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Thus the pattern of the new G. B. Reign - with duck boards around the earth on Ransom lands where the Grote children happily lived in their HOMES until slain by the G.B. Government & Crown Nobles claiming in secret silence the Estate of

`THE JOYOUS VENTURE` … & killing went on -

1930s - Mr Jimmie Jong & Lindsay Earls-others-had advised Crown figures G.B. & Scandinavia they owned all the Estate of `an old Eskimo`… RANSOM seashores Reserves properties islands investments settlements farms & craftworks & Transport investments from 1830s & much more…records-monuments-books-paintings-all to be destroyed by Order Gross Britain Lindsay family & House of Lords-in secret silence where possible… round the globe- In 1945 VAST illicit logging GROTE RANSOM ESTATE began /small nations abused/ - Are you having a wooden Navy too ? Or is this for matches for fags ? But it will give QUICK PROFIT to G.B. for free !

1945-1950s-1970s - c 1945-1949 … Half a Ransom mountain slipped in Spain after complete logging-explosives work - lives of thousands destroyed/damage to 20th century & onwards immense…

IMPORTANT POINT - LINDSAY 15 is high on PIN & BRAGGING ABOUT THIS 1960 June/July TO G.R…/ref. “… the Territorials dropped by-Arthur Malone knew where to telephone them…they heard/taped/PLANNED…to get the slayers of the GROTE HOMES children…finally in their old age they got blown up 1979 old Centaur of SEAS/Lavatory Louis/who sailed the RN ships in…

… “ Lord Louis…HE HAD GONE MAD…he spent the War drunk doped…sometimes in a dressing gown…every 3 days YELLING for ALL MEALS in ONE !…Gone insane INDIA…”

1945 onwards - Earls of Lindsaybuggarhs got rich & bought luxury living- COMPARE Photos taken 1950-61 & compared with the photos of these legally owned RANSOM lands 1850s-1930s … It is seen they show the worst VANDALISM IN THE WORLD immediately after the close of the 2nd World War - conditions of poverty as bad as the worst of India ! & all done by Noble GROSS BRIT-for British Trade- matches ~ fruit boxes/heroin & smart togs Theft-violence-murders !

1938/1939 - System of Fraud : First the removal of moneys in banks- the diverting it to other Accounts-/ NO CHANGE OF OUR NAMES - NOT YET- records- Using Crown & Noble kudos information could be swiftly got on the properties of others- the moneys- Banking- Finance-Brokering Silent Law they were able swiftly to get information- they represented a faceless woman- Lindsay Earls- others with titles needed to know who knew-who had importance A to Z…these they gave Order to kill or frame-

Vast records emerge 1960 onwards/Andre Malraux Teams/

1960 early February at Colne Engaine - an astonishing

FRAUD discovery made /ghost-house team Colne Engaine/

a Colchester Bank Account in name of Greta Ransom had

the in-coming moneys draining off every 6 months TO A DISUSED STABLES & APOTHECARY in WALES ! (GOES TO ANGELA ! ) (Good men near 60 years not paid for 2 years by MALRAUX… they borrowed GRETA`S school book copied her signature & got a few hundreds…before the honest withdrawal was discovered by the crooks ! )

1968 - Later we hear of a meeting by ‘2 cats of Kilkenny’ called Tree & Ange Reports from witnesses have full story- `they have all been kids in the stables the early 20th century pushing up the snout Divinorum Salvia Scotland - Neither of them, Teresa & Angela had got saddle bags full enough ” ~ it seemed none of the Fraudsters of the Noble Class had either….

A DECREE `EMPTY BANKS - say with venom `Oh always in the red ` A system Malone & Silverlee others in Town & The City discovered swiftly… FRAUD used against the Estate & the families who lawfully owned the Estate ! The dope-booze obscene Nobles had committed the Greatest Crime of Mankind - Confirmed by some who had been `Flaneur` down Whitehall …

Moneys are taken from 1939 from bank accounts round the globe & in Gross Britain with names RANSOM/Grote-Weddell- In Montreal on a Royal Tour the Press were told … `they might all cash a cheque of 25 English pounds on a Bank Account named Greta & Len Ransom`.

The Trustees-Solicitors-Families-Brokers-Guardians gave no such permission ! We do not give permission to fund these `knees-ups` from our great philanthropic miracle - GROTE CHILDREN ARE SLAIN in pits bodies partly burned where these HIGH CLASS SIN travel the globe ! Many GROTE HOMES children are beneath the seas in nets sadistically slain by Gross Britain as an unwelcome Yacht sails in …

ALL ESTATE OVERSEAS- RANSOM GROTE HOMES- PROPERTIES-LANDS- INVESTMENTS- snooped by High Class Sin-Figures from a Morgue from CHRISTMAS 1933 - they began fingering the STOLEN POST/mail on trestle tables set up at the back of Buckingham Palace- “ It is remarked a Foreign Travel permit was needed to enter these realms of debauchery…to increase with the new reign…”

Earls of LINDSAYBUGGARHS in secret-silence STOLE ALL OF GRETA RANSOM’s POST/mail & other Ransom-Weddell families/ Greta`s 21st birthday presents-records/diaries/ `putting their Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellet SNOUTS into PRIVATE PAPERS` giving orders the child Greta Frobisher Weddell Maureen Ransom b 11.3.1933 was to be made a dumb mute not allowed to walk only crawl- & not allowed to learn language ! Or they’d give Teresa an accident- or a big fortune if she did not interfere- Angela was her friend ! (Fiend !)

/Greta Ransom’s right arm is damaged to this day from Jim Jong & Lindsay 14 “ 2 evil little jack-in-boxes ” banging my arm against door frames hissing `you won’t learn to write or paint ` when they were doped up & boozed & on break-in-&-entry ! Treasa Gordon R. joined them…I was being accused of robbing them…I G.R. am 4 & 5 years old ! ) Accounts are many/archives/

Diaries of F. J. Ransom - ENTRIES /1932-54/

(reference information this document 1932 to 1970 !)

1957 late October - ANDRE MALRAUX meets FIRST TIME Frederick John RANSOM a detective & local Police tell him “ it is a respectable family down THAMES, Deptford…old man was in Tall Ships…Battle of Jutland…got property up north…”

“ I HAD BEEN LEAD TO BELIEVE Peter…by she Teresa…& Miss Win Miss MINNI !… she never told Winnclemann or I when I came over 1945that Greta`s father was a common rough working man of no intellect… ~ I COULD WEEP… MY POST WAS STOLEN BY YOUR CLASS - YOUR GOVERNMENT - YOUR CROWN …”


(1970 MALRAUX reads his notebooks to PJPW made 1957)

… Malraux returning that evening ll.30pm speaks upon the visit saying ` “ We will discuss it later…FJR will call at this our home…He has a PHOTO ALBUM on loan that FJR HAS KEPT FROM THE BIRTH OF HIS DAUGHTER GRETA FROBISHER WEDDELL RANSOM…IT IS STOLEN in 2 minutes…from his desk to he bouncing up the stairs…later HE FELT HE MUST HAVE LEFT IT IN THE TAXI …


Greta Ransom X hears some of this 1958 January…when we live at 50 Lancaster Gate Square /where Greta pays her RENT for 6 months at 20 pounds a month/leaving herself PENNILESS… MALRAUX not knowing this FRAUD operating about his Holy household ! …/my rents go to JIM/Mengele/Brown RNVR/& other SCUM via WHITES CLUB/They drink toasts before robberies “ The Sovereign Gentlemen ! Bottoms up…”


1957 October 11.30 pm MALRAUX in USA raincoat looking a HUGH FIGURE comes to GRs room at the top “The Crows Nest” the young staff call it… “I have met your Father ! I am surprised …I have met a man to-night who could run a small Republic better than me…like France ! We left him weeping …we are to have another meeting …I have a photo album he has loaned me…I only looked at the first two pages in the taxi…well I did not think it polite…with him with me…coming back…YOU & I WILL LOOK AT LATER IN THE WEEK…”

says MALRAUX returning to Greetha 50 Lancaster Gate Square (reading notebook 1970 to PJPW) where Mengele & his doped dame on DUTY 24 hours/she is a blonde friend of soapy DUCK nephew of DICKY BIRD RN …et al

TRAGEDY ! PHOTO ALBUM KEPT BY FRED John RANSOM from March 1933-1939... is his daughter in photos with family from birth…IT SHOWS US WITH FAMOUS PEOPLE…POLE TO POLE….GREENLAND to TIERRA DEL FUEGO tour…the nations we visited…MALRAUX would recognise us with VARESE & WIFE at Margarethe`s BRIDAL HOME waterfront NEW YORK…April 1936... 1938 at Buckingham Palace Greta with Aunt Murgatroyd she getting a MEDAL FOR HER ONLY SON KEEPING HIS POST…

This is how EVIL CROOKS have written up the 1937 summer murder by the LINDSAY EARLS of her son… for FUN Scots Lords had boiled him in marmalade SPAIN…this ESTATE the FAT friend of JIM, the now crowned ANGELA… HAS GIVEN To THEM HER NOBLE MEN … it is LEGAL property of RANSOM cousins the Missionaries MURGATROYD… OH SHIPS THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT !

1960/discoveries about 1958 January - Arthur Malone is the detective 50 Lancaster Gate Square/Philip Silverlee giving a hand…& L.I.R. keeping out of JIM`s way…

Records-Detectives Colleagues Andre Malraux 1960 onwards upon the violent savagery over planned future meeting FJR with Malraux & daughter Greta at Brickwall House Kent January 1958

… before MALRAUX leaves for the GUYANAS TOUR mid-January 1958 for General De GAULLE !

1957 October - EXTRACTS seen hand written & heard read from his diaries by FJR meeting for the FIRST TIME ANDRE MALRAUX COPIED BY MALRAUX into his notebook that evening !

I HAVE MET YOUR FATHER…he could run a small Republic…like FRANCE… better than me…I have been deceived…told he was a rough man…” MALRAUX with angry EYES is looking HARD at Greetha Ransom the evening of his return from the first of two visits late October & possibly early November 1957...

… BUT WE ARE OVERHEARD…SPIES for Government Lords & Crown are wanting us both dead ! Nasty snotty remarks from Harold MacMillan down the Houses of Perversions…`that it would be better if MALRAUX & GREETHA WERE DEAD … “ … other reports come to young Catholic staff…soon Kit is dead…he has a friend whose aunt knew MARGARET GROTE ! KIT was told down WHITEHALL you can draw about 200 pounds on a cheque now & then with these numbers…its an ESTATE to do with Greetha`s family…KIT asked by TIMES to go & do a report on some childrens bones dredged up OFFSHORE ITALY…”

MALONE Detective first come to 50 Lancaster Gate Square employed by ANDRE October 1957/Philip Silverlee comes to assist him-asked by HARRY GORDON to “ look in Phil if you can - keep an eye on them…”

1957 October-November - In days Frederick John RANSOM was severally harmed attacks at night/break-ins- threats- More threats- ( 1962 Ivy Ransom speaks on the ROBBERIES from FJR her brother his records he was keeping for writing up IN HIS LAMPLIGHT…photos/SHE DID NOT SAY WHAT THEY WERE ABOUT…SHE KNEW the niece she had not seen since she was a year old DID NOT KNOW OF AN AUNT MARGARET…or GREENLAND ISLAND IN THE SNOW…) ….1957 IT IS more than HEARSAY FROM WHITEHALL - Greta Ransom & ANDRE MALRAUX his Government & General would be mocked & dirty slander in British Press would appear - THE USUAL dope & booze VIOLENCE OF GROSS BRIT HIGH CLASS SIN- in name of Figures from a Morgue-

IVY JEAN RANSOM British & Argentine nationality- returned to Gross Britain to take care of her brother Frederick John RANSOM (Greta’s father) who was often attacked & threatened with blindness etc (from age 17 years 1928 when threats & nasty almost accidents began..)

1933 - IMPORTANT : FRED John RANSOM … Told with sneers by LINDSAY & Angela Duchess disguised as a Gypsy whom he must take to dine Frinton-on-sea Grand Hotel … that the Estate of the old ESKIMO (his great-aunt) belonged to LINDSAYbuggarhs EARLS & some to she Duchess Angela. If he dared say a word about his daughter‘s inheritance HE COULD BE PUT IN PRISON- 1938 onwards the PACK OF THEM made FJR with their TAUNTS believe MALRAUX did not have time for it all - The violent noble FRAUDSTERS had all post taken -

1932 Summer - RANSOM - Nota bene: MONUMENT RANSOM in Suffolk church SMASHED by LINDSAY EARLS & JIM for Crown coming over from Clacton-on-Sea where they have their creepy Scots granite building squashed between ROYAL Hotel & THE TOWERS - “ Clearly a PRESENT for coming wedding TG & FJR !”

We are 2nd cousins in 12th century/historic work done with retired HERALDS 1920s by Fred John RANSOM from a schoolboy… GR…”

1952 November - RANSOM - COLCHESTER MUSEUMS information is accurate given by HWP with piece of paper from his records :

“ 1932 - It was an afternoon & the Vicar & family had gone out to TEA…Monument now in 3 boxes behind the altar Child…seen it…12th century branch … your name RANSOM … ” POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester Museums 1952 November…

From 1933 every year of his life he wrote his daughter Greta a poem on her birthday - I never got any after I was 7 years old-

After his death which I was told was nothing to do with LOWLY ME… I heard the poems had been stolen - & 1969 a book of them was burned by the monsters JIM Lindsays TREASA Gordon R. all representing THE CROWN YAH KNOW…taking all he had to leave -

A Will falsified or something by them all the paedophile Royal Satrap HARRINGTON Doc Mengele in charge…Old ROARING 1920s Vampires …playing their sick SUNDAY UPSIDE DOWN GAMES…as 1920s. 1968-1980s - They were anxious to get hold of The Pillar House Harwell…sell it off ! They did not achieve this…but were easily able to commit years of crimes before 1980s …then they seem to be having troubles medically with their FIXES…

1962 March - IVY gave me 2 books March 1962- one a book of her mother in her first marriage a popular 19th century poet American Nathaniel Parker Willis, the other RIENZI - she hoped I would one day get a memory …

1962 March - Ivy Ransom said “…don’t leave it too late to get married dear…”

…. & I GR did not dare say MY HEART WAS BROKEN BY ANDRE MALRAUX…I had no memory of the WEDDING at all or the Re-Vowing 1958 but of the man in the Glenn Miller raincoat & what I thought was some happiness with him 50 Lancaster Gate Square…BUT PERHAPS HE HAD NO MEMORY LIKE ME SOMETIMES…& there FEAR WOULD TAKE HOLD...

Arriving back to 18 Gabriel House Lambeth Miss Rose Holder took the books from me at the door `SHUSSHING` at me not to say a word … & she hid them until I could get them away from the criminally insane- Teresa HAD STAYED ! … I was now ILL for weeks… but also the hideous monster of the blue car-Doc Mengele Gollum paedophile HARRINGTON shows his presence… he often hanging about the Flats Lambeth- mouthing threats at me from across the road as at Lancaster Gate Square - wanting to be everyone’s doctor & fill them with early death from his needles…

Nobody can have Doc Mengele HARRINGTON arrested…he is Philip Mountbatten`s chum since 1940sthey GO CASINO in tropics…charging to Banks in names of GROTE RANSOM ESTATE Len & Greta Ransom heirs…

1982 - Doc Mengele Harrington is DISMISSED by BMA from entering British National Health Service HOSPITALS…rather LATE…& he can still creep after VICTIMS…& route MONEYS from our Estate/& others…back to Noble Britain…for himself & TO TOP THEM UP…

1960 June - ALL my Father’s OWN MONEYS WERE REMOVED FROM HIS ARGENTINE BANK - the charities he had set up - the moneys from his parents & little investments he had made that supported his many good Endowments were taken too - Banks found NO TRACE - “never been there~THE BRITISH AMBASSADOR & thugs were used in this as usual/either directly or aslant/ the same happened to FJR`s moneys in Gross Britain- his Welsh Flower Factory he had since a boy/STRIPPED-traced to Noble Britain to appear as part of Crown Lands/HAND-OUTS on the way for this FRAUD/THEFT with VIOLENCE - Birth-death-marriage certificates were found NOT THERE & more gravestones went missing & bodies - Mr Mengele Harrington had supervised 2 men working for him SOMERSET HOUSE LONDON 1950s - he threatened Greta Ransom 1957 “you are now the illegitimate child of a Henry Harper..”

1943- 1945 July - VISITORS in gilded NAVAL UNIFORMS to THE HOUSE at the END OF THE REC…Begins 1943/1944...when one called Philip comes with LINDSAY MONSTERS…I ran into Recreation Ground he followed & told me about his sisters…& he had to marry somebody…I said TREASA CLYTEMNESTRA was trying make me marry one of these…& that I was only going to marry somebody tall & with dark hair…like paintings I had seen…I also said I was a Catholic…but had been in a Quaker school before I could remember…He said he had several sisters…5 I think…it was dark…we sat with his Naval overcoat around our shoulders…then he left…saying he thought they were ready to go back to the GRAND… He should never had been mixing with these monsters…but in 1953 he is seen taking PURPLE NARCOTIC pellet from JIM on ARRAN-putting it in his nose- THIS IS WHEN HUMAN BEINGS SHOULD LEAVE SHIP


1945 July - Treasa Clytemnestra Gordon Old mother RANSOM was up to somethingI Greta Ransom strode away from a bunch of them after being polite as they stood by the sand pit having come through the garden of `Pearly` THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE REC…that my father & families had tried make A HOLY HOUSE of culture to raise his 3 children in WE human beings hear later… “ … they hooted that evening…the Ape-Eskimo went off to a tall FROG - plain uniform - no rank - SHE HAS SUNK TO THE LOWER RANKS…” (records/reports)

THE FROG IN A NO RANK UNIFORM OF FRENCH KHAKI BROWN …IT WAS ANDRE MALRAUX HERO OF GAUL ! A MAN OF LETTERS - A REAL MAN… We, Colonel Andre Malraux…called in the town & schools `Georges & Greetha ` were fixing the toy yachts & motor boats for the boys & other children in Clacton Recreation grounds to sail on the boating lakes …

I shall be ` WALKING OUT` next year with Colonel ANDRE Georges MALRAUX…with a view to a marriage - we seem to get on nicely -we are humanists…I shall have a MAN OF LETTERS & A REAL MAN…ABOUT THE HOUSE…

1953 on - Mr Mengele paedophile Doc Harrington gave big Orders

to Naval Intelligence & the rest to destroy Malraux & Greta Ransom - He got some experts on ON PAROLE from Prisons/records - Mengele knows that if we learn of the ESTATE he & his nobles & perverts COULD ALL BE FOUND OUT for killing for money THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…& slaying in other nations for the Ransom lands…stealing moneys from the Estate the globe …

1960s - IVY JEAN & FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM b 1911 got Police protection because they were a respectable Deptford family since the 1890s - the tragic history Millie Frobisher & JOHN RANSOM known -

(1960 - the great tomb to them in the churchyard still not destroyed contents emptied & re-cut as Myrtle Murgatroyd…then said to have disappeared-a man who walked his dog beside them for 20 years made a fuss-it got in the newspapers … He knew of the GREENLANDERS coming over for their funerals !!!! “ What the blood HELL is London County Council up to… allowing this removal of tombs …where are their bodies…WHY IS CUR JAMES of WHITES BAR allowed to scratch in this grave saying he is taking things for a Museum…what Museum ?!! …WHERE ARE THE THINGS BURIED WITH MILL & JOHN…! ” The man got interviewed…then died… )

…my grandfather Frederick Charles Frobisher Ransom ‘in tall ships-had an island Greenland-everybody wanted to go up & help them run it again … trouble from greedy powers G.B. & Scandinavia..” … GR

Greta had no idea Ivy existed until March 1962 - ` I had no memory of the Ransom grandparents & that rich cultural & humanist life - after 1942 - & Ivy having to be educated away yet IVY has her room at `JERUSALEM`… 1962 March IVY Jean told GR some things…but she was distressed that 20 minutes…nothing hinged for GR… I GR REQUIRE A DEPUTATION OF MY RANSOM RELATIVES…photographs…reality ! MALRAUX ALONGSIDE ME…WE NEED OUR POST/mail our telephone calls…NOT INTERCEPTED BY THE MOST VILE of NOBLE BRITAIN 20th century … ` Greta Ransom

1962 - NO POST CAME-the RANSOM family did not keep touch ? Oh they did-flowers/postcards/letter/poem No post to GR no visitors so I feel unwanted I the pauper & Malraux gone off to GAUL-

… 1980s I learn they often wrote - got off-hand forged answers - tricks - Greta Ransom was always threatened by her mother & fiends/dirty Cur James, Earls LINDSAYBUGGARHS - & their CHUM Teresa Gordon as criminally insane BONKERS with evil as they.ALL ABLE TO STICK A PELLET UP THEIR SNOUTS for 6 weeks…& GO SAVAGE WITH VIOLENCE…` they are joined for fulltime duties November 1953 by Mr Mengele sadist paedophile kill-the-birds

Doc HARRINGTON-dismissed for FOUL BEHAVIOUR BMA 1982...

1943 onwards it was early given out by Monsters of Gross Britain that Greetha Ape Eskimo was not to marry - I would hear my mother when she was swigging from her Martelle Brandy bottle- but young people brought up with this have to tolerate itpretend the madness is just the MAD being funny-GET AWAY ! There is nowhere I can go - I earn my simple living-I can touch-type take shorthandI prefer Museum work at less salarymany people protect me from the secret silenceIt is considered safer for the others 1960 onwards that Greetha knows very little…the Team have yet to learn how they are spied upon & how they have been let down by Malraux & de Gaulle NOT RECEIVING THE DOCUMENTS…Wills etc. After this all the activities had to be as undercover Agents in WARTIME -

1961 Nota bene : It was put about that Greta did not want to live with Malraux the Catholic widower with his two sons DEAD - This was done with the usual vile cunning -

Later it is said “Greta & Andre stood no chance ~ no way were they going to be left in peace to produce THE MESSIAH !…”

GHOULS IN THE RAFTERS…I could not live again a life made so dangerous with these filthy monsters JIM CUR James & Noble scum of WHITES & the paedophile Mengele Harrington ALLOWED TO WALK THROUGH A DOOR WHERE I LIVE… NO HOUSEHOLD SHOULD ALLOW THEM IN- OR IT BECOMES AN UNHOLY HOUSE … these creatures are KILLING FOR MONEY from 1920s onwards….

THE TAKING OF THE POST IS THE BRILLIANT WEAPON THE noble criminally insane have…because they can use THE STATE TO DO THIS FOR THEM….EVERBODY WAS BEING THRETENED WITH DEATH…bullets-abductions-explosives in cars…once Kennedy was dead they were all scared…President Johnson says ` it went on hold-Kennedy`s death 1963-we were in shock…Then it got lost-more deaths & emergencies…’ (talks to LIR/others same status/polymaths-musicians-scholars/ Margarethe GROTE`s FUNDING of the ARTS/sports/welfare was immense…but a great USA Industrialist had REFUSED to hand moneys TO A CROWN…& it was known he got hassle…with attempted violence…1950s-1960s…)

1960s - I was unaware of much but wore a great CLOAK of FEAR…my situation was just a young woman with a broken heart but NEVER LOOKING AT IT- The shocks of the past decade & a half had been so horrible & young people in those days did not raise their problems…ONE TRIED TO GET ON & be brave I was always careful to use different routes-never be alone if possible-never say where I go…& other precautions