son 1957 USA & go on with his work - NASA- then US State Department some off - shore work…Animal Management for his Canada Estate when he was informed of it by GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK when he was 21 years old- but now his MOTHER DEAD ! Later he learned she had been poisoned by a decision by all of THEM … 1960 he began LAW Degree…he passed everything with the best marks - …”

( ANDRE MALRAUX speaking with JOHN RAY, SEPTEMBER 1946 outside the Clacton MARITAL COURT, had no idea whom he was other than “A CLEVER YOUNG MAN educated in USA Kentucky ” … “ I wish I had his education…” said ANDRE MALRAUX. HARRY GORDON sitting with us was told by Teresa & Winnie his sisters TO SAY NOTHING UNTIL his brother-in-law FRED RANSOM arrived to make introductions- then ANDRE & GREETAH were told to take the small boys Colin John & Richard into the KINEMA…A TARZAN film…MISS WINNIE is directed by her sister & the bastard nephew ED DU CANN…they knew my father FJR had left for LONDON on some spurious matter that they probably arranged - CUNNING ALL THE TIME BY NOBLE BRITAIN MURDERERS OF THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…)

1970 - he was DUE BACK TO USA to take up by INVITATION SENATE WORK( Reports 1988 Central America/ USA State Worker & othersto Greta Ransom W…denied memory from 1939...)

1946-1948 - Dr JOHN RAY ® went to see the family paintings in famous galleries/gifts/loans/ - & the DEGAS ballerina who looks like his mother (painted 1870s) …his ballerina mother he knew by now would dance looking like that the 2 years she was with the PARIS ballet…auburn hair…with scarlet or deep purple flowers in her hair she a young widow of SPAIN husband buried & child that did not live all before she was 21 years of age - Then in 1907 she first met his father & 1909 the SOUTH Pole married the NORTH Pole

1902/3 She began mixing ballet with Spanish dance choreographing …then illustrating the life of the INCA bride of James Weddell the SEA her grand-parents all in her dancing …`3 Cornered Hat she was famous for dancing in South America /Iberia she gave the first British Performance/some Villa Lobos/etc Stravinski Firebird sketches taken by she & other dancers to Buenos Aries & they tried it out…bringing Stravinski photographs & notes about dancing it / A Degas painting bought by MINERVA-Olivea her mother was on the dining room wall at Jerusalem…it was stolen by Noble prostitutes 1938 after JEAN was killed…as their thugs were saying 1937...Painting showed Jean leaning against the wall with other dancers, resting waiting for instructions …c 1905/1907...

1960 January - NIGHT WATCH - This is Dr JOHN Ray Ransom her middle son 1917/1918 … whom she will never see again from when he was nearly 2 years & had to be taken to SAFETY…but she could WRITE TO HIM…& 1937 she was allowed a telephone call to warn Johnnie … keep with your brothers…have nothing to do with noblemen…

1946 September & December - he her little `Johnnie` came & slept in the room she had used that last summer of her life 1938…at the Old Road House across from the QUAKER ROOMS where we are…I GR do not know again whom he is…SOON I AM TOLD BY A TELEPHONE CALL TO LEAVE…from Miss Win…for my father has been attacked in LONDON & the party of relatives he was coming with are at his bedsideJOHN RAY must have left for LONDON…ANDRE IS DISMISSEDa spoof message came from LONDON about something in FRANCE requiring his attention…HE CAN GET PLANES helicopter from Harwich/IPSWICH USA BASE to hurry to General de GAULLE…IT WAS FALSE ! NOBODY KNEW WHEN HE GOT THERE !

1946 December - CUNNING EVIL DEVILRY : We were not to go to THE NAVAL BALL Clacton Town Hall & meet the families RANSOM of Alfred Charles Rear Admiral RANSOM & others…who is talking to us a couple of minutes but thinks WE KNOW WHOM HE IS…3 young WEDDELL cousins are present…I met them in the Church Service first

1938 … LAST SUMMER OF JEAN upon earth - our little Old Road Clacton house…where JEAN told her grand-daughter Greetah Ransom age 5 years what she would `WRITE TO JOHNNIE”…that night while she Greta slept for the New Day…Thus the LETTERS FROM JEAN so precious to JOHN RAY…who discovers she is his mother after she is poisoned 1938 end of summer…

1946 December - Dr JOHN RAY Ransom …`He spoke to this tall very tall niece coming 14 years just engaged to Andre Malraux her Guardian- he found both of them quiet polite a little remote…but they had the mourning of his Catholic Wife & his brothers & Greetah had been with Jo before the war…20 MINUTES is the total of that evening which was SUDDENLY HALTED by emergency-his brother Fred had been attacked just before he & relatives were to take the TRAIN from Liverpool Street Station ! He JOHN RAY had made some notes all that year… JOHN RAY…1946 he had spoken to GROTE Brokers New York upon the matter of receiving no ANSWERS from ANDRE MALRAUX to their vast correspondence - HERE HE WAS…engaged to the HEIR !

It was felt to be a matter of his association with de GAULLE…By 1948 GROTE & Argentine, all now suspended most communications to MALRAUX & appointed The Guardians to Greta & Len as the 2 elder RANSOM brothers FRED & himself Dr JOHN RAY… & others around the Globe… foreigners-persons Lennie & Greetah had known 1930s -onwards-REPORTS 1960 Colne Engaine/MALRAUX & LIR 19/20 March 1972 RENAISSANCE evening The Pillar House HARWELL

1946 December - Dr JOHN RAY Ransom …`He talked a few minutes perhaps 3 or 4 to Greta believing her Aunt Miss Win Gordon had told her whom he was…Alfred Charles had said Hello to her & told her to talk to John…her father would be arriving soon with his party….

He JOHN RAY ® said how he had rented the front room from the old owners of the house & slept in the tiny ancient homestead with Victorian frontage in the Old Road Clacton-on-Sea that week 1946 just across the way from this Quaker Old School Rooms where they were now awaiting their RANSOM relatives to arrive by train from London -

He could see MALRAUX whom he’d briefly met 1946 September but they had not been formally introduced… for he was told to wait for his brother FRED to arrive in a few minutes-THERE WAS A HANG UP OVER MALRAUX & THE GUARDIANSHIP…he MALRAUX did not reply to letters from GROTE or anyone else… Then he JR got a telephone call to leave to meet his brother FJR in LONDON & a train was at the Clacton Railway Station so he should hurry to catch it !

He did not get back to Clacton until summer 1948...& then the marriage to MALRAUX had failed…he spoke with Charles McGowan photographer who was trying to employ Teresa … & steady the situation…IT WAS SAID THE MARRIAGE HAD BEEN TOO DIFFICULT BECAUSE OF THE DIFFERENCE IN YEARS…BUT his brother FJR insulted by being refused attendance with his party the last hours HE KNEW LITTLE OF THE MARRIAGE TO Teresa Gordon & of her NOBLE CIRCLES…all after the ESTATE … Here he saw that evening 6.15pm the tall very youthful ANDRE MALRAUX was happily talking away to a circle of young Ocean & Sea Scouts… all eager in their conversation…

1948 - he JR began with others USA some investigation when they might draw it into other work …Protection had to be given to Len & wife & small son…LEN did not say how he was being threatened by LINDSAY …

1946 December - “ Nearly 6.30pm - young Dr JOHN RAY is WAITING at the Quaker Rooms Old Road Clacton-on-Sea with Uncle Alfred Charles RANSOM Rear Admiral RN for the RANSOM PARTY TO ARRIVE FROM LONDON- then there would be a meeting about THE DANGER because of what had happened to GROTE HOMES CHILDREN… & WITH ANDRE MALRAUX - He JOHN RAY watched MALRAUX & Greta having the little ceremony of the SEA…being `PIPED ON BOARD` by the British RN for their Engagement to Marry…all appeared absolutely normal… ( I GR can act & Modern Dance it out - thank you Oxford FE History of Dance 1990-92) …A series matter was the robberies of the Art Works in the HOMES & THIS WAS TO BE DISCUSSED WITH MALRAUX…( which are later 1960s listed by MALRAUX & found immense “… she owned more than the Louvre … )

1946 - G.B. GOVERNMENT LORDS & Crown - ORGANISED STATE DEVILRYafter Army Captain Frederick J. RANSOM won Custody his 3 children Marital Court/special court/September 1946-Teresa Gordon R. to go to an ASYLUM for an unspecified time…matter of her mother poisoned by her…violence to children/with her nobles/

1946 December - Clacton Quaker Rooms Old Road - That evening at 6.30 pm telephone call from sister IVY JEAN Weddell Ransom/in late life 2nd m Hewitt/ (1st m Rawsthorne composer -marriage annulled Ivy only 18 years-impossible to live in England with Lindsay Earls about - their son killed age 9 on the Swiss Estate by arranged hit & run CAR by JIM & Lindsay 14 …) IVY his sister saying Fred attacked just before they were to leave…got him to hospital… ( IVY RANSOM degree Maths Economics-tries work with him NASA but the BRITISH SCUM objected)… several records