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1946 December 6.20 pm - “ … SUDDENLY an emergency his brother in a hospital in some danger of his life in London - attacked 2 hours before…to stop him appearing… MEETING ANDRE MALRAUX ! Swiftly that time MALRAUX sent to the telephone & sent off to France … He John RAY did not question anything ! IT HAD ALL HAPPENED AT ONCE- He had matter to learn of this most hideous GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND - (Ahead would be his brother LIR diaries/tapes the unfolding of the horror-& the beginning of the disappearance of his & his wife’s Weddell relatives) …creatures gone dreadfully insane want a change on the name of the WEDDELL SEA…All shaped by DOPES before Flower Power ! … especially ON STUFF were Nobles in Gross Britain using pellets of Divinorum Salvia Scotland up their snouts…

…& at this time the slaying & removing of all evidence of the Grote Homes Children across the Pacific & those little extra HOMES sometimes only 130 children was going on… Tiggy GROTE began the HOMES in the 1860s-they were approve all nations but NOT by Britain… extermination of all whom knew of the Estate overseas was being carried out by Gross Britain NOBLE THUGS using the Armed Forces & other Institutions of THE REALM-THE COMMAND OF THE SEA… `

1948-1960 THE AWAKENING for Dr JOHN RAY ® Ransom…

finding his RANSOM ancestry 77 AD Londinium/Dunwich Suffolk -

He JOHN RANSOM name changed to JOHN RAY age 2 years USA to protect him…now understood why he had been given THE CARE OF THIS ESTATE IN CANADA from his birth by this Goddess Margarethe RANSOM sister of his grandfather JOHN RANSOM…she a girl of the Snows whose letters he now read & saw the photographs of she & family the Island from the beginning of photography 1840s…The Great PLAY Seasons -the Ox at Christmastide- a Great Grandpa Fred Ransom looking like him but short…Gertruid in the Delacroix paintings…`Her eyes were like diamonds in the Northern Skies`

(Jacop`s Ladder by FR 1870s)…STATE DEVILRY came at him …

He Dr John RAY was 21 years when this Aladdin Cave/doors open into HELL/ opened before him - delayed by the entry of USA into the 2nd World War… He was welcomed as a member of the Family by GROTE BROKERS New York - he was told by them `Now young fellah you go & look after the Rock of Gibraltar as well as your chosen career- your aunt Mrs Ransom Grote has very kindly investments there- & you may also draw yourself an income for you are to be encouraged to continue with your splendid education & your duties will be to Tour the Girdle round the Earth the Flower Garden the JOYOUS VENTURE when you can or come on BOARD FULL TIME when you wish - this is your family & TIG is from ours…To accomplish this TIGGY reduced the RANSOM family to NO SHOES` when he began…so we gave him 4 acres…it is now under New York…as well as the 19 acres bought by F.Ransom 1801...` HAPPY WORK should have begun…

1946-1948 - ` Dr John RAY went off to see this wondrous piece of philanthropy… In France he said “it hit him like a fine ancient wine” HE DID NOT MEET ALL HIS FAMILY until 1948...nobody could find LEN… for he was in shockhe’d discovered the dead GROTE CHILDREN & was often in bewilderment - Then Len‘s son was killed for his 12th birthday 1953 - They‘d let LEN marry his distant Weddell cousin 1939 because both of them had lost their mothers so early & had known one another since children…”

( I Greetah nearly 3 years see her & she is 14 years old in 1936 January- It is she who has raised Billy Goat Weddell from his birth…he who is just like one of the children in her care…I think her mother was dead or unwell then…)

… LEN Immanuel Ransom he was 26 years when the full horror fell about him - he could tell of insults from Figures from a Morgue who called him Ape boy…1920s Fat Angela prodding him with a smelly foot ( the dope made their feet stink)… telling him to get out of the door at distinguished gatherings he & his parents were invited to. SHE purple rice sack had gate-crashed with a bottle in her handbag & another in her bosom…Sometimes this SET 1920s waved their knickers round their heads at the entry to the Party & made a circle & passed the SYRINGE round…One called Selwyn Lloyd used to demonstrate how he could get in a wine glass at 18 years old but he seems to have got away from the worst of them…Some of them on dopes had also kicked a 4 years old girl to death in 2 hours one afternoon…Reports/early-mid 1920s British Noble life…

1941-1948 - Meanwhile JOHN (Ray-Ransom) was intoxicated by this line RANSOM SAILING DOWN THE CENTURIES all such good human beings…his USA education had him free of Class & titles worship …`

“ John says he rushed to many nations & called out to people everywhere `I come from you`…14 races…27 nations…now he knew of them all…all SAILING DOWN THE SEAS… & could speak their names as he walked upon their lands where RANSOM ships had drawn in… He found his ancestral lines- many not been lost…only British GREED had them to keep themselves hidden …The WEDDELL families were vulnerable for they felt they were safe being of a hero Mariner of the SOUTH POLE…»

“ HE Dr John RAY Ransom …had a lot to learn & A LOT TO FEAR & ALL HIS DEMOCRATIC EDUCATION COULD NOT KEEP HIM SAFE…because these MONSTROUS APPARITIONS had been allowed to COMMIT THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKINDLater years as numbers of the Estate SLAIN children & adults are gathered …it will be called GROTE GENOCIDE…” (“ feeling sometimes with our hands HIS very touch upon the stones` Greetah quotes for Uncle Dr John Ray a line George SEFRIS Greek poet/GR read aloud into those nights of horror & sometimes puzzling tranquillity-at Colne Engaine JUNE 1960/1961 /Rex Warner translation/Bodley Head Press/first addition )

1946/1948 - “ Gibraltar was not a good idea…he had yet to learn of IMPERIAL RACISM & about the The Realm kudos of this pack of

dope-fiends who had plotted this since they espied with Earl Lindsay

1879 ` old Eskimos` were the richest people in the world - & they’d lock Thomas GROTE & her…& her brothers up in an Asylum & all have a share…educating to 18 fatherless ! & all this land as Reserves & foreigners supported on it …! THE BRITISH EMPIRE DID NOT APPROVE ! `

“ Parts of Noble Britain was on Divinorum Salvia Scotland & opium/heroin…& penniless-spending like an unturned off water tap…TOTALLY COMMITTED TO EVIL…as Emmanuel (Edward G. Robinson-film star-art collector) is to find Angela a girl he’d known when she was 17 years “ He found a woman totally committed to EVIL when he tried have her understand what had been done by the destruction of GROTE HOMES by slaying the children & the ongoing attacks on the Ransom Estate” ( Records/from him/friend of all/his father was 2 years a Grote Home…adopted age 7 years/Rumania possibly…) Edward G. Robinson/real name Emmanuel/ He comes to London - Angela has to visit his hotel - USA Army in it - late 1960s/perhaps early 1970s/press articles : “ it is unusual for the Queen Mother to visit a friend in a hotel-his health is delicate we hear ”

Edward G. Robinson had armed USA official guards in hotel

THE gigantic obscene FRAUD with VIOLENCE has been planned plotted with great evil & cunning & they are ALL insane !

Their determination to burn bodies REMOVE GRAVESTONES…all documents…have people NOT EXIST…is an obsession with them !

Len had to move his son`s body from the N. African grave as twice the tombstone went missing -although a guard was often kept after Ransom graves were.

Dr Len Imm. RANSOM “ We had to open

the coffin to see it was my son

…it takes a long time to make a skeleton-he my creation was all knobs & bumps - my beautiful creation had come at 12 years to this … We photographed him & sent copies to ALL THOSE WHO HAD DONE THIS …to us to our FAMILIES to our GROTE CHILDREN…We took him to the Americas to his grandfather my father…we had flown he FCR & JEAN out in 1945 with willing co-operation…They have killed my creation for money - they strut themselves about the globe & draw upon Banks in our names…They had no right to Broker a Penny of this Estate…so they kill in their brutish way - threats - tricks - blackmail -foul black tongues to their expensive boots - then duck & hide behind their protocol…” … 19/20th March 1972 renaissance evening The Pillar House, HARWELL…MALRAUX/Politan/LIR & others…/tapes also/a 2nd book Americas/

1960 February - NIGHTWATCH Dr John RAY ®


9th century AD - Heligoland Island/off mouth of Elbe/

formerly British/ RANSOM MAN OF LETTERS traveller when young…liked Constantinople…called `Old Heligoland Ransom` in RANSOM family histories…

“…he knew how to preserve his body in the ice…wrapped his writings about him…his daughter East Britain has her copy…he leaves us good sense…& hopes we prosper…I have seen himHe was to be undisturbed until better technique to preserveTeresa Gordon R. told JIM & Angela & the LINDSAY gang…so this was next after they had smashed the RANSOM SUFFOLK MONUMENT in the church… You have seen the photos of him when you were young…a piece of gold round his neck - no not a cross…some delicate work… was taken by them off him…”

“ All artefacts were disappearing to Museums where they would have no name RANSOM…we made objections…he should no longer be disturbed… But they wish to BURN HIS BONES…they are insane…on STUFF… THIS IS OUR ESTATE LANDS…some in NORWAY by the seas…THEY LEARNED OF HIM BY STEALING THE POST/mail, breaking in…already claiming the ESTATE for an as yet illicit CROWN…& the LINDSAY GANG …” ( GR recalls her father & grandpa rushing abroad to stop the destruction of old Heliogoland Ransom…threats to burn his body…throw his writings in the seas…probably 1937/1938...)

“…He is tall for the times, sturdy, a square jaw & very good teeth…surprisingly he has the look of some of us… He says he likes to eat a good supper before dark then talk awhile about life…he likes the warm shores of the world…but knows you keep better health living in cooler climes. He could not stop writing his thoughts upon everything…he wishes to leave us his advice & matters of life to consider…things not to get lost …”

“ His father had died…he had care of the farm & lands…neighbours were not hostile & some good friends…

He built a STRONG bridge & carts could go over…his farm was near others whom he felt were all friends. They helped one another.

One day he found the bridge fallen down. He examined it & saw it had been hacked. They had been told to LEAVE their homes because AN OLD QUEEN wanted the lands ! But they had owned them for generations.

He cut trees & he mended the bridge. Men came & ordered them out of their homes. So they put them on a RAFT & sent them downstream. Winter came & they felt they might now be safe. He felt it was justice he had given them. Fine weather came & their homes were set ablaze. Again demands that the lands be given to AN OLD QUEEN !

“ He took his friends with families down to the coast where his father had left him more lands…another farm. They began to erect homes & farm. They found peace. His father was dead & his mother lived with his sister on the East Coast of Britain…there was more land there that he could have to live upon. But it was in rugged countryside. Being a young man he wanted to see again other lands. He had been taken as a child. With 2 young friends they left everyone in charge & set sail…to the Mediterranean…Bosporus…they could have gone into Russia they had friends…but found they could TRADE about these shores…slept beneath pines on sandy shores sometimes … ”

“ … AS YOUR FATHER TOLD YOU GREETAH…Our ancestor old Heligo-RANSOM he had NO SON at this time …We, all of us are chance…if he did not have a son…then none of us would exist. Your father found that she his wife & her two most dreadful companions JIM & Angela were pushing that they were a DIVINE class…these aristocrats…IMPERIAL POMP was designed by a GOD that they might crush all opposition to themselves…take what they liked !

He found their ignorance stupid…later realised it was dangerous to the century, to other nations- they were CRIMINALLY INSANE ”

“ You have not been told how your father has railed at her…for destroying the intellect of his sons…& having his daughter called names … 1948 onwards - he found She his wife was putting up above you three a little brat a bastard raised from the cradle with JIM & Angela often alongside…it has used her to get money but fends her off… it uses dope all the time we are told…(ref. Jan.1954 Hampstead medics intellictuals…it throws it in their faces as an accomplishment…GR says `no he is not my brother-my brothers are tall…” IN ALL HONESTY…age 20 years old…GR does not know it…)

“ These are not divine creatures…they are the slayers of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…they have persecuted our families for a long time…for we hold the biggest Estate & it stretches around the world…THEY HAVE BECOME QUITE INSANE we are told…& it has begun WHEN THEY ARE CHILDREN USING STUFF…DOPE…”

1933/1934 - DIARY of Frederick John RANSOM/some notes made by ANDRE MALRAUX late October 1957/then he made ill/& FJR attacked after dark London/Mengele & scum cling to us all like limpets…they earn big moneys harming us…JIM has a role from WHITES CLUB of vice…(name for it 1950s…)

“ 1933 wintertime - Diaries/FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM eldest son FCFR & JWSR (recorded in diaries FJR )

… “ soon your father found her ignorant & even lewd…he was in a hotel with she JIM & Angela 4 months after the marriage…the three of them were persecuting him & coarse & lewd … He objected told them to stop… They turned on him making him in the wrong using loud snobs voices

He said in a clear voice what they had just said…the management of the hotel came to his rescue…& the other diners… She Angela began saying who she was…the management said `YOU are no Duchess until you behave…` They were asked to LEAVE ! He FJR was asked to finish his meal in the restaurant with the other diners…or with the management… People said “…they have been taking STUFF…” They had to leave or the Police were to be called…this was a Public place…not one of their noble establishments…

Nota bene: THEIR AGES ! : JIM Jong is 37 years, Angela former Miss Bloody Liar age 33, Teresa Gordon R. 27 years old & has just married the richest family in the globe/ref. ONASSIS/ FJR is 22 year of age - child to be born is GREETAH March 11th 1934 made heir by Margarethe & GROTE & the globe - the families, & her son & grandson …” notes/records/ by Andre & Greetah !

1933/1934 - DIARIES: FJR HE KNEW HE HAD MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE…but a child was to be born He felt certain it was JIM who lead them on. That the lewd attitude came from him…he had known them since they were children….

THAT THEY WERE AFTER THE ESTATE USING HIM the eldest son of his parents…he was certain… His father`s mother Millie Frobisher had refused the inheritance for he son his father … She had her husband murdered by LINDSAY cousins to lay hands on the Estate ! He knew Margarethe wanted the family to inherit…to go on with the HOMES…her husband had been killed to try lay Noble British hands on them ! ”

“ If he had known what JIM had in mind using Angela he would have been so terrified ! USA, would have given them a carriage explosion ! ”

It has opened the way to wholesale slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN & settlements about the world …

YOUR POOR YOUNG FATHER 22 years old WAS CAUGHT…they would begin a persecution trying to put him in the wrong…able to use the Stateto get hold of our Estate outside the British Empire… trampling on every nation in a rush to get big fortunes…in case the Republic comes we hear from some observers…Then they would all make off to CANADA & NEW ZEALAND & demand high places…& their misbehaviour go on…” JR®/Malone/& 1972 ANDRE MALRAUX-LIR-Politan Malone & others…

1937 October - ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN to Grote Homes Ransom Estate in 3 Parts the world - `THE JOYOUS VENTURE` is this vast piece of philanthropy encircling the earth…it has so many good successful activities that help human beings to a civilized life - It is so very vast & successful-a tiny hill farmer, the Maryland Enamel Works, an Opal Mine, a small fishery, big investment in Transport SHIPPING/rail/air/bus & coaches…AROUND THE GLOBE… sheltered housing & a selection of employments artistic-skilled-sciences-a Convent Garden in a town, various Religious Houses, Hospitals , Clinics, Music Schools, Colleges & much more…Reserves often lands her father or his father had bought…the 19 Acres under New York 1801 by his father to-day I bought a parcil of 19 acres New York…” /diaries F.R./printed up/… A guiding hand to small businesses that were needed in a community etc etc -

1920s - British UPPER CLASS SIN & Scandinavian branch clambering on THE HEARSE OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE had secretly carved up Grote Ransom Estate by 1930s amongst themselves ! Knowing legally they could not `broker a penny`- They called the highly educated humanist Margarethe RANSOM Mrs Thomas Grote ‘OLD ESKIMO ’ in public as WAR WITH GERMANY APPROACHED

1904 - The Earls began by killing Tiggy Grote (born 1841) Arran when he stopped off for a few weeks to write upon educational aspects of his creation…Noble Britain dope-soaks were jeering in their marble halls that it was in the way of British Trade/ ref Joseph Chamberlin speech to Houses of Perversions 1900s/- Tig’s mother is related to Frederick Immanuel KANT - a few coarse jokes occurred to Noble Britain time after time …

1960s - THE CITY OF LONDON Elders - An early morning elder is with a daily newspaper…near Royal Exchange… “ THAT IS NOT A QUEEN …young woman ! That is a shark wrapped in satin - she has put a river of blood around your ankles - its flowing into the City - we don‘t want this money coming in… it belongs in the small nations where it was put for their progress ! ” …

The speaker of importance in the City was referring to monsters from my first years 1933/41- In his angry phrases he had put the names of dirty Jimmie alongside his old chum of the Roaring 20s - & some nobles - I had no memory of use & fear as if putting me in a fog arose… I NEEDED MY POST/mail ! This sudden rush of words from an angry elder added to the horror of the last years -

WHERE IS MY POST evil Gross Britain IMPERIAL criminally insane ? My father’s poem my every birthday ? You obscene stupid dope fiends… you massive divine greed…I do not know him my father who writes his SOUL - I receive nothing ! You take it & FINGER IT, destroy it…answer false messages…! At the back of Buckingham Palace 1933 to 1954 trestle tables are ready… then onwards into the 1880s at other robbers marble halls … You all whoop into our POST/mail & look for the EXPENSIVE THINGS at Christmas & on my birthday/records eye witnesses/others

All letters all correspondence sent to The British Post Office calling itself ROYAL POST you hand to SCUM Whitehall who now arrange accidents for those who are inconvenient to you all…you are always ON THE PIN…this since I am born 11/3/1933/ my father 22 years old-on dope since you are 12 years old/ Vampires/perverts ! GR

HENCE the EVIL OBSCENE Letter 1938 to a Norwegian prince…

“… he Grote heirs (L.I.R & GR) have shown they can run the Estate…it is about that Mrs Grote has been killed before her time…THEREFORE WE MUST PROCEED IN SILENCE…`

1962 onwards - G.R. had Colchester Museum memories but they hovered about Mr Poulter his weird death & the understanding that year from sad remarks from Mr Sprack & messages from Poulter on his death bed how it had been done…from poisons-dope-inflicted by persons known of HIGH SIN IMPORTANCE/

1972 - Graham Greene is angrily confirming this BMNH - friend of the old Librarian wartime - He spoke to Greetah Mrs PJPW (knowing her as GR`X`) who at first had no memory of him & did not know his name then slow recognition that he was hundreds of years ago AT COLCHESTER CASTLE - As he left he called `I must take a Train to Stamboul` & in slow fashion without thinking Greetah answered `Constantinople` as was the routine remark when he entered 1952/1953 Colchester Castle & Temple of Claudius Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis to scribble in a corner amongst the Romano-British exhibition cases or use the upstairs East Study seldom used by Mr Mark R. Hull Curator now at work on last Vol. Camulodunum & settled to Roman Brooches…or try the Chapel crypt when I an aesthete tell him of the emotion when you look at that Wilby Music manuscript… An empty Castle…& those winter iced mornings with grey mists hanging in the Great Castle Keeppersons of LETTERS & great LEARNING come into Colchester Castle in winter when the building is quiet & few visitors …A staff loyal who work there because they appreciate the magic of touching TIME…

` Master Greene Sir ` as he is addressed in The Keep may go for a talk with the chief Guide Mr Chapman…they often have their heads together (GR is a Catholic born & GG is a Convert…he brought news from the VATICAN on San JULIAN `your INCA line-your grandmother`s great-grandfather…) Chapman can inspire a party he takes on `A Castle Tour`…he died too soon because of this CRIME of Noble Britain - His `vertigo` was Mengele paedophile Doc Harrington The Crown earning his Peership…ordering some nasty memory blocktrying to rid Mr Chapman of his job for he was defending Colonel Andre & Miss Ransom…Mengele was with a key to their little home…& gave Teresa a job of following Chapman…see whom he knewMengele Harrington Royal Satrap paedophile & Teresa Gordon the criminally insane…can have a fork supper with JIM, LINDSAYs & Angela…1953/onwards … February 1954- they all got themselves on ARRAN with bastard du Cann…up to mischief…GRAVES TO BE REMOVED !

Drink a toast in Cunobelinus Cup from his grave to this good man Mr Chapman Chief Guide CastleAndre & Greetah were allowed by H.W. Poulter to raise it to their lips 1954...

1962-1967 - I do see Doc Mengele skulking about Lambeth - hiding that BLUE Donald Duck car near Miss Rose Holder’s flat where I live in the week…Running away some weekends to the caravan moved three times until 1965 to the farm at Magdalen Laver where kind people keep me safe - One night Teresa Gordon R. tried let Mengele Harrington in the flat 18 Gabriel House, Paradise Street LAMBETH

but Rose had not yet left to go to her friend for the weekend by the seaside … 4 minutes later I Greta Ransom heir to GROTE RANSOM Estate grasped my little bucket bag & told Mad Mother Kali Clytemnestra I was going for bottles of lemonade to `The Pineapple Poll` & fled… It cost me ten pounds in a British Railways Hotel the only place I dared go to at coming 10 pm…It was over half my WAGES for the week … I can recall my body shaking my feet hands numb…they have killed Poulter …

1957-1959 - … They attacked in a pack late at night as at 50 Lancaster Gate Square the Roman Catholic household of Andre Malraux & General de Gaulle…When MALRAUX is away they break in for The Crown The Sovereign The Realm/ British Trade…they are acting out their teens of the 1920sThey have drugs in SWEETIE BAGS…& THEY RULE THE WORLD with a pack of criminally insane dripping BLOOD & GORE … some on the CAT WALKS of the NATION & the GLOBE A to Z…sailing over dead GROTE CHILDREN drowned in nets 2nd World war…in pits…where little grey hands come out in winter in one FRENCH farmer`s rented fields…the children the villagers know were brought before dawn from THE GROTE HOME… (report of horror/British Territorials/Malone Detectives for Andre Malraux/others…summer 1960...)

1940s - Out East the young of the late 1940s had a word mixed up with their PROTESTS…it was GROTE - By 1956 A KIDNAPPED VICTIM `honestly had no idea & his Captors had to get it from their parents & grandparents `


THE REQUESTS CAME FROM MEN WITH BRITISH ACCENTS OFTEN PUCKER…IN AMERICAN UNIFORMS….1945 to 1949 some Grote Ransom properties were sold records/visits/detailed/heart breaking…

ASIA & Middle & Near EAST - HUMANIST HOLY VENTURES were STOLEN BY BRITISH NOBILITY after the slaying of the Grote Children 1940s …

HOMES, lands, philanthropic ventures, Reserves & Ventures required for a civilized life for everyone no matter their race…1948 onwards they are stolen from the RANSOM ESTATE & GROTE HOMES educating children to 18 years - RANSOM Palestine 11th century AD ONWARDS give back lands if found to be inconvenient by the Nation. We SEATRADERS & the later GROTE HOMES return to the Nation but it is agreed THE CHILDREN CAN BE MOVED TO USA… We only hope the nation will use the HOME building, the lands, the Ventures for something similar that is humanism & civilizing…IMPERIAL BRITAIN had NO OWNERSHIP of our PALESTINE VENTURES, & Grote Homes…Wearing USA uniforms 1947/948 they stole them…killing GROTE CHILDREN/horrendous reports from eye witnesses…/others bragging what they have got away with…

RANSOM Sea Traders have 3 Palestine brides 11th-12th centuries - Roxanna/ Hebithiayah/ & Goldi Locks niece of an Arab Scholar Trader/ They all HOLD also the 11th century ESTATE Brittany GAUL/FRANCE… Which was intact & with tenant until 1960/Report-witnesses tell of madness of greed from Earls/JIM/MengeleMALRAUX & de Gaulle knew of the Estate Brittany after it had been bulldozed by IMPERIAL BRITAIN 1960... Records of THE HOLY LAND PALESTINE GROTE HOMES are gathered 1948 onwards/

1972 March 19/20 - ANDRE MALRAUX will discover for himself at the renaissance evening when he & I Greta Ransom Mrs PJPW B.M Natural History are able to speak some minutes…an evening created with kind friends helping as the idea developed/ Peter’s over lifesize drawings/ The Pillar House, Harwell - a party for friends with families, relatives & gentle folk…Angry became MALRAUX…to be introduced as ANDRE MARLOW ! George-Andre he turned to PJPW saying “ & she cannot even remember me at Colchester Museum ! Peter-you will regret this ! You too are in danger upon this road ! YOU KNOW IT IS STILL HAPPENING…she has no real memory … ” MALRAUX now spoke to friends upon his visit to President Nixon - he has just returned from Washington…NIXON will GO TO CHINA…