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1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX - Winter The Pillar House Harwell, reads PJPW from his NOTEBOOKS & sometimes GRW asked to make notes but it was very distressing

PJPW seems to have been FILLED UP BY Doc Mengele with a lot

of nasty spiteful nonsense about ANDRE & GRETA , whom he Mengele HARRINGTON, has LIVED UPON… He another sordid, & very sadistic, Noble PIMP ! On cocktails of DOPES !

He is seeking to DESTROY us, ANDRE, JOSETTE, Greetha, the dead sons Pierre & Vincent & the PAST & PRESENT & THE FUTURE … He has said some foul remarks about us all. Here are our memories of that time of 5 weeks uninterrupted happiness SUMMER 1937, Clacton-on-Sea-East Anglia -


“ It was to be given to me…ANDRE MALRAUX. It was because I was considered a humanist I was told. I nearly spoilt the design…the INCA architecture rather based on this little house we enjoyed for our holiday, I felt…I began saying that I considered it would be rather dim perhaps dark inside…& I rather fancied the North Pole Star to light it up. I would pull it down when I required it then…


Memo: GR He Saint George Andre takes us to dark places on our night walks & pulls down a bright star to light the way…I still have to caution him …That he must not ever touch the S T A R S of the SEAS CHARTS of the STARS - or dreadful things could happen at sea !

Memo : ` A MIND HOUSE- a Gift for Andre Malraux’s mounting STATE OF GRACE…

Gift upon reflection : Greet`ah Ransom great-great-great-grand-daughter of Yahamah Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel ( San Miguel is an Ancient Order SPAIN ) Mathematician-Astronomer-Priest Rulers line-Acting Governor for Spain-Tierra del Fuego, an INCA… he who lives into the 1850s . There are photographs of him … the Noble INCA … (seen 1952 shown to Greta Ransom by Graham Greene & DONOVAN Bookseller) “ A man well educated by the Monks who sails to Rome… & a great HUMANIST- proud of his 2 grandsons…he was devastated by the death from a spiteful attack on his daughter age 21 years his only child…who married James Weddell before he sailed the Antarctic sea … ” ( the AELOVEDMAH-Maria Miss San Julian R.C. 1824 the Ice White Bride Mrs James Weddell…marrying friend of her father from their young days ( Weddell Sea sub-arctic ) -

“ I could…” says Georges-Andre Malraux “ when it is finished… enter anytime I needed to & rest my mind … & know it was my own house… & I would be safe inside…that is me…at anytime…

& anyone I had enter who was a very special good person like me …I was told this solemnly . There HAD to be a certain amount of secrecy, I was advised…& I should not speak of it to others…

not in wordsbut I could, if I wished, draw it in the sands…”

1937 summer - Greta Ransom last year 1936 in PERU was advised that required was a cart to take away the star dusts & precious buckets to carefully carry the small stars( I suppose this may have been a gold cart & buckets in the times of our High INCA…we the direct line to them )

They the stars & dust of new stars forming have been explained to they are first told carefully where they are to go…& to whom. You do not move stars I think without talking to them & getting their co-operation… he Saint George ANDRE humanist of SPAIN without a mother- will be shown to them by starlight- I send them messages up there that he George-Andre has deserved this GIFT- because JOSETTE HAS SAID Greetah has made him so good

…I do not recognise him I in the daylight…”

This is INCA early physics ?…medicinal therapeutic but linked to climate & horticulture ? Not so much mysticism & magic we Ransom-Weddell family feel, for we are level headed…need a hearth & security the seasons the years…

Aunt Mag Mrs Grote, says Lennie, gave the INCA a lot of security immediately after the 1909 Weddell RANSOM marriage of his parents … & her father & mother Fred & Gertrud Poulsen Ransom had helped PERU in the 19th century with transport trade & Reserves …

1925 onwards - JEAN Weddell (widow Aquida Smith Spain in ) RANSOM (her 2nd marriage) mother of JOHN deliberately damaged baby boy, is allowed to WRITE to him when he is 7 years at his high education school in Kentucky. But not make a relationship for the sake of the child`s education… She was allowed to put ideas in her LETTERS FROM JEAN that had JOHN RAY Ransom ( her middle son ) turn to Physics for his first degree…

JOHN Ray RANSOM attacked so horribly at 1 month 1917 by two women of the family of Earl of Crawford & LINDSAY…already CLAIMING Grote HOMES & Ransom Estate seashores etc of the world…& swinging bills/cashing cheques/without permission from Solicitors Brokers or Mrs Margaret Ransom GROTE…They too are Noble PIMPS…& got going 1884 after the marriage of MILLIE FROBISHER to JOHN RANSOM widower… LINDSAY claim her as now having ALL THEIR MONEYS & LANDS…as she has a mother a former Miss Lindsay. That former Miss Lindsay has left accounts of these MONSTERS in her Lindsay line beginning 1830 records Ransom family/Detectives Colleagues Malraux

This great grand-daughter ballerina of SAN JULIAN INCA wrote his ancestry to her little Johnnie in his most intelligent school Kentucky … Suggested he take an interest in physics & her language Spanish… Thus his first job was at NASAShe could not tell him who that wondrous library belonged to… that she & her sister had read over 2 years when their father James Weddell II had died leaving them school girls training in ballet…

Strict Rules -special School Kentucky - for these often severally damaged young boys of hate or born thus…who would be torn to pieces in the streets because of their genitalia disfigurementRULES that they could receive letters but no claim to be made on them… At 17 years they would be asked if they would like to meet their real parents…records Dr John RAY a pupil until 18 years/Andre Malraux Detectives/Colleagues/USA Intelligence Service…Others/

1960 January - Night Watch/ Colne Engaine - Dr John RAY Ransom says “ They killed my mother still dancingBIG CHIEF DIRTY BOOTS has been helping himself to our ESTATE…passing it to his son…he has his big dirty boots all over us … & I want my family paintings back … ”

1937 SUMMER Clacton-on-Sea - pre-dawn

I saw Saint Georges-Andre his startled face peering down at me from his great height at coming to 3.30 am…Oh why am I so small…supposing I stay a dwarf as she & Mr Pong say I am gong to be…they are getting a potion from Scotland- they are all criminally insane those they know…

It is very pre-dawn full stars overhead & such peace & quiet

& I fell over the bucket CLANG clang ! & the mop…I felt like the Phantom of the Shipwrecks… who fell off the ship in 1642 & comes aboard & demands a FAG & YOUR CHARTS as you GO ROUND THE HORN…& then he sends YOU BACK UP NORTH…he also tripped over the PAIL & the CAT & SUNK down in his breastplate armour… (Jacop`s Ladder by Fred Ransom…1830 -1860s…)

I left them sweetly sleeping Josette & Andre…arms stretched touching their hair…& I crept so quietly, I the little Lion from the CRUSADES at their feet …OH we Andre & mee have to get up with the Goddess Rosy fingered DAWN in her cloak of grey about 5 am to get his lots of newspapers of the globe…& I did not wish to worry him with historical accuracy about the cart & buckets of gold just then or the next day when the building of the house was going on in A STATE OF GRACE …supposedly only in OUR MINDS…but he WILL ask questions ! It has to proceed in orderly fashion…to the ceremony of having him enter the completed STAR HOUSE for his MIND…

So I think I did not mention SAN JULIAN’s father the last of the INCA…& he married the Tierra del Fuego girl widow of the Noble AZTEC & she owns 2 or 300 miles from San Julian’s Bay downwards…

& from the Aztec marriage she has a little son aged 7 years…then he got a blood brother Yahamaha JOSEF SAN JULIAN when she a very RICH girl married the INCA … She brings the nutmeg gold auburn coloured hair into the family…AELOVEDMAH-Maria has it…Len & I have one of her braids…

1937 SUMMER - ANDRE & mee Greetah have already had a dispute about coffee ice cream which I am allowed from The Argentine down to the tip…`BUT NOT WITH ME ` he say`th with a grim face ! … He does not approve of coffee for kids or WINE…I have not that habit I drink toasts in water, milk, or Glass coloured fizzy lemonade Lemonade…Sssswepppzzzz… !

I reasoned that as I was of this line who hath INCA humanism …

I could give ANDRE a STAR HOUSE in the Northern hemisphere…

& I have, as Daddy & Uncle Mainwarring say in a funny dead-pan face way… `jaunted from Sub-Pole to Nord Pole like our INCA…` & during the playful discussions they all have I have heard it said it is possible the INCA & others South America may have hopped across to Britain for Parties/Soirees/Learned gatherings at Stonehenge & down-a-bit into Gaul…come bringing their skills to other parts of the world…” It is difficult to know when Daddy & others are being funny & I cannot always untangle it…but Len will always tell me what is meant…& I know how to use the telephone to `Jerusalem…`

WELL THEN…it was going to be alright for me to do what I could

with what we had in the skies & the garage in these parts of the globe at Clacton-on-Sea - & this part were best done alone…for THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY SPEAKING ! Not questions asked … I shall later explain to him that he Georges-ANDRE could take this STAR HOUSE with him anywhere in the globe & find peace when he entered…but it should not be hurried for we have to work by night…& not in a state of agitation…

… Thus the INCA Astronomy & maths recorded in SAN JULIAN’s library…heard by me Greeta Weddell Ransom a child of 3 years who loved these new families Weddell & branches for their kindness & goodness whether they were alive or dead…1935-1936..

.The INCA taught me how to get out of a MOUND…& that saved my life end of September 1936 Alexandra Palace/full reports by everyone …

STARS of the Essex shores summer & winter nights were easy to see & perfect with drifts of starlight when the night was clear & cloudless .

He began to help me…soon I felt we had gathered enough…even though he had come from his SLEEP & stepped into my creation of a piece of common sense MAKING ME FALL OVER THE BUCKET & setting up a dreadful CLANG to waken the dead !

A GIFT OF A PLACE TO REST YOUR MIND should not be hurried I could always send him a postal packet of tiny stars & stardusts to finish off…

1937 Summer - MALRAUX reads his notebooks 1937/1970


I was not satisfied … I still said the house might be very dark inside & if I could not have the North Pole star then could I have some of the other big stars to give me light. The reply was firm ! NO ! I must not think of that ! Not touch the big stars & the Constellations. They could not be touched for they were of such importance to those AT SEA.

I still said the house might be too dim inside when we spoke of it later in the day. She said after some thought that as she came of this family of ancient people she could, she felt, be granted to make some alterations then ! I & she agreed to my suggestion I have in the entrance hall pale blue sky & some high white thin clouds. We had the same ideas now…. & these clouds & mists could be moved to the other rooms… when I entered to rest my brain…to think… I said the mists & clouds could settle in the hall when I was not in residence & when I entered they could rise to illuminate. We came to an agreement here. `Yes, it would probably be alright`… ” ( I GR wondered if he was frightened of the dark…so he had best have some light in his Mind House… Well yes, it would probably be alright…as we had to live here for awhile under Northern Skies…it would all come right when when he travelled to the SOUTH…& lost some of our natural ARCTIC GLOOM…as Uncle Doctor Hebedie revered BRAZILIAN Academic explained to Lennie & me when we had that luncheon that came under silver covers - & people came to greet him & new niece…DECEMBER 1936 in RIO )

MALRAUX “ She, Greetha, said that there was nobody she could ask that SUMMER just then- Aunt Margarethe would probably not know- We could telephone a certain number kept in the Old Road house tucked away beside the books & they might ring back & say she Margarethe-girl of the snows would make a telephone call to us- in two days-or more-and an hour would be given. I did not take this seriously! & I did not ask anyone !


“ I gathered from Greetha that by washing the sky little stars would be revealed & be the building stones & the star-dust the cement. In my house of stars where I am to go & rest my mind… then…the cloud would drift upwards with me- where I chose to be - I MADE THESE NOTES Summer 1937 -I did not believe she had been abroad-

I can only say I did not ask anyoneI MALRAUX…”

“ 1937 October - AFTER WE LEFT IT WENT ON-a card came to us

& on it she had written her name - & another hand had written separately for her `THAT I MUST REMEMBER IN MY MIND those stars at night that we had both seen at Clacton-on-Sea-& if I would WRITE MY NAME ALONGSIDE HER NAME - then the stars would appear in my mind & I would always have the memory of that summertime come to me & to JO…

We had intended returning perhaps in the Spring of 1938 but we would at sometime return to our friends at the seaside…

I Andre Malraux made this clear by a letter to Mary Gordon & on the telephone & I informed Greetha before we left … ”

1938 January - MALRAUX’s Post/mail stolen fingered

his Post/mail read before any delivery to he addressee Andre Malraux by AUTHORITY GROSS BRITAIN GOVERNMENT for LINDSAY EARLS & ANGELA a woman got a RISE…

…Begins November-December 1937 when Teresa Gordon Ransom stole parcel addressed to Mary Gordon `Crail` … the parcel come from ANDRE & JO France - little gifts for everyone - a letter -

Signed Andre Malraux - & TGR clearly fast alerted sub-APES powerful & NOBLE of his visit that summer 1937...

1937 November - I G.R. recall SHEshe saying when she appeared

…not knowing at first whom I had been with that summer“You YOU… still alive - we were ALL coming to your funeral - you have done us out of that …old girl…get out of my way…” She’ll say variations of this to me 1940s 1950s 1960s…even in the 1970s early 1980s when her fiend-friend JIM is now dead…IT GOT GOING 1920s-1930s … abuse of RANSOM Weddell families calling them ESKIMOS & APES…GROSS BRITAIN COULD NOT TOLERATE ANOTHER EMPIRE daring to rival it…a moonlight Empire …” (we keep company with scholars/revered persons of culture & learning…GOOD HUMANISTS of ALL NATIONS…)…the criminally insane PLANNED A GENOCIDE… Angela & JIM her travelling companion-Lindsay EARLS & 200 others joining them for PICKINGS

1938 Summer … & fresh released from Prison & Mental Institution

( the future named Mengele ) a psychopath The Very Noble Harrington joined them with their Authority from November 1953 to recruit new scum in the hate Campaign against the Ransom family who LEGALLY inherit Grote Homes Ransom Estate seashores of the world Big IMPERIAL BOOTS with long black tongues trailing to them, have tried blame RANSOM & other nations for the deaths of the GROTE HOMES children … but never on the front of a newspaper

Nota bene : ANY necessary mention on BBC/newspapers/is ON HOLD…not to be released until a new century… PROTECT NOBLE BRITAIN SCANDINAVIA & ITS CROWNS… ` they are all most dirty dogs…piles of dogs dirt…as the old dog walkers Clacton seafront called LINDSAY EARLS & noble Visitors including Angela & JIM

1920s-1930s-1940s …

VIOLENT FRAUD by these Figures from a Morgue with violent theft has been going on against families RANSOM FROBISHER WEDDELL by these IMPERIAL MONSTERS since I & Lennie am bornA BLOW ON MY HEAD BY THEM THE FIRST WEEK I WAS BORN had the hospital say it would have killed a year old child…So they addressed me as Ape-head after this.

They often put heirs in the private Clinics & loonie bins/Nut houses/the Asylums they keep a dirty DOC in … they always believed each of them might PULL OFF THE BIG WIN- Then they’d leer at one another that they had got the jackpot “Winner takes All” - they are criminally insane from Divinorum Salvia Scotland pellets up their snouts - & other dopes - they are NOBLE Gross Britain Scandinavia & Scotland psychopaths…

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX IT IS CERTAIN…that from the

NEW YEAR 1937/38 MY POST/mail was STOLEN from me IN FRANCE & elsewhere by the British Government & Crown so that we, I , ANDRE MALRAUX could not know of this Guardianship given to me to this Estate ! October 1937 in answer to a letter delivered to my FRENCH ADDRESS from a Margaret Grote I accepted Guardianship of Greta Ransom - that was what I understood - Her letter said I would hear more . There was NO ADDRESS so I could not reply but I was told in this letter TO EXPECT TO HEAR MORE ... I PUT A TELEPHONE CALL through & spoke with MARY GORDON as soon as I was able to in OCTOBER 1937I told her I ACCEPTED GUARDIANSHIP OF GREETHA ! I DID NOT RECEIVE THE POST/mail DOCUMENTS- letters sent to me late OCTOBER 1937 from USA New York & England & the Argentine ! ”

1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX continues in some anger at times

as PJPW stops to ask questions from a list he has… (clearly a list made with interference from Noble Mengele Harrington paedophile Gollum now SQUATTING PIMPING over at Blewbury Village )

1938-1939 - “ There was also some correspondence from other nations for my attention 1938 into 1939...I received NOTHING…YOUR Government stole all Peter ! They have kept the information from General de Gaulle & I for years…interfering with our lives…as a result hundreds of people connected to the Estate & of the families have died unnaturally ! The total of deaths is above a million persons since 1938...I fear much more…”

In 1962 he (de Gaulle) & I were astonished at the lack of co-operation from other leading nations in this matter…the DISREGARD OF THE SLAYING OF THE CHILDREN…on THEIR OWN LANDS…whereas they had been quite willing 1960 February when Malone Silverlee & their high placed persons & teams had organised the Newspapers of the world to feature the GROTE HOMES Genocide & destruction of the Estate in their lands on a given day…”

(in 2 years the Imperial once penniless System of Fraud with Violence against GROTE HOMES & RANSOM ESTATE had time to make a circular tour the nations of our Estate…80 percent the globe…& slay-fire from their jobs-vilify…re-arrange the MATTER…using Diplomatic privilege…Scavengers & Vagrants no more they could support a second RAMPART of GREEDY well togged cunning numbskulls-not one knowing its Dad for sure !)

… ? WE WOULD HAVE GIVEN OUR CONSENT IMMEDIATELY ! This would have happened if we had received the package intact that the French Government Courier flew to New York to receive & return with immediately to us…Questioned later … we heard he said he had felt ILL & his legs weak WHEN HE GOT OFF THE PLANE…he felt he had been rather forgetful ON BOARD… There had clearly been time in two years to ARRANGE a SILENCE on the slaying of the CHILDREN in the HOMES…to get money for your Class, Peter…to fund an IMPERIAL system…”

“ I WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED IMMEDIATELY GUARDIANSHIP OF THE WHOLE ESTATE … at any time ! IT WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR ! IT WAS WHAT I COULD DO ! I would have immediately returned to New York that autumn to see the Brokers others ! WOULD SHE HAVE DIED - THE GODDESS … ?

If I had reached her ? & a woman who danced & had danced for a short time in Paris. Before she a young widow of a year SPAIN burying husband & stillborn child made another marriage… I think you have not been told the truth Peter…I warn you DO NOT ACCEPT WHAT TERESA & her noble friends say ! They are insane … I am certain she, the dancer, would not have died either…My FAMILY…& now your FAMILY, Peter ! ” Malraux

Nota bene : Margarethe Ransom Mrs Thomas Immanuel ‘Tiggy’ GROTE murdered by Jimmie Jong James Mr Pong/ 15 Mai 1938 -

he tried blame Greetah…“ calling me a bad tempered insane child who stuck a hairpin in my Aunt`s ear…” JIM Mr PONG he slit a vein behind her ear - he has done this to several people & will now do it to Angela`s AUNT…who cried out at them…“ HOW CAN YOU DESTROY TOMMY GROTE`s HOMES…”

Jim Jong did this to her 1938 or 1939 - A little tubby woman liked by everyone…who cried out at the drunken Nobles « How can YOU destroy Tommy Grotes Homes` at a very small Banquet…about 20-or 27 persons it was recorded by 2 who GOT AWAY ! London/reports-diary/ `no cry for doctor but for SEDATIVES ! ` Reports to ANDRE MALRAUX Detectives & Colleagues 1960 Colne Engaine/USA Intelligence Services/others …

Nota bene: Malraux in New York March 1937/photo-Varese composer & Malraux- histories can be followed in the other Books/Malraux-detectives-colleagues Colne Engaine 1960/61 & Book of JO -so on- Pilots/the Estate has hundreds A to Z globe since 1910...a close friend who would surely hear of `Malraux Guardian to Mrs Grote’s Estate & Homes` is the Flyer-writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery - The Little Prince/Hostage/he had a plane crash ?

1960 January Night Watch - MALRAUX Burgermeister PARIS

“ I am going to take my turn guarding you this night & I want to tell you of those who are worn out STAR WATCHING…& were once such young star gazers … Andre-Greetah & Cassiopeia our Queen…Listen to me… YOU CAN REMEMBER…if you try…I have been telling you of that Summer 1937 only last yearwhen we lived in the house in the Square & were trying to have a life together ” says ANDRE MALRAUX…adding “ At my time of life I find it rather cold having a winter night in a meadow near Colchester our Roman City of Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis … Where we have walked together & I have visited you & Mr Poulter in YOUR Castle & at Hollytrees … (11 pm a frost laden black night)

1960 January - Colne Engaine caravan `Mistral`…MALRAUX Menagier de PARIS, doth not know heeSaint George-ANDRE the nightlights & candles have been changed for some manufactured by a small Chemist that MENGELE Gollum Harrington wheels & deals with…They are full of this horrible MEMORY REMOVE…you hear things but its as if on a seashore-waves coming in & breaking…no recall while you hear it…IT GOES SOMEWHERE IN THE BRAIN…but cannot be used as heard…little comprehension…some SHOCKS do link things… IT REQUIRES A PERSON TO REPEAT things daily…to form a memory for the victim ! Therefore after making a cup of any beverage, lighting the candles I will be in these grey tunnels…like steel shutters between the minutes . I cannot risk having electricity to the new caravan ( I have bought from my Summer Jaywick Sands Holiday Shop wages & my little savings) because at 50 Lancaster Gate Square MENGELE Royal Doctor Harrington & JIM with Mad Mother Kali joining in with Mrs maniacal greed Mengele tried electrocute me - ( Horrible true tales - young Catholic staff saved me-

Victims need information written down & PHOTOGRAPHS to get a memory & keep a memory…Greta Ransom has had every letter every photograph removed all her life…only Family iconography of the 1930s can grant a memory ... POST/MAIL stolen since Xmas 1933 claimed by Earls Lindsaybuggarhs in the name of ANGELA a faceless woman called a drunk on dope like all of them since they were teenagers/aided by T. Gordon then TGRpsychopaths…

Mr Doc Mengele paedophile HARRINGTON- mother was at Court-

has already stashed away 2 million pounds Sterling overseas & pays his monthly household bills from a bank in The Midlands in the name of Len Immanuel Ransom co-heir & heir to Greta Ransom - This FRAUD-THEFT permission has been given him by one Angela whom he treated for dope & booze 1950/53/funny stories/ Brain drain crowd fled abroad.

JIMMY Jong now called dirty JIM has Mengele made an HON MEMBER -WHITES CLUB St James` & `Doctor in residence 10am-12pm- get your experimental DOPES-/ 2 brothels round corner compulsory on Thursdays as JIM has to pay the bills here…”

(the above is quite true-reports are several from International Secret Services in their leisure time)