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1972 - That evening violence was following us again - some old HIGH CLASS SIN on the PIN were outside in cars trying to get entrance LINDSAY & scum/Mengele Harrington dressed as a red devil… renaissance party The Pillar House Harwell 18-19 March 1972...POLITAN/Arthur Malone in Florence Scholars gown with his Vikings would not allow entrance.

Mengele dressed as a Red Devil was 3 times flung from the Pillar House East Gate- “ last time minus a thumb ” said satisfied young men who act Vikings for village fetes - These young men have reported to POLICE the paedophile Mengele Doc Harrington in that blue car seen approaching young children in the countryside ! But he can still call on CID & Special groups in between MI5 & MI6...& the Naval Intelligence so called …we are UNDER INVESTIGATION…& listened to by secret Wireless waves at sometime from Wantage House…

1972 March 19/20th - The Earl Lindsaybuggarhs were outside & realised THEY WERE NOT GETTING IN ! A squad of Vikings kept the East Gate School Lane - `Got left over from Lindsay Island ` said Malone-POLITAN to Greta or she thought he did…when she asked why Vikings…it was a Renaissance Party. It was a party for 100 ladies & gentlemen children in the early part, to see the wonder we had created - décor-food - authentic music-clothes-lighting -little expense-all hand & craftwork-home cooking authentic 15th century (lots of replica cookery books issued since 1920s) but help from friends who brought cooked chickens…WINES very AUTHENTIC…

ANDRE MALRAUX said “This is the best party I have every been to in a HOME -a HOME Gree`tha-Gr`eta- I did not think this could be done- it is the best party in a home-a home.” notebooks/photos/it can be created again/PJPW`s fantastic oversize drawings charcoal/gold/ he had done stage scenery at Radley College & in Kenya/he spoke with LIR whom I do not know & POLITAN Malone/a group who go out to Arabia…/I later took him to the dining room all candle-lit to see the silver gold food & he took a little supper…suddenly I could recall him at Lancaster Gate square in my top room…but nothing elsehe saw me START…cautioned gently…`you have remembered me`…we will not speak now…”…

1964-66 - Detectives-Colleagues of Andre Malraux are in City London with GR/they believe G has lost memory from the violence against her since born-also it is clearly STUFF - well known to those who want to thieve a rich relatives necklaces - Memory loss powders-AMNESIA-shocks all Greta‘s life ! They tell ANDRE “G. will pull up” & he must keep on with his job- HIS BOYS HAVE BEEN KILLED IN FAKE ACCIDENT 1961- Detectives/colleagues know it is too dangerous to tell Greta or anyone anything-STAY ALIVE ! Fool Mengele ~ `Well we have to look after them-artistic you know-Catholic raised as children-IT WAS NEVER THEIR FAULT poor old Andre & young Greetah `…

1960s - British Territorial Army - some of the Nobles own mercenaries were thus able to proceed in secret silence helping Territorials & us…THUS killers of the Grote children were caught & given the same deaths as they gave thousands & thousands of children about the globe…MALONE & SILVERLEE & Patrick MacDREW stuck together & Malone managed to throw RED HERRINGS…he’d given out to Mengele & Mrs ` he’d another piece of research-totter on with- some investigation-some big men they’d met at Jim’s Place-Whites Club…“ when we all had that delightful home of Andre to relax in 50 Lancaster Gate Square - Oh pity we lost it…”

POLITAN treated Mr Mengele his Dames & his thugs with cheerful greetings & hoped they were keeping well…confided a bit…Team had NO PAYMENT for this work-relied on Phil Silverlee & his International Brokerage World to give a coin…SILVERLEE WHOSE DAUGHTER age 28 years HAD BEEN MURDERED May 1960 for getting lawfully in the Argentine from the old Solicitors for RANSOM ESTATE the DOCUMENTS that MALRAUX & General de Gaulle had a right to have

(Argentine-Solicitors swiftly killed-the powerful Lindsay Earls mob moved Special Branch Gross Britain in to strip the Offices-trace all who knew - deaths followed & were many )

Philip Silverlee had grandchildren to watch over…& a second wife in Argentina-they’d two babes born 1962 & 3...he worked on two Continents…MALRAUX was spied on-GAUL & IBERIA- anywhere it was known he was…Noble scum employed State rats…

1966 ATHENS - Silverlee worked magic as International Broker &

on a brainwave got some moneys belonging to Greta Ransom & her heir Len…They had to keep distant from Ransom brothers & others-Malone could call with a bunch of flowers playing his old Detective roll- he was now on the way to 70 years of age ! Using POST/mail was quite out of the question ! They had to remain tight small groups or DIE… They had not been fooled at all when Mengele & his Naval Scum set up a verbose barrage of `it was unlawfully lawful - the whole matter…` MALONE & the others report 1960 `


it had been robbed broken in on…every window every door- Peru Silver Mine was such a loss…the missing families tenants as well as the children Grote Homes now began to rise…CRIME BY GROSS BRITAIN NOBLES…

“ SOME FISHERMEN HAD DREADFUL CATCHES …” Investigators went to see these/others/in disguise…Territorials worked alone…`

& with help from those in nations still grief stricken…Nets came up full of young bodies-girls & boys/ mutilated limbs/severed…

“The RN ships had stood off hereabouts…” Reports Grote Homes official information-slayings are many/photos/drawings/evidence oral & written…books-clothes-bracelets with girls names

“… Some of the dreadful catch was put in a Chapel- there was no identification on the children but there was enough memorabilia about to have them with identity enough…”

“ THIS SHOWED EVERYONE HOW DANGEROUS THE MATTER WAS…far from slowing down as they had hoped by February 1960 when all the LEGAL DOCUMENTS were found it had galloped into more deaths…» ? THIS IS PERHAPS GREECE …/Onassis/

1961 - 1961 General de Gaulle … was tricked into signing something … ”

IF he & MALRAUX had received their own COURIER with his BAG as

it was filled by PHILIP SILVERLEE then they would have had the NEWSPAPERS of the GLOBE proceed

…As the brilliant PLAN told them in…& it was ready to GO AHEAD early March 1960 to operate A to Z the globe - & THE ONLY PROCEDURE POSSIBLE TO BRING SAFETY TO SMALL NATIONSThis Plan WORKED OUT BY MALONE & THE OTHERS…& many intelligent good people in Britain & overseas…all of whom had to hide by spring 1960 after NO REPLY to go ahead from Malraux & de Gaulle …& SILVERLEE had his DAUGHTER MURDERED May 1960

DR John RAY had matters USAhe could travel (as his brother LIR) with MALRAUX…They maintained some watch-a few souls could protect him…Killings since 1953 were horrendous-now 1960 on many good persons sent to Heaven well before their time-They who came to HELP at Colne Engaine had to see & hear of disappearances-just when they felt it had to halt !

1960 May - AGREEMENT of globe A-Z acquired willingly February-March 1960 LOST/reports/swift co-operation/ Arthur Malone/Philip Silverlee/ nations A-Z/ NO GO AHEAD from France !

1960 January/February : CO-OPERATION to come from important older people who knew of Tig & Margarethe’s FLOWER GARDEN TWICE ROUND THE GLOBE - a system of education- understanding of political economy- systems -the world needed it ! Humanism education for the HOMES… common-sense without greed-

1960 MARCH - NO ANSWER FROM FRANCE about this serious matter…Only `considering`…then silence…

The plan was to have nations A-Z ask Gross Britain on their newspapers on front pages ALL ON THE SAME DAY Where are the GROTE CHILDREN ? Here are our Grote children-towed to sea in nets & burned in pits on or near their HOMES…You did this - for money to prop up your noble class… !

THE STEALING from the Special Courier to de GAULLE of the VITAL DOCUMENTS & carbon copy letters gave GROSS BRITAIN SECRET SERVICES of gaseous groups & ALL ON THE PIN…to HUNT as BIG GAME all good people A to Z the globe daring to PROTEST ABOUT THE MURDERS OF THEIR CHILDREN & peoples … so LINDSAY Earls & Angela could CLAIM ALL…with their Noble Hoards helping themselves…knowing THAT THE LAW DID NOT ALLOW THIS…slaying a million children to make Gross Britain at the top flash/glitter/HAVE THE BIG TIME…

1960 mid-March - “ We don’t want to hit April 1st- one nation

has said…I have said this to you the other night…”

Arthur Malone/Report mid-March 1960 Colne Engaine...

The NEWS PAPERS 80 per cent of the world PLAN their front pages… “Where are the Grote children Mother England…”

Arthur Malone/Philip Silverlee from New York/end February 1960

-& nameless those whose lives had to be protected …

1960 February - below their ideas/ Arthur Malone & others/legal advice etc the Globe including USA/

Nota bene : Greta Ransom does not see any document…but I hear Malone late February -he is in distress with all the others over the FACTS emerging this GENOCIDE…because British NOBLES on the PIN were able to have KUDOS to plan & carry out A GREAT FRAUD-with intentional violent KILLING…

Malone knocks at caravan door 7 o` clock the evening to give his Reports/end of February he comes with pieces of information adding in sorrow … “…We used to be proud to be British-but not any longer…What is coming in to them in town is shocking everyone …”

1960 February - Malone is short staffed after the break-in on the cottage when the copying machine borrowed from City of London was wrecked ! Also listening equipment which had me able to speak back to them…if I wished…THE two CABLES came across the little road late January-February…the Postman coming to ask me if he could drive over…or should he ask Uncle Harry Gordon or Arthur Malone…/

March - Nota bene : BUT MENGLE Doc H. in that blue car little boy bait… or his blonde nurse-dame were about us…Dr Mengele Harrington would give a cheeky PIP PIP on his car horn during late March 1960…HE KNEW the REMOVAL of the COURIER`s package accomplished… & the setting up of their own Naval Intelligence listening system…

1960 April OUR SUPER listening EQUIPMENT came APRIL from USA/State Department etc/permission Kennedy whose father & mother knew TIGGY & Margaret GROTE !

Brown RNVR gave away what was there in April…he would use the outside lavatory of the cottage…a Peter WRIGHT with Science training is down at Naval Intelligence etc THEY SENT SOMEONE TO LOOK AT IT. … Dr JOHN RAY may remove this equipment MAY after Philip Silverlee`s daughter murdered in Argentine…& NO MESSAGE FROM MALRAUX/de GAULLE to go ahead with the NEWSPAPERS OF THE GLOBE plan (sketched here below & numbered …A to N…)

RECORDS/Life at Colne Engaine/ghost house team…

1960 February - GR hears over perhaps two weeks what is being proposed/I GIVE SOME IDEA OF WHAT I HEARD BELOW…

it is not the final PLAN of the Colne Engaine Team, Scarlet Town, USA/other nations …


…. REPEATED HIS WORDS of the previous month January 1960 to

Greta Ransom, Colne Engaine…



they`ve been culling again …

this noble branch - claiming you `

A. Where are the GROTE children-here they are-look at these photos - !

B. … why are RANSOM-GROTE lands logged, pilfered, black-mailed, exploited- by your G.B. & Scandinavian aristocrats & their Class for BRITISH TRADE in secrecy… ?

C. Why have EARLS OF LINDSAY been allowed to CLAIM IN SILENCE the heirs Greta Ransom & Len Immanuel Ransom

& say the Weddell family married into Ransom are of LOW MENTAL STATUS because of the Noble Inca bride -

There are many Ransom family who can inherit ! Is this oft racial SLUR from Noble Britain the reason WHY the SLAUGHTER of the Grote Children has happened/genocide/ Where are missing Ransom & Weddell families ? We can show you !

D. After the MURDERS of Argentine JEAN WEDDELL & her husband/the old RANSOM couple The Farm, Montrose, all records have been removed- murdered 1938, 1939- evidence of their existence now denied ! Why Montrose Farm NOW Crown lands ?

E. Why this savage destruction of character of GROTE CHILDREN/staff/RANSOM-WEDDELL & the overseas blood lines ?



G. WHY DID LINDSAY Earls & Noble friends REFUSE TO

COMMIT ANYTHING IN WRITING TO ALL THE NATIONS WHO HAD A GROTE HOME ? ANSWER : Because they intended killing all the children as the 2nd World War progressed- & thus laying blame on others/ & take the Estate in the name of a woman whose face HAD TO BE SECRET & SILENT this had begun 1937 in SPAIN on the Murgatroyd Estate by the seashores…South America 1934 !

H. Lindsay Premier EARLS of GROSS BRITAIN Scotland paid the massive CROWN debts from the 1920s-& agreed to also pay Bills in exchange for this ESTATE ? We have eye-witnesses/ secret silence meetings 1924-1939/& records…

I. Why was Mrs Margarethe RANSOM Grote’s WILL stolen in Paris MAY/July 1938 in an envelope addressed to ANDRE MALRAUX ! Enclosed was a letter to the President of the FRENCH REPUBLIC ! He did not get it ! The WILL/letter handed that Visit to a woman just come to be Queen of Gross Britain/by British Ambassador/not handed to her husband !

J. We have been told by noble British at a HIGH CLASS SIN PARTY “…Old Eskimo- Will in the British Museum…could she write dear fellow ? ”

K. WE PRINT HERE the Will of a woman Gross Britain Aristocrats recorded on tapes are calling ‘the old Eskimo’ - The destruction of CHARACTER of all RANSOM CHILDREN & their families & of the GROTE CHILDREN A-Z the globe has become the National industry of an UN-united Kingdom-

L. BRITISH UPPER CLASS SIN is recorded at secret meetings Westminster/Whitehall-here are the records-

Russian & other Agents have joined in gathering information on the slaying of the GROTE CHILDREN - in their off-duty hours - (Chinese too-this is not to be printed-they know Andre Malraux is a hero)

M. … the WORLD can see here printed PHOTOS OF CHILDREN OF MANY NATIONS murdered put in pits & dragged in nets & sunk off shore/reports/USA/diaries/photos “FISHERMEN HAVE DREADFUL CATCHES-the big RN ships stood offshore…”

N. The LAW all nations have sufficiently advised the printed page to appear - information sources guarded/

1960 March - PERMISSION TO PRINT FROM ANDRE MALRAUX & General DE GAULLE is awaited because MALRAUX is named in the legal WILL GUARDIAN…Will stolen by G.B. Nobles in PARIS July 1938 State Visit of the New Reign/ (Angela & David = Elizabeth & George) : The obscene theft of the post to de GAULLE & MALRAUX not discovered by them or Kennedy until March 1962/

Did de Gaulle & Malraux come to understand Philip Silverlee`s 28 years old daughter was murdered MAY 1960 because she helped her father get the solicitors documents ?

1962 March - IVY RANSOM fathomed our they had NOT RECEIVED THE COURIER`s PACKAGE ! Visit of her niece Greta Ransom…help of Miss Rose Holder Lambeth ! G.R. made very ill for 6 months by Mengele & Treasa Gordon R. mother of the bastard du Cann/His special duties Houses of Parliament to RECEIVE ALL GROTE RANSOM WEDDELL ENQUIRIES ! TO BE TREATED AS A SILENT MATTER OF THE MONARCHY ! Detective Malone notes ` then several of us became ill- WE aware of spies-listening devices-dopes put in beverages-kitchens full of it-fawning creatures about or at an elbow…`

Reports later - FRAUD-VIOLENCE went on after MAY 1960 when Philip Silverlee’s 28 years old daughter Argentine murdered- it was she went for the 3 separate WILLs as well as documentation since 1864 -all this & the carbon copies of letters read & copied by Philip Silverlee others in New York-They now had all that JOSETTE received for ANDRE that October 1944- THE entire POST SENT ANDRE MALRAUX from New York winter 1937/8 - When it begins to be Stolen by G. B. Government & Crown- `WHO CANNOT BROKER A PENNY ( ANYWHERE legally in the world) OF THIS ESTATE…they have embarked upon FRAUD we fear…`

1962 March - Not until March 1962 (& then because of visit of Greta Ransom -arranged by Miss Rose Holder of Lambeth)

was it grasped that GRETA RANSOM KNEW NOTHING OF THIS WORLD ESTATE - had no memory of an Aunt Margaret- clearly it was not a break-down of her health but LACK OF ANY POST/mail-& a professional job of removing the memory ! Clearly begun as a child when they all went away to War ! & it had to be going on…hence the violent monsters around the Ransom families-& Greta & Andre-

1945 ANDRE MALRAUX’s notebooks 1937 reveal Greta Ransom’s remarks to him-he says “ in sorrow JUNE 1945 he did not understand” Neither he or Professor Winncleman were told of GRETA’s real INHERITANCE- he was received by Miss Gordon & Harry as her Guardian/her Guardian Angel by Miss Win…It was she Miss Winifred Mary Gordon had a courtesy copy the Will January 1938 for she & her brother Harry-who never saw it at the time-WAR coming/it was read by Mary Gordon & she placed the Will & other Papers with her Solicitor 1939 summer after it was found impossible to get her grand-daughter Greta Ransom to Ireland…

1939 SUMMER - WILL - Mary Gordon tried use her own Irish Passport to take GR on a 4 day visit…one Official passed us on…another said he was worried they might get into trouble when we came back. GRANNY & I HAD TO RETURN home…Greta Ransom

“ Miss Win Gordon took the package from the Solicitor 1944 after the death of her mother…she says 1960 to Malone & Team that she was frightened of the Solicitor reading the package…it had all her sister Teresa`s Prison Sentence Records in as well…so she put it in an envelope to ANDRE MALRAUX at his house Saint Edmunds, Lancaster Gate Square” OCTOBER 1957 WIN sent it by Royal Mail/she did not register it as it was coming to a Holy House…God would look after it…” (It was stolen by Mrs Mengele on duty to see no correspondence or persons got to ANDRE MALRAUX WITHOUT she or her husband opening first, investigating the persons…)

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX (1937 notebooks/& NOTEBOOKS 1945 1948...) says he was deceived 1945/47- onwards by Miss Gordon & her secret visitors & advisors a 2 Man legal Team the bastard of her sister Teresa 1924 Ed du Cann…ANDRE called on Lady Astor December 1957 Waldorf Astoria she has an apartment. She told ANDRE about the bastard Ed & the house Hill-drop Crescent Highgate…& what she found…early 1920s/within 20 minutes of him leaving she had JIM & THUGS in…persuasion…

1945 - Ed du Cann told to thieve the Estate Switzerland of IVY RANSOM & her murdered 9 years old son from her marriage at 18 to a British composer/ANGELA TOLD ME I COULD HAVE IT/21st birthday present ?

1962 March - IVY Jean RANSOM could understand from Greta’s lack of memory that the GUARDIAN MALRAUX & General de GAULLE had not got the WILLS that operated the Estate! “… for 2 years an evil dance had been going on…”

1962 March - IVY RANSOM after Greetah`s visit…alerted Arthur Malone he Philip Silverlee an Argentine educated man Ivy`s mother Jean Weddell had met Summer 1938- Philip a friend 1930s of the Gordon family & Jean`s sons, Ivy`s brothers Fred & Lennie !

He told JEAN how her husband`s grandfather FRED RANSOM of the MARY ROSE had saved the lives of his grandparents 1850 taking them to safety off a waterless Atoll…& how he FRED gave these Welsh Tin Miners emigrating some land, helped put up the first building so they had shelter in 3 days…left his carpenter & sent others from further down the coast where he went to get timber from his forest for JACOPSHOMEN ISLAND WEST GREENLAND…he`d call in when sailing that way…the settlement prospered…it was now a fine little town…(RECORDS were in the town library until 1947-PHIL was surprised they had all disappeared when he looked for them that year…)

“ … IVY Jean RANSOM says her brother Fred had been attacked in the streets at night since 1945 by JIM or his Army thugs- & he could no longer be expected to understand the MADNESS that had gone on- as officialdom covered up the Nobles & Government CRIMES ! She knew not as much as her brothers who had tried shelter her the only sister…now she hears from Malone & Silverlee who were in the City & worked now for the tragic Andre Malraux even though the money ANDRE SENT did not get to them…his sons killed May 1961- she was told MALRAUX like Greta’s father, unable to cope with the destruction of all values-

1962 March - Detective/colleagues explained they kept an eye on Greta- Ivy learns at sometime that General de Gaulle & MALRAUX had not got some other necessary papers that she had learned had been sent- concerning the death of MALRAUX‘S Catholic wife- & last year his two sons had been killed in a car - Ivy had personal experience of these staged car deaths- many had happened to her families- friends & her only child 9 years old son…

1962 March - Organised from the USA, the three RANSOM brothers now met with Malraux & de Gaulle/handed them a copy of the WILL !

`a gigantic obscene piece of Statecraft by Gross Britannia` said General de Gaulle - They now read the Will 1937 of Margarethe Ransom Grote heir Greta Ransom & Lennie I. Ransom to be Greta‘s heir all legal - & her husband Tiggy Grote`s Will 1900 concerning the HOMES & 4 acres under Central Park New York- & the Wills of her father & mother Gertrud Poulsen & Fred Ransom 1870s…the lawful holders of Jacopsholmen Island in 1850s-1870s trying to put up the University of POUL GRONLANDER…the ignorance of Great Britain & Denmark-Scandinavia was always stopping them- Eskimo & those of mixed blood like themselves to be called savages etc …& put to death if caught in the dark…

They were horrified to discover GROTE HOMES death pits in France had acid poured in- & more Grote ex-students had gone missing since 1960/ Adeneur-others report-research…The children of one HOME had been given a burial-it was spoken of 1990s-in France-

IVY Jean Weddell RANSOM - only daughter F.C Ransom & Jean Weddell RANSOM/b c 1913- 3 bros. FJR/JRR/LIR/

( First marriage Rawsthorne composer/dissolved/ -1 son killed age 9 deliberate hit-&-run on her Swiss Estate - educated in secret/degrees Maths & Economics/Petty Officer RN 2nd World War/visited NASA-brother Doctor John Ray there- impossible to take a job with her brother because of interference by G.B. Noble THUGS…who knew whom both of them were !

1945 - Ed du Cann (bastard 1924 of her sister-in-law Teresa E. Gordon Ransom) claims Ivy Ransom’s Swiss Estate 1945 - says `Angela gave it him` /records extensive/

IVY Jean RANSOM - had been threatened 1946 onwards- a halter waved at her in the Deptford streets at night-break-in entry where she

lived- AWFUL THINGS said about her niece Greetha by JIM & Lindsay cousins-reports/LIR & Arthur Malone-Mengele booted in mid-1960s-

1930s-1962- threatened with a halter by Jimmie Jong & Lindsay 14 & others-& she was threatened when she went to apply to work with her brother Dr JOHN RAY at NASA-USA- she knew later his family were being threatened …& had to hide - She & he believed their relationship was not known ! OH IT WAS ! & Dr John RAY/rae ® was watched by Gross Britain Noble foul thugs of Intelligence & the Realm…

1950s - NASA - USA - some persons (USA citizens & foreigners) were astonished when a young woman of G.B. came & gave them land & had a plaque put up to herself…It was already a gift in memory of FRED RANSOM & Gertrud his wife from their daughter Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel GROTE of the family RANSOM ! Fred Ransom of Jacopsholmen Island a democracy-West Greenland ….He sailing in his family sailing ship “Mary Rose”- had legally bought the seashore lands in the 19th century- GROTE BROKERS had documents & the Argentine Ransom solicitors !