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… Dr JOHN RAY Ransom with USA genealogists/some via VINLAND…take RANSOM & themselves back to JUTLAND 4th/5th centuries BC …he does say the AREA on a NIGHT WATCH January 1960...I GR cannot recall it…but it is beside the SEAS…

When the slaying of the children went on 1940s Asia Adelaide was left alone by G.B. until 1956 when the funding was lost… they had insisted early they were not a Department of Britain & would retain their HOME funded from Grote New York… But CUR James Jim Jong was taking HALF their Funding from USA every year visiting them from 1949- in name of High Class Sin/Records/letters diaries/Alfred Richard GORDON is taken to investigate- a rich man is angry at the little Queens man JIM at blackmail… & with another friend they tried get attention-got threats from the British Whitehall…

1864 to 1950s - From the first years of the 1860s civilized human-beings in Science-Music-technology-medicine gave their blessings & joined in the HUMANISM Venture of the Grote Homes & settlements - THE CHILDREN CAME OUT EDUCATED TO HELP THEIR NEIGHBOURS - THEY ACTED THE GOSPELS OUT - Grote Homes - vast archives … /

1930s … in order to grab the lands of Ransom - demolish GROTE HOMES upon them- it was necessary to kill Mrs Grote & stop her making a WILL- From 1934 she was kept hidden-her son was murdered with poison in a cup of tea October 1933 to stop the great family XMAS in the great Ransom home 1830s on Jacopsholmen Island - with Yachts, steam ships further out…joining in for THE GREAT THEATRE PERFORMANCES, church & THE BELL…THE PRESENTATION OF THE HEIRS…on POUL GRONLANDER`S ISLAND…now the UNIVERSITY WOULD BE ERECTED…as DECREED…

JIM JONG … personally went & slew the wife of Count Poulsen of Noroway ... October 1933 - she was receiving the Xmas goods coming from New York - he cut the top of her head off to make it look as if an Eskimo did it- PJPW told this by Andre Malraux 1970 said…“…hey fellah… more like East or China - I`ll ask in the Museum on Monday if this is an Eskimo practice…?…Gurka ?…”


Before her murder by JIM for IMPERIAL BRITAIN & SCANDINAVIA The Count Poulsen`s wife (he great-grandson of POUL GRONLANDER & Margaret Yates of Carlisle) had described JIM in 2 letters to her husband which reached him before her murder - She gives the man’s appearance-languages- French perfect & Chinese- said he had been prospecting…“… had an ancestor who was a prospector on Greenland shores…» She believed he was French-Chinese-raised in France…he had appeared on the shore & accompanied her on her walks two days… She was unpacking the Stores from New York in the great RANSOM HOUSE…for the great family XMAS everyone was so excited about…we were all going to this…

Greetha to be christened in the family church Margarethe’s father had finished for her mother’s father Old Jacop Poulsen…eldest son of Great POUL GRONLANDER …

September 1933 … « Margarethe with Melany lst daughter of MINERVA in New York early autumn had SHOPPED UNTIL WE DROPPED says telegram to `CRAIL` Skelmersdale Road CLACTON-on-SEA…« Mag agreed to sit in a wheelchair in Macy Stores…we bought things for THE BABY DOLL…the photos have come…Greetah…THEY ARE COMING FROM PERU too…Weddell branch & they are coming up for the PLAY !…»

1933 NOVEMBER after the murder of Count Poulsen’s wife October several Ransom-Weddell-Poulsen family go up HOME TO GREENLAND- Margarethe cannot bear to come after two horrible tragedies THE MURDER BY POISONING OF HER ONLY CHILD HER SON…she wishes Greetah her chosen heir ( Len sub-heir by agreement with everyone, GROTE, Asia, South America ) Greetha to be CHRISTENED in the church her family built & where Delacroix an old friend came up to paint Angel & Jacop behind the door & in the Church did some more - So Ransom families taking the heir GRETA Frobisher Weddell RANSOM 8 months old flew up in the 3 seaplanes to see the state of the Island…the house…The house was richly furnished with new household goods from New York, new bedding & FURS, & STORES were in the ICE CAVES…Margarethe had been asked by the DANISH Government to lend it to their WIRELESS MAN…he had left windows open & abused it. THEREFORE she, Margarethe girl of the Snows, had with Melany MINERVA Mrs James Weddell II her first marriage daughter, shopped in NEW YORK & replaced household goods of the very best quality . Melany in her

Telegrams 1933 October says `we felt like young brides…`

1933 - The RANSOM FAMILY found the church the theatre intact…AN ARCHITECT CAME TOO in the seaplanes … REPORT : House has 400 years of life & Theatre at least 200 years of life-he could have put that 2nd TIER on…he knew what he was doing…House a magnificent piece of work…built as only a ship builder could…a collection of costumes made in France & Italy for the plays of the globe were admired & found in immaculate condition…a library of Coptic books & many other gems intended for the UNIVERSITY when the GREED of Gross Brit & Scandinavia would halt…EDUCATION COME TO THEM…SEVERE RACISM stop…some of them related or partying with the CONGO MONSTERS…/read Joseph Conrad… !

FLYING UP TO GREENLAND FIRST TIME was Greta RANSOM age 8-9 months…Heir to MARGARETHE RANSOM Grote…we have a direct line back to 77 AD Thames, LONDINIUM…out of Jutland…HUMANISTS…Acting the Gospels Out…

1933-1935 - The investigation into Countess Poulsen’s savage murder took 2 years by Denmark- A FARCE A FARCE - GROTE BROKERS & the Argentine could get nothing in writing from Gross Britain - Its penniless upper crust had gone on pilfering the Estate - mouthing an old Eskimo gave it to Angela - Diplomats HIGH ON HEROIN plus swanked & waved canes at USA & anyone else who questioned their DIVINE RIGHT to keep cashing cheques on the ESTATE…& big boot in & THIEVE THE ART WORKS… Mr JIM Jong & ANGELA`s parents swore to this GIFT from OLD ESKIMO… in secret silence that Crowns & Lords can demand… DIPLOMATS mouthed…` no WILL was necessary now Angela had this divine role…Her word was enough…even when she drank until she could not stand…to 1 am of the new day… & that of the LINDSAYBUGGARHS Premier EARLS of Gross Brit of course PROPPED EVERYBODY UP…all old friends ON DOPES since they were kids…« SO SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP …new diamonds & Rolls Royce/Daimlers` for all…We do not want ANGELA getting the lot…” THIS IS THE MOB WITH NO EDUCATION…IMPERIAL OF COURSE…

1938 - The WHITEHALL were told `Angela wants the HOMES emptied the lands sold IMMEDIATELY & the moneys given to her` This was when she had received the WILL JULY 1938 her State VISIT…that WILL intended for ANDRE MALRAUX…

She is with a delicate husband called David in Paris…She is PUT IN THE HOT SEAT by the British Ambassador Phipps - THE VISIT HAD TOO MUCH FRENCH LIQUOR WITH THE MEALS said a person on the Visit…

1939 - The idea for the slaying of the children a million round the world A to Z was agreed 1930s … got going 1938/9- THE SPOKEN ORDERS WERE : ` WE THE BRITISH UPPER CLASS CANNOT HAVE ALL THESE CHILDREN COMING OUT AT 18 & RUNNING THE WORLD…fatherless! We have heard that these nations do not want them - OH…they might rise up & kill them…we may find ! `

WAR made this genocide easy ! The accounts/photos/pits/are so horrible most people break down- it is as bestial as the Nazi regime- all done with careful planning co-ordination using big RN ships…GREED- sale etc of lands-& quick dough- the art works for sale or awaiting a rising market - “ She, a Goddess from the SNOWS, had more art works than the Louvre…” says Andre Malraux, he has seen the lists USA…sets about a Catalogue with LIR…

TWO UNIVERSITIES WERE PLANNED - the money was there 1938 -POUL GRONLANDER Greenland as our Decree of 1770

& the second Colleges/University for JAMES WEDDELL & his father-in-law the INCA Roman Catholic of the mathematician-astronomers Priests line Yahama Josef SAN JULIAN F. San Miguel…to be in Tierra del Fuego planned from 1909 - when the North Pole Ransom family married the South Pole Weddell family -Len & Greetah knew the history of stopping our Universities building- violence from Gross Britain & Scandinavia- who greedily eyed the moneys-changed their clothes 5 times a day !

1944-1949 ….POST/mail STOLEN by Gross Britain - letters messages sometimes asked for a meeting - some people felt slighted by having no response from ANDRE MALRAUX upon simple or otherwise philanthropic Estate matters- we hear they were always very polite because of his World position alongside his General de Gaulle - Malraux could not be got on the telephone …

1940s - Letters enquiries came from Hemmingway Novelist who felt slighted 1945 Summer in PARIS…when MALRAUX rushed away after he said “ I HAVE GOT YOU A JAM FACTORY disused…in USA…you can do what you like in it…” (Reference to burning in Marmalade by LINDSAY SCUM of the Murgatroyd only child their son age 22 summer 1937...SPAIN their ESTATE…) Enquires in post as normal procedure were not seen BY ANDRE MALRAUX or de GAULLE…”

1940s - Enquiries GROTE HOMES Ransom Estate… USSR - the nation of Uzbekistan/ Charlie Bronson Films & actor Hollywood- Grote Brokers/Ransom family - By 1949 GROTE BROKERS HAD TO CONSIDER MALRAUX AS NOT INTERESTED…he had failed to meet them when he came to the United Nations Building New York & GAVE A SPEECH of importance - ( The Roman Catholic connexions brought Charlie Bronson on a visit to England trying to get some sense about GROTE HOMES which his parents may have had a helping hand with…Charles appears in the Joseph Conrad film as the mad Captain of the ghost ship-it was a very approved performance by we young…)

There were also enquiries from musicians/colleges & small schools/craftworks- Concern USA over the IMPERIAL G.B. disgusting greed over our tiny Maryland enamel works arose/etc endless- reports/tapes/paperwork/

1957 As well as all POST/mail opened- STOLEN- there was full scale listening equipment in the Catholic Mission household Naval Intelligence et al obliging - (they have got Peter Wright down there- knows some Science etc) threats-blackmail-vicious remarks-physical attacks-dope in drinks-went on-designed & ordered by dirty Jimmie Jong CUR James & Mengele Harrington- they also had some criminals got out of prison on Parole with certain skills-no lack of Watchers ~

The paedophile Mengele Harrington came walking in late night- getting a key to our doors 50 Lancaster Gate Square-demanding Greta Ransom leave & `LIVE WITH YOUR MOTHER- & leave my Patient ANDRE MALRAUX alone`

Very scared I would yawn & say `… Oh it was a good performance then…theatre ? … but did you have a good supper…that is important …keep your strength up… ? ` I once told him to go & live with Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra… “ She does her Racing Form all night…you can help her with the piled newspapers…Sporting Life all that lot…” `Brandy & bacon sandwiches..` HE WAS VERY SCARY & stank “ of DUNG ” said MALRAUX when I said he had a peculiar smell & although Mrs Mengele DENIED HE WAS IN THE HOUSE…I COULD SMELL HIM WHEN I CAME IN ! …

I could recall 1943/44 that at school in wartime Britain we were told never to confront the Village Idiot or the Town Drunk- `Look pleasant Class ! A smile of good humour-sound gentle- listen agreeably- but say you must keep busy-& leave- perhaps fast…` (Thank you Mr Andrews BA Oxon Science-Maths)

Mengele is not a real doctor-his training at Hong Kong is very dicey-he is not allowed by 3 London hospitals to touch a patient-only be a Consultant- In 1953 he had “botched 3 operations & now another -

his work looks as if a screwdriver taken to a patient ” said a Head of a London hospital- ` Mengele goes about on that yacht with Angela`s men` & he has got together with dirty JIM…

Mengele is a monster who has killed & cut people up alive the young believe-hit a girl with a wire to see if her head would come off- & poisoned many people saying they did it to themselves with dope 1957 November 5th he handed out poisoned lollies & the boy at the Kent Hotel age 12 years died next evening from the red one - the boy jumped off a bus in heavy traffic - he was seen to be in a daze - Mengele would have them moved away from the Square…but it took him a year…he may have been checking if anyone knew too much in that time - He is bestial insane-

1982 - Mengele HARRINGTON - 1982 he was dismissed by the BMA after too much of his HIGH SIN LIFE got out in his Divorce Case 1981 Britain…it had Continent & USA observers - «…the Public may be assured he will not enter a NHS Hospital again to work as a Doctor - we cannot ban him as a patient himself…” Mr Mengele still believed he would become a Peer for his work destroying all knowledge of Grote Homes & Ransom Estate in 3 Parts the world… newspaper item gives briefly his dismissal by BMA made public 1982 -

Lennie (Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM) “ BRAZEN JIM-a half Chinese racist speaking French as a native-Chinese too-learned English well at 11 years of age…got into Court circles like Mengele Harrington-paedophiles-perverts- ON THE PIN their whole lives ` JIM & HIS Gross Britain STORM TROOPERS :

1938 - LIR - “ FRANCE & a FOREST …you remember the island - the forest - France- Aunt Mag had a hospital for them - she gave them two big wood ancient Crosses - very old we think - not modern - they may have come from an old church or building gone -pulled down - suffered in some way - `A well defined character turned up - we were told on the telephone - Asian speaking French as a native - then it was learned he was half English- represented the British Empire & Crown - the forests were to be felled - JIM he was taking the 2 Crosses into custody - to a Museum - to safety - the hospital was to be closed - it was badly managed he told them (this is a familiar cry over the decades-so the criminally insane take lands or property because `Oh badly run`…their usual LIES ) Jim went on that ` it could be developed as a more important spot…

the workers in the forest & the hospital staff…Oh they would have all they needed when the new management came in -`

( He called himself the Hon. Major Carew representative for the new Queen & The Crown of Gross Britain … ) Your father alerted everyone - we could see the pattern - pick off isolated places - we did not know yet JIM Mr Pong was cunningly waving bits of document- `British Crown lands` (in France) …a small line inserted…it will later disappear when logging finished -

At the Hospital a man who was considered TAME made a complaint to our Solicitors in PARIS - We got to them, the Foresters - We gave them the Woodlands & re-instated the Hospital…funded it from GROTE Brokers New York ”

We put the workers as the management team - & alerted the French Police on our way back at every stop - they were amazed at how this could be done - We explained who he was & that he took up Commissions from English Lords & two women with big debts & ambitions for the British Empire - The logging could not now begin ! The New Team were sent packing (by the French Police & Department administration) ! We never did find what JIM had done with the 2 Crosses that Aunt Mag had given them- we think they must have been significant to French history…` (he probably burned them somewhere - he has enjoyed this pastime since a teenager-on THE PIN- otherwise he may have put them in the Bloody Liar Dusty Mansion France- he has had the key from ANGELA (former Miss Bloody Liar as City of London call her 1960s) … since 1924 perhaps from 1921... (G.R. & all of Scarlet Town know these things-) (LIR)

1945 September - When your poor father came back from the War he had nobody to help him - he had been deceived - he was threatened by mountebanks with titles (impudent tricksters with Titles Gross Britain & Scandinavia ) - some from Scandinavia - he was to have died Philippines or Africa - it was good people who kept him safe - The greed of the very top Gross Britain showed - & the dead children were spoken of (1946 December- 2 Admirals & Alfred Charles-Rear Admiral RANSOM Clacton & Harwich )

a terrible shock when the Nazi camps were becoming known ! Why did he not head for New York ? Grote were desperate for me (LIR) to come & take up Transport for which they’d supervised my training since I was a child … (pre-war/LIR born 1921)

… I believe he felt with the children slain worldwide we’d all be dead if we raised the alarm…& that would be done by others if we RANSOM & branches again stepped on the centre stage - But so much of the Estate was not available to THEM the impudent tricksters with titles - USA Industry would not hand over Margarethe’s shares investments & properties - Nevertheless the pilfering went on ! Lindsays had a mob…would let anyone grab where they could - fear their real reasons as the hide the extent of the Estate was going to be impossible…the slain children in their HOMES were known of about Capital cities of the globe - but at this time not sufficiently to curb this ruthless rise of British power claiming everything must be done in the name of Trade ”

… ( LIR with a wife & young son born 1940..Blackburn RAF he was stationed at in the WAR…attached to a man with a small factory…to keep him out of the WAY…after the murder of is wife he put her wedding ring in a church…a Town where they had happiness 4 years…JIM booting in from time to time…/LEN worked for A GOOD MAN…of Grammar School education…he understood the EVIl…they rode out the STORM that JIM & thugs were trying create/they all enjoyed small town Blackburn facilities with everyone…& were kept safe…LEN returned in disguise briefly to his kindly employer of the WAR…retired…told of the Weddell deaths…they part…IMPERIAL MONSTERSHIP WAS OUT OF CONTROL…)

LIR A new working class had arisen (after the war) - surprising to those at the top - THE EXPERIENCE 1938 WE HAD WITH THE FRENCH FOREST LANDS is to be repeated & this was how they went on eroding the Estate - ( THE GOVERNMENT LORDS, Nobles & CROWN of Gross Britain & Noble Scandinavia…) It was horrible

( from winter 1967/68 ) to find they now could manipulate Peter (PJPW) to act in your name (GRw) …telling him you were of low intellect & bad character… after the marriage to him - We felt that when they began to walk into the BM NATURAL HISTORY Museum…& cousin LINDSAY tried get himself head of the Trustees…Peter decided to do as advised… by them …”

1968 onwards - ANDRE MALRAUX was a man with no hope…NO HOME …our plans swiftly got known & disappeared in the mist - we had hoped to get you to America - away from bumps in the dark - threats to a new family… BUT YOU GOT NO POST - NOTHING CAME FROM US - tricks - threats -attacks - bad management - We were facing a ruthless dope-soaked mob (LSD as well as heroin etc & Div. Salvia Scot.) who were determined their slaying of the children should not be known - THEY HAD GOT WAY AHEAD DESTROYING EVIDENCE OF GROTE HOMES… (LIR)

« …the theft of the 19 acres New York had President Kennedy mad - his parents had known Aunt Mag - & he was determined to get the money back from all of them - lands, properties & investments - stop their lark - he got shot…Johnson told Nixon they had to put it all away after the tragedy of Kennedy… get on with what they could… 1960s - MALRAUX & the Ransom brothers with help got the Estate working as it did under Aunt Mag & Tig - A GREAT PIECE OF PHILANTHROPY FUNDING ITSELF - ” LIR

“…there were homes some lovely places around the world - tenants in - we could all go & stay & banks where we could draw what we needed & we had work there amongst our JOYOUS VENTURE & everybody about the globe under its umbrellas we knew - But the undermining of this went on - Art works stolen around the globe - books were ordered to be burned - nothing to remain in print on Ransom-or Gronlander-Weddell & nothing to feature in any newspapers magazines - VAGRANTS (& scavengers) going round the world on their nefarious missions cashed cheques - claiming it was Crown property “old Eskimo left it all to the British Empire ” … other cheap jibes when they knew they had got Peter ignorant about its philosophy !

THERE IS NOT A WEDDELL LEFT DOWN THERE (Argentine/PERU/Tierra del Fuego) - all most savagely killed - I remember the evening we arrived ( 1936 January/February) - the family the children all greeting us - with Billy Goat Weddell amongst them - unaware he was different to anyone elsehis mother died & they had taken care of him from his first hour of life - ` (LIR)

Jan-Feb 1936 - cousin Clarke ( Gable ) was in another house- we’d see him to-morrow - these Weddell families are the line of John Weddell 2nd son born 1826 to James Weddell & the daughter of the INCA nobleman - the learned Ice breaker owner SAN JULIAN R.C. … We are from the line of James elder son born 1825 who married late at 59 years of age Minerva Olivea Hesketh Wyoming - Songwriter - they the parents of JEAN Len` s ballerina motherLen`s mother is Greta’s grandmother)

“ … If it had not been for GERALDINE helping him your poor father could not have done anything after the WAR…he was devastated to find `Jerusalem` pulled down…& we had our parents dead - our Montrose Ransom relatives too- After the War he got the full reports of their murders - the burning of the contents of the farm Montrose ( bought 1500 by F. Ransom ) after the paintings the books had been taken off by JIM and Army thugs September 1939 - returning with the old Ransom couple-their dead bodies 2 or 4 days later & burning them …” ! LIR

Nota bene : 2 witnesses in the long grass - stunned by the horror of what they saw/Reports -

1945 December FJR diary-reports/1960 information Malone etc

“ … & then SHEshe took you all away that Xmas 1945...claiming victory ! She was paid in Racing Credit by her noble chums to do this… give you three children no home … & deny your father a family…” LIR

( Information/notebooks/text/the years 1945/1948

by Andre MALRAUX & Greta RANSOM… )


WHO SAVED YOUR LIFE again & Mr & Mrs Inclement …” LIR

I weep now for my murdered son to be 12 years at his birthday party (1952/1953) - we were all to be killed in the new bungalow with again faulty electricity everywhere as in the previous house - (Libya ?) I found him like a statue in the shower - I yelled to my little Weddell wife to touch nothing & rushed to find the switch…it was the second house so wired - She & her family are all dead in the Argentine now - not a trace of them anywhere - no Billy Goat Weddell…150 or more dead - missing …”

“ The General said… `bury him here - we will look after his grave ` but the monument to a RANSOM was attacked again & again. They had gone mad now to destroy DNA…Mr Mengele who I did not know for sometime - was in charge…he took a holiday at Balmoral when Angela had it to herself …” (LIR)

“ … DO NOT FORGET A POOR BOY LEN who never denied the Crown its fortune…THEY ARE PROPOSTEROUS ! A list of items was left to David & Angela & children NOTHING ELSE … it was all made clear long ago ! It was decided to CLAIM ALL in silence using LINDSAY Earls as in charge of the heirs - LINDSAY have no link to us the RANSOM family other than a woman 100 years back ( 1830 Miss Clouts ) - It was as Andre’s General said ` AN OBSCENE GIGANTIC PIECE OF BRITISH STATECRAFT ` …» (LIR) tapes/oral/diaries/books/reports/photos/paintings-drawings/

1930s - 1970s - ANDRE MALRAUX & GREETAH stayed alive-by skill-never taking the same route twice- incredible true tales of the dangers are well recorded- especially the 1950s -

1958 Graham Greene novelist found Teresa SHEshe & Mengele in a very expensive discrete nightclub restaurant- they were dancing the TANGO- & Oh so pleasant & agreeable to him- they were partaking of many dishes - ` Is she the idea for ` Travels with my Aunt ` ?

Andre & Greta heard of the TANGO nosh-up from G.G. that winter 1958 & years on- he was shaking his head slowly side to side ` dancing the Tango - well-I began to see her in a different light -your mother- Greetah` …He commented c 1972 on the unnecessary death of Mr Poulter Colchester… Museum people came to pay their respects - Master Greene is an old friend of the Librarian- BMNH-

1957 - I am only 24 years - the Beggar girl at the feet of King Carpetua a painting I go to see- HE IS A MAN OF LETTERS -

COME FROM ROME & GAUL…I sink inside when I see him in Saint Edmund’s House & my knees feel weak - I will NOT curtsey to him as I did when coming-5-years- He says he put it in the marriage vows 17 April 1947 & may insist I curtsey in public to him as well ! we sink into Cathedrals under the SEAS-